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The Gift of Tongues

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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I hired up religions America is a type of Pentecostal church where they carry snakes or heard about that snake handling Pentecostals they carry snakes and handle them as well speaking in tongues and you might wonder Nikki wanted to do such a silly thing is because of what it says Mark sixteen daughter Lark six camera looking near the end of the chapter verse seventeen says Andrea 's signs shall follow them that believe in my name is Michelle was a say cast out devils they shall speak with new tongs they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them and they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover that cost insurance is perhaps the most thoroughgoing of many because many of those churches will come to this passage and say that one is the evidence that you believe of the evidence espouses evilly as I thoughts is that the only evidence in this passage and before I go into a Bible study on speaking and tongs have observed a few things in this passage you have Bibles examples and so carefully mark sixteen is followed immediately in point of time in my acts chapter two ninety as if the if we had this as a chronology Mark sixteen Mark seventeen when the Pentecost in the book of acts we find all of the side as I mentioned the size of speaking with new tongues the sign of healing the side of taking up serpents and the first assignment drink and other things are not hurting them I will knit for a minute though until we talk about them you'll see that in the collapse but does anyone take up an assortment of other facts is that not mathematically taken up in Church on purpose now he doesn't take it up in Church on purpose and probably a constant dispossession is called dispossess anyone for example the book of acts does you do it as soon as he meets her mother 's intellect if he does it after a time when it is important for the progress of the work that he's doing if I can say the stone assemblage I know how they size to follow at the moment of being filled with the spirit at least the ones that others began tongs when I have a surplus that's when they have circumscribed and what doesn't they dispossess people who are filmed with the wrong spirit it's when they need to know about this gift of tongs there's one more thing to observe in this passage is an adjective before the word tongs was the adjective now here comes the question is it new to the speaker or e-mail to the share or no invention in the universe if it was a new and personal invention universe with me the gift of the tongue of angels S two and all other options are new today here are new to the speaker that would be anything special to have a meeting there saw something new to the speaker and is an asset and the wonton how many languages were there prior to the Tower of Babel is is is an interesting side point to you that God had said before the Tower of Babel that God 's people were to spread over the earth and those donate him spread over the earth know that this may build the tower of Babel and got of course messed up their tower and then he scattered them with their languages and now everyone is scattered the people in Zanzibar the God people have an advantage must did manage they all speak the same language rest the scanner disobedience don't have that advantage that's just a side benefit to the certainly let you know that following God 's ways he does have unintended advantages there are benefits to doing the things he says that can't facility forcing in the book of acts the gift of tongues it shows up at a connection with the filling with the spirit three times that's in acts chapter two and acts chapter ten acts chapter nineteen and acts two it's very obvious that the advertised position on Congress is right yup I'll be there and most Adventists are not troubled by asked to connect to its very clear is that the gift of tongues is a gift of human languages the people that hear them understand and I say how do we understand the tongue in which we were born and they all speak like that and asked tenet doesn't get into those kind of details but it does say something about it in the next chapter truth in your Bibles to ask Chapter 11 Max Chapter 11 and Outlook for the personal for him versus ten to seventeen accept or eleven look at verse fifteen this is the apostle reviewing what happened in that chapter before he says an appetite again the speed the Holy Ghost fell on them and say outside costs at the beginning then remembered by the word of the Lord Hunt I decided John indeed baptized with water but you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost is much that is God gave them the ones that say light gases as he did unto us believed on the Lord Jesus Christ what was I that I could withstand God forgives you for a minute the gift of tongues in at ten was at the same transport different than the gift of tongues are next to the test but it also was that it was the same it was not like gift but there is a passage that is quite troubling to administer in regard to the gifted tongs one that when we read it were just so glad we have asked to the legal rate afterwards because it less verses that don't make much sense to us sometimes a window chapter that is its first Corinthians chapter fourteen and my goal for next twenty six minutes or so is that you can reverse Clinton's fourteen for the rest of your life happily without confusion currently there in your Bibles to first Corinthians first Corinthians chapter fourteen were trying to chapter fourteen but maybe we should make some observations and twelve and thirteen it is our way into it Chapter twelve for advanced chapter twelve were looking at verse ten speaking up against her Bryant isn't just different people it's as to another the working of miracles to another prophecy to another discerning of spirits to another kinds of tongues to another the interpretation of tongues again there's that super helpful acts and of the word kind and end of the word tongue how many languages are there in heaven there ought not to be more than one because multiple languages can curse that makes sense and here we have kinds of languages and we have tongs a variety of them and has as a separate gift interpretation of tongs and let's compare the truth there is from the next in our minds is that here's one theory that the gift of tongs is a gift of a heavenly language and so the spirit comes upon the man and he speaks in a heavenly language that no one understands the atmosphere comes on another man and he interprets the heavenly language because no one else can understand that's the one theory and you see in that theory that there's some redundancy in a lot of trouble could have been saved if the first person just was spoken in the language that everyone understands but now it's come to the other theory that this is the gift of language is this is all I won't mind that is where does the new photographer so what does it show up in our congregation when the people speak one language or two languages now shows up in the body where the conversation speaks multiple languages in the book about first chapter to an rest of the show up in the Bible that shows up in Ephesus and forth these were poor cities were the people spoke a variety of languages and now here comes a man speaking the language is the congregation but as Aragorn in addition to understand the languages speaking on now and what is the benefit here is an interpreter and he speaks in another language when interpreter has never a gifted man doesn't he did hear one language and communicate to another and we believe that the day when we have multilingual congregation 's mayhem interpreters this is any proof but it helps you begin to evaluate the value of the two theories connection with what's written first Corinthians chapter twelve and were looking down to verse twenty nine twenty one verse twenty eight and God has set song in the church first apostles secondarily prophets thirdly teachers after that that is forth or below miracles she always helps governments and listen carefully it was the next phrase say diversities of tongues when we talk about tongs is another pretty consistent about the Panthers a variety of now it is very consistent there's variety and it was a question are all apostles of the honest answer now are all prophets the answer is no are all teachers know are all there is no lesson in all the gifts of healing and now do all speak with tongues only and churches are confused because answering this passage is obviously no chapter thirteen verse one is sometimes a little troubling that people who understand the rest because it says though I speak with the tongs of man and angels there is the tongues of angels and thought it was the languages of men but if I had too much about this comparison you should notice the next verse where it says no I have the gift of prophecy listen carefully and understand was a say all mysteries and all knowledge out there anyone who understands all mysteries and all knowledge but very apparently Paul is doing in this chapter is saying that even if I could speak the language of heaven I don't have charity it would not be significant identify Hanssen was understanding that I understood everything and have charity it wasn't making a significant but it is yet night the second phrase sentence possible for you to understand everything and not have charity without he's not saying that his music and extreme illustration to show that no matter what if you don't have charity you are not significant in God 's work but now when Chapter fourteen where he and the fetish chapter fourteen and were looking at verse one SS fall after charity and desire spiritual gifts this will open a whole bunch of us would never follow speaking times is something you want to be desiring we ought to pray for spiritual gifts sometimes they end up confusing our church is why having a get the idea that they all have spiritual gifts now they just need to find them but in the case of spiritual gifts are something to aspire for something new and pray for something and ask for something desire initiatives the sooner new habit in fact we left off twelve thirty one that pesticide technician earnestly conduct the best gifts chapter fourteen one says desire spiritual gaffes but more particularly that you may prophesy some turn to spiritual gifts they were numbered off apostles prophets teachers but relates to let us know and get them apostleship is not made available that was a foundation stone set up for the church and after apostles the next gift was profits enough that we ought to aspire to that even sounds dangerous to neither said we should aspire to be prophets talk more about that some other time but it's what it says in verse one verse just as for he that speaks in a Tonga speaks and not unto men but unto God for no man understands him howbeit in the spirit to speak of mysteries that's one of those three confusing versus sound like the man who speak in Hollins isn't speaking to communicate truth is I like that he's talking to himself and to God and that doesn't match our idea very well doesn't it seems Richards is recognizing and doesn't him very well this idea but listen carefully what's going on Paul is saying that this is what should him the process what does happen that should happen this as a new desire guess you should desire that you should prophesy because this is what goes wrong that he was fixing a time that people don't understand it is recommended on the question right to speaking unto God is answering the verse one to statement in the advertisers not anyone else in charge that gets recently and what is false as you say that this is a good thing this has because of this weakness that you ought to rather desire the gift of prophecy going on it says howbeit in the spirit to speak of mysteries now I don't want to get the idea that it says that the spirit of God speaking to him as the mysterious truth Russell to understand that the lender is to understand certain no one is saying is not here with his mind the same things that no one gets the word spirit Aramaean equivalent no one understands what he is communicating and has not been exalted as the norm between us talked about as the problem the problem in Corinth was people using their death of a foreign language when there was no one around to understand what they were saying that do not benefit anybody and so it wasn't a fan and for the first three MacInnis prophesies speaks on command to build the lot and exhortation and comfort this is what is doing just faced Anna tong edifies himself is it true that when you speak something positive that and build yourself up as a true industrial weaknesses are practical lesson for those of us who will never speak in tongues if you just learn the lesson of this verse and begin speaking that things just big fancy cars for example it will give you him herself off when there is a condition that only build yourself if you understand what you're saying in fact when we read but never got the numbers yet but understand the implication of this it is building himself up by speaking these things that must be at least one person in the room understands the language that he's using that would be him that matches our idea of the different ponds very well but it doesn't match this idea et al. verse five I was a new Allstate with tongs but rather that you prophesied for greater see the prophesies that Guinness speaks with tongues unless he interprets that the church may receive edifying what is the benefit there Paulson is no benefit to the charts of stake in a foreign language unless there's someone to interpret so that someone understands exactly that verse six is so helpful it says now brother and I come to you speaking with tongues what shall I drop it you unless I speak to you either by revelation or by knowledge of my prophesy for my doctrine in Paul's opinion was there any benefit to speaking a foreign language do people not understand you have never stopped when asked the question which turnover according to verse six tons is not a source of truth that is if I knew Spanish and I began to speak to all in Spanish some of you can alas I was thinking to transfer the Bible are things that were true for I saw was barred from heaven I get the Spanish were not one that you understood me and are worth spanking that has no inherent value about speaking has no inherent value before this term words are cheap it's true what everything has value to words and stuff source of truth like the Bible like prophecy or like something like that this person make any sense in this idea where they get the tones is concerned in the assets of the charge even if there is no other revelation or according to this verse you could give us the gift of tongs without having a source revelation soon another way if someone pursuing Harrison up and began speaking a foreign language that when you let them know before and someone in the know when this began to interpret its should you assume that what he's saying is true according to first Corinthians the gift of tongs is not the gift of inspiration it is the gift of a language that is only helpful when combined with some source of inspiration Son of Man speaking conference because both as a man speaking in his own native language is just to get the language we don't have time to go first traversed the whole thing apart but we're a look at a couple verses near the end it's not really near the end is just further on down look at verse on one or read about the poor man who visits church Justin look at verse twenty two Revelation first verse twenty two assess where your tongs are assigned to women in Mark sixteen times our size with an earlier side of those that believe Windows Vista as tongs are assigned not to them which believe not to them which believe not is someone asking you speak in tongues the suits are trying to use the sign backwards there are a believer in their view try to find out whether or not you speak in tongues as of its assigned to those that believe of course that's not who I was number four is assigned to those that believe not but prophesy services not for them that believe not but for them which believe assessment Robespierre had here to dance for two different classes which gift is for believers our elected testimonies it's for you and my chances for unbelievers tongs that would be for the people to want to and not for new special sample versus pellets don't want for the most interesting stories if therefore the whole church we come together into one place and all speak with Congress and their comment and one that is unlearned by unlearned is a very helpful word to us so here's the whole church speaking and tongs and a visitor walks in his eyes get big does he understand the people are saying why doesn't he according to the verse is unlearn nothing to throw for next does not tell you whether or not researching languages are heavenly languages what kind of language is would you acquire through learning him consciously assembling the cause and is unlearned of one rating unbelievers will not say that you are now it's kind of our own which guesses for unbelievers times and was an unbeliever is the gift help him now in fact you may disappoint the church is crazy and understand the ironic irony and restoration plans for unbelievers when it don't help the unbelievers from the gift of tongues is for nonbelievers understand what is being said advising that for this particular unbeliever because he doesn't understand what is being said verse twenty four but if all prophesy and are common in London the lives not long unlearned so here comes Batman into the church working for prophesying she is using is unlearned she has understands going on as you benefit by the prophesying in the passage says she has benefited some know nothing about isn't it because they get the property who's it for is for believers are saying is that in church even if you prophesy which is the kind of thing for church they still could benefit an unbeliever son because he understands the inside but if you speak in tongues in church is not a benefit Emily Murphy doesn't understand it what was the gift was made specifically for him him or put on this topic there is an article called tongs available at canvassing .org for an updated version available from yours truly Devlin us go through this whole chapter I'd like you to understand that is not a complex idea in the New Testament you don't need to be embarrassed to speak to anyone else the way we understand the gift of tongues is the only rational way to understand it in every bar since they are a sensible lineup of what we understand that just doesn't understand that doesn't line up to well with what anyone else understands but for the closing thought it says in that chapter but if you do speak with tongues in church then you should do it one at a time and at the lowest three of you should do it that's just a little verse we report you are screwed you can remember if you ever have someone who tries persuade you that you want to join Pentecostal church was the most number of speakers it should speak in church anyone time when I went meeting this has two or three and how many at one moment one Max and practices described many churches even find even here in Arkansas after supper was never our father in heaven as there are so many language barriers yet in the world today I asked that she would give to your church that gift of tongues word is needed find a way to communicate in those languages the labors of the present truth do not spank and frost last that she would fill us with your spirit and they can have those signs of boldness and power and preaching me to understand what is true that we can speak words that we understand others understanding five revenue value to the church I thank you I ask for your gifts in the name of Jesus and


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