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Eye-witness the Light- Part 3

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • August 16, 2014
    4:30 PM
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dear Mrs. Henry father learning of this is a sensitive subject matter I know there is a lot of people struggling with this Lord I know I was when those that struggled Sunday with this but is not my goal to disappoint out evil but that there is a goal and that is to show that you are more victorious than any of this the Lord made all this information given nothing but lead people to follow their knees and ask for you and your guidance in your spirit into their lives we love you please be with us open our eyes and soften our hearts this wonderful holy Hollywood and the media just at how much time I actually have here so I can get through this so I have probably liked thirty forty minute I leave a little at a time hopefully for question and answer and so I do want to mention this some questions that came up in the last presentations and he asked me what about God 's not dead but about a few these Christian movies that are that are popping up I have not personally seen that film so I can't quite speak on it in this I can say this Udell is it in line with your Bible that is what I'm trying to accomplish here by talking to it it's just you know the content of the Bible is trying to teach even though it doesn't just say Jesus this Jesus that they did with this principle that are that the Bible 's teaching it's pretty hard to fight against that that makes sense I myself because I tried to be in Hollywood and try to do that filmmaking every I personally will not ever make a theatrical film in the way that I did before that's my own personal conviction because of what I've done is a single line in the sand and I said I was still close I can get to the line I will look over the line on the job understand what the other way satisfied done at bottom eleven documentary filmmaking and I make documentary films were living if I thought that all media was evil I would not be producing and here's what here's the stark difference I'm a firm believer in this many people can't think I would make a great conversation to a movie that's great if you do that's great if you want to serve God in the wake that's great but do it in this way if that is your passion that is your that is what you wanted do they pray this prayer Lord God I want to make this movie but not as I will see you want me to make this movie Lord God I give you permission to open up the doors to give me three five million dollars to make this movie if you do that then I will know that you wanted me to do this by the Lord if you don't want me to do this then I gave you permission to close the door now what you've done is you've placed the decision in God 's hands and when you get to heaven as you have every right to vote on value and you gain three five million eight I asked for that if you ask God for that I stand firm on my convention he will not ignore you so that is your conviction that is what she wanted to you pray to God Lord is this what you want me to do so I hope that by showing you what I'm showing you I'm not telling you don't go out and make a movie or don't want to do this I have no personal convictions if you want to ask you about tell you about them but I don't have time for right now I think there's a lot of wonderful things out there to watch on television and and and and movies that are awesome that could give you a better understanding of God I think there's people that truly believe their following everything that God wants to do and it's not my place to say you're not doing what I want to do but I will say by your Bruce will know them ask what I'm hoping to achieve with you today so I can understand Holly Hollywood and I want to really get into this part of the movie industry that is talking about all these religious movies that are coming out I don't think it's by chance that they have made the movie Noah annotated by chance that they have made the movie Moses and the coming up of Egypt and that it's one of the biggest blockbuster ridley Scott films will ever see if you've seen the trailer this thing is going to be home made scene but could be possible to set and so I want to show you something I want to show you a little bit of people in the industry and people that say they follow God okay Matthew seven twenty one and twenty two says there is not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he do with the will of the father which is in heaven now here's the key to this verse right here people that say Lord Lord Texas he you can call out someone's name on your wants but it is the ones that do the will of the father that he is going to say I know you write many will save me that a Lord Lord we have not prophesied in my name and every not cast out devils a and in thy name have done wonderful works and then will I profess under them I never knew you depart from the eve that work iniquity I think it's a very simple concept used by your work by your fruits by whatever it is that you're dealing if you are building up the kingdom of God I believe that there's really only two ways about your music tearing down the kingdom of God is building up by doing nothing at all what are you like that for the story the challenge is so important I buried my talented round is nothing so didn't do anything for my doing after choosing to be on one side of the fence or not now predictably Snoop Dogg believes in God 's hand silk dog of course I has a lot of questionable content out there and he and assume really thinks that he ate only exists because of God that's that's that's a very real statement from him again a statement is beyond insane something about God and he is in and in the mean IQ seen any of her content it's very questionable but the fruits are right so it's interesting to me that a lot of these people attribute their success or give glory to God he noted a need to see Nancy was a call to the terrible terrible things as inspiration comes from God and in all these people that are giving glory to God you would take a look at someone like this and you would say Lady Gaga really has nothing to do with God if you look at some of her work on MTV or whatever it is some terribly satanic stuff but here in a documentary that HBO did on her asking of the question when you get your inspiration from my finest interesting answers this question the Pharisees have Jesus that put her in this position was running a naming ain't got anything to be in God 's favor to me and I is somebody I guess she's sassy giving the crediting Jesus and it's interesting that before all of these concerts that she does she actually craves with people says whole entire prayers please read that believes in the power of prayer I don't know what God she's praying to an end to know a God that I serve the insult it's really interesting to me to see somebody who is obviously putting out such dark material clinging to get back from God now here's what she says at every single concert which he goes to concerts she says this little Seiji hate something more than money and here's what she says she hates more than money so she says she hates the truth more than anything in the world integrates really important to know your Bible when you know your Bible through and through and I mean you spend time in the word of God you can see spot here things that you will hate that that that that that says my Bible because if I turn to John in the Bible for sixty yards fourteen verse six it says Jesus said it am I am the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through me so by saying you hate the very definition of truth is seen hate it's a sobering thing to think that so many people in this industry the other following something good there is a disconnect with with the word coming out of their mouth their actions and and what the Bible says that jumbled mess of you here the terminology you think that's why the matrix people look at the majors and I think that was a great movie that showed me about Jesus it had a lot to do with Jesus when you hear the terminology of Jesus you here for various things that come from the Bible but when you look at the very mentality of what the Jesus character is trying to do to show you a world with no rules no laws and where anything is possible and you can say that's not Jesus Jesus is wasn't here to teach you that a lot of people in Hollywood that are on the other side of the fence that you cannot just say everybody that believes in God is luckily a totally don't believe in God and in and he's definitely Morgan Freeman especially one that is very outspoken about his dislike of God thirty said he's a man of faith not God it is very open spoken about this fact is recorded on the Internet if you see some of his comments about neither terrible because I got my belief system doesn't support creators such week and all bar as we can call God who created us in his image is hard question because I said it from the start I think that we invented God so if I believe in God I and I do it because I think I am God needs you to see the lies were told in the garden of the news in an amazing city Genesis three when he really said about and the second tells Eve did God tell you shouldn't eat up the street but you will be like God and your eyes will be opened snowing both good and evil those two verses they are the devil opened up every single false religion on the face of planet all of this that I'm showing you is not different in the same I came out of the Garden of Eden there's told to us in a different order different ways flashier stuff but it's literally the same stop in the back to the idea that you don't need God when it got evil when it is trying to control the in some way shape or form and you see this over and over and over again I say a couple clips from some of the producers AE in Hollywood these are some of the guys that are executives at ABC ABC CBS hour show you little bit about what they believe and you can hear him talk about being on the right or on the left being a conservative or being a liberal and what does this add to show you is really a lot of some of these Hollywood bigwigs are all coming from the same mentality that all coming from the left side a liberal side so their content that they're putting out there in the mainstream Hollywood content I don't mean beside independent films or the Christian found them from the mainstream top of the blockbuster hits that is really coming to a very liberal perspective but here's Benny Benjamin Shapiro wrote a book about the propaganda of Hollywood he's asking some of these executives about their belief in the right side so basically he's just saying that everybody's coming from one perspective in fact here's one of the young top guys from these of president of ABC CBS a former president VP of programming and down listen to what he has to say about the perspective even coming from call comment that basically he's saying like there's only one perspective have a friend like using friends and a lot of people and never watch the show right thing is one of the writers of friends he learn about some of the liberal perspective than replacing your and if you think about it like if you go to this guy 's website here you can watch use of these things all the time and and he's got all kinds of different writers directors always different people that that talk about this and what I found that was really interesting to me was just how young I think the question was even raised how how do people like you know Mel Gibson making because he's obviously on on on day you know the other side of the fence really adding editing they basically say look at those people are so few and far in between of course it all was done among if it people are to come see her movies that matter really what you believe at the end of the data conceive but that perspective is still limited there's really only one direction that this information is coming at you I want to flash through this election and watch this on my own take on a much time on the end of this and this layoff ever said makeup makes a lie big make it simple keep sane and eventually they will believe it and this is pretty much the way that Hollywood is coming to from also two different angles for those of you that were in this presentation from the last section we went over all of the homosexuality agenda and it's just crazy to see all the different movies that are coming that are basically pushing that homosexual agenda and is there in the pushing of the homosexual agenda there really they were able to overturn the general population ideas that have been all the way against it for umpteen years and within only a short amount of years they were able to increase twenty seven percent of what people believed simply to show glee and modern family they changed one third of our population mindset on a very very controversial social and social change just simply by putting it in television shows and making them commenting and making them not even really serious this is what the power the media has over a mine producing any of our information anymore media any I don't have time to go over all this even if this is the first introduction that you've ever had for this ministry I'm sorry you guys all NASA back story that you need to understand where this is all going to get a jump into the nitty-gritty of it is that okay let's get into analyzing a couple of these movies and I didn't quite get there at a friend rest of the last class I can get into it so what I tried to show people and what I'm hoping to achieve teaching to show you today is really honestly you do not spot a counterfeit by studying the counterfeit he studied the genuine but you're able to look at a counterfeit and say I don't want that in my life because it's contrary to what the Bible is teaching me that make sense so here is a show by ABC you can't quite see this audition on my computer it's a show called resurrection was on ABC and I'm arranging you as you can't quite see it because of that the coloring on the projector under reaching the words they put on the screen however shows him him him him him movies and television they often tell you right up front what they're all about it's often selling your face that you can easily look at it for face value and you can pretty much it what these things are about what agenda there pushing you really going to go and watch movies all I can tell you more about a movie in a two-minute trailer and I can really sitting down in analyzing the whole thing because when you sit down you analyze the whole Thanksgiving sucked into the story your emotions start going and the first presentation that we we talked about today to talk all about how you put some under the state of hypnosis as anyone know how hypnosis really works I'm how I take this real quick hip gnosis works on putting you under a state of heightened emotional state that he sent so let me put it this way and if I wanted to change your belief system in a very difficult for me to change your belief system and here's how it works right I don't know your mother never met your mother in your life so there's probably nothing I could tell you about your mother that would really make you don't know what I really like my mother I pretty much wiped event agreement that you do but here's what I can do and here's what hypnosis tries to do in trauma patients people that were sexually abused or people that work on needing to undergo hip note therapy so to say to resolve the problem what they do is they go into your mind and start to catch negative feelings positive feelings towards a particular thing and enough of those negative or positive feelings towards a particular thing can change what you believe so for example you have a problem smoking and I wanted to change your mind in hypnotherapy what I would do that go into your mind and I would attach a negative emotion to the idea of smoking every time he smells just sick UK in love those feelings will eventually get him to stop smoking now I don't know your mother I want to change your views about your mother so what they were doing hypnosis as they would go into your mind gets into it I pet her and say how is your mother make you feel she doesn't call you when your mother doesn't I treat you very nice when she yells at you how does that make you feel you see what I'm doing now I'm attaching attaching and negative emotion to his idea of his mother and of those negative emotions will eventually change what he believes about another next called changing the critical factor in case you can get our around the critical factor this is what's happening in the movies you believe something that you believed your whole entire life you have read in your Bible and you know what they stated that is why you know that you know that when you die you're not alive so how can they start to mess with that belief system with the dealer they start to attach different emotions to that belief system that's what they're doing these movies a second television show called resurrection all about a little boy who died and came back many many many many many years later his parents were old and he and he says I'm your boy I I was there and they're like how could you be my boy he died thirty years ago is still a boy and this is what this is about that want to show something to you please spot this stuff because they tell you what this show is going to do to your mind in front of your face you can easily spotting is that I don't want this in my life anymore here's how they do it as I said Wally to get you lost someone in a return to the television event Wilson makes you question everything you believe one television show with this emotional processes I have us I was a child I to children a boy and a girl limiting I lost my son my daughter I don't know I probably go insane I know what that's like only minutes if a live until the moment I didn't pick tapping into your demotions emotion emotion emotion that's what movies are built on because they can change your belief system higher emotional state picture in seventy cents so when you watch these things look at this access this is down a television show called sleepy Hollow is really the television like the words that are on the screen between two worlds the battle for mankind and are talking about heaven and hell and all these things will be fine if telling you what the show is all about sleepy Hollow you get out we get all wrapped up in the story it's always terrible stuff UK point something out to you in the town of sleepy Hollow here's the street sign what does it say right here do you think that is a mistake is it possible that somebody who made Michelle knows something because limited number of a hundred and forty four thousand from the blue what are they doing in all of these movies and television shows Madagascar are so cute easy to things but let me show you this this is just the trailer just the trailer you don't have to even once is Lily what does that say right now also now we know what topic or start to talk about here right and here listen to the words that are said if anyone in the same nice absolute it is my God you got a remember just like the only thing getting into heaven your thoughts and your feelings music has two elements to it the words and the music doesn't your thoughts and your feelings movie are only talking your feelings so hear what they're doing is getting all emotional into the story and in their planting seeds with the words you don't need a Savior you're the one that can save you and another thing that they constantly keep doing like this is despicable me I don't even have to go and watch this movie all I have to do is look at a simple movie poster what does it say at the top of the movie poster when the world needs a hero holding a cocktail called Jesus they call unveiling hates this idea over and over and over again that's perpetuated in all of the stories the little legal movie so cute but all of a sudden this storyline becomes about this world where there is a controlling creator type person that he made an instruction manual that everybody is supposed to follow the instruction manual but the Lakers shouldn't follow the instruction manual listen to what they will I have an instruction following I don't want something combating what I'm trying to build up in my mind the Warner Bros. president Craig Silverman who also made the movie inception in the matrix by the community some of the inception or noted it okay so good I can talk about it like this right what is the movie really all about Gnosticism but how it's all about a thief who goes into your mind and tries to change what one person believes about his father I know somebody that's trying to get into my mind that has Shiite shrine to change what I believe about my father bubble over and over and over again and here is the one amid the matrix and inception and he says this link character 's name should be examined he's the one that told them they should call in and in and in the Kabbalah means true so there you have all these names that mean things and they're all placed in there this invites read Heidi Highsmith said Atrios needs this or whatever gave you that is that that that that old ancient architect look for stepping in and in history back is a lot of Masonic lodges that are titled after that and you'll see all this occult stuff popping up with these names wild style would bottom out on the limb here is Lucy short for something I have seen this movie but I know enough to read two sentences about this movie and say you know what it's contrary to my Bible I don't need this in my life know no I'm sorry I'm just destroying people 's childhood is that until you I don't trust Disney with a ten foot pole anything Disney puts out I'm telling you this week which sorcery way too much magic what you get on that fact alone read Deuteronomy eighteen twelve anyone who is involved in sorcery witchcraft and divination in the necromancer all of these things are an abomination to the Lord what does that mean abomination means God hates them it's like the strongest where you can use the eight so as I hate that the reality that is what that at that person I've even talked about the storyline is just the first whenever I see things with magic it's it's like it's like I only know enough about magic not to enter that into my mind nonetheless it is weird is totally out of time to get to our writers knows anything about I'm not always that needs on letting go isn't homosexual of the two guys wrote actually a play called outings you would have songs in there that are all about homosexuality so why wouldn't they put sexuality and sensuality in it and these are the songs you guys can look this up in your own time I just want to point this out let it go okay analyzing jobs the final last little words right here where it says no right no wrong no rules for me I'm free that is not what my Bible tells me I don't want something that is teaching me there's no right and no wrong and no rules done don't need it does that make sense transformers I said this clipping here in the in the other one at a time no how many people were aware that were not in this presentation last one as he has been it's okay I saw the first one so so he didn't see the presentation last time so it is a good guy or bad guy good guy right that he said and this is the bad guy hey I wanted to listen to the very first trailer that talks about what this whole movie series is all about I is the very first introduction to the whole transformer movie series and this is what they say so the information is told to you is that there is a war in heaven we all believe is a war in heaven right that's ironic here as we want to learn about this war in heaven and what what it is that that in context the were doing so that is a very true statement and in this war there's nothing that was able to create a world filled with life and what is the only thing that had the ability to create a world in filament life Jesus try to learn the whole premise of the other that of the Transformers movies we must destroy the Q what's interesting to me about you it is the really perfect parts that fit together at the Trinity what is interesting about it to the city of Jerusalem that comes at the end of the age is an absolute these people are fighting a much steeper fighting you could possibly ever imagine and when you go to these movies can you watch these thoughts in these things coming from these directors if they are not sold out to Christ is a very easy for them to be used in a different direction and that's why people ask the own time you think there's a conspiracy in Hollywood with her all up in this together is all interesting to know what no I don't ever be possible I would be really shocked if they're all in this together but you heard the story this morning in church did you not when your house is clean swept and garnished you do not fill it with something you are not walking around your empty here's not you are either filled with the Spirit of God or you are filled with something else so the people that are in Hollywood and when you know what James Cameron had a dream I dream in my dream I can with the movie avatar when that's interesting to me Harry Potter she got up from a dream all these people think you have this great idea I came up with this but you know what they don't even realize the spirits that inspiration that's why you see on the this is in the word of God more so than the word of God is not a knowledge is not head knowledge it will save you I was a child that knew my Bible when children enter school ranting all the time when I was a kid I knew about this great conversely I knew about this war in six months of me going to Hollywood I throw my face out the window gone I knew the truth was I was it somebody that was in the world and had no idea who God was I knew God was and I threw it out don't think for a second term knowledge of God can save you you can walk up to the president you could say I know the president was favorite color nobody likes to eat the newest favorite tie I know all these things and indigo for you if you know you the same thing applies to Jesus you can know exactly what color he likes what color what one really likes to each always individual facts about God she may not know God and more importantly does God knows you brothers and sisters the closer that you have a walk with Christ the more disgusting this turns in your mouth truly I am the worst person to watch a movie with today you would hate at I don't want to watch these things are moving them in my life and I believe that God can bring you to that place so many people asked me how where why go from here what do I do how do I stop this I'm addicted to movies I watched ten hours a day had sweet little old grannies come up to me and say they don't have anything else to do all day but watched movies and television amazing Spiderman footmen and Batman Newman all crazy but here's the thing pray this prayer in order if you don't want me to watch these things I gave you permission to come into my heart and turnips and come in my mouth and turn it sour and trust me in my case I will tell you what I love these movies I love them all I prayed that prayer and I said like you don't want to be in Hollywood make it disgusting in my mouth and to this day I can't that place because I know what kind of deceptions the putting out and so I know it's possible for you guys but you have to labor that and give it to God this power has related prayer services have a father thank you so much for just that I share conference messages that have been presented here the tools that are at our fingertips Lord we know the time is soon approaching and we don't have the freedom to say these things so Lord I just pray that as the time that we have left me we need diligent with it not wasting it on the idle and fruitful things of this world but the important things which is your will please Lord make it will hold printing all of our lives are more important for me please come and live in all of our hearts every single and is a this media was brought as audio source is cited in spreading God 's word to three seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is just like the more certain is www. audio source .org


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