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Dwelling in the Secret Place

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 15, 2014
    8:00 PM
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amen where the people of God are now to where he is now and that is where we make the dwelling way amen I'm really excited about tonight 's methods I really liked how they grow the easterners together tonight but not have a plan amen you're so interesting how the people at the graduation last night they got okay with transparent when I was sitting down with the graduation and watching all the various people come up and just go through the other a wonderful procedure I was reminded when I graduated from me my college and when I graduate from my college they announce something very similar I would like to be great respectable and be very respectful and vibration during this time and sure enough that was very important and so what took place was at we my colleagues and his graduation I was graduated I thought to myself on my mind and his family to his graduation and maybe now they converted by the graduation speaker and what happened was they declined to come out of or in situations where you see everybody else's family their super supportive and you feel like you are the loneliest person in this entire universe that's not building my graduation meal was really cool God brought his own family you see I have been working with a black shirts and black shirts to find to show up uninvited to my graduation and let your life was when they started going to the professional denouncement of professional and sure enough everybody's name and sure enough they had Bob Williams because the green bubble and become up in the rear this nine you know what they were doing that that's always taken place and then they announced that he will him think he will no minute that I now command and all other writing it will like lightening everybody out meanwhile while and I turned and I look at all the search member the morning it was so loud it may be tedious ramble you are not alone a man when we begin with a work permit that he let the Holy Spirit father in heaven thank you so much into this time bringing asked newly invigorated thank you for the staff blog right now I think of Paul when he was predictably unitive that young man with on that the housetop and all of a sudden he fell overboard I pray that no one would fall over to Frankie says that the message would be hurt and the words that you have designed to impress upon our hearts at that experience would take place tonight thank you Jesus maybe we excited and just wowed by what you can do tonight in Jesus name amen people enjoy everything the summer I have found that people have not found this before in their entire life anything am not on call according to my challenges to you next summer you need to experience that a mad man amen amen but I would think about thinking about how awesome it is to see when one person is changed by ministry and what they can do now I have used it when I first started working at the series starts as a pastor I have used it yet many high boys very sneaky you what half time half white and nameless now bring him will now know one hundred right now okay not of something from you will quickly okay you need a very appropriately okay so I guess you get my name on anyone who wants to know when you are from MI .net the math now Antonia was mounted right here in and out I was working as an associate pastor in the iPod and at least one person you did and what I was able to do one person and intimate look now great now I thought praise the Lord I never got what I think the model he was just a little bit tender not knowing what he was going to open balding to what it was powerful to see what blogging is black and I thought wow what would happen next and you happen next next year the year after this event there were two more kids who were in spider why maverick one of whose name is Rodney back watching Christina Gary that were slightly great replacement to the front and you know once influential in their lives no canvassing this guy right here I want to make a big run up to the front okay that didn't just stop there okay because at Maverick begin to share and begin to just witnessed the event they decided to campaign also domineering they're going to soul left to allow for a little dry eating just the because from their influence there were a couple more kids who defied and involved were led by the name of Cheyenne Junior and Alejandro were signing Alejandro to and I was blown away because here they are there certain camping I really thought okay I can understand they go camping but I can understand they don't damn thing open and fill a happen it also bear joining the fold Northwest program for twelve people learned up to people of an outright patient just about every kind to you after are you presently does like to point out one way might a president amended Max Knight I don't have a want to run your Mac you want to let you land we are delighted by gambling the okay you think about it the bank I did not tell him to go canvassing I cannot go to go camping I cannot tell you to go camping or go camping not him this guy was the only guy actually talking you can see next year one account you you would be able to meet one person to come into the ministry one summer a man as you might be surprised what takes place you may go all the way from a maverick all the way to him max magpie don't think you amen amen all you can also send little further I also joined as well it is also that I forgot to my group of my death for me that you don't get and so I didn't want away because I see what's happening in this ministry and not easily dismissed it may properly I really want to challenge you make it here to them and giving the appeal earlier this I wanted challenges that you need right about somebody who you invite into the canvassing work and now even the people will run into Jesus they were clandestine lab clockwork many years ago the effects of what takes place when we share in word amen and when the spoken word bills the written world will prevail I was so interesting I was the one way by the Mayor property Pentagon concerning this item although I went to her wanting more and more and more taxing on a piece of my one you are from nondenominational mega- church I get this picture and he's showing me a picture on the pattern library and utilizing the past the library about the book lineup that has a lifetime about right place what we got in a reading of one hundred of Seventh-day Adventist pathway that and I never got out of one experience while trying to identify Google develop coastline my best event coming short of definitely be going to burn in hell forever and ever nullified that I didn't identify you as well nothing will work day after day I was bleeding with it I think this isn't going nothing would work and after about a few weeks I'm not saying anything to him all that he called me he calls me up anything I need to talk to you right now I said okay and he comes in because I want to baptize is a pretty little apartment and eight what happened and said these words to me I've been reading the book by Edgar Whites and I would like to any like them but your life and I was like will and any point in the little blue book and I pull it out and in the steps that like my Alan why and when I could not convince this guy to make a decision about what the significance by writing all the plenty when writing it down tight praise the Lord where the spoken word males though will put mail can you probably than that praise the Lord okay now running in designing a library to be looking at something very interesting today I was doing experiment just about two or three days ago I had this Bible study who came into my office any lightheadedness the Bible okay and we had not the Bible for several weeks and all of a sudden after we are beginning to jump in front of him and him and him and ran with the Bible invented to document something what event evening just like the now copy like man of the world coming to an end right now I said it is he's like you know you can go look at what's happening with the more virus spreading throughout Africa and instead of these work and now we're transporting from the patient's ear and if it is just a matter of time before this virus in the home in the United States tells everybody was only defending planet Santa Fe something and then we had these large and take a look at what's happening in the Midwest right now with the life that are happening the site is just collapsing before our very high and at the point of it all in one working day but in China there was a river that turns red light it just became like that anyway this is the biblical place and happening to us today he was the one thing after another one thing after another and a list of one hundred and within the story that Candelario present at that moment the Lord impressed me at that very moment God of Psalm ninety one annualized budget within that Anthony's song ninety one and if there is a time we need to understand Psalm ninety one it is today amen it was so important that they had to miss music note I get that it was so important excellent point that pain had to twist it because in Islam ninety one there is something fault how was that we need to understanding times like this that when you replay controversy in the chapter about the time of trouble there are so large parts of song ninety one in not married Chapter government we need to understand the word of God 's mercy will have to get into that end of that long the Almighty one of the other and then were going to sans ninety one dollars ninety one with a interesting about this on a look at some biblical commentators were saying that this song was written for people who travel a lot people who work on long journeys many biblical commentators believe that it was not just an actual song ninety one okay let's take a look at phone ninety one the first one he will dwell in the what a great way of ever more time he would dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the lot shadow of the Almighty mercy I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my portrait my Dodge and him I will try now wants versus the region 's victims very interesting Charlie will deliver you what you surely will deliver you from the snare of the fowler 's snare of the fowler and from the perilous pathways he will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you shall take refuge visitors shall be our shield in your buckler you shall not be afraid of the terror by night by the way that works Eric appear in the book of Job wanted any other book of the Bible so you can imagine what happened when you're picking very much so much better there are finite and lots of analysis on this business is very interesting not because of half-life by the day nor the pestilence that walked in the darkness the discussion that lays waste at noon day here in this song is offering the protection of God things like Carol's blind by means of pass like that within the while all the winter never in danger of me that are surrounding the believer about and gotten your offering protection and you are going to have to reading it now like the parking lot on it in the middle of also in the middle of battlefield a well nothing will be fractured and we can say that the last few days now I reviewed article and I don't just mean one particular kind of new agency website because the buried life varies in I try to read up a lot of them are trying to various parts perspective a nice background under the article and just the last few days I have been all over town and how bad this will give really getting I'm each is very very bad the situation is very alarming something is seriously wrong with our planet today and God is calling of people to wake up and justice are watching to see what is taking place before our very eyes because time is short anything that is a time for us to both our intelligence and determination to take this ministry to the entire world if you now know who drank there could not give me a method since their heart worldwide within the work of evangelism is an extremely important right now you look at the world is broken or fractured creation and often overlooked up as well there were things about how big it fell back into the barrier don't live today and would be blown wide and thirty five years old I want my Wii on the generation anything Revelation thirteen taken place by the former God is calling us to wake up the site opening our eyes to see what's happening pop the name of mail weighing them down in the amount wanted people to believe that but I think they can play from the start to the place where you are not now gone is wanting his children watch to be free guilty wants to question the number one question asked a Christian apologist in this question the number one question of all time after the Christian apologists in the event if you got a focus on why is the world so that I come back to having some Indian food with a atheism of what the student work on graduate degree back in the book about the work him up a little bit with some curry anyways so low there is very happening to me about not believing in God not following the bylaw is adamant they do not eat them believe in God to have a good life and I think maybe and anything these work and that God was really good when all the suffering complement of wisdom and wit depressingly arrogant and identity and then I said when you have requested is again used you would not how would you stop I never got a response he looked down at the Korean look back at me and he was staring instead no I don't know and I said brother if you don't believe in God you're in bigger trouble and was still interesting conversation that we are lazy and don't want you to understand something about this world that we need to understand if you think of the a pair forward to the squad the man with the plant in a bunch of stop and end up in the morning he woke up with all it's ever been they were surprised how bad the field was in the merchant is that we need to understand when you are ready to pop off the top of the battle field I will jump affecting all my different thinking and holding with the question is that these do work are you not essentially a good former in the method in question how could it be ground-based banner people who look at the question drafting they said aren't you supposed to be good for something question if why is the world so that there are essentially posing the question that the people that while there is question is is bringing up but there's something we need to understand about people something extremely important angles beyond just dealing with Angel here we are dealing with complicated principle and this is where people get they do not understand what is taking place in this world and why God is delaying installing me if God does not allow cable to reach maturation to reach fruition it will we appear you register a lefty allowed evil to only it will reappear not both the questions were young adult pineapple and questions you I said to them I think you were not and you can stop all evil it was not all the atrocities and tragedies and I will take this very moment when I was in the line knowing full well junior years from now you would start again would you and she looked very puzzled and then filling out another question I've been on the perspective is can you imagine how difficult it is for God to allow people to seemingly win for sure time for France it ever running again I think that's one of the situations which choose which is elected will know you and you shall answer now and let me tell you a second time you will indeed follow more people are dangerous once you will will likely to reach a point in action racing to prevent it a day on which is not what it will knowing full well it would be appeared after the dynamic bodies dealing with you that will allow evil to seemingly be victorious all that if internal release the creative you address that you have to really allow evil to be the poorest parts sought while alternative kids finally completed the University of the all roots of evil of sin across the ground with a beautiful extreme alike evil was victorious God allowed him to be seemingly victorious for start time but guess what that sort victory will read to you colonel instructs and the seemingly defeat a bottom quark led to the eternal preservation these are the dynamics body feel this is a dilemma bodybuilding with soliciting a look at farmland one ear think all these tragedies always it's laughing all the linking enabled things are happening before I went to the advantage were if you were gone want to understand if I'll be put in this model we won't live protecting we won't mind the beauty the more beginning for the times that are more men are just about we just letting this all is the lack of all ninety one ninety one ago to seven thousand shall fall at your side in ten thousand at your Wi-Fi but it shall not come near you only with the eyes when you look and see the reward of the wicked now watch verse nine because the lab made the Lord who is my refuge even the most high nor what wily ways no evil shall befall you nor ignore still any plague come near your dwelling keyboard we should give his angels charge over you could see you in all your what way that you dash your foot against a stone and what's interesting about the sharp half 's worth of meeting more people right here what you'll actually looking at the trial word of God and what you are seeing here is a legal kind of agreement a lot a legal kind of agreement on the web how to understand the dynamics of spiritual territory in fact they knew that's all well and yet she took this legal document fun twenty one annually related inside the way you violate that territory and I finally will strengthen Jesus the only only quoted parts of me that that half it so that he engaging that the do something he will not want to do it interesting that he shall give his angels charge over the only been pulled in the spirit property the time for us to understand the ministry of angels eat even now out of the bladder wonderful time with Angel the summer ice of all raised their hand if you believe the minuscule of them got been no angels when your companion if I love Angel story whatever became of them endowments in public like Anglophone real yes and I cannot recommend why would we would like they are soul wheel bearing your life every single day really to my mind with his silly little babies were shooting the ball you will and in which one is chair of any and all attending about Valentine's Day and hoping a man to do a lot of crazy work of Valentine's Day but he does not change over not like that they fell in strength and power holder beautiful it was interesting about ministering angel you look at the life of Christ Angels exposed themselves to deepen two times do not the first time we read anything patient more here if an angel to me and minister to the second time angel revealed in some parts of consultancy that was when he was in the garden differently which tells you something about the Naval they reveal themselves at the time twice rated the only read the book again it was amazing I know that when you read the book of Daniel Daniel start talking to me that you know that doing a half when Nebuchadnezzar is going to kill people Chapter one something joint of my document to Doctor to do otherwise E Gillett about the only thing until everybody but in Daniel chapter two what happened to Daniel Ginny and I vision of Nebuchadnezzar 's dream I is the transition of incident general transition of the porn Asian and the end of time but then again in chapter seven eight eight and the end promptly wanting to the people who will be involved in the transition although the addition with them about their game data chapter seventy you get a notice about people like Cyrus people like Alexander the great individuals that would be involved by giving the children that it doesn't get out there and that of chapter ninety data wipe out any old are involved in the transmission of the mind that I'm able to ripening the cleanup in an area you find out about the Prince of Persia now they would tell them I want to give you an insight about that it is not man that is driving this world is God if that were so interesting with the all you look at the arc of the company not different than Iver Meyer on sanctuary I like to think of any reason about it everything was notes thanks where the things you think you are the I make money one time but the things you are is such a beautiful smooth no one is going to the most pointless to use the ark of the covenant with the angel but people missed this point about a fifth of the Angels are actually looking now why will he looking one a look at the mercy seat of covering the ten Commandments God intentionally had that filter is not education because he was trying to communicate something to him about the lettuce tomato that they are curious about the school when they go into that beautiful educational school note of the sanctuary they were all there and then when I began to understand and then it would be called Angels offensive than the Angels on top of that are there looking down because he was trying to sell their focus God was revealing me in every region of the chapter by volume are not angels were involved in the merits of Isaac and Rebecca removing the wrong for a man Angels involved in so many times the ministry and gone absent in Chula Vista and the reason we need to understand our ministry is because especially the entrance do we need to understand how to walk away and I know I love maybe once or angle for the sole problem like that I want you to like that in what domains and God reminds them is amen angels are always with you that want to have this homeless guy and I would think this was the jewel accepting the camera survey that they can about help when they fail to ask questions and Angel I thought they are not like so where are you from what's your name your real name or I drop the dial and a Catholic in my rearview mirror disappear but Angel .com and they would and I would and his wife extremely important to understand Psalm ninety one to get what you find out that the dynamic of how they want like mechanism that kind of document that they actually manhandled indeed of intentionally because they had to do with airport with what territory but they can deliver that President Law ninety one the diverse eleven or she shall give his angels what startled me to keep you in all your ways in their hands they shall bear you want left the dash your foot against a stone I want her thirteenth and they intentionally did not quote this part you shall tread upon the lion and a lot both symbols and if you let the young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot of incident reports between making him want to understand something faintly very particular in quoting these verses that when you are leaving out things that will want my workaround but they would think you know that you only hamper down nearly defend they can only hamper with that lack as always always lost teachings that are sometimes at the periphery are targeting all over the world to implement common do not be alarmed into lobby and know that thing is just trying to mess with something because it right to him if the question him impression his life Abraham his ministry and so he is very determined to see we don't understand the ministry of Jesus Christ in the heavenly sanctuary music department one percent that we don't understand the divinity of Christ the power of Christ Jesus wants us to understand that to me is more there was a revelation of who he really is and this is why we need to understand Psalm ninety one working on fund ninety one verse fourteen from Avon .com ninety one fourteen if not you see just sort of the author writing about what God will do for you the last few verses of Psalm ninety one is actually God 's response to the believer the present because she has set his love upon me therefore I will deliver I will set him on high because he has known my name is he gone promising something to the believer and trusting him and when I went to India on the public spent the last brother but I read India and I was thinking a week of practice school and is I think the school and are located near the heart of the Hinduism so you can imagine the I'm working that they have it interesting that this school when I went into their Uighur practicing and you would do in possession of you your notes on the cameras along with me on that threat was interesting with it the principle of the present only a interesting story that took place when they were establishing that school and making it more quietly bobbled weapon at school Hindus and Muslims that were painful I come to the school was not amazing at the school will close successful that he supported the church is not the only happen was interesting with it he told me that one day the villagers claimed by Burns Indian people also show that daddy daddy to see like these parts is one I ever had again school now has a network and I demanded to speak to the president and they said we weren't your proselytizing our children think that I cannot not forcing Christianity upon any person is yeah moving them to bring out some of the kids and the kids that's why you were not enforced to do any of this and it was just a wonderful testimony was interesting was the next day one of the teachers of the school Christian teachers about school admitted to go into town can come off one of the villagers in town and abilities that made you look at that school but if you like the room went there last night but if he's like the newspaper happened we decided to come back to our later phone back where there was an open field and behind the school energy just like oh my goodness and the guy said around about and didn't need not to the back all of a sudden he says with all these men really really big menu is a word about Mister Long they were dressed in military uniform and they were six feet apart from each other they were perfectly straight and they were standing like this all the way around the back of the school okay now I know the man was like where did you get that army in the digital record maybe we'll have to try to thought even realize what's at play things that all yeah we had out on me and he said these words and we can call on them in the moment and they will sell off family and I are a man is really powerful to me and become that will need than that played the dwelling place for the Lord that came to dwell there and they don't have school so I can be a problem with it a mathematical models that because we have been in love upon me I'm still delivering them fun once the recognized as the world gets increasingly worth it if not doing they longer valid and afraid of a man it is not bulletproof apathetic and if they must it if not vaccines and avoid the octagon for bringing in some of the is not the thing that a payment from the Wellington town with it is going to be aware of God that is going to protect the amen and I really believe that looks like a great controversy and other book when we are going to those plans are to be wonderful guide to help us navigate public nominated both crime and help us to get through the barrier and when even the wicked they will still stand and if they book that we reasonably can Bernstein indescribable following chaos I wondered a lot of means they're all like to bring the baby anyway Revelation fourteen the very next chapter the revelation garden a bit like a well on his way to the Republican Party all times are good looking but await what about the amulet they're not know the drawing on mountaintop Jesus worshiping the Lord the name of God 's mission in the warhead that John is enough if you see of people that shall apply on the myth of the American danger they are standing with Jesus amen God wants us to recognize that the power of Islam ninety one the powerhouse long ninety one it you want the power contained in that passage in that verse he is the very first scene well in the reasonable shall apply to close to the tree trunk you under its shade I may avoid my refuge and my fortress near this in me understand these are the key to receiving the beautiful protection and the power found in Psalm ninety one that we stay close to jihad we are underneath and shadow under his power and his territory amen you about this on the range is enough sympathy for think the pop about Jesus he said that these were even when you want to play go into your closet is equipped not to talk about coming up across the political now the cost of the deal they got away any use easy to say that the theater play in place of poor you are not in writing albeit one on a personal walk with you I living a personal log would keep indifferently a label and slightly shallow that you are being on and upon what ground were set up personal walk with team that means I am a Christian outside of church but a personal walk with you this is something more than a personal walk with you that it is all one can see that when nobody else is looking a lot like ethernet in linear scale of Christians and Christian thing when you're not surrounded by parties spiritual head and I bought my program I want to achieve a personal walk with you that if you are able to go to check knowing full well that the path is not region of the famine is even more amen for that bottom was not then I will be dependent upon the text you want to be part of that may want without individualized walk with Jesus that even if one of the round it will have forgotten all the wonderful things that are conducive to good spirituality will still not in the group with a little interesting have a workings of the thriving this means that with the biggest land-based people have been described one particular individual who was able to make it anything because they had no room and then eventually you can see its plant they can't notice if we only nestled in among the event the sermon I know and the issues are real today and is available when you believe it easy to stop you between the various parts of the one part of planted on features as well a ravens on the part of your relationship with God is your personal connection to do when nobody else is looking at where you won't find a sprinkler nourishment that is where you will find your anger that is where you won't be able to with that and he's the one that comes their way he will make the move was feeling well and that the right way he who dwells in the legal place of the most high syllabi under the saddle is called the number you want to it's just viewing Jesus and on a challenge with something right now something you need to understand something up extremely important God wants us to recognize that what all this is said and done will he go back and we may not be but definitely feel better enough school when we go back and when that same humdrum of life in little we will be applied to God wants us to establish a relationship with God so tight so closely that even if you are banded and forsaken by the world conference of family is still strong you know think about something about that so the loneliest people in the Bible where God 's greatest phone 's people like take up who saw the latter were needed at this time the disparity was all alone people like a Brownlow alone heard the voice of God people like Moses was on the mountaintop alone when you said show me your big twelve in the secret place between them and God I don't know what you walk with Jesus has been I will be about a wonderful summer but it about to be tested and normal way to God is calling you to make that place that is between you and Jesus that secret closet a special place that know how on earth will be able to Gujarat change alter your community your connection with the war and when you do that the same response that God gives at the end of Psalm ninety one will be given to you our economic time gone responding to the faith of the author because he has set his love upon me therefore I will deliver I will set him on high because he has known my name he shall call upon me I will answer him and I will be with him trouble even spiritual level amen I will deliver him and honor him with long life I will satisfy him and show him myself perhaps you need to make a commitment to Jesus are we commitment that much up to the front of your same Lord I want to make my secret place is so sore so strong that note how on earth could shake what you come to the point you want to make that commitment today is a God I want to well in that secret place if you only agree with you I want you want your power and your glory be upon the emaciated face shine upon me by enabling the reported one thousand literal and symbolic in the way is still the minority not want us to recognize that those who do make it maybe when I'm alone and abandoned but they are not alone they are not forsaken by God he will be with him and he will deliver the trust a man must take a moment of silence right now in that moment of silence offer your heart that God is long commitment that he is between you and them be sure father in heaven thank you that your God so many things to do in this world this universe it still desire to be the best personally thank you what you love us not by works of the people will look at invite us into the presence of God God we pray that the secret place of the most high will become more and more important to us in our personal walk with you well to something even more people that even if this world seeking falls apart require very high even with me and trust in what doesn't work in Iraq thank you that you will need to show over Jesus and this is what is spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about a person is more certain is www. .com universe .org


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