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Elements of Conversion

Adrian Zahid



  • September 29, 2007
    10:00 AM
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seven is her letter to you here again this morning and just before I do I would like us to the other recon before you sell it morning and we ask that you give us less going to trade it you give me as I speak you give me the words and the ability to stream barman in a more eloquent speaker but Lorna created a thought that you have in your work the new drive home to the heart goes here at the voice there is something them and to make minimal so they'll be a hundred fold our personalized goals business and use you I'm sure everyone a few here this morning at one time in your life have been to the process of interviewing if you do not own your own business you at some time in your life have had to go and apply for a job and when you apply for a job is a process in which you try to get that job the process involves usually on an application a job application putting on your personal information there are maybe writing a cover letter and also the process involves an interview and interview the potential on your potential boss is interested in knowing what your strengths are what your accomplishments are but more importantly what your weaknesses are because of your weaknesses and use trends depend on show all good member of human and you'll be an asset or liability to that team and so they always ask the question what are your strengths and and you say well I'm aware of and I I I know everything that there is no way he'll are or whatever and then visit what are your weaknesses and then you say you know the only weakness I have still not or are you you you knew something big visit you're really honest the Bible when it describes human beings invited to try starters it describes the good things but it also describes the weaknesses that and that is what unlikable the Bible the Bible is accurate in that way trying to need to the person that women talk about this morning is owned in second Kings chapter five verse one second Kings chapter five verse one the Bible begins with her resume our professional description of this man name and an verse one goes like this no name and captain of the host 's second Kings chapter five verse one Naaman captain of the host of the king of Syria was a great man with his master and honorable and because of him the Lord had given deliverance on hysteria she also was a mighty man in doubt of your all his strengths he was the captain of the host use a great man with his master he was honorable is a mighty man in dollar and not allegiance is a little word over there but nothing on the subsequent visible word but negate we were and so the word of the year but this privacy weakness you was a member behind all that pain all that honor all the trust all that bravery the low you had a secret and not secret was slowly gaining everything he had worked for in his life his game is on her mistrust his wife is getting everything that disease would one day leave him for isolated sick man it would ultimately kill him that disease was less than it had acquired amazing from some of the less honorable means but inversely said the Syrians had gone out and buy companies and had brought away captive I learned a little late and she waited on names what this little may had a big grass under large on a huge concept that the disciples during Jesus 's time at a hard time getting their minds around this little girl knew that God 's love new of no national boundaries and selling herstory she said other measures one God my Lord Rubin the profit that is in Samaria for he would recover him of his next just a chance if you must with the property in Samaria he would be recovered I was not this leprosy this disease was so bad because there was nothing that name and redo to heal himself absolutely nothing neither money nor desperate medicine nor anything could buy him abjure and genuine there was a chance just chance on this in ball risks in the name and was an enemy of his and for him to go to Israel it would be taking a Jewish national risk because he was the captain of the guard is a captain of the host and for him to go to Israel would be serious losing their most valuable captain and most valuable man the Bible says anyone when in verse or I told the Lord saying doesn't lessen the made of edits of the land of his and despite the risks the king of Syria said go and I will send a letter unto the king of Israel and he parted and took with him ten pounds of silver six thousand reasons of gold and ten changes of floats it was a risk just imagine that that risk in today's world it would be led to Hitler in World War II sending his top general to Loma Linda University medical Center proton therapy for his cancer asked what it was like what you sent and the letter and you knowing bureaucracy things get muddled and so the letter read like this and when community across the border and brother of the king of Israel saying no when this letter is come to be this licking of his reading and behold I have damaged the name and my servant to the columnists recover him of his next somewhere communication broke down and so name understanding before the king with his letter saying fleas shield my man all that proceed and understandably the king was disturbed and it said that when he read the letter he wrote his clothes and said am I going to kill and make alive this man does undo needs to recover a man of his leprosy therefore consider I pray you and she always seated oral against the chainsaw is right you should love there is no way that I can give this man I guess Jamie is sending his general over here just to see the world with peers of bioethics question or you would you treat someone if you knew that person was your enemy and if you knew that once usually that person he would go back and do the same thing to you again again for his clothes but a prophet of God had a different reaction mercy I was so when Elisha the man of God heard and heard of the king of Israel had run his clothes Eddie sent under the king saying wherefore hast thou rent that is coming out to me and you shall know that there is in Israel so name and Canada's forces in his administered and started adorable like and then he heard the best and Elisha sent a messenger unto him saying go unwashed of the Jordan seven times in a special coming into GM dollars shall be linked their only tool reactions that you can have the message or sermon number one you can accept it number two you can reject dissident named it the message go right to the core of his being GE was a leper and in his mind he knew that one day this disease would bring isolation to and sheer this profit is not coming out to see him Jesus and just goal and what so and be going at this cleanliness thing you know you don't really knew he was dirty and that is using this cleanliness and really struck a henna artist are at his trial and so his reaction vial says but name and withdraw and went away and said behold I thought he should will surely come out to me instead of calling the name of his Lord of the Lord his God and strike his handler displays and recover the labor sometimes when you come to God we expect God to do things in a certain way we expect the sermon from being a certain way that God 's people treat us a certain way expect long Atreides certainly and we expect God to move in our lives in a certain great and when he doesn't and we are upset name and thought that she had her all the goals all the silver all those clones and all they needed to do was bring it and presented energy is gone and get his your their many people today and believe that same concept they believe that they can come to church beta money sit here and go home and go West is not true there is a worldwide system of religion that many are many centuries they believe that they could sell parts from and so they sold pardons for the sins of their parishioners from what's ironic is that even in this day of light and increase knowledge of the Bible is only a concept and his health harms they like Martinsville from their parishioners for money for the sins of the thirty is not interesting buying and selling bargains buying and selling God 's favor that name and bottle Village was all about and so he's on the rivers of Damascus better than all the waters of Israel Manhattan Washington and he clean so he turned away and went in rate used absolutely upset and she could not believe the message that he heard all that for all the risk all the money all that you know sang before the king and seem to gain chairs clothes and all that stuff for nothing eventually but his service came near to him and his sermons gave the him another message as they were writing with him his sermons said my father is a prophet had been you do some great things was so not done it how much rather than when he said to the wash and be green and so name and began to think and you know leprosy in the Bible is symbolic to send because leprosy and sing are almost equivalent region with it what leprosy does use it it desensitizes your nerve endings so that slowly as as time goes by you you lose sensation in your in your extremities and in many policy tonight you live in India or something like rats might need your hands you will know an SSN is likely desensitize you his prime facilities and supplies name and that he was willing to walk away from the chocolate prescribed is willing to say that you know what this sure is not worth you know that I don't understand my families not work like mine all the stuff that I have because this person is offended me I'm going to walk away their people who do the same thing with God because somehow they are trying to hurt when they come to church we walk away if you send us your lines soon completely desensitizes us to get all sin and so that when our artist for new graphics you sent and walk away Fred entered your note was a case name but antibiotic service available and personal he says then you sent on one of his sermons and they washed you that the file size no clever sickness and is elected by the water maven have to know many people who believe that even though they have the same problem with their pastor and hassle their conversion the spirits and so you have to go under the water and the blouses and resource indemnity then went down and did himself seven times in the Jordan or the saying of the man of God his questioning the way came again into like unto the place of little child and he was sometimes he was any return to the profit to the man of God is always yesterday for him and Cindy Moldenhauer I know that there is nobody all her writing is it's amazing what a help work into the cost was it can turn enemies into friends and he can help people know that there is a God in his right and so then I said I create BJ a blessing of a servant in automotive was different Jen and he'll use that kind of client hardware but still there is a problem because the Prophet said in verse sixteen as the lower limit before whom I stand I received none and he urged them to take it but he refused to say it wasn't a profit office to accept money hi and all of the opposite is office was to reveal what God told as we could receive money also you cannot receive money from a God-given right and so he said as the Lord limit before whom I stand I will receive no one of the most interesting changes that name and made in his life right after the change of clothes the water was a change in worship notice in verse fifteen and were seventeen when he says and MSN children I created lesser and two mules Burton number one a cerebral transport operating a burnt offering or sacrifice under other gods on the board when you come to Christ expect to be changed in one of the things that changes is the way he rushed at him and realizing you don't have a sermon all he had was that time to think about when you walk when he went over to Jordan to take back but he has some profound thoughts on published go and you realize that he had to make some changes and so in his heart when you try to say his Lord I know I'm I'm I'm I'm on the wrong side of the border but in my heart I am in his search was and I will worship you the way you want to wish and so you made those changes and then he went on to say you know and the singular or necessary when the master closing the house the temple to worship there that he leans on me and so I called him but that doesn't mean I'm going to the article system God knows them and the profits that go and since so but there is one man that data wasn't happy it wasn't happy all that happened that in the end this gives a Bible says but did as I is servant of Elisha the man of God then what is the gospel name you want a reward for his and mercifully says behold my master has spared name in this area and not proceeding at his handset which you draw that the Lord limit I will run after him and take someone on you wanted a reward receptors and use them to get number one and so you man after man I'm a very specific year era Seventh-day Adventists who think that God owes them a perfect marriage even though they disregard the councils of the Bible Mister crossings our selection in human America also are intertwined and then every rule in the Church manual to find a way to get a divorce even though Christ clearly said that you cannot get a divorce and this is where the Radisson think that God always imperfect children will never send because you're spending all their time and their men in their ministry and neglect morning and evening worship at home and neglect a model of what to and is and is about to the children admitted to draw and leave the church because they never felt part of it if parents feel that God is still there I'm assuming that God always in the spouse and he takes too long in their opinion to bring one for them to go running after someone in the world and find themselves of the church and ten years later and the words of the hymn of wandered far away from God rings very true in this virtual something big auto was in the religion necessarily selfish interests underneath them feel good about themselves even if they are on the road whenever one ligament on to what people thought or sending instant across the dirt avenues and that God owes Saturday that God was in a good light on this and feel like it is I will run after it and run after you enjoy your artwork and makes sure that you stuff comes gay as I call it after name and and got what you want and when he came back yet another reward for him as well and the Prophet asked the question in personally six is a time to receive money addressee garments on the arts and vineyards in sheep and oxen and me menservants and maidservants is this the time right now except and that's when God has given this great miracle tree is armed except that is a time to be accepting rewards into the second positions of honor for God service it certainly wasn't in it and it is time to be in so she had a sense of leprosy of name and shall cleave under the antecedent reverently when from his presence a letter white and that serves as a warning to each one of us this month are we looking for reward from God and if God doesn't come through what is our reaction to the a few months ago I went to the state of Michigan and the things last and as it was to go back to the stranger and three years visit our mission and while I was at our Michigan units is Robin 's and also the resting place of element you want why was there I went to their great sign is immersed and so there I thought to myself about aluminum on the street there is a time when James was alive and got told his wife that her husband would be laid to rest a little more about her going to say anything about hurt because Ursula Chastity is all and so her husband worked himself to death and died aged sixty and was very and then almost thirty years later got hold that the jury the church had a chance to have his communist and document focuses light that you would risk another little while has trusted and ninety two years any leader ninety two years now they put us that ninety two years in heaven but arresting the great that the profit had asked you something on something great once you have done it she and her writings chronicle that the times that the Chrysler comments he said that it had just taken hold of it was for Mister organization cars and to each generation the same works the problem is asking each violence but a lot of times the cry you mean strong cares of this world and everything else in between requests to be going along as I close I like to make a few you this morning at his new school year it is something in your life I got a name and that only you know it's a secret you will close you configure schoolbooks even go to class and you can show how well you started your books but you know I'm sorry you know that there's something in your life as you hold onto it and you only want to utilize that you will one day I just don't know how to get rid of vinegar some signature voting on something that you enjoy and when you hear the creature creature when you read this is like writing so you read the Bible it just irks a crime and you're ready to walk eighty eight eighty you have on Christ and his senior insureds and just it has been sent or anything else everything is so boring I wrote three years ago I had an attention span will fly I just couldn't sit through anything of without having to read something during the sermon maybe maybe that education and using Lorna know that you want me to worship the way you want me to worship but I rather entertain worship I know that is not your way and I like name and would really really like worship you won't be pushed perhaps secretly in your argument though you may not know it at well you been hoping art of war a report that says you know maybe I'm really active in ministry go you would like good wine good husband maybe the future my kids even though I don't care if that is a case that you secretly article order water and you would like to say Lord I'm sorry I haven't yet little action I only record because you sent your son and get everything I learned today that you consider the things that have been presented that as you think about taking a dip in Christ London Washington and that you don't substitute your symbiosis experience for yours but you go there and you wash yourself name and a change man yes I left at eight change e-mail for two thousand silver aperture changes of clothes he gave up and my prayer is that each one of us as we live our lives today that we don't think that somehow send that we have no excuse and a readable longer even though we know it is ridiculous Monday but rather be given over to Christ and yes give us the digital and maybe read Mrs. Weiss writings and refines things that really really in earnest every ascot to change our hearts and our minds and write his laws in our hearts and genes is at greatest morning as I closed I like to ask of each one of you doesn't make it ninety two more years his lets go to Christ and is asking forgiveness of restaurants and that's trying to live our lives the way he wants to business forget about a life easy a life of no other good like your that includes a retirement home extends our cause next let's take a life you know I will give us as an authority join us this morning we had that saying that he sensitizes us the Sandinistas forget to become the face of the Georgia Jesus Christ it makes us see all of you have a change in the tribe was an innocent walk away Lord help us to Jacobson and given over and Lord help us to let Christ's work in our lives and help us out and help us to change our lives Lord we are just like name and we have no of your Lord there is someone who has told us that God 's love knows no national bonds and there's nothing that can separate us from going to give me asking Jews portrayed as he removes his life writings and as we read the Bible as we see things that convict us Lord of us to make those genes and Lord we ask forgiveness if we have secretly harbored hopes of a reward Lord we ask your forgiveness energy address the ability to live self-esteem as election and be able to stay as the Lord lives I will receive no reward from habits your Mister Maribor is a Lord as we the people he was USSR this unit is that ability to be gentle when the same time but you know me and identify the causes symptoms and disease and also wondered Lord as he bring as a model I surmise you will see Christ in you and you and using


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