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The Tipping Point

Ethan Weber



  • August 16, 2014
    2:30 PM
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honor privilege and blessing me here and I share with you guys I'm looking forward to sharing a little bit of my personal testimony with you how the Lord has led me to seek death and always brought me to be here standing in front of you today I like to start just tell you little bit about myself I grew up in Houston Texas I was born in the struggling middle class family out in Houston my dad the CPA my moms this had been a schoolteacher they're very loving and very devout Christians I haven't got some great experiences them looking forward to sharing with you and snout the doors are closed will start with the work prayer dear heavenly father wanted to thank you for bringing each of us here today I asked if she would humble me Lord LLE to share my experiences in a way that my touch somebody in this room we thank you for giving each of us life we did we've learned this morning that some miracle age of us are alive and living on this planet we thank you for that father we ask that you would be with us and help us to continue to live in following your steps are in your name and start with a story it was April third two thousand and six it was a warm and humid spring evening in Houston Texas all that could be heard was the wearing of birds and some cars driving by on on a small road and as it was as the night got later and later was just after dusk then we heard him it was a heart sinking sound of bone crushing metal against metal and all of a sudden metal scraping against pavement young boy was crossing the street on a motorcycle and a car was coming as a Dodge Durango traveling at forty five miles an hour the woman did not have her whites on the boy can see the car in the car can see the boy he was sure his leg was shattered on impact Matthew broke and went up onto the hood the motorcycle and underneath the car in his leg followed a woman was so scared that she stepped on the gas and went forward dragging this motorcycle creating sparks showering all over the car the boy was riding on the hood and at the road began to occur she drove off into a ditch in the body slid off the hood and landed on the road in a pool of his own blood unconscious and convulsing there is where the Lord reached down and save his life I want to tell you that I was that boy and that life flight helicopter kick me to the hospital in downtown Houston Texas that night from blood loss from a mangled foot hanging off my piece in the eye flatlined on the table three times what the doctors were able to stabilize me and pump blood back into me shocked me back to life they went out and saw my my sobbing parents outside the operating room and they said were sorry to tell you but he's alive but were going to have to amputate his leg it's too bad and we won't be able to save and my parents bag these doctors Lisa please use only fifteen years old he's got such a long life ahead of them what can you do doctors we were praying we believe that God can give you the strength that can make a difference they came back and said we think will be able to save the leg but will have to fuse at the knee and ankle my parents cried in the back and they said please doctors and we know you can do it please work praying out they went back and continued operating they came out with the great news and said we were able to piece everything together do reconstructive surgery and we think you'll be all right you need not been rested for several months when he will be all right as a fifteen -year-old this was a major disaster in my life especially considering the circumstances right before at age fifteen my passion was motocross racing and I just been accepted onto the best motocross race team in the Houston area we had sponsors for everything we had an eighteen wheeler that took us to the traction we would ride out of good-looking girlfriend I was on top of the world and as far as a fifteen -year-old 's life is concerned and then in just an instant it was completely turned upside down and I was left struggling to survive through that time the Lord really helped and guided me through the mental breakdowns and through struggling to survive he taught me that that he was there looking out for me that he would always provide a way out it was it was about a year before I began to walk and to run and began began to be active again and at that time I returned to racing and I thought that I could do this and I can make it back and I would be the comeback king and it was a Friday before race on Sunday and I went out for one last lap to check out the track and and you should never go for one last lap you're tired it's at the end of the day and you push yourself a little too hard I fell over and when I got up my leg was broken again and I couldn't walk and so I I called my doctor and he did he cursed me out on the phone and said that this would be so difficult for him to fix but I went to the hospital and after after night of surgery he was able to remove the broken rods replaced with a new Rod and fix my life I spent about ten weeks recovering and when I went back to the doctor for my very last checkup he said even got good news and that means he's in the news is that your leg is healed myself great I'm running and walking working out with the bad news is that it's it's crooked as thirteen degrees also want to read break it once more and I sent Doctor come on I've been through so much I don't want to do this again and he said even if you're an old man and you just wanted to walk down the case and when you're young man your young athlete we can we break it so it straight and you won't have back problems later in life so he rewrote my leg and I went through another two months of upper covering and throughout that time I wonder why why me Lord why me as if I was as if I was dying it wasn't that bad looking back but as a young as a young man I thought it was the end of the world and I look back and I am happy I went through that I I think the reverse it's Jeremiah twenty nine eleven it's one of my favorites and Lord says for I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future and if I want to read you something that the patriarchs and prophets says about the same verse this is up a charge the Prophets page one twenty nine it says God permits trials to assail his people goodbye their constancy and obedience they themselves may be spiritually enriched that their example may be a source of strength to others the very trials that test our faith most severely and make it seem that God has per second this art to lead us closer to Christ that we may lay all our burdens at his feet and experience the peace which he will give us in exchange I find it interesting that the Lord permits his people to go through trials he permitted me to go through a trial is permitted several people in the Bible to go through all in those dark times when we come out it is the strength that we've shown by relying on the Lord that will bring others to want to follow Christ I want to tell you guys another story about my life it was a bit of a trial and it was also one of the most important times in my life in which I learned the most I was in school I was a sophomore in college my first year I've gone to loss your university and I was studying business I was very motivated and and doing everything I could to learn about business I was reading every business book I could find I quit my job and started my own business and after my freshman year I started to feel that the Lord was calling me to do something different and so I started to pray us a dear Lord what is it that you want from where would you like me to go and how can I live according to your will and the school year started again and I was enrolled in school and I still was feeling the same the same inch I said Lord I want to do something for you something different than just studying for myself and it at a time I was praying I got a phone call it for my grandfather he said even ongoing in the on a mission trip I'll be there for one month with marinara and I'd like you to come with me and I said you know what I'm in school but I'm just I'm just dying here and I need something away to experience God in a and so I left school and I went to India and I remember being on the airplane we were on a fifteen hour flight over to India from Houston Texas and I remember I got out my journal and I couldn't understand the language people were speaking it smelled funny on the plane and I just thought what am I doing here I just left college from now going on in India I don't know what to expect and I remember I wrote in my journal I said no one Lord I don't know what you have planned for me but maybe it will be a time that I can grow and experience something new for you we got in the end we rebuilt for one-day churches with me or not there was a real blessing to be a part of those construction teams and working in the small villages I remember seeing women with wastes this big around their skin was black because they worked in the fields every day and were burned by the sun their hands were so thick and callous that I don't think I could cut them with a knife I've seen poverty for the very first time in my life I've seen Portis in the United States but this was no comparison and I remember these these women that worked in the fields they would get up at sunrise and work till sundown all to make a dollar fifty a day yet when they when they welcome me into their small huts and I took up more than half of their entire living space they smiled at me with their five teeth that were all brown and rotted and down and said you like and I told him yes I do I am very very honored to be in your home and I remember after a while I started the question I said Lord why do you wonder they have so little and why do I have so much and I never quite found an answer to that question but I realize that because that I'm blessed with so much in the United States access to universities there's paved roads there's transportation to take us anywhere we want to go our passports can get us anywhere similar am going to take advantage of every opportunity you offer me to better myself and to reach out and help others and it was like looking back I I think that the Lord was was offering me a way out of miles well seeing the real need in the world to see when other people need the trip to India let it out let me to be invited on another trip with me or not but to Zimbabwe Africa so shortly after I was on another plane flying out to Africa building school buildings out there we bought the campus of fifty seven one-day schools and again I saw a different brand of poverty the same thing people working in fields harvesting crops and very impoverished yet they were happy they were joyous I couldn't believe it but I was happy that I was getting to help out in some way however small it might have felt at the time when I when I got back from those trips I was changed in something just felt different and I started questioning us that the Lord is at school that I need is it is a business that I really need or would you like me to help people in some way the Lord gave me an opportunity to go back to law Sierra to study but to get involved with an organization where we did micro financing projects in the in the country of India in the southern states where we help these women network that were working in the fields by milk cows and quadrupled their monthly income on a low interest zero zero one percent loan that they paid back over one and a half years Lord let me to opportunities to help women on welfare in Riverside County California we created a training program that had as a six weeks module that we talked about open their very own childcare businesses in their home we help them get licensing from the state and from the city seven hundred women came to our programs thirty three percent of them started their very own childcare businesses in those businesses generated thirteen million dollars in income over three years it was exciting thing to be a part realizing the Lord wine learning as much as I can studying as hard as I can business you are offering me ways to give back right now I don't have to be a big shot I don't have to be somebody important or special you can use me just the way I am to do your work and it was a real blessing I remember during that time I started to pray and I said Lord I want to get to know you more online looking for signs and shortly after that prayer I got news that one of my friends twenty -year-old got Walla Walla had died in his sleep and I hope my goodness how can this guy die in his sleep he was so healthy and he was so wonderful and he was such a good guy we never saw him mad we never saw him upset with anybody he was just always so nice and happy and I went up to just see his funeral in and out Colorado with some friends and we all started talking we said how could this happen to such a good guy our great friend who was with us and who was so happy and so full of life in such a good Christian how can someone like him pass away we just did not understand we talked about it and some my friends said as we did in college there's been some things that we've done that that are so good we started getting into drugs we've been doing things that just just make us look back on life and realize it's fragile so we want to change our ways and I started to think all I wanted to change my ways and we were questioning said how can we really make make a change in our lives and there was a pastor that came to speak on a Friday night and he stood up front and got up a big bucket full of water it was half full and he has to volunteer to come up to the front of the stage and drop a little drop of water into the bucket and yes want here you said I wanted to tell us when that one drop of water due to this big bucket of water in the volunteer says while not much it was barely a ripple in the pastor says I want each of you in this room to think of yourselves as a small drop of water in this big bucket of a world visiting any of you even make a ripple while this pastor 's heart is making us feel very bad about ourselves and then the pastor comes back and he says I want you guys imagine that this book is completely filled to the brim full of water and then you drop that one drop of water into the bucket what happened he said that caused the bucket overflow he said this is what we call the tipping point the pastor went on to make to make several examples of other ways that you can have a tipping point is a Rosa Parks she said that she wasn't going to sit in the back of the bus there were other people before her but we do hear about them but for whatever reason when Rosa Parks said she wasn't going to the back of the bus society the stars were aligned society was ready and Rosa Parks became a tipping point Abraham Lincoln the Civil War 's declaration became a tipping point and he went on and on and on and he started to lose me and then at the end he said he said I know there's been a death for a lot of you and your close to close to this guy who passed away a young man is I want you all to think that he is the tipping point and I started thinking of starting the question started to wonder since I was at me how can he be the tipping point and I started to think about all of the conversations I had with my friends about ways that each of us want to change our lives because life is so fragile that somehow that makes sense maybe maybe we could be a tipping point that way and then I started to called my friends and asking questions and started to share with them that that this was a tipping point I needed to find out why and as we talk us and wanted such a good person have to dine somebody and somebody made the point they said while you if it wasn't such a good man that passed away maybe it wouldn't have the same effect on maybe it would have meant as much as in weight seasoning somebody really really good had to die just to get our attention while we've been sitting in we've been stupid and we been living these crazy lives said that is a story that I think I've heard before that sounds just like the story of Jesus except Jesus wasn't just a good person and good friend that wasn't mad at people the son of God and Jesus died for all of us and that was such a big revelation to me I started to cry when I realized that I said this means so much to me now that the Lord Jesus died for each of us and it was someone so good and so beautiful had to pass a way to get our attention because were too involved in our own lives were too wrapped up in sin to understand that the key messages that he needs to teach us looking back on all those times going to India going to Africa than a funeral then the question all of our friends in coming to that realization I look back and I seal it for you to plan your guiding and you are leading me to find these things so that I can share and I go back to the verse Jeremiah twenty nine eleven right of the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future and I think that's beautiful because it offers us a promise when were going through the struggles in those hard times the Lord is probably all of this people that he will provide us plans and give us hope for a future I have another story I like to share and this is about this year in my life so I came to senior year in college this past year as a management and finance major and I very much wanted to find a job the proverbial job search it's so hard if so mystical what you have to do to get hired and when all these websites I was on LinkedIn connecting professionals making phone calls sending e-mails and I was just striking out I don't I don't know striking out but it was taking so long to set I want to know my future now why can I figure it up during that time near nothing called me and they said even we want you to lead our collegiate mission project this summer we know that you're a responsible young man we know that you lead projects to India with you blood other projects that are very entrepreneurial we think you can handle this you can manage the budget you can you can do well on this mission project Nye told them I said I'm in the middle of a job search I don't know if I can answer God 's call I'm in the middle of a job search and said it there might be important people calling my cell phone and if I'm out of the country Wednesday it probably is redundant voicemail and then I could call them back but my mindset was I don't know that I can commit to the Lord right now and I pray to the greatness of the Lord I'm just not sure about this I know that she rewarded me in the past when I've gone out and done your work but maybe you won't this time and I don't know if unwilling to take that risk Lord I ended up praying praying I just felt the connection is ignored going back to that time again when I know when the Lord Disney opportunities I need to accept them because other people don't have these opportune I always wanted givebacks I said okay Mirna underling this mission project for you and them to figure out the job search later and it was the Sabbath right before we left on this mission trip I still had no job I still was prospect list and we had we had a style school where we are studying Daniel chapter three verses seventeen and eighteen and we were talking about God being a rewarding God that rewards is people who step out in faith and the story was about Shadrach me shacking and then ago who had refused to bow down in front of King Nebuchadnezzar 's Idol and in verse seventeen King Nebuchadnezzar Aston Lisa Shadrach niche I can than to go you know the punishment for not bowing down to this image if you knew that the that the punishment was to be thrown in this fiery furnace why would you still not bow down and they say King we know that our God will deliver us from the flames we know that he will deliver us from the furnace and went along with our talk of God being a rewarding God of verse eighteen is what blew me away they said next even if not we will still never bow down to your God even if the Lord does not reward us and save us from the flames we still will not bow down to your balance and I started to think I said you know a Lord all my life I have lived on a fake faith I have lived saying Lord if I choose this lifestyle instead of the southern lifestyle you will reward me later mortified if I turned down this job because I don't think it's right and I choose this one for you your reward me later dear Lord if I don't endeavor this girl much is this other girl because I think it's better you are warning later and I had this I had to stop and think more even if you stop toward when unfaithful when I be faithful like shattering Misha Bendigo so I started to pray and I said Lord I'm leaving this mission trip I'm in the middle of a job search even if you don't provide me with something even if I'm jobless for the next three years I'm still going to Bali and I'm still going to do your work and if you continue providing the opportunities I'm going to keep answering and I don't know where the path will lead and I'm scared father I'm going to read we went to the Dominican Republic just a month ago we were there from channels of July eleven to yet July eleven through the twenty first or something like that is about eleven days we had forty college-age kids from eighteen to twenty five showup from all over the United States and even a girl from Brazil we built on a one-day school building we don't see one day churches we did BBS with hundreds of these little Dominican kids and we were able to go out to the villages passing out Spanish Bibles having prayer with families giving out toothbrushes toothpaste teaching them about their hygiene and oversell people as missionaries I feel little bit selfish we gave you some good in those villages we do do some good by building churches and schools but always see the volunteers in each group are so blessed and so changed and they come back with a new perspective on life and that happened I heard about eleven different people in Dominican Republic that were leaving the strip say we're never going to be the same we've seen things that make us think so differently about what we have and about what the Lords given us two people were baptized in our group it was such a blessing to be a part of the know what I want to share with you is that I pray the prayer saying Lord even if you don't give me anything I will still serve two days before the trip ended I got a call from my top choice company saying even are you still interested in this position and I e-mailed back absolute new set well were interviewing on the thirty first national lifeline of the thirtieth Lisa Gregory route to New York City and will pay for everything will set you up in hotel you come in for interviews and the more flying back home and I stopped dear Lord I know this doesn't mean I have a job but it signifies to me that when I do your work you will offer me something in return you won't leave me out to dry you won't leave me stranded I flew out I interviewed with six people and now they've they told me that there is a hundred and eighty five that applied for four possessions now they've selected therefore and would like us to take one test and if we passed the test we have the job so on Thursday I'll be going out to take a test and hopefully then starting a career in finance in New York City and figuring out how to make that fit in with serving the Lord as well but it's it's been a blessing and I was also able to come here and be with you guys and share in it just brings me back once more to Jeremiah twenty nine eleven Laura always says I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you not to harm was to give you hope in the future when we step out in faith the Lord takes care of us it's nice to pray even if not Lord will still be a work but what I've learned from every time I stepped out is that he never leaves us out to dry so that's my story it's how I got to where I am you current now that I've been near death I've flatlined in the hospital table after being hit by car in the Lord Satan he brought me back to life gave me a new chance at doing things and he was whispering to me the whole time I know the plans I have for you Ethan plans to prosper you not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future you've heard the story about how I left school traveled all around the world saw poverty for the first time the Lord rewarded me back-to-school study hard and make a difference in people 's lives it's like he was saying to me the whole time I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you not to harm you plans to give you hope in the future and now you've heard the last story how I stepped out in faith in the Lord rewarded me with with what I said I would be okay with never having so I will I would hope that by hearing my short story in my short twenty three years of the Lord 's work that each of you would be comfortable stepping out there and sing Lord wherever you call me I will land even if there's no reward I will still go else the following this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. audio course taught or


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