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Avenues for Deception

Adam Patel




  • May 16, 2014
    7:00 PM
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you don't know me my name is Adam Patel and being in right now the Lord took me until I was back there anything happened three years ago you with a drug addict strung out on drugs with a big old belly sleep on your brothers Lord separated from your wife didn't have a job could take care to case we can barely get out he couldn't sleep you can eat right now and I began to smile said Lord I thank you so much that you love me so much even illustrated from you in that way that you followed me into the pit of despair and you grab my head no I think of was that going on so thankful you'd never let go and if you've given me the strength to hold on some happy in the Lord this evening has even get to you a man just like you got there the week the Sabbath is here it's time to enjoy the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and to draw closer to Christ himself is nothing better on this earth there's nothing better in heaven for the draw closer to our think you know the Holy Spirit laid upon the heart of myself and my brother this topic because of the days that would live in a living in the depths of Satan the lower play this scenario before me saying just what in this warfare against the soldiers of wickedness against the principalities and powers there are no rules of engagement for safety God 's kingdom operates by rules Satan 's kingdom is lawless people go at any lengths write any roles do anything to deceive you he specializes in wearing garments of life to confuse and calls disarray in order to catch you in his name will never tell us he would never tell me I have to go to the club so here's what I want to do I want to address something to Tim Bolton Weddle said he has accused aware back in the days and get to dress shirt on and gold to the club Adam I want suitable to the club which are drinking ahead and start spreading the gospel God will never tell me to do that that's the case his character and his rules but you better believe Satan will tell his troops I want you to dress up in Christian government talk like a Christian act like a Christian I want to study the Bible better than the Christians I want you to become a quote on quote prayer warrior I want to study in Adventist schools are becoming minister there are no rules of engagement in this warfare I praise God that in his words we get to see the plans of Satan a man I love this book because I think it was right in his plan of God was over his shoulder peeking and then he gave us the blueprint of Satan and not only is God 's plan and here for you but what Satan plans to do in these last days to bow your head seek the Lord 's continued Greeks father brought up and touched already by your spirit you know me Lord better than myself and I smile because you deal with me in your character 's blows me away you love these people at all you're still doing off of them I pray that my pride my arrogance see my selfishness will not get in the way of your love this this evening Bob I give you my all I give you my all and I can only say that by the grace of God which is given unto me because I believe in the blood condominium thank you Lord in the name of Jesus Satan I rebuke you from this place and from the years of God 's people I'm asking permission from God 's throne for the hat for the heavenly angels come in a bar to wake up those who are asleep in it to Claire to thoughts of those who maybe ate too much on the effectively business in Jesus name and you know what I I just love God 's church what you say I love it you don't you know you know you are the church God 's church is the last bastion of hope that this world will ever have God starts his remnant church is what I call the households of the kingdom of heaven God 's church is just like no was our with a shift of safety calling all who would come unto eternal life to enter in before it's too late as in the days of Noah so shall the coming of the Son of Man be is when our Nordson and I find very interesting just like in the days of Noah God told Noah hey know what I'm getting give you the instructions on how to build the ark he told Noah how to build it how long how why family story examining Windows what type of load what type of pitch God gave the instruction how to build this house of safety be nobody the same thing for his New Testament church the structure of his church the instructions were given by the Holy Spirit himself you find it all in the letters of Paul he says intimately how we ought to behave ourselves in the house of God the organizational structure our duties and even the roles within the church were given by the Holy Spirit the same way the instructions were given to know what on how to build the ark and I started to think that you know what anything to do what God 's Church of his sanctuary or his temple the instructions were always given by the BR which represents the church strictly from the low the sanctuary in the wilderness the pattern was from having even Solomon 's Temple in the book of first Chronicles chapter twenty eight the Bible says that the Holy Spirit rested upon David and gave him the blueprint of the pool and the order of the service and he gives it to someone and facilities say with our church the blueprints this structure the organizational structure of this church was given to us by God himself I find it very interesting that when God gives instructions is for an important reason is a God gave Noah the instructions to build the ark because only God knew the catastrophic force of the fly is a no annual flood was coming but he didn't know maybe the catastrophic force which would ask Elyse against the arc is open I said no you have to build it this way because in this way the art will be able to make it same reason it is for our church you know I marveled at God 's instructions men and women make up the Church of God men and women have been blessed to be given the gospel commission the goal and teach others about Jesus met them I mean this is the beautiful thing all have the promise of the Holy Spirit amen that is the privileged men and women in faster both have the ability to be restored from an extra panic to somebody that's he speaking on behalf of the Lord men and women both are promised the communion of the Holy Spirit and given the gifts of the Holy Spirit to first reduce up to twelve some of the gifts that are mentioned are afforded to both men and women wisdom knowledge faith gifts of healing working miracles the starting spirits even the gift of topics and prophecy first produced at the five says that women prophesy the book of acts Philip had four daughters and the Bible says they all prophesied what is a need to prophesy anybody speak on behalf of God both men and women have the ability to prophesy but as I began to study the structure of God 's church when difference stood out to me so profoundly in regards to God structure and how he wants his church to operate between men and women were both less of that privilege of the Holy Spirit but the only difference that I found so far that stood out was in regards to leadership what were the essay leadership as I began to scan the Bible from Genesis to Revelation I asked got a question I said God why are all the men in delete should this issue of your church the body in a book about Stephen preached his sermon before he died he talks about the first church that was formed and it was the church in the wilderness are the words of Stephen he says the church in the wilderness and if you look at a chart in the wilderness you really get to see the first organizational structure of God 's church remember the story when Moses was overburdened because he was is doing too much and then Jethro comes once a mostly doing awareness of select seventy elders all men to help you with the leadership I asked the Lord of the minority no one the Bible says Moses had a sister named Mary Miriam and Aaron were prophets as with the Bible says numbers chapter twelve Miriam was the leader was little and I said Lord why was it mailing in shelves in to be one of the elders when your church was formed in the wilderness then the Lord reminded me of the story of one Miriam and Aaron rose up against Moses your member that story at end the Bible says that it was because the support Moses wife who had a darker complexion and as you said Moses Moses what profits to God speaks less to know what happened God got upset on behalf of Moses and and struck Miriam down with leprosy you remember that story I read that story in Trenton profits and I was blown away sermon of the Lord said this the real reason why Miriam was upset was not totally because of the complexion of the foreskin this is a great shots and profits and what's the chapters the chapter where Miriam and Aaron raised up you can have the fact that it escapes me but is that she says this mulls is why Laura saw the burden upon Moses of leadership Moses wife support that goes to her own father which is Jethro SS father Moses has the burden of leadership on him he needs help then Jethro goes to Moses because of Sapporo SS Moses what you going to wear yourself out select seventy elders to help you lead and so spirit of prophecy says this Miriam was upset would support because she felt support Iraq was to be blamed for her not being amongst the seventy elders to and is identical to the history of the church at oak after Moses you have Joshua the structure of the church was still intact in the days of Joshua was not evident after jostling you had judges and announced somebody in your state of Deborah go with needed judges chapter four hope you have your Bibles there's working again to a Bible study this evening is that okay I hope so and as return of the judges chapter four in the period of the Judges the structure of the church was completely broken down there was no structure of the church the church was under oath Russian yes they were they were under all precious there was no structure got raised up Deborah to be the judge and honestly ask them what to do when it was time to relieve the children of Israel from oppression and I need to get the judges him and Josh spirit of the living God I pray that you would control my emotions in the name of Jesus judges chapter four knows Deborah Deborah I want you to choose or go get my man Barry tell him that I want him to leave the armies of Israel to deliver my people from Cicero and notice what happens in verse eight after she tells baric judges for birthday and barracks set up to her if thou wilt go with me then I will go but if thou will not go with me then I will not go as she said I will surely go would be notwithstanding the journey that now take his shall not be for thine honor the Lord shall sound system and to the head of a woman and Deborah a roles and went with Barrick to Kadesh this is a powerful Scripture because the servant of the Lord says this the Lord American marital low-voltage goal and flight the armies of the enemy but that he feared the enemy and he trembled because he knew the church was broken down and they were out of people state SLB asked up front to go with him deal with the problem of the church today it's what I call the baric syndrome God is looking for a man to step up to the place weight which is called but too many of us young men included not to the call of the Lord and have the barracks syndrome easy to twenty two verse thirty says this and I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before me for the land that I should not destroy it but I found not I remember when I was outside the church isotopes so bad about Seventh-day Adventist mice my dad my stepdad is a passive in our member house at his house and I was talking really bad about you guys how does a bunch of hypocrites in the church how I go to church with these same people in the club with me the night before why cannot the hotel room my thesis is that this does come out the hotel known to and I saw that it was true and my dad came upstairs and it was the start and he sat on the steps and I could tell he was upset as he loves his church and he says Sun which are seems to you see all this wickedness and gosh but instead of just talking about an outside since you see all the wickedness while if you join and help you don't have it to me that put me on hush mode really quick I'd say a word after that is doubtless true that I quote from analyte the greatest lots is the want of men that Scripture is powerful because it's telling that there is a lack of men I said Scripture that quote is not about women is not of lots of when it is a want of an Google call sent by its right name for that is an asset in question I asked the Lord okay it's obvious throughout the history of Israel men were leaders but why after the period of the judges when the church for the people of Israel were established as a nation was their first queen of as Israel was our first king of Israel it was the first King now people say all that aside it is the what the coaches were doing wait a minute God has always been a trendsetter always has been a trendsetter the best time to set a trend is when he brought the children of Israel out of slavery guess what the whole world or worship in multiple gods said no just worship me the whole world was uncircumcised I need you to be circumcised hello world they wanted anyone they want Israel had dietary laws God was a trendsetter and if I was driving and that after Melinda believe anyone is that's when then is not one who was how the culture and tradition nothing bows on the work that that's out the window the routines that establishment of Israel was put in place again as a single we still have enough the question at the question is why are men leaders when God came to this earth did he come as a man or woman to say that the gospel the simple folks he could've came as a woman when he chose the first twelve leaders of the church with the six women and six men always at all twelve men when Jesus died watch this now when Jesus died Judas betrayed him there were now eleven apostles they were inoperable the book of acts chapter one and two that they let Mary Magdalene to be the twelfth or any other woman they elected somebody you've never even heard of up to that point is anybody know his name with science and guess what you think his name is mentioned after that point when the church began to spread according to the book of acts the Bible says what happens next is that seven deacons were chosen all of those mentioned by name with the five men into women the Roman eleven after the question why just painting the picture of the simplicity of the Bible that throughout the history of God 's movement as always placement and leadership while when the church began to spread in the book of acts after that because the Bible says Paul wrote a letter to tie him the piece is an elder bishop must be the husband of one wife heard a preacher use that same person Timothy chapter three and say that was gender-neutral it's impossible for that to be gender neutral that means it could be man or woman it's impossible casino why that same first and Titus added Timothy says that a bishop must hold his own house according to the book of Genesis chapter three God set them and is the ruler of the house so watch it now the woman is an elder weight task of the church she is saying she says the qualification in person the preseason would or perhaps not always you know there she's the priest of the home that is disobedience still have an ethical question I know this message is strong but this is what the Lord told me to speak men and women both have the privilege of the Spirit of God men and women both have the privilege of being restored in the image of Christ Maddalena and both have that privilege the prophesy to heal some start but probably had ministries that sense of the questions he does go to first Timothy chapter two first Timothy chapter two I cannot in the book of first Timothy of the letters of Paul our instructions for the church first Timothy chapter two Paul is one in a letter to Timothy and he's telling him how the church should function and operates and its reversal the Bible says this is the woman learn in silence with all subjection but I suffer not a woman to teach nor to usurp authority over the man but to be in silence stop right there remember Paul is talking about the leadership in the church notice the word he uses them first lolly says usurp authority he speak about an elder you know why not you speak about an elder is the very next chapter is a bishop then must be blameless the husband of one wife it talks about eldership the following Philly says plainly okay a woman should not teach or be an elder in the church why verse thirteen for Adam was first formed that's reason number one verse fourteen and Adam was not deceived but the woman being deceived was in the transgression Thursdays ago I had to preach a message on something in regards the role of men in the church and I know to speak about how to speak on the Sabbath it was Thursday night I woke up at four o'clock in the morning with the flu and I rarely get the flu like that because ever since the Lord is change my diet is is amazing how healthy you get when you eat according to his plans I woke up with the flu and also what is going on it was so unnatural I was shaking and shivering when you get the fleet 's locker looked in the bed it was four o'clock in the morning I woke up in my mind was what I hear like what I had red bull or something basically goes like great Salt Lake my mind is alert and healthy way and when he was sick and something special was about to happen nor this can be open my Bible in one amount is shared right now with you for the rest of this message is what the Lord showed me that morning at four o'clock in the morning I thought of the think okay when I first read the reasons of why God says I want a woman to usurp authority over man a man must be the elder of the church this is how I built the structure of the church and a son of the other reason I first read I said Adam was first formed and Eve was deceived what are you talking about happenings I don't get ignored the reason why the woman should have been elders because Adam was first formed below the Lord told me he said my name is Adam to music company I want to get confused if I confuse myself into Adam Lapland down its link is on the left Adam I want you to think about everything that occurred with the Big Apple before Eve was created as the reason is the first week in the first reason was I was first formed as the pulling Holger opting to their health although you got one of these bookmarks for the bookmarked Internet because we are coming back to Genesis negative two two million sermons from Genesis for public members of the Bible but think of everything that happens before not everything but think of a lot of things that happen before Eve was created as the reason was his first want to know what was successful in Genesis chapter two or three leader and I started to think about creation when God created a front of the first data second data third day you know what I would like is good it is good when he was done with great what do you say it is very good that you know the only thing that wasn't good in a perfect world Genesis chapter two verse eighteen and the Lord God said it is not good that the man should be alone said Lord where many you have created adamant knees at the same time clearly good people who created them both out of the dust at the same time but he purposely created Adam hers in a world that was good now lean that if he created Adam first it's that was not good though in other words I distribute myself a purposely did something that was not good are you following the that the Lord know the future does have a reason in the purpose of doing everything you better believe it is as normative and they can together on the first ignore this as this is where our Lord and not have the costly breakdowns ex- drug addict and I depend fully on his spirit why did I get lost in this wood is a different language to me if I'll pray for the Holy Spirit as Ali taught me I I beg I plead I Dragon I please for understanding I believe the spiritual needs with all true as the lowest okay Adam there are new Genesis chapter two verse eight and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom he had formed very for nothing understand that will present the garden the Lord then plant a garden of the Lord Pentagon is okay you grab the garden God and you put out a minute then you don't have to do verse fifteen seventy fifteen Lord God took the man and put them into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it the dress it means he was there to take care of it to make sure grow healthy and strong and to keep it needs the protected the guarded right with you new things come in as well we also may have to make sure that these plants in the garden were healthy nothing okay good the Lord told me little Adam what kind of trees with their focus on that is okay it's okay to Genesis one twenty nine and often they were going okay Genesis one twenty nine and God said behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat that are beyond to the lab to put out another translations and understand what that said and it's okay to do that is totally fine you need to understand a word about a man does not attend because of the King James all I got a stick to this instinctive this is the foundation I believe that but if you need to further understand especially Paul's writing you can be in different translations to get up perspective and so God is saying that all the trees here that produce fruit were all called all the trees produce food basically everything that was food with fruit bearing trees is yet evasive the diverse sixteenth Genesis two sixteen were having a Bible study is okay and the Lord God commanded the man saying up every tree of the garden thou may as freely eat all the trees only produce fruit Genesis one twenty nine every tree in the garden if you can eat that needs every tree in the garden produce fruit to get it does that make sense amen average screw I said okay Lord and that before he was created okay so here's Adam in his garden with fruit producing trees trust in it and keeping it makes sure it's okay and safe advantage tells Adam is a bit interesting is that Adam I want you to name all the animals is the stockholder you know that it is such a powerful pain because he brings animals to add him and tells him make a decision you're the stockholder in the garden and after all that occurs then ease is created the Lord totally lost put together and the horses know what the weather my people compared to front the whole Bible in Isaiah chapter five God 's people are known as the vineyard of the Lord installed check the one with a tree planted by living Waters to bear fruit in Jeremiah chapter seventeen with the same tree planted by living Waters that bear fruit in Isaiah chapter sixty one were culture fees of righteousness in Matthew chapter seven Jesus said he saw no by their fruits would read Isaiah fifty one Isaiah fifty one days as a member you get there please Isaiah fifty one reading from verse three for the Lord shall comfort Zion speaking of his people he will comfort all her waste places and he will make her wilderness like what everyone her deserts like the what joy and gladness shall be found therein thanksgiving and the voice of melody here clearly God 's people are compared to the garden of the Lord and he specifically mentions Ethan here you have Adam in the Garden and his job is to make sure that picture squeezed in the garden bear fruit his job is to make sure that they are protected from evil and that he threw them in the right way this job is the proven ethics either and of Armageddon revealed to me that if you're to your righteousness your tree of righteousness in your branch of planting of the Lord if we all come together all these trees that bear fruit what does that make us a garden a garden the Adam was first formed is what Paul said Adam was the only one giving the commission from God you Adam dress and keep it and I started available job of a minister for the Bible says clearly in the parable of the sewer Matthew chapter thirteen that God 's word is a what compared to what see a minister says before the pulpit and you know what you see is a seller of see 's it says jobless oldest sees into the hearts of men that if the minister 's job to pray on behalf of doublet supplications that the water will be important for bone to see up the people 's heart is the ministers gobbled eldest job also to watch out for danger watch out for gossip watch out for the eyes watch out for promotion within the garden to dry suits they depict to make those decisions I said no no my brother that immediately punitive he is a cool little metaphor of its medical decision the Lebron at-bats it's like when Adam and he sends it's like is crashed the car but God came looking for Adam because he gave them the keys to getting is that not what I told you which was sitting keep it I put you in charge of the garden while you have Eve was first formed I said Lord okay this is not a mind blowing man was created bars to be the leader is as if he was given the keys of leadership from the beginning are you going to stop activity and is understand the second reason for those of you might minimize your places first Timothy chapter two skis this is a tough message because it's in the times that were living but is still relevant I been reading Jeremiah before spoke this message in the word of God is like fire in my bones I have to let it out and I pay the fire will will be calling the heart as well and that there will be Daniels in this room even though you feel that you are alone you are not first Timothy chapter two the second reason that Paul do is really hard for me to swallow I asked the Lord a lot of questions on this the second reason why he says the woman shouldn't usurp authority and should not be the leader in the church is an Adam was not deceived verse fourteen but the woman being deceived was in transgression and I was going to the Lord a single are you telling me that if a woman is a pastor of the church that that church is in danger of deception that's what it sounds like the same Lord is that what you're saying though because I want to tell nobody that Lord I want her nobodies feelings in a most importantly I want to be wrong nor said Adam Bill Adam 's amount and the structure of the book of Timothy really quick my son first Timothy chapter one Paul is writing unedited Timothy Emerson the same but the bodies of the debate in the first chapter he's warning Timothy of false doctrines that are creeping into the church at the very last verse and chapter one he says of Clovis high manias and Alexander who I have delivered unto Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme in other words when you read this chapter Paul is saying safety and has entered into the church with false doctrine chapter truly sad I don't I can have a woman in leadership because the woman was deceived the raise is uneven and to be the elder or the leader of the church chapter four verse one you says now the Spirit speak of expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and choose our battles know the Lord said will Paul's writing novels is exactly what happened in the garden firstly the chapter one safety is creeping in the church with false doctrines he crept in the garden with turns each other to these that I will make because a woman was deceived and the garden the woman was married she was busy Casa Bonita Mander the spirit of prophecy in the Bible says that the man was not to see an chapter four concerning our times in the matter today 's some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils got assayed in these latter days more than ever I need the construction of my church to be the way I've instructed to be so that it will stand firm against the deception but you know what's really sad there are men in our church were not called the will talk a little bit about tomorrow morning there are ministers of Satan in our pulpits it's bad enough that we have to let us not wallow away the blueprints that God has put in his word Ephesians five twenty three Ephesians five twenty three and ominous because the women really quit his return in their my mother speaks on behalf of the board all over the country and all over the world she prophesies for the Lord since I was a little kid 's zealous eight and I love my mother she's taught me how to pray season that need to Jesus so this is not a message the best women nowhere near because we all have our roles in the church if somebody doesn't fulfill the role of a woman that's like the art without the pitch with scripted essay features five then got so neither is he said Adam was a strong words if a woman is an elder of the church when I speak of elder onion as a pastor to shepherd of the flock that is deception Ephesians justifies verse twenty three when Wheaties verses that we know so well for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body therefore the church is subject of the Christ so that the wives be to their own husbands in everything husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it in these verses the husband is compared to who he's compared to Christ right the woman is compared to its plane is not the husband is compared to Christ the woman is compared to the church if there is a church that has the mad is the elder of the church the minister before the congregation that churches declare before the whole world that Christ is the head of the church if there is a church with a woman who was a pastor and elder of the church that churches declare before all the world and heaven that the church is ahead of Christ and that my friends is a doctrine of Babylon only Babylon says that the church goals before go this is some heavy stuff but God this slide his church in a certain way because only he knows the catastrophic force that is to strike the weekend when the time of trouble all we want but we haven't experienced it yet and God knows what we need to stay he knows that the pitch the goal for this are the size must be followed in order for the heart to make it through arms control closed with first Corinthians Chapter 11 I believe is for construction talk about first cleavage F11 on the God 's grace Larry doesn't say first twenty shots I find it interesting in verse three no these letters are instructions of God 's church and how the structure should be built first three as if I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ and ahead of every woman is the man in the other person Ephesian he uses the words husband and wife here he doesn't he was husband-and-wife he says a man and woman difference I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ the head of every of the woman is the man and the head of Christ is God you don't get any plan of the news that there is a structure do you know that in wartime there's always what's called a chain of command where one folks God is the head of Christ Christ is the head of the man the man the head of the woman we show some which you the Godhead are they equal are you sure yes can God the father do what Jesus is doing in the sanctuary right now yes or no no this am I coming why he's the high priest what is Jesus doing for us right now is interceding with what it is God the father cannot fulfill the role of Jesus because God the father didn't die are they equal you better believe it can Jesus deal with the Holy Spirit is doing right now why he's not omnipresent he's in the flesh and he has to fulfill his role in heaven is the Holy Spirit equal with Jesus you better believe please don't confuse this issue is an issue of equality it's not an issue of equality snowing near equality both men and women are given the power of the Holy Spirit it's about the rules and the structural medical systems ASAP by July my daddy says I'm closing closing and thirty minutes later he still closed but have yet but I'm not sure if imposing what the women do in our church men cannot servant of the Lord says the women as a teacher their job 's office is more important than the minister now you have to give me without court I got a call I had their job is more important then the minister would there be a Moses without legal shipping was Moses a leader of the Java women do you know what because his soul Christ they train the leaders and he sits down in the background and don't get any is not Christlike that's powerful I like to throw this one out to you think God chose Mary for good reason when you have time when you read the Bible the book of Kings to the book of Kings always mentions the mother of the King 's when it's an evil game where both mother 's name was brother you remember she was a bad mother and imaginative imagine auditing the go that way as our Lord but dimensions heard a I think that's the reason why he's bad and the Bible says that whalebone 's mother was an eminent this as a mentions the name of Jehoshaphat 's mother that you know that is because of the chest and he received that he follow the ways of the Lord are you listening to me we read the book of Kings the mother 's names are mentioned in his pleadings to the women this evening your role is so important it is so Christlike you are the ones who create leaders you are the pitch that holds the ark together a man shall we pray father had the message was I mean with is no denying your true trailer Lord for the soul that's wrestling with what they heard I pray that this seed it has been dropped would be what and that there would be no carrion bird to take it away the book of Isaiah chapter five talks about how you build a fence and a strong tower for your card do that this evening a little buildup the wool protect your people for those Lord who are under the deception the Lord we love them and pray for them ministers and on the trail Lord that the power of your Word through the Holy Ghost would penetrate the fall of a thick stubborn my would create a new heart Lord they are our brethren father we would not see Satan deceived anymore the full North we have no strength to do anything but cry out to know I'm confused without the Lord out of who without she was in privileged dollars to be on your side and I pray Lord that your people know what it is to be yoked with the same Bible says in John seven seventeen if you do the will of the father you sound the doctrine no wonder that we would submit all our pride our selfishness lots of injustice that we would be humble Christians no matter who wrongs us no matter who doesn't recognize the word gives us what we think we need let us remember how you were quiet on the cross you never stood up for your rights you never flex your power her father we need power today so this evening must rest in Jesus will and a beautiful rest this evening I pray that your people will meditate upon the work that they've heard that it would not take my words but take additional words and studying the holy with a heart of submission thank you for this move thank you for the packing or think you will face Rockies staying in God 's church said the media was brought by audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe more so than is www. 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