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Men and Women of the Hour: Empowering Youth for This Time- Part 1

Amy Sheppard



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programming the description of what the Senate is supposed to be in the very first work of Jesus after his anointing of the Holy Spirit was to call disciples who would be leaders of his church when he would leave this earth and that the early church and the Reformation centuries ago leaders today are necessary to carry forward the work come explore the practical and biblical principles of leadership itself as well as developing and others to ensure the longevity of the movement until the completion of its mission accurately nice-sounding username on it I don't think Justin running the pastor Martin wrote it but we're hoping that if this is what you're looking for this seminar is that this is what you'll find and on as I said yesterday I be talking some of that some a little bit about the spiritual aspect of leadership about the character development of becoming a leader and pastor Martin when he comes up to be talking more about the practic of it talking about how to be an effective leader in terms of managing your time in other years dealing with other people liked this than just students is a surprise not because it's a surprising because the way he told me he's been a talk about it first and then we'll talk about the questions and answers so on just in terms of arsenic that this is many women of the hour and the part that I'm talking about is great and noble leaders and what does it mean to be a great noble leader this is a term that Ellen White uses over and over and over again in the spirit of prophecy but before he began when we have a word of prayer Friday differently father we thank you so much for waking us up this morning again giving us the breath of life giving us this opportunity to come together to study your words to reflect on the writings of your profit and to have a better understanding of what it means to be men and women of God once you reflect your character in such a way that it brings you glory and brings other people closer to I pray that his spirit may be repressed now that he may open our minds and that we will just bring the things that you have blessed this morning we thank you so much nasty things in Jesus name placing on him again my name is on his English effort for those who may not know me as I've come from a far way away I think general vice president for energy wasting in North America and what that means is we have a bunch of other vice president voices in charge of evangelism ones in charge of missions one is in charge of logistics lenses in charge of programming all kinds of different things to make you a few North America right my job is that those vice presidents keep running down my job is to make it after staying on task with all of their tasks and make sure the president staying on task with his task then you make sure that the machine is going smoothly and everything is working out okay and it's definitely a very fine job I think I think it's the best one because I really get to watch everyone else do what they're doing and benefit not doing that you have to give them a bit before that I was the executive Secretary for UIC 's I was in charge of taking minutes of meetings in making sure people are places on time that was a much harder job making sure people get the necessity for Americans we think that we usually tend to run late on several in my experiences in terms of leadership with you I see I've had other experiences in terms of being a counselor at a children's camp of being a teacher in different situations on but to this day I still don't always feel like I'm a leader of the wind when they simply do a leadership seminar at UNC in Europe I was thinking like I tell young enough that I should be receiving instruction on what it means to be a leader but then I realized this is a dork I talk a lot this morning about that being a leader isn't about the position it doesn't matter that I've never been the president of him I remain as CEO of a company that the fishing is not what makes a leader in your personal experience that makes a leader in order for us to be men and women of the hour we have to have certain experiences leading up to that hour that moment of crisis at that moment is needed in order for us to be effective leaders will be talking about today so the first questions I want us to answer is what type of leader does God call object so you kind of understand what's going on with the flight I didn't put a native using a lot of quotations I didn't put the actual full from the slide I put the bullet points that I hope will get out of each quote on this line on at the end of my presentation if you would like a copy of all those quotes I can either e-mail it to you or you can bring me a USB drive and I can give you a copy of the full quote is indeed a copy of the slides it can give you a printout so anything you want it's right on there's no copyright in the Gospel and the lighter side it on the first question is what type of leader does God call and we see something the hourly rate and testimonies for the church ninety three page twenty one she says this the constant president choosing is suffering for men who are loyal to a sense of right and duty was moral integrity is burn and whose energy is equal to the opening providence of God such qualifications as these are more valued than untold wealth invested in the work and cause of God energy moral integrity and strong purpose for the right are qualities that cannot be supplied with any amount of gold men possessing these qualifications will have influence everywhere their lives will be more powerful than lofty eloquence got calls for men of hearts men of mind men of moral integrity who he can make the depositories of history you will correctly represent a favorite principles in their daily life difficult when I read it it is kind of grabbed me because her very first words is the cause of presidency as is suffering for men who are loyal easy leadership is something that's missing in archives were suffering for people who are willing to be loyal and strong and as we go on I believe and in and on the slide and dedication in parentheses were to talk a little bit about an example where the word to use instead of loyalty are strong purpose is dedication our cause is calling for people who are dedicated in order for us to be dedicated we really need to understand what are we dedicated to oftentimes we don't even understand that we get excited about becoming a part of something and we don't realize what it is becoming a part of we need to understand what it truly means to be a southern thing I think used to be dedicated to that in order for our leadership to be truly effective she tells also talks about the moral integrity on I think one of the reasons why characters so important for leaders is we hold leaders to a higher standard I think about whether such affecting performance preparing for the seminary am will see in the world on politicians or business leaders are other people who may have some sort of fault moral fall or the other eight favors all of our money or you know someone cheats on their wife and we become very disappointed in them because they were holding them to a higher standard I think while their humans like me many of them are even Christian silk should I be holding into this higher standard but as he continued to study that the study drug today we see our character has everything to do with what people are willing to follow and if our character is not on one of the sterling quality it causes people to have doubt in the very cause that were a part in the end this leadership in him because they question the leadership of the movement they begin to him the question itself for that slight moral integrity is just as important as well end of last when energy I used it consider myself a very energetic person now I'm getting old I consider myself to be that energetic but over and over and over again in the writings upon which he talks about the importance of energy so we can't just work and like you as you as if we need to bring a certain audit energy excitement and happiness what were doing on in order for it to be effective as a couple other things in this quote and I just love on the way that she right says that we need men of hearts men of mind men of moral integrity is the what's necessary for us to have the character of the leader is not just being smart it's not just being kind it's not just being a good person it's a combination of all of these things you need to believe in our heart we need to have a compassion for other people in our heart we need to intellectually understand what's going on but we also need to be have the integrity not too bad when the winds are trying to blow us in this way and that these are the things that help make us a powerful leader in the very last thing she said silent night I didn't print the notes and so bear with me as a youth technology on she says on .com for men of heart men of mine 's minimum integrity whom he can make the depositories of his truth and who will correctly represent its sacred principles in their daily life you see many times as leaders we think being a leader is just when work up front you know just when people recognize her face to some people see us but being a leader isn't just about the times that were seen being a leader is both time the things that happen in the daily aspects of our life that's what her character Garrett is developed and if are not consistent at those moments of our life they were not to be an effective leader when the power comes the earlier you mentioned how bad his mission isn't what makes you a leader it's a character that they clearly are one of the little bit about what she has read about this on this is what she described as the person who is most qualified to be a leader and it doesn't ask you to raise your hand if you think you meet this definition okay I promise you there is my pick but this is what it says he is most fit to carry responsibilities in command who most resemble God in character and goodness mercy and staunch loyalty to the cause and work of God does anybody feel like they meet that qualification for being a leader I felt to man yet they have goodness and mercy and it over and over again when God is revealing himself to his people freshly hold talks to talk about how to interview the God of goodness he's a God of mercy I'm not always good I'm not always merciful I unfortunately have on a slightly short temper likely try to contain myself into a vacuum or something some people even getting angry and you blow up at the other person but if the other prison you become angry because I care you have so much for mercy I don't qualification and a staunch loyalty to the cause of the workup that you have the same loyalty to the cause of himself as to his own cause if you never thought about that is loyal to his cause of stating humanity and bringing us back together with him he started this whole experiment part of experiencing the right word but this whole process of trying to reconcile us to him over six thousand years ago I counted when I have to commit to anything for anyone anything more than four years on besides UIC UIC and my college education are the two things that committed the most type two and both eventually and I started up a ninety minute interview with the head started to panic because it's not a very long time you know I can't even read but I don't know if I can hang on any longer where you got me on to this for America no heat he foresaw in eternity past and he is committing to us in eternity private in a present and future like just for ever God is committed to how many of us really think were committed to the cause of God like for eternity in the same way it's crazy to think so now I don't have those qualifications to be a leader but on but this is what she's has been necessary for leaders how do we get there the biggest thing she emphasizes over and over again though if it's not position I am not a leader just because I am in the executive committee of delay see Oregon on the steering committee for Joycean Europe on you are not a leader just because he might be the pastor of a local church abuse leader in your local church the position is not what makes a leader and she says that to us over and over again these are about to read you for quotes and these are the citations of where you can find them this is what she says on a high position does not give to the character Christian virtues the just begun to become a leader doesn't mean your event become a Christian you might end up yet and is the vision it doesn't mean that you're anybody special but the position does not make the man it is the integrity of character the spirit of Christ that makes you thankful I'm selfish without partiality and without hypocrisy it is this that is about is of value with God your position isn't what makes God value it's how much you become like him that it is that that brings a smile to his face the next those two accept the position of responsibility in the cause of God should always remember that with the cost of this work got has also called them to walk circumvent circumspectly before him and before their fellow men instead of considering it their duty to order and dictating commands they should realize the him themselves when responsible worker fails to learn this lesson the sooner he is released from his responsibilities the better it will be for him and for the work I did usually she just sent back to saying that it is we need to remember that while walking humbly before God of her being leaders and for those who think it's their duty to tell other people what to do time after time after time after time and they don't learn this lesson is better for them to stop being a leader to prevent something had to be a learner keep reading on whenever you open a responsible worker fails to learn this lesson the singer use release from his responsibilities the better it will be for him and for the work of God position never forgive holiness and I thought the character he who honors God and keep his commandments is himself honored when his testimonies for the church volume nine eight two eighty two easy sometimes we get thrust into a leadership position where were made to be thought of her because we might show some kind of promising one where another not necessarily a bad thing we'll talk about that a little bit later but if in our own personal spiritual lives we have not developed a certain level of dependence on God a certain amount of spiritual maturity that leadership position itself could actually cause us more harm and it doesn't because better if we stopped down and allow little bit more working their life about someone else to stand up as we continue on in this process but they were to talk about how to develop the characters of that were not you had done anything like that when a teacher was in your Bibles to first Kings chapter three she still here talking about the importance of the character instead of the instead of that position hello we are referring in your hearing that you can resell on these verses seven to ten first saloons chapter three and the Bible says but before I say that they'll think I'm a little bit of background David had been the king of Israel David had died it was time for a new king of Israel Solomon had been called to be backing of his I think by this time he had a and the word anointed a rehydrated as the king of Israel and God comes to him in a dream and he asks and what is it that you want and this is his response starting in verse seven to now all Lord my God you have made your servant King in place of David my father although I am but a little child I do not know how to go out or how to come in and your servant is in the midst of your people whom you have chosen a great people too many to be numbered or carp accounted for multitude get your servant therefore in understanding mind to govern your people that I may discern between good and evil but who is able to govern this your great people that please the Lord that Solomon had asked this you see Solomon recognized that the weight with which he had been entrusted in becoming the king of Israel got had a special plan and purpose for the children of Israel they were to reflect his glory to all of the nations around Israel was at the center of the then known world people who wanted to get from Africa to Asia had to go to Israel people wanted to get from Europe to Asia they had to but Israel was created the center of the world at that time and got the intention was for Israel to be able to make the whole world know about who God was silent he got that and he realized don't know how you do this I need your help for this board I need your wisdom and this parent is what please got to our white has to say about this in terms of what it means for excessive leaders today melted today occupy positions of trust should seek to learn the lessons hot by Solomon 's prayer the higher the position of man occupies the greater the responsibility that he has to bear the wider will be the influence that he exerts and the greater his need of dependence on God ever should you remember that with the call to work comes the call to walk circumspectly before his fellow men he is to stand before God in the attitude of a learner position does not give holiness of character it is by honoring God and obeying his commands that demand is made to the great Solomon learned that this is something that we can learn to truly recognizing your need for God legally depending on him and as a result being able to obey his commandments that is how we are able to become great and noble leaders so we talked about this kind of crazy definition for leadership it's on the way outside of our reach we can't do this so is God calling some sort of superhuman to be a leader you have just a regular person like me are like you be a leader on as I was reading this I got discouraged at first because I writes this about her husband the position occupied by my husband is not an enviable one it requires the closest attention care and mental labor it requires the exercise of sound judgment and wisdom it requires self-denial whole heart and firm will to push matters through in that important position that will give a man to venture to risk something to move out firmly for the right whatever may be the consequences the battle against if a braver knight even though life be at stake she's describing how her husband is kind of Ostend because he's able to be a leader in all of these ladies in our heat he's willing to make sacrifices he's willing to risk all you even put his life on the line for the cause and this is what it type of person or the way you have to be when you're called to be a leader for a cause of God and intimidated me I'm not a James White you know they're never going to name a library after we had been since university on enough you keep he was on some figure in the founding of our church and on and so that's kind of discouraging like lovely note was James laid been some kind of superhuman but she don't want to write this and in some other places and right now I'm reading from the one that's in all I take that run this this quote is actually from manuscript fifty five EDT ninety seven she says many of those left responsibilities laid upon them were chosen to be president of conferences or other youth group or other things are not selected because of their perfection of character or because of their superior knowledge Ceci it's okay if your character is not one hundred percent perfect right now if not it's okay if you don't know everything right now that's not why you are selected to be a leader and patient is that the earlier but hopefully it's becoming clear in the way that were talking about this because position doesn't make the leader because being in a certain position is it doesn't mean that's what makes you a leader you can be a leader without having an appointed or elected position the very fact that we're called to be witnesses for God and lead others to Christ that every single member of the Seventh-day Adventist churches clock is called to a wall of leadership that has encompassed in that because were perfect people and have encompassed to that because we know everything but this is why people are called to be leaders because the right thing I think they would be humble enough to learn and not think they were all ready to graduate he would teach them his way you see the thing that's the most important in becoming an effective leader is being willing to be top and especially being willing to be time of God and we were willing to be taught of God God is willing to teach us the last one on this is we must not strive to hold people to our own ideas and inclinations and practices by itself is consecrated life the power of the Holy Spirit working on her mind clear to reveal not only is a wealth but the power of the love of him who gave himself for us that we should be drawn outside and away from our own shape the character to the perfection of Christ character he guided that we should cultivate the action view that his character and Alan Bates purify and gladden the hearts and lives of others read that last sentence again he died that we should cultivate the attribute of his character and elevate secure I gladdened the hearts and minds of others sees the again it's not even necessary it's not that we can in and of ourselves develop that character that's necessary for us to be leaders that Christ died to enable us to do that he is the one who makes us able to become an effective a great and noble leader with the character that will cause people to let them a favorite book that I brought it with me I didn't is the book education and theory the white means a lot to me when I was a student I went around kindergarten through the dairy school to Adventists never are to happen to schools I grew up and use universities so I went to their elementary school new secondary school then when it was time for me to go to university I felt that God was calling me to something different if you didn't one hundred percent understand why instead of attending an average recently I attended a secular university and Wallace at the University all of these new ideas are being presented to me in a way that I've never heard before I left this little on protected kind of haven of Adventism and will visit an instant all of these people who thought all kind of different isms and different ideas and things while I was there I picked up the book education I think it was maybe a second spirit of prophecy book have her read from cover to cover and I read this I realized me and the importance of education is not necessarily what I learned in the classroom alone it's the education of so much wider than that in the last whole lot longer than me just in these four years in a college classroom and my favorite part of the book is this chapter called the lives of great men she talks about Joseph she talks about Danielson talks about Moses she talks about Paul and Elisha and as I was going back over these on our heard mention of these in the book education recently I realized she actually gives some ways that these men developed the quality character qualities in order for them to be effective leaders and I was like if it works for them and they were ordinary people and they developed the character that is she saying over and over again that we need to develop in order to be effective leaders we just maybe there's something in there for me to the liberty to talk about for a little bit now on the first one is just that we find a story Genesis thirty nine to forty one not read the whole thing a lot to read together on breaking in the book education you can find out what she writes about pages fifty one to fifty seven we remember that Joe says his story just to summarize a little better he had been the favorite son of Jacob whose name was changed to Israel and that as a result his other brothers as half-brothers did not play can carry much they thought that he was a tattletale that if he was perfect and I there is not when the opportunity came they got rid of them they sold into slavery in Egypt when he went to Egypt he worked in the house of Potter for times while in the house the potter three became his most trusted servant he went from being a slave to being ahead of the household and then on when he stood for the right in the midst of temptation he was not imprisoned as a result of his actions and even crazy train event then he went from living in the present event becoming the second command of the nation and so you know his story is kind of almost a fantastical one how do you keep going back and forth and being a favorite friend to being a slave to being ahead of the house to being a prisoner to being in second demand in the country and only flex on this in a few ways of the first thing she says is in his father 's home attend elites and cherished child in the house of Potter for a slave and a confident companion a man of experience educated by study observation contact with men and Barrows dungeon of prisoners states condemned unjustly with out hope of vindication or prospect of release called the great crisis to to the leadership of the nation what enabled him to preserve his integrity that the first question is what is it that constantly bouncing back and forth between these different positions in life to maintain his integrity to not compromise to kind of stay the same and this is where we have lessons for us that we coming today on the first one is this but Joseph more like a test of adversity and prosperity you see he presented his his integrity and he did so in a consistent manner it didn't matter if things were going good it didn't matter things were going bad he preserved the integrity the question still is how you do that and this is the solution she gives the same fidelity was manifest in the palace of the pharaohs as in the prisoner 's cell in his child his Joseph had been taught at the love and on tops of the love and fear of God just this year and simple life have favored the development of both physical and mental power and communion with God through nature and the study of the great truths handed down as a sacred trust from father to son he had gained strength of mind and firmness in principle so first end result firm is in principle a strength of mind that makes a person have integrity when you are one hundred percent sure what the right thing is to do any stand firm like that that's integrity you don't you don't sway this way are that way but this is how he says he developed it the first was through a simple life his life is not a complicated one his father was a Shepherd on the race I think other things besides sheep but it had a fairly simple life in the wilderness this allowed for him to develop his mind yet the time to stop and cultivate his mental activities and to stop and think he also developed physically as a result of the work that he had to deal and he spent time with God both through nature and to study the way she puts it is that on he studied the great she attended down as a sacred trust from father to son knowing Jenna says they didn't have the word of God written for them the way that we do now the way it was passed was orally from father to son the father to sign to daughter to father to son and it continues to go on that way is passed orally that that that equivalent for us today is to study the word through to the way that we made it so this is a simple four-part way he wants to see this more than once that we constructed it to develop that character in order to become an effective leader can we find ways to simplify our lives he helped coming year we had different outlet of a few common outlets but the electrical plugs in other shapes different in North America than they are here and I was bringing my computer now grabbing tarpaulin and I have an e-book Kindle and I brought you think I brought another of the things we are here on these things have I find like five adapters and eleven all of these other court meet my life isn't so simple it should be a lot easier to go away for a week and have to bring a whole soup uses the electronic scene push himself knee-deep for me to become a more effective leader I can find a way to simplify my life and that's just one kind of silly example but there other ways were alike as become too complicated mental development how much time are we spending actually cultivating our minds on the word of God is the most effective way for us to develop our intellect but there other ways for us to augment and to build on top of that as well one thing that I used to get I don't do as often I don't know if they have them in other languages but we have what are called crossword puzzles where get you guys have both you and Kate Daly they have a clue enough to try to figure out what the word and I read somewhere if you do those regularly helped keep Alzheimer's disease a way that keeps your mind sharp if they were playing music doing things with numbers just finding different ways to exercise your brain is unlawful and physical development is one that personally I went back and forth with growing up in the Adventist system they made us exercise all the time they're always having to run and run and run and then when I left the system and within a secular university I stopped writing I didn't care anymore I wanted you this but then I started feeling tired all the time like all the time of Michael's got too tight so you will need to start writing again so you may as a result trying to continuing to develop that physical aspect as well think to be eating right to be exercising the healthy and then to be spending time with God I've lived in Virginia which is the eastern part of the United States for three years and there they have the Appalachian Mountains and my favorite thing about living there on Sabbath afternoons we could actually go on hikes and out those of you who live here in Switzerland and in and in him and I know that the operation under nothing compared to those of you catches an awesome time in nature but I love going there I had grown up in a very flat place he had no mountain film moving to the Prince red mountains on Sabbath afternoon attached to go for a walk and spend time in an and learn more about God just do exerting his creation I actually size hang on in the way that I live my life to come closer to how it makes you realize you can take a deep breath you always have to run writing you because they stop lights of cars honking and I like that and then of course he learned he discussed the study of the word of God and this she goes on to say that this noble character the result of self-discipline the subject of subjection of the lower to the higher nature the surrender of self or the service of love to God and man so the noble character is the result of a couple of things the first thing is of self-discipline on I am trying to figure what the self-discipline meet a few years ago and the definition I came up with this as a result of studying if it's doing what you are asked to do we ought to do it not what you want to do that is to say when you have something that needs to get done you duet at that time and not what you want to do so sometimes you know what I want to do and I want to meet up with my friend so that we can have fellowship together when I are to do is talk to do my laundry haven't done in a very long time the self-discipline personal put their clothes and boulangerie before they go out to spend some time in fellowship with their friends that's a self-discipline convict even in those tiny little things it starts developed habits that when you got to do something for your youth group you ought to do something for your church you ought to do something for your company you learn to do the things that you ought to do before the thing that you want to do on the second is surrender of self to the service of love to God and man so surrendering ourselves involves to affect of turning ourselves to God is also surrendering yourself to be a servant to other people and I think that's one of the biggest things that's important for us to my as leaders I think it's something that Justin will be talking about more detail tomorrow but cheerleading a certain your leader you're not called for other people to serve you and to do things for you you're there for the service of other people even here this weekend that the people who have been helping me become part of the again the joint executive committee that the steering committee whose planes racing in Europe they are here to serve you they're not here to be served and that's why they're trying in giving the author as a conductor the next person insulation for the first Kings nineteen and flipping the wrong way my Bible and fit many of us are acquainted with the story of Elijah had kind of had that show down I'm not with King Ahab and God proved himself faithful and said that profits at Baylor proved to be fake and then alleging that scared of Jezebel and he ran away but think I came in he spoke to him and then got sick you know what it's time for you to pick somebody needs to be a leader to sell and start reading in verse nineteen says that he departed from there they found Elisha the son of satisfied it was howling with twelve yoke of oxen in front of him and he was with the twelve Elijah passed by him and cast his cloak upon him and he loved the oxidant ran after Elijah said let me kiss my father and my mother and then I will follow you you can go back again for why have I done to you to return from following him and took the upper boxing and sacrificed them bottled their flesh with the yolks of the auction and gave it to be people today eight then he arose and went after a light jet assisted him that very last line is the part that are working to be focusing on right now the weight of my siblings to be an effective leader was there he arose and went after Elijah and assisted him about the boxing is also important to the let's first agreed what on what is said about you in the book education the son of a wealthy farmer of Elisha had taken up the work that lay nearest well possessing the capabilities of a leader among men he received a training and life coming duties in order to direct wiping he must learn to obey by faithfulness in the little things he was prepared to form weightier trust for the very first thing that we learn a violation if he wasn't waiting for that one day when I'm going to be an awesome leader and any veto the head of this company I'm good to become leader in my church and they become you of this great that wasn't what was important to him even though he had the talent of being a good leader he took up the work that was nearest to him which is caring for that for the animals in his on in his in his father 's farm in the next thing with life and duties I think that it's funny when people think that if they live a life of privilege that's been a be what makes them an effective leader the various people who know how to work are the people who know how to be good leaders know I I when I was in law school I was with people who are studying for their business degree they wanted to get an MBA and a Masters in business administration and they thought that if they just once all of these classes and if they network with other people they were admittedly wonderful business leaders and they could you know we did wonder Frank who all yahoos encumbering our Google and the big fish in that they were to be the next great you know CEOs and things like that but what do they teach them to be a good leader actually having common practical experience of doing useful work is with the nineteenth spent to be an effective leader on recently when residents and with a last fall I invited the friend over for dinner on my house and I cooked the food in everything and one of my friends was astonished saying how is it that you're a lawyer and you know how to cook like I need to eat it if you don't you need to eat to fix it just because we tried to and I believe God calls us to the highest standards of excellence in every field covered to be excellent spiritually to cover to be excellent typically encompass to be excellent mentally and you even if you conference calls us into the professional field causes to be excellent in that area to but that doesn't mean he tells us that we don't have to take care of our ordinary life you know we still need to know how to clean we need to know how to eat an inch of the little things that God teaches us to be a more effective leader even if little instances on that he also talks about how these things taught him how to obey and on his interaction with listening to his father taking care as he learned obedience through my obedience and the little thing helps us to be more attentive to how to be obedient to God and faithfulness developing a share another story on the ship is actually a QAC in December with our volunteers they are wondering Houston Texas I started working with UIC in two thousand and five they had a conference in Chattanooga Tennessee which is close to Southern Adventist University and at that time I was asked to help out and the way that I was asked to help out was to do the recording for the seminar on is it David or Daniel they know you're doing a recording in the seminary Daniel agent on someone's weightlifting acting on it okay it is a applicable thing I felt in that we have a volunteer is actually sitting in this room right now and the responsibility is when I start talking to press a button and when I stop talking to press the button again so it starts and ends the recording the very first thing I ever did for UIC 's I was the button presser my only job was to show up to the seminar to sit in a chair and to press the button to enter naked like that then with the recording technology was not advanced by menu click seven years ago Duffy Vick and so I had to watch major didn't get to ladder to quiet just gotten that seminar for six hours and I kept pressing the button can lead faithfulness and button pressing I made sure I wasn't late think I went to the bathroom at all visas for next to my seat because somehow I was convinced that if I have to do this well because if I don't get Islamic clergy refuse going to fail anything up in the majority of people at UAB didn't even know who I was inviting you I had to be faithful in this button pressing I is not the Lord blessed that button pressing you know you can still go and enjoy the website it was on Adventist history eighteen forty four I think the recording test on our websites if you go listen to them you'll hear me talking but in addition to press the button on the results of that fateful this is the people who led no new kind of like the little girl who came to their Bible study not little girl but I was really on and for the young girl who is coming to their Bible study at the University of Michigan in a maybe she can help us with this UNC organizations of the asked me to be a part of the resources team so with their written products they were given to me and I would take them and I went at it again I'm really English and I don't study English I study history but I do everything perfectly so I would pray I would go and I would highlight everything and I every grammatical error that I couldn't did as you perfectly likely because again she received on everything perfectly like it and so should I find type of spam Ari I didn't know I didn't pay it as well I guess but I wanted to be faithful in both things and again from the last two years later G Rice he needed a new secretary the former secretary retired and they thought well could be doing a lot of editing the first village you occur ask our grammar and as far as I know that's how they were made they decided to invite me to become a part of that of the leadership that you I see it all started with just pressing a button faithfully as he think about these menial tasks like why did they ask me to be the person who cleans up after potluck my goodness like I hate scooping the pot and pans are white I have to be the person who watches the little kids out of school your way to teach the adult Sabbath school class than seventy three -year-old and they can't even understand what anything be faithful in those little things could you never know what that faithfulness in the little thing in the lead you in order to him in higher levels of leadership and the bottle is an important wife to the skill you develop in those little things are the ones that teach you what to do as you continue on their lesson I learned when I was working with little children that I think I still continue to use today even presenting seminars when I taught summer camp with entity to thirty minute classes to little kids now united finance talk for two hours which was sorry and will take a break on through thick and thank you it's those little things that we continue to build on she rates one more thing about a licentiousness as every act of life is a revelation of character and he small duties Chris itself a workman that he does not be ashamed will be honored by God with weightier trust so I promise you if you rinse if you hear feel a burden in your heart they think God is commonly different type of leadership but the meeting is giving you as of right now is just the three little thing it doesn't seem like anything I really like this is how you're calling me for leadership these fateful at-bat and see how he continues to open doors in the way that he's teaching you this next person I really appreciate because he messed up but actually about all of these people who think on the perfectly okay so yeah they had a simple life and they developed their mind when they developed very their body and they developed all these things bite you now can I ever really be a leader like them well guess what Moses really really really messed up on accident we can look at where he must Exodus chapter two and again in the wrong place I was running a roommate I was trying to be in Genesis like what would be helpful if I wanted to be in Genesis I left it as well this morning and she is finished in this starting in verse eleven we know the story of Moses that he was born his parents had a sense that God was calling him something special that even though there is a mandate to all of the ugly children who were born to the Hebrews on that his mother decided to save him I eventually put him into the Nile in a basket and thy king 's daughter found her I found him and as a result he was saved and he was adopted as one person on site starting in my phone I think if I know what happened after he grew up one day when month as a grown-up he went out to his people and looked on their burdens and he signed a Egyptian beating a Hebrew one of his people he looked this way and he looked at that and seeing no one he stopped down the Egyptian and hit him in the sand when he went out the next day but cold to Hebrews were struggling together and he said to the man in the wrong why do you strike your companion he answered who made you a prince and a judge over us do you need to kill me as you killed the Egyptian and Moses was afraid and thought surely the thing is known when Farrell heard of it he sought to kill Moses but Moses fled from Pharaoh and stayed in the land of median and he sat down by a well is the while Moses was still being raised by his mother before he went to go live with the king with the king 's daughter he got the sense from his mom you're somebody special God has a special calling like you're going to help Israel and are going to leave Egypt as a result of you I know many of you have parents you think that your awesome that you are great I do for him and only child so I don't have any brothers or sisters and my parents only child and they would continue with telling continuously tell me we know God has a special plan for you and I want you to be in it they had all kind of different genes for me at different points and I think that's a good thing God uses parents to help us set our standards high and to reach for them but sometimes then we get in our own mind well if this is really work on his colony this must be the way that I should approach it in two modes this year his mother was not wrong in saying that he was going to be a leader of Egypt that he took into his own hands and him and his own people is that cool made you a prince over me you've been accumulated I think I can help you really stopped he wasn't depending on guy he depended on himself and up on region he failed on and in America we have a term for that called epic fail it means like you failed really really really really really bad and says that this is what she said not yet with mothers prepared for his life work he had yet to learn the lesson of dependence upon divine power he had mistaken gods purpose it was his hope to deliver Israel by force of arms for this hubris all failed in defeat and disappointment he became a fugitive in exile in a strange land and I can only imagine what it was like for Moses for that first year or two years or ten years or twenty years or thirty years reflecting on how things have just gone wrong and wondering that life did I mess things up to the point where you will never be able to use me that I completely missed the calling of my life because of what I did back there he had this time in order for him to kind of worry and think about happened but that's not the case God changed him while he was there on we know he spent forty years in the wilderness shepherding taking care of sheep helping them go this way and that in my last name is Sheppard but it's not because my family were shepherds and really have no idea what shepherds do but I know he was caring for this block and as a result he learned a lot this is what Illinois has to say about his experience in the book education in the military schools of Egypt Moses was taught the law of force and so strong a hold to did to his teaching have upon his character that it required forty years of bias in communion with God and nature to fit him for leadership of Israel by the law of love for this forty years Moses could have been asking something a coupon good unless it was Billy the time God was using to preempt the way he been programmed by the Egyptians to be reprogrammed to think like I she continues and says that the great work assigned him he desired to make in the highest degree successful and he placed his whole dependent upon divine power he felt his need of help asked for it by faith grasped it and in assurance and sustaining strength went forward such was the experience that most is gained by his forty years of training in the desert to impart such an experience infinite wisdom counted not too long for the price to great nothing about that I told you earlier I have a hard time committing to things that are longer than four or five years got it and I think that a longtime public as I am still young on I didn't think it was too much time to keep Moses in the wilderness for forty years I'm even close to being forty years old yet you know I hard for me to think that God thinks and the amount of times but he knew that it didn't matter how much time it took he needed to reprogram Moses and the same is true for us we might have developed over the course of our time whether it's because we went to a secular school whether because we just kind of drifted away at one point or just as a result of living in a sinful world that our characters have become marred it's important for us to take the time for God to take that out of her character I told you guys that I had on a conscious at the University after living out into system for word I guess the first eighteen years of my life after those four years at university I felt that God was calling me to be a missionary and I got first that the reason he was calling me to be a missionary with because of what I could do in terms of sharing with other people over the course of that year though I realize I had developed a lot of nasty habits a lot of bad change him character during my time at university and I was using that year to change me back into the person he wanted me to be before I continued on in my education and on when I first decided to do the missionary year my parents weren't thrilled about it again they had a special plans a hot button or come into thinking this is I being a missionary and on and I thought that that you know it was going I was worried at first that it was going to be a waste of time but now I realize that fiscal is so true to impart such an experience infinite wisdom terms of not appearing too long or the price to great so he'll ever get the sense that you know what I really think I need some help one of it is wrong and united sycophancy reprogramming they think you've been taken over by crazy groups that you have depicted your mind when brainwashed if it if you think that God is calling you for some character refinement for some fun times spent with him in his service in order for you to continue to be effective don't think it's going to be a waste of time whether that means being called to go to be a missionary to go to Mike a Bible school to sit with him at cheeky chip was different it might even be to go back home to live with your parents for a while instead of being out on your own that I can use that time in order to reform you can prepare you for further leadership in the future tense also when he teaches a state and both of the petition already we saw how Moses 's embracing faithfulness and this is the last thing that she says about him to Moses 's fate was no guess work it was a reality he believes that God wrote his wife in particular and and in all its details he'd knowledge can for strength to withstand every temptation he trusted in him so I forgot to mention that at the very beginning but I am irregular looking at each of these peoples are case studies when I don't know if this is the way I anyone else here who is a lawyer and was in law school no one one okay I don't know if the way they study the law is the same way that leads you by interest in the United States the study it by reading different cases and you learn what what a lot is by looking at the case and seeing how the judge decided what the lot was so part of that is the system of law we have we don't really go by what's in the law books to go by what the judges say and so on we were doing case studies by looking at each of these individualized by looking at the life of Joseph the life of Galatia by the militants we can see examples and principles in their life help us apply a certain type of long-term life it is the last one that is kind case to look at because how could we ever came to his stature and that's our Lord Jesus Christ but this is what she writes the way to become great noble as to be like Jesus pure holy and undefiled that kind of the goal to attain it's not money we can get in and of ourselves at the link you got grace mercy and his think of fighting spirit in our life that were able to attain this but you know how is it that even Jesus attained his character we know he was God fully God and fully human pecans of the spirit but he humbled himself to live like a human so we can look even his own human experience to see how it was he developed the traits to become a good leader so this is our last case study and then on we can take will take a break and this is what she says in hand crisis from the perfect idea to reveal this ideal as the only two standard for attainment to show what every human being maybe what do the indwelling of humanity by divinity all who received him would become for this Christ came to the world he came to show men to show how men are to be chained as befits the sons of God how I practice the principles and to live the life of heaven the reasons why Jesus came are one of them was to show less how to live and how to be she continues that great education with gains directly from having appointed sources of this is how Christ learned how to be an of an effective leader while he was here on earth and they're the ones that are on the on the left and then we'll talk about one hundred and second that you are having appointed places this is what God says is good when educating ourselves in the prison is this an useful work from the study of Scriptures and of nature and the experiences of life got lesson book full of instruction to all who bring to them the willing hands the scene I and the understanding heart the first thing that Chrysler was useful work we know that he worked in the carpenter 's shop and his work in the current the perfection of the his work in the carpenter shop with the same as the perfectionist 's character as he found useful work did you know he he he knew had to be useful member of society studied Scripture he spent time in nature and he learned from the everyday experiences of life oftentimes we don't take time to stop and think and learn about the stages we go through our others go through but a lot easier if we learn from someone else going to something here not having to learn the lesson herself and this is the way that Jesus was able to develop his character and she says it's available to eyes but if we meet three conditions need to have a willing hand they need to be willing to try to get our hands dirty and do something I see I cannot just looking actually taking time to perceive understand and an understanding heart open heart to learn and she says this often he could seek to transform humanity must himself understand humanity only does sympathy faith and love can then be reached at metadata here is revealed as the master teacher of all the average welfare he alone has perfect understanding of the human soul so we as leaders it's our responsibility to lead other people not to want to be commanding over them and telling them what you doing these assistances in this I is the process of reading other people and in order for us to best know how to do that we need to come to know Jesus confuse the only one who knows the full very well up to this point I know that a lot of talking and a lot of quotes were getting a break on everything made sense so far you've come to see the importance of us developing the character and how we can do that how many of us want students to practice that to develop this character to become good and noble and see you going to fix you on key priorities in your hand and soup on and to be faithful to God so that we can't better have his character represented in our life is really other people at your race I will have a short prayer will take about a five minute break and then were to talk about and an example it's actually an example from the world of white character is so important within a look at the case of the Communists I am not a communist I'm not supporting honey but very very interesting case study with whatever time we have left will look at some very specific characteristic that PowerPoint says leaders need and on and examples of people who had those and anything is left after that will take a few questions but if not that's what the question-and-answer french fries soaked but strangely connote a five-minute break must get started again gently sobbing we thank you so much for your words and the just the lessons that it that you bring to us if we pay like Solomon prayed acknowledging that we are but little children that we don't know how to leave the you might but we know that in your own special way you called each and every one of us to be a leader for you we pray now that you give us the wisdom and the character to be leaders for you we pray that as Abel Holtz Jesus daily at his character may become our character that we may be faithful to you father help us develop mentally purpose develop physically helpless to develop spiritually is to learn from life experiences to be faithful in the little things that you Manchester from greater casts light thank you so much just for the example of Jesus that you've given us and knowing that you also enable us to become like him and we pray that that might be a reality in each and every one of our life they continue to be excess today and for us to learn more about you yes he seems in Jesus name I can't get ten forty seven will try to get started at ten fifty two so they're free to go he's a little I greatly can start at ten fifty five but we've gotten a little bit more about break even than intended I think it turned into a ten minute break down I think that's good people are still signing up and if you have a USB key or USB drive I'm not sure how you referred to them anyone that digital copy you can come up at the end of the session and give it to you on people are signing up now you can eat signing up at five hundred and afterwards felt let go ahead and and talk a little bit more about character and action you talk a lot about theory and a lot about you why is character important how do we develop it but it doesn't really matter that much like we feel the leaders on TV of different things other than organization or country and in their character really all that important to their leadership but we have an example from history where character actually had a profound impact on the organization 's ability to change the world of the body segment on Craig again one more time given the father taken we just ask right now the QB let us help remains to stay attentive and help us to learn from the lessons of history we know that looking at other men is not a perfect model but we do know that you can teach us in different principles we pray that you bring to the forefront of things that you would have us to learn and that will be able to apply them to our ministry in a way to acquire ice cube yes he seems in Jesus name amen I guess if you wanted to train up that's fine how do you race for the notes on but when you talk for a little bit about the book that was recommended to me by actually another one of the presenters you this weekend on his name is Justin can use a pastor but now he's the director of public campus ministries in Michigan in the United States he was my teacher why was a mission she and I and missionary he taught he told me I should read this book of common dedication leadership and by a man by the name of Douglas Hyde Douglas Hyde used to be a communist he was a Communist for about twenty years and many off the communist state and he became a Christian is not a Seventh-day Adventist on but he was convicted that even though Christianity has the most profound message for the world that we don't always have the most effective methods in getting people to buy into that and that the Communists even though they didn't have that good of a message in his opinion anymore even though he'd been a communist in the leader in the Congress party for twenty years that they had some good methods that we as Christians could learn from them so I'm just to share you with you a little bit about on what he writes and the outcome from this book you can find it on on online and on if you are interested in reading what about this and I didn't thought about heading out but I thought it might become a little bit of cumbersome so these are kind of thing that the four main things to take out a bank they think that puppy sharing but this is the first thing that he says about communism and again but meaning is clear for some of you who might know about my family background my mother is Cuban diet half Cuban I am not a communist humanist of communism I think that you know there are much better forms of government and I think even beyond government you know we have the Lord who should be the one who constraints are hyped up it just to put that disclaimer and thirteen Shepherd is not visited that this is what she says I wish he said Mister Hyde I do not believe that the strength of communism lies in the strength of the ideas he starts the book out like that the very beginning will next a communism great wasn't necessarily if ideas he goes on to explain I believe any Christian must that Christianity has something infinitely better to offer and then has communism to put in a rather decorated terminology of our times we have something immensely better to sell we have a better product yet it is they who have been able to influence a generation more much more profoundly then we know enough not fairly chill of the early Christian church and we should remember the message last night that we need to look at acts with you the right pair of glasses not just the sunglasses even that bad we saw in the lifetime of those apostles the gospel go to the then known world they would be went to the websites of the wealth that they knew about with the gospel but then he is writing I think this book is copyrighted in the nineteen yes you he wrote this book in nineteen sixty six own right Internet allowed back there I went there was that the fight between the capitalistic nation communistic nations and all that and he he goes on to say how is blessed than twenty years communism had taken over a third of the world anything to have nothing to do with Barry Diaz Christianity has been grossly better ideas than bring communism does but they have been more effective at changing our world in a profound way and gone all the way around the world in a generation in a way that we haven't in this generation we may have done in the past when having that same impact today and why is that when he goes on beliefs are important the Communists Communists policies grow out and then reading marks angled landings may not be may not be say I may take that wrong but his necessary to an understanding of communism communism but is not that it is not just that attracts people to come to the Communist cause for this is what you think that initial advertisement and again and using very economic marketing flaky but the initial advertisement that initial thing that gets people to buy into communism is not the idea is that the ideas are important but they're not the number one thing the most important thing will be careful regarding the analogies back to our church because I do believe the ideas are very very important and that they are preeminent but the ideas are important but the strength is not in bad this in my experience the strength of communism lies in its people and the way in which they are used it is at this level the Communists have the most to teach honest they use well the human material at their disposal most often the non- communists do not think you are being the most important for them if not all of these writings by the deputy thinker Communism if the lives of communist today impacts people to want to join a communist cost at the first thing this is how he goes on light attracts like those who are attracted by the dedication DC with in the movement will themselves be possessed of a latent idealism capacity for dedication to remember that quote the very beginning we know million years ago when I started talking if we can find it on was a really uncritical where she's the qualifications she said that were necessary for a leader with loyalty and strong purposefully said another word for that with dedication and he say the same thing released in the Communist movement the thing that was most important for them to find new people was the sense of dedication the dedication perpetuates itself when they see dedication one person it predicts that other people realized to be a part of that movement I need to be dedicated to it sets the tone and pace of the movement as a whole this piece of the movement can make big demands upon its followers knowing that the responsible con if the majority of members of the organization are halfhearted and largely inactive and it is not surprising of others he joined the ceiling join it soon conform to the general pattern if the organization makes relatively few demands upon its members and is a quite obviously feel under no obligation to give a very great deal to add insult to join may be given for supposing that this is the norm and that is and that this is what membership entails is he saying there for your organization reporting out what you really have to do is show up and you can be a member that doesn't really call for a large amount in case however back in your shot every hour every day for you to pray for something you might be a little different but the dedication to the movement means coming to one meeting a week one church service in week eleven o'clock in the morning and just sitting there and pretty ticking them off on the roster whenever very calling for a high level of dedication in all the leaders are putting into their level of the cause why would people who are following putting any more but if you show this level of dedication like attracts like those who put in a high level of dedication when other people see that they realize that's expected of them and that's what they'll put in so he's getting a counter example is funny other hand the majority of mem


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