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Men and Women of the Hour: Moving the Movers

Chris Berger



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Chris for him cool evening but only than removing because a foreign gentleman for a leadership in the area of music it's very important gold you can jam and people have some friends but also some weaknesses in my limited experience it is good to get to know other cultural environments that get to know the chart on a worldwide level we can learn from each other I was very think it's time I hope my heart is more outside help and before it was really good time if you and the last years we spent the entire length of the fifty eighth and since anyone yet now we are at multiple from college this is the school in Austria so far from this one I will try if you have a chance visit .com so therefore the issue for me is an important task loss since I started my ministry at hospital twenties and you discussed already seven things about leadership so I needed to learn could you help me little good I was lucky and I attended only the last session he is on its question-and-answer session in the state I was once at something but maybe you can give me a short overview this is the best way for you to memorize what you like if you could express it very clean and in one sentence something is it possible that industry looks at the leadership based on leadership things a lot based on leadership many one sentence am one hundred for every three leadership is more a relationship not the prohibition on it it doesn't depend on your Thailand spot on your relationship to Christ leadership is more of the relationship to Christ so much a position that sentence is easy to make short sentences think is a much thing someone else want to try yes I guess this might mean just dedication much more than talent or skill guy heart is also the last session in the morning theme more open not as yes all you agree with this yes he is sure I imagine you have a leader and gas in my reader my pasta my conference director and is null null null null yes this would be the application much of the saying same or no than yes really be happy with such leaders sometimes the unhappy abuse because the experience is to have no time that Johnson yes the single but sometimes with a note because you shouldn't do it not just because you're asking about was this justification I mean like got sometimes leaders have to say no to somebody because they're doing something they shouldn't be doing but always when asking for it to do something to get at the point because I think it's about Las Vegas event I also all okay maybe once I get so much soul means to say how often no three times before times and many than one time yes okay that's not something we increase the font double how to organize your time your scheduled time very good jargon well I did Janet Michigan again again to the organized is your time okay okay repeat this it's about being not doing being not doing so we hurt it's about relationship specifically then he emphasized the Jesus then you said maybe this is closely linked it's more in being not doing solids told us you have to say more no than yes my Mexicans is the community might urinate from fairly set you have to be time organized with them is someone that dedication not so much talent it's dedication there's someone want to say something yes I guess that's good it's also about to inspire it's also about that in spite of some yes this morning there was a question from someone sitting here he asked so if I come to my local church and I want to implement something and they say no how can I motivate them remember if you are you meant to quit he wants people sitting here somewhere this is a question which is very much on my heart and in the afternoon I want to reflect specific people find on this question so if you're not interested in this maybe that's the last time I think of the about of late but I want to focus in this workshop really on this question how can I could send English and power office how can I multivariate maybe this is a part of it how can I do something which is really I believe in the focus in the Bible and then maybe we can open the Bible together I have only my German here at the book English five this morning maybe someone can read for me it's okay it's okay when we have an important texts in the Bible which links to a quick flick with others to train others to motivate others if you have something in mind yes yes descending out of the disciples yes very good look throughout I get so much out of other ideas I was thinking about Ephesians four eleven twelve Ephesians four eleven and twelve and would someone be so kind to read this for us in a good English not with my pronunciation which is not so with my brothers are laughing at me would you be so kind someone would like to reach the two horses into my CUNY to Mike Geiger there is a registration so we need to and teams have gave some to be apostles some preference some evangelists are impressed there are some teachers forty three things on the sands for a number of ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ think it's a much so we could stick a little bit extra for the whole time finally I believe this is the basic course of Ephesians four eleven and twelve so there are some call it as a possible some as prophets some as evangelists psalmists pastors teachers and endorsed twelve what is wanted what does it since you admit CD highly consistent with the highly consumer listed me so this means for a quick but we have other translations what is the meaning of a quick I mean other translations which we all can understand so please not Hungarian it's a nice language but we understand the list of other beliefs in other words in your Bible to prepare think it's a much to prepare who prepared liquid pool the same sort of things but even your descendents have anything a man that you could also understand that the question idea of the saints yes you're coming to the sayings for walks work the service and in this way the body of Christ the church will be edified so admittedly septal a quick and my sister had told maybe we can also say to prepare live on the perfect while that's that's very high level you made if the Mexican translation FSA this doesn't sound from Mexico anyway for improvement improvement so I want to focus on this aspect is often how can we equip prepare but I would submit improve multiphase Deitch it out others and I believe this is very important for me this is one of the key questions among how can we convince and viewing the morning session you are already question in this area I remember specifically the brother was sitting in arthritis and we heard that already can someone remember what kind of answers if we get I mean this example we have the GUI seeing a live that's greatly accounting that our local chapter full of energy power motivated and want to share this with out as we want to start something and then party out essay not enough say amen that's the problem actually announced around are not saying a man to God there are several reasons why the judge 's ability the use group is not motivated many to even exist the use want to do what to do and this morning we heard I heard at least one source about this in your member Bennie maybe people that follow the face photo arms of being a good example people will follow yes and I had also the importance of praying prayer and this is this is really something I want to propose some steps and I did not expect so many of you so I prepared an outline we do not if we had a chance to get the mortification of this government they relate I I prepared only for the idea of soul if you can do this for us I guess this would be great think it's a much company and then I want to discuss the vitamins you little bit about the proposed seven steps how this is possible I believe this is not the short time issue because this is meeting and reading something which received receipt charges where there is not much of the nation see pastors well overloaded though youth leaders and so on and this is not so easy so what can we do and maybe we should start to reflect so could we come back to this question how can we motivate a quick train on this not to be a single worker not the be lonely what what what leasing and I would be happy to get some input from your side I have also some ideas but I want to get Gaza workshop workshop is not the preaching so now is the time again for you to give your input what do you think if you come back to your youth group to your local church and because God had inspired you want to do something some mission outreach some project and the situation is not so easy what could you do this can be a various situation there were charged the one that I would pick up to a free people who are willing all who have the potential and I would charge to stop with them and to stop to pray with them to talk to do missionary work with them and then they are getting on fire and maybe three or four people there more possibilities to open the church is and we hard also next time I remember correctly just as for the story about someone who participated from Scotland are somewhere and this was the case it was a small beginning maybe you heard about his mission Congress Germany and is very very close to my heart very and today I met with the BSC was in charge always of the technical and he told me something I never practice that you submission congresses are in many countries in Europe I was not aware of so I was eleven and that I met the president of the creation conference that the parties will and he told me this year that he was in mission Congress was hundred stolen participants that this started very small laws but it is cross him it seems this is a biblical principle so if if the beginning is a small month or be discouraged maybe this is part and you said also to focus on some specific people is this a good approach focal length on specific people could you give a big example where someone focused on the very small number of people if this jewel Jesus followers on a very small group of people is this true yes I'm a full shoulder talking about first of all the twelve how can Jesus went the most important mission in the whole universe focus on so a small group of people who did we remember in the life of Jesus some challenges with this approach members on calendars for example the question we remember some challenges in the ministry of Jesus when he was focusing only on the very small group of people was there a challenge for him yes have a little bit what kind of chance yes inside a small group that was a challenge was the greatest among us even if the group is modest and it can happen yes other challenges to pick the right person yes for sure to pick the right that's different personalities and this morning I heard also it's good it's balance that different personalities come together Peter was emotionally unstable and tended to explosions of anger Andrew had no leadership quality at all James and John the sons of seventy put their personal interest over the interest of the enterprise and Thomas demonstrate that as skeptical approach and would track the Mars of the others down we see it also as our duty to point out that nephew was on the black list of economic crime in Jerusalem James son of of sales and that videos apparently had radical ambitions and they where at high risk of burnout one of the candidates made a really good impression I he was a powerfully gifted men therefore the tiling spotting agency highly this Judas for a high leadership position in the end that's an interesting quantum so the question was how can we select them and what the qualities and it seems if we use certain qualities we can come to wrong conclusions I mean this interesting that quotation sent all the disciples had big beefy goodies but only to this was the perfect candidate so in reality it was different the quality is that you can give it up with by the way I have also some of your library I may come back to it so there is there's also some acute sub then them him they waits to the limit so the question is what was a printed line is out for our first principle we be be developed together and empowering leader how could we put this principle we are talking about selects people small group of people let's let's have this in the debate could this be an empowering leaders selects small group of people at Jesus myth this and it was challenging for him why because I'm in yet so much things to do so many people there are others around him and had to talk his disciples bring them on the other side that little bit silent moments with lots of using but let's reflect a little bit of this and empower you to select small group of people so directly pops up the question who should we select this was a question and we've recently it's not so easy because we see what what what to work on BC from Jesus in his selection as part of his leadership for sure if something in the section of the disciples when Jesus did he prayed the whole night for the something more dedication to the cost this was your point that you we were saying at the beginning can you help us through repeated repetitions medication is more important than talent and then the disciples at the beginning had a lot of talent and skills that they had vindication it seems Jesus was talking about this or he was not choosing someone off the people who had a lot of stupid wet a lot of experience with had knowledge low-fat how we know it he chose simple people with medication not easy with the relation of it was the personality and of any business this is not an easy step but I believe it is true and empower need of someone who is doing this year needs to select why because you cannot apply this with hundreds of people you cannot you need to select and business this is not easy we should come back to this point we see the miss anything important that that's maybe one of the toughest I would say from my limited experience to say in empowering the select potential leaders or small group and its come back later but is one important principle in my perspective to the field there are some other basic principles to equip others to motivate artists your youth group may be your church apart from select if when the human experience is the okay so maybe you can go to Albania for mission trip and this one brings you the data you would need the bed asleep a bit about the bitter try to get a laugh so some activity which brings you to get and what is what is happening what is the positive outcome of this time together knowing friendship quality depth and empowering leader invests in French or in relationship and before you say yes be aware of the consequences of any this needs time and then coming back to the root of the first sort of bending is that leadership means relationship to Jesus and I think we can at the also the other people and if someone is all the deleted and he is doing things sees there is no relationship anymore I don't think you can really believe I believe this aspect of relationship is very important question the biggest need of what Jesus did Jesus invest time for relationship how quickly this and yet so many things to do how we could how was it possible to have time to invest in relationship but didn't have many things to do all is it so easy to think the time affected by any or some nonsense they are important these groups that this was really important part was important for him it was the kind of someone once said that he will this mean to the programs listening to their problems you remember some moments in the life of Jesus and the disciples they were coming together Jesus was listening to the problems with SROs to their situations rather lost their motivation may be exhausted task tests lately this means if we really want to perform this mission you to equip others this is not possibly if we come have a series of lectures and now you're equipped my brother my sister 's bye-bye that's not possible I believe it is so it is not possible it is only possible based on the relationship and the relationship costs by and I cannot have a relationship with all of you I cannot offer opossums we need to limit those of Jesus headed with the disciples for sure with lots of rosemary my sense on we have to limit ourselves to say no sometimes I cannot have a relationship with you and Bruce UN presumably was you I just wanted to said that there who spent a very special time with them he said no and he went to the underside of the seat to spend time these the website but it was a very special time so means you set no he had to say no if not this time which you mentioned this quality time with not have been possible I believe it's the same in leadership today we shall not waive that this time with pop-up I believe this is similar like was all a private time with Jesus we have to set the priority we have to still say this is priority if we don't five for this time we will not have the time there is always something happening if you are in leadership if you're the ministry and this is one of the challenges but if we understand for Jesus in order to fulfill this mission as a leader we need to develop relationships very important so they are a tool that's nice I'm happy that we have some interaction so when a work thing he took time to listen to programs infect you that when he doesn't whose time because he knew no bounds to programs by this we chat without letting the so if you don't know because in viewing the evidence lead us listen that this means sometimes you have still twenty e-mails in front of you yes then agenda to prepare for the next meeting I'm talking about the reality you have still not become critical maybe I'm not married yet but I am ill wife is calling up the phone audio the thing that he assumes one I will be awaiting and then someone from your TV this coming into your room that's often reality is meant and that many of all this is that okay now I have time for you maybe next day and evening priorities but if you say suite of all sorry I forgot about you many minutes today and we discussed those about this but there was still some guy maybe it's good not to all because then we feel we need him if I go on and better I think the blend on boot is good that's then we had banged his leaders because when independent financial social we will not have all the answers but we are growing it's not easy but the principles regards empowering leader admittedly what we found so far selects a small group to discuss a little bit front and second in empowering leader investing relationship and friendship from more basic principles basic liquid others to be an example so he wants them to become like him this sounds dangerous I thought in my leadership I have the other I mean them I have the DOD that they would become like it is not like Chris on Gabriella a trip so about a let's see if I like to make both said be my indicators but he was immediately is that you did Christ somebody taking all the believers were imitating Christ that's what I meant that the correct there you have no idea how often do possible is mentioning this be my indicator I was a good example you follow my example follow my footsteps are involved of really often I will guess ten times at least in his letters so that's an important part so be in a certain way and it sounded even if I'm not Christ even if I'm a sinful leader I have shortcomings I have many friends but I possibly this is for sure never most of the spirit of prophecy say and I learned is only last year I will it is good that leaders move from time to time and there are several reasons for it and what reason is because we all not completely balanced maps with barn but we have also added that Mister Kendall but we are exiled so I want to dig a little bit I have a company but find the basic print how can we be good examples I thought I think we need integrity is very important we need integrity if you feel we need integrity means maybe you experience sometimes we lost integrity and the skin is being this is another big challenge for leaders those integrity so what what is the meaning of this to lose integrity could you have met with reporters what what does it mean to lose integrity and comp compromising on you to make it getting doughnuts for this English mother language she includes integrity means sorry not being authentic stitched okay yet in a negative sense so in a positive not being authentic in my perspective also saying something but doing something else a little bit so that's that's not easy because to be an accessible is a high level I mean how can you be honest with a certificate so what is the basic strategy to be a good example what would you say if your leaders you are in a somber you cannot avoid it so how is what is the threat is to be able to our brief descriptive reports to be in the spiritual relationship with Christ Mister precrisis weight good I would agree you don't believe we are good examples the belief who the relationship Jesus walks on us and is changing our character step-by-step means and empowering leader needs to have this relationship and I don't want to talk a lot of it because I have to impression you talk already but it's good I would say this is principle number one empower and lead the has to be connected to go to the Holy Spirit how you have met all you put it principal number one and empowering heater is connected with the Holy Spirit only then does his boss and I would say it in easy roads to be error good leader you have to be a good follow-up to follow Christ and is a much it's good to high heaven in Hesiod Senate sets got you need to be a follower of excellence repeats I guess we have already three important principles I was taking a little bit with my pony distancing pumps don't then don't empower lever is connected to the Holy Spirit empowering leader selects a small group empowering leader investing relationship yeah so there are some motivation and ruggedness remained if you something is still missing some entirely any samples automation via great of course where are you getting people to if not you're bluntly yes I agree too so means an impounded and needs levels of Asian principles for we need to roughly the same I would save the Princess focus of his mission it so every should have settled not to lose focus of our mission to be passed as the multiple to do anything be passionate cannot be only a tradition are a routine pocket we get the fashion or if we're connected to Jesus he can give us the past I would put this under principle number okay brothers and sisters we found some principles I believe that important in order to equip to fulfill this we need to be connected to go out to the Holy Spirit build on the disputable relationships select the small group of people and admission something more improve fellowship why do we need liberalism fellowships a week from sometime this weekend the pocket liberal fellowship okay so means at the end also to spend time together on based on this vision work together to share together makes you I would put is also partly on the relationship and partly on the lesion yes all setting up a timetable so we need to break down the big vision into smaller steps if not would sweep yet I would thought this was on the reason goal setting out things like this that expletive I Island Festival give the hold of the bigger picture and then began to get into the problem the photo submission bonus I'm thinking okay to me at the time I think Anita needs to an mold the group is working with the decision-making so that his vision are her vision becomes the vision of the whole group that's an interesting point so the leader how did you put it she needs to eat all into decision-making and that I'm a weak leader after leader I want to take the decision involve others in the decision-making process what these others or geese develop so means least we talked about selecting a group selecting a small and painful short then we need to do something with his group for example to develop a vision and to this I their listings to decide and sorrow is proposing and I agree completely with the Wii needs as empowering needed him he does not need to do it because of my decision you have been accepted on the button in order to motivate people if they are part of the process this yell from Hungary area are from Germany and the judge made a decision you and you know the conference or even the church with you at no idea about it and then you hear for the first time both is this how do you react to all three Lord of the church when someone comes in to see the likeness because I never okay this correct I mean if nominated I mean when we play live not involved in this process there is there there is a normal reaction and seven lead that's even been amended out about it it's as good as the bandwidth me that that's not my guest and is not possible August that everyone is involved in the process but I believe completely what's RSS it's motivating if the other members of the team members are involved in the decision-making process but when immigrants if we really believe this is good art that challenges as always it is a score this is what there also challenge a lot of talent submitted if we do this unintelligible kind of ten and it doesn't mean you have the everyone think the decision on your tool in them note that the decision it's been think and also when you have the diffusion if they were not black the vegan have to explain them on the reason is that the season and all the salt trade tool to make of these up on the result of that decision on the hall I don't want anything short character so what is what is important to have first vision of heaven afterwards what is important to have first division archive it often was important laugh then afterwards what is vision important medical help it mainly we are going into the rich and together we still have to discuss a lot of issues on the on the way but there privately was a lesion is helpful in this army to the stallion together in this direction and therefore reason is with his first yet but this is time-consuming event I meet to discuss the listen to the things discussed and and I believe clearly if we want to follow this advice and I believe it to I bet this is before the most of the members in the decision-making process it would cost us much more time it would cost us much more time it was then much more time talking better talking sometimes e-mailing telephone in the cost of Martine and if we want and when we need to be aware it is to invest the time it helps them either to part with his decision-making process there is also the question of the team and I want to focus most of the team and I want to put this is another principle so and and and and and and and empowering leader works with and also in the Bible I guess we can find this community so let's repeat again and little bit our principles which we found so far was it an empowering unit is connected to the Holy Spirit and empowering leader invests in relationship and empowering you to select a small group of people and empowering either as a vision or develop the vision and mostly I would say what Sarah said is valid also for the vision is that units out of my recent but that the team is developing a mission together it's another race coming can be my wish but cannot be got we should that's correct less discussed is a little bit more but it seems what you said so far we need to have this part of lesion and is part of goal setting and so on but we need to have most of the part of the insolvent party that looks was a team develops the vision while the hominid principal cell phone five I believe six B begin connected to the Holy Spirit empower you to invest in relationship and empower me the selects a small team works in a team that for me different I mean selects people and works in the team and develop the vision and goals it is an example I would put on their I mean you can put this differently for sure everyone has his way for me this is a little bit I would design so I guess we have five important principles I worked suggesting more of its work with the five okay let's work with the five and empower leaders connected with the Holy Spirit I guess he was really one of the challenges of them don't want to spend too much time on this because I believe you develop facility but nicely put in in in in in in English I read this somewhere booked of doing forget about niceties its occupancy hoped of doing forget about me what is the meaning of this I mean as to be there for sure I'm expected to be someone who is doing sings his leaders are generally not the people who are sitting in the back and say I have no idea what the school fund if you can avoid doing sings realizing things project and its goods I believe this is part of leadership but there is the risk you can be hoped that so might you be doing did you forget to be being with Jesus of being in Jesus mission is not your mission it's not our team I see that our youth group our transplanting project if this is the apart this mission so we need to spend time that we understand this that they don't forget we can leave relief with him he is the leader and we are part of his team hoped of doing forget about being that that's really a risk at least I would say this from my personal experience very much and it is good to have outbursts if we had too much into doing that they can say maybe have to slow a little bit down maybe it's time to say that's not using at least this is Mike because you are happy to do this he does good sinks there so many good things to do is not so easy to say no but it's also important I believe family is very good team because if you have a wife if you have children dedicated wife and children are husbands they will tell you time but when I experienced was that men if you really involved in things and some of you can't really relax I'm so glad for the Sundays after to relax from the seventh minute and that you run around and organize things that I experienced that even though you may thought of being a brat sister or brother for the others the relationships because I run around it he hit the Italian something for the announcement has tips tell them it out and get runaround and and people are and bother the ousted because of the you changed you you eat when you don't say hi to me anymore nothing you have so much burden on you so that they can forget your brothers together and have relationships to brothers and sisters and the Sabbath I still be bad I'm happy for the Sunday but it was an interesting statement I very happy to be a close tool reality in coastal minutes and another theory and I believe what you said everyone was a leadership can understand what you said I maybe we are not going to theological implication of what to set up and sometimes they are both automated estimates on the Sabbath day yeah I mean I also open here I mean I know I'm a pastor I I I want to tell you I I have not often the situation that for the Lord 's supper I'm not deleting pasta anymore because I'm the president of the schools on the apostate church it is nice for me to participate in the Lord 's supper without eating out it's nice and I'm happy now is the time I mean as many as I did it different so I guess there also times in time there are different parts of our life but we have to keep attention that them we are not coming to the point hope of doing forget about the end I tell you because there here and there really tragic situations I'm talking about dedicated use leaders youth hostels president that coming to the point I believe also give the team should look after each and if I'm a reason brother and sister I guess I can also say to my church leader office and evangelist need I don't know what kind of responsibility you have a mission leader I'm so happy that you're here I mean you really maybe it's time better many can I help you can is a blog you should look after each other this is also the mind and therefore Jesus did not cause us to be lonely once but the web to get it which is not easy some of that to a quick the church this was our basic text to equip the church there is a wonderful passage if we would have more time to talk about personal relationship our first principles and empowering leader is connected to his always been that we had the give you the passage and you could develop it for you it's a wonderful sermon it's a wonderful topic for other leaders leadership training in Exodus chapter seventeen full meaning one of the most powerful passages in the Bible which underlines that there is a rate risk to be hoped of doing and forget about being in Gilead the leader apart from Jesus we could say biblically maybe the leader of the leader in the Old Testament times most previously something very interesting and I guess this is to go much without footprints of the power meter is connected with all the spirit this is an Exodus seventeen from horse eight on words and you remember for sure it is the story aware Moses was going up to the mountain with two people and then the others were fighting in the then they had to victory over I'm a lack doing fine some of our five principals in this passage also be read the passage and we should read someone we does for us in English groups could someone we do for us in English by the way had everything trying to implement what I'm setting and had no need to do everything so we have so many people that can come from a lack and fraught with Israel and for them and Moses said under Jocelyn choose us out when girls go out fight with them a lot tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the Lord of and with the modern guy in Miami said Joshua did as Moses had said to him and silent and let and Moses Aaron and hers went up to the top of the hill and it came to pass when Moses held up his hand as well prevailed and when he let down his hand and prevailed the Moses hands were heavy and they took a stone and put it under him and he sat down and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands the one on the one side another on the other side and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun and Joshua discomfited Amalek and his people at the edge of the sword and the Lord said to Moses like this from Memorial on the book and rehearsing the ears of Joshua was very nice thank you so again my question did you find some of all five principles in this sort test team up web video where did you find teamwork and folders I is not enough power to keep the hands up so he had a arrogant school 's multi- three people yesterday look and maybe if I need to see you could develop nicely in a ceremony that was immediate needs Moses could not do it that was in it we meet each other I guess book puts it in this way teamwork something more okay and by the way was Joshua we don't know too much about corner but Joshua who was Joseph Joshua was the one who to go over from Moses they visit starts after the death of Moses Noah did not so he was selected in a certain way before and train and I believe this moment was wanted by the training moment for Joshua 's leadership experience some leadership and authority to team and selection something more from our principles relationship I'm enough of March good connection with Gotham lives it is very special story here the leaders on the Mount and the people are fighting and then in the moment when he puts the heads up there we may go stoned and was and is and is one of the most powerful stories that if a leader has a connection to God that this has influence of all the others of the group of church and he is doing is also propaganda could see them again I'm fighting down the development models out there and it seems to me something is wrong here that's not true as no nothing wrong in the about box reflects on worse thirty seven in English Exodus seventeen thirteen at the end of the story so Joshua defeated but these people would batch of this work Joshua defeated like Eustace sister by God 's grace and by God 's grace to also buy the spiritual leadership of Moses and Moses was not that bread with you directly what is the consequence and listen either JVM is also another important lesson for leaders and this has to do with our connection if you want all the Sabbath day long one week after another you service in the chat room morning of the evening you're the first to open the door you close the door and at the end who gets the credit someone else can't leave you with this for ethical incumbency I need from you is an interesting implication he also Moses is doing the hard work putting up a fence the holiday with talking about policy development ten minute fight at the end what does the text say Joshua defeated I'm on its and it's an identification this is something that is in spiritual leadership is either warhead with humble hopefully field audits okay let me I'm not the dissent Scott's work but is a gift for humble ourselves to be humbling to do a selective this is not so easy to be honest isn't it we as humans also and if we work hard we want to get out solid credit doesn't be I believe yes so therefore principle number one is really really important and maybe this passage we could develop this program of the biggest disadvantages is one example which shows the power unit is connected with the Holy Spirit that it's very very important and this can humble ourselves is whether how blogs and if from the we are willing to do other things I was a minister in the quite a big church in Germany I believe it was my most basic of beginning all people are different use groups of different charges at different you have groups or churches there had been there motivated your situations that different today I believe it is good to get to know both because if I always worked in use groups mad am I motivated how can I spend you telling me oh Chris I'm in the youth group even though they want to do nothing can understand I believe it's good to help us in our leadership development said his group was not easy to Venus were not easy they were critical against me I could feel it and it was the seventy one church leader he'd built a liquid feed we are there is a gap between us I don't know why I was not aware why but I I felt it than it was one evening we headed where the program and maybe you you laugh about me we value to us we of course all you have is where they are home but went home already and we had a lot of of the boost of the church stopped so horny so when English think is a much way our team here you see the sun so I have a vacuum cleaner sites without the vacuum on the about me I mean I put this out since Doctor to to select how the vacuum plants that we think to clean many the minister must cleaning for this brother it was more important than concerned he's on office at the moment I I was aware he was watching he had the impression was my child I was tool as pastor him cleaning work then he saw me I believe this was the turning it was cleaning the Bible study also looks at what I do sometimes it's we need to come close if we had to fire we cannot have impact on each other we need to come close and that's a challenge because we cannot be closed to all and therefore we need to select so I guess this was a little bit some some ideas for Nepali disconnected with the Holy Spirit and if this is true then I believe in empowering leader can develop a vision and yet I start with vision but from my and I believe there is a biblical vision the vision that every every member is a decide every member is that this type I believe this is a big vision this is what is this what happened is while this would be every member is of this type and my ministry might my doing in this way will help that the other become at the followers so me I need to ask you to help me in this seminar to have made my translation to help me to read this is a small thing I believe we should implement is much more in reality let's cover the second and empower meter builds strong relationships with its relationships maybe you can we should share it how can we build up relays in the field we need to build up relationships and what leadership won't you can read they maybe maybe if some months I need to replace how can we build a strong relationship this is the question leave each other they are exempted to play soccer or something that time we really mean this is a luckless of question how can we build a strong relationship we can get started with you will yes of course I mean this I agree with you and often do you did you play soccer with me with you I want to have a close relationship with the office this uncle was with you know we should place up at the amen now we at the point we are talking about seeing but I'm implementing this and again I want to be very honest if leaders it's not easy only if we believe this should be a priority we would have been amended if not the only talk about if we believe really this time spent together is worse to do maybe not with thousand people but with the specific smaller team than we would only do so with Medicare not take time and on obscure people in a holiday doing attempt to till and take an interest in their lives beyond the obvious word beyond of what you're working together to strangers in their lives while you drag her from what I think about my experience -based it's always grew up on time relationships always build up on time so and then we have directed a challenge relationship upbeat about time we cannot build up a relationship without time we all don't him me we all don't have time you agree so we will never play soccer to get and don't misunderstand another great soccer player but I guess we understood the charges meaning I need to do something out of the church maybe I noticed his twentieth and assignments without I know exactly what kind of odds you would give to my question in this kind of situation this is not enough at church I would say we need to build up relationships maybe on the soccer field maybe Nielsen mission team in together and it's good at the bargain wasn't what this accusation against Jesus he was eating yes I learned many much from my Italian friends have all this but it is it's quickly forget not only about idiocy I I I cannot understand the line to school to strongly if we don't willing to spend this quality time together relationship in the event and now comes the point you said this was going to invest the time from Jesus because what is the reality if we know each other if I know for example a little bit the life story of harness I don't know within several hours in classroom to get but we don't know each other really I don't stifle bit about the names already that's on my dual friends from Albania if we would spend more time together and know whether the bit where the others coming from what kind of experience if you advertise a short story is the time already know in Germany when I'd weep when I began as a minister this was a key ninety two we had many people from the Eastern countries coming to jump many people specifically from Russia the remainder from under the knife members and I had the privilege when I started my leadership it began in Asia most of the Chinese blogger and had a very close friend mentor loss and we slept for six weeks together in one room ate together studied together wonderful on through the day I would say yet the strongest infected mothers but this was not the star look on the story will end you if continues them and many people may be no little bit about the history many years ago Germans went to Romania went to rush out to develop the country dare and then they remained there but many of them I mean the gentleman that was speaking to German language that Jimmy Carter had no idea about this after confessed that I met them there in Asia the Chinese bought very interesting and then months later when it when we went back home many of them came to Germany I mean the Russian government wasn't there anymore many went to the west of John and then in the church we had an interesting situation was a small German church my first jumps thirty members that we had this members coming from the East and for the members inside the church they will rush got came from Russia because they spoke better rationed and gentlemen in this book the gentleman from five hundred years ago that still wants in the language I never very old type of language and then they wanted also to sing some songs in Russia because anybody if they are live in Russia and then I heard the German member saying that this member 's home you are Russian and then Russian love Russian misunderstood but for these members they had suffered since generations because they were gentlemen in this area the ones that suffer some of them had to go to the working camps they had disadvantages in their study life and now they're coming home in the church and the brethren are defending then you are Russian could you understand their feeling I could why because I had this experience convinced I said to myself how will help help holiday feeding now they're coming home there in the church and in the church you if this is not all the others had no idea if that's correct it hurts them and maybe you heard about churches where people from other countries are coming in and we have a lot of fight and problems and sometimes churches of splitting against David said that some of the evening presentations in the United States we have selected Spanish and I felt because I knew Elizabeth about them this story get back on it helped me to build up and think of the I believe this is a good time investment maybe the best we can we cannot do it with everyone but with this limited time with this limited group I believe this is very important that we give you maybe location leadership is a relationship someone is saying I believe he's right and another statement people don't care how much you know do they know how much you can do this before I believe some of us have to cf. the canyon to I ever read this again I mean this is business nicely said it is not so easy to implement people don't care how much you know on today no a much UK and here we are again in the center of challenges and leadership because to care to build up relationships we need time therefore it has to be a priority I believe and we have to look where we have time-consuming other things maybe there is no need to do them that sometimes sometimes important that's a nice thing I cannot translate the nineteen English and German it says this quote is the goal is to find the best all the good things are the strongest enemy to the best and that's the challenge I would think spiritually there many good things to do I mean we could develop a website of the church wonderful to spend one week and I but is this the best thing to do for me as pastor I would say no maybe I'm a computer specialist and it's my gift yes maybe but you see that's its heart it's a part in spiritual leadership to think I need to understand clearly Jesus puts the better nephew ten Matthew ten that's an important chapter by the way you remember nephew is the gospel where we have to big sermons of Jesus visit this is one of the specific characteristic of Matthew and a nephew ten we have the ceremony link to mission is to be relayed important one for us and I only want to focus on one statement CM and nephew ten North five so I'm forcing the link to the message box one principle I believe we were dealing with Matthew ten worst five someone read this for us Matthew then verse five is a much these twelve youth and forth in Commandments fame go not into the way of the Gentiles that go not into the way of the Gentiles into the city of the Samaritans enter you not thank you so much something familiar in this part of Jesus a repeat is surprising is that you need Jesus sending out the disk identified a first-time debilitation and when you started his ceremonies outreach Center log into motivational speech what the nation speech evidencing a method for you starting with lots read this also in a different way we could create after general this twelve Jesus sent out and told them the loan goal on the way to the even and don't go into the city of Samaria this reminds me of the statement shall mention a leadership it's important to say no no no another yes but Jesus at the beginning you think it inside the dog got the baseplate blood that is that why and I believe if we really want to focus on the priorities for example on relationship with my ghost the numbers I can only implemented in spiritual leadership if I clearly had also in mind what is not my UV my task where I have to say oh only when if they know certain things I would have time what important and got to help us have wisdom when to say no students I believe this is really part but not the envy of coming back to the example of somebody set need to be excelled if I start with too many knows at the beginning of a relationship that's I would say that's not wise it's not wise when you enter into leadership into use group and USA in the first program on the new years later I'm happy to work with you on on Fridays and Sundays so I'm not available no I would say this is not backed if they get to know you if they see also your life example maybe there comes a moment that comes the timing is when you have to say look I I need I need the Friday or Sunday or maybe the first Sunday in a month however it is it makes a difference when when you state is monistic Cairo 's right moment but also Jesus I believe is saying busy we need to have priorities and only if we say no we can develop prior if not we would have always more to do and this is not but if statement people only only only take on the right vested if if you care for that I believe in my experience it's in the Thailand Germany Austria Russia this is this is worldwide the case come close to people to spend time with you invest in friendship this is very okay let's see Jesus did this for sure I mean he invested in is the Sabbath there's no question a single need to discuss this them and I guess one of the important outcome is trust if we have strong relationship we trust each other and it seems to me in the in the team like Jim I see are your youth group if there is that it if trust is there as outcome of the relationship then it is wonderful to work together if we trust each other if we don't have even the suspicious about a job that that that report therefore let me highlight a little bit in this principle of relationship trust how can we develop a trustful relationship being patient admitted with get some points of the trustful relationship being patient consistency I know you will we be consistent in this I can trust you Mary Baldwin integrity again we had before linked to birth and excitement yes to be honest that I been a subsequent patience now we had already got your giving responsibilities also to the others in our enemy regaled us also question how can we destroy trust and if we would turn all of what you said in a negative way either I would feel we have the authors specifically also to keep Saints which were told me communicated to me with me not to talk gossip I believe this is a challenging knowledge of something this important also because trust is really something very precious okay maybe our relationship we should go on to the next is my feeling is however that this is wanting more after the first year of my ministry as pastor I was called to the president 's office and this was for me a challenging moments because the president then was really a respected man for me on the percent it was an example you was in authority and in others the feedback of the charges and so on I was sitting in front of his desk he was heading all the reports and then he was talking to me how the first year of wind on my internship now so far so good and then in the middle of the discussion and I will never forget this has to do for me with stress what kind of accumulation is it to have a trustful relationship then he picked up the phone without telling me something and he was calling someone I was surprised and he was dieting it was a long-distance call very long number and then you started to talk in English it was a job in the NT phone tool Australia there was an evangelist Peter your site I don't know if you was a German but you weren't there and then my conference president told him that look I have a gifted young pastor sitting in front of me I know you're going to Russia for an evangelistic campaign when you have a place for I would send activity I will never forget this moment strongest gift the strongest motivation this conference president the we also like me was doing something like this trust be careful I will never forget this in my life and I believe this shaped my leadership strongly was widely was the best investment you could trustful relations I can trust you I believe this is the ground floor for empowering not easy talk about okay let's come to autocross our principal the selection so that the connection to God web related selection I was start was a question to you there is a farmer one of my favorite stories of emotional the story ready but patient is a farmer and he has three fields yesterday at the coming listen carefully not because at the end yet fonts all of you that is a farmer last three feelings and he has their friends fruit trees on this three fields this farmer has also work us start democracy has now the situation is in one field the fruit is ripe for harvest in the other two fields the fruit is not yet ripe for harvest maybe it would come but at this point not that the question to you is as a wise leader how should the farmer divides Sergey Marcus in this three feet you understand the problem for the repeat of the night reflecting on it the one farmer circular was three feet of in one field the fruit is ripe in the other two feet of the probe is not right as a wise leader as a smart leader household he divides his seventy workers who could help yes happy I didn't understand okay you mean since workers will know all what is the ripe fruit to pick up a rifle on the Sergeant workers know what is a ripe fruit and what is not the run-through gives all of them know all of the thirty mark is not having their specialists and fruit area of its verified if the question is how such a delight of thinking sending on one but that may be there other to need some kind of keeping some maybe ten one two each of those two and twenty eight to the ones out of a noise like it apparently undiminished Candida is only one point of one one focus point that many points you meant when Jesus was telling the story about Lazaro send burning and he has one main point if we lose to look at his main point becoming travels often with started like this I cannot tell you too much about what image but if you make a proposal saying twenty eighth in the fever the fruit is ripe and one in each of the other few this is correct okay this is one one suggestion that senior management to keep my time ten ten ten yes okay that's option number two hundred seven nine 's workers and move on the read to the time the big homes of foods they also will be ready to rip video with you what sent to talk us in the field as the ripe fruit selling although that's when the frozen strategy Odyssey if the book is already there and take order for the percent off any I don't know how long it will take that the fruit would become ripe and dynamic the dog everything is silent as that of the December libido are you have a visible start since numbers of different amounts and thirty two five three five and a half men on hearing a man yes once her name estimates a good name of the good often they get so much okay some feminist and often so far of everything for you the Christian finally brought out Dave's suggestion sounded people end up in the feedback everything is right then we enhance lives in the ROTC units but more the audit those soaring auto that they can collect all the fruit together than we had ten ten ten then we had twenty hated the riot and one on each other these are the five options are the more well against that's okay let's start with Christians options Saturday and arrive the you are yeah he wants on its omega reminder to leave this is the best option and implement okay is also lots so then we had switch of convenience the invention your love for the option of affidavit should I do not as we cater to get them to be a sound that I had at Smith nine again then we had the option of more end of significant metaphor does not get you can click on the Vatican 's guidance yet easy now and needs are you have to badly as a long time okay and that my brother and about twenty eight two two one one okay then everything okay I continue the author which someone gave the book by the way I put a lot of things together I rolled my booklet empowering that put that up with you together and you can have a copy like he is saying twenty eighth one of the first love I know that I love the farmers like enough that I can give you his reasoning why is saying as a smart leader for sure you have to send you walk is where the fruit is ripe the harvest that's at least send one worker in the other two fields and have only one task as soon as the fruit is ripe in these fields they have to communicate was the leader because as a smart leader he needs to change his strategy to adapt I don't know if you agree with the outcry only wanted to give you his sleeping not bad for the essay by the way I'm in preparation for the courses on their theological seminary next we have so I ripped from Alan Wright invented his abuse we completely quick book she mentioned several we have to accept people and we should not believe one approach in all situations this is not wise but it is some kind of idealism is the story however I want to come because of the upper policy pen pen pen my feeling often stretch your implementing exactly we are implementing ten ten and was the reason behind it one commitment and if you don't want to neglect anything that's a strong reason because if you're talking about district about Boston's every districts of one thousand yard recut and return to accelerate their process that the foods become good yes your smarts Manhattan that's correct it's good we can do this we should do it even not that they focused a little bit on the ten ten ten if this is true that we should do with twenty eight one one and I believe the principle is correct the principle has to do with our principle to select what kind of people should we select the fateful months the ripe ones on the potential months what what we said before in your and now now listen listen this these in in your situation maybe you have a use group on your church member the church leader you want to come back and to do something with others for the Lord to equip them where are the right reset the contention of the one who are good is an important principle which was the that the gifted ones that want you to indicate how can I find dedicated once one other words to choose to choose the right people as you and I reflected on this principle I have to confess from my limited experience often it was not me that she was the people most of the time it was not me and I felt that's good most of the time I believe Gluck guided Wales that certain people came to get a remedy of my time and it was an Internet reflected on this principle is where where did this became a reality in my life I was not a part of though and it was a very dedicated he wants not the many skills dedication with an normally as minister I would have spend a lot of times because he was baptized member was okay but then something he played soccer and yet problems with his niece so he could not look for item six months eight months and months weeks to three weeks to three months and during this time I felt I have to visiting it was not he was a young man it was not easy was working in construction work I visited and because of his situation and because of his growing relationship we spent regular time to get today when I look back I believe this was maybe in my experience one of the first people where I would implement this selection result in the Ivy League got guided in the way and we spent quality time together and most developed relationship trust but also equipment instruction it seems to me often this is not that we are called to be the great selector but also to be open God is bringing us together with people he's leading us in certain situations the reading of the web intensively with some people maybe that's but it should be the reset of and I don't know your situation your church youth group but generally speaking what generally the open personal sometimes we awoke we spent a lot of time maybe it was not wise to school we spend if you have some experience in evangelism you will know there are all these people to try to block you offer the services all of our coming directly and you have no time to talk with these overs are always seem and that you need to do it that's sometimes not so easy this is my speed limit salt in the church I think it can be the same sort generally speaking who are people groups of people which we should look for in order to spend more time with them like Jesus on it the developer relationship in order to equip each automated uncle only did I meet with her and use the receiver button quit each other what these groups in the church generally speaking you members new members we agree with this a man members and is this is very creepy and if someone steps into the church genuinely I mean he yet is this specific experience he maybe had to make a lot of changes in his life there is really a strong motivation strong dedication and also here it is important not to write the time is not working for us because if someone is on fire if someone is at variance and go home back in his reality they desire sometimes the fire gets slow food is important if new members of their 2K to develop relationship to what I I believe hundred percent new baptized members of new contacts on members who came from other places and maybe then you yes could you imagine other people groups young people have the again of why young people they affect seven half-hour of a awaiting to the God XMI yes you yet so many you should reflect on your specific situation in the event in a deeper way where are in my church in my youth group this kind of people where and this is for sure also an issue of prayer that God leads us in this this is very important new baptized young people and I would also add that will relieve suffering because someone dies from their family they have a problem that whatever people in the in the situation of crisis are generally open end and more receptive for so I cannot I mean we cannot generalize this but might give you some ideas down and if Ya I mean I believe think it's a much for the quest I believe if we talk about equipment equipping and leadership this is not an issue of the Navy some weeks or months I mean if I understand right I don't see it it's good if someone is in re- crisis to put them in a leadership position yes I agree hundred percent but I wanted to say if someone is in a crisis maybe until now he wants was a spectator it's a specific moment ready maybe become a disciple and then it's a time of leadership I mean we have clear advice from the Bible involves the spirit of prophecy not to put someone through soon a leadership position and understand your rights this was not my point yeah anyway talking about leadership yes but we're talking maybe five-step discipleship various maybe read some of the books from elder Baron and he is one one one statement which which I believe is also very true and very touching his the professional spectator becomes the professional critique so if someone is sitting only there and watching and saying this is not good this went bad and this is just a sense of critique we had about recognizing also the morning session there was a discussion if you're involved if you actively involved in your pocket I believe he understand much more in your much more patient listings and not so cryptic I believe what the furnace is finding out is completely right the profession of spectator becomes the profession and if we are involved if we are involved in mission work coming to you remember the situation maybe you got to know someone friendship developed maybe you are part of a Bible study group or you can buy the studies are however and that is the first time you invite this lady are dismantled the church that you had an experience like this I would repeat there is someone you get to know you develop relationship maybe Bible studies together on the study group together friendship developed is the first time you field I should invite his lady 's man the church you remember this moment what kind of sauce commission of a few we feed creating what is the meaning of not being dictate finish are some thoughts to get something if that's what it would maybe be more specific what is the meaning of this genuine alarm outcome was real format all visiting artist Jack White 's minds are organizing to visit Venice


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