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The Faith of Jesus

Brian Schwartz
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Brian Schwartz

Interventional Cardiologist in Kettering, Ohio



  • October 31, 2014
    7:30 AM
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her father in heaven as we deal with the most powerful topic the faith of Jesus Christ this prayer that your Holy Spirit will be here give me faith to believe that you can use me at this time they are Holy Spirit report out on each one here they are hearts be touched they we see in this topic the power to transform our lives our practices are families in Spain women will bear with me this morning is a little bit of a theological topic I will also be speaking Sunday morning only far more intensely practical with stories from my own practice how I've implemented some of these concepts in my practices his bosses that we've seen but you have your Bibles and like you to turn to Romans chapter one you looking at verses sixteen and seventeen Hanover reminded that the latter rain power is not going to go forward in salads united with the right arm that gives him the strength in the last days to go forward but also the flipside of that is our medical ministries will never be powerful and talents united with the gospel these are meant to go hand-in-hand and so I've think this morning when a look at the very essence of where the power comes from the gospel Romans chapter one verse sixteen Paul speaking I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes for the Jew first and also for the Greek many think of Paul as a theologian but Paul is overlying the article principles on the gospel story and one of the clone wars upon uses for the for what happened in Christ's life is the word gospel I am not ashamed of the gospel what is Paul mean by the gospel polish talking about what Jesus Christ did as that one righteous acts in saving every last one of us the fact that Jesus Webb and died for your sins and for my sons the gospel the gospel at this time Christians were third class citizens they were looked down on him they were respected to think I should give up my phone cannot not sure what time it is the three hours off but the work so the gospel people were let down Paul comes out and says I am not ashamed of this is that Jesus Christ our savior hung on a cross for your seven promotion Paul is using this word gospel to summarize them to grasp hold of that whole picture of what Jesus did it is the power the very dawn of my of God to salvation the gospel story has the power to change your life in my life and the patient's life and verse seventeen it is the righteousness of God or pork in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to day it is written that Jost shall live by faith now as we begin this talk is titled the faith of Jesus this is a topic that has been obscured among almost all modern Christians and even Seventh-day Adventists that's not been understood as it should it is a reason for that will come back to this but the question is who's a business the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to day is my faith reveal God 's righteousness there must be a greater faith than that the problem we have is that modern scholars modern translators of the Bible could not conceive of the idea that God could have a in that Jesus was God could have a after all he knows the instrument beginning turnover Romans chapter three verse twenty one will come back to Romans one Romans chapter three verse twenty one now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed how is the righteousness of God apart from the wall revealed in Jesus Christ being witnessed by the law and the prophets who did the law and the prophets testify of Christ even the righteousness of God which is through the faith what is your Bible say that faith in Jesus so it depends on what translation you have James food in our morning devotions last year talked about the authorized version the King James version is having so many advantages the illogical it that he encouraged us to go back and look at that most every modern translation including the one I'm reading from the new King James reads this that the righteousness of God which is through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe for there is no difference next assuming the passage this is those who have faith in Jesus in the end believe in hell but the King James version of the Bible translates that the worthlessness of God which is through the name of Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe you noticed how wrong to have faith in Jesus but the power comes from the faith of Jesus we haven't turned around a hundred and eighty degrees and I believe that the devil is trying to hold his hand over the Bible and even change it in our modern translations so that we will miss out on this aspect of faith in Jesus back to Romans chapter one verse seventeen for the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith there is a faith that God gives us that generate space in the box if the faith of God that causes our faith to take hold the powers a hundred and eighty degrees apart from how we normally portrayed a the power is in the faith of Jesus we love God because he first loved us if the goodness of God that draws us to repentance and everything in our spiritual life God is always the initiator paganism turns it around the other way it turns it around to where the focus is on us if I just have enough faith than I can be saved if I depend on my face for my salvation I will always be insecure I will never the certainty of my salvation I will always be doubting myself but if I depend on the faith of one newspapers never fail the very faith in Jesus a faith that justifies God and shows that he is just that's a faith that can never fail and so as we look today I want to make the case that Jesus all of his life and live by faith we don't have that faith in ourselves but he gives it to us and it's by hearing the gospel over and over by spending that hour every morning contemplating the life of Christ especially the closing scenes that faith is created in our lives and that faith response begins while there is a theologian not a Seventh-day Adventists and someone who is not embraced by the evangelical community Richard Hayes is a professor of New Testament at Duke University he's written his dissertation on the faith of Jesus you can buy his book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to delve endovascular very deep way it's written in a scholarly way but a call from his book that I just think is powerful former surveys faith of Jesus should be understood as a concentric expression which begins always from the faith of Christ himself but which includes necessarily the answering faith of the believer who claims that faith as their own God is always the initiator of everything in our spiritual life in fact our very life we can call ourselves into existence we don't save ourselves we because he loved us it's his faith that he bestows on us and that is a perfect faith the faith of Jesus proves God 's faithfulness toward us let me read a quote eleven eight was lapped up one slide which diagrams a story I didn't think it was really probably right for me to go through diagram of the story is the last thing in the world I was was an English major in my grammar is terrible my wife back there laughing at but in every good story there is a battle going on and it's no different in the story of the plan of salvation the picture with me the theme of the story God wants to accomplish a purpose was he one of accomplice God wants to come accomplish creation God wants to accomplish salvation in fact God wants to accomplish the very securing of the whole universe that God has an agent Jesus Christ God 's agent is Jesus Christ who is in this epic battle to accomplish the purposes of God in accomplishing our salvation he has an adversary every story that you read has this thing many of them are perverted gospel stories the whole Star Wars theme who's been to prevail they fight back and forth and back and forth this story has the same thing this is the story does the heart of every other story that captivates our hearts Jesus Christ hasn't addressed the I was not in the income of every single purpose at every single point in accomplishing our salvation but Jesus Christ has a tool that his disposal that school is faith and by faith Jesus Christ was victorious desire of ages page twenty one twenty from all lesser representations we behold God and Jesus looking unto Jesus we see that it is the glory of our God to give I do nothing of myself said Christ the living father has sent me and I live by the father I seek not mine own glory but the glory of him that sent me in these words as set forth a great principle which is the law of life for the universe all things Christ received from God but he took to give style in the heavenly courts in his ministry for all created beings through the beloved son the father 's life flows out to all through the sonnet returns and praise enjoy your service eighth hide of love to the great source of all you and us through Christ the circle of beneficence is complete representing the character of the great giver the wall of life so we have this gospel story I wanted to well just a little bit on what at struggle was like for Christ was a real battle could he have failed what was involved all of his life you live by faith all of his life depended upon the father Jesus had a strong communion with his father every morning it would get up early in the morning and commune with his father he felt his father 's presence with him throughout the day he got his medicine marching orders for the day from the daily communion that he had with his father Jesus Christ lived by faith but this faith was not without a struggle turnover in Matthew chapter twenty six in the Garden of Gethsemane we see a sense of the struggle we see how the space that Jesus wishes to get to all of us very faith of Jesus was wrought out in intense struggle so Matthew chapter twenty six he just recently been in the upper room is very disciples were arguing just that very night as to who was going to be the greatest in the kingdom that was to come it looked like his ministry have amounted to almost nothing after three and a half years in the areas in the garden of disseminating Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane and said to the disciples sit here while I go and pray over there and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and he began to be sorrowful and deeply distressed amid the Onyx Psalm Psalm twenty two goes into this and far more detail we don't have time to look about this morning but I will encourage you to read that and read it from the perspective that this is the feelings that Christ is feeling as he goes through bearing the cop that he has there were no farther and fell on his face and prayed saying all my father if it is possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you will Christ is beginning to feel the curse is beginning to feel the separation that sin causes and he is beginning to have a sense of his father 's presence being withdrawn from him as he identifies with and bears the sin of the whole world he has to drink this cup to the bitter drugs in his humanity he is feeling I cannot do this father if there is any other way any other way to save lost humanity even let's do that plan what this is feeling the pressure that he came to his disciples he found them asleep and said to Peter how what could you not watch with me just one hour watch and pray lest you get your into temptation even a price deepest hour of temptation he's still concerned about his disciples the spirit is indeed willing in the flesh is weak in fact not only concerned about them almost sounds like he understands their weakness he went away again a second time and prayed saying O my father if this cock cannot pass away from me unless I drink it your well-being John you ever felt the conviction that God wants you to do something that you don't want to do it over and already go back to send all RML and no don't want Jesus felt this way three times he goes to his father says no lard I don't want to do those but three times he's but not my well what can't be done my own experience he can Russell and Russell and Russell but when you finally say our Lord so the one I want but I want your will be done that brings abuse brings an end to the struggle he came and found them sleeping again their eyes were heavy so he left them and went away again and prayed the third time saying the same words Jesus was feeling an intense physical structure of struggle desire of ages brings this out more eloquently than I can ever say something turning over to page six hundred and ninety desire of ages page six ninety and reasonable the page turning away Jesus sought again his retreat and fell prostrate overcome by the horror of the great darkness demand the humanity of the son of God rumbled that trying our E*TRADE not now for his disciples that their faith may not fail but for his own tempted agonized soul Christ might even now refuse to drink the cup apportioned to guilty man it was not yet too late he might wipe the bloody sweat from his brow and leave man's appearance in his iniquity he might say let the transgressor received the penalty of sin I will go back to my father can you get a sense of the story the drama that is being portrayed here in front of the whole universe is not another story that's ever comes close to this drama will the son of God drink the cup your cup of humiliation anatomy will the innocent suffer the consequence of the first to say the curse of sin to save the guilty the words fall trembling lady from the pale lips of Jesus all my father if this cup may not pass away from the except I drink it and I will be done three times has he uttered that prayer three times has humanities from from the last crowning sacrifice but now the history of the human race comes up before the worlds Redeemer GC is that the transgressors of the wall left to themselves must Paris he sees the helplessness of man PCs the power of sin the wall is a Lamentations of a June world rise up before him he beholds its impending fate in his decision is made he will save man at any cost to himself he will not turn from his medicine having made this decision he felt dying to the ground from which he had personally this was an intense very difficult conflict that he was engaged in many Christians evangelical some seven thousand plus thank you now Jesus knew the beginning to the anti- new visa destroy this temple in three days I will raise it up again he knew that he just had a hold on for three days and that he would come through the other end look at Luke seven twenty three Jesus is feeling the curse of sin he is dealing the separation he is feeling for the first time ever in his life being separated from his father he never counted on being separated from his father and he's beginning to realize that this might consume me forever he decides no matter what the costs I will stay troops among us was Jesus tempted to give up certainly what was the devil tempting them were I can imagine he was elected those disciples they were just according to what you're here for they were arguing this last night as to who is going to be the greatest in your kingdom they don't understand any of your principles in fact they're not he mentored a sleeping like all these people your people the Jews it's not one of them it understands what you're here for back to crucify you was Jesus tempted to abort the medicine absolutely in Luke chapter twenty three verse thirty four after Jesus says father forgive them for they do not know what they do and they can divided his garments and cast lots and then the people stood looking on and even the rulers led them sneered saying he saved others let him save himself if he is the Christ the chosen of God the devil doesn't tempt you to do something that you can you sent himself absolutely he could've called ten thousand legions of angels and they would've come in your way is beckoning call this was a real temptation the second time verse thirty six the soldiers also mocked him coming in offering him sorrow wine and say if you are the king of the Jews save yourself this was a real temptation and then in verse thirty nine a third temptation in one of the criminals who were hanged blasphemed him say if you are the Christ save yourself and us he could save himself like that but he couldn't save himself and us the cross of Christ reveals to us that the creator of the universe was his creation he loves you in the end all of humanity more than he loves even himself that he was willing to give up his own existence so that we may live you know Seventh-day Adventists understand this better than any other Christian as we understand that the assault was not a mortal we understand the difference between sleet death and eternal death Jesus would go and see the little girl dresses daughter who had died in the house all of the known jurist can handle so don't trouble the master any longer the child is dead Jesus don't fear the child is not dead is just asleep when news came to Jesus that Lazarus had died the disciples were a little trouble taking waterlily guileless as best friend one of his very best friends Jesus said to them Lazarus sleeps even if not all woman the next ages are at once down there thinking why are we going if Lazarus is just asleep in Jesus at the naked bird flying Lazarus is dead in terms of they could understand but in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus said my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to the point of sleep to Jesus understood that this was death eternal separation from his father and he could not see that he might come through this alive desire of ages page seven fifty three passes on sure you're all familiar well but again it so eloquently written under the reason this morning upon Christ as our substitute insureds he was laid the iniquity of us all he was counted a transgressor that he might redeem us from the condemnation of the wall the guilt of every descendent of Adam was pressing upon his heart the wrath of God against sin the terrible manifestation of his displeasure because of iniquity film lists all of his son with consternation all his life Christ had been publishing to a fallen world the good news of the father 's mercy in pardoning love salvation for the chief of sinners was his name but now with the avoid him guilty embarrassment cannot see the father 's reconciling face the withdrawal of the divine continents from the Savior is that in the hour of supreme English pierced his heart with a sorrow that can never be fully understood by man so great was this agony that his physical pain was hardly fell Satan with his fierce temptations along the heart of Jesus the Savior could not see through the portals of the two he couldn't what he couldn't say that he was coming through this hall did not present to have his coming forth from the grave a clock or or tell him of the father 's acceptance of his sacrifice he feared that sin was so offensive to God that their separation was to be enjoyable Christ felt the anguish which the center will feel when mercy shall no longer plead for the guilty race it was the sense of sin and bring in the father 's wrath upon him as man's substitute that made the cut he drank so better and broke the heart of the son of God Christ knew the Old Testament Scriptures he knew the prophecy by his experience was telling him the exact opposite you are not coming through the wood emotions go against the facts there's only one thing that will sustain you at that time what was the tool that Christ used when he was tempted so severely they faith that clung on to the fact that God 's word means what God 's word says that even when feelings part what was that it was faith that caused some to believe the word of God and that was faith that caused him to conquer what was the sacrifice for our sin made was that when he bought his head and went to the grave no it was when he hung on the cross and he drank that bitter cup bitter is plenty rich desire of ages page seven fifty six suddenly a gloom left and from the cross and undeclared something like tones that seem to sound throughout creation Jesus cried it is Dennis father into my hands I commend my spirit a light encircled the cross in the face of the Savior shone with the glory like the sun he then bowed his head upon his breast and he died amid the awful darkness apparently forsaken of God Christ had drained the last dregs of the clock of human will in those dreadful hours he had relied upon the evidence of his father 's acceptance here to forgive and him he was acquainted with the character of his father he understood his job is just as his mercy and his great love by faith he rested in him whom it had ever been his joy to obey and as an submission he committed himself to God the sense of the loss of his father 's favor was withdrawn by faith Christ was the vector Jesus Christ lived his whole life by faith this faith has been help the West Bank has been tried this phase phase has been drawn up in the crucible of the greatest shame is the greatest sacrifice that any human being could ever go through let alone some of God unit stood the test the faith of Jesus is a perfect fit the faith of Jesus held secure it did not fail it was a perfect sacrifice it was a perfect day it is the very faith that he gives to us today and at the very end of that sacrifice exhausted as he was they claim the victory by faith he recounted the Old Testament prophecies by faith he recounted how his father had been within every single step of the way it he chose to believe the promises of God over the feelings of his experience that is they that is the only faith that will bring Seventh-day Adventists through the very final crisis that those who stands to Jesus not our faith the faith of Jesus the faith that withstands every test unfailingly we have a forerunner we have someone who made it through but there will come a time when we feel forsaken of God that we feel that God does not accept us because of our said or it looks hopeless and morally tasting a small part of simple because the Christ drink the bitter drugs but the father never for such a son the result of sin that he could not feel his presence and so the faith of Jesus has a practical application women look at this a lot more on Sunday ten more minutes now I just want to read a couple more quotes that make this point all white in the intermediate materials page two seventeen the third Angels message is the proclamation of the Commandments of God in the faith of Jesus Christ the Commandments of God Hedberg didn't proclaim that the faith of Jesus Christ has not been proclaimed by Seventh-day Adventist is of equal importance the law and the gospel going hand in hand I cannot find language to express the subject in its fullness the faith of Jesus she says it is talked of but it is not understood the devil has managed to secure those from our view and it is time that as we see the events in the world shaping up as we see the help message in the gospel coming together as we get a sense that we may be living in the very last days of the service history we need all the powerful tools that we can grasp to make it through we need the faith of Jesus just a couple more days she talks about this over and over and over again the methods that was given to the people in these meetings presenting clear lines not alone the Commandments of God as part of the third Angels message but the faith of Jesus which comprehends more than is generally supposed in it will be well for the third Angels message to be proclaimed in all its points for the people need every jot until other if we proclaim the commands of God God and leave the other scarcely touched the message is Martin rpm's the faith of Jesus is something that we need to understand home that was in the manuscript releases page twelve sixteen eighteen eighty eight materials page two twelve says the faith of Jesus has been overlooked and treated in an indifferent careless manner it has not occupied a prominent position once it was revealed to John what is she referring to she's referring to John the revel later when he says here are they who keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus the one place our Bibles get it right for the faith of Jesus has a very practical application on Sunday I'm not just give you some examples of how we can be a part in creating faith in our patients you can create a in your spouse and your children in the way that we can plan the truths of Scripture another minds one of the ways that Jesus creates faith in our lives the way that he gives us a visit he reveals himself over and over to us he reveals the gospel the good news it is no wonder that Ellen White calls us to spend a thought flour every morning especially on the closings and you cannot go wrong when you look at Christ is our example God 's word is creative there's nothing in the universe that stops God 's creative word when he says let there be light instantly there's like except for one thing on belief on belief is the killer of faith when Jesus comes to you and says you are righteous you are mine I have redeemed you why limit yes I am righteous because unbelief runs so deep in her heart the only thing holding Seventh-day Adventist back from completing the medicine that we have been called to his wife on belief it wasn't God 's purpose that the children of Israel should wander in the wilderness for forty years God intended to take them out to teach them some things to renew his covenant with them and to lead them into the promised land the book of Hebrews states that they cannot enter into because of unbelief they were not people of faith Seventh-day Adventists were called to also cross into the promised land and we look at those Israelites and think all well only I'd been there might've been different but you know what we've been on the banks of the Jordan River now for five generations of Adventism it was never meant to be for the same thing be said of us that we have not yet entered in because of unbelief that's the obvious cause God has been sending messages of the gospel that if understood would cause us to repent and repentance is the remedy for on belief the faith of Jesus has the power to transform our lives it has the power to transform this in time church it has the power to transform your patient's life I want clothes with a quote from a sermon by Dan Griffin many of you new day and he was actually a month on helping us in the early days of a man in helping to get the life and health network started as a ministry media arm of the damage is medical evangelism network in way that we could practically unite the gospel in the health message in a way that could play a role in finishing the work in these last days then was the health ministry 's director of the Michigan conference before he passed away from kidney cancer about two years ago Jane was completely committed to this cause even as he was dying of cancer and can barely get out of bed he would pray one more project for the cause but in the very last sermon that he gave before he died he wrestled with this idea of faith faith grows by earnest struggle with Dell so he stated in the sermon called faith without the physics I realize now that faith is not about the outcome faith is about growing from trial to trial from faith to faith in order to be ready for the outcome that God permits faith is not an insurance policy against unwanted troubles faith is a roadmap a GPS gods positioning system that will lead us unfailingly to God 's perfect destination for us faith is not given to avoid problems faith is given to avoid failure while enduring problems faith is dynamic where will my journey take me that's up to God I just want his face that overcome the world his faith that develops me to meet each need in trial has faith that prepares me for the only guarantee that faith offers for by grace you are saved through faith of power hence our father in heaven is amazing that the God of the universe the creator of all things would step down into this one lost world that you are creative they saw in this world I'd call without price something that you were willing to give up everything else to obtain that is truly the faith of Jesus father in heaven I pray as we study the things related to the faith of Jesus that we will see how practical this is in our everyday lives I pray that we will begin to see the world as you see I present will begin to see our lives in the way that you see overcoming lives righteous lives I pray that as a church we will see that you have called us to the best final group that keep the Commandments and have faith in alliance of her is a media why on earth are in this Pentagon and was never you mind to learn more about me then please visit www. nine and I will like more free online service please visit www. audio verse one


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