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Why Am I A Seventh-day Adventist?

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • October 25, 2014
    4:00 PM
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has with his father in heaven as we begin this afternoon to contemplate this question I pray that you might speak to our hearts that he might make it clear to us perhaps through this time we each will have that clear sense of why we are part of this church some use speech was fierce now Jesus my father-in-law is a first generation Adventist this is my wife's father he grew up to the Japanese-American grew up on the island of Maui Hawaii and he was born into a family whose family business pig farm they raised the case for the slaughter as a life father-in-law grew up not having much of a face in their home and he was the youngest and he while he was in high school there was for the team to learn about this and message I believe it was the radioactive money through a friend awesome the details I would need to clear up within you start having Bible studies in the past were common during lunch break Carmen of Bible studies and again to learn about the doctrines held by the Seventh-day Adventist church and he became convicted and he wanted to join the church he wanted to start keeping a sad statement home one day and he was talking with his father about this saying she is thinking you would like to send unanimous you understand that being a pig farmer is not easy work see you brother they all have the school and so they wake up early early early morning telephony will pay the cost of the fetal page again talk to you then you go to school and when they get home backup for and this is this is how life is so to say I'm going to not work on Saturday on the weekend which happened to be the data most of the work you can imagine that is not favorably limited by the famine very hard workers says father looked at him and said if you choose to follow this path be prepared to no longer be called my son is my father-in-law he wrestled with this for months she was convicted and he doesn't know what to do but in the end he chose been baptized Lutheran Baptist church and through a long other series of events eventually things will work down with his family but here's the point so there are people like my father-in-law and there are other people who chosen the Atlantis at great cost to themselves extreme costs people living today even in the modern age this year about our Christian brothers and sisters get persecuted over in the Middle East and other countries and it forces me to ask myself what I say right I think it helped brother was a lot to reflect back on the reason why we have chosen to walk this path because not only is it necessary to have this reflective notice this while being in the reason up when we choose to join the church I understand them I am in my study of the Bible in the event and there are going to be circumstances that arise that will test our resolution of high-resolution display we got to know why we are well we are in order for us to know why we ought to stay when things get rough as out of this I was realized I reflected on why and what is it that makes me as to why makes me want to stay and so this afternoon I'd like to share with you some of my that this is my personal list I is not an exhaustive list it may be different for you but three reasons why I am an avid visit and three non- reasons why I three reasons three nonreaders I think you understand what anyone I get but maybe just a little bit of disclaimer and terms of how I'm approaching this this is really not a message that's intended to be an evangelistic message to convince someone who think differently this is not an apologetic for someone who is uninitiated and unwilling to accept it as a and final reflection right so it's very much looking in myself and I think it may apply more for an audience like this is not intended to be like this is what will businesses of life different site I hope you see the distinction so it's more why I more than one joy even though I think this application and that we as well is still having said that I know sometimes you know we need a state of presuppositions ahead of time thing aware coming from so I'm starting from the perspective that I already believe that there is a God I already believe that Jesus I only given us his Word which is the Bible it is a infallible revelation of his will I believe all I also believe that the spirit of prophecy is something in the Bible tells us to expect and the time I believe it is just as inspired as the holy Scriptures I hold my hands so this is when starting from so three reasons why I'm an active and three non- reasons that of why am I okay so let's look at number one on the seventh evidence today because of its prophetic identity what I mean by that method to get in Revelation chapter ten Revelation chapter ten and will begin reading verse one Revelation chapter ten verse one will read verses one and two revolution chapter ten John writes in I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with the cloud and a rainbow was upon his head as it were the son and his handlers I'm sorry face lit up with us at his feet as pillars of fire and he had in his hand a little book open and he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the earth and bursary and cried with a loud voice as when the lion roar and when he had tried seven thunders uttered their voices and if you just throw this out there for this might be relevant later Mister Danna verse five and the angel which I thought Stan upon the sea upon you lift up his hand to heaven verse six elsewhere by hand with minute forever and ever who created heaven and the thing that there in our and the earth of the things that are in our embassy in a phase where they are and that there should be time no longer will visual imagery of Revelation chapter online angel comes down from heaven there's all these descriptions about right on my angel clothing floundering on his face shining like the sun be likely the fire but more than that he says he has inverse line he had you lift up his hand to have any swear by him who live in forever and ever you don't remember this in is what it looks like and then in his hand outstretched hand is a little book until now has good after this study this is war what little book is that whether that would represent the book of Daniel the one hundred anglers looking danger Daniel chapter damage up to twelve and we will read verse four will start inverse case but now again a shot of the words and seal the book even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be then I Daniel looked and behold there stood other to the one on the side of the bank of the river and the other on the other side of the bank of river and one said to the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river how long shall it be to the end of these wonders were set to her the man clothed in linen which was upon the river when he held up his right hand and his left hand up to heaven and swear by hand I live it for ever and ever have we seen that language is used somewhere else an angel standing on water lifting up his hands it's where the money will live forever and ever that there that it shall be for a time Heinz and a half and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people all these things shall be finished first phase and I heard that I understood not been set I call my Lord which shall be the end of these things worse not music weight gain if the words are close up and sealed till the time of being an so widening of the local continue to attend and look in the book of Daniel and Daniel chapter twelve ten mirror images the angel is standing there both have lifted up to heaven and their talking on the little book that closed on one hand Danielson revelation is the XO the prophecy that was clothed in the book of Daniel without going all to the whole Bible study when we know it's not entire book of Daniel is just a portion of the book again and eliminate chapter eight verse twenty six the vision I was dealing with the vision of the evening in the mornings the vision of the evening in the morning happened to be the Daniel eight fourteen vision of the two thousand three hundred evening and more thought allowing very quick review soon other words the book that was closed off with the book of Daniel specifically the prophecy of Daniel eight fourteen Indiana Chapter twelve is closed in Revelation chapter tenets of Revelation chapter ten thousand talents exactly when that book was opened so we have to review Danish up to twelve C when the little book without the little book was opened verse seven at the airport Leslie first before we meet many many explain what's happening here in the story so Daniel looked and he sees as Angel and he asked the question in verse six how long shall it be the end of these wonders exactly how all the time related question the angel raises hand and said unto a time times and how they literally years of time is what one you are times have I was looking at twelve hundred and sixty year process the eight Daniel says I understood not what you need and of these things so the angel did within the answer and he said I don't understand can you rephrase your answer and the angel said don't worry Daniel go your way for it will be closed up and sealed until the time of year so let me put it very simply the conclusion of the time time that I have in the same vein as the beginning of the time of the them except because Daniel got the same question twice in the Angels simply giving the same as in two different ways the first episode of the two thousand three hundred years or have time at the conclusion of that the bookmobile and then after that he said again at the time of the end the bookmobile so the time we had began when the twelve sixty concluded and altogether now when you do that seventeen ninety eight so why do I go through all because we need to go back again instructed our relationship it's inside this is still the first reason my first reason for why I'm a seventy afternoon it has to do with Revelation chapter can revelation chapter ten identify when the Seventh-day Adventist movement was to begin and the first thing we need to figure out is when was this vision what will the time initiative 's vision is talking about well I have to do with one angel comes down any little blue ribbon of Daniel and Daniel well tell that the global development seventeen ninety eight the sometime after seventeen ninety eight the understanding of Daniel eight fourteen will be open okay that's the I think we follow so far let's continue relationship to send resumes and the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me relationship to ten verse eight and the voice which I heard from heaven state and to me again and said go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel would stand a policy upon your and he and I went to the angular Senate and give me the little book and he sent me to make it an even initial make my belly bitter but it shall be sweet or in my mouth sweet as honey I took the little book out of the angel 's hand in it or not and it was in my mouth sweet as honey as soon as I Internet my belly was bitter this is a terrible beating the little book is representative of understanding the message contained in the book and the book that was closed up that is now open specifically referred to Daniel eight fourteen twenty three hundred days so what will it sometime after seventeen ninety eight actually if we look at Revelation chapter nine it narrowed down to be shortly after eighteen forty August eleven eighteen forty the date of prophesied in the seven trumpets we won't get there right now so sometime in the early eighteen hundreds the thing that all movement of people will understand the teaching of Daniel eight fourteen felt the obese suite in the now bitter in the so the initial understanding will be pleasant but then when they finally truly digest what is on earth it will result in I think you know what I'm referring to because just this past week reseller at the seventieth anniversary of the great disappointment of the Millerite movement the moods after this faith was raised up and while online look at this essay how can you be confident in the in this phase that are rolling out on the state heard this before I can use out after he got hit in the business of covering things up what you do as a coping mechanism to try to spin the negatives and a history in the making of intro but quite on the contrary when I look at it delivered to your relationship combined with the book of Daniel tells me that this movement is all out of the sixty disciples before they started the most powerful movement on the face of years known as Christie Christie Christian movement it also began to disappoint the discipline and actually was predicted Jesus was going to die and it was a misunderstanding but when they understood it it was the power of the gospel so the reason number one reason number one the first reason why I'm so they haven't is because I am a Bible believing Christian I read the Bible particularly the book of Revelation chapter it identifies the movement the history and what they would go through to become what they are today it's hard it's hard to argue with that when we look at the Scriptures so reasonable one one of them because of its prophetic identity and of course the art you can also look at revolution chapter twelve inverse of an hour seventeen the drawing was brought for the woman and will perceive which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ identification of God blast a remnant people to keep the commandments including the fourth amendment health of the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy but there's more to it and that's the reason number one I believe that this movement is something out of his church was identified by God in prophecy and I cannot argue with the revelation chapter ten verse eleven is another verse the something else after the suite in the now bigger and that we experience the something else the stated verse eleven and the Angel he said unto me thou must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and phones and meetings so the Seventh-day Adventist movement is not identified and now they are to prophesy again which means they have to special message to bear and that's reason number two why I'm the survey out today is because of its look to Romans chapter three with me Romans chapter three Paul is addressing the Roman Christians but down chapters one and two he dealt with the issue and chapter one he dealt with the issue that the Gentiles are all sinners and then in Romans chapter two he deals with the fact that all the Jews are sinners and so Enrile is Chapter three begins with the question that is sort of like so what now right evolved and how the Senate and the Jews are sinners then what's the poor this is where he comes in first three are a captive reverse while wrong what does that have to do or what rock they did their circumcision so we can ask the same questions a day why should I be upset with the why when we're just as sinful we had the fallen human nature were no better than everyone else in fact like you said that the majority of God 's people aren't other full she said that many will leave this phase of the end of time and many will take their place so what advantage than half the Adventists the question verse two Paul writes much and every way how why chiefly because it unto them were committed the Oracle of God so is not because the Jews were any holier or a more righteous in fact they had a lot of his but they still have the advantage because all make it very clear to them having given the oracles of God or the special messages from God and in the same way today I believe the Sunday after the movement have been given the Oracle and that's one of the reasons why I am in this church and the message of the Seventh-day Adventist faith is not just isolated off and not just individual things here and there a couple of verses a couple ideas but as a cohesive whole it's a worldview that makes sense and it's a message for lack of better word that's the truth I meant to give you a list of keys K list of people 's of what this message is him message is present truth number one present me the methods that have a friend and a relevance in the method for this specific high for specific purpose and what we look at what I was church and is emphasizing it is the freeing of messages here God deployed in the hour of his judgment is come as a frozen fruit because we believe Jesus is coming soon and we have an obligation to help people prepare to meet Thursday that it presents truth but this is the just front and truth it's also precious truth second P precious truth in Psalm one twenty six Psalm one twenty six and verse six is even going for an immediate bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him the word of God likens to see we know the parable of the sewer and see and hear their views similarly he led the fourth and we've been bearing precious fees jumped out again with rejoicing the methods that we have to press it just like to see a farmer precious a farmer that they recognize that this seed is no source of sustenance for his family whether an actual grade eight or as a means with which to soldier Field for economic help profit later the word of God it rushes see that we ought to see the potential in it is the same as the bread of life we needed to give sustenance to our box and it is precious because it is the means by which to bring the rich harvest for the kingdom the rich the richness of God 's word is precious so the him as they did in the Bible number one if present through the number two getting the freshest truth and related and that it is a powerful truth clerk P powerful truth the Romans chapter one and verse sixteen makes it very clear Romans one sixteen and that I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it in the power of God to salvation to everyone I believe the Jew first and also to the Greek ever since the beginning of time had been searching for ever-increasing sources of power for this fire are and then later on there's while in gasoline and nuclear power and solar power and all of the other sources of power but the goblins uses the word of God and message the meaning given it his greatest source of it is not only is it not only did God for talking with his word by the word of the Lord of heaven and all of them by the breath of his mouth we know that God spoke all things into existence by all means by him all things consist we know the power of God 's word alone we think about it this is the most powerful of all the gospel is the power unto salvation the word is the means by which our carnal human being might be conferred into the image of God made to partake in the divine image there is no greater power than the power of the message to the methods has been entrusted anticipated for the truth it's fresh it's true it's a powerful truth but not only that also personal truth the great philosophical question that play each and every individual who went on what why am I here where am I going to ask the state have answers were all those perhaps the greatest contribution to the theology given by the Adventist church as you know the truth of God will progress through the ages is as is as idea called for a conference if the story behind the story metanarrative in the context of framework in which everything except because of the controversy I can understand why there is sin and suffering and pain and death in the world because of a controversy I understand the answer to the question will there ever be injustice when they seem to be so much injustice is only when I understand how law being an merciful again destroy sin and sinner that in a time out and yell all of the difficult questions that philosophers of all ages other faith than other way the thinking food you can try to wrestle in constant terms with we found in the word of God is a personal truth but it's also practical truth I told you love peace practical truth because that is the message of Anastasia had immediate relevance to my day is not just applying this guy type of someday out of ahead and live in mansions it had the rack immediate relevance today how should I eat what should I put into my body we have an answer for that how should I dress with evident house every so that you know that in the spirit of prophecy we are even taught how to plant a tree practical truth because God is not the business of just giving us a high flying in all ideas appear to be cares about individual life every day things in life how do we deal with discouragement how should we pay our workers in our ministries how do we deal with disagreements all he is is a practical true along with all of the other keys and finally its purpose meaning the method of Adventism will be adopting for life it gives us a new purpose for me for myself to speaking for myself personally if you can't entirely because of the method also that the claimant had a job I work for audio verse and invited in his godlike their women on earth and I wouldn't have a job I think the silly but honestly how many of us when we come to an understanding of the truth I got instructed that is you are a are alive all of a sudden those minutes wholly different direction the entire tenor of our thinking are planned for future of what we do for families where we live all evening all in all because now we've got the priorities straight we got the right purpose in our lives all of this is wrapped up in the message that God had given and entrusted to us as a people I think raising so God not only identified the movement through prophecy as that if you look in the I hear you and him the goal of intellectual is going to change and they're going to have this experience not only that he also handed to what I handbook for living not just the day preparing for the life to come so again all the peas its present through its precious roof is powerful to personal truth practical truth is personal purposeful truth I'm sure to come along or piece right of the message of God is one other reason why I am seventy and today some reason number three reason number three wireless Seventh-day Adventists is found in the medical ministry page forty nine paragraph four is just one sentence is what is Christ was a Seventh-day Adventist to all intents and purposes so what other church were one of the important and were told that Christ was a Seventh-day Adventist to all content and purposes I be a part of us are educated living apart out and if I am to be a true Christian meaning to write life what other choice do I have that sound like a sheet answer but we often heard people ask the question what would Jesus do while I think I have found that what Jesus would do so I committed to do it Jesus gave the prophecy of the Adventist movement rising up in the early eighteen he asked me explain that they will have a disappointment but after the disappointment he commissioned them to prophesy that is the most precious than power and threaded through the method ever entrusted to man now we have to opportunity to share that message those of the three reasons why I'm so then I'm sure there are many more than I want it just means on these three non- reasons for one seventy at non- reason number one on seventy and not because it makes my life easier more comfortable more prosperous for less complicated how often have we been told if only you knew the health message you'd be much better if only just come back to church God will work all things I can tell you that there are people very close to me and people that I know who coming into the church does not lessen the complex city of it doesn't lessen the difficulties and pain and there are plenty of people who are diehard health reformers who still get cancer is still okay in the twentieth people who are not a part of our faith who have been or how they are happier and more prosperous so what am I saying I'm saying is yes when we follow the biblical principle often times there are improvements in many other areas of our life but it may not necessarily be because Jesus himself tells us in John fifteen thirty three in the world he shall have tribulation but be of good cheer for and overcome Paul says in all will live godly in Christ Jesus Xiao Doctor persecution so in my heart before joining down the what is faded because all I wanted to be a hundred or home if only if I paid I think I'm going to bless me and I like Jim a lot of money to the church so I can armoire lighting and God miraculously blessed without it is because some where all the way down the line so you can happen is going to test our resolve we give you this example know what I'm when I think sometimes we do is attempting to say to join the church all of the benefit I join the church will take care of you you're a better life to be healthier happier and you look better to lose weigh what I have right if I were doing it for the reward will look doing it for the benefit what in it for me I might have told the story here before but I'm a good friend who told me the story about growing up and perfect illustration he was a young man and his father wanted to teach them how to jump off the high dive to the little boy answers father wanted to incentivize so their family were not been a very wealthy and surveys that the father said you know if you jump off the high dive on digitizing an ice cream in the family would like a once in a year so this is the ice through the calculator got a high dive now it's on Wall Street for down there I don't like doing ice cream sitting jobs in our belly flop comes out red like a lobster he's crying and his father get in as I think on this promise but his father said that I cannot allow my son to be ruled by this fear I have overcome his fears he said she do it again but give you another hello my friends it ain't worth it so if you charge for the ice cream the input is necessary for the benefit is there really circumstances and believe me the devil knows this he will regain circumstances so that the drive just doesn't look right price I felt about it for those of us who live in the end of time it will be a time of trouble such as never one since there was a nation one lines can you get at work and doing even the matches in heaven will tend in their luster because we're going to be in the midst of time following the wondering may be gone not thereafter all so for us and for myself I cannot be as of the evidence simply for the Y 's because of what I still eat a healthy diet of my documents but I still pay my fine when I'm going bankrupt when it still be faithful to God when it looked all is hopeless and everyone turned against me if there is solely paying what I still think is still remain faithful church membership is not a get out of pain free car we got to have a deeper farmer better reason for being as of the end non- reason number one not because it makes my life easier better less complicated more prosperous not because of the benefits and my inhabitants some non- reason number two is closely related I am not offended and today because it makes me better than others or makes me any more entitled to God 's favor when you really get this straight because how often we can be caught in the same mindset of the Jews of old that somehow because we have all the light because of the messages that I will why has given to us remember she said that the church will appear like it will fall but it will only hear anything at all so we applied and forth like I might feel like I'm in a new law will always act Romans chapter three again this go back there some Romans chapter three verse nine asking the same question very same issue that were dealing with he says what that are we better than they know in no wise for we have before proved both Jews and Gentile that they are all under and we can build that into the Jews in the FDA both this and the Gentiles we approve that they are all under sin so using we are not any more entitled to God 's favor just because he given to what the oracles that we read in verse one of Romans chapter three is a the the prodigal son story run there were two brothers older brother and eleven the younger brother just because older brother stayed at home did not entitle him anymore they got love with goodness the younger brother just because one winking that did not entitle him anymore to godliness and is not we get this straight so what is it if it is a negative one final doesn't make it better why does it say in Romans three verse one is read again what then happened you were what prompted at every way so Paul seemed like talking out of both sides and is now in the beginning of the chapter he says the Jews advantages over the Gentiles in every way everything in the life of Buddha we matter that I didn't know why you would like me that you were not better than them illustrated you this way my wife and I would travel a fair bit imagine that we have on the plane and one country that we never did the two of us were going to die when we got back and were heading out at the airport and were about to go on our merry way by a concierge there is standing at the door since leaving the country before I say no and he handed me and that one he says enjoy your stay so now my wife is with me on this journey in a foreign country I've been given a map but she has an much better than her but do I have an advantage over why do you think that man gave need a map what is the implied expectation that I'm going to read my wife using them and in this way me at the end of time have an advantage is not in a green way but yet we are not better than God has had to let the oracles of God to get into what the message don't and the expectation as you are to share the instructions with everyone out on the journey which happening everyone else on the planet so I am not any better I am not anymore entitled because I been given the message in fact I am in to those who don't have Roman step one Ashley tells us in Romans chapter one verse fourteen of fifteen Paul says I am rather bolted me into the barbarians both of the line of the NY so as much as it in me I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are in Rome also see Paul understood this I know better than you but I'm invented here because God has given me an additional responsibility yes do I have an advantage yes because God has shown me things I have shown you but now I am obligated to tell you what you tell me so for a systems analyst in this world and we got the math or even do it are we going to share some reason number two why a second non- reason I'm not offended down is because it makes me better than anyone else or entitles me more to his favor and even number three I am not a survey out today because the church is perfect neither is it full of perfect people think drink one for us to recognize how often have we met individuals will left the church I would say probably ninety percent of everyone I met the church have left because of people 's been my favorite doctrinal but the document usually is only the first layer of go further down with generally some interpersonal sums up our sins on the path are somewhat at her individual crop him myself me know what the people that have disappointed me the people who have hurt me the people who have caused the most a you know what without fail they are all in the people that I don't like the church don't bother me the English RSS unlike those Gandhi once said I like your Christ I don't like you Christians your Christians are so unlike your Christ before the easy for us to go hypocrite hunting right within the church on this as this is one of the sport this is a modern day Adventist young persons in the frequency I would never do not sure because those people such note the singular Israel children visible in fact the Bible tells us to look there will quit this is pretty pre- profound way is found in Deuteronomy chapter nine Deuteronomy chapter children of Israel the Deuteronomy chapter nine verses six and seven understand therefore that the Lord thy God gives me this good land possessor for not this good land possessor for the righteousness or you are a stiffnecked people this seems to be the common description I got half with people verse seven remember and forget not how you provoke the Lord thy God 's wrath in the wilderness from the day you departed out of the land of Egypt until you change the display you have been rebellious against the Lord from the day they left Egypt nation the nation is a happen in rebel you what the children of Israel perfect are all imperfect people now but who will be reminded in those days and those are about the hypocrite I'm not going to join the likely to be in denial because they were still the people of God and submitted my point there are going to need people to church with the deployment there are going to be even decision and how the press we don't agree with vintage cars but it will still be Allah 's if you are pointing fingers we say I'm better off somewhere for all of those people dear people that I have met who have taken who have taken their pack a bag and moved on saying I'm going to find their pastors up your communion with better people and inevitably the little gathering at it however they are pretty soon they realized wait a minute I don't like those people in the church made up of sinful fallen human beings the head of the churches of Christ and he is without fault and it is still our loss is we decide to move without when I think about this the other issue the church look around there is corruption there is hypocrisy yes OAI what are they doing with our time oh I can't believe in him and then on we like to criticize the President-elect criticized church within a look on face the kind of petty arguments and small line that exist among our people facing sometimes I'm burying my head in my hand and Shane wondering have mercy Lord what hope is there for us the church is not consist of people who argue on Facebook is not consisting of individuals who have agendas to push the church is consistent of the message in the mission that God has given to as effective and as imperfect as it is the church is still the object of God 's supreme regard it will still be our loss we are not part of God 's people so you see extreme non- reason that perhaps a common reasons for us to make decisions I'm not an avid today because it makes me my life any easier better less complicated not all the benefits so they are honest of them the thing not because it makes me a better person than the next guy making more entitled to God 's goodness to me and neither myosin and because of the people that my district because it's perfect why am I the church I'm in the church because it is God 's remnant people that identify by Scripture it is God 's people with a special message that God has given and it is in and it is the church that were told that Jesus Christ be a part of his views on this earth in those aren't good enough reasons to conclude with a few passages from the spirit of prophecy as we wind this up testimony for the church land volume nine design in a special status Seventh-day Adventists apathetic in the world of watchmen and light bearers to that has been in front of the last morning for a perishing world on them is shining wonderful life from the word of God they been given a work of the most solid import the proclamation of the first second and third angel messages there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention to us having given the most wonderful like in the work of the greatest importance testimonies for the church one seven eight one thirty eight paragraph two Seventh-day Adventists have been chosen by God as a peculiar people separate from the world by the great fleet procurement just cut them out for in the world and brought into connection with himself he had made them his representative has called into the ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation the greatest wealth of truth and are interested for more the most solemn and fearful warnings ever sent by God to man have been committed to examine the given to half of the said praise God the other half of me says Lord have mercy on mice because not only do I have a great blessing now I have great responsibility so why my Seventh-day Adventists why must fill in this church on a Sunday I was today because this is a movement ordained by God identified in prophecy in Scripture it is a movement given a special message and a special mission for this special so it is celebrating the life God is the time of his visiting method in a specific mission in the wonderful thing is that you and I have the privilege of being a part of it today I'm thankful to the Lord that he is given me the privilege to be a part of something I pray that today we might take this obligation this responsibility seriously and possibly look at it as bad to be more but now we've got obligations and responsibilities to carry some may God bless us as we continue to do our part to hasten his soon return with our heads together for prayer father this afternoon as we spent a few thoughtful malicious reflecting constantly recounting some of the reasons why I'm a Seventh-day Adventist order I just think if we are good or great mercy towards four because if it were not for you were it not for your grace and your love and compassion towards me who knows where I would lord although this church might be effective and imperfect whatever the circumstances may be that gives me disappointed or discouraged I understand more this is still your church and it was still being my loss if I was not part of your body so Lord we used to take us in this place inspired and strengthened to carry out the responsibility of carrying this three angels message to the world in our generation may we be faithful and may we be among those numbers see Jesus when this is our prayer in pray these things in Jesus and media with broad audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you'd like to know more about it on I like the more certain when I visit www. .com universe .org


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