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Loving as Jesus Would

Virna Santos


Virna Santos

By Beholding His Love Ministry, Director & Bible Lay Counselor



  • August 16, 2014
    4:30 PM
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first not only on that and try to share my testimony and my second goal here today by God 's grace as I like to share with you about the homosexual community and what we don't understand and how can we reach them including our friends and her family so they can before I even continue please fire hazard me as I asked for God 's guidance and power your father in heaven Lord I dishonor want to thank you so much other for such an opportunity to testify what you've done and Lord I know what you've done in my life you can do with everyone but I discussed for your Holy Spirit passport for your presence here as father that she open our hearts and our minds to hear this message that you've prepared your father may we sit face to face with you right now maybe leave this place changed their Lord transform by your love this is my prayer dear father and asked for the power of the Holy Spirit speaks through me into hiding behind by crosscourt parties you will be lifted up I pray this in Jesus name that everyone say a man and what some other thing I praise the Lord I think I covered a lot of probably and now not very blessed I actually heard a version of their testimony at the Army Bible camp at Leoni Meadows and I was really blessed and was really looking forward to what God was preparing to them for I share the title of my presentation today is loving as Jesus Woods the people pleaser screens that are similar turnaround to know one of the aspirations that mean my sister and all that's another note to my sister was positive this presentation with me on but as some of you might now my sister has Hispanic Lopez and when lupus attacks it really takes you down so even in the midst of a few can whisper a prayer for her she's in good spirits God is good she's resting and Donna Donald called me to share this message with you amen what inspires me and my sister with a story because he got a lot of people tell us while it takes a lot of courage to share your type of testimony especially in the day and in days like this now right in the political climate that we face now and this is what inspires us our confession of his faithfulness is heaven 's chosen agency for revealing Christ to the world we are to acknowledge his grace his grace as made known to the holy men of old by now which will be most effectually the testimony of our own experience a man all day all this afternoon you been hearing testimony after testimony after testimony that another senator going on people are sharing their testimony is powerful when you fear what Christ can do in someone's life a man we are witnesses for God has been revealed in ourselves the working of a power that is fine straight out of the mouth of the mouth of our profit and the word we find in second Corinthians chapter one verses three and four Eagle of their second Corinthians chapter one verses three and four Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ the father were seen I'm highlighting that work for you mercies and God of all comfort who comforts us in all our tribulation that we may be able to comfort those who are in some trouble any trouble with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by one of privilege God our father has given us of his ancestors that through our own trials and tribulations the mere fact that we reach out to Doctor comfort that very comfort can be that same comfort we can share with somebody else a man powerful so I went in my testimony is always born in the Philippines and we immigrated to the United States to California to Southern California when I was about two and a half years old on this is a picture of me and when I was three we weren't here for very quite that long at central something started to happen in our home that went on for about three years without anyone knowing my mom still has a very hard time looking at this picture is also seizes the side face the sad eyes in this picture you see I was violated by a distant relative or three years in secret sexually violated it was a very hard time for me this was a time when I felt my vision of the world the way I perceive the world and everyone around me was skewed my vision distorted I struggled my childhood on liking girls I struggled I was considered a tomboy I would get down in the dirt and play marbles with the boys my uncle uncles and we used to get mad at me for being that way and I grow up just struggling struggling with drought elementary junior high and what playing Dineen was just fantasies I was caught up in the fantasy of picturing on being with another woman and another thing is going on in my life you see my mom caught the perpetrator when I was six years old what mother knows what to do in the situation like that we weren't created to deal with something like that we were created to be single moms single fathers we were created to deal with than others insist we don't know what there's always something happens how many ran to try to hide themselves and covered themselves we do the same thing we don't know how to handle certain and we think we do so my mom my poor mom broken as she saw the site in front of her child having been hatched and violated at such a tender age she froze hold me she couldn't console me I really the first thing was running up to her and ask your momma 's anatomy and my mom said no but just go lay down and I felt at that time I get I felt like my mother didn't want to touch me I felt like it was my fault everyone I grew up with thinking that was always my fault I grew up with the struggle and as I was growing up my my mother knowing her own brokenness and audit deal with that guilt just blaming herself she was stressed out she'd suffered to depression because of the and because of the hard life that we have to figure she was missing the Philippines and so we were need my brothers and sisters rose we were physically abused by my mother and her brokenness and that her depression and this was our home my father was detached from us he did not engage with us emotionally it was a tired man he works full-time and over time the only times we did get a hold of him or get to touch or have some sort of relationship with her father was when we did go out to eat my father being disengaged my mom in her manic-depressive states up and down the my sister clung to the times were she was she had clarity weeklong to her when she was loving and available in an effective but throughout my life I still struggled with these fantasies of wanting to be loved by another woman when my mom cut the perpetrator she kept that a secret for two years my father if he brothers and sisters if there's anything to learn about sin and addiction in anything that Satan thrives on secrecy that's where you'll get you he'll get you to feel alone no one will like you no one will understand new no one will want to ask you no one wants to be friends with you and these were the kinds of thoughts that tormented me throughout my entire childhood I was made fun of constantly I would put myself in situations out of the comedian like to get to empower myself to make people laugh when my father found out I believe then looking back my father my heavenly father killed my fear of men I was almost nine years old when my father found out enough for the first time in my life I saw a grown man cry first time I was held in three years first time I was told that it was not my fault but by the time by that time brothers and sisters I tell you I was writing Lala land on a ready built a way of escape in my mind I literally I remember the words telling my father why you crying pop-up okay but right there at that very moment I I really felt and convicted that my heavenly father began to heal me my fear of man because my father held me he cried for me he cried over me and I garrotte longing for woman's love me mighty think that is attracting a high high school I had to struggle ordinary family father worked full-time my mom worked as well I started having issues with obsessive-compulsive disorder I had to clean the house I had to do the laundry and I wanted to do it I found joy in cleaning the house it can span someone with how to fix it out right away the obsessive-compulsive disorder was really rough maybe hacking homeland summer and iPhone won't that guess what I did today what you do and he's looking at the kitchen counter then he suddenly goes what did you do should I change the call came how do you did I was fourteen years old never married you seem to suffer around the house so I did I had projects dropped that summer and like I said my OCD was so bad like I was a perfectionist and part of my perfectionism was about pleasing my mother but at the same time I was trying to prove to her that I could be better than her pretty twisted of the four fourteen -year-old to do that I wanted to please her and at the same time I wanted to show to her that I could be better than I could be better than my father in nineteen eighty five and just graduated high school we range addition to some of the Adventist church we started going through my mother was on her own spiritual healing just reading books all of a sudden about emotional and spiritual healing my father had other hand was attracted to Nostradamus prophecy the worldwide Church of God who were cemetery and by the way my father was meeting into all this stuff and I for some reason actually saw the movie unfolds all Israelis I was really intrigued by the Jewish religion and I started reading up on it I wanted to find ways to become June become a Jewish origin to be in the Jewish faith and so this is where our family was at that time we were all assigning on the search but we were in different places then my mom got invited them to administer all this time we had been going to the Roman Catholic Church since we came here to the state we started going to church every Sabbath I was of it was was refreshing I felt refreshed I felt all of a sudden there could be hope for me I knew I was struggling I knew there was something wrong with me I knew what I was going through was wrong I knew the fantasy that I was going having was wrong all of a sudden were going to the Seventh-day Adventist church in every Sabbath and we were also the target of having Bible studies we started getting involved with the church we started doing homeless ministry and after six months of Bible study entire family my mom my dad myself my brother sister we got baptized December fourteenth nineteen eighty five I really felt that this was the beginning of a new life for me and for my family I started to see changes in my father I started to see changes in my mother more connectedness more clarity more union United times that we would have together but I was still struggling there was one Bible study that our Bible worker gave us as she says he can defeat starts whispering to their house in question whispering is a little bit advanced adult twenty one and giving missed you guys right now probably have his Bible study after you are baptized unlike she says she feels okay initially a distinction is training at Lehman Brothers my sister where at this roundtable in our dining room are alike while she took us through the centuries to walk the city century she took us to Hebrews chapter twelve we have a high priest in this century message was what solidified the face for us in the family that that's the night we decided to be baptized as a family praise God that message stuck beneath medicine sisters I tell you is stuck with me for years what a volleyball social night at the church in the gym this was in San Diego Chula Vista Seventh-day Adventist church a lot from Julissa San Diego can represent the social knife volleyball become SVI replays were having fun I want my favorite Coca-Cola shirt and my favorite shirt I remember has read my gray Coca-Cola was really cool where genes and playing volleyball please call me over to the size probably other entities were standing staring at me he disdained look on her face and if one of you says you know you should really be wearing a Coca-Cola shirt really out loud they are the NT started whispering to each other now you see an alien and you see all women I was I felt so embarrassed but in my mind of eighteen in my mind I'm thinking man if you cannot handle my Coca-Cola shirt I can't tell you what I'm struggling to get became long this occurs when after another you know I was trying to be so good I was reading my Bible 's rings have a school lesson every day I got involved with helping out with their homeless ministry I really loved it really logged working at home especially one found up to date homeless ministry in this matter he comes over to me he was trying to get one more parasol we had a being trash bag of socks thinking a lot significant to the amulet was setting down the guidelines and rules only get one pair socks one satellites one Apple wanted as one of that one of this right while me and my rebellious south I was try to push the envelope and brick to make the rules love that I went to the lady that was in charge I figure what this guy he's Harrison in the disk in one repair is now three series I think having nothing there to give and three pairs each and then again that was another discouragement for me I stopped doing homeless ministry I think any of it I should go to Christian schools I applied the picture that you see up here is near my family when we got baptized the Chula Vista church as I figured all you want any negotiable to Loma Linda I got accepted and went to Loma Linda last year campus that's what it was called before went there for one year stating all-girls dorm was South Hall and my struggles came back like fire the fantasies the wanting to connect with other women but nothing ever happened at race held me together I was tormented in my mind after that year I pray during that year was come to the and said that Lord you know maybe I just need to get away like some far far away land may be a missionary or something in all of this light where there is no electricity and no lights or something and I can just learn to depend on you when I find up and I got approved from why all from the Hawaii a man was alleged that he will church in the school there is a teachers aide of the Pathfinder leader of the Bible school teacher I get myself spiritually busy but inside I was in torment a lot to do with myself while they hear my contract ended in the back to Loma Linda to issue my not my child parents it stayed the same I decided to move back home in San Diego find a full-time job and go to school was during this time I stopped going to church is during this time I had met someone who I worked with my went to school with we had a secret relationship for two years knowing you another woman that is by some going to church altogether but guilt was too intense and I knew somehow someway church was not the place for me in my mind the thoughts were there just to freak out and I can understand that and accept me so why should I go out and listen to me anyway who can help me lonely and my girlfriend at that time they didn't work out she went her way and I went mine and that's when I decided to put San Francisco live it out loud how identity didn't take me very long finance I became a political and social activists for the gay community I changed my clothes I change the way I look by nineteen ninety five I was knee enough you can see a picture get out of your way to always every gay pride parade in San Francisco I worked for AIDS agencies I did some theater work for AIDS about educating people around AIDS and I met someone is this person became a long term partner for me you're together for eight years we didn't know it was gone and that soon we had planned for family so we looked up some anonymous donor profiles from the sperm bank in Berkeley and we prepared to get pregnant and my partner got pregnant and I legally adopted her it's reportedly that was the first in the state of California that adopted under a new law I was afforded to same-sex couples so that their adoption could be smoother and without any red tape and that I was needing my adoption adopting my daughter at six months that's when the adoption became final basically was an adoption that no one can take away for me it was the judge Tommy it's as if you had this girl herself anything is got wind of that I was all over the news in the newspapers that came over to our house quite overwhelming but you see brothers and sisters my the community model for the political and social activist I felt a sense of entitlement I felt a sense this need of attention I was always out in public I was in every gay pride parade all of a sudden now I have a daughter to raise and I don't want her to have the same life inside and I was a conviction but I ignored it caught up with my friends and my partner stood off our relationship was coming undone by the time I thought it was ten months old we had broken up ten months old my daughter began to go back and forth between being her birth mother we had her at home I delivered her was a beautiful experience I never forgot it staring into her eyes right after she was born taking her first breath they just come to realize a ten -month-old baby divorce in my partner we never married and registered with the domestic partner as domestic partners of the state of California funny thing is I never believed in getting married I never believe in same-sex couples needing to get married while for me I don't want to I don't want to have a paper to say that we were together I don't want to have a piece of paper to say to define the kind of love we had underlining that was conviction again I felt God convicting me everywhere in my life which I might someday administer type scenes in my seat I don't want anyone seeing I'm hoping that my parents in San Diego by this time you know me my partner living the Bay Area I go visit my parents and financial asked me to go to church I might know I don't think the people handle be able to handle what I look like now one time I went to church and state in the parking lot I could modestly for you out here and parking lot and looking at the church building one my mom can calm out I see this lady drowning from the church doors down the parking lot it's not my mom somebody else who had heard I was in the parking lot and this lady comes running from the church and she just grabs me and embraces me and it caught me off guard as I was if I miss you can she see my butt chair and immense clothes away when she's hugging sheath hugging me that touched me in nineteen ninety nine my father had a stroke and more here at the hospital my mom told me all learn enough enough meaning my child in Tagalog I just want to let you know this can be some people coming from church I got all defensive when telling you there are some you want me to go hike around all night was a very angry person I want to go high because I thought that's what my mom started coming just right I just want to let you know so if you're not comfortable your jungle somewhere after the short whatever Socko hide going to go hide I found another floor the hot and a lobby on another floor sitting there in the dark like ninety nine also in here the elevator he and singer I hear these footsteps moved footsteps I see some familiar face more info than you are writing in my minor pain looking for me I think act two launches you are looking for you she sat there are arms around me just this must be a really hard time for you I just sat there I didn't want to feel again God used somebody at the seed of love in my heart I never forgot those two incidents it always brings me to tears when I remember because God has shown me that he still loves me and no matter how much I have turned my back on him the matter how low how angry I have become so here I am my daughters ten months and me my partner breaking up I finally got my own place had lost my job I finally get a job and I get my own place and they start getting involved with another woman you see during this time the way me my partner have met we met to the domestic violence movement in San Francisco I became an anti- domestic violence counselor during this time brothers and sisters I can't tell you enough how graceful product is because he was equipping me already with the tools that I needed to have now even while I was in that lifestyle is amazingly graceful and that's how me and my partner not have gotten the training advocated for women and men in court so here I am finding myself in another relationship with another woman so desperate to be logged so desperately wanted I ended up being physically and sexually abuse another woman in this relationship there were times where I found myself sleeping on the bathroom floor scared for my life my ex- partner as we were trying to coparent together some bruises on my arm at one point she wouldn't let me take my daughter home with me when she saw those bruises we have the same training she saw the signs good thing I didn't lose my daughter again another sign of God 's Grace towards me because of this relationship because of the choices I made I lost my job I lost my apartment I found myself sleeping in my car in front of a 24-hour Starbucks January first two thousand five sleeping private 24-hour Starbucks thank God between performer and addicted to coffee so the perfect place to be had about him to take care of myself I would find on end jobs you know here and there and when it was my turn to have my daughter but somehow some way I would have suddenly money either get a hotel by food industry that relatives or friends homes but when I didn't have my daughter I would be alone in my car in front of that very Starbucks I found myself one night just crying out loud looking back ten euros crying out loud to God then I wasn't I did notice talking to God I forgot how to talk to God and all I was saying I remember saying to myself look at the Madison I wrote my last training get something erotic how might I access the link and get a job opinion San Francisco's hard to find a job that will help you pay to get your own place in all to make it people usually have to make work two jobs I was crying to three o'clock in the morning it's dead of winter in San Francisco it's called me obvious cold is like Michigan winter but it was cold I found myself turning on the card just to turn on the heater well sure enough later on that year on the job I got my own apartment anything was good again one week I was a single mom the following week I was out with my friends is having the time proposition eight came about a link here can tell me what proposition eight is or was and I wasn't now wasn't not proposition eight was written to protect the current definition of marriage the state between a man and woman it was not about same-sex marriage the yes side to protect the definition of marriage to be between a man and woman the no side will allow all rights for anyone to marry whoever whenever they please that would be the most appropriate language while this came out well guess what I mean my friends were on the no side of course now I wanted to write to be able to marry somebody I love you regardless if they were a man or woman I want to be able to have that choice while you know all this time I been saying I'm born this way this is why ungodly mean this life is nothing I can do about it what happens when we usually say that a couple conversations on artists on my fault not my responsibility was born this way and this is how I deal with things Dylan it right I drink is an ideal neck problems I can't stop it this is what I do I do that obviously excuses and began right this is going to think something along we don't want nobody else's opinion you want to hear anybody's feedback is basically cut communication what you say to someone like that okay right that's why was I was very in your face this is why Anna is nothing you can do about it it was disappointing proposition eight one was angry is no one my ex partner just married another woman before prop eight passed the state of California graded unique situation because there now like they allowed same-sex marriage to happen that summer thirty six thousand couples thirty six thousand individuals eighteen thousand couples same-sex couples got married that Summer two thousand eight now properly passed what we do with those people the state government was left with that question well what they came up with was they can remain married but can't figure away from them that will be civil rights issue they can stay married Monona can now get married so guess where I was always part of the group that I cannot let my partner to sign went into competition competition mode is in human nature pretty competitive yes the breed competition even in the church of the always angry and this is where God felt my attention by very divine variance that revealed himself to me as I was in the bathroom one day a sister was visiting me and we were having this really intense discussion about proposition eight and I was just telling I just don't get it what are we missing I don't understand our conversation proceeded off and she started watching TV and I was left alone in the bathroom is talking to myself out loud I just wasn't like I will understand not a bad person I'm not going to kill anyone I want to love someone at stake I was just like what's wrong with everybody why does everyone in the hate I was talking like this in bathroom you know no setting in my mind not getting in my mind I see this book just like this the pages are going back and forth it was a breeze going back and forth when I saw that my minor was like the Bible King then paid to stop flipping back and forth because the Hebrews chapter twelve in the words high priestess jump this all happening in my mind right high priest systems at meals like okay with that me I and Al Qaeda that picture kind of faded out was kind of blurry analysis I like okay with that that means Jesus a high priest I remember holds you the century with the second to do with what I'm ranting about how Israelis stopped I was really confused I was really was getting kind scare I all of a sudden in my mind again I see is that published hands order to a place and to my right I see the showbread to my left I see the lampstand and financing altar of incense and even before that I see the scripting on it as I'm seeing these images in my mind I'm like yeah I remember of the show bread of life K talking out loud to myself I hasn't seen these images and white man's night light of the world Holy Spirit will and China makes sense that I had everything all was coming at me and I was like understanding what I was saying would become shiny and right at that moment as I looked up the curtain split open and I felt like my body was brought closer to this curtain and I see Jesus on the cross thinking about this close to space and might I just it took my breath away I felt like I was going any and I said to myself is messy when I was showing me that I needed the bread of life God was showing me that belong to the world I need an anointing of the Holy Spirit alternative that he was showing me that I need a meeting to go back in relationship with God and pray that curtain opened up on this reviewing to me that I have forgotten my Savior have died for me I tell you brothers and sisters in that timeline Condit took me on a journey I started going to church at that time I was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and I started going to church I have no intention to change my life I had no intentions I wanted my daughter to learn about Jesus and through this time I was taking her to church and I was going to church was revealing himself more and more to me it took my smoking overnight January fourth two thousand nine in one day as I was looking on YouTube is looking for music of looking for something to encourage me I have been going to church I've been taking my Bible wherever I went I started taking my Bible to work and as I watched on YouTube this video was a clip of the movie passions of the Christ and Mary Magdalene is on the grounds the woman caught in adultery used to frame Jesus and Jesus looked down at her and she just got done writing a sad Harrison no sorry man and he looked at her and he says where those who condemn you where Jesus appeals to her she looks around and she says there are no longer here and you can fester neither do I condemn you go and sin no more brothers or sisters what we miss often in this story is the fact that genius have to reveal the sand of the Pharisees first they cannot throw the stone in the left genus was able to reach this woman's heart because those were condemning her were no longer there how often we gone before the Lord gone before the Holy Spirit to speak to someone just because were entitled we feel entitled to the times my mother spoke to mean tongue elephant on a health basically made me hate Jesus more and turn my back on him he shortly after that was convicted to get rebaptized long story short new racist and were both baptized together I got my intervention intervention and this picture here's my daughter this is when I started going to church she was seven years old when it starts going to church and as I was watching this video brothers and sisters I heard this conviction on my heart it was as if there was a small voice and said to me my child if Sunday's the counterfeit to my son what do you think is the counterfeit to my creation I not a respond that all I knew I had to repent and all I knew is I had an intense desire to get and baptize but the days following that I became angry the diagnosis like dues are you telling me I was very disrespectful I was very trying like when I was quitting smoking I would subject myself to people around me smoking other like okay got deliberately you said you would intervene I never smoked but now here I am talking to God and I'm angry like God you're telling out with counterfeit you're telling me I'm on the counterfeit really is much higher I opened up the word and it went to Romans chapter one he has been there with these strongly set someone Paul doesn't really we don't catch this we don't catch this brothers and sisters and I pray for the Holy Spirit right now I pray that we all see this because it's right here in front of us Romans chapter one verse twenty four wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts to dishonor their own bodies between themselves verse twenty five who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than to create store who is blessed for ever amen if you continue to read this passage Paul continues to write likewise also man leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another men with men working that which is unseemly and receiving in themselves that we can parents of the heart and her record it all begins to write about men being men women with women my forty five again worshiped and served the creature more than the creator predecessors homosexuality isn't necessarily the counterfeit the drawings the pornography and masturbation all of these are forms of false intimacy one country needed intimacy to be meant to be with him but what we've done in our carnal nature and our human natures with turned worship from the crates are to future the roots of sin is pride brothers and sisters self worship what Paul was doing was giving example the unmanned being with a man who looks like him a woman with another woman it looks like her to basically mirroring the same body parts and qualities what are you worshiping Paul was getting a depiction of what that self worship was what worshiping the creature was about a man I don't be run out of time but if you can just give me a couple more minutes I really would like to share with you something here sister wife says and second testimonies sorry their testimonies Chapter 11 warfare against South is the greatest battle ever fought and then the root of sin now how many here in this room know someone who might be struggling with same-sex attraction art was gay how many of their family friends meet people you work with right everywhere brothers and sisters the message is that the homosexual community has seen about Jesus about God is that God hates fags they see the signs were fearful to going to this community talk about the gay community like as if it was a dark place what's the name of marketing our conference what's and what's the name of the advisor conference right now light so what's the use of bringing light into light are we supposed to go to the dark places this is where my passion and God 's given me a passion he's taken me out of that community needs acting decently brought me to San Francisco and it's just like Moses he told Moses go back to Egypt and get my people there are people looking for God in that community brothers and sisters but you know what we can't share Jesus if we don't have in our online we always like it's human nature to want to point at someone's back in there I too got a big plank in your own we have to look at homosexuality brothers and sisters yes it's a sin yes it's not what God intended us to be independent for me but I knew once God captured my heart he reminded me why Jesus died on the cross Jesus died a bloody death for me I fell in love with my saber and I still fall in love with him every day I am not finished he's not finished with me yet you knows there were times where I thought I'd arrived when he gain the victory over homosexuality I thought I derived using my testimony isn't just about six overcoming homosexuality brothers and sisters my testimony continues to overcome self I was programmed to please others verse to please men not God I suffer from approval disorder I suffer from self entitlement to be very wrong real with you guys it's been rough on my kindest most powerful in that he lifts me up when he holds means right hand brothers and sisters there were times and my life I do want to have nothing to do with ministry I had to give up my daughter I only happened one weekend a month right now one month in the summer and wanted in my life but God gave me that little girl she's my mission field right now he's getting the all of you to share this message of his laws I have so many slides I want to share this information with you I get to go through everything I am willing to stick to e-mail anyone and everyone if you so wish to have this permission there's so many quotes a system like saying that the particles would come back if only minor loving service brothers and sisters there is hope if you think that's the that Castro in San Francisco the San Francisco city that dark place there are beautiful and wonderful things that God is doing that place there people searching they just don't know who to search for and how to do it and you are the light we got a lot of people to Jesus brothers and sisters with the love that you have for Jesus the love that he has for you Galatians two twenty the verse I read every day is a verse that God gives me is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me but through the first together and fold and will close I crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life which now I live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me we make the gospel so complicated they really do and we're seeing things happening in the church arguments about being is distracting us from the work that God calls each of us to do he loves us the simplicity of the gospel loves you and he gave himself for you and you gave himself for all the homosexuals out there and those who are struggling the transgender is and that's a whole different topic this whole issue could've taken three seminars five trader my dear friends if those of you who are or have family and friends were struggling I'm here to the Council with you on I'm here to share the information if you'd like that please come approach me providing your e-mail address and I can e-mail the slides that I was not able to show here in the notes but we also like to take a prayer list for people who are struggling families who are struggling with this I recently went to the Hope Channel GC the question of how to answer an interview was how should parents respond to their loved ones the children are coming out to them is gay and I will be airing in November sign I urge you folks to look out for that hope China again if you like the slides but had prepared please provide me your e-mail address I would like to get names put on our prayer list on our team so by beholding his love ministry we go to church as we go to schools and academies with the universities we just completed a one week long revival at the Trinity Seventh-day Adventist Church in West Covina and it was a blessing and not just to share with you just an example what we do that Sunday morning at the end of the the revival we took every about fourteen people to West Hollywood and broke out into little groups of threes and fours were even told the groups of socializing casino the group nor will it socialize your to watch and observe everything afternoon we went it was a blessing just interacting watch these people and find ways and how to witness to them and build friendships with people connect with them but never to go before the Lord we pray and God guided us and let us through this community I want one of the guys said forgot his name I think his name Sherman he said to me afterwards he doesn't want system these people don't seem intimidating and we just think their intimidating was a very blessed experience and this is what we'd like to take to all the churches and an message exists to say people don't ignore that particular community don't ignore your friends and your family are struggling to Jesus and then we also go to evangelism schools in a couple weeks will be teaching at a rise we presented at Southwest last year reports the next time there so if there is anyone have any questions anything I know were running a little bit late but anything is not on the kitchen to stand in the other father in heaven thank you so much with what you've presented here your father and I just pray for major brothers and sisters here to not lose hope in the love that you offer everyone to her father not only us who are in the church everyone out there you died for every soul your father and I thank you for the plan of redemption I thank you Lord for the power of your Word your Lord and what you are you revealed yourself to me I know you can reveal yourself to everyone else father I thank you empower my dear brother here the Lord because you cannot did you hear unionists in one nine nine nine your mother is a this is my hot new website dedicated to spreading God 's word to us please send an audio and much more I would like to know more about half universe is like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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