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Healing Patients for Eternity

Allen Lloyd
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  • October 30, 2014
    7:30 PM


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killing patients for eternity is the title for tonight and that we just heard a story that goes along with that that just happened recently also the sub title of our conference the amen conferences joined together and I noticed this afternoon when I was in a meeting I was just going through the brochure that many of you have and happened to look at my biography and I realized that my bio is old and the longer accurate I'm sure backup probably send it to me and asked me to review it but now it just didn't get reviewed and I think it's been several years but it on there I did several years ago this is probably why was joining Weimar when that bio was written we talked about the souls that have been won as a result of our practice and of course that had been souls that had really been solely the result of the practice now is a result of the land ministry working with a pastor who loves the blended ministry we've had many more baptisms in fact I is beyond our the ability to automate everything I should say we probably could count it out if we if we took the time but it would be far more that's mentioned in the bio and that just gives us an example that when we do team up a physician and a pastor came up and blended ministry the the results can be exponential over on working alone little bit of the need for we begin as soon as mentioned we are at it we marred Institute and our motto is to heal a hurting world physically mentally emotionally socially and spiritually and we are in a world that is hurting and all of those ways and then there is more need for the healing ministry of Christ in there ever has been before we've had some exciting things happen just within the last month at Weimar Institute on the state Board of California approved a RN program that we mark realizing it was the first alternative medicine nursing programs in and and I believe they think it might also be in the country I looked it up to see if there is an alternative medicine nursing program in the country I don't think there is but that we submitted our our data I mean what we were going to be teaching them on the spiritual side the evangelistic side as well as the natural remedy side and of course all starts to learn how to put an IV 's and NG tube and pulleys all of the nursing skills plus an enviable set for the nursing board but the nursing board themselves were excited about we mark branching out in this new area of lot of training in regards to an RN program so if you know outside anyone who would like to do this in fact one of the things were emphasizing with a blended ministry as we like our are RNs to also get a bachelor 's in theology and have blended ministry on their together and so you know of individuals who might want to take advantage of that certainly send them we mark away we also to our knowledge are the first self-supporting college opacity a lability eligibility phase for regional accreditation just got word that a couple weeks ago and this is something that were taking on Bob where's I care this is something that will allow us to offer and grants degrees as well and not just him bachelors on the type of degrees but it's also a step that we wanted to take so thoughtfully that we would never be dependent on this for our existence I know some schools as soon as they lose their regional accreditation there out of business so to speak and there gone within a few days or a few weeks and Weimar has has been there for many years and whether we lose it or not I I I can tell you that aside it is our commitment to never on losing on the basis of lack of our core of four are core for his academic excellence and of course we have teachers and students represent that as well as health of body mind and soul we want the student to be healthier when they leave Weimar than when they came to Weimar both physically mentally and all those five areas that we mention and that is evangelistic education where they are actually winning souls as part of their training and then practical on work experience as well particularly working with the hands and so and if we do lose it will probably be on the basis of some moral ground that may be veered regional accreditation body doesn't necessarily agree with but so far we have not found any ways in which in fact the fact that we passed on being very open in regards to our standards tells us at this point there isn't any moral discord with the regional accrediting body in regards to Weimer and so this is an exciting step and one that can night and this is further healing patients for eternity I know worth of speaking to an Adventist medical evangelism on the audience and I have to keep this in mind in fact I'd tell the audio version person that tonight are a lot of what I've stated has been sometime shown on the Internet to select groups and then groups are planning on inviting me to speak to the government or other places they don't understand I'm not speaking to them I'm speaking to maybe a group like this and so they misunderstand some things so I had to have a conversation with them on your verse about that before this meeting but I I do know the audience I was speaking to it as the Adventist medical evangelism network and as a result I think that many of you heard as I have and I think I would agree with this that the evidence of the end is here is pretty overwhelming I there is really only one Protestant church left Protestant church is one that protests and melt most of the other Protestant churches are saying the protest is over we have no disagreement but also one of the hallmarks of a Protestant churches the Bible in the Bible only is the rule of faith and doctrine not tradition and the Bible and this is a a a church a movement that that is based solely on the word of God the deadly wound has been healed with you agree with that and there is a lot of worshiping going up as was mentioned in Thursday by as were sitting here tonight and as I'm standing here I think we can also state that the right arm of God 's church is still all weather to a least a large extent what am I basing this on what let's let's take a walk at what prophecy tells us the right arm will be like before Christ comes and were not quite there yet before I get to that statement why healing message for these last days someone decided that this is not really part of our message but as some sort of optional add-on the healing message is something like Conwell in fact I'll just tell you a few years ago I was attending my home church on a Friday night that I grew up in Troy Michigan and I had to speak in Flint the next day and so I came unannounced to my home church and slip them while there is an evangelistic series going on and it happened to be the preacher was a very good preacher and was speaking about the health message and when I got out of the church the head elder came up to me and said it's too bad that we preach this a evangelistic meetings this turns more people off from joining our church than any single message that we have we should drop this from our evangelistic series I and he and his mind in the health message might have some good as an optional add-on but it's certainly not really part of evangelism but I think it's very clear the healing ministry of Christ will not be bypassed before his coming if you remember Christ did three things when he was here on this Earth what were the three things he then he thought the reason why also be there video and he wants us to do what he did it will still be teaching healing and proclaim now here's the prediction we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening at every point of its progress because of the in flowing up hundreds and thousands of streams until the whole earth as covered as the waters cover the sea the medical missionary work is going to cover this glow and maps why even though we are living in the last days Christ is not coming tomorrow he is waiting for this blended ministry to explode upon the earth city by city country by country medical missionary work no matter what specialty it involves some aspect of lifestyle change and if you're in a specialty where you do not think it involves any aspect of lifestyle change I would encourage you to speak to me after the meeting and all help you to see that even your specialty actually and I can be involved in some aspect of lifestyle change either on the part of the patient which is going to be most specialties or maybe the part of the physician in some specialties and this is a change that can be agreed upon by both the physician and dentist and patient that would be in the best interest of the patient so it's not like them the doctor is saying you need to do this patient the patient as I know I don't need to do this as a result of the educational session and that by the way that's what physician means of the teacher as a result of the educational session that you just had with your patient the patient has commenced it doesn't even go home and look it up and read more studies he is convinced that you are right and that he does need to make a change but the problem with that change is often goes against human nature and I'll tell you this is something I had to learn a little bit more about I had the advantage of growing up in a Seventh-day Adventist tone by godly parents I had the advantage of growing up in a home war and my father for instance who was not in the best health became educated on how he made sudden significant changes in his life with the Lord so I saw a new father emerge back that's how I got interested in health and healing when I saw my own father 's health significantly improve so I went through medical school I went through residency was practicing as a physician and I came across this conference being interested in lifestyle medicine that I just had to go to my son was only a few weeks old my oldest son it was nineteen ninety one and it was the first international conference on the elimination of coronary arteries it was in Tucson Arizona and I remember this day the speaker 's I remember the studies that they presented it as far as I know I was the only Seventh-day Adventist in attendance I looked at him for other was no one else there was a large conference I was the only one and by the way Doctor how it was a plant -based diet that was being served to everyone at that conference and I thought they're talking about the elimination of coronary artery disease and they are telling us that they know enough now to Rainman not only prevent this disease but the reimbursement and to eliminate it from the plan how is different wife is going to be twenty five years on this a young physician twenty five years from now when heart disease is not even in the top one hundred causes of the I mean this is going great I mean we are limitless as you know Weimar new start people talking about this these are renowned researchers across the globe everybody has respect for a yellow heart disease is still the number one killer in America why is that the case when it wasn't due to lack of good scientific information that they were giving now it wasn't even that long it was actually it is actually do a mental illnesses prevalent in almost every person in this world what is that mental illness lack of comprehensive self control self controls and studied recently fact is that a lot of research in the last fifteen years while Meister is now the most quoted researcher in all the world and what is his primary research willpower and self-control he says self-control failure is central nearly all the personal and social problems that currently plague citizens of the modern developed lack of self-control is actually the number one cause of urgency when we know what we need to do and were not applying in our life it's actually a disease of the mind and no longer a disease of the heart one of the reasons why Alan White said nine out of ten diseases have their origin where in the mine diabetes and epidemic in our society today or scratching our heads is in regards to what to do about the expensive that's the average diabetic patient cost the government about seventeen thousand dollars a year and is getting worse they are expanding not only in waistline but in numbers of diabetics we know how to create man type two diabetes when were not putting it into practice what's the problem it's not the diabetic research its lack of self-control sexually transmitted diseases film the top ten cause of death in our world lack of self-control stroke often due to high blood pressure alcohol alcohol by the way some major causes are a big talk about it being a decrease in risk of coronary artery disease which it does but it does increase the risk of both thrombotic and hemorrhagic stroke something the news media won't often tell you that the research is clear alcoholism itself is due to lack of self-control murder far too common due to lack of self-control rate far too common due to lack of self-control depression when we know how to win a mentally healthy why but we are not applying those principles in our life depression is often due to lack of self-control cancer eighty percent of cancers according to Harvard can be prevented by lifestyle measures that we know a lack of self-control unwanted pregnancy often due to lack well that really always the lack of self-control adultery and divorce often due to lack of self-control unemployment I've had a lot of great employees when they show up to work but when they are not reliable and they don't show up even other great employees when they show up to work I often had to do some porn on the sad meter Flynn does employ themselves in that meeting because all talk about how we've given them lots of chances and how can we run a work environment this way Mel say you know you users need to just let me go because I'm not helping him financial failure often due to lack of self-control in fact our country is having corporate lack of self-control relationship problems often due to lack of self-control men these addictions techno- addiction was a technology addiction that's when someone's an interesting environment in their texting someone else is far less interesting you might be in the same room and study showed that when you are doing that you actually have complications that are quite similar to being an alcoholic as far as the adverse problems while you know the Bible talks about this Paul mention this for I know that in me that is in my flash nothing good well for the well is present with me but how to perform what is good I do not find for the good that I will to do I do not do but the evil eye well not to do that I practice now idea what I will not to do it is no longer I who do it puts them dwells in me so he talks about he knew what was best but he was my knee wasn't doing it and then the things he knew worked best for him he found himself doing it he goes on I find that a law that evil is present with me the one who wills to do good for I delight in the law of God according the inward man it's not that he disagreed with it but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me and the cat very low log sandwiches in my members and then he exclaims as all wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death when we are lacking and comprehensive self-control the Bible calls us wretched and it uses that term only one other time in Scripture anyone know where it's it's actually to the last church because you say I am rich have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are what wretched miserable poor blind and naked why does it also say that were naked we are not close with the righteousness of Christ this is a serious state to be in some people have mistakenly said that a the wretched condition is just the ordinary life of the Christian and you just need to accept that and you're buying your your clothes in the righteousness of Christ anyways now that's what the Bible tells us when were wretched were naked and were in need the song says of amazing Grace that does what this saves now what is the secret to avoiding this wretchedness I just mention it will bit of what is needed the amazing race but first I wanted show you what the researchers are telling these are secular researchers that tell us actually are showing us their studies on self-control what they say is needed is temperance now temperance is an old word but is being resurrected in the psychological circle in fact there is a a new book called character strengths and virtues written by two secular psychologist Doctor Peterson from University of Michigan Doctor Selectman University of Pennsylvania and in that they go through six different character strengths of temperance and here's what they say first of all the definition temperance is moderation and things that are healthy and abstinence and things that are unhealthy strict temperance they tell us requires comprehensive self-control now why are we using that term comprehensive everybody has selected self-control you might think there's a person that has no self-control now they do have control themselves at least one area of their life in Arnold Schwarzenegger to build up the big muscles that require self-control in that area required meticulous self-control but in an area with her was much more important for him to have self-control when is made with cleaning the house elected and as a result he lost the love of his life due to lack of comprehensive self and this is a crucial thing to understand now here's what the legal researchers say our endeavor to measure this class of strengths we have found that among people the mainstream developed world strengths of temperance are infrequently endorsed and celebrate in fact I would say the opposite I would say strengths of intemperance are frequently in the are and frequently breaks and they are all just tell you whether the example last week I was beating to an organization not it wasn't a church -based organization and I was speaking on they had me speak to their organization there are leaders on three days three mornings in a row and I was speaking to them about mental health first it was physical well now first was how to enhance the frontal lobe brain the second day was emotional intelligence and on the frontal lobe of the brain I mentioned how caffeine suppresses the frontal love is actually very little argument on no even NFL quarterback coaches are telling their quarterbacks to consume zero caffeine it turns out in the National Football League there's only one person required to have an intact frontal lobe be successful on that field and it happens to be the quarterback he's analyzing information these Avenue make a decision and and they make much better decisions when no caffeine is on board and so I was telling them some of the research on caffeine and some of the recent research showing the silent killer emotional intelligence and the next morning one of the leaders of the organization comes up and it even introduced in the first they were introduced in the second thing he says yells very interesting talk yesterday but I'll have you know despite what Doctor Ned Lisette on caffeine I still have my morning coffee and a lot of people applauded the plotting the death of plotting the intemperance so to speak Garcia Maria I guess he didn't realize that you come up and speak after him but fortunately I was something about emotional intelligence one of the last boy I fear that as of emotional intelligence is if you have a cure for times more likely to be able overcome an addiction and I play in the written partisans such as alcoholism but I paused and said such as caffeine addiction and of course everybody laughed in the room at that point in and looked at him myself but but nonetheless these intemperance is frequently applauded and praise as if it's something desirable but in reality here's what they said the strengths of temperance are very important and may have a rich array of positive consequences the psychological good life what they are telling us that if you have comprehensive self-control you have a good life you're not have us psychologically good life now to study it Jan Branson 's been lots of studies in the last fifteen years first you have to measure it all just take a snippet from the most comprehensive test on self-control so you can get an idea what they're measuring you you write yourself one the five and not at all to very much I am good at resisting temptation if you say very much on that then that scores you as high self-control see if you can get the next one I have a hard time breaking bad habits you say very much on that is at a higher level of low self-control I do certain things that are bad for me if they are fun low self-control I have trouble saying no low self-control getting up in the morning is hard for me low self-control I blurt out whatever is on my mind low self-control I spend too much money low self-control I keep everything me high self-control I get carried away by my feelings low self-control I do things on the spur of the moment low self-control I don't keep secrets very well low self-control I often interact people low self-control I am always on time high self-control I'm not easily discouraged I self-control i.e. healthy foods high self-control pleasure and fun sometime keep me from getting work done low self-control I have trouble concentrating low self-control sometimes I can't stop myself from doing something even if I know it is wrong low self-control unable to work effectively towards long-term goals high self-control well you get an idea of the test questions and now they've have looked at this in a number of different ways people with higher self-control are linked to better personality adjustment higher self worth better at controlling their anger fewer symptoms of some at isolation of excessive compulsive patterns depression anxiety hostile anger phobic anxiety paranoid ideation and psychotic tendencies by the way some people are confused incessant compulsive patterns I thought that's high self-control aren't those the ones that keep everything neat and make sure their hands are clean all the time well here's the issue with OCD major and minor 's which are minoring in things that are far more important and so that's showing again selective self-control but comprehensive self-control is not there people at high self-control interestingly accept themselves as valuable were the individuals are relatively able sustain this favorable view of self across time and circumstances this occurred without registering inflated or narcissistic views itself arrogance is a problem I and so these people have a high sense of self worth but they do not think that there more worthy than someone next to the people at high self-control are more conscientious the more emotionally stable they make better relationship partners they get along better with other people there more accommodating they report more satisfying relationships and better adjustment in their relationships people with high self-control have better family cohesiveness less interpersonal conflict better perspective and better empathy they do not wallow in their own personal reactions to other people 's problems they are more secure interpersonal attachments they manage money well they spend less and they save more in addition when they do wrong it's kind of interesting what happens this is again a quote from the secular researchers in the course of daily life in spite of their best efforts of self-control people inevitably send and transgress at least on rare occasion would we be able to say that that is true it can be and now notice what happens people with high self-control score relatively low-end shame when this happens and high-end chain free guilt was at me individuals with high self-control are inclined to take responsibility for their transgressions rather than ask journalizing blame or minimizing the importance of the transgression in short having done wrong high self-control people are inclined to focus on the effects of their behavior and in so doing are inclined to make amends in contrast low self-control individuals are more apt to experience painful feelings of shame and emotion that often provokes defensiveness in denial rather than repairing redemption this is a crucial feature for people that in other words for you to improve if you have high self-control you're much more likely to improve yourself over time then leaders have been rated at their rated by their subordinates as more trustworthy when Abhay self-controlled or more fair they're more consistent with other leaders they experience less anger and better management of their anger when they do get angry did you know children develop self-control those that do have been fewer behavioral problems your anger conflicts better social functioning overall there are actually more popular not less popular with other children and they score higher on SAT scores ten years later in fact the best predictor of your child's SAT scores at age sixteen is there self-control and eight six so the researchers now look at it from the other perspective what are the drawbacks of self-control here's their statement there are no scientific studies anywhere demonstrating any undesirable consequences apply self-control Tang even tested for curvilinear area to see if excessive self-control might produce negative consequences is what we do with drugs we keep pushing until we see some negative consequences but no negative patterns were found although in our society they state there may exist a stereotype of an over control person one who is overly restrained cautious uptight and not spontaneous we see no evidence of self-control Speedway in other words if you have any of those four problems it's not due to self-control into another problem then this is the sad part of what these researchers are saying relatively little is known about how self-control is acquired and strength this topic must be regarded as a high priority for further research especially in view of the many benefits of self-control so they build us up by saying it's wonderful as part of the psychological good life you can have a better family Juergen have I your going to be more popular you're going to spend last year to save more your IRB just look at all of these aspects of self-control and it's wonderful and then next day we don't know how to take someone with low self-control in turn summarize the problem but some close however I think that most acts of self-control in all overcoming some incipient response of the immediate situation in order pursues some greater long-term benefit hence the ability to transcend the immediate situation is crucial people who live only in the present moment are unlikely to examine good self-control whereas future mindedness will facilitate self-regulation now what is the term in Scripture that means future mindedness it's one word called hope and in the denominational name of Seventh-day Adventists is a word that means so what is it if the Adventists the blessed hope so what they're saying as of all people that should have the most self-control it should be Seventh-day Adventists those who refute your mind and don't quite say it that way but there are some things that they do say this is research from Stanford that's the surprise the Stanford researcher they are looking at willpower and self-control it's the big hot topic in psychology right now and they say bright lines help people need bright lines these really help with self-control what is a bright line zero tolerance is a bright line total abstinence with no exceptions anytime that helps with self-control sometimes people criticize the zero tolerance but if it is a principle zero tolerance helps with self-control in fact they go on to say if you believe that the rule is sacred a commandment from God the unquestionable law buyer power then it becomes an especially bright line and they say that this helps even more they even did a study where atheists recited the ten Commandments and they rather an exercise to see how much cheating they would do and I actually did not see after reciting the ten Commandments where when they cited their ten most favorite blocks making it and saw they were amazed at that sort of thing and so they talk about the bright lines rediscovering the greatest human strength willpower Gambon Meister and John turning well I'm going to tell you how you can develop comprehensive self-control bright line cell future mindedness else by the way future mindedness in order to have that you have to have a frontal lobe this is active in circulating frontal love function is critical to being able to see far into the future and to have wise goals and so that's why we're always working on trying to help the frontal lobes are lifestyle measures so those things help but I will get to the fail proof method first Proverbs even if slow to anger is better than the mighty and even rule at the spirit than he that taketh a city on my comments on that tax he is conquered self the strongest foam and has to me the highest evidence of nobility in a Christian is what self-control heater can stand unmoved amid a storm of abuse is one of gods heroes he was learned to rule his spirit will rise above the slides the rebuffs the annoyances to which we are daily exposed and knees will cease to cast a gloom over a spirit and you see why this is also important for you to me happy in this world you must like to revise the annoyances that your daily expose you won't have a glove if you have the nobility of self-control now she goes on it is God 's purpose of the kingly power sanctified reason control my divine grace shall bear sway in the lives of human beings he who rules his spirit is in possession of this power the man or woman who preserves the balance of the mind when tempted to indulge passion stands higher in the sight of God and heavenly angels and the most renowned general than ever led an army to battle notice this she says the man or woman who preserves the balance of the mind when tempted to involved passion stands higher in the sight of God and heavenly angels and the most renowned general we can also say the patient who preserves the balance of the mind when tempted to indulge passion stands higher in the sight of God and heavenly angels and the most renowned general bright lines worthy goals enhancing the frontal lobe slowing down the limbic system in overdrive those will help but here is the failsafe method by the waves Romans eight if you want to dissect it that's why I he wrote Romans seven was two to show you the solution at the end of Romans seven Romans eight but I'll summarize some things that are in that text what young men and women need is Christian heroism to roll the spirit means to keep self under discipline and notice how it's done God 's abounding love and presence in the heart will give the power of self-control and will mold and fashion the mind and character the grace of Christ in the life will direct the aims and purposes and capabilities in the channels that will give moral and spiritual power hour with the youth will not have to leave in this world in which they can carry with them into the future life and retain through the eternal ages by this shall all men know the Army get my disciples if you have what one to another love if we would be true lights in the world we must manifest the loving compassionate spirit Christ to live as Christ loved means that we must do I practice self-control it means that we must show unselfishness at all times and in all places so the key to self-control is self-sacrifice and self sacrificing love and true transformative healing is dependent on love love can change you it can change your patient and it can change the world not erotic love not romantic love or even brotherly love is good as those are the right times and places but it's a love that human nature totally lacks it's a love that has to come from outside of us from God that self-sacrificing agape love coming in to a heart that is willing to put all on the altar of sacrifice way my life today goes on it means that we must scatter around this kind words and pleasant looks these cost to give her nothing but they leave behind a precious fragrance their influence for good cannot be estimated not only the receiver but to the giver they are a blessing for they react upon him and now this statement genuine love is a precious attribute of where heavenly origin which increases and fragrance in proportion as it is dispensed other so that Islam is not just received one time and we can actually grow and and how can we receive more about by dispensing more to other at his windows man's more we receive more below attentions the small acts of love and self-sacrifice the flow out from the life is quietly as the fragrance from a flower these constitute no small share of the blessing and happiness of life before we close I'd like to mention two examples and self-control these were in the Scriptures towards the end of the New Testament contrast and self-control Paul before narrow how striking the contracts the countenance of the monarch bearing the shameful record of the passions that raged within I can tell you sometimes you can tell just by looking at someone's face there's nothing good going on in that head and that's the way it was with narrow you can look at that face and you could just see the shameful record of the passions that raged within the Countess of the prisoner telling the story of a heart at peace with God and man the results of opposite systems of education stood that day contrasted notice the result of opposite systems of what education we talk about your education if true education does not believe to more comprehensive self-control is not education is one of the reasons why Weimar were measuring these types of things in our students we want to make sure that we've got a measurable fact our students are not improving in this area it's not true education the results about the system of education said that they contrasted a life of unbounded self-indulgence it was a narrow and a life of entire self-sacrifice who was that Paul here were the representatives two theories of life all absorbing selfishness which counts nothing too valuable to be sacrificed for momentary gratification and self-denying endurance ready to give up life itself if need be for lack for the good of other notice the contracts and then she goes on to say the soul is to be purified and no one made fit for the heavenly courts there are two lessons to be learned self-sacrifice self control it's clear these two attributes are to be present in everyone is saved for eternity no matter what their background no matter what they might have learned they might not even know how a lot of the tenets that we know but what they do know they will have put into practice in self sacrifice and self control so for physical mental emotional and spiritual health to be comprehensive and lifelong it demands the gospel be complete and that's what was missing in nineteen ninety one in Tucson Arizona that's why despite all that great research the world has not changed that much and that's why the world is looking for and Venice medical evangelists to change the world now I'm going to give one more serious contemplative statement it was mentioned I'd do gastroenterology and I've notice that the area that most health practitioners condemn the patient the most is when they have cirrhosis of the liver I may only have a few liver cells left in their instructed to go home and never drink alcohol again and they come back and hepatic encephalopathy and there wasted in their drunk and now they're on deaths door and nurses and other caregivers will say what are we doing for this patient they're not doing anything think for themselves how terrible it is in a will save some of the most despicable things about these people but now this but the servant award sets the strongest bulwark of vice in our world is not the iniquitous life of the abandoned center of the degraded outcasts you would think that's the work is the life which otherwise appears virtuous honorable and noble but in which one sin is fostered one place and all why is that so bad because the difference between good and great is exponential this person will pass their grave and good things will be said about them of their view but that same person could have been an apostle Paul and transformed the world around they don't realize how weak they are in their influence because of the and if they would put all on the altar of sacrifice and by the way some people say well self-control you know I have issues here they are whatever the nice thing about the health message is accounting gives us a barometer and when were going something that we know is harmful to ourselves the question is not where's the power of God is the power of God is there the question is where does self arise and where is that self-centeredness because that helps us to relate learned some things about ourselves so that we can then again put all on the altar and become each one of you in this room including me has the opportunity to be as transformative in our world as Paul was a life of entire self-sacrifice so I would encourage you first as the health caregiver choose comprehensive self-control even the world is telling us there is no downside choose real self-sacrifice give yourself to God Paul tells us his secret what was it I die daily a life of entire self-sacrifice in my charge to you as physicians and Dennis it's not just a nice thing to do if you have time to share spiritual insights and offer a prayer as good as that is if that our patients need the gospel to be good patient's they need the gospel to be truly heal and the beauty of medical missionary work is that they will not just be healed now but for eternity I will close with the last words written by the apostle Paul in his last letter written just a few days before he was beheaded for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and the term love that he uses the self-sacrificing I love and self control let's bow our heads father in heaven we thank you that you have given us a message they can change us and can change the world we thank you that you are willing to bestow your love to us fallen human beings that have a tendency for self-centeredness and Lord we thank you that you have shown us tonight through Scripture and also in part three the scientific study how we can live a life far more abundant you didn't come to give us life and you came to give it more abundantly but in order for us to be truly transform we need your love and we need a willingness to trust you so much that we put all on the altar of sacrifice in help us Lord in dealing with our patients to introduce them to your love your gospel in your power because they needed to be successful and we thank you for hearing and answer prayer a this weekend was pretty sly Hardy versus Wayne as medical as you like to learn more about me now please visit www. a manner that may not like this is more free online service www. on universe or


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