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Overcoming Escapism- Part 2

Nicole Parker


Nicole Parker

Wife, mother, and Biblical counselor




  • October 11, 2014
    2:30 PM
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I went talking about overcoming outdated part to the life-and-death battle for your mind the power head for winter prayer we really need the Holy Spirit here on in heaven we just know we need you so much I pray that you will come and speak to everything the heart which will bring those who need to hear that you will bless those who listen whether they're here whether they listen online give each one of us Lord a special sense of your spirit and understanding of your word in your will for our lives that we may be able to break free from the debilitating influence of the devil are mine that we may be in heaven because we've applied the performer thinking about the Alan just recap a little bit for those who are here in the first tower were talking about escapism and why such a big deal and the bottom line is escapism is a form of avoiding the conflicts in the problems of life by going to something instead of to God instead of casting all cares on him we try to pretend are terrified they are and find something to make us feel better temporarily at the painkiller with deadly results online wind of this is such a big deal largely because God is relational his lives relational love God first bloody neighbors yourself right and escapism cuts right to the heart of our relationship how do relationships grow to think what I was a timely communication and whether the state business deal quality timely communication it makes our communication shallow it leads us to feel like there must be something more interesting and important then talking through things with this person working through conflicts doing the hard work of relationship and add when I'm in India I already have them this relationship is not worth working on unless it makes me feel good of my date makes me feel better than working through things with God or with others why would I turn to God and others and build those relationships biblically instead I'm can pursue happiness and pursue pleasure something that makes me feel good by the way is always the happiest on Wednesday you can be happy or you can follow God the two are together God giveth the happiest way that doesn't always feel the happiest if not the most pleasurable way sometimes the past way to true pleasure true happiness is often through working to our pain God 's perspective on wasting our time and escapism is very serious God grant man to gift of time for the purpose of promoting his glory when this time is used in selfish pleasure the hours suspects are lost for all eternity that councils to parents teachers and students page three fifty four and review and Herald June fifteen eighteen eighty six that moment are more precious than what gold we have been redeemed by the blood of Christ our time our talent belong to him when that be the saddest thing possible for you to miss out on all of eternity with Christ who paid for you with his blood because World of Warcraft or movies for the Internet with more pleasurable at that particular moment you didn't feel like working hard to have a relationship with God and so you didn't bother escapism robs us of life 's greatest pleasures anyway if the debilitating influence that makes us feel like all I can do it you know the person who is at the gym going I can't pick up this two hundred pound weight so forget it I'm just a go home and enjoy my screen is doing the same pain as the estate of two says I know I need time with God I know I need to pray I know I need to study the I will but I just don't feel close to God right now if one can call somebody or I'm getting to open the refrigerator we do the same thing but we do it inch by inch and felt like the frog in the pot of water that slowly boiled we don't realize how devastating this influence is upon our spiritual life until the status of our spiritual energy and we think it's normal to live prayer list godless life where we study the Bible by simply reading it a few verses are capped are going largely funny have a nice day how many do well on this test in grandma payment we think that's actually a prayer life if not if I had a relationship with my husband in which every morning and said and I think many bloody lot by an agreement evening and said here supper of the edited day and that was the extent of our communication when we have a relationship we have a marriage now marriage takes work it takes communication quality time the relationship with God works in exactly the same principles of the relationship with other human beings when you are struggling a relationship with God you feel far from him you don't know how to connect think what would I do it there for a person or romantically interested in and I was trying to build a relationship with them how would I handle that how would I build a relationship I would try to get to know them right they wrote me a note or letter I was that it I would write back communication is key and it takes work when you don't actually know God you know about him you have to really work to connect deeply with him but it's well worth now I know some people have in the back of their minds now the feeling like the C-SPAN I can never have a good time I can never have fun again every moment has to be in way spiritual exercise right I know the devil told me that when I started deciding I wanted to follow Christ what they like now just they were joking is acceptable now you cannot make all my goodness balling God I might make it to heaven but I have to dress in black and be sober and here all my life it was a very scary thought to me I decided to follow Christ but then I discovered that leaving behind the shallow empty changed it to true joy true P the excitement of knowing God and knowing he's doing something purposeful with my life but I'm preparing for eternity and I'm going to reap benefits for eternity and the people that I brought with me to heaven there's nothing more exciting than the Christian life but it's not all entertainment it's recreation that God wants us to have I really liked some of the balance of things that might threaten about this topic testimonies for the Church volume one page five fourteen says I was shown that Fatah keepers of the people labored too hard without allowing themselves changer the breast now that may have been true more in the eighteen hundreds the now but it's certainly true for some of us writing and students in college can find themselves totally laboring too hard on staff slaving away on Feynman and think you have to do until it is drained and they are driven to date recreation is needful to those who are engaged in physical labor and eighty more essential for those whose labor is principally mental it is not essential to our salvation nor for the glory of God to keep in mind laboring constantly and excessively even upon religious theme he gone is not demanding here you have to live adult life at every spare minute affinity studying the Bible he wants you to have recreation he wants you to be able to meditate on spiritual things in joyful ways God 's way it's always best in testimonies of the Church volume two page five eighty six as is recorded on my actually speaking at a picnic by the lake when she said that she then we can sharpen up our recreations in such a manner that we shall be fitted for the Martha Bethel discharge of the duties devolving upon and that our influence or be more beneficial upon those with whom we associate in the context she was even talking about this is a great wife rested than time go have a picnic beside the lake enjoy ourselves together have genuine fellowship builder relationships with one another such was you talking about it there's nothing wrong with having times for fellowship and community and recreation is very important and necessary for us when we don't do that we drive ourselves to David Geffen 's homepage for ninety three persons with a diseased imagination to whom religion is a tyrant ruling them out with a rod of iron such are constantly morning of their depravity and groaning over supposed evil love does not exist in their heart of frowning ever upon their countenances they are chilled by the infant laugh from the youth are from anyone they consider all recreation or amusement a thin and think that the mind must be constantly brought up to just such a stern severe pitch this is one extreme that felt like a life you want praise God is not the life you want for you might if you read in the context of the more here's the department comes right after adding some page four ninety three authors think that the mind must be ever on the stretch to invent new amusement and diversions in order to gain health and I think this is much more problem now than it ever was in the eighteen hundred they learned to depend on excitement in our NAV without it such are not true Christians not followers of Christ at three right they go to another extreme the true principles of Christianity open before all a source of happiness height and depth the length and breadth of which are in measurable and not beautiful lawn one five there have a source of happiness the height and depth and length and breadth of which are in measurable primary talking with a girl who told me she she had not been sure what to do with her summer I persuaded her to go camping for the summer she can talk to me afterward her face is just lighted up I'd never seen her like this and she said you know I usually just spent all my time trying to find something for them to do that now that I've tasted real joy line is just not attractive anymore that's what God wants for us to fill us with such tremendous boy such debt in our relationship with him and with others that we are continually looking for something to excite us something to distract us from the pain and misery and depression of life I wish it were to find keys to escape from escapism number one temperance number two reflection number three discipline never for prayer and communion with God and never five sharpening your sword of the spirit let's talk about the first one temperance hound of temperance make a big difference in your veganism have you ever noticed when you can't manage to get yourself to bed at a decent hour come just to check my phone for a few minutes has anybody ever noticed how that works out for that only me you need temperance in other words push yourself to do balance things in your life I unplugged my phone and far away from my bed that way is not tempted and nine o'clock time to go to sleep sometimes I may get up and go beyond my phone via text message come in my phone lights up of an error go over there and give it it's worth it it were you are health because when I wake up in the morning what's the overwhelming urge why anything should the people in Australia and Africa they were waived when a reader unit I live in but we all feel the need to go scroll throw the advertisement first thing in the morning and my devotional time on getting my hands of the person who said something to me on Facebook and hour later my company I get breakfast right just don't do it I speak from the perspective of person who can easily become escapist temperance temperance is so important go to sleep early get your exercise exercise is so helpful get the energy out of specially if you're doing mental labor you need physical exercise keep your brain going when I'm studying I sometimes have to just take my book over to the gym instead of an exercise bike and read while my legs are going because then the brain keeps having blood flowing through it maybe I'm escapist and it now because of all the years of debilitating novel reading now I just have to you know keep the Jell-O working on a related but somehow exercise health alliance to help me stay focused number three avoid unhealthy food and drink but even going into the drug than alcohol and smoking and all that you know to avoid those but so often will just think you know gorging on some sugar and bring it to be that bad but then one step leads to another if I just start out eating a few Pringles do I just need a few Pringle when you know there's something that you cannot just eat a few maybe you just need to cut it out together I don't know maybe just for a time but whatever it is avoid those things that you know start you downward start to spiraling you know going to YouTube it can end up badly just don't even go there it can be helpful forth under temperance take time for recreation not just exercise but actually recreation because when you are getting out there and spending time you know they made Creek writing poetry or whatever it is that you do that's recreational for you if you don't do that you look tense it comes in nine or ten or eleven at night go I just I just need to get away with in the refrigerator you know don't do it take time for recreation and invest in quality relationships you will be so much better off in your temperance habits if you can invest before you hit a crisis and quality relationship then when you're going through a difficult time you don't just crash and go for the ice cream you call your friends they can we pray together I really need somebody to pray with me or can we go for a walk together I'm starting to feel really tempted to just go online and do things I know I shouldn't do please help me you'll need those quality relationships later on in your life and the time to invest in them is not just when you're in a crisis you don't we want to be the person that every time please see the text message from you committing on our again and again he probably has a depth of despair but you know you need to have temperance these are the things you should be doing consistently every day that yourself in a cycle of healthy nest for the when you start wobbling you know what you're doing you can get back on track you know how it feels when you're under intense pressure you've got to get this thing turned in by this time you got to get this done when you finally get past it then you have this I just want to relax and just want to you know that that's afterward feeling you want to be ready for that I'm not pushing yourself so hard when you can be ten right to bed early get up early factors help schedule that will help him I was not sending you right over the edge into compulsive ninja movie watching or whatever it is later on when you finish something many of you never wasted your whole spring break watching that you don't be honest there you go there are some honest courageous people here I've ever talking to a guy who is this spring break at he had mountains of school work to do he had a job so you don't even he watched movies all night every night all through spring break and at the end of spring break he came back into school just emotionally and physically debilitated exhausted coming down with something and depressed that he had planned a course to do an incredible amount of work over spring break and he ended up getting nothing done coming out of spring break entertains but certainly not having engaged in any kind of recreation it was terrible you don't want that so in order to not hit that try to be temperate beforehand during your school year keep yourself going if you have to take less classes are take a lighter workload may deduct them to consider because when you push yourself you know physically if I were picking up huge load than carrying them every day and damaging my spine I would now get to pay for this later on but somehow we get the idea that emotionally and mentally we can take on massive amounts of new be okay then we start snapping at people who matter to us we start being unable to sleep we start doing things supposedly we know we shouldn't do as part of the problem is that we weren't temperately expected ourselves to do more than the Lord you okay the temperance is number one number two is the reflection yourself questions like these business from the top questions that escapists want to avoid at all costs what am I fleeing from and what situations I typically engage in a state of behavior nobody wants identify those because when you identify them for yourself and virtually admitting this needs to stop the wheel and do that right number three is there a specific feeling or mood that triggers the urge to escape it when I think that people are not thinking highly enough of me that I start wanting to fantasize it when I start focusing on what nobody loved me look at all these other girls and their boyfriend making on the steps in the dorm nobody loves me like that then you can expect if you start thinking I didn't look beleaguered and starting dating a biblical behaviors before too long what is it that I enjoy about my fantasy and what do I feel if I come down after a fix you may want to get a journal and write out for these things or the director computer and write your list just don't switch over to the Internet quickly issued that yet there's recreation versus re- creation has been open on that too I believe but yes re- creation is what recreation is supposed to be about right reflection time is something that will be so helpful to you I find the only people who've gone through painful situations in their childhood or maybe it's gone through a breakup recently gone through something intent they are driven compulsively to escape his behaviors to addiction but it's because so much pain looming it's just coming down the mountain toward them and they don't want to look at it and so they turn their backs and pretend like it's not coming down the mountain where them this is not an effective way of coping is a but then I later had been ahead and only going to be worse because we engaged in the biggest behaviors the best thing to do is to cope by being on being introspective know the Bible says behold the virus truth in the inward parts and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom that's not just about Scripture memorization that's actually about speaking the truth within our hearts he did speak the truth in his heart will be safe sometimes I need to speak the truth in my heart about the things that I don't want to face facing the fact that I really shouldn't be with this person I keep wishing I could be with or facing the fact that I have a problem with food something like that if we can face it it feels terrible at the moment but it actually is the beginning of victory not often help people in any counseling with them you have three circles in your life if the inner circle is called that you live in dad until you're so miserably though I can't live in bad anymore I've got to get out of bed until you start making progress out of batting you know what you hit either the second circle this concentric circles you know when you get out of bagging at the second circle and second circle is called worse believing that worse you know I can't do any go back to bad escape of behavior where you know that they latch to be coping but I just can't face out there you know back and forth between us I can't live like this anymore I have to get out you going to worse and then worsen so back to the fact that many people spend their whole lives going from bad to worse neck that and they never realized that you go through worse you'll get the third circle after you what that third circle is called better and better and better and better because the path of the justice of the shining light that shines more and more unto the perfect day if I have an infected wound here in my arms and emotional and physical pain and healing work on the same principle spiritual pain and healing the physical emotional spiritual they're all the same crooks and infection is like this in mind I haven't infected wonderful husband appeal of running outside it looks terrible but it's all contained they are when I go to the doctor and say this wound on my arm is just killing me I can't punch the farming community comes close to him he said no I mean I just need a lamp incredible sharp scalpel and moves toward my arm an imaginative and an outlet let's look for options let's talk about this right then we don't want a lamp that wound that sounds really really painful and miserable you might believe it I've been doing everything I can to get no letting it touch my arm and he wanted to marry him but that hurt the most but the doctor knows the only way that the Army never to get better if we get the garbage out right at my immune system has been working hard to increase the pressure right there in that infected wounds to get to where this stuff will all come out to the service the neocon out instead of being staying there and causing the stomach poisoning right God wants to get the pain in the garbage and the sinful ways of relating to situations out of your life he wants to bring them to the surface these can get one of them in the way he does that is by causing them to hurt so much so that you are like okay I can't ignore the framework I got a doctor of God he gets something out of Africa we've got Pogue betting get the garbage out because I can't live like this anymore escapism is a painkiller that makes you to take a painkiller and actually have to do anything about my arm I'm not that worried about it I feel fine again but when the painkiller wears off the infection is worse you don't want to experience the effects of living your arm living your life for eternity I have the painkillers of escapism the reflection is crucial introspection prayerful after the Lord what is it now God give me laying your life before him asking him to reveal to you what's going on in your heart sometimes that includes going to the counselor to mentor parent a trusted friend you know is connected with the Lord knows you well and think what you see in me that you think God might want to change because often our blind spots of the very things that are glaringly obvious to those around us who love us and those people can help us understand how to land the women how to let out the garbage that Christ can heal us he can put his antiseptic ball into our women and turn them into stars number three we need discipline there is just no easy way to escape from escapism it is hard work in the longer you've escaped the more pain you have to escape from the deeper your happiness the harder it's going to be to be disciplined but the time to start is now and the way to start it inch by inch you can't lift the hundred pound weight that's okay with a ten pound weight with a five pound weight with a two pound weight because the key is turning around and saying I'm going to start it's not about where you are on that path to heaven it's about which direction you're facing which direction you're stepping God can take you anywhere you are no matter how far you are from him you turn your face toward him he's right there beside you say let's start with that right now take one step toward me I'm to be here turn your face toward me and I will start working in within you for my glory the way that you can be disciplined I know for me practically and I'm a homeschooling mom with three children they are wonderful I love this stage of my life it's a blast but sometimes I just want to tear my hair there's not telling which one of the bigger urge when I find in my house of the mask my floors all had Cheerios on them and everywhere I walk and if I can't do this anymore and all my cover my countertop there's thinking all my dishes are dirty and the children but they glean anything about but it's still much more work for me to get the children to do it than to just you know I mean I don't feel like facing all those things and those will be the time that I suddenly have the urge to go answer e-mail while I'm ranting enough of this check Facebook and then an hour later I'm still just checking to see what's happening there you now can from scrolling down the committee said something that was finally maybe I should just repost that you know what I mean we don't have a television at my house for good reason because I know my husband and I are like you know we would escape to easily our children my escape to easily go there but that doesn't mean that all the temptations that David were gone because the devil knows all your manager mind you can just be fantasizing about stuff and he's got you there will always be an avenue for the devil to reach your mind and there will always be a victory available if you're willing to give yourself to Christ one of the things that helps me sometimes when my house is a method I know I need to clean it up as also the timer five or ten minutes I often tell people who are struggling with depression status to if you can't clean your kitchen if you can't face your floors just set a timer for five minutes and do that you can clean for five minutes they know what to find after you clean for five minutes you may be so energized that you can do five minutes more entertainment more fat you don't want to start getting compulsive and they are identically now everything I may clean every floor now this is not helpful allegedly to do is give yourself to Christ now there are there is a website out there but they called fly lady .net anybody ever hurt a fly lady flies and for finally loving yourself and see the compulsive lady who basically that the victim in which she can help get rid of the entire disaster that was her life and her house so she had the children an e-mail defined for the e-mail list will get like twenty e-mails a day that's how you think might have seventeen Lane boogie or something like that where you find seventeen things in your house and put in a bag to get rid of or shine your think or sweep your floor find all the children out the point whatever shall give you little to do manageable tasks an evil system it can be very helpful my problem is with the concept behind it finally loving yourself when in the Bible are we told that loving ourselves with an evolving thing when it is tall thin my problem is that I want to fix my problems myself I don't want to turn to Christ he tells me underneath him every hour and every day of my life I like to be able to handle everything myself actually think very much but God says no you are going to need me and I will love you so much and when you dwell in my love you believe in my love it will transform your approach to everything in life then you can clean because I already love you not feel like you're finally loved because you clean it I mean there are there are a lot of philosophies out there about discipline I want to dwell too much on them it is important for you to start start somewhere start little and don't set unrealistic expectations for yourself but discipline is going to be crucial as I mentioned earlier I keep my phone away from my bed keep your computer away from your bed whatever it is your iPad I don't know your technology or the things that tempt you you know if it's novel their music or movies or whatever it is that you're struggling with keep those things away from where they are going to be testing area of your life and you know typically your enemy week later at night when you're tired out or when you wake up in the middle of the night sleep we just protect whatever that an accountability system you need somebody who can be there for you maybe it's her parents manage her best friends maybe it's your counselor whoever is somebody who can hold you accountable how are you doing in that area okay buddy interchange then you have an accountability system of some kind where you can ask the Lord to help you and have other people help you nowhere wounded at relationship were healed and into we would have to apply both parts of the love God in order to really have well-rounded life in other words the love the Lord with all heart full mind and strength is not going to be enough I'm still going to be a lawbreaker unless I love my neighbor as myself and God demonstrated him and then he given in the Garden of Eden everything was beautifully the perfect place near perfect communion with God and God said let there and said how you feel Adam like you this is great but there's something missing where's the other one for me God is divine best to live in deep relationships with other people and it's not simple for us to want that we just have to have a relationship with God first and yes I was looking for a help meet a wife but I didn't have anybody else besides God we do have other people that you don't have a marriage partner don't think they some day I will be loved now you are surrounded with relationship and you have to invest in quality relationship in order to build a network for yourself right I also set goals for yourself and discipline not unrealistic goals be sure you set goals that are reachable but LMI talk about how only when a person struggling to be different once just that reason all I wanted to finish this by this time and then spent all your energies doing that you'll find you can encompass so much more than you thought you could in a short period of time if you don't just allow all I think I'll just stop and do this quickly set goals and especially in the area of discipline you need to have devotions make that a priority I cannot tell you what a difference it makes for me the time to have devotions as early in the morning I see this kind like you need to send the violin before the concert not after the concert the other people had their devotions and other times I'm not knocking it any other time of day to spend time with God but for me I know if I don't get done in the morning is very difficult for me to get it done earlier and later on in the day so I tried to do before I get out of my bed in the morning if you aren't getting enough sleep at night you may need to get out of your bed and go sit at your desk or go for a walk with your your devotional book or praying out loud or something whatever it is but make sure you have a consistent devotional time in which a connecting with God discipline is so important the ministry of healing page one seventy six that attempted one needs to understand the true force of the will this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision of choice everything depends on the right action of the will desires for goodness and purity are right so far as they go but if we stop here they avail nothing many will go down to realize about hoping and desiring to overcome their evil propensities you know we all hope and desire to don't we they do not yield a wealth of God they do not choose to serve him God wants us to choose to serve him our promises to him as I'm sure all of you experienced I know I have I like ropes of fans if we don't give him are well number four prayer and communion with God all the previous ingredients are powerless without this one think of it at that if you're living different plans and temperate and doing all these things right but you don't have communion connection with God what he accomplished at best you have a paltry few years on this earth that you might be healthier and a little bit happier but what about eternity we must have communion with God loving him with all our hearts will mind and strength can only happen through communication and quality time so eternity is what matters the reason we must escape from the grip of escapism it because of eternity because eternal matters are at stake these minutes the inch five over doing other things instead of coming to God with our problems and cling to him in the midst of everything these minutes are the things that could set us free could draw them into close communion with God for that but the devil would lose his grip on the ministry of healing also says God has given us the power of choice is ours to exercise we cannot change our hearts we cannot control I thought our impulses are affection that he will experience back to you I have we cannot make ourselves pure fit for God 's service but we can't choose to serve God we can give him are well then he will work in a too will and to do according to his good pleasure that our whole nature will be brought under the control of Christ and just finally here number five sharp bend your sword of the spirit there is nothing else that will empower you to have victory over the double like using the word of God as your weapon if you were going into war but you had no sword just yourself and your fighting against a virtually invincible oh what would you do would you say well let's have that and I know this guy got everything in on what I'm doing but would you try your best to find a sword finding gun find something that you can use to fight this guy gone and given that sort of the spirit if we try to go into battle without it it's our own fault that we fail every time Luke twenty one versus thirty four through thirty six through your Bible there are a few have one or I'm going to be here for the screen says that take heed to yourselves lest your heart be weighed down carousing and drunkenness and cares of this life and that they come on you unexpectedly for it will come in there on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass stand for the fun of me now let's look at that verse a little more closely later disorder the spirit empowers us to have victory is not just by reading it in the final is not designed to be read it's designed to be studied if you just read it especially when your mind is paralyzed by noon even music in all the other things that the world throws at us when you just try to read the Bible in any board have been a senior relevant to your life and you may read you may spend a whole lower reading I made it through a chapters but it's not going to have an influence to transform your life because the Bible is meant to be studied it's meant to be drunk and meditated on allow it to really begin to your life so let's look at this verse take heed to yourself lest your heart be weighed down with arousing when you think of any areas and I live that kind of fallen category of carousing many goofing off going hanging out with our friends going to parties it may not seem like an evil but what is it replacing drunkenness drunkenness is straight up escapism and whether I'm being drunk with wine or with no need with music only television over the lawful effect is the same it down for me to listening to the voice of the Spirit of God calling my heart and cares of this life you know there's nobody who struggles with anxiety like the person who cannot cling to God when I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding I find that he actually has the strength to carry me through everything he says be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God you realize that is one of the most powerful promises in the word of God you people here struggle with anxiety mitigation even after raising your hand heater giving you why what about this grade what can happen that relationship I'm wondering about my family and so and so okay you know anxiety it clings to us all the time because we don't trust God to be strong enough to take care of things because I can't trust God to take care of it I think I've got to take care of it so I try to be God I try to be in control I developed my anxiety when I realize I cannot be in control because I have the treatment how the control of the person is driving down the road on the other side toward me what they fear across the line and hit me until me you do not have control over so many things in your life what we haven't the illusion of control people in innovative Philippines or Afrikaner many of these countries where they don't have much control over anything often struggle with much anxiety then we Westerners do why do they know full well they don't have control over much of anything in their life if it's hot outside it's hot in their house if it's cold outside it's cold in their house in if it's raining outside it might well be wet in their house but they don't have the illusion that they can make things happen the way the media I think I wanted a bit of my friends three hours away well so I get in the car and I drive into the my friends three hours away right to have control of the circumstances if I feel a little cold in my house I don't turn up the heat we live in an illusion of control and then we realized that we aren't actually in control it blows my mind the part we end up with severe anxiety issues but the Bible is given a simple solution that be anxious for nothing and then he tells of how to do that in everything by prayer and talking to God about everything and supplication at asking him for the things that we need with Thanksgiving praising him for the things he's already done will remind us of the fact that he actually has us under control of the by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the promises of peace of God will be way both your heart and your mind is not powerful your heart and minds the way you think the way you feel the way you have will be transformed and you will no longer be in the grip of anxiety if you can cast all your cares upon him the cares of this life have power upon us when we refuse to follow biblical process of handing the things of the Lord the cares of this life also will drive us to escapism if we don't hand the Lord right back up his backpack on my back and I'm just overwhelmed I don't know what to do but I can't give it to the Lord I do look for some that I can just rested on for a few minutes I feel better but that becomes my estate instead of giving myself to the Lord in finding true deliverance from my burden what we really don't want if the last part they are take heed lest your heart be weighed down with carousing and drunkenness and care for disliking a different way down is not your your life is not your heart is not brought to rejoicing by carousing and drunkenness and cares of this life does the opposite and that day come on you unexpectedly that was the double one he wants the Lord coming to be a thief in the night went library was coming someday but I felt I had a few years that I didn't have a great time you know taking back saying dinner Saturday night saying you know and love to feel that while I can just take a break for a while we don't think it's damaging because we're not doing drugs were not drinking not smoking but is doing healthy escapes right for it will come that day as a snare on all this to dwell on the face of the whole earth we want to be in that category do we watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass stand before the Son of Man the real way that we will overcome by building a relationship with that kind of man knowing him loving him will be the thing that help us to escape from the urge to escape everything out is another great promise that will transform your approach to whatever it is whatever chains tend to find you first Corinthians ten versus thirteen to fourteen says no temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also make the way of a state that you may be able to bear it you know I I think of it sometimes as this I'm we had a thought I'm holding onto him with all my strength all of my graphic landlord I will not let you go except you bless me it may take hammering of my energy to hang onto him but you know what the great thing about holding onto the hand of Judah when I have no more strength to hand hold onto his hands to hold onto mine the reason he makes me there is so much effort in my gripping his hand is because it strengthens me if not because he needs me to put in all my energy that persuades and if I got up a okay okay I'll hold my breath away he long to connect with me but he knows how weak diameter less I pursue him and less like agonizing prayer with ten I will fall back into the world somehow my all in agonizing with him is what transforms me into his image in yes that's an excellent illustration when a baby bird is coming out of adding if you rescue of my floor you poor thing holdouts enable it to get out of its egg or the caterpillar out of the cocoon butterfly coming out of content if the very struggle that gives them the strength to be able to live outside of the egg and if we deliver them from the struggle we caused them to die ourselves God knows we need to struggle is part of the victory another verse that so powerful is watch and pray lest you enter into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak Matthew twenty six forty one God knows your weakness he knows my weakness he loves us with an everlasting unchangeable love and he pours it on every moment that writer house of heaven is waiting to be poured out upon us and all guys waiting printing please just open your heart turn your face toward me we persevere and asking me not because you persuade me to give to you but because until you persevere and asking me you won't relieve a value begins that I give to you God knows that we need him and he longs to set us free I want to close with a final warning from steps to Christ page thirty two but we do not overcome will overcome and work out our destruction I know many of us may have things that were struggling with an even and preparing the presentation I kept thinking Lord are the things I'm escaping to instead of to you and I can see weaknesses weak areas in my wall against temptation where when I started drifting like you know the first thing I tend to go to fill and convicted and just pray Lord show me what I'm starting to slide no there's nothing evil about social networking it can be a powerful way to share the gospel of the most effective ways that out there but it has to be utilized for God the glory not my feet from my need for God at the same with all of the things you will gather we we are in a battle to the death with a double who personally wants to destroy death but the great thing is we have a Christ who personally wants to deliver and he does it through deep personal relationship with that pretty calling everyone about to it's not about can I buy the way be horrible urgent to do things that I know are just a waste of time or worse but it's about time I connect with a God who loved me with an everlasting love and the answer is always always yet legally be good for us now to just take a moment and prayer get after we leave here the demo they tried that they distracted into something else you know whatever organ it is Saturday night and lose our connection with him and our convictions but let's take a moment to just pray right now violently out of anything but each one of us has been convicted needs to change in the way that we manage our life or whether we think the things and then I will close with a prayer at the end for just about a minute that you can print violently yourself I pray that each one about will be convicted and are online by your Holy Spirit there think that's you want to deliver us from little escapes that we thought maybe weren't that bad but we realize there leading us to turn to something else to lean on something of that leaning on you Lord we pray that you will deliver us from the powers of darkness that you will help us to be transformed into your image that nothing nothing will be more attractive to us than knowing you loving you and I cradled the decisions made because of listening to this message from your word that will help each one of our two to be in the kingdom you know your love persevere he needs a relationship with you at all cost you your media with one might argue is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe the more assertive in the visit www. audio tours .org


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