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Post Abortion Trauma: Recognizing and Responding to the Need for Redemption and Restoration

Antionette Duck Dianne Wagner



  • October 31, 2014
    2:00 PM
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I was brought up in this church I went to church school I was a Pathfinder I love going to summer camp later I worked at summer camp I went to Chinese have great memories of van trips inquired children's rallies in Bible conferences allegedly benefited now elementaries and had any freaking hard cheeses was fifteen the college years and harder for any of this during this time that my parents divorce he saw the inconsistency in the prejudice against church because needed withdrawn for a while and ask questions and I think a lot of young people have to ask you physically the Lord wants me is the Lord here even with hypocrisy is willing up and enchanted Seventh-day Adventist bubble we know God is good he knew had answered every one of those questioned telemetry came from even married my college sweetheart we both knew we wanted a Christian we wanted a Seventh-day Adventist little I knew the Lord Headingley for this church we had been given a higher calling than I was in the months before my wedding day I realized I was I was embarrassed about how can I save my church family how can break my grandmother 's heart and to make matters worse I had a series of x-rays on my lower spine to work I called every position in the area and work at all advice for the import was never referred to as your baby or your child so I called the abortion clinic found out how far along and be how much it would cost me seventy well I'm I don't remember my husband 's response at all I told him I went to the clinic I talk to a counselor first she wanted Christians if you hear she assured me at that time that was just the house nurse I had taken enough anatomy and physiology that I didn't go to question it was not caused by now I must again panicked blur for me to consider having this procedure without any problem I can't even imagine where my mind was I do know that I was scared to death the procedure was a nightmare the pain was so bad I lost consciousness and when it's all over I feel physically but it was short-lived and very deceptive the fact of what I have been going so highly just got destroyed I hated myself and his man in my heart wanted in the rest of my life with all of this in the criminal records can you see the topic of abortion has never been a part of my life I had no clue what the effect of making a decision I have my life nobody talked about my children since they were young and had eight kills the pain is the worst thing you can do as you are likely to do something stupid and get yourself killed or someone else in history and our work and our regional Birmingham for allowing me to get pretty nasty burn is a really admitted they can feel one had actually went into a fire because a key facet of life when I was pregnant I ran into the fire and someone was killed not only been married for a short while I remember one night getting scissors cutting all my hair off that it was not loudly about this crew is punishing myself I would sit on the toilet to take a razor and razor on the site in the field on the inside is full of pain and the outside became pregnant a second time after we were married I was already convinced that I was in an account person is no way I could be another revolution I call the clinic lied about how far along I was musically no emotion this time no fear of crime and win this into the little speech and Janice Davies had been taken mercilessly from the security you will I think it was the strip is my soul by this time bulimia had complete control of shame destroys everything is going to be holding his staff to deal with the pain was down my throat in this willingness of people I was getting on and you are from the Savior not only did sincerely the learning is so even if the joys of being a new pride were taken from me I couldn't sleep that night I thought pressure on her winter therapist and she daily sleeping pills and she gave me antidepressant him him with his personal history my husband had to struggle financially gave up on my husband and I we went to a marriage counselor who promptly told us she didn't think our marriage to be safe now is terrible as we want in our marriage to work we learned each other we just had no clue as to what was going she never asked if we'd ever had even abortion issues that can cause all kinds of unresolved issues in English and play Hamlet in a relationship she never bought that lease is coming and when I scrape the crazy hotline for posted morning when she answered the phone I told him recently the first thing that women's mouth when you know abortion is murder value was calling her for help I hung up and away department wanting to run now soon after that one of the girls I worked with you as stated in the church with her the only gay well you know it symbolism abortion now this creature was very loud and animated and he immediately made without the sin of abortion and came to the conclusion that the Lord will not forgive the one who had an abortion well quickly he recanted those words that can be sitting in that congregation confirmed all the reasons I had for hating myself defending freedom connection is the door and talk about two years during those six years and was observed on the lineage is there a hidden everywhere he or my husband is a dental student where you have car around I hit a mine and my sister suggested this evening the this one was very very kind and she took me back I was so broken I didn't know how to pray so I wouldn't repeat after her and she told my confidence so much I decided to trust him with my deepest heart chain and she was very seriously she didn't do anything because he is home and went for help using the now I will say you know I realize that the time is abortions on another level it was more along the God is good to forget I understand that often those leaving consequences will be dealt with so often the issue is stripped away our hidden in his demotion to the surface and I have so many post- abortive women in particular stands out in my mind and she said if I forget I still believe I is what issues it is now in effect in life for another twenty one years no one will admit that that is to realize this before I continue from this point when Anthony lose herself tell you little bit about my dear town in nineteen eighty one and my mother was in a very destructive parents she was married man who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and she realized she was pregnant she decided she did not want to bring a baby into that marriage and her husband my biological pine had need home a very scary place and so she wasn't a believer and she decided she is originally from California and in nineteen eighty one abortions were free in California at that time and so she decided I'm going back to California and how my abortion and be done with this marriage and that so she decided to secretly give money to a friend of hers she connects to bring money into the home so she secretly gave money to a friend she was going to stockpile until shedding up to get on a plane or train and come back to California when she went to her friend and said I'm ready to go and I have enough her friend said you have any money I spent on she had no way out again my biological father and in the paper is not in the papers at hand the live voice of the pre- born and he said it on the coffee table because he knew she'd been experiencing morning and it was sent for an abortion clinic it was actually a crisis pregnancy origin so she made an appointment she went in and they confirm she was pregnant she said we hope to have an abortion they said now would you please combat system counseling and when she went back to counseling there is a magazine in nineteen sixty five life magazine concert pictures of the baby and year out was the first time ever seen the baby in utero and showed stages essentially from conception to birth when she saw this picture she was absolutely or achieve numbers will will is entirely sent to run out rain ways movement should no idea the baby inside her when I and she ran back Holy Spirit fell on her and she became convinced that what happens in going through my baby that was my mom and the baby was me I leave ministering alongside each other often speaking on this issue he raised companies however I was raised a son is an act of two thousand seventeen information and talked about the Sabbath and became convinced I need to start I began attending as a vanity search back in two thousand nine and eventually came across the church 's views on this issue and when I say I was really quite sad sad and invalid or because our silence while Suzanne is mentioned as a very large inconsistencies in her position when I spoke to people about it knowing quite how to answer I was in Moscow at the time and visiting couple at the church I was attending there said you know what you don't not join the chilling instance changes to make it home and at the time I started disregarded that statement but as I thought about it I became convinced this is my church and I think I can join his church there's no house from you and so on in twenty ten in September I join disadvantaged church and in January while I Nash twenty eleven on the Mafia began in December of twenty eleven Angela that the Lord is leading in each one of our lives I've often said the Lord to will that whether you're a big wedding the consequence is the Lord in everything like well the abortion was supposed to be a solution to a crisis instead of creating a larger-than-life according to abortion advocates the post- abortive women should be worrying about her decision after all she's exercising her right in your body is really if she doesn't feel fine it's because something was wrong with her for the way if there is emotional instability after the abortion because she was unstable prior to the course some pro-choice activists claimed that it is a religiosity religion causes us to have a hard time choosing to have an abortion in the late eighteen hundreds thousands of women were incarcerated due to their area ergo behavior leaders of the French Enlightenment also held and encourage you that it was the dangers of religion that causes behavior at even know there was anything that this area was the result sexual abuse at a young age there was no political or social support for further investigation and thousands of women incarcerated their hysterical behavior was in response but instead of validating the credibility of the attack psychiatrist in society preferred the fundamental problem the fragile nature of winning balance the link between the area of sexual assault wasn't seriously exploring until nineteen seventy was only dramatic move your essential for home and the resulting post stress disorder or even universally so glad you decided how your behavior was seen twice in wartime under conditions in doing that he fully oriented trench warfare in World War I we had began breaking down in shocking numbers man began to produce them to like the area they screamed anyway they can they became one of the military authorities didn't want to get out and have a negative impact on society they insisted that true the military authorities as far as these symptoms of hysteria in the men didn't want the society that now that they insisted that true and noble man would never succumb to care that find glory in this challenge it was declared people to the area when I did their masculine once again credibility of the victim was attacked by a interest in the long-term effects of that didn't take place until in nineteen seventy and it was when I be at your back pain back and they shared their stories by sharing stories and validated it was during this time that the definition of posttraumatic stress disorder that we has to do them well badly anyway today are locked in their own private island due to the trauma of abortion and once again there hello political and social support prior to the nineteen sixty investigations on the effects of abortion concluded almost without exception and abortion inevitably causes posing severe threat for psychological health by the late nineteen fifties population control that can set their sights on regulating birth control and abortion major population control don't like the Rockefeller foundation and research dollars available to print the benign nature of abortion I K I ran a hand if you can't nearly by the late nineteen sixties the American Medical Association the American psychiatric Association and the American psychological Association all reversed a prior positions in opposition to abortion side this new body of evidence that purported to prove apportionment nine actively supported the repeal of the family since the road we learn the way decision is seventy three Derek has not wavered their reasoning began to suggest that the negatively affected women were those who were psychologically fragile prior to their abortions once again that invalidating the trauma credibility of the victim attacked now a lot happened in the nineteen seventies in the late seventies women who have had physical or emotional problems after divorce started binging together and in nineteen eighty two the group women exploited by abortion established that had a national impact by offering here are the post- abortive women year when I had chapters in every state thousands of members now the same time I can't like it started seeing between verification and who had a history of abortion were also industry clusters of that on the criteria posttraumatic stress disorder and it was Vincent Rao to first define in postabortion syndrome is a variant of posttraumatic stress disorder nine hundred and eighty VIN Institute was established by David Reardon and he began his research on the effects of abortion now even though the American Medical Association called and the American psychiatric Association attempted to squelch any recognition of postabortion the other traumatic nature yet the evidence about the traumatic nature of the left continues to accumulate according to the Elliot Institute one percent of women feel guilty for my feedback fifty two percent deal with depression still others deal with anger sorrow grief bitterness fifty two percent think we've suffered regret enduring anguish remorse to spare unworthiness loneliness hope helplessness fifty seven percent help fill in confusion there's anxiety self-hatred fifty four percent were unforgiving themselves atheists an uncontrollable loss of the value can see why so many drug and alcohol problems career path trouble with that relationship sexual dysfunction self punishing behavior like cutting eating disorders and acuity suicidal five and repeat abortions now the percentages I just shared with you are actually low delayed reaction and refusing to participate in studies are two factors that affect the numbers yelling at survey over sixty percent of the women surveyed reported that there was a period of time during which they would not have reported any negative feelings about their voice they reported that the average for the they had negative reactions to five years women involved in postabortion programs typically report that it takes an average eight to ten years before they begin to confront and deal with their postabortion problems delayed reactions to abortion is one of the major reasons why abortion is so poorly understood and longitudinal studies fifty to sixty percent of women having abortions will conceal their abortions and energy sixty percent of women will initially who initially consent to participate in short times or studies change your mind after Julius Vogel a psychiatrist and obstetrician who has performed more than twenty thousand abortions this that every morning whatever her age background sexuality and destroy pregnancy level of human touch this is a part of her unlike when she destroys the pregnancy is destroying herself there is no way it can be an octopus by Los Angeles Times poll found that seventy four percent of women who admitted having had an abortion and believes abortion is morally long another study showed that seventy percent believe abortion involves killing a human life violating moral standard remember this only represents those who are willing to participate in the study is very likely those numbers could be higher and more about the limits of your very nature involves emotional and intellectual over the options at this conflict for many produces a powerful since leaving women completely overwhelmed these women often times will rush into an abortion decision without ever examining the full range of abilities he is feeling another very sobering aspect of this is that those who are in the state I am more vulnerable to outside influences the state of crisis especially when it involves a moral dilemma causes people to have less trust in their own opinions and ability to make a decision that lead to heightened psychological disability which they become more reliant on the others in authority figures is a pretty sobering situation I will tell you which one of the docs that I call you I don't decide anything to decrease the next talk about it and you know that might not have changed the same I changed it to any criminal after this is why refers to the position indicator one who stands as a party about physical and moral health physicians have the opportunity to women of faith in people 's confidence and affection I is granting you others not even to the minister of the gospel possibility so great I is so far-reaching post- abortive women are seeking recovery program at a record rate and I think that speaks for itself I want to encourage each one of you is your local crisis pregnancy center to find out what they have to offer what often may have Bible studies for the post- abortive women because creating look into the retreats for post- abortive women and men the Lord will send people your way having the attitude that decisions about life must be made in the context of the fallen world is not heaven begins now or not at all the principles that have been driving the aspect of our lives regardless of the price is free home heating balm of Gilead in her hand and had a high meaning hurting and they had supported Seventh-day Adventists because of the nations around the credit card work that we cannot encourage others to trust God we can it was not until I attended a retreat for the post important priorities to incredible need to have validated there with my denial acknowledged my loss I didn't read before I finally forgive me the few people that I had prayed again through the years did not know the importance of encouraging that help lines we encourage you to look into their and the Lord is one cute minister especially now that you know my story acts twenty six eighteen tells us I'm sending you to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light and from the power Satan to God so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those were sanctified by faith in me why we called to share what is true so that we can give vessel through which the chapter we share what is true so then I asked her last line of power the Holy Spirit those who are dying to breathe new life I see the reason today why not just for eternity but in the moment right here right now moment by moment we do not know what is true or if despite knowing what is true labor we gloss over it we failed to raise the standard how will those who aren't I once read a line from the book club review anything when you have her hand on her cross ever the magnitude of that question is striking there is a fundamental truth that unites every single one of us someone is going to hang on the cross and there only two choices inside you force your Redeemer even when you're alive is to the Lord excepting his sacrifice or we ourselves will hang on our own cross and we will spend the rest of our lives being in scraping chines in a panic trying to be enough we cannot pay back that you neither can the post- abortive women neither can the support man there said he separates them just as profoundly our sin separates us what we must not fail to understand is that none of us will ever find peace apart from the cross so what was the significance year if we excuse if we refuse to call it by its rightful name we trivialize it be you and I stand at the area where someone else finding redemption we literally stand as the barrier that every person who so desperately wants to be redeemed to release be forgiven for something that isn't from now all we don't want to the life was going really embrace our calling as individuals and as a church to be instruments through which the captain is set free the tragedy devastation and giant story remarkable courageous women to get your statement the tragic devastation of her story is not need to her story as she shared women has shared on the eve of all stores of condemnation and pain that they themselves experienced saying things like you know the enemy taunts me with confirmation like the reason my children don't is because I had an abortion please allow the weight that combination to see him continue the reason your children don't believe in Jesus is because you had an abortion what is she going to do I was going to make that right person going to turn back the hands of time so that she can be forgiven and separate there is nothing that woman can do she is literally off against the condemnation that she can not consider the implications of that condemnation implication isn't just that you know what the board is not for you because you had an abortion implication of that condemnation is that the Lord is not for you and that against you is literally working against you come straight home the enemy was going to do when is she going to turn she's not going to charge the war is not going to turn to the one she also believes condenser into what she do well she finds herself she cuts herself she encourages she chooses idol lovers just like just like radio desperate to be made whole and a Christian and pagan gentleman who is going to tell her the life-giving grace filled truth that she has been reducing you need I believe individual for the church we have a calling we literally have a calling on our lives to be conduits through which the captive is free if we will do that if we will take the opportunity we will embrace this comment you will hatch Google launches are many women are set free daughters sisters wives mothers authors has been signs in the Jules families marriages communities and words will we embrace our calling will we embrace our duty to be a conduit through which the grace of the Lord can flow my prayer is that our answer would be a real pounding yet the first thought in raising this duty we have got to come to a right understanding of what was lost not just the right understanding and acceptance and acknowledgment the post- abortive woman is living with pain that is staggering in order to reach for their vision got to come to a right understanding of what she lost her acknowledgment of what was lost she's not bring the loss of a clump of cells she's mourning the loss of the human meeting our response to her chain to her path to a broken history despair is to dehumanize the unborn child or to trivialize the important fact you will not put her to the light we will win her away from it if you're going to return we must honestly acknowledge what she a child me in the way our value was established at creation and it was fortified across for evermore the Lord as creator is fundamental to our purpose our value and destiny is on ninety five sixty six oh let us worship and bow down medicine the lesson yell before the Lord our maker in Isaiah forty five eighteen it says for that says the Lord who created the heavens who is God formed the earth and made it was established it did not create him they performed it to be inhabited I am the Lord and there is no other and says sixty four K but now O Lord you are our father we hear the clay you are hotter all we are the work of your hand I want to establish their Scripture in Genesis one twenty six and twenty seven one five five let us make man in our inmates or talking according to our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and the birds in the area of the cattle over all the earth and every creeping thing increase on the air so God created man in his image in the image of God he created him male and female created them in Genesis nine five eight two six from the hand of every man's brother I will require the life of man whoever says man's life I met his blood shall be shed from the image of God has made me in Psalm one thirty nine we've formed my inward parts my mind on this unfortunate outskirts is like that I think we really lost the magnitude of what is being said this is not a trite saying that was left on the side of a coffee life this is the God of creation astutely this is David talking about the God of creation you formed my inward parts you covered me in my mother 's love will please you because I'm fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well my frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret and skillfully in the lowest parts of your eyes saw my substance being yet uninformed and in your book and all were written the days fashion for me when as yet there were none of them but about John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life we are not merely human beings we are human beings created in the image of the Lord we are creatures who possess intrinsic value and eternal significance it is the Lord causes the sperm and egg to fertilize is the Lord causes I get a digital when an embryo to develop in the songs David spoke of the value of the unborn even while he was on form and forming is not speaking metaphorically here is speaking quite literally about the care with which the lawyer crafted his being when we inform such fertilization is very beginning the entirety of Scripture the value of all life born and unborn is proclaimed in the Old Testament and in the New Testament are created to clearing the value that man was made in his image and that has intrinsic value was fortified and evermore forevermore through cross the message of the Bible and of our charts is not simply that Jesus died he diagnosed he created being fearfully and wonderfully made I gave it applies to each and every human being how many of you familiar with the slide on the pale blue dot and I'm not sure if you can see this helpful exotic rescue point this is a picture of Earth taken by satellite and millions of miles away back in nineteen ninety everyone who's ever existed has went on the stock you mean all of us as Carl Sagan noted we are specks of dust living on a spec and yet the creator has said valuable speck of dust living on a speck of dust because I say so I put you on earth purpose with destiny that known and nothing can take away we bear intrinsic value and eternal significance because you're made in the image of the Lord these characteristics are so fundamental to who we are at age and not and will not ever be diminished or destroyed if we are going to claim that we are not intrinsically valuable from inception we must be willing to accept the implications of that claim if we are not intrinsically valuable from the very beginning and there is nothing to instill into the value not any point there after and we are not intuitively valuable from the very beginning and the absolute value is solely based on what I is you I achieve what I become if we are not intrinsically valuable from the very beginning he is later attributed to is based on what we have gained through some means other than being created in the image of the more cohesiveness to denouncing the value at the beginning means that any value because that has been gained through our own cell is the very antithesis of Scripture the clinical truth the principal trade is that we are valuable solely because we are made in the image of the Lord in Babylon is this value it is a humbling statement but if we in that state balance and ability before that trip truly worry SMM I decided to say to make the argument of the word abortion is not found in Scripture or inspiration because this resort and say this resources are silent on as a true statement the word abortion is not found in Scripture is not found in inspiration two points in response to that argument first fifth incredible but I can see why it is given offense to your friend or neighbor you watch with knowledge are wrong and it is his duty really to forgive you and you are to seek the forgiveness of God because the branding of wounded is the property of God and injuring candidates stand against your Creator and Redeemer she making a statement about the value the second point of the question prison garb the last training Institute has asked this question is our position as individuals and as a church that anything that is not that the Bible seasoning is in our position as individuals and as a church for the Bible condones everything it does not explicitly condemn and about hormone can we think of quite a few questions and injustices but the Bible does not explicitly mention him yet still grieve the father 's heart Mister Kushner is used examples of lynchings based on race or gender I think we can all agree is wrong and yet the Bible does not specifically mention the permissible are we not called to use Scripture to interpret itself in search of the value of the human being however all of Scripture is not a single verse or principal explicitly or implicitly states that individual men and the life of their unborn child I really appreciate this quotation sign teaches that human life begins at conception it is also true that it is affirmed by religion it does not for that reason cease to be a strictly scientific truth abortion either takes the life of an innocent human being organizing it can be one or can be there cannot be as my friend injustice Ross said before we can kill any living thing we must first determine what is the opportunity to gain incredible insight and understanding and are lined with friends of mine in this organization called justice for all and it brought up several key points in the defense of the unborn that I like to share now the first is called a setting I in the meantime that the writer 's organization created at the unborn is growing she must be alive if she has human parents she must be human and living human beings like you and I are valuable I think before we kill any living thing we have to first determine whether this the second point is his definition for life scientists generally agree that all things that are alive exhibit three characteristics irritability his reaction to stimuli catabolism converting its energy and cellular reproduction grab the unborn exhibits offering the third twenty the unborn is being part of another human being its own unique genetic entity from the moment of conception a unique genetically distinct human entity comes into existence every scrap of genetic material that you possess right now you possessed that you were simply at a different stage of development nothing has been added to you since the moment of conception to make you any more human you are now what you were then asked phenomenal to see the different stage of development incidentally the term fetus we hear the term fetus to me were talking a different organism were talking about a stage of development unborn and when it's just a Latin word it means little person actually selling it at a unborn human being but the next objection might be able to come or is not really a person philosopher Stephen Schwartz and Scott was not as well expanded on this came up with four different set of boiling down to basement or differences that exist between us and the unborn they are some I love what development environment integrated attending the mystically nervous with flat handle acronym side it is true the unborn is smaller than we are designing the unborn is less valuable eight zero is smaller than a twelve -year-old distance -year-old less viable level of development is true undeniably that the unborn is less developed in fact there is one of the examples and supposed of his youth is your richer intellectual pizza human forties so think about that defending everyone who is forty and older is more vital and everyone who is forty and younger because we haven't reached the name intellectual P 3-D level of development at the Acer was valuable environments it's true to the unborn is in the womb by Steve actually gain or lose value based on your location that determines value when I'm through dependency the inquiries extremely dependent and independent newborns and toddlers are also extremely dependent on someone else doesn't mean they are actually less valuable the reality is all that is required for the unborn from conception is the proper environment and proper nutrition in Melbourne and overcome like you needs actually that's all that we require as well as the proper environment proper nutrition incidentally the word rest off in the Greek is the same for the unborn and born if you are studying in the New Testament when they are talking about a baby in Europe and are talking about infant newborn same word to describe that there is no distinction between levels levels of value there both referred to in the same way we come back to something that we all need to contend with a board either the life of an innocent human being for example the one younger event ever like this on his thinking on you know I agree with you are making some good points but what about our right to choose and choose freely to repossess the freedom of choice absolutely however do we also have a duty to speak out against these choices are contrary to Scripture just as our do we not speak out against adultery lying stealing he found the island on the issue of abortion just as our stance on adultery stealing he doesn't remove an Angel individual 's free will to engage in acts so to speaking about the abortion issue is not remove an individual 's free will to engage in that question consider this the difference here the first thing it says abortion is wrong and I will speak every truth I can to persuade you that abortion is wrong first says abortion is a tragic dilemma she went on and letting you choose to have an abortion and you know what your child or whether you choose against abortion that's protecting the life of your child both decisions are morally acceptable both of these statements preserve freedom of choice by making either statement in my removing the individuals free well know that the direction in which the individual is in with the first statement she is when she or he is linked to the life of the second statement and let away from free knowledge are seen when but if we hide it with trivializing his life to come why have I mentioned just one doctor at the current speed to her her value and the value for child remember acts twenty six eighteen I'm sending you can open her eyes and turn them from darkness to light from the power of Satan to God so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those were sent to fight in me with just one doctor and had been willing to speak and I had about true unchanging value of her life and every child do you know it will you and your child were crafted with love and design by the creator of the universe you know that your daughter that you both had a purpose and destiny you can now do you understand that the Lord brought you into his rest before you did not know you do exist and its combine the head of the lower to understand that the Lord Bacchus child into existence before your child did not exist and now here she exists I've hang on the work of just one doctor have the courage to speak boldness of how much history have been different I liked her marriage child and family community is by the grace of the Lord is one this remarkable creatures I've ever encountered and it is by the grace of the Lord which is a testament to the redeeming love and just redemption back at Calvary brings the ladies and gentlemen make no mistake there are millions upon millions of women who were just like her and they are treading water they are barely surviving they are desperate to believe in the dark watches of the night of his grace really is sufficient for them why would we hesitate to be the voice that can speak light into the dark Proverbs three five tells us trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on understanding when it just when Doctor had the courage to rise towards understanding rather than his we look at as you believe in evolution and we marvel that they would not acknowledge the Lord is sovereign Creator we are amazed that they would choose to exalt man man's wisdom and understanding is the measure of all things until I faced with an issue like abortion until her face with potential complications that might result from a series of x-rays until her face embarrassment of her pregnancy why are planned for is it possible that some of us claim to believe in the Lord and his sovereignty you're really more comfortable when man and man's wisdom and understanding is the measure of all things the difference between my story and Diane story people believe not just in my value in the value of my mother through their intercession through their pleading through their willingness to embrace a woman in crisis my life was spared I was in my life that they value they valued her life they value her future devalued her spiritual soundness for our sakes a day to go to those uncomfortable places they didn't ever see that thirty years later my life would be used to living a life of the mother they were seen that thirty years later I would meet a remarkable amazing woman I can be free Blessed is he the opportunity to do until I charge to intercede not just for the life of the child not just for the life of the mother from the to intercede notches for the physical life but for the spiritual life I love this line across the devastation in recognition of what we breathe free air revenge were driving on an this is the cross in his life eternal this is what we had the opportunity offered by the power of the Holy Spirit in our own strength but by the post- abortive women honoring sanctity of life on the value of her life and the life of her childish is not a condemnation of her honoring the sanctity of life invites her to acknowledge this truth that she and I met her child is intrinsically valuable no she had time to the undying just like every single one of us have done it cannot be undone there is a saving weight offering joy hope freedom inexpressible if we refuse a light on the issue whether by our silence or by our difference we had hindered and we continue to hinder swimming in their quest for forgiveness from individuals who are charged the Lord is literally extending his hand he's extending hands women have experienced the tragedy of abortion and not just limited to one the question is are we willing to be a conduit of his redemptive grace will embrace our calling to take up our duty to boldly proclaim that people will more people have been wonderfully glowingly reviewed loser mean we lose because whenever someone is because we find nothing wrong with you because we always interview Virginia because of a covered by the black man only we know it needs to that question I have been redeemed as one who believes in the son of God Almighty this is why it expected his free gift of forgiveness and can be praised the Lord the story of the crop is the story of redemption the person who struggles with pride is just as guilty as a woman and abortion the person who indulges in anger is just as guilty as the bombings had an abortion the person who secretly covet is just as guilty as the woman and abortion over and decide why daughters girlfriend either abortions are just as guilty women engaged in we are all equal across all of our righteousness is as filthy rags it looks to me when he looks on the unbeliever he sees his son 's righteousness is science perfection he was told to withhold it for the joy that was set before him our Savior enjoy the cross join date with me he first saw our brokenness he foresaw our pain he foresaw our need any background stretching out my arms and for you eleven child I will not come down he foresaw our need and then he anticipated our redemption anticipated a reconciliation to himself anticipated our re- creation as we become to experience the transforming power of his redemptive grace the real key is telling a story the world broking gene this hearing desperately needs to hear Romans eight twenty eight and twenty nine fit all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose for who he foreknew he predestined to conform to the image of his son all things work together for good all things as sugar and sweetness all the nice things you don't will work together for good anything just something to make me feel good about myself and something is done to me all things work together for good there is no qualifier all things my mistakes my past humbling failures the Lord is sovereign there's a reason he's promised to restore with the locusts have eaten there is a reason he's promised to give beauty for ashes he is sovereign over all and he is using Chinese usability is all to conform to the image of his son greater live a life of obedience absolutely are we called to watch and congregation in shame and despair at times no this is not what the opportunity to offer to women and men who desperately need a website to giant story this remarkable woman who was lost in a fire and she has come out favorite and whole and free the enemy hundred for destruction of Clinton and his faith because every single time she stands up and shares her story in any capacity Lord declared victory story one who is going to time we each have our time I thank you so much for these people I thank you for their willingness commenting on our back and forth anything that was not from your cause of following up on everything else the minister asked the cause is known as chilling as the redemptive grace is as great in this video was produced by audio verse four amen this medical management and network you would like to learn more about Nina please visit www. a manner that is not more like there was more free online sermon www. audio verse one


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