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Do This and You Will Live

Leah Jordache



  • August 16, 2014
    8:00 AM
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what type is a little bit about myself in a story that happened in my life that was handled moment for me that change the way that I see the world in the way that I think about my identity disciple of Jesus Christ we produce morning heavenly father we just invite your spirit once again we know you've been invited to be here with us and we know that you are with us but Lord we don't want any distractions we don't want anything to keep us from receiving a blessing that you have in store for us I just pray Lord now that you be with me with my words with the hearts of each man and one man and young person that is gathered here this morning Lord so that we can hear the message that you have for us warning in Jesus name I pray amen in testimony last night and every dynamic that you think but each must constitute the foot of the cross with a different testimony and my testimony is very different from some of the stories that we heard last night in fact I grew up in Adventist home and have the distinction of being a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist and my parents were very committed to making sure that we were involved in church so I went to Sabbath school and two adventurers and pathfinders I was part of Adventist education and when I was in Academy I had the opportunity to be part of some of the first night of the programs that existed silently canvasser I was the religious vice president for our student body when I was in Academy and the story goes on I went into college and Adventist University I serve as a student missionary I serve as the literature met evangelist leader for a summer program in the southwestern union I took full advantage of all of them saying that our church has to offer from a child all the way through to an adult to disciple me mentor to be educated in the things of God and I even studied theology in college so I began to work as a pastor and I attended the seminary at Andrews University where a brief period of time so you can see that I have had this category right I have that has a pedigree I never had a rebellious stage is a zero how my testimony is different from the testimony that we heard last night but I have to tell you that I was still in need more than at the same amount of mean every young man who is doing drugs and end experiencing a walk that took him far far from God and it took missed experience I'm about to share with you to wake me up and help me to understand that because sometimes only have that pedigree right when we've always known about God we always received in our lives we always felt close to me we get confused about the priority of things and so one day I was traveling from Berrien Springs Michigan to Texas taking a break from some of my classes while I was at the seminary because my husband who had been married for seven years by that time was still in Texas so we were traveling back and forth trying to make it work while I was attending seminary and so I was tired and I was ready to get home to Texas and had been three or four weeks since I've been home and I was going to the airport and as I went to the airport there's one thing that I always want to do with the airport can you guess what it is watch the people yes so there are some kindred spirits out here in Austin this morning I love to watch people want to wonder about their stories and to think about the connections and how certain couples got together what the story of the rock into that moment could you know there's so many different things that have to happen to bring people to cross the had that exact moment I love those kind of story so when I went into the airport I had a little bit of time I thought I'm just do want people don't really want to interact with anyone I just want to sit quietly meditatively wants people and wonder about their lives and so I found the perfect row of seats right there by my date for about six chairs in a row and it without a major intersection in the airport where there were three main core doors coming together it was the perfect spot to sit and watch people there was only one thing wrong with the relevant chairs and that was that there was somebody already sitting at one end of the route that I thought made there she is and I can sit at the opposite end and still not have to be bothered with conversation are the things like that now typically am a very social person I love talking to people on the airplane in the airport an elevator in the line at the grocery store wherever you name it I love starting a conversation but that day I didn't really feel like it I liked the girl was kind of a shabbily dressed girl dirty street way Lee Harrison had her knees tucked up under her chest up on her chair and she had a dirty cap pulled way down low over her eyes she was counted as huddled there in her chair and I sat at the opposite end and began my people watching as I watched of course I was wondering about people and saying interesting presentation therein here's a couple that you wonder how in the world they got together and just thinking of all of these great stories and before long there was a tap on my shoulder as I was sitting there minding my own business I look up and it's the girl from the other end of the rope and of course I'm thinking to myself all grapes because I knew what was coming and she said to me you mind helping me get something to eat and you know anyone who knows me my husband will tell you to know that I give away a lot of things to people who are begging or any and in fact I've been or not you have another help them but I just can't help it because I just feel compassion for people I felt compassion for this young woman even though she was interrupting my quiet time and so on being a responsible helper that I am after being scolded a few times for helping people and what was the proceeds me the wrong way I said to her while I don't typically get money bodies and it was McDonald's right next to us and I said there's a McDonald's or I can get you something and to my supplies this young woman said to me really like McDonald's but I guess it will be fine and can imagine how I felt I was thinking wow how can she afford to be picky and ungrateful when she is in any insight you need always having that thought but I refrain from saying something like beggars can't be choosers I went over to the line at McDonald's and I got her meal she ordered something they are from the menu and I got her a meal and we went back to the role of chairs I decided to sit next to her because now we were engaged warmly we were engaged and I thought maybe this is a divine appointment little did I know what kind of divine appointment this was going to be it was a life-changing experience for me so I sat there in SCA I started a conversation with her and at first it was not really interested in having a conversation I think she just wanted to get what she needed and then get out of there but as a talk I started asking her about her life and she began to unfold the details of her story and before long I realized that in front of me set one of the most pitiful status people that I have ever encountered in my life she was a young woman I guess she had been about eighteen when she had gotten married and she had a baby about six months later so you know this is a situation that was happening there and she and her husband 's marriage did not last long though they had been before Ramsey had a boyfriend got her into drugs and because of the drives she lost custody of her little boy and then it just went downhill from there she lost her job and she found herself homeless on the streets of Chicago and so she had been on the streets for three years trying to get her life together trying to figure out how she could get her son back or at least see him and she was sure it was a tragic story and I asked her don't you have any family anyone who can help you and as she began to tell me about her parents the tears started streaming down her face and she told me that her parents had been divorced long ago and that her mother had died the year before from cirrhosis of the liver because she was an alcoholic and she had no contact with her father she had no one to help her and hurt her days were spent really just trying to find a way so she could spend the night in a safe and protected area and many times she would have to prostitute herself to find a place to stay or to get help to get the things that she needed and as I sat there listening to the story I kind of had an out of body experience where I was looking down on on this girl and me sitting there together we were almost the same age at that time in twenty looking down and seeing the contrast between this young woman and myself because here she was a young woman that had literally lost everything she had nothing and no one and no hope for that to change and then here I sat with my pedigree with my Adventist pedigree and ending mind you my family life is not perfect when I was growing up we had plenty of things going on in our home and in fact my parents were divorced as well but I had the privilege of growing up in a home of faith where they taught me about Jesus and I always felt God 's presence in my life even when the problems were happening in my home and I saw that here we weren't you young women that could have the same exact story on our circumstances in life and opportunities had taken us down different paths and there we sat a girl who seemingly had everything and the other girl who seemingly had nothing and at that moment I realized that I didn't know what to say to encourage her because even though I knew about God 's love I thought if I tell her God loves you what picture of his love which she in light of her experience in her life if that's what God 's love looks like I wasn't sure how she would respond to that knowledge that God loved her and wasn't going to leave her alone because she was alone she was abandoned she had nothing and no one and so I started to pray as I was just continuing small talk I was saying I this is your meeting that you set up I was sitting over there minding my own business have you ever felt that way I'm thinking if you designed this meeting that morning you're going to have to give me something to say or something to do to get to this young woman because I felt because I knew even if I gave birth to Christ at that moment it might encourage her but it wasn't going to change the fact that she was that I mean that airport that night and probably have to go be a prostitute so she can have a warm place to sleep and wasn't going to change the fact that she was addicted to drugs and that she didn't have a chance to go and see her son and she hadn't seen it for almost four years little boy and she was just crying I know I encourage this yellow what do I say and as I was waiting for God to have one of these moments you know you've heard the stories right and maybe you even experience it where you have a meaning one of these clandestine meetings one of these divine appointments and impersonators Intel is always receiving the gospel in a motel like how the conversion experience right now to Daryn the two of you can kneel down and pray together hardly he is one of those as we were talking she told me about her faith and public what she believed in God you believe in God provided for her here and thinking how can this be but as I was waiting for God to them and make me to hear out the situation right and I could say just the right thing and doing just the right thing I believe that situation feeling good about myself with my hunters can agree with my with my Christian ability to come in and rescue right I was waiting on God to do that and guess what he was my mind was blank there was nothing that I could do any notices before glow tracks I didn't even have a track that I can use to give her to send her on her way with at least some words of hope and as I sat there getting frustrated with God wondering how the situation was ever going to be redeemed something began to happen I didn't know was going on pretty soon my flight was called and I had to board my plane and I said to the girls still trying to rescue the situation is still trying to be profound still trying to be the one that that made the contribution I said to her you know me that was her name I don't believe in coincidences I believe that today when I met her reason I just don't know what that reason is without even a habitation the girl turns to me and she said three words that changed my life she said I was hungry we recognize those words and I sat waiting for God to show up here is that getting frustrated with him here I sat actually not believing not having a faith that he could make a difference in her life thinking that not only got abandoned her but he was abandoning the event moment there I sat thinking those things when this young woman already knew that God had shown up at her need and on and while I was wondering what to do her need was met I was hungry and she knew it she knew that God had provided for her needs and as I walked away from that situation I got into my plan now is kind of like in this foggy state of mind trying to figure out what just happened because when she sounded like a bomb went off because I knew immediately that I had heard those words before in Matthew chapter twenty five we turn there with me Matthew chapter twenty five and this is a scene of judgment happening here it says in verse thirty one when the Son of Man and his glory and all the angels with him he was sent on his throne in heavenly glory all the nations will be gathered before him and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats he will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left then the King will say to those on his right you are blessed by my father take your inheritance the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world or I was hungry and you gave me something to eat I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink I was a stranger and you invited me and I needed clothes and you clothed me I was sick and you looked after me I was in prison and you can can in the righteous will answer him Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you are thirsty and give you something to drink when we say no a stranger and invite you are needing clothes and clothe you when we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you and the King will reply I tell you the truth whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me and that that scene goes on and not such a pleasant manner because the next thing he said to those on his left depart from me you were cursed into eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels for I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink I was a stranger and you did not invite me and I needed clothes and you did not vote me I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me they also will answer all our when we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison and then you and he will reply I tell you the truth whatever you did not do for one of the least of these you did not do for me then they will go away into eternal punishment but the righteous to eternal life and this scene of course was just echoing in my mind as I was walking away from my experience with this young one and before you see that it was because I felt convicted to serve the needy it's not the lesson that I learned that day because I am a person who cares about the needy I always get to the homeless on this corner I contribute to community services I've been down to the food bank to serve it wasn't that when I realized that day was that I almost missed the presence of God because as I sat there reservation I expect the team to show up looking like me and when dollars more in her mouth the Barrymore and Zenith Matthew twenty five I realized that he had shown up in looking like her and there I sat trying to come to address the fact that all my life and I've read Matthew twenty five and T midget with notes on the right and on the left where have I always pictured myself where you picture your self on the right course memory of course but I realized that day that I would be in danger of trusting in my ad in this category of thinking that I was going to be the best representation of Jesus Christ in the world around me and there she sat there I was the girl who looked like she didn't have any needs and the girl who had every need in the world yet when I looked back at the situation I realized that the one in the story with the most obvious need was not the one with the greatest need the one that day with the greatest need with me because I had commented trust in the information and the knowledge and the experience that I had as a faithful Christian young person that I have had my entire life my legacy my pedigree and I almost missed the presence of God because I expected him to look like me not like her and the words that came out of her mouth were his I was hungry and the person I represented him in our story was and not me so I tell you this because this is a life-changing there is for me one day and I decided I wanted to be a disciple of Jesus Christ not that I wanted to have knowledge and see that or the legacy of Adventism or anything else that I wanted to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ where I was learning from him where I felt his character and his love and compassion inside of me and I would never again be caught in a moment where I didn't trust that God can meet someone needs because I understood that he could meet my needs and then I discovered a wonderful story that had been a story that I heard a thousand times or more and I'm going to talk about that with you this morning the story is found in Luke chapter ten very very familiar story in fact if I say the good Samaritan is there anyone here who has never heard that story before it's a very familiar story Internet and the China biblical story that had actually crossed over the line in the secular world because everybody knows what a good Samaritan if you don't have to be a viable student to know what it means to be a good Samaritan in fact if you were to Google good Samaritan you would come up with millions of hits for websites and organizations and other things Christian and non-Christian that he was a story of the good Samaritan to base their their outreach into the world even pagans are inspired by the good Samaritan so here we go let's take a look at this story and see how it connects to the story that I just told you that chapter ten starting in verse twenty five on one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus now did you ever know that the Samaritan was a terrible told in the context of a conversation between Jesus and his expert in the law doesn't just stand on its own it's part of the conversation expert in the law stood up to see the loser he asked what must I do to inherit eternal life what is written in the line he replied how do you read and he answered love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your salt with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself you have answered correctly Jesus replied do this and you will live but he wanted to justify himself so he asked Jesus and who is my neighbor in reply Jesus tells the story of the good Samaritan but before we go to that story let's take a look at the conversation that's happening between Jesus and the expert in the law number one what does it take to be an expert in the law study right it takes a pedigree of sometimes so here we haven't asked her in the law somebody who has made a study of Scripture a life 's work in here and this person coming to the station in front of Jesus and have seen him right away we kind of get a view of something missing from this man's experience he says to Jesus teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life there anyone here this morning that can proceed a problem with that question what must I do to inherit eternal life this is a fundamental misunderstanding of inheritance doesn't eat because what is it that you do in order to inherit eternal life right you don't do anything do you can't earn it you can't earn an inheritance or by an inheritance comes from a relationship becomes from a relationship not only a relationship when you receive the inheritance what has happened to the other person in the relationship in general they died they pass away their life has been spent so what must I do to inherit eternal life do you think that Jesus heard a problem with the question he certainly did and then he says any expert in the law this is what I love about Jesus he such a brilliant person as well as an awesome God he says any expert in the law your how do you understand that you tell me and Soviets for the long reply with this wonderful answer love the Lord your God with all your heart your solely strength your mind and love your neighbor as yourself and Jesus said correct you had the right answer you now let you know your Bible you have the right information now do this and you will live the juice was implying what when he said that he's implying that this man is out of alignment is me that he knows something that is outlining had ever been in that circumstance where you know something that you are not applying where you know all the right answers yet somehow something is missing in your fundamental foundational connection with Jesus Christ I experienced that day and several times since that moment that I met with the Berlin airport but by God 's grace he continues to remind me of the priorities so here we are the expert a lot giving a great answer but to justify himself and why we need to justify ourselves because we feel this John's or because they feel attacks or maybe because we feel guilty but I can justify himself that day because he understood exactly what Jesus was implying that you have the right answer you don't have it right right and so he says Google is my neighbor now there's another problem there's another problem here that the same as the first problem known in the answer that the expert in the law did write love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself and he gave that answer from the Torah part of it is in the Torah there's another interesting conversation that happened in the Gospels you'll flip with me to Matthew chapter twenty two Matthew chapter twenty two and of course this man was an expert in the law so he knew the Torah welded and he in obtaining the prophets and he knew the law Matthew chapter twenty two starting in verse thirty four count me if you see anything familiar here hearing that Jesus had silenced the fantasies and the Pharisees got together one of them and asked for in the law tested him with this question sound familiar Luke chapter can write an expert in the law stand up to testing that only next time look at this exchange teacher which is the greatest commandment in the law and who replies with the answer this time Jesus love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind this is the first and greatest commandment in the second is like it love your neighbor as yourself all the Law and the Prophets hang on these two can be the answer with this Jesus right now our company and experts in the lot and then a little we have another exchange between an expert in the line indeed that and find the answer is now the experts right I don't know if that's learned a lot with the same guy working with their in the other exchange but I think that he knew he had see that this time because he had heard those words come right out of Jesus now and he knew that he did that as an answer there was no way that Jesus was in a talent it was wrong so even if you know why but the right answer even if you didn't understand a hundred percent he knew it was the right answer and Jesus knew the right answer so he gave the answer but Jesus was catching him in his little scheme because he said do it and you will live he was pointing out the flaw and listen very carefully back to the chapter ten what happens when the man tries to justify himself now remember his answer had two parts love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself but when he's trying to justify himself you know anything nothing in order to justify himself he asked Jesus and who is my neighbor what's missing in the original answer had two parts in that love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself so here we are what's missing Jesus tells the story of the Samaritan to tell the man what's missing what's missing is love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind if he really wanted to justify himself he could've said how do I love God and who is my neighbor but instead he skips right over loving God because you know my thinking that that's a car he's smart enough but listen to what Jesus tells them now going down from Jerusalem to Jericho when he fell into the hands of robbers distract an undisclosed begin and went away leaving him half dead a priest happened to be going down the same road and when he saw the man he passed by on the other side so to a Levite when he came to the plate and saw him pass by on the other side but and this is where the story changes as it but a Samaritan as he traveled came where the man was and when he saw him he took pity on him he went to him and bandaged his wounds pouring on oil and wine then he put the man on his own donkey took into and took care of him the next day he took out two silver coins and gave them to the innkeeper looked after him he said and when I return I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of the robbers and the expert in the long reply the one who had mercy on him Jesus told him go and do likewise now if you're like me wheat we have focused on that goal and do likewise very much as if the commission at the end of the story right like go and be like this American in fact most of my life I have looked at this story and I have felt like this America represents me because that's how I'm supposed to be right because then they go and do likewise and so we follow the example of this American when I look at the story I see myself represented by this American but who ended that Jesus is talking about in this story very quickly let's review again the actions of the Samaritan and see if you can hear who Jesus is describing he traveled from where he was and came to where the man was he saw pity on him banner says was as still and then went on oil and wine in the Bible about what you want about while in wine for when the wine for to clean the wounds and disinfect and the oil to send right so he cleans and soon the well and the demand he carried into a place of safety he takes care of him he came upon an expansive and then he promises to return and to repay all in Jesus describing himself as a clear picture of Jesus himself and he is answering the question of the expert in the law who is my neighbor but he's not answering that question he's answering the missing piece and what's missing who was my God right love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself who is my neighbor but Zito says and now informing junk over to the neighbor to find out what you have to do let me tell you what your God is and what I had done or you and you don't actually in the lot he he gets it who is a neighbor to the man disgusted by the fact that it's a Samaritan you now live right because if Americans were any advantages and it's not because they were their enemies it's because they were mixed with their own blood the Samaritans were from the northern kingdom were many attacking humans have come down and so when you fear in kingdom came down and mingled with Joe they bred a new breed of halfbreed Jews and Assyrians and he became and so this man just could not say it was the Samaritan he had in who had mercy on him Jesus then says go and do likewise what Jesus is saying it until you understand who your God is until you understand what he has done for you what I have done for you you can't worry about your neighbor becomes imminent about who you are and what you're doing and your pedigree and your expertise but when you realize that before I found you you were left alone beaten robbed of your inheritance and isn't that what the man was looking for what do I need to do to get my inheritance and what is Jesus telling him you need to know anything ask her if you have all the right answers please don't have it it's what you need to who you need to be in relationship that's what inheritance is about what must I do to inherit eternal life Jesus said be in relationship with me let me rescue you since when have made Britain a man who had been beaten and robbed stripped and left for dead to drag himself to be in to be healed there so that he could go and knew how much he is would he be to another person in need in that condition yet don't we do that in our own spiritual lives are we satisfied to have all of the information and the right answers yet somehow not understand that we are the ones that are in the deepest needs and has remained there helpless and hopeless that even the religious leaders who passed us by May past that's why they listened a lot of damage and then we criticized recently by knowing or passing by not paying attention to the man we think wow how unholy of that but a Leviticus chapter twenty one we had some instructions for the early life in the public talk in person and about themselves that God 's command but maybe just maybe as being haughty in being obedient when it left that man on the road have you ever left you broken and hurting the name of obedience on Sunday when he came and saw it and use commandments to go into my be like the Samaritan meal like this American because as the prison we might want to write it with one problem with their obedience because the man was only half dead and they were responding to the wrong half of the man but this American when he came he came to rescue and he seemed and not only that he's teaching him a lesson to say when you recover when you receive healing we understand your guide it will go out and rescue more people from around I think an innkeeper and I think black people you think this guy was a moron to trust a stranger right to say all-out payment for all expenses are paid when I come back or do you think like I tend to believe that that the innkeeper and the Samaritan in the story must have known each other because he can trust that this American-led return and repay him for all the claimed at least don't you think makes me wonder if maybe one time the innkeeper was rescued from that very road by that very Samaritan and as he was rescued they decided to go into business together to make a safe place of healing and safety for those that came along that road and needed to be rescued and they partnered together an innkeeper knew that the Samir what always is word anyone return that he would repay this very important thing that you can hammer out an American he says take care of him return I will repay everything that you have spent on his behalf here's my question when Jesus comes back think again of that seen in Matthew twenty five when he returns and he conquers settle accounts with you and with me when he was to see how much we have spent on the behalf of others well he had been a repayment for healing for me I will be appended barely noticeable in the grand scheme of things I need to decide today whether or not we are going to allow the Samaritan number one to rescue us because as much knowledge and information and pedigree in history and expertise that we may have unless we are saved and rescued by Jesus Christ none of that will be worth the thing we won't have an inheritance based on those things the only way to receive the inheritance that is been prepared for I is to be in relationship with the one who saves and once we experience that salvation then and only then will we know how to go out and to have that experience shared with those that are on the road desperate and needy and waiting to be rescued then and only then my challenge for you my charge for you in that you don't know are your own condition because you're looking out on the world and seeing how sad and pitiful they are and that you don't miss out on the opportunity to experience God 's presence because you are expecting to show up looking like him when in reality he had you will look better for saying you challenge for you this morning because many of us in this room have a pedigree many of us might be tempted to rely on that pedigree can get us somewhere in the end but in the end it is only Jesus and it is only because of hands that we have a track or a book or anything that offer when we knock on the door and only because of him that the person on the other side of that door the person that we need in the street or the airport or anywhere else will receive a blessing because we were there or because he was only because of Jesus he is the Samaritan and we can only be like him but in order to be like him we have to know and we have to experience please stand with me just this morning as they pray Lord God we are so grateful for your mercy we are so grateful that even though we think we know what all that you still have something to teach us Lord I'm so grateful for Matthew thirteen fifty two where it says when a teacher of the law becomes a disciple in the kingdom of heaven that person is like a homeowner who goes into their storehouse and brings out new treasures as well as old Lord God you want to bring us new things new stories new experience you want to see masculine rescue us you want to do that in spite of and you want to do it for the sake of others praise God that you have sent Jesus into that brought I pray Lord that he will open our eyes that he will clash our pride that you will clear away our wine list that we may have a shaped by our own righteousness father and that you will help you understand that it only I don't live in the saving power of Jesus Christ that we are worth anything today that we had anything to offer in Lord help us to clean to you when you find us there will just turn in addition when we see our need for the first time or tell there was an American help us to accept your rescue with open arms and with utter helplessness and then father leaves as we are healed and rescued helpless to spend on your behalf so that when you come again you can't with wanderers reward to retain what has been done for your bravest in the name of Jesus amen this media was not a season-high populace the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about this if you like this more so than please visit www. audio source .org


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