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Dane Griffin passed away in October, 2010. He was the producer and project coordinator for the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention Series, including videos and audiobooks on topics connected with lifestyle and mental health. He was also the director of media development for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He was the recipient of dozens of international awards for production and broadcast quality. Dane worked with his wife, Vicki, as a team in health education ministry for many years. Most of all, Dane was a man of God and encouraged everyone around him to a life of faith and dedication to the Lord's work.



  • November 3, 2007
    4:30 PM
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are there in the West 's only talk about the bar any questions is there yet you said you injured yet what you now assuming that everybody is meeting in a spirit city of spiritual foundation of the government is not the chocolate on your videos as you go out as different areas of their experience you get a little ramp over those more to all experienced absolute array of how Theophilus that God got a whole God says I am the Lord the God of all flash nothing is recommended alternative needs and establish mechanisms and revise them about the brain not wish my wife was here to talk about this as you know the much better than I do but God engineered our brains for recovery and restoration and renewal and we are wired for change now the problem with many of us is we have been raised in a society that endorses or supports extract mindset mental versus a learning mindset mental Edward is a fixed mindset of fixed mindset says I was born this way my father was this way my grandmother was this way is nothing I can do about it I am damaged goods well you think you have a new example Doctor Doctor Doctor Judith what did we seek is a psychologist back to those in Boston she did experiments with children and she just had one of the children by psychological testing is said children another children were learning mindset children God 's religion is one of learning God always wants to be learning dog like a learning mindset God made the brain to expand and crazy row visible children that were in a fixed mindset she would give them a hard puzzle to do with the apostle done they only wanted to go to say the proposal from then on as their whole self worth as well that the performance of fixed mindset is wound up in performance if I get an a I must be good again indeed I must be stupid ethics mindset okay alerting Doctor Dweck gave puzzles of the stone of the four -year-olds in America the heart causally sent Doctor Dweck Jim is another hard we like to challenge as a learning mindset learning mindset is all around what can I learn from this how can I be better through this experience that's why Jesus and the Bible tells us to do everything give thanks what can you learn from this okay so standby passive man would have to do to get out of their passive mentality number one I had to fix my mindset I did change when God is saying is that if she made many men who are afraid to make decisions don't make that they did they become passive because that's a safe so they need to step out of their comfort zone and realize making must never make a mistake or not rolling Juno that there almost every single man on the Forbes five hundred multimillionaire list has declared bankruptcy at least one time what is cellular millionaire was once wrote so what does that tell you if you're sending your failure affects my L learning mindset alerting my scissors what can I learn from this to make me back so as I came out of my passive mentality on the idea that a buyer with my family at my job as a man to be the spiritual leader in my whole so that began to do this everyday had a similar hat away learn how to be like you how I learned to be a leader Lord set of circumstances they did teach me to be different and friends every time you make a choice to be different your brain begins to change direction the children are playing other of the drug and it reflects his environment is get addicted brain but if that drug addict begins to make choices to do new things to move away from his addiction this brain begins the change structurally to reflect the new environment he's going so as I began to make small decisions no words or my wife would say what would you say to me as a daily commute have you done something advice if I hadn't done it rather than saying neither I thing know I haven't done it but I'm getting it done tomorrow by three put a time limit on what I had to do so either force myself to making a decision and last when I went up to worship in the morning is a Lord when he wanted to share this microburst or to challenge my family I deleted the righteousness and letting us are doing as a father is where having worship I'd say that Anthony was mighty good my youngest is Anthony reading this passage means to you Gino is in this passage means to you by my saying that I'm trying to find out where they are spiritually how they are interpreting that passage but their thought processes are so I can see where they are spiritually nine times out of ten I was stalling I didn't know the answer will I think what you think it is June why will anyone think it is evident to having related is young as we heard all of the Lord will be used only when it is about time for me to color was what Allah usually we start stepping out and only if you've got a passive husband and needs you to be very patient because you don't move from being a passive man to being out on Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight it takes time to grow it takes time for the brain to change and every time your husband make the right choice a sweetheart cause that's that that's a wonderful decision so for me you know that reflect talks about the lives you did to try to get these children had about out of a fixed mindset should get a hold of the kids I am unaware of a math assignment and for the kids get it done like that here is a doctrine like were done in your season Jews are you are still a little genius is what your Albert Einstein ginseng events fixing children in a fixed mindset what she said was I'm so sorry to challenge and something harder let's is a need you can will it work on a whole different mindset is if you only want to do in a marriage are in our children or even our religion God is always challenging us to come up what it's learning mindset learning mindset learning mindset when when Peter fell down the water the Lord taken before the month is a slow if you go to war fever alleged drug will be picked him up and put them back on the road again he said looking Americans alike says that if we fall into sin she says they needed Jesus to forgive you to believe that he does and words of the will fall that way again it's a learning mindset so that you can turn your mistakes and victories and little by little as I began to change them to get up for is this being a leader I actively look for situations to show my leadership on still growing in an area my wife still being patient with me and she did and I think about it means you will but you grow step-by-step wizards and in the spiritual realm of the physical realm with a financial railroad of Roman is rather when you when you focus say what a dummy I know I couldn't do a similar and I learn from this how to follow this time all year translated more limited by your grace will do that again an issue do that your brain begins to change structurally changed physically changed at the same as far as that is it you don't have to stay the way you are I like that we serve a God of possibility God says no matter what type of background you've had to matter how many bad marriages you been in never how much you were abused the matter what happened I can change your brain is but we have to cooperate with the Jeffrey Schwartz a very interesting neuropsych under a neuroscientist it was using quantum physics the measured to measure brain change based on decisions and he says in his book are in the business a Christian is only a Jew with a much work we could just be German I don't know what he says the fiscal it is time for medical science to come to grips with the fact that will directed mental activity changes the structure of the brain will directed goal focus is with the Bible say keep your eyes were fixed on Jesus by beholding Widdicombe change the semantic of it his heart so is he that I it's John radio neuropsychologist neuropsychiatrist Harvard University said this is a genes do not make a man gay happy or fat genes make from it how we choose to relate to our environment how we choose to relate or gene that determines who we are he says are is no greater power you have and the power of your will to change your brain and she realized that means that means that we can do all kinds of Christ who strengthens us that science indigo now anyway the major question we have to consciously make a choice of where to stay that way is a God I don't want to stay that way you will let me stay that way change the Lord is a quadrant you and God says I'm in the business of making change and got big as a change in the more we changed the more we like to know more like the more we change is a vicious cycle to get this wonderful doesn't want any request for going in the questions estimating okay let's look at his next section about where where do we worship the main wares were to talk about let's start with Joshua chapter four and verse six Joshua chapter four and verse six notice words that God is something very interesting in Israel God did something very interesting in this one he's as the Skoda verse five Joshua settlement and his mother passing over the Jordan Passover before the ark of the Lord your God in the midst of the Jordan and take you out every man he was stolen upon his shoulder recorded a number of your tribes that this may be assigned among you that when your children ask their fathers in time become saying what mean these stone then you shall answer them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off for the ark of the covenant of the Lord were passed over the waters of the Jordan were cut off in the stone so before Memorial under the children of Israel forever but Exodus chapter twelve in verse twenty six Exodus chapter twelve in verse twenty six Exodus twelve verse twenty six is this God is talking about one of the more than the Passover he signed up with into the Passover that he says in verse twenty six it shall come to pass for your children to send you what mean ye by the service you shall say it is a sacrifice almost passed over the past over the houses of the children of Israel many should voice vote the Egyptians and the liver or our houses and the people bowed their heads and worship elegant Deuteronomy chapter six verse twenty Deuteronomy chapter six in verse twenty notice here God says and when my son asked if he and the time to come saying what mean the testimonies of the statutes and the judge was more about commanded you also send less on we were pharaohs bondman in Egypt and the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand showing signs and wonders friends what a waste seeing in all of these passages were missing I miss giving something as a goal for the children this phase of the Lord does a daddy or send me an fact we written there and essentially serve as but they are to take all the ashes of the red of the hackers and the end of boats in the bowls of the sheep that were burned in their work for them out on the Eastside of the altar of that method the brazen altar the door the sanctuary was here the brazen altar was right there they look for the ashes out right there is when they walk by the altar when it would look inside your diseases big power ashes there and got it when your children see the sashes and say what mean those ashes anywhere to tell them about the story of salvation so we see all the Old Testament God gave visible signs drafted to link to encourage people ask question we will post those when anybody services with any of those ashes people were to say something to make them ask you for excellent idea for now let's bring it down to the day because we look at this next phase of worship as it were some of you may get a set with me but they did to the Lord you can understand I can't look at what Jesus says in Deuteronomy chapter six verses twelve to thirteen then beware lest thou forget the Lord which brought before the land of Egypt the house of bondage thou shalt fear the Lord thy God and serve him and so swear by his name you shall not let the dogs of the gods of the people which are round about you for the Lord your God is a jealous God if you go back to those gods he won't be at the Lord will come against you he's a jealous God and the anger the Lords of the Google begins in the strongest monthly spirit in the book of Deuteronomy just before they went into the promised land warning after warning after warning after warning was given the children of Israel don't go to false worship don't do it she wanted to know what you want to worship as God will catch one we sing at all what you will learn here is God is giving us an example of why he gave us Christian lifestyle today is a God knows I am so easily led out after the world that he has designed in his mercy in his graying and it has great love and the lifestyle that my children will say daddy why do we do this minute and tell him why so the world will say it is a great story once I distort we were coming back from doing it above meeting here in Loma Linda years ago and we were really having no eating nice food and doing all the other things that the God help us to do what you have read a study that shows that you are in greater danger of dying from airplane food from interconnection through the medical study that was done as a medical setting so I told that he yelling and traveling a lot acidic I do not want to eat another airplane meal I'm just I can't take so suitable less by the Stater brothers would appear him in all of our roads let's go out there and will my language the favorable to me the first meal of heaven a sex from his land meal page that is a legitimate taxes ahead and read ideas like that's a nice refried beans because they just got some legacy is Wolcott is the only thing we turn on the airplane were sitting in a easy ten three nope three four three so Gina Anthony that you were over you're a regular role on the style so they get their bailout in another pushing their carts down and down the aisles over there look at aboriginal dead letter that we don't think about it grandma dies during the count I read that makes anyway Google your walking down the aisle heart and were getting our haystacks together and maybe we are sure you delete your getting but it is essential that we must be dealt moderately temperate but Los Angeles is so we were falling apart late in this with a stewardess this clinician goes to admit it you should now you should will the zone is a haystack was a Haitian and exert obligor the stewardess sat down she talked to Vicky for twenty minutes our better EMS about our problems and this is going on this one on also she goes I work for SNL five minutes later Jerusalem's back to BG was his literal Yuji was echoed about Jesus overpowers you leave the service combat of the PS3 milk ever seen and editorialized on the second ten at any minute I like what we have to do to be a witness for Jesus to state just hates and is exactly what God says that when they see that the same would remain hazy that you're doing originally blessings were missing by not living the lifestyle you may guess or Jimmy ninety eight was between you and God limited for me and my house based on the scientific evidence the scientific evidence is saying that you want to have a clear brain of good heart a good liver prison good weight shy away from me and go to plans and food is wrong and that the clinical evidence is very very abundant but God never gives a prohibition against eating cleaning the Scripture however he did say Isaiah twenty five initially a close of the end of time the earth will grow him under the processing and whether or there were much better off I think in my life I decided that for me it's better to be a total waste person army we'll talk later all right listen young woman coming down to it it is so easy to EE in this day and age when you can get anything in the that is healthy and all okay what I went out the other day I play racquetball court times a week because you know your science is going insulin now unsubscribing exercise silent insulin new clinical researchers found that when you get a good aerobic exercise your cells are sensitive to insulin high doses of insulin for today is like a give yourself a shot natives like it if you have diabetes exercise walk swim ride her bike whatever is one bout of exercise increases insulin sensitivity particularly one ten minute walk increase your move the one hour anybody can do there majority of the University and somebody just properties rental stats are ten minutes rundown run-up and then you can either something notes happening you have to think of another framework that not many study we are fearfully and wonderfully made and God has designed a lifestyle that was that the world will see and state are you doing that our children will say daddy when we do this Hillary mine every day he left the world will be like the world works like a world reminds us every day why was supper because he doesn't want to bonuses so this will listen about lifestyle let's look at where we worship God visited where we worship God with its own chapter thirty of thirty four Psalm seven thirty four and verse one because this really sums up worship in a nutshell David said I will bless the Lord at all times his praise shall continually be in my beautiful David was saying I am constantly in a state of worship before God is what we learned in the last lesson in the last session dying it is an act of worship dress is an act of worship when I watch a selective worship when I listen to his lack of worship and friends let me tell you we can not listen to worldly music from Sunday to Friday and expected to be satisfied with godly music on such doesn't have because you are stimulating portions of the brain and the more we stimulate portions of the brain the more the brain grow you know you can take a person who is overweight it was very very satisfied or very use the head-on it clued hyaline root hybrid rich high sugar high-fat food and go to the motor strip of the brain and the area to pray for the tone overdeveloped based on the food they're eating is an addictive profile they are interested in the highly en suite highly fat foods their brain reflects their environment and friends as we listen to worldly music we can enjoy godly musicals that so this will bring Roman Visigoths out of the way no way the solution is to change the way you worship God the other six days a week to Detroit for surveillance that's got solution man solution for mass solutions is a ring and a man solution is Sarah 's solution while you have abating what should go into Hagar that will be our solution you never get a godly solution with a carnal ungodly answer with a carnal solution and never works it never worked noted that one minute okay we see what we are able to Romans twelve wanted to present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is your what spiritual worship friends the lifestyle message we have is not an optional message it is an act of spiritual worship deserving of event when I sit down to this beautiful table that God since before me with a beautiful colors none jellybeans of the above and about the room the Reds and the blues and and the pinks and greens and I'm just a beautiful array of colors a God gives us worship was a lawyer you furnish a table before me and sometimes adolescent friends to know what how powerful this is that sure that the red lycopene in tomatoes and stress hormones may don't like opening a rhetoric tomato the more stress than through but it is self-evident like the peanut of the government tomato producers stress of lower disease among about sourcing their prostate else -based phytochemicals are we may call the Department of Defense to recall that the fruit and vegetable department the Department of Defense oh God smart bomb got smart bombs going the body and we got disease in the phytochemicals will pack and what you exercise the blanket of governmental environment you think God has designed a lifestyle where I can praise him and remember the danger that I have complain after the world just by sitting out in my practice so when I sit down the oatmeal reminds me unbalanced of them the blueberries remind me I'm God 's child the raspberries remind me of God 's child the high grain bread of these two grams of fiber per slice that will commercial or two grams of articles lately my fiancé 's child is the gate is a lot of he said in his design the lifestyle that gives me an and in this sinful world onto the Internet amen God gives us an easy way to avoid losing when Moses came to town life got rough right arrows in his right into lazy and make them gather their own strongly doubling our bricks the big one for Moses and Moses do not hear changes life is becoming miserable when I have a life anymore it's another much like drivers if you come to town with a right year 's ever speaking trials behind the day you better believe that using on a major life so miserable unlimited so unbearable that anybody in his right mind will never want to come back here again because God saw the temptations they would face in the desert in the desert where they say a first-time university will interview would you pay me for review and make your own breaks that heroes are you serious human hair and nose the whole option God knows how we love pleasure and he and God in his great mercy lets us see how hard it is little worldly lifestyle will never want to go back is there a many ask you nor your daughter is there is there are few things interest slavery driven his diabetes you're a slave to a needle to go every day let's just help you get his option cancer is a hard high blood pressure is a hard task master senility is a heartless taskmaster and yet we see the clinical evidence of the dead the Americans emeritus at the standard American diet the sad diet leads to that disease and wisdom out of it oh and in a flash positive agent delivered on using God gives as lifestyle and businesses lifestyle choices to remind us you want to go there you want to go back to reword negative table vice president for us at your was that it was a dinner today that anybody feel hungry intros over the face is the face and the thing I like about it is it all taste good at the worry about all the things of the lifestyles that is a list of the Paul put it this way prescribed is not twenty four twenty seven notice what he says is if I keep my body under and bring it into subjection less after I increased others I myself should be a castaway that was as in verse twenty five every man this driver for the mastery is temperate and what all they presently realized that when we sit down to eat we are worshiping God should be asked whether what's the difference between what you waiting when you try to take in the best error of the best water the best we can get but you've got to take what you can get and if you can't live in a place of the air is clean to you later be doubly sure you're eating a good diet pretty good water having been exercised it is a beautifully human bodies is very Brazilian as it is bounced back brake light but only which we so God is given as balances and all these things now let's move on here is the money because even Paul the greatest measure of prices realized there was nothing he could do to earn salvation of your visit you lose it you see that there I keep it I keep under my body persuasive and bring it into subjection lest by any means Rikers others I myself against now want you to look at something in Psalm one oh six and Saul one oh six notice when David says here in verse thirty four the thirty seven Psalm one oh six thirty four and thirty seven and did not destroy the nations concerning God commanded them but were mingled among the you learn your words and serve their idols you sacrifice their sons and daughters to death rules friends to see what happens when we start compromising with worship we start bringing in things that God say we will end up doing things we never thought we would how many of us today are offering our children to the idol of television to the idol of bad music really I love video games are the idle of of of whatever it might be worldly rest whatever else but it installed chapter seventy eight in some chapter seventy eight relative verses seventeen to nineteen etc. they should get more against him by provoking the holy one in the wilderness and they tempted the God in their hearts are asking me for the last year the state against God as it can God furnish able in the wilderness is a guide given them angel food got given him the man of heaven the court of heaven and they were satisfied no notice in verse thirty two the first thirty two it says all this a standstill the more and believed not for his wondrous works therefore their data the instrument vanity and their years in trouble or thirty seven for their heart was not right with him neither were they steadfast in his covenant briskly one year they turned their back and tempted God and move them into the holy one of Israel France how many of us are lifestyle choices are limited saying the holy one of Israel God is not able to do in our life when he wants to do because we refused to doing systems and is really interesting as you read on this passage is read on there sometimes it's incredible what goes on but look at verse and chapter one oh six again but what happens you're just a one oh six in verse thirteen well they believed his words they sang us pray for all the things were going right but they soon forgot his works they waited not risk health of a lusted exceedingly in the wilderness and in the desert and he gave them the request but sent leanness into their souls network leanness means of the Hebrew wasting diseases wasting disease 's and friendly to understand that in this dietary Royal Embassy of these dietary things God has given us a lifestyle guide has given us a way of eating away infringing that will bring honor to his name that will bring glory to his name praise God looks at the highest standard he has set life of victory and Jesus Christ is as you know what am I to give a lifestyle to make it easier for the live that way I would give a life seller clearly surprising to hear my spot was speaking to them on getting given the lifestyle that was so the moment to love them and protect them from going out with your that's why I believe in that message of how the gun is because it is a safeguard it is a worship act where I am coming to God and saying God I shall like to have a big Mac but I know that's not the best for me on the village wanted to do dinosaur like to eat ice to be it I usually addicted the twenty twenties were my big and then I went to a meeting where a man was there his and my dad worked for the kind of making companies to get along at twenty last on the shelves twenty year 's NPR to set a story to hear this or that NPR were a teacher in Wisconsin but a pack of Twinkies on the blackboard in nineteen sixty nine and we took him off the shelf is one year ago they were fresh as the day he put them under some other work while many companies had been missing the goodness in your yard he wanted when he remembered her dismal and Paul Saros reconcile a character I cared now let's say we never have sugar were talking about young average Americans the lunch of rental unit determines your workout a lot in llama sugars and one thing amount due one thirty two ounce amount due thirty two East was a sugar and caffeine but very traditional dessert for everything anyway we need to understand that God has given us these dietary threads I worship God in my breakfast table I worship God in my lunch table I worship God one day I was in it I was it up and up and wonderful vegan culture Houston she made these great I wanted the first book in a man was I got the second unit was good I together divorce and all she I Sindelar is our trustees is it just to her help install it for me or maybe dinner with you methamphetamine was at a test for me was I now called upon to worship God in my body and in my spirit which are go so even in the day in the area diet the Lord reminds me I need to worship and I did ask his permission in your actually cool because God always knows what is the okay ally says errors in eating lead to errors in acting interest us move on this is the one that usually gets oatmeal talk about Christian dressers because God has also designed the lifestyle of an evening on the biology of enemy acidity numbers chapter fifteen numbers chapter fifty God said this to the children of Israel number sixteen verse thirty eight people to the children of Israel and the identity make them fringes in the borders of their garments rather generations of April upon the friends of the Boers written a blue as shall be unto you for a friend to get a look upon it and remember all the commandments of the Lord and do them that she seek not after your own heart in your own acids at which he used to go whoring as you may remember and do all the commandments of the Lord and behold a onto your God I am the Lord your God was watching the land of Egypt to be your God I am the Lord your God the Lord said I want to Israel I once use of the Adventist to dress in such a way that you are reminded daily that you go on to me I don't want you to dress accordingly she wants she said is most aware what what what Paris Hilton 's address was aware of what went on result was a just most aware of what Cathy Lee Crosby 's interest was where God says I call the shots normative woman who came to touch the hem of Jesus Governor one why not nearly think about the cement why would she say if I can just touch his hand on you if any such as phase of EU what to say a vivacious touch the hem of his garments and because it riveted blue something to the Jew you will will be holy to the Lord I will think that I demanded that she was a pretty just a hint of his garment until he got got a world where you already hold allegedly my God is the Jew to the Jew got him to sign their draft when Cal is now gotten beside the river to blue to the woman to walk down the street everybody knew the position they serve God for his one seven three habit is walk down the street our demeanor the wayward rest should say there goes a step the there goes someone who serves God forgot a fashion there goes someone who has a higher calling in life they don't they don't want is a looking the address is looking ladies I want Latinos a brother across how can I put this one the Bible says male and female created he them it means that you know that the court was colostrum and a woman is required to develop more highly developed than a man as with a multitasker and well did you know that a man and a woman who of the same weight of man's brain only than a hundred eighty five grams more than a woman's of the same size away a man's greatness later that make us different when they can multitask when they could do many things well mention one or two things extremely well God made us that way the ladies got also medicinal work made man very visual creature 's is not my fault got made me that way God called me to keep it in check by the license of a woman up and there I got maybe a visual creature and you know what uncle Madison Avenue spends millions of dollars to study how to get people to buy products and you look at a product made for managing like this or like this getting ready to shapes triangles in pairs any part of your anatomy that matches the shapes should you understand the resident okay parents and triangles Satan knows what he's doing Satan has designed the lifestyle to get man to be sexually impure a late as the Bible tells me and told you it is our job to guard one another's weaknesses I had to live in a world where television commercials billboards TV shows everything screamed sexuality image in the everyday screens go ahead duty to do it anyway just as man ladies you'll know the struggle we go through his man negative portrait of the artist today because he struggles if you're out of your hand you have a testosterone but God calls upon me through this power the detention because regarding renewal however however as ladies you have a religion is a religious duty to safeguard my eyes what are you ladies it's really hard for us men to come to church and work toward a more overtime is coming with addresses the way up to their armpit they come under this title he argued politeness down and then we were cybersquatting a woman bent over what one is my little voice and money I guess I should bent over so that they here's your spiritual principle if you bend over you should be able to ignore the self erasure option Billy cc to what right so God says to you ladies ladies come to church dressed like you are here to worship not going to a nightclub to attract a one night stay plunging neckline and have no place in church slits appear on the house you feel lamenting to church and I excuse at all to be filed and try to get a point how would you feel the mean temperature for the flies open as one of the zipper down just at so why Julie is come to church with anywhere they want you were supposed to accept that there was anything is a very old manager monitoring lines no the Bible says if I cause my brother to follow God holds me responsible now if you're dressed in a modest way to manage the less it's his problem earlier but if you come to church advertising body parts as knowledge churches for you are bearing false witness against your neighbor your say I'm available when you're not using as we look at the sanctuary service and the consecration of the priest God shows very plainly that how we come to rest before him all the difference it will chapter nineteen inversely but the businessman exes chapter nineteen in verse six you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation these are the work is to speak of the children of Israel friends if we are a kingdom of Christ and God gave a high phrase very specific directions on how to come dressed in worship should we think that those definitions apply to Austin first Peter chapter two verse nine says we are a royal priesthood a holy nation a peculiar people zealous of good works as you know that according to Leviticus chapter eight versus thirty three and thirty five that felt that the consecration of the priest was a seven day process again signifying the covenant relationship of God with this brings regardless thing if you want to abide innate covenant process you need to come before me in the way that I specify now the interesting thing was Erin was the older brother who had the birth or Moses Aaron who taught Aaron had addressed most of why because Moses is a type of crime and what God is saying here is coalition for us understand an order for Aryan birthrate rather to listen the little brother Moses was a humiliating process it are put away his pride in the same Lord your speaking through this man I will listen print that will list what we must do in our dress before go we must be willing to put away our pride to put away her love of fashion but only when we have felt comfortable with and realize that God tells us to come before tell us how to dress for God tells us was that's why we really a colossus check or three versus nine inch hand that you have put off the old man with his work and put on the middleman which is renewed in the knowledge of God created he so does that mean we do with it mainly due to look at this look at Leviticus chapter eight Leviticus chapter eight was started or Stan and most of the anointing oil and anointed the tabernacle and all that was therein and sanctified them a look at verse twelve and a portly ointment upon Aaron 's head and anointed him to sanctify him verse fifteen and Moses slew the sacrifice and Moses took the blood and put on the horns of the altar round about the sinker and terrify the ultraportable at the bottom of the altar and sanctified it to make reconciliation upon it elegant verse twenty three and he slew the sacrifice and most of the blood and put on the check of Aaron 's right ear and upon the palm of his right hand upon the great toe of his right foot now look at verse thirty and Moses took of the anointing oil and of the blood which is upon the altar and struggled upon Aaron upon his garments and upon his sons and upon his sons garments and sanctified Aaron and his garments and his sons and his sons garments with him friends in the sanctuary was committed to God and the altar was committed to God and is committed to God 's glorious clothes so as a stress and it's interesting here notice within in verse twenty three you so in most of the blood and put it upon the right low zero on the right thumb of his right hand upon the rights holders Bigfoot which I sang was that saying you think what I hear is sanctified to God what I him who is sanctified to God where I know it's sanctified to God I'm not in charge of my life anymore all licenses are given to God Exodus Jeter twenty eight verses forty to forty three Exodus twenty eight versus forty to forty three and for Aaron 's sons also make holds and also make them girdles and bonnets of make up for the glory and for beauty and I suckled upon Aaron I brother and his sons with him it shall anoint him and consecrate them sanctified with a magnet astronomy and appraisal and upset make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness from their loins into the eyes of a rage and they were told that when they came into the sanctuary when they went up the steps are to take a gourmet cover with the same of their nakedness appear as many of us are coming to church marketing and is the one step further there is a strange and troubling trend in the church today to come before God Presley are going to open shirts short pants yell clones of the most usually you know that the other poems about was the diesel poster they were birds are becoming forgot about are we coming or just anybody coming for now I'm not talking here about somebody walks in off the street if you have a prostitute the Walton of the street recyclables are what we did we welcome her with open arms and make her feel welcome here because she doesn't know better what a sister comes with a drug reservoir or what you do need learn how to deal and very godly gentler in a very loving way let yourself be tempted to being ungodly with our appraisers got a piece of instruction going on because I wouldn't want to hurt you we talk about that in over a year your very modest in your your peril but we are we are far too concerned listen why are we so concerned about hurting the joys of others and we don't care about gods God has told us some only more concerned with serving they are serving our easy the way we contrast is a worship issue can we be like God on the inside and look unworldly on they'll get very quiet out there came a look like God only can we be like on the outs on the inside entrance like the world on the friends God says if you really want to worship me if you really believe you're coming to worship the God of Israel the holy one the God who inhabits eternity the God who invented modestly you will come dressed like it's interesting to look at Adam and Eve in Genesis chapter three what was a great person it is wrong and wrong with the second thing they did wrong address for was the first thing I did when again he took off a little caveman on Angel Sigler and that he had been a headline records on Gabi Demko the cover memo I know ladies you live you live in a society that worships sex worships beauty were six good figures over the reins but we don't serve the world Mister and the Bible says that the true beauty is a intermittent is a interwoven that loves God and serve God holding it on the cleansing of the law the lever not only was a leper check his clothing was checked as well but the mom 's move on all you look at here Genesis chapter thirty four you know the story of Dinah sorry Dinah Dinah and check of thirty four data was right and chapter thirty five got said on the air and arise go to battle was first wanted welfare and make there an altar on the God that occur under the nominal life of Esau and Jacob said unto his house over all that were with him put away the strange gods that are among you and clean and change your garments and Jacob knew right away that when you trust like the world to get a worldly response ladies I challenge you today if you want but you're not married if you want to attract a godly man you're not to do address like a woman but that that that that that once will remain if you're advertising by Partridge in a worldly manner advertising got to get it on slave or as unnatural as a natural axiom and Lisa Jardine married building advertising would you have another married man is not theirs is the anyway that is not theirs was a dizziness is an act of worship at Saint God hearing charged dynasties as we go to are covered and open the doors the very clothing are a very hard-working three minus item onto God anything that the world I would address for God never fashioned our dresser document for the people I belong to God I am a clean indicating the address was MoveOn double work to be covered here in lifestyle and is a big is a big music you will set it on this unofficial is only great interest if you look in the Bible but the second Chronicles book of the book is second chronicled the one of the things that God in his great wisdom has left to fight for the second Chronicles and were going to look at a second Chronicles chapter twenty nine now frankly expand to hold one hour sessions is on music in the Bible we went on to do that and do up a birds eye view of this you studying on your own because I noticed that here the template later in ruins Hezekiah has just begun to reign in Chapter twenty nine is twenty five years old he began to reign a season versus of his father subtrusts as I was able to say to the Lord and it turned their backs on him and they've they've made the temple of worship place work for for him idols and he tells that because the Christianizing the Temple of verse sixteen the priest went into the inner part of the house of the Lord to clean it up and brought out all the uncleanness of a final example the Lord and the court of the house of the Lord and the Levites took the carried out abroad that it could run at it again on the first day of the first month sanctify and they worked all the way to the sixteenth day of the first month Anita took them two weeks to clean up the house of God it was fuel it was in bad shape that they got all those things that is as in verse twenty Hezekiah the king rose early gather the rulers of the city went to the house of Lord and they brought seven bullets and seven rams and seven Lanza seven boundaries in the seminary Dennis and God were your covenant people again you're a covenant God again at a Brooklyn verse twenty through the ghost for a sin offering verse twenty four they killed lemonade reconciliation with the blood of adversely five I remember they take up the whole house of God that they made that the author ready again he taken out all the garbage but look what they do next and is only one thousand more symbols of assault resume of hearts according to the commandment of David Afghan King zero Nathan the prophet for so was the commandment of the Lord God by his prophets right as God has something to say about music and the Temple goddess of them say they are not getting out the way they worship God in their music and verse twenty six and the Levites of these was abated and that stories about with the trumpet and notices as were twenty seven and Hezekiah commanded to offer the burnt offerings upon the altar in one of our dogs began the song of the Lord began also to the process you have a Sabbath of the Lord thy God we can keep and what we think we should keep it we go to a God says do you have the sanctuary of the Lord thy God we can't do it we want to be when the sanctuary now you have the song of the Lord your God we can say anything we wanted signatures when you knew what God says the signature began to sing the song to the Lord began also the trumpets over the years was urbane by David the king of Israel and all the congregation worship you don't have one oversight we don't like that song in our own little I guess all we want our own they were all together unified by the song of the Lord now here's an interesting here's the text the next time you're in a church where music begins the plate and you wonder about closure arrives don't listen to the words and say if I could hear these words replica was in a nightclub or insurance success this inference I know most of you your groups of the engine always been in the struggle to need you always heard the gospel and I was in the world I know what dance music you I know what it does to the human psyche I know it does the brain I was somewhere not long ago I turned on a religious station on Anna 's campus but I wasn't too many years ago I turned on the music I said this already is maybe it was all are not but because they put the word Jesus and his religions a come on the results was taken with a good argument if you put Jesus mainly music and makes it religious that's what Considine said about us army when they worsen the river now you're baptized literally with a domestic that resting a lot includes alternate conclusion if you have the word Jesus to worldliness in a religious then let's open up a Bible Las Vegas and will have an enemy is a space will have the Peter of Spain and what happens on our end the marriage of hearts and the fans roast a and rather than having numbers will have John three sixteen oh one part one hundred twenty five six hundred card and we can all live like the world as something precious and we can gamble and make money for the church that's where it ultimately goes no once we start compromising the standards of God for one area it is a compromise everything else listen friends a dear friend of mine 's arraignment holds it was a Lutheran pastor the senior Lutheran pastor in the upper Peninsula of Michigan his wife became a seventh day at Asia burned her books she do higher books in the garbage cans we could burn finally use and show her that she has in a cultic religion on getting to their seminary and prove how wrong she is like the seminary Center for twenty years I remember visiting him is that they had and is what Doctor Holmes will be his again I've seen it on my own church Lutheran Church I thought of the Methodist Church is on the Presbyterian Church he said the minute you start giving credence to a going away for the Bible says about ordaining women wherever my babies as the church distorted many women with a number of years remaining homosexual why because the issue is not ordination the issue is the authority of Scripture and what you compromise here you'll open the floodgates copper mines everywhere else you open a Pandora's box so this whole issue of music just close your eyes and say what this music is that they need to or away from his other test you can get is other testing it every of the test wasn't a look at my notes again were blueberries and see that the Doctor memory all QC addressing ultimate test listen this runs when you hear music in your church ask your self the question who is leavening is the world changing the church 's music or the church changing the world is asked because God says you are the salt of your salt changes the food it's in the food doesn't change the salt and if we see in our church a friend from godly hands the world mainly in who is letting go is the world limiting our or are we letting the world and about the use of the science is telling us that the seven eleven Santos eleven zones are using the same seven words eleven times as crazy as not saying it has no place ever praise music but think about this principle that it understands the okay what I love the synonym discharged because of his love for little children know when you are so devastating you are fresh out of the oven in your statement sounds your bank instinctually notes on reasonable of the mothers of dynastic forum why were getting them in the habit of worshiping God so here they are sent to school okay anything little children songs this is what Fox says it then got trees are generally slow to I am so glad then we all so they put flowers on her face they do this it is that possible small is wrong for children to sing that way well that's where their little brains are how many times do you go into an adult Sabbath school and there's singing little is all okay and getting example was a beautiful hindrances with thy spirit to me with nice to know me I'm great it wasn't stricken and make me holy nine I pray with my spirit to me wonderful words now is the children's version will load up load up on the Rover low Miller got learned over no joint irregular velvet of the will have the same affect on your by okay here's a biblical principle Paul said in first register thirteen when I was a child I thought as a child I acted as a child but when I became a man I will childishly rangy relicensing is going to is little babies adult division or sing a little song sums that are okay for kids the same but not for Paulson when you should be eating me I can give you little to come off as well and when Satan is doing as you slid in this he knew happens this is phrase music appeals to the lower centers of learning and the brain the emotional centers of more it doesn't feel the high cognitive centers of the brain and what happens when you overdrive the lower centers if the higher centers don't take over anymore and now in the lower centers are already using and worship you get error slitting the Arizona because now you're higher cognitive centers of them on hold for single babies all little babies open big adults so Satan has for this music and because he knows the OES were worshiping about the God we think we are and oh yes were sitting in church of Wigan hear anything and still believe it because our higher cognitive level put in neutral on the salt is yes there is extremely zeroed extremely serious and just ask yourself a question who is leavening who is the world is getting more like the church or the church is getting more like the world I sequentially to sell and listen friends I was music in the Bible is critical here's what here's what the Bible says about music look at looking up at his first single Jefferson 's first single-chip sixteen of us go there for his minute because this is yet is it for sale sixteen twenty three and it came to pass when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul that David took a hard and played with his hand and here's the three things music should do so all was refresh so all was well and a evil spirit departed from members of the free things godly music will do and friends when we had the same driving beat and the same drum rolls and everything else and gone local godly music is not refreshing it doesn't drive evil spirit away just adding the word Jesus doesn't make her holy any more than adding Jesus around the Las Vegas makes it a holy place in a tie what we do spend a lot of time on that music digital we had a close unless the one thing why does God give us a day of preparation on Iselin look at Exodus chapter nineteen exes chapter nineteen versus ten to thirteen of the Lords of the most as one of the people once I buy them today and tomorrow look unwashed are close and be ready against a third day of the third day the world will come down the sidewalk with equal enough so that balance of the people round about Saint Jake you do yourselves as you go not into the mountain or trucks the border of it whosoever touches the mountain shall surely be put to death in any type of split this whole thing and synopsis why does God set boundaries on worship why did God put a boundary around Mount Sinai is no process that gays in charge she has wholly edited by his grace we can approach them in the first place but these were not meant to be burdens these were meant to remind us of our holy God as of now uplifted God is and what a pleasure and a privilege it is to worship him and worship than the frivolous of the worship is not to make me feel comfortable is to make me more like God is to make me say wow I want have done in my life altered this twenty four hours been so awesome I want Jesus with me all the time and my brain is saturated with the living God and my brain is saturated with the mercy of God and my brain is saturated with the grace of God and my brain is saturated with praise to God that I look at the way address allegedly donating a look at the waiter came as a mistake thank you God for protecting me from the world thank you God for building a safeguard around me Satan can't touch me thank you God for letting me so much you've given me a lifestyle to remind me who I belong they had to help Mississippi becomes actual because it shows God loves shows that for testing shows that God the son of one of the best for you I was just trying to prosper and be in help house area protected from the devil older children to be happy how should America be secured I love everything about you is great I oh God you will not is good that is holy God is just a God is given as a lifestyle to show that the world loses what you have it I don't have what it means these things as you do what a week this way what a versatile Whitewater editing result that way why don't you tell dirty jokes at work this was changed my life and give the reason for the live for an phrase nothing is worth living it is not worth living for if not worked I a lot I got it was a day of preparation for this very reason Joshua said to Joshua 's reverse live get ready because God city come and meet with you and Joshua seven thirteen is a get ready because Gaza company with you it is a holy God enough that I got a high got powerful God so God comes on destinies as Friday is the day to get ready to meet all your is a God knows it were so careless in our lives were so careless in our minds I got says of the 24-hour period leading into the status preparing everyday for the Sabbath a dispassionate way for our courage we wake up in the morning you say today's of their preparation ability home on time what you doing us any erroneous path where your brain his release as you're signing your day in mission ready for you to come home to your work at night you come home which is our kiddos and kiddos evicting the bathroom today is the best job you can do because this is symbolic getting the scenario is symbolic of God cleaning up your heart in order to come before God had a claim or confirm this preparation and presently what understandable there are orations the day of preparation doesn't eschew articles unless we can claim domicile and clean houses he was clean a clean house is a symbol of what God wants is all why will you prepare yourself this results in writing about the meetings the God of Israel a covenant keeping God the God of power and grace God of mercy that God was to set you free from the Egypt of slavery is it some a demeaning and you are a lot swept outward is our orbital with an is a God we serve and I hope that you seen as we talk together today governments how God is the youngest little of the story of Job and since it was sure God to observe Julie Julie Bell that surround him I can't get them to the Christian lifestyle it builds a hedge around it goes a hedge around us so that Satan doesn't have access as freely to us zero it's not curse is an active worship is to praise the God that he love you so much to protect about her friends tonight as we get ready to close up as we had a call in a new vision of what worship is all any kind of vision what sadness stands the seventh day that God us seven seven churches seven seals are the most of their covenant keeping God friends the Sabbath is using God I believe you will save me it was God I believe you'll save me and God I have heard today to reaffirm the fact that whatever it takes up to because you give me the strength to do it again in in the sire rest of you wanted to write the organized Lord I got to the US may get the dog will give you the desire to be right thank you demeaning and Becker should toggle the desire to do right they are greatly happier Christians today voluntary smiling changes racial brain activity is if someone hears nine was heard God 's voice tonight last night it and you want to say Lord Tennyson they had but I want to be a seven day Adventist I will worship you one one day I will worship you every day I will worship you when they are to worship the one address I will do all that ideology to be the Lord the God of Larson 's work are you to do is anyone here today was a similar opening a new commitment to you to you and you if there's one person who wants to make that that's broken as it will work on the start worshiping human spirit and in truth this was a different is not easy but they are at the back of the book we win but God before us who can be against us God will give you the victory and I challenge you as you begin to bring your wife in the harmony with God 's will as you begin to worship God at the office at the grocery store on the way to work at the bank wherever you go to worship God in your lifestyle as you worship God you will be a lesson of righteousness in this the city will never be the same again if we start with father thank you for the time you spend together or some of these issues are to the face then make a cilantro but Lord we thank you that you have promised that all your buildings are enabling us at workplace guard us against a notice when we become the dietary posse of those around or help us to realize that we can only change your own lives nobody else that you call us to be an example of the sledgehammer father help us to have a balance that only you can bring to realize we're not doing this to be safe but because you have saved us through your grace we want to show you our love to our acts of submission and dedication your will father bless these precious people let them be witnesses for you and all that they do we thank you for the great God that you are we pray she would keep us in that not one of us in this room will be lost but that we will all be able to worship usually help us ages of eternity and Jesus and God bless you and hope we'll see each other again sometime


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