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Are You Sure You Are Lost?

Alistair Huong
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Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • October 25, 2014
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven were grateful for the Sabbath day we're thankful for the time we can spend together in study of your word and now She paused. I pray Lord you might clear our mind of the clutter that has accumulated in the week and anything in our hearts that separates us from hearing your voice may you forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. May your holy spirit be here to be our teacher our guide and to lead us into all truth and made a speaker to day be upheld by your strength and may Jesus Christ be lifted up. We pray and ask these things down Jesus' name amen. Recently I read this story online which means it must be true right. As as it's often been said Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story so I can vouch whether this is a true story or not but it's a good one. So here's how it. This is the story. As a guitarist I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a gravesite service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends so the service was to be at a popular cemetery in the back country. As I was not familiar with the backwoods I got lost. Finally I arrived an hour late and I saw that the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch. I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late. I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I don't know what else to do so I started to play. The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around. I played my heart out for this man with no family and friends. I played like I have now. Or played before for this homeless man. And as I played Amazing Grace the workers began to weep. They wept I wept we all wet together. When I finished I packed up my guitar and started for my car though my head hung low. My heart was full as I opened the door to my car I heard one of the workers say I see nothing like that before and I've been putting in septic tanks for twenty years and this story and the story concludes. Apparently I'm still lost. I guess most the first time I share this story it was with a bunch of college kids and there was a deathly silence because they didn't know what if they can't play. But I'm glad you know that. But this story I think is an apt illustration a very humorous illustration of how many of us I think are one where in church we're in the right place doing the right means singing the right songs maybe even Amazing Grace we might even be weeping with the preacher and the song leaders and the people sitting next to us but is it possible that despite all of those things we might still be lost. You know I've heard it been said many times more than once it might be a professor in his Bible class or some survey that's taken in some conference or some place right it's been done more than. Once where people say we know that our young people. Do you have an assurance of salvation. Do you know that you are saved already. Do you have an assurance that you are right with God and inevitably the response comes back. It's a shockingly low percentage of our young people are young they just have no insurance no insurance no insurance and then a huge amount of the effort and energy exerted from the pulpit and youth ministries around the world is now emphasizing we need to give our young people and assurance a salvation. So we preach it. We design programs to to foster this type of of assurance. And we need to solve this problem. And you know I I do think that is a problem because of all people on the earth. Seventh Day Adventists who know the Bible truth who know Jesus Christ and know the truth of what's going to happen at any time we of all people should have the closest relationship with Jesus and have the most assurance that our lives are right with them. But nevertheless I think there's something missing in these surveys and that the second question the question I think also to be well if you're not sure whether you're last Are you should or if you're not sure you're saved Are you sure you're lost because just because someone says I'm not sure that I think I'm safe we don't know that this person which is the assumption all of our young people are just burdened down with guilt they're weighted down with with with in the sense of unworthiness and they're just breaking themselves up instead of coming to Jesus for mercy. Maybe that's not the problem. Maybe the other issue. As we're not sure we're saved but we're not sure we're lost either and if you ask me I think there is a question to be asked a valid question and that is which one of this these two options are is the bigger problem is it a bigger problem to not be sure that I'm saved or is it a bigger problem that I'm not sure that I'm lost. Does the Bible tell us that the Bible is an answer to this. Let's look in Revelation shall we. Revolution chapter three. Revelation Chapter three at the end of the chapter the angel comes down and has a message for which church the seventh church among the seven churches the Church of Laodicea the people judge the people living in the N.T. typical David told me the people at the end of time you and I and what their problem. Let's take a look at Revelation Chapter three. Well just read a few of the verses. We know this message quite well. Verse fourteen and under the angel of the church the latest scenes write these things they at the Amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know that I work that you are neither cold nor hot I would that you were cold or hot. So then because you are lukewarm and neither cold or hot nor hot I will spew the out of my mouth. Verse seventeen because you say if I'm rich and increased with good that have needed nothing and no it's not that you are wretched MS will point to blind and make it. So Jesus here comes down and he says the latest theory of the problem is not there you have no assurance of salvation. The problem would later see as you have no assurance of condemnation. You think you're OK but you are not. And so when I look at the Bible particularly the message to the latest scenes which I believe apply to the vast majority of US The issue is not Do I have the assurance of salvation. There are even though that is important. That's where we want to end up. We do want an assurance of salvation is a Don't get me wrong. But what good is it to have an assurance of salvation when we don't think we need thieving to begin with and I need to make a little disclaimer here before I go on and that is there are people and maybe some of you here in this congregation fall in this category there is a class of people and if you read the testimony of Ellen White when she was a young woman she falls in this category that I am not speaking to today and that is the people who truly are broken people because they have an overwhelming sense of guilt in their life. There are those people yes like Ellen White who had the fear and they are just so consumed with their own unworthiness that they're almost paralyzed and they're afraid to come to Jesus. There are people like that and I'm not putting them down but I am speaking to a different class today and speaking to those of us who who happen to fall more in line with the problem of latency those who say I am not sure that I'm saved Besides Ellen White. You should never say that I'm sorry that you happen to be talking about the once saved always saved and we don't believe that but neither do I think I'm so bad that I'm not that I'm one. See if you resonate with me this is the kind of thinking I'm talking about. I might make a mistake here or there but I'm still unsure genset. I'm not one of those people that dress inappropriately on church on Sabbath morning. I know where the books of the Bible are I might you know do a few things here and there that I need to pray in Africa before but I'm not so bad. I'm a nice person haven't you ever heard that before. Surely God can keep that person out of heaven. She so knowing this and I'm just as nice or maybe those of us who say you know I don't do anything illegal you should check out my roommate I mean I'm not as bad as that. I even go on missions. I pay my time. I might even give more than my ten percent to God I'm not so bad. I'm not sure that I'm say maybe but I'm not so sure God's going to kick me out either. This is the class that I am talking about. Christ object lessons page one eighteen paragraph one says this. All most Christians yet not fully Christians. They seem near the kingdom of heaven but they cannot enter there. Almost but not wholly saved means not almost but wholly lost. The default position if you are not sure you are saved is that you are most definitely lost. And I think the Bible have illustrations of various individuals who have fallen in this category. They think they're pretty good. Remember he was riding along right the ark with coming back to Israel on the cart which happened to have been an inappropriate method of transporting it. But other thought oh man I'm a pretty good guy. The Ark is about to topple over. Let me give God a hand these out. He thought he was OK he thought he was helping God out but in the end he was lost. The rich young ruler which I believe is one of the clearest representations of avodah young people today in the Bible. He comes to Jesus. He says all the things I have kept from my youth up went to church on Sabbath I memorized all my bible verses in primary school I go. All with stickers all across my name I went to pep liners master guide I got all of my patches on my stashes and I am a good Seventh Day Adventists. What lack I yet. And Jesus said you lacked one thing and in the end he thought he was OK but he was lost. The seven sons of Stephen Acts Chapter nineteen they thought they were pretty good going to come and defend Jesus' little bit you know come the cast the demon out the demon says Jesus I know Paul I know well who are you and the demon stripped him naked beat them up and kick them out they thought they were OK They thought they were they thought they might be all right nice conscientious decent church going people who thought they were all right but in the end what they lacked was a sense of their great need. They didn't see that they had a they had no assurance of salvation but they had no assurance of condemnation either. But wait but wait you say. If we were to really sit down right and this is Advent as are so good at this. If we want to sit down let's say at a Sabbath school that I don't hope or or a Bible study on Friday night or some other place and we start talking about this subject I think everybody would agree and not an intellectual as that. Oh yes the Bible says We're all have come a short thin they come short of the glory of God they're not true for ALL have sinned. We know this and we know that we're no better intellectually but why doesn't it really make a difference in time that's the question. Right like there seems to be this gap between intellectual understanding and impact in the life. There's a theology and then there is the life. Ology the living of life and I think. Let me illustrate what I think the issue is with the story. When I was in college a few years ago in rural Arkansas I went to a small school in Arkansas on college for college a group of us students on Sunday afternoon decided we're just going to go out for a hike. Now we were just following one of my friends who was a little bit of a daredevil and a little bit you know spontaneous and so we started walking down this path the dirt road but then we took off on to the trail and what we got on the trail. He saw the little deer trail that are you know sort of big enough to follow but they're not really for human walking right. So we started walking down these trails and then he said OK let's let's run. So we started running through the woods and these these deer trail just got narrower and narrower narrow narrow and pretty soon we were literally just running through the woods. And this was in the winter time. So the brambles and you know the leaves were down so we could actually make our way through but we were not on a trail you know anywhere I mean we were just in the middle of the woods. We're just sort of goofing off. We were running through the woods in the back woods of Arkansas and then the sun went down. It was one of those nights where it was overcast there was no star no Starlight no moonlight and this believe it or not was back before smartphones were invented. I Phones they weren't around so we had no flip phones but you know even though flashlights right so we were completely in the dark and it was getting cold and we were lost. Now let me ask you a question where we lost only lot after the sun went down or were we lost before what was the difference between the time when the sun was still up to the time that the light went out. We were both lost. We were locked in both instances but. Only after the light went out did we feel lost. So the issue is often throughout the day we don't hear a lot because we're still in the lie. We still have the light of God's grace and His mercy we still have access to his word. Were not being persecuted for our faith. We don't feel like we're so bad and more important than that. As long as the fun with a lot of our friends and me we thought we could get ourselves out of it as long as we had the light we felt hey we got this. But what the light went out our true condition became obvious when in actuality we were lost even in the light. It's similar to when we have an illness write someone a doctor might say you know you have a serious condition. But I feel fine so I'm going to continue living life as usual because we don't feel the pain. So when we look at our lives today I think many times for us. We know so much and somehow even still because we're still in the light we feel like we can still save ourselves. I can still pull myself out of this. I can do better. I can make my I can make changes in my life still. But we got to realize that sin is not like bacteria where you have to have a critical mass before your immune system can't cope anymore. So then it just takes one pathogen it just takes one element of sin one sin and you're toast because you remember Adam and Eve. How many things did it take for them to be expelled to the last one thousand and so for those of us who live in the light. Today we somehow still feel because we're on a probationary time. It's tempting for us to think it's just a small city it's just this one time. I don't do it all the time. I can ask for forgiveness later. I can work this out. But if we're really honest with ourselves the Bible tells us the carnal mind is not subject to the will of God to the law of God neither indeed can be. And so that is why Paul says in Romans Chapter seven O wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from this body of death. You see before Paul you get to Romans chapter eight first in Romans Chapter seven. He had to come to grips with the assurance of his own condemnation without Jesus and the devil big temptation for us at the end of time to the church of late a see a is for us to feel good enough until it's too late. And so this does raise another question in my mind you know this sounds morbid. It sounds so politically incorrect right to preach a sermon to tell people you need to feel lost. I mean that's just inappropriate in most pulpit but I thought about this it makes too much sense because I think there are two reasons why this is important why. Two reasons why it's important for us to recognize our true last condition to have the assurance of condemnation. Two reasons the first reason. Let me illustrate with another story a couple months ago my wife and I we were at a site National Convention. In Grand Rapids Michigan our hotel happen to be just two blocks away from the convention center and we had a van that we rented and we had equipment that we had to shuttle over there and so I wasn't with her as she went and she got the car to drive some supplies over to the booth where her boss was waiting two blocks away. You drive out of the parking garage you make a left and you make a left and then you stop and you're there right. I'm not going to make fun of her driving skills because she was she had a good excuse. There were a lot of road construction. The whole city was all boarded up and you know you had all these tours all over the place and she doesn't have a smartphone. She had a little flip phone which happens to have no G.P.S. and she didn't have a map so she took off out of the parking garage. She could make a left turn so she had to go straight or make a right and then she went and there's another detour another detour and before long she would like my child out of the way right two blocks became like two miles and so she stopped the car and she was on the phone and you can imagine she's getting very frustrated and she's on the phone with her while I am lost. I don't have a map I don't know where I am and the people walking on the other side of the street one person actually walked over and said Are you OK. So this is to illustrate something and that is when we are lost when we feel that we are lost when we recognize our need. We have a new appreciation for the math when we realize that we're going to be lost just like my friends and I were out in the middle of the world we have a new appreciation for the light once the light goes out and the Bible tells us the i word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto our path so Reason number one why it's important for us to recognize our true last condition that there's a share in the condemnation apart from Jesus. Because it affects our right relationship to his word because that we think we're OK I got this. Why would we care about what he says to us when we tell that the term right. Why does it matter if we don't think we're not the Word of God is only valuable when we see the remedy that it is to our true condition. Reason number one reason number two is even more important it's even more important and this is really if anything at all if you take away from this message you can forget everything else but this one point. Don't miss this. Let me read two passages from the sphere of prophecy to you the first one is found in the book steps to Christ page ninety five paragraph two. She says our great need is itself an argument that cleave Mole's eloquently on our behalf. Do you know what the greatest argument you can plead to Jesus for His help is not how good I am but it's how last time. Here's another one. Designed ages page three sixteen paragraph or the Jewish leaders did not recognize that our great need is our only claim to God's mercy. The only claim in their self righteousness they commended the centurion because of the favor he has shown to our nation. But this interior instead of himself I am not worthy. His heart had been touched by the grace of Christ. He saw his own unworthiness. Yet he feared not to ask for help. He trusted not to his own goodness. His argument was his great need. Let me put it simply. Until we recognize our great need meeting our last condition this assurance of condemnation. There is no. All other Coleraine by which we can get the Murphy's Law so we can not have an assurance of salvation and in the word until we have an assurance of condemnation. End of story. Jesus cannot help us when we think we can help ourselves. Gee that cannot help us until we recognize our great need of here and so that's why when the church you lay to see a gene it doesn't say you need us shape up and do more good is that you just realize that you are good for nothing you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked and need of everything for me. Because that's our only claim on the mercy of God. So this now leads to perhaps the more important question than what we've been discussing so far and that is so how do we feel our new right we might be sitting here and we're like OK this all makes intellectual sense but how does this all work. The good news is that even in recognizing our need God does the work. It's not of any human devising that we generate within ourselves. It is something that comes from Jesus. So let's look in Romans chapter two there are three things or three steps three ways if you will that God helps us to see our great Me and God always works in this order one two and three. So the first thing that God does. Romans chapter two and verse four it says are despised thou the riches of His goodness and forbearance a long suffering not knowing that that what of God the goodness of God lead me to repentance. The first thing that God always does to help us recognize our need is to demonstrate His love His longsuffering and his goodness to us. And I praise God for that because when Ellen White wrote the book steps to Christ the original first chapter of the book was called the sinners need of Christ. Right that's what we're talking about the sinners need of Christ. That's how the book step to Christ or Originally it was supposed to be started. But as she was writing she realized that's really not where it starts. And so she added a chapter before that. Do you know the name of that chapter. God's love for man. You see Jesus Christ came to this earth not to demonstrate right off the bat how wrong and how bad we are but to reveal the goodness and the love of God And so for some of us it might be through our families we might have grown up in homes in which our parents modeled the love of God Praise the lord of that's the case for you. There are others where that's not the case. That's where the church should come into play. We ought to be the ones that demonstrate most clearly the love of God his long suffering and His mercy and his graciousness that abounds to all generations. We demonstrate the love of God and That's step number one for God to show us our great need because in contrast to ourselves we say I want to be like that but when I go home I backbite I complain I gossip. I fly I swear I do all of these things. Lord have mercy. I am a wretched sinner in need of grace. The goodness of God ought to lead us to repentance. We hear personal testimonies of the goodness of God in the lives of other people and we say If God can save that he can say May the goodness of God We here are missionaries those who are risking their lives like him. What Africa right now or in the Middle East or in these close countries and we say God can make the good carnal heart have this selfless love for other people. I need that heart transformation as well and of course the reason why why tell that to spend an awful moment a couple hour contemplating level cries particularly the closing scenes because that's the clearest revelation of the love of God and we see the cross of Jesus and we recognize in ourselves how lost we are. That's number one the goodness of God leads us to repentance but then there Step number two Step number two let's look in Galatians chapter three Galatians chapter three the goodness of God sometimes is abused. Sometimes we take it force take it as license that we can sin and and not sin with impunity. And that's where the law of God comes in. Glaciers chapter three verse twenty four it says where for the law was our schoolmaster to bring us on through to bring us unto Christ that we might be justified by faith without school lesson today I believe it was in James Chapter one twenty three the law of liberty. Right now looking at a mirror if we look at it and then we straightway walk away and not recognizing the condition that we are in we are we're seeing that we are a lot of person but we're not doing anything about it and so the law of God is the second step God shows His goodness as Mercy long suffering his graciousness to us and then he says but there are conditions. This sin is the transgression of the law and the wages of sin is death one hundred percent of the time. And so Jesus says this is where you're headed that if you persist in sin. So like the story of David and Bess Shiva God has shown so much mercy so much goodness in the reign of David. God has preserved them while an enemy sought for his life and when he then against God in committing adultery with that Sheba Mason came in and it was not time for the warm fuzzy Jesus loves you method anymore. It's time to point the finger and say you are that man because the law of God leads back to Jesus is to help us recognize our great need and then this step three. If those two methods don't work when God's warm and loving representation and his examples through other people is not enough and then his law with the conditions that comes along with that is not enough. Sometimes we need to go to Step number three and that's when he simply allows us to reap the consequences of our actions. We remember the story of the prodigal son perhaps the clearest one. He saw the love of the father growing up in his father's home. He understood the law of God growing up in a Jewish home. But he persisted in having his own way and so sometimes God permits us to have our own way and add to it as a result of that the young man in Luke Chapter fifteen verse seventeen it says when he was feeding on the husks with the pigs he came to himself he came to himself and he finally realized his true condition. You remember the story said oh my father's servant that is how they have more bread than they can eat and look at me eating with the pigs. It's just amazing to me that it took him that long. Now he's already eating with the pigs before he realizes I mean why don't you think he would have figured it out when he smelled. OK. Down the road before he got there. But this this just shows how hard headed we human beings sometimes are. And God simply said Go ahead do what your heart desires but just like the father. I'll be waiting right here for you. Why. Because why does God permit that. Why does God permit this pain. Why does God permit us to suffer because of our great need is our only claim on the mercy of God And so if it means you making a terrible mistake and getting in a car accident paralyzed from the waist down or whatever else. If that's what it takes for you to say Lord have mercy on me a sinner. Jesus is willing to allow that to happen to you. Because our assurance of salvation must first hinge on having an assurance of our condemnation. Let's look in Matthew chapter twenty one verse forty four. Matthew twenty one verse forty four so the three ways the three ways Matthew twenty one verse twenty four the three way that God helps us to recognize our great need number one through his goodness the goodness of God lead us to repentance. Number two through the law of the law the schoolmaster that takes brings us to Christ. And number three through the consequences of our own poor decisions. So Matthew twenty one verse forty four tells us what we ought to do. Now the twenty one verse forty four said and whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken but on whomsoever it shall fall it will grind him to powder. So far better for us to fall on Jesus and to break ourselves on him rather than persist in our own stubborn ways and wait for the consequences that Jesus allowed to come and to crush us. So what. Is it going to be Jesus once said the thick do not have me or those who are not sick do not have need of a physician. In other places Jesus said For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. Jesus did not come for those who feel no need Jesus did not come. For those of us who are not lost. Jesus did not come for those of us who do not feel our great need. The Fair see and the publican in the Temple Square praying to the Father. Jesus said only one of these went home justified was in the Pharisee who boasted and puffed up this child and said I thank you father that I am not like these sinners but rather it was the fairest or yes the publican whose who would not even look up smote his breasting have mercy on me a sinner. The prodigal son as much as we harp on him for choosing a terrible destructive lifestyle in the end he was the one who received the salvation of his father not the older brother who did not feel his need in assurance of salvation is only possible when we first have the assurance of condemnation. And as a result we turn to Jesus who is a source of salvation. A number of years ago my family went to the Mount Claire mall not far from here. Been there at Montclair mall down I ten. My brother was about four or five I think at the time I was about nine or ten and we were perusing the stores and you know he was a little little tyke down here. I guess he's not here so I can tell an embarrassing story. And we were in the store and we turned around all of a sudden and he was gone. Little boy. So cute B. innocent looking always like a blank look like just pure innocence not not he's not here. OK And so we turn around and he's gone. So you can imagine the first few minutes you know you're you know we're sort of calm. We just can't see him around the shells on the sidewalk around the store. Not in the store and then we started we walked out the store and we looked around. Nowhere in sight and so I started to roam the light we walked all the way down the length of the tar mall back and forth back and forth looking for a little boy. My little brother and after about ten minutes fifteen minutes was passed. Things got tense. My mom started to get frantic and things were not looking good. Now I was told this whole incident happened within less than thirty minutes but it felt more like three hours and we were looking for this little boy and I was starting in my own mind to imagine what life would be like without my brother I was like nine or ten I'm like and you know you might think oh yeah I get to have all the toys it wasn't like that it was not like that it was just sheer It was fear because the little boy is gone. We don't know where he was we were running around and then you know you can sort of hear my mom's words like quivering like you know and we were starting to panic we're starting to panic and then before I get to what happened let me tell you let me tell you Addison side of the story because obviously we found him so. So Allison his side. Story was because he was so little he could only see up to people's waist and so he was in the store and he turned around and he saw someone who he thought was my mom because they were wearing the same pants or skirt whatever from the waist down. Going out the stores they followed this lady who he thought was his mom and then she walked out and she was going fast and out there with a little boy and he's like why are you running so fast. So he caught up with her and you know through the crowd and he looked up and realized it's not my mom. And now he's out in the middle of the of them all by himself not knowing where he was and so this little by play he started crying. He didn't know where he was he was lost but he had the presence of mind to go up to one of the security guards in front in front like a jewelry store you know the guards there and he went to the man and he said I'm lost. And that man called the P.A. you know the announcer and they called my parents and we were reunited with my brother. Happy ending. But this illustrates I think a problem for many of us Christians. We are in the middle of the mall. And rather than recognizing and admitting that we are lost and going to the one with the ability to think of us we think we're OK we're locked in what we're doing what are we doing. We're checking out the rest of the story. Well I looking window shopping Well this world's not so bad it's actually pretty nice. Well we're just the two words perhaps that we need to be able to say is simply come to Jesus and say Lord I I'm lost and that is our only claim on the mercy. These are of God I want to conclude with this final passage from the book desire reaches page four hundred twenty nine. Let this be the promise that we could cling to as we leave this place. It said Let these souls in their helpless unworthiness cast themselves upon the mercy of the compassion a savior. Look not to self but to Christ he who healed the sick and cast out demons when he walked among men is the same mighty Redeemer today. Faith comes from the Word of God then grafters promise him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. Notice carefully this is the key phrase cast yourself at his feet with a cry. Lord I believe help thou my unbelief. You can never perish while you do this. Never. That sounds like an assurance of salvation to me when we can know that we will never perish when we come to Jesus with his attitude with these words. That is I need you Lord I need you now I need you tomorrow I need you forever. And so today the appeal is very simple. How many of us today want to say Lord show me my greed that I might have that claim upon your mercy whatever it takes your goodness your law the consequences what maybe I will help me to fall on this rock and be broken is that you desire that you desire today. That's my desire let's pray Father in heaven we're so thankful that you have given to us in your word promises promises not to crush us in despair because of our sin and our guilt but simply stating the facts and revealing the truth that we have no claim no claim on your saving grace and your mercy. Until we come before you to present our great me and Lord for us many of us perhaps are caught in this teeter totter of thinking we are good enough sometimes and maybe not good enough other times. What help us just to realize that without you we are nothing and just likely to see that we are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and make it so the day we come to you and say Lord hear our cry our humble plea we believe help found our unbelief and in the end they will be saved when Jesus comes in glory. This is our prayer today in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon we visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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