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Anil Kanda

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  • October 9, 2014
    7:00 PM
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we have something wonderful disgusted amen let the public that you could start my day I would like to be discernment and my plasma to be disarming all the things electricity went out the PowerPoint without AAB without any new name and it was just the big church so I needed to project my voice my voice was just really going out so I texted my friend and I said hey pray for us the power has already gone out and without just let me adjust less than my fifteen seconds he text me he said don't worry the word already has power amen the word already has all the power we need when we begin with the word of prayer life as Jesus to speak his word to us in a very special way today father in heaven right now we just want to pray and thank you for the power of the spirit we pray and ask that the word of God would become alive living in active and God would touch our hearts and our minds that we want to walk away from this place change because we hadn't counter the infinite God of the universe this is our prayer Lord in the name of Jesus amen I highly blather Bibles raise your hand if you have a viable figure battle out okay if you allow open your Bible and Ehrlich guess I what you turn to the person next to you with the judge mental look right now for not being a Bible 's okay that's enough is enough I think judgmental words I said judgmental lot I okay now go to be laid out some wonderful things in the Scripture think that the Bible house was letting about let's go to party when the most look at verse that all the Scripture it's the very first verse of the Bible go to Genesis chapter one verse one can be hard to find Genesis Chapter one starting with verse one WR flipping a lot of pages were just going to Genesis one verse wind again Genesis one verse one and if you are going to thing a man still haven't found it will break the Iraq Genesis chapter one let's start with first lineup for the Bible says right here in the beginning notices God created the what happens and what I noticed this interesting right here the Bible isn't thinking to prove God exists that it simply declares God 's existence in the beginning God made you think about that that in itself is such a powerful verse from the very beginning of Scripture the Bible tries to tell us it tells us right from the very beginning that God was there and that he is the one who was responsible for all of this it went down without this chiropractic chiropractor and it was this the man who was just really working on my neck and you are at the most awkward question conversations with Indian people when they find out what I do for profession that and often times as this is Paul's awkward moment and then they have the question why are you a pastor I thought everyone was just working on my neck and he asked the inevitable question because they what you do for a living house ready for it what on the pastor would require awkward plot and then he said why as I began to talk and little bit about the Bible but a bit about spirituality and things like that and then you will be said to me even if doctors say something I picture that all religions very similar because they all sound the same they have the same ideals he says that all that's saying if you look at the root of it all the same and the Lord give me the right word I said brother you said something very interesting in your response to me you said it I think it's not about it it's about him and discovering who he is the one from the very beginning this is the purpose of life is to know the creator of all the accolades and achievement that humanity can have him present it is to know the creator to know who he is the one who was there from the very beginning and the one who will be there all the way to the end of time amen enough against the chapter one verse one favorite here in the beginning what God November right there created in the beginning what God created the heavens and the earth ellipsoids they went down with them Sammy is why I am working off of lofty major enemy at Stanford University right now but what if I was taking the class and the teacher within the class is called the philosophy of science the philosophy of science and the teacher 's name was Judy Cain McCain was able and that this was her name and see how this club called the philosophy of science and she dedicated the last two lines on this class to debunking creationism that there is no God but this world is different the product of random positive then chances and she was there and so she spent this time just you know the last few months just describing fundamental churches and believe that trying to promote that God created the world in six days and I thought to myself oh my goodness is to be a wonderful time I hear that I really began to pray for the Holy Spirit and there were some angry atheist in that class I meet and greet angry people and get back one day when the teacher was going over the fossil record I asked the inevitable question that comes up thanking you explain to me where the transitional fossils are found I never forgot when the atheist turned to me if you'd like people who are worth visiting Pokémon stuff like that I think I was really teach me pay and long time you had all night long many different times I never got one other guy in the class he was naked with that happy with letting about going to law school he was up in the front liberal and every time he would make the incarnate approximation if he would look right at me okay with it yet these creation if what they are trying to do there try to prove that the world is six thousand -year-old music and look at what the two million euros of a I'll thought that we have been like that if it I think it was so crazy I mean it was definitely intense class there was a great controversy within the class you name it after it was such an intense experience but I never forgot me I was really praying for wisdom and tact how to deal with if the classroom I know that God had called me up but the issue with it I also was doing evangelistic theories and how I have awakened Mountain View California so I have to drive all the way back to my hometown when pastoring to go to class and then not have to drive all the way back and this was taken place in the last month all this got class and thought documents of Lord 's got to be a purpose but I have this burden that I needed to be in this class as though there was an error made all the way until the very last day and the teacher was just spending all this time debunking this saying this about creationist things if the backtrace and and finally you should begin to go to the National Academy of Sciences and begin to lay down all the criteria this was the last fifteen minutes of class humans with all the criteria I just felt discouraging now with time to talk to you you didn't enter the blood criteria event of what I get with it the client must be testable it must be repeatable it must be a veritable blame easily raise my hand I asked the question is that when you look at MacWorld illusion of the theory of Mac revolution it teaches that the world was created really severe skull that life started millions of years ago how can we prove that if we cannot test that once our best to keep up for a moment and she said well we do we look back and to the earth birth record and we would see if the fossil record would match that so I really raised my hand again I said but when you taken a look at the fossil record is the continuous or discontinuous and forever the car didn't look at me she paused for a second she is like a discontinuous and I've raised my hand again I mean I was like I would like to know what I'm using right now Mister in the last two years have there been a bunch of hoaxes to really try to offset is there we have evolution and she said that's very true and I think that giving over the last hundred years there's been some altercations to make this theory fit when it should've been debunked a long time ago she thought for a second and then I raised my hand on my time is the last minute and I said I'm the altercations of the theory need before it's finally dismissed in your mercy and to this this past year that she said will this is why were here this heaviness in the air and it was just this moment would like God wants one final attack should sit out but I never got many people came up to me one guy give me a high five in the class about like what's going on and that he was dating Adventist drought affecting tainted by the neck I was like a minute I want to talk to you I think at the there any a bike without we believe that you just that I've been okay admittedly the Bible and that is what I used to be Catholic now don't believe in God is that you respect the books of Daniel Revelation is that no I think you give me some time to study with you the book of Daniel Revelation you'll be blown away and said okay is interested but I never forgot it was just an amazing thing that we can take place I feel like I never got around laughing about some also sprawl the classroom I didn't try to win favor with the teacher got her vegetarian cookbook if you haven't some of issues but I'll give at the full by this idea this idea of the TV that are promoting out in the world today okay you say something I was born and raised in secular secular Southern California with the secular school of regular college it my entire life I only spent two years at and having to Scotland with me my college and that was a positive form of that amazing backlog evangelism but I still attend McGill University and here's something I really want to let you know today is that although we as Christians don't have all the answers we have and God wants us to understand there is plenty of proof that is out there but what we need late syndrome is to have faith in God 's word little room I think creationism lead to a belief in Scripture rather I see a believer in Scripture lead to believe in creationism as people begin to affirm the scriptural record all of a sudden as they begin to rewind more and more they begin to realize that the Scriptures are teaching the truth that God created the world in six days amen and if I was sitting down with this philosophy graduate student just an ardent atheist light bodied Indian food of work them up with some Kirby and the Internet we began talking about the lawsuit began talking about theology and I see that you know I just do not believe in this stuff five the nephews in question that okay I've read when you go back in before everything while admitting that the Big Bang that will not cause the Big Bang event the singularity was the point where all the laws of physics were broken down and all of a sudden the Big Bang took place and these laws were than the in motion by Vegemite that okay you X-Files in the point to meet with a lot of visits were broken down in other words a supernatural moment that supernatural video supernatural meaning beyond natural beyond law I said okay and he said okay and I said to him I said I believe that there is a supernatural creator that would take us to get it you'll believe that there was a supernatural impersonal random point that brought all of this together and I believe that there is a supernatural personal creator and said that I said this in my lap with a set I don't have the kind of faith and belief in this the Bible speaks the truth amen and any attempt to change what Genesis chapter one put the breaks down the very purpose nature and revelation of the greatest event that ever took place in human history and that is the cross of Calvary never got one guy walked at Livingstone Zambia when I walked into a nondenominational church walked in there and I was just looking at this poster I was on the law and this poster said it three ways as well to place the world was created number one it showed that there was evolution the world can about the chance might be instructive primordial soup and all of a sudden there was existing then the second theory said that God could will then fix faith and their every shelf that got overlong AGS created mankind and not the long slow process as always look at this poster that was in this nondenominational church and often when the elders comes up to me to get in front of the Hindu needed converting of a wife intimate want to meet and leave them there and invite now that's very interesting poster I said if anything a lot of people happy beliefs about how we came to be he said they took a look at these three theories that are out there that's interesting and then he said to me I believe the third one when you take a good look at what science promotes and believes and has found out it seems that we have come across we have come to be through long ages that the interest rate of a distinctly and uniquely we cannot we came to be because of evolution macrolevel Lucia I turned to my figure three interesting is that it is that that's what I put my belief I think that you question the guest animals lived and died before the creation of mankind that would that would posit that gap existed as well but if benefited that exist in this world that means that existed in this planet and then he's like you know I never thought about that and I said to my said wife Cindy existed before Adam was created that means that God was responsible for death and for sin and then he's like you know I never thought about that what do you think of the Bible you know here's the thing to understand is that they did not even look at midnight tonight okay we haven't yet disseminated to think the way you look at is that Genesis one if there's Genesis one you look at Scripture and the Bible gives a wonderful wonderful overview of God 's great at now about to jump into God 's word okay Genesis chapter one verse one says what in the lot in the beginning God created a lot heavens and the earth and what you're about to see in Genesis Chapter one something so unique you find others of ordinary English narrative note what not greater than if the placement got greeted that if the plaintiff and the language is very played on how you get the first twenty six Butterworth twenty six right now you about the something interesting to the chapter one verse twenty six event is already energy ordinary language right there all the way until you second verse twenty six okay but adversely six then God said what let us make man in our lab of image according to our own life never let them have dominion over the fish of the field of the birds of the air overall cattle all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the first twenty seventeen is the key parts so God created man in his own image in the image of God he created them male and female he created them and if you question everything and then struck one of ordinary English language until you get to verse twenty seven all of a sudden those structure all that breast becomes very redundant it doesn't sound like ordinary English none of the reverse twenty seventh implement time so God created man in his own image in the image of God secret of them male and female he created them that felt like ordinary what would Steve yes or no because here's something that Moses knew that Hebrew writers knew that most people read in English did not know and that is that what you are looking at verse twenty seven is something called paradigmatic parallelism significantly this is you are amazing in Hebrew this is something that is called Hebrew poetry in other words in Genesis chapter one what you actually look at ordinary English narrative until you get the first twenty minutes and all of a sudden just put TEC group poetry of anathema to question writer what is the purpose of poetry image and quickly if I got which it to fill latter and up all right very good to excellent in a men praise the Lord known as the bingo understand God wanted Moses to write if the spirit impressed Moses to write it in poetic language why because God was quite shocked that the creation of this well was simply just it was creation but when it came to the creation of man this was something that was so special so emotional Kim thought and emotional response from God the creation of man was written in the way Reagan chapter one for an overview of all the creation week right at the very beginning to the very end and a lot of people get confused and end the chapter there like wait a minute did God create man twice know what you're fighting against Chapter two if God 's favorite part of creation which is mankind as a what you see in Genesis chapter two is that even the verse the word that with God in Chapter one begins the switching chapter two and it is now the Lord God indicating more of a personal aspect of who got it effective this chapter starts off with the sound and then it said instead of just doctrine to have that defensive and God created the earth and the heavens God himself has touched down nation of mankind the reason why this is super important because we need to understand purposes the great purposes of our existence of our life there is a world out there that is searching for me but what you find in Genesis chapter one and Genesis chapter two you are finding God 's plan for humanity and when I was in college at work in the Senate gathered Christian and it was in college that I was really yearning for something more intimate apparently want me to go into premed I have a desire for law and got my relatives they wanted to go to computer science and felt I needed his letter love and so I was really torn as I was going to college I had no real desire for knowledge to wisdom I thought no purpose in the grand scheme of things documents up on that it never made it stick to get educated to get a job get married have kids and then died one day at a released look at the core of my heart I never got I'm going to classes day in and day out and I was just thinking to myself there's nothing here for me there's nothing here for me but when I began to discover the beautiful truth about who God was and how he is desiring that we come to and learn about him and he did say something cute there are many purposes in this world amen for a legitimate purpose it is their purpose American S&L is their purpose and careers yes enough is our purpose in family S&L represents going yes but guess what with the grand overarching purpose all of these purposes will eventually collapse the grand overarching purpose of life is to know the Almighty Creator there is no greater accolade no greater achievement than to know who God really is and this is what eternity is all about that's why the Bible says in Ecclesiastes reverse what God has put eternity in the heart of man kind amen however to be doing what it taken a good look at some of the purpose it that God created Adam for everybody think about what you see something against September fifteenth to go look at the creation of mankind and what God begins to immediately do with Adam then the Donna but I think you just got one fifth got to get to the Lord God indicating what a personal response from dentist you were thinking then the Lord God took the man and put them into what Garden of Eden there is next to work right here next to write to attend and to what they could and keep it in a very interesting when the May primary purpose that Adam was to take care of his home to attend it but there was an unique word that they are advanced to keep it that we thought to myself well that Adam have a tough time keeping the garden until I began to actually study with this work keep me here in Maine are there wasn't a pretty looking dinosaurs back then I wanted to have an inside job in trying to see Adam in the Garden of Eden hello no right from your thinking about that is that people adapt it out and analysis what are the primary purpose is God gave to Adam West to guard the garden in other words to guard something means that there is a threat there was a threat that was always a positive year but was letting out a note there is a threat that something is adamant responsibly to guard that Guardian went to the garden represents the Goddard represented that place where God would touch it out and he would meet with Adam when the great primary purposes of life gives communion with God God wants us to guard our time him now when I first became a Christian I thought to myself okay to have communion with God simply means just to read my Bible but then I begin to understand as I was reading the Bible God was calling me got very personal dialogue with him until communion became something I was very deep and experiential all of humanity point of exhibit can be brought down to the fundamental birth at this week you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you Adam was to guard the place of communion if I really struggle with this idea of communion with God in the beginning often about pick up the Bible when I would spend time with Jesus and this is exactly how when I get up in the morning and I used to really be a late riser now I don't think that all but ice me a late riser and I would get up around eighty ten or eleven sometimes a new and unlike updates on commitment Bible and I go against the case I'd open up the Bible like this and all of a sudden I would end up in Jeremiah and God would be threatening the Gentiles with destruction and somebody told me early on that I was the Gentile and so as I was reading that I would like I'm just bitter because phones today nothing will happen but I know that many your experience to who you know one thing that you guide out right fears of being we need to understand the commune with God is to understand what he is really saying as the one of the family helping the study of God 's word everyone a challenge on this point I was struggling so much to understand the Bible is my spiritual vision was damned if I think I'm a difficult time grasping the truth of God for even thinking about spiritual things heart my brain has a broad begin to lead me to express I began to pray I think you want me to understand what you have to teach me because I'm struggling with this family came to an end isn't it one of the best and want to recommend to you is start reading the spirit of prophecy and is that spirit of prophecy what that and this began to be a Bible study on their property and what the Bible says about the remnant church I began to pick up books like the garbage it cannot begin to put up big books like paper can pop it in half I picked up e-books will sell me think about it truly right back to the Scripture and all of a sudden if I began to read the Scriptures there was an understanding it was as if I can finally understand his language elect or maybe about the spare puppy dog designed for the entire generation to help them understand more deeply the truth of God 's word many people are struggling so much I never got one day I was trying to get the dipeptide and I will try my best I guess I'm sort of kind of guy who can burn in hell forever never identifying identity and auntie Julie evangelist experienced to set the Bible said that wouldn't make a decision for baptism I was landing in a bike can't do this in one day he called me up because the Japanese like this is like pastor now I need to come over right now I think that comes over the church office I think I would get baptized is that going to .com in the gap in Hawaii he's like because that book by Edgar White who enter white these I got blood you gave me I got to dig a book by Edgar white anyway he got he points up on the shelf and it wasn't little blue book calls depths to Christ an adult of Eldon why the guy made a decision you I went to several Bible says with God but when he began to pick up those writings all of a sudden it was like the spirit convicting and I'm convinced that what you manage you could not do as Elizabeth and I would recommend to you it's not picking up the spirit poppy and the Scriptures of the best things I do that I will read a chapter that correspond with the Bible chapter that are meeting every meeting a chapter about like they keep the yield demoniac I read the chapter in the spear pussy and then I would go back to the Bible and I've had this to wonderful in fact and all of a sudden it was the first time that the Bible begets real makes sense to me as I really want to challenge you on the spot of just learning to spend time payment of what is right if you did something so I may think the Savior 's life on earth was I liked a lot Communion with nature and with what got in this communion he revealed for us the secret of a life of what power you want with the power God is challenging to go deeper it may be a struggle but as you continue to struggle to spend time with God in the morning you to be blown away by what God wants to do you had a good friend he was on you sister Lily pouring college really betting college by the account among the size that here's what I want to give I want to wake up in the morning I want you to just make the first part you have evidence to spend time with Jesus three months later I follow him he comes up to me but hey presto once a something I do what you like all my grades have shot up I said what he'd like all my grades have shot up ever since I started making it a priority to spend time with Jesus now you want to be smarter than their teachers like I was earlier how people are defined in it each of the ethernet other drinking to your professor I am not starting rebellion yet I was a something so amazing think about it on Psalms one nineteen Psalms one nineteen this is so amazing that God began to really show this to me when I was thinking college classes someone I can go to first ninety nine Psalm one nineteen what a verse ninety nine the other a fair management at I have more understanding am I what Mister David speaking I am understanding a meticulously bit for your testimonies online meditation you would get a good thing but I'm smart in the scholars and teachers and mentors around me because I began to think up on your wired lead the Bible is filled with testimony from great men and women as you converse in the Scriptures what unit of find is that your mind will also have an incredible ability to start thinking about the things all of a sudden education knowledge and wisdom will start becoming more desirable to you the other with one person in my family was the black sheep of the family desolate plateau it said that with the mode is my family is that you don't get it people are based academically inclined that's up upward by their right my sisters were gay my death taxes in the preteen my oldest sister with the loss go really quickly my sister after I had two sisters what doctors at the clinic together I have noticed is that we just opened up nose business in Arizona she also worked for an error and my brother just make up his masses that UST is going over the authority opened up a million dollars in a kind company pot house for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars cash bank you impress but there was one person in that family let a hard time with education it with me I had a hard time with education I was so difficult for me to sit down in class I documents that they are disputed myself I can't stand this I can't stand this particular bike nonstop by now what and she did we never ask a question okay you got kind of happened I cannot write a nonstop Bible however and I did beat him in the back of the day before Bielefeld will pencil and I get so irritated because it was all a mental block Beasley will happen if I've had began to study God 's work all of a sudden can't begin to awaken dormant faculties that were present and not gain the love first you know knowledge and wisdom I love writing I love going to class it I try to come up at the twenty oh college student Emily thirty five years old adult atheist a wonderful experience I'm going to debate class that I love to study God 's word and I just begin to really love knowledge as I begin to understand God 's word is the there are many people here who think they are not good at schooling many people you think are not intelligent at the other people but I promise you that you'll challenge got in the morning as a lark I want you to help me to start setting your word open up my mind you can find God bless Neil in tremendous ways can you say amen to that man but there was something else that was very important to Adam 's life it was not just his communion like I was a great program it was another thing and the Lord God that is not good that man should be what alone I will make a helper comparable to the ground the Lord God want every beat of the field every bird of the air and wanted to add to see what he would call them no notice that God is to give a curious interest is being Adam naming animals but if you question did not know the animals he created Destino so why was he having this curiosity why was he actually watching to see what Adam would call him your something so beautiful as Adam with these animals come to him he began to label them categorized and something you may say that despite in zoology or biology he was categorizing these animals in acid was to meeting with running identity and with identity that with an understanding and with the understanding that with an appreciation at a begin to appreciate the works of God and we spent time studying the works of God in the wild the Bible talks about splitting the sky from the start keep a look at the birds look at the flowers as we begin to really study nature and the beauty of nature will begin to see the handiwork of God not really want to challenge you to start spending time also in nature Jesus would go out into nature and be with studying what was out there it was interesting that people who live in the city patriot group in the city there is a general agitation militarism agitation people have enough people live in the city talk to them they may be no shaking or they just maybe slightly irritated there's just the agitation with people in the city because they're surrounded by so much of these artificial stimulants and they're just there and a client is surrounded by strength and knowing but it is the people who are like raise the nature that some of the most yellow almost this very good-natured most than the nature just people that are flipping out every other second the other something beautiful about nature and God gave nature to Adam to study in nuclear nature to us to study any statement that is a powerful thing this is so amazing what this writer that God is the source of all true knowledge in it as we have seen the first object of education to direct our minds to his own revelation of him self I promise if you maybe somebody can significantly don't have a purpose here at a minimum major at the very first thing God is going to start thinking him out and when you begin to resemble God he has and you begin to really search for a revelation of who he is all of a sudden you can begin to see the path that Bob hadn't felt back tomorrow night on and talk about how to discover the career of God may be calling you to rest tomorrow night so amazing I hear there was one other thing that God created for Adam go back to Genesis chapter two is very interesting the probably of most college students bigger part of all of mankind good tip is to and let's start with verse eighteen right here the Lord God said it is what not good that man should be what a low note happened here right after he says that he immediately create Eve no noticeable enough as soon as he says that he began to add them in motion to begin working in a liberty was without was busy about the work of God that he was made the wife is super important because God was first creating the net assessment fee before he created the means he was first creating a need before he was actually creating what would you fill that need with Adam and you know what God began to do with Adam as he began to believe animals Mister giraffe Mister Raff come to him Mister the primacy broke from him Mister Barela Mrs. Gorelick on the Bible says that was not found for him a helper comparable to him and when you begin to see here if this is is an experience that God began to get out of another purpose he gave an purpose in his committee like purposely works they left and now a purpose in his romance life of people at the desired adamant he said Adam I went to create somebody for you I think a helper comparable to the King James the the helper comparable to them but that word is so slaughtered in English on the topic of Butler been agreed upon for you I have help meet the modern English today that we did look at this work is translated in over nineteen different place it sixteen times describing God 's powerful delivering the times describing military eight does this sound like a butler to you now he was grinning something very powerful effect on the great something a man that women over here and it was great something so problems that is so unique proud as I was looking out that there was not pampered in a help her do that to you Adam was looking to work on House Speaker President now passed speech or presentation are you sure okay that was not bound a helpless morning which would imply he was attempting to what Faisal don't let a struggle for Adam to find a copy God put that desire in him as he was caring about this work of trying to name a categorize these animals to study out if the desired begin to grow more and more intense as he was not seeing a help meet for him and all of a sudden he was knocked out medicated divine lapping waves upon him the Bible says there was deep sleep that well upon Adam and no north of the mouth of next then God created what he believes you question who was the very first person he saw GM Fiat birthmark ran him out I see the blue blue did you leave my dog key that writers write the true love of her life but not notably .net did not need to eat now go look for Adam now what did you do with a he brought her out of an era had a mocha invective you know if the next hubris this is one of my bones but my point noting that are the market William Arthur why because it's poetry so you let him out at that facility thought you a love song poetry if he hears something extremely important a great purpose for going to put Adams like what his romantic life now this is what we start being a little bit shop right here right in a way to get a look at Scripture there so many different I think my faith that have taken place when mankind have the vital goal outside of God 's plan B Junot in the book of Genesis before the flood that destroyed the whole world there was two generations of people did you know that there were those who did bought on the fly but God wants guilty of another generation their parents in a bottle fits the fund the bottom into the Dorothy Bjork and children were born to them and then the heart of them the thought of them with evil continually like it was the children of this union that brought on the destruction of what God holds two generations guilty not just the people that lived at the time about but the very parents when they begin to mix with people of the world you know the church the early church when it married the world to produce one of the most violent linkages fusion welded never seen about the death of a hundred million Christians during the dark and Middle Ages how does the place because when you take the knowledge of God and you combine it with the world you will begin to happen in eclipse and you know what begins to be eclipsed the tenure characteristics of God is the unilaterally left this high rate picture of who God is and Philip begins at when you begin to have children love rebelling against this picture of God were angry at this picture of God because they tend to pick the tender character was not have been eclipsed by the world and this is the reason why God wants us to understand that important that we follow his analysis of eleven my heart if you care about your children and not married in unbelief do not marry an unbeliever I'm not here to give your seminar this am here to give you loving wonderful learning and that is this if you know God is laying on your heart not be with this person don't don't do it I never thought I'd be grateful if you know somebody that was interested in seventy years ago I just having this nagging feeling from God don't do this don't do this don't get like now now note I can see what I give the XO it seems to work all the characteristics he ate it all there are going to convict me I had no peace without spreading tiny God 's work I went to my mentor them but what I really want to encourage you you need to invite people older mentor for spirit led for Christians to be part of your relationships amen if you can't do that something 's wrong right there I really want to challenge unifying call to my mentor and they begin to explain to me hey something doesn't seem right and they begin to point out things that I could see at least wobbled with making this decision but when I made that decision of it back with thankfulness because that person has utterly changed not because of what the place because of other things that happened to them shortly after and for the last few years I look back and I say this all the respect in my heart I'm really thankful I do not think that person I may think what it made a person one of the best things I can safely do the soulmate things when it comes to think about romance kit mentors involved don't be afraid in this Olympic criticize you leave those kinds of people to be part of it you know that Abrams called a spiritual father amen if you know the last recorded words of a friend you would think that's got to be important the last recorded words of a gram the last recorded words of a grant in the book of Genesis to the kind of woman I dictionary which means an example for us and this was so important a pencil and pointed out a couple that they are and that should make us at this gallery wait a minute I need to invite people to be part of this I don't just talk about your friends okay I'm a happy good friends but one that will always take me that's a good question he'll just say me another one does this Temple for a man unfit will I thought about what I called them up on the thing yet one will think that that's a good question in the beginning answer the other one with April what do an observable think that God be God 's will God be God 's will and I have learned it comes to making offensive decisions I don't go to them amen I want people who are going to take a very critical look but here's the thing that in the Bible the Bible talks about a very certain place where people would find their loved one in Scripture you would be sort of a consistent theme of well right if you don't know this he met his bride and well Isaac Sir Isaac the inconsiderate met the wife of Isaac at the well Jacob he met his white underwear another thing to understand the best place to meet somebody of the opposite effect is play fifth where the water of life it now here's something you don't want people who are just around the level you want people drinking from the way a man and one of the best things I could think you if if the kind of person you want to marry one day is a very spiritual ministry minded person start participating in ministry amen and it doesn't mean that the guaranteed identity great people the doctor until you map the kind of things they want to conduct adequate front lately with the found school to get the Sabbath school I think that I'm going to find out I find some kind of greatly stocking somebody and even watching the events of the Met I don't know to the right kind of person you'd like I'm not the just until he went defensively already found school and he looked over her shoulder percent of its quarterly with open and it was all marked up a different color of my highlighters on there there was my event on the flat and my friends it just praise the Lord he did have a happy marriage and I had another friend okay this is my friend Chris is my friend even then am I now and that he and his wife if we can he was doing this kind of youth retreat whenever what any get them and he is the younger he's been interested Edith knew about her but never met her in person and she's up there leading the songs and she's also a youth ministry person and he either in the foot he tells me he is like I saw her begin to and when you said that to me I was like you grow but secretly I envied him but here's the thing to set individually like the and poignant because ship around that location or that vicinity you want to find a kind of creature and if you're looking for a particular kind of animal all you got to go where the animal is at the kind of person you want to Maryland is the kind of person that can help you in the work of God whatever it is then you want to find someone who is already participating in that any same and that it would extremely important for us because God wants us to set you have different purposes for us the greatest purpose is to know him and to make him known we talked Adams Communion might we talked about Adams works that he liked and we talked about Adams romance life God gave these things to him because he wants us to incorporate these things in our own life we don't have to be ashamed or embarrassed but as you begin to follow Jesus step-by-step Matthew began to carry out the plans of God unifying the Lord VG is a beautiful verse found in Jeremiah twenty nine first eleven PayPal over thing for I know the thoughts I think towards the middle of God is reaffirming think I know what I'm thinking about you saw the piece and not of evil and I love what he said next to give you to check it in the heart of God to give you future outside the plans of God there is no real future hope for God invites to his people he says that I want give you a future and hope you say behind the mess up I messed up so many things that you come to the Lord God can begin to create something altogether new and beautiful with your life you want to do something so special that takes place when you come to him I read you something so powerful and enormous then come to me all ye that labor and heavy laden the big youth danger poverty for the riches of the great we are not worthy of God public rights are sharking is where the end is abundantly able to save all who come to him whatever may be your past experience however disparaging your present circumstances if you come to Jesus just as you are we help with an despairing are compassionate favorable meet you a great way off and flew about you his arms of love in his robes of righteousness the present to us to the father clothed in white raiment of his own character he pleads before God and is open our behalf Saint I have taken the thinnest place at your place at my place look not upon this may well child looked to me to thinking please loudly against our souls accusing us of sin and claiming them as if Frank I love how she and the felt blood of Christ leads with greater power greater payment of people similar to come to you from what you do start something start something that you been waiting to do for such a long temperature laser and that's your desire that I really want your plans to start taking place again now I had forward a prayer father in heaven we just want to thank you Lord for showing us the beautiful things that are in Genesis and got many of us feel but so far way from the circumvent your life our life but thank you God it is your purpose to re-create in man the image of God and this is the image of God right here Lord you need permission to pick up broken pieces to start something new teeth the framing world media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hot humors you like the more certain and please visit www. audio verse .org


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