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5- Safe and Secure, or Not so Sure?

Justin Torossian


Jesus’ message of Revelation 3 ends with a promise to overcome. But can we really be sure of our salvation? Is it wrong to feel assurance of salvation, or a divine requirement? Whether you’re safe and secure or not so sure, learn how to have real peace and assurance in Christ.


  • November 30, 2013
    11:30 AM
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this is for me to think that this is the last message in our series the final call the final method of the final comment for Uganda this afternoon at two thirty there has been a message added on a topic that I'm very passionate about and that is the spirit of prophecy in the writings of Ellen White you know we are going to be addressing some of the accusations that have come in against Ellen White's on the good news is any accusation that you may be here that you may hear has Artie been answered in the past that were not only going to be discussing these things but we have a handout for you that's going to be available with many websites or resources the answering that the critics and the criticisms that are out there against the spirit of prophecy I've been so blessed in my time here been able to see parts of your beautiful country we saw the three sisters I went than snow was we went up final left the Avondale and Sunnyside and Sunnyside is especially amazing of course now if there was actually a branch in our life bedroom making a picture of Jesus that was painted on the cut off from a branch that on the property of Elms Haven on LifeLock home and it was I felt really at home then because I grew up running around on sale May the first forgiving towards their and years later of course when I was sixteen and you went back it was that much more special the police because I had begun to really understand what the Lord had done through Alan White's and read some of her writings through which the Lord touched my heart so sometimes people think that you just kind of inherent knowledge or experience invites I also had to grow in knowledge and experience anyways it's been an incredible blessing being here with you this morning him before we continue in our eye last message I would just like to ask you to value has with me for a word of prayer Lord you said that when every other voices hushed and in quietness we wait before you the silence of the soul makes the more distinctive the voice of God or we long for you to call him and are sold just now whatever thoughts we have come in here with whatever concerns whenever things are flying around in our minds we pray that you will simply silence them as we come into your presence we pray that we would hear your voice clearly speaking to Arsenal we long for a message from heaven or may not amend the heard but the Son of Man Jesus Christ then made a message you logically we love you Lord I thank you for the blessed assurance that we have a salvation when we put our lives completely in your head in Jesus name we pray in a file this week we have been examining Jesus message to the church of Laodicea we began with the methods entitled the Laodicean dilemma on Sunday nights the latest in dilemma we discovered that the greatest problem of the church of Laodicea is not that they are wretched miserable poor blind or naked but that they don't even knowing they don't even recognize it but praise God that the Savior offers a solution in a and this is our next message or we examine the three solutions that he was given revelation three verse eighteen he says to buy from him gold refined in the fire he provides the role of his righteousness at the Laodiceans are naked Onslow and then of course the ISAF and a Mrs. which is the Holy Spirit 's attendance some understand the light of his word the next night we examine how in the passage itself it does not give the answer to being a regular visible but there's only one other place in the Bible where those two words are use wretched as in Romans seven invisible at first thinking fifteen we saw how Jesus had victory overseen is what wretched is referring to the Roman Senate Netherlands referring to that we see that Jesus had victory over death as well praise God that through Christ and his victory over sin and death he can grant us victory over sin and over death when he comes in the clouds and glory that evening we in this last night we asked the question what will it take we saw how the mess is the last message of mercy to the world was even thousand one hundred and sixty years ago without them nothing short of a complete surrender of everything we have and everything we are what enabled out to finish the work to our throughout hence the Lord made a call to us to surrender ourselves and be willing to allow him to make a final cult if you see humanity through us that he can come soon this morning I message is entitled safe and secure or not so sure safe and secure or not so sure I was driving down the highway and I have the radio station on the radio station that's fairly popular in America among Christians and I like the music for the most part on that station however the man who ran the ministry for a long time now he's actually too old as some erroneous teachings about the Bible many of them and one of them was that Jesus would come back in two thousand eleven is as after he had predicted it three times before and been wrong every time for some reason people still kept listening to him them off when I listen to the music anyways this man actually espouses and teaches something he says that once you believe in predestination which teaches that God when he created the world before he created the world he had in his mind each of loss and he said no I'm not going to let everyone to make it to heaven but rather just a select group and those other than I created are going to be lots and he believes Miss Manners radio announcer or this radio host believes and teaches this lot of predestination they got created some in order to be saved and determined that anything and that the others would be lost because God determined that they would be lost the first prison under the gospel not that safe we have a choice is not right God provided the opportunity for all of us to accept his burden that he student to accept his sacrifice on the cross he made provision for the salvation of all and is simply ours for the taking should we accept the gift that he's getting loud I was listening to this man speak this radio announcer someone who came on just after this man finished speaking they all had a plug for a book and name of the book was I hope God saves me as if you'd like your free copy of I hope God sees me eight hundred three six four two nine nine six method for myself who would want a book called I hope God phase me that I sound like a nice read anybody in here I pray the Lord friends we don't have to hope that God saves us he has promised that he will not it's not a matter of of what he will do it's a matter of our response to him in a continual walk with Jesus not I the number of friends some time ago I had an informal say then I asked a few of them you don't if you died tonight what would happen for you and I know that you would sleep in the grave and and died but what would your internal state be so of them said on on on not sure one of them said I'd be lost as to why I asked them why they said while you are the other day I did this Synod of venison Jan just too bad developers and the other person said I be saved I be saved but after a little more discussion she actually started crying tears came to her eyes she wasn't sure she wanted to be sure her salvation but she didn't know and believe that biblically she could be when her if her life was completely in Christ's hands of fragile X then the server to you but you have to promise me something we promise me something you don't know what it is yet what everyone now there has enclosed their eyes yes okay I hadn't possess the sake of the privacy of others there is a strange power in the crowd so displeased by her head close your eyes now if your life were to end when you left this earth this afternoon you but if you believe that you would be saving Nottingham raise your hand Kagan put your hands down now if you believe that you would not be saving God 's kingdom every eye closed please please visit our item for your hands down all right praise the Lord this is some audio believers as many people were confident not in themselves living with Christ is able to do friends there is an extreme there are two extremes when it comes to the assurance of salvation that assurance is not just something that is nice or something that we should an absolute necessity for the Christian how can we share all Gospel and of the new luminosity we experience me and we don't know it and I believe that the good work that Christ has done an awesome thus far and his righteousness being worked out in our lives would carry us into the kingdom friends we must be sure of our salvation event God wants this to be the case in our lines now in first and tenth Congress twelve apostle Paul says wherefore let him that think if you stand it hee hee lest he fall within talking about in that message to the church in Laodicea house they thought that they were all right but they're all wrong that's the sad case of the leaders in church is believed to see an dilemma if you will there's a danger of false security false assurance to address this is briefly before we focused the second half of the larger part of the message on another aspect the other extreme that we must avoid as gods children and on since church now in Luke chapter ten verse twenty Jesus told his disciples after they had gone out and sure diseases after all people are being healed after miracle that happened Jesus said to them when they came back door excited to share these things Jesus said to them notwithstanding in this rejoice not that the spirits are subject unto you but rather rejoice because your names are what written in French when Jesus tell his disciples to do something that they could not do yes enough out he would not season and rejoice because your names are written in heaven so it means that they would have to give up to know that their names were written in heaven in order to build a rejoice is not right we've been studying this mornings us out of school lesson the him perfectly really must be investigated just and how when we give our lives to Christ our name is entered into the book of life there is also little to remembrance the friends we can rejoice that hot if we surrender our lives it's either our names are written in the Lamb 's book of life when our sins before the Lord in the investigative judgment when we ask for forgiveness of those sins they are blotted out by the blood of the Lamb we can rejoice in this indeed the the promise of assurance issue is clear it's really a necessity listen to what a little old lady five foot through seventy seven years old at the time we've been inspired by the Lord said to the general conference meeting in one hundred and ten years ago she said we must not base our salvation upon supposition we must know of a surety that Christ is formed in the hope of glory we must know for ourselves at the spirit of God 's abiding in our hearts that we can hold communion with God then if you should come to us quickly if by any chance our life should be suddenly ended we should be ready to needs our God is we need to have this assured to be ready and no matter what happens that way we would know that the blessed gift that Jesus is offering us is sure it is guaranteed message this morning is a very simple one a very simple one but it's ever so important I found that my short time as a minister that so many people lack this peace and assurance that God wants to offer a willing to answer the question how can I be sure of my salvation and concerning salvation there are many dishes and traps that the devil would have us falling soon one and we won't take much time to address the first is a teaching is engaging that is floating in the on biblical waters of false theology and it is called once saved always saved anyone else ever heard that before once saved always it is pretty self explanatory this teaching says that if you at one point in your past in a little moment of fate said Lord Jesus please save me I give my life to you that you are saved no matter what you do for the rest of your life it doesn't matter what you do it based on the little woman of faith you are saved according to this false teaching not friends of the Bible give us any examples of people who chose to be saved but then later turned their back on God and the law if the guys met him out we we see that Saul turned his back king Saul turned his back on the Lord we see that Judith turned his back on Jesus he physically walked and talked with Jesus yet he turned away Jesus even put in a place where he can overcome his greed yet he chose to resist the pleadings of the Holy Spirit the Bible teaches that in deed we can choose to be lost Paul and Hebrews three verse twelve explains this and he said take heed brethren lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in the departing from the living God in doing what from noting the departing at means that in Paul's writing to the Christian believers here is that it is all too possible to depart from the and what is the root cause that leaves the people to depart from not according to the verse thirteen evil heart of unbelief in your friends without faith it is impossible to please God in a is fate that we must have an evident in learning this week Jesus offers us that goal faith it works by law this is what sees us wants to offer its you state in the more it happens first drink and nine verse twenty seven shows that Paul really recognize his own weakness and that you know I am not immune to falling away he says but I keep under my body and bring it into subjection lest that by any means when I have preached to others I myself should be cast away also you know what ashamed to be if all of these competent people who've given their lives for the Lord saw the very one who brought them to the foot of the cross fall away he knew that he was in Fresno man is indispensable none of us no matter when it is indispensable that friends the Lord does not want any one of us to leave his side is not right the choice always lies with our when we start seeing the things that the Lord may be doing through lots and we take credit for them and we allow pride to commence our minds and its arguments are alive we are in danger of falling away from the Lord praise God that he holds us close to him he promises that should we walk with him via my day and moment by moment basis he will keep us ever mindful of our own personal weaknesses and faults and are for foibles in Genesis fibers twenty four we see a picture of a man who truly walked with God the Bible says of Enoch and Enoch walked with God and he was not Ford thirty friends there is another extreme out there that elderly care which side of the road we falling to as long as we're in a ditch in the right on the journey to heaven is the lowest to get us off track off to the side and out of the straight and narrow and this we look at one extreme which is once saved always saved now going to look at another extreme which is that will never be ready for heaven and visit accusation the devil brings against us your two-bath units gone too far all of these things and we started out and wonder am I really saved cannot be sure we see that you not want click on and God 's sake and to have anything in figurative profit that beautiful book it says that you not voice was so familiar to the people because of his preaching that they actually went and looked for him when he didn't come back down from the mountain from his time in communion with God being missed his voice they actually ridicule them and didn't listen to him but strangely a part of their life was missing they were missing the voice of God when they went to look for him they found no grave they found nobody and they realized and new that God had taken enough home within the off life games of light were not said enough your thoughts your meditations the song that you sing the thoughts that you think everything there your mind is in heaven what he does physically and join in for this is Christ's desire for us to his neck as we walked by the way as we interact with others we can have our minds focused on Christ we can have he is working in our hearts we can put it this song or that we may remember a better power in in the word of God to keep us close by his side friends God is able to keep us from falling into Jude verse twenty four sonic the search knows very well Allen to him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy and God is able to keep us from falling event and we may feel like I've fallen and I can't not been a fine day I don't feel it is possibly more friends with men it is impossible with God possible all things are possible not us but Christ living off in a and in the same way that he wants with Enoch in the same way he was able to take Eli gets added both of them were sinless and holy is because they recognize their weakness and imperfection and they constantly trust himself on the Redeemer at that and he could live out his life through them and within and purify them and set them for having following quote from price object lessons makes this very clear it's beautiful when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people that he will come to claim them as his own friends God is desiring to perfectly reproduces character in us and I know many people have heard this and read this and become discouraged and thought how can the character of Christ be perfectly reproduced in me how can this happen as the Lord is well able to accomplish this and in our eyes need not be on ourselves we must focus our eyes on price lastly the registry ten and he will have a people of people who will perfectly reflect his image who will follow the LAN whithersoever you don't will say there is no price too high to stand for the truth though the heavens may fall of people who will follow him and will see him when he comes in the clouds of glory and he will say to them well done thou good and faithful service enter into the joy of thy Lord friends as we see Christ's as we behold the high and holy standard of his righteousness we wonder were tempted to believe the anyway says you can't be a part of that group look at you look at this in your life look at that and we're tempted to believe that God is not able to change us and what believe that in light of these imperfections we cannot raise the standard and Jesus wants to reach in us and through us by leaving our hearts close your ears to the enemy and look to the promises of God it is one beautiful on Isaiah forty one verse ten fear thou not for I am with the be not dismayed for I and I God I will strengthen the day I will help me I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness God promises he'll uphold us is not us that are going to have to fly cells up by our moods just that doesn't work he says I will uphold you as if forty three sixty verse four hundred forty six is for an easement for your old age I am he and Ethan Fillmore Harris gray hairs in other words will I carry you I have made and I will bear even I will carry and will deliver you God promises that he will carry us in on Jeremiah thirty one verse three the Lord appeared emboldened to me saying yay I love you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness how I drawn the front of me ask you something as Jesus love us with an everlasting love yes or no can someone love you with an everlasting love unless they have existed and are everlasting yes or no they cannot therefore because Jesus loves us with an everlasting love Jesus is not just everlasting into the future Jesus has always existed in a Christ was not creating Christ was not made by God the father Jesus Christ is eternal in a the is one with God the father in purpose with the Holy Spirit and they work together in the plan of redemption to save humanity friends if you ever hear that Jesus has not existed all throughout all me they are sensitive to the word of God he met is clear when you we look at the Old Testament we say see that God is the everlasting one we see in the New Testament that the prophecies in the quotations of those verses that refer to the very same passage as referring to the Lord we know that Jesus has always existed and he will always exist and I he has loved us with an everlasting love because he is the everlasting one Philippians one verse six being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good working you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ but insist that Don was started the good work in you huge victory for the completion sometimes when I start a project sometimes when I start writing something a song world article I was finishing a males had that experience RM not alone will God does not do that the Lord always finishes when he starts and what he started in you when you started in me he promises should we simply submit to him day by day moment by moment he will carry that through the completion you will finish the good work that he has begun in each and every one of us that it may be one person here who's thinking you know those promises some nice but they don't apply to me you know he doesn't know what to say I am God God can reach me he can perfect me he can carry me through to heaven because I did this and I did that I'm too bad friends listen to this stuff the Christ beautiful book one of the best that you E age fifty kids has put away the suspicion that God 's promises are not meant for you they are for every repentant transgressor strength and grace have been provided through Christ to be brought by ministering angel him free and meaningful none are so thankful that they cannot find strength purity and righteousness in Jesus who died from he is waiting to strip them of their garments are stained and polluted with saying and so put upon them the white robes of righteousness he bids them live and not die friend prices just waiting for us to surrender our sense of surrender everything to him and he may as you make cleansing purifying us and give us attribute of his perfect and holy righteousness changing our characters the promises of God 's word the files of the promises therefore every single one of us in a every single one of us was in the beautiful promise as well the faith I live my phase one oh two is not God 's will that you should be distrustful and torture your soul with the fear that God will not accept you because you are sinful and unworthy as God doesn't want us torturing ourselves that ends and wondering and second-guessing no he wants us to have confidence the blessed peace that comes from being connected with the peace that passes understanding the peace that passes all understanding I made a turn in your Bibles with me to Zachariah chapter three Zacharias after three one of the minor prophets for the ends of the Old Testament is to put behind Matthew right behind Malachi is Zachariah no Zechariah was given a vision of Joshua the high priest the high priest of Israel the the representative of the people Zechariah three and were going to examine this together now we remember for those who are able to join us out during the final call we have seem to get it from its Internet arose and close in the Bible represent character to represent character Zachariah three second verse one then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand 's opposing Singulair accusing Joshua verse two and the Lord said to Satan the Lord rebuke you Satan the Lord who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you is not is this not a brand plucked from the fire now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and standing before the angel the demo was accusing Josh a single of his character it's filthy he's not your he's mine but continues on verse four then he answered and spoke to those who stood before him saying take away the filthy garments from and to him he said see I have removed your iniquity from you and I will clothe you with rich roads I said let them put a clean start on his head so they put a clean sermon on his hat and they put the clothes on and the angel of the Lord stood by friends Christ has cleansed us from our sins and we have confessed in the amount the devil may stand at our side he may try to accuse us but we have a high priest in heaven who is interceding on our behalf and we have to confess our sins to him we know that he has been faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from some unrighteousness all unrighteousness all unrighteousness missing Romans eight versus thirty three and thirty four this beautiful truth is reechoed here who shall lay anything to the charge of God 's elect it is God that justify who is he that condemns it is Christ that died yet rather that is risen again who is even at the right hand of God who also maketh intercession for us you are right hand on the father making intercession for us and we have nothing to fear we have put our lives in his nothing to fear we have put our lives in his and are continuing to walk with him the beautiful song you may ninth the words go like this before the throne of God about I have a strong and perfectly I freeze foods name is love you nine join who has Liz and leads for me and also unite on my and his rants and on his mind there is a man on his law I know that long ago in hanging is a notes on hand to me that since the on node song can do the all friends we have a high priest and having who is interceding for us know what song can did us the events that are what happens is that we often look at ourselves and that's when we get you I say Psalm God invasion his eyes were open he saw his glory the train of his robe filling the Temple that seraphim were flying in the were crying holy holy holy that pillars of the temple there were shaking Isaiah said the following words in Isaiah six verse five you just in chapter five in listing the wolves against Israel and now he realized it was him that he was the one that was in need of help think that I will always me for I am undone because I am a man of unclean lips and dwell in the midst of a P will for mine eyes have seen the King the Lord of hosts I just had unknown for I'm in the presence of the holy one but it continues on friends when we recognize our inadequacy our needs are our problem before the Lord are on holiness God steps in and he can work a miracle it says then flew on a certain sense of me having a live coal in his hand which he had taken with the tongs from the altar and he laid it out on my mouth and said low this has cost I let and nine in equity is taken away and by seeing his parents for the very thing that Isaiah said have the problem his lips was what God cleanse through the angel bringing the call from the altar on high the reason what I is because the angel the broader not hold a cleansed his lips the cleansing of his lips was for the purpose of Isaiah going out and declaring the gospel just after this impersonates that I had wife's thing for Micheli sent them who shall go for us whom shall I send and who will go for us I said they say here am I send him you said here are my son made it may lower I want to go for you I recognize my unworthiness but I crazy for cleansing if not on winning for cleansing in my things now I can speak for you because you have changed me you of transforming this is not ideal his desire for us friends he wants to transform us as Christians on the upward walk we can often fall into the trap of disparate and what Christ wants us to keep our eyes focused on Jesus is somewhat of a undivided divine paradox if you will the more we focus our eyes on Jesus in turn are the more we recognize our own impurities and imperfections now the closer we got to him the more we realize that we are in need of him now this is a good thing because I didn't realize more and more how anything that is not really from costs if him working out his goodness and living out his life in us and he keeps is dependent upon Jesus but Satan wants us to focus our eyes on ourselves and to distract us and make us think that we are not going to ever be able to be fixed for having in for a home but listen to this beautiful quote by the way this is from sets the Christ as well if you do not have a copy of this book we had one available for you are just as you leave this if you can just think of a friend who needs to hear this message who would be blessed by this that I encourage you to pick one of these up and to share with them incredible book it has it has been transformative in my life he says do not be misled by Satan 's devices many who are really conscientious and who desire to live for God he too often leads to dwell upon their own faults and weaknesses and thus by separating them from Christ he hopes to gain the victory we should not make self the center and indulge anxiety and fear us the weather we shall be saved all this turns the soul away from the source of our strength commit the keeping of your soul to God and trust in him he is able to keep that which you have committed to him and Christ is able to keep our hearts that we have committed to him he says in his word that when he does away with are saying that they are gone Micah seven verse nineteen he will turn again he will have compassion on you are any goodies and now will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea our sins are gone they are not digital that there are places on earth like the Mariana trench that are over thirty thousand feet deep there places that submarines can't even go noticing I'm doing away with yesterday archon they are finished the friends we sometimes when a doubled since us to look at ourselves wheat we bring us in from our past every of the story I heard us of a of a young girl who was learning how to drive as you learn how to drive she was your driving with her father and her father is teaching her how to drive and a cat jumped on the middle of the road and it had to hit the break and she hit the gas until the gap so they went to the neighbors and they said on horse so sorry it was so sorry that you we killed your times and sulci is that all nations and tears than their children when they all buried in the backyard together and know that so the neighbors thought the neighbors who until the guy came back again and ends rang the doorbell and and this other neighbors came on and is a yes and they had built up the cat and said always souls harbor so sorry is that okay so they buried it again no it's okay we forgive you very the cat all the next day guess what happens they got up again at ourselves our results are friend is a simple story civilization isn't it that way with us and on some funds do we really trust him that when we confess our sins he has been forsaken and turned away from that he is forgiven also he has just promised that he will cleanse us from all unrighteousness we don't need to go fishing for us and we don't even know digging up old diecast apologizing for them once they are done is natural to have a sense of guilt and separation from the Lord him there we have after we have seen but he has forgiven us incest the price page fifty one to put it in my own way she says there beautifully just one and a half sent to be blessed to read it check it out later she says believe in God 's promise and say I believe it because he's setting and not because I feel it not because I feel it Lisa Presley should not trust our feelings when it comes to those things that we should trust implicitly on the word of God we can trust that he has indeed forgiven us just as we are trying to look for who you think this is an artist rendition fall very good and solid this point when she visited him on the road to Damascus later he became all the most thoughtful missionary in the most powerful missionary in really that that Christian churches history now we're going to see a beautiful illustration of the apostle Paul gave that helps us understand salvation and sanctification but before we go there Paul is a man who is confident in his salvation you know why not because he was confident in himself but he was confident in Christ he had a confidence in Christ and because of that he knew that his salvation in Jesus was sure he said yes I'm a work in progress and if I fall I don't hang my head in and stay on the ground I get back up and by the blood and power of Jesus I press on for the look at what he had to say and second seventy four versus five and eight but wants now in all things endure afflictions do the work of an evangelist make full proof of thy ministry for I am now ready to be offered in the time of my death this is our last letter that he ever wrote is writing to his disciple Timothy and he's he noted that his death is soon he was getting up in age and he knew that his life would soon be given a martyrs death for for his faith in Christ I have thought the good fight I have finished my course I have checked the fate henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous judge shall give me at that day and not for me only but until all them also that love his appearing friends Paul had confidence in his salvation not because he was confident in himself but because he was confident in Jesus Jesus is knocking at the door of our hearts his words thoughts behold I stand at the door not if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me to him and overcome it will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne friends Jesus wants the answer into our hearts each and every day in a temptation comes into our minds can hit with Scripture of the Lord Jesus dwell in my heart give me a ride to stop Jesus wants to transform us from the inside out since the Christ page sixty four once again there are those who have known the pardoning love of Christ and who really desire to be children of Donna yet they realize that their characters and perfect their life is faulty and they are ready to doubt whether their heart had been renewing by the Holy Spirit as such I would say do not draw back in despair we so often half the power you become our shortcomings and mistakes but we are not to be discouraged even if we are overcome by the enemy we are not cast-off not for seeking and rejected about no crisis at the right hand of God who also maketh intercession for us and if you will but yield yourself to him he that hath begun a good workings you will carry it forward until the day of Jesus Christ friends we need not draw back in despair we not think that we are forsaken by God rejects us immediately should we should really make any mistake sorry is told of a man named hottest ski famous Polish pianists he was performing at a concert of classical music concert as the people were there they were ready to hear the world-class pianists this famous musician now before the program started the lights were turned down low and one mother didn't notice that her son kind of slipped away from her as she was speaking to the person to her left the next thing she knew the light schema she saw herself on the stage and he was there at shadow she thought oh no what was going on on the and he was starting to play he started to play chopsticks very very basic simple phone people facing what is this we can't escape our interesting was to blame crazy out there plaintiff channels whose kid is that unless I get that went on from there is a story gosling S he saw the little boy out there rather than going out and picking removing him because his song wasn't this glorious piece not have mistakes rather than that he went to the floor when he put his arms around and then he started to weave an little font chopsticks into the most beautiful masterpiece and any of the people had ever friends the arms of Jesus and Circle Las Animas he is the master musician there may be mistakes there may be tripled in our lives but if we has surrendered ourselves to him if we confess and forsake those they he will we even the negative things in our past and our life into the most beautiful thing that we can ever amount in the same way friends price once the grant us this blessed assurance because he is the one in control is a gift that he has promised like to invite the deacons to share a card with you at this time they're going to be to be handing you something to write with and a card as well every time that we hear a message from Jesus we have one of two choices we can respond in a positive or we can reject the pleadings of the Holy Spirit we can rise in rebellion or surrender and humble our heart there's always a response I invite you to listen to the words of the song friends remember the devil may be accusing us others may not be willing to give us the time of day they may be accusing us as well family members or friends or someone may be pointing to the things in our lives remember Jesus loves us infinitely so I is guaranteed that he will bring his work in the completion please listen to the words and the size you receive the car are a you he you soon I moved the reasons he is gone for the love of Jesus and then this morning the Lord wants us to respond to Hayes giving us an opportunity to respond we want to give you an opportunity you know we either fall into one of two groups here if we had any fear in our lives our salvation first it might be because we have good reason to be afraid because we haven't fully surrendering our lives into the hands of Jesus in Matthew today in your essay you know I've made it of me to surrender but I know there are things in my life that I'm still holding back I want the Lord to help me give those on that I can have this sweet blessed peace that passes understanding the desire to either check out response I want to make a full surrender to Christ and exchange receipts genuine peace and assurance secondly you are afraid in any respect in regards your salvation maybe because the demos drawing accusations your way and you're tempted to believe that you've already surrendered your life to the Lord you have no sins in between you and him and if that is the case friend you can trust only when you are right with your maker and your Creator and if that's going on in your mind you realize that you need special help from the Lord to trust in his promise to resist the temptations of the enemy to think that you are not saved you can receive to assurance of salvation I made a check that second last of all the gift of eternal life is one that God is offered freely to all of humanity but it is conditional C God is a God of love the God of freedom of choice he does not force his gifts upon anyone the Bible teaches us in the words of Jesus himself by his example the only way to weaken the save in his kingdom is to his right for all who are physically able Jesus says the way you express your faith in my righteousness your union with me into death and resurrection is to the right of biblical baptism whether you're a visitor here today with even many times or even if you are a member and you grew up in the search young person rethinking it I just haven't made the decision for baptism yet I'm still too young I'll put it off for or another time friends today is that the consolidation no man is promised tomorrow none of us know what is able if you would like to say yes more I want to give my life to you until the onlooking universe whose side I am on I think that the box it says I want to learn more about uniting my life to see the you got ahead and check the box might surpass the kinds and you're done to the edge of the island the deacon who picked them up after we pray that he does is hold them will pass them after the fact with our heads together for a worth my father having we thank you for your goodness to us we thank you that we don't have to be tortured in Solon wondering if we are saved or not as if we had made a full surrender to you and are holding nothing back we do know a you have assured us the blessed piece of eternal life with you thank you that you say for those who follow you nor your sheep that no one can snatch them out of the finest help us to continue falling after your Lord when the devil throws accusations are way things even long in our class we pray that we will keep our eyes focused on Jesus and say I may not be worthy but Christ is when you he has paid the price father we thank you the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all of our same you know with what must Lord are especially struggling I trained it may be with each one and especially humans but he known that some of us here in this room have not made a decision for Nazism and to surrender our lives you Lord I ask that you continue to plead with us through your Holy Spirit continue to give us opportunity the Lord help us to make him because time is short we never know what moment might be on thank you Lord for your goodness and for bringing us here this morning as we go from this place and the Fellowship lunch and enjoyed using the continued blessing the Masonic we pray that your Holy Spirit will be here through the angel thank you for having enough on prepare us for heaven and home we love you will constantly on the media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more certain it is www. audio person or


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