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Praying With Patients

Todd Guthrie Brian Schwartz



  • October 31, 2014
    2:00 PM
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father in heaven were so grateful that Christ pray for us and we pray that his prayer will be answered that we can be one with you and one with each other in ministry radio give us wisdom and motivation to press forward in the path of Christ healing ministry through prayer for your bus or time together in Jesus name amen brain with patients is a lot of interest for this more interest now and modern times about spirituality and health care some of you are visiting with red editing on that girl books being written their studies done at different universities many patients would like their spirituality addressed as part of their healthcare religion does influence the patient's ability to cope with illness can cause isolation from the religious community and of course patient's beliefs influence their medical decisions those who don't believe in using blood products or have other beliefs other there's spirituality or religion as associate with better health outcomes of Randolph Byrd a cardiologist Southern medical Journal July nineteen eighty eight prayer made a big difference for patients on the coronary care unit in terms of their outcome and less congestive heart failure less diuretic medication lesson robotics fewer episodes of pneumonia fewer cardiac arrests and in twenty one of twenty six monitored categories patients fare better Journal of American Medical Association nineteen ninety five patients prescribed prayer for health the study knowledge that large majorities of Americans say the following prayer is an important part of their lives miracles are performed by the power of God and the belief in miracles sometimes they're conscious of the presence of God their comfortable this are the authors of this article a couple classing this as at least a psychological benefit and they admitted that fifty seven percent of psychiatrist and I believe in God so you see there's a bit of a challenge there but patients of course feel differently more recent studies out of Duke Dartmouth and yell show that hospitalized people who never attended church have an average hospital stay three times longer than regular attendees so becomes utilization issue is not hard patients are fourteen times the risk of death if not participating in relation to elderly the elderly who never or rarely attend church have double stroke rate regular attendees at Israel religious people had a forty percent lower death rate from cardiovascular disease and cancer and the smoke of their Doctor Keane Inc. wrote the book from which some of the previous research I quoted was and then also this is from his recent publication handbook of religion and health basil more cautious in actually engaging patients of prayer and you and I will talk a little bit more later about some of the risks and benefits of that you know so the engagement you need to have with the patient the discussion because this is not a manipulation this is entering into their life in a way that they are comfortable with I would always ask permission we always enter in a safe way for the patient one of the things is really help me in my practice is set Doctor David DeRose I came to our church peers ago and he presented some material and I heard him that maybe wasn't there is other place but he was presenting of the study the National Institutes of Health two thousand two they put out a study us survey of combatant alternative medical affairs therapies that people actually participated and look at this forty three percent of people at that time were saying they would pray for themselves as an alternative therapy for an additional complement or therapy to allopathic medical care twenty four four percent I would accept whereby others eighteen nine percent natural products eleven six percent the breathing five six percent group prayer is probably some overlap between those but you see look at the highest one is what prayer and paying for themselves and his other of course in database therapies a small percentage of but I think the percentage is quite a bit higher the patients it was that I asked this question I think prayer with patients as a proxy that is even if they say no in the discussion leading up to that know you will have an idea where there spiritually and you'll know best how to engage them I had an atheist shop and he was so upset that I even had a screening tool that would ask some of these questions about interview Rivera and he didn't want to talk to me about his medical problem until he's out of touch about this formula for this really upsetting as well number my patients appreciate prayer that religious people but this is a tools like a fun of her people wrath so now I know that where you're at I can treat you like anybody else anything you know different fortunate anything religious it out and so on and he eventually was okay with that I find prayers have a proxy as I said for seeing where the patient is at if someone has active religious practice it often involves prayer of some type the willingness or desire to include prayer you might consider to a rough estimate of spirituality was really excited about it well there there engaged in the inner spirituality it helps define the patient spirituality that way the Bible certainly promotes prayer James five fourteen is anyone among you sick let him call for the elders of the church let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord Erica make it a great difference there are reports when rabies was raging that prayer was rabies only cure at an early patient in my practice who had an unstable knee examined as me obvious intra- drawer lock wins he came to me a week or two later I was really scheduled for surgery and came back said louder permeating right over me and the this warm feeling came over me and his name is rocksolid I examined of and that to my mind was a lesson what will our children is when you're in this context is easy to affirm someone and that is we believe that the Lord could do that my mother-in-law had breast cancer pray for her and that she went with nonsurgical treatment she did get off of her estrogen and the did some an alternative therapies with consequent soy isolate some things that are common we would consider maybe even fringe some illness depends some things are friends that are cutting-edge you have to try to figure that out but she was healed the cancer shrunken one away there many otherwise unexplainable cures price of course we know from studying the Scripture and looking at his healing ministry he delights to heal and still delights to do that today Psalm one oh seven because of their true aggression because of their iniquities men are afflicted so we know that sin is the cost of suffering and verse nineteen and twenty they cried to the Lord in their trouble and he saved them out of their distresses he said that his word and he let them and deliver them from their destructions it's always important as we pray to it somehow at least have the word of God in our minds so that workers shared as a father pities his children someone on three thirteen and fourteen so the Lord pities those who fear him for he knows our frame he remembers that we are dust prayer should be the last thing we do with there is nothing else to do like Asa who became disease in the speed and the decided not to seek the Lord was too late the first place to turn the difficulties to God are trusted in God not man for my seventy five person is the man who trusts in man and makes flash his strength his heart of hearts from the Lord without faith it is impossible to please him for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is the rewarder of those who seek him so prayer must be for us to God who exists without hypothetical God is real and he fulfilled his word so weak we must have faith in it must needs be from a person who knows that God takes personal interest in all humanity that is where it is praying is a ceremonial thing for this person we believe God really loves them and we believe that God loves to get to give undeserved blessings to all who believe is working diligently earnestly seek him it's our work to present the sick and suffering to Christ in the arms of our faith we should lay hold on his promise and pray for the manifestation of his power the very essence of the gospel as restoration and the Savior would have us bid the sick the hopelessly afflicted they called upon history a five we need to be cognizant of the fact that some prayers are hard for the Lord answered that is their health principles their laws and action breaking those laws we need to be willing to make that claim to them in some tactful way someone smoking my prayers not so much for the healing necessarily a their orthopedic problem primarily it's that the Lord would relieve another smoking as I think that causes complication so there's a prioritization happens so you either the natural rescript a lot to be violated and most people he asked them if they know that smoking is bad for the mill say what don't live that and that's like we heard in the talk last night what's needed is the motivation of the power talk more about that throughout the week adventure so ask questions to determine the patient's need needs in the most questions as Eric was pointing out you could just walk in and say you have desk and I pray for you right that's a lot of XML awkward it's nice to ask questions you know how is your as your family are things going for you is as Doctor Mills is pointing out ask questions about what's happening or are your kids or you have kids or where they live in a conversation the Holy Spirit could leave in the directions that it needs to go I encourage using a survey tool again systematizing what we do in our offices can be helpful asked permission as you would want to do that is follow the golden rule if you want to see someone and they wanted to offer a Buddhist prayer for you the aura they were Hindu how would you like it and how would you like them to approach you what would you like the dynamics of the entities to be polite tactful and should be an easy way to say no if someone wants to say no be consistent that is if this is a one-off thing you're doing this to come check it out or you do it occasionally you're not really develop the skills to do it repeatedly and very helpful for me to hear Brian get a seminar like this I think of was roommate was a progress note eight or so years ago and I just I said I I I need to do this so I went into my office and thought is that psychological hurdle of engaging patients on this level but with with it by the end of the week it was exciting because eighty five percent or so the patients were cited about Seth at least okay with it be consistent show respect and the challenge because nobody's a perfect position at least that I know we make mistakes but we do our best to have quality care because forgiving any other kind of care they were praying it's the missing microcredit cover things up for which we do want to learn ever are back but you know we wanted to have our front to sell so here's the survey tool I use if you are one of write down your e-mail e-mail it to you through the use of the modified is basically based on the NIH survey the same percentages in the last people know I'd like to make sure of serving you well understand where you're coming from when he is in the past were using now when he opened the try some patients us nowhere fill it out as cross about but I don't write them off I asked him some questions about their family or what's going on and then see where the conversation go sometimes they just don't the hassle of going out there have to be right with so it's just a tool don't don't systematize the tool so much that if they don't fill it out there off the chart below so then when I do pray with the patient I in the inner EMR I just asked my staff I put on encounter sheet interfere in the B stands for prayer and P stands for Oprah what you think the ritzy 's Jay and Fritz you stand for such a Jehovah's Witness celebrated all in Jesus name they generally find meaning to ask for some of them don't want to their little put off issue relating to other religions just depends on individual that kind of thing are Jews most if someone is a practicing Jew I don't have a lot of those the liberal Jews that I've encountered don't want prayer anything out of agnostic type of that we have a synagogue in our community we pastor our pastor Jim Crabtree is here to be speaking in a few minutes as well to some of the effectiveness of our community so I pray for a Pentagon will provide power for desired lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking improving diet provide for the needs of the family members will bless the outpatient treatment recommended or provided that any surgical wealth quick recovery and of course especially some especially specific notes can be something different in your practice of back in two thousand twelve two years ago I did a chart survey as I have a record of who I pray for who I don't and so here's the numbers a high percentage about eighty five percent or more that would like prayer or broken for so I was surprised as I said that percentage when I initially started but I thought well before I present this I should actually survey and see what numbers actually are so the blessings of the company I have a better attitude with difficult patients because I noted the end of this difficult encounter I would have to pray for this person puts my my mind in a completely different place than it would be if I would just want to kick them out of the practice although I have had a discharge so that their hostility of the staff were very disruptive but it is a different attitude that I had the hospital chaplain routinely gives a positive feedback regarding surgical patients appreciation of prayer in this pastoral feedback of the community effect and prayer courses of Ridge so was interested in prayer but often they're going to be interested in these other things I have innocent DVDs from life and health so gloats a style tracks from lifestyle matters to Christ whatever it is that you have shared so I encourage you to consider pursuing those blessings and pastor Jim wanted to come up Jim Crabtree 's are passed from Mt. Shasta 's wife Judy Crabtree is a nurse practitioner working in the Reading and Jim wanted to just share with us what I'll put this on you because thinking this is picking up quite well that you share with us what praying with patients might do in the community what influenced you the story guy I meet people periodically pray for my saved appreciate I want to share about Bob met Bob right after we moved to Mt. Shasta was about eighteen years ago and give negative thinking if you're God 's favor you are to be a pastor and Mount Shasta I is a glorious place and I was going out about John's forty five shop on South not just the Boulevard that I think it was having my religion twenty two trigger pull a light that and I walked out and turn to the right and walked out to my car and there was Bob and he's a real pleasant fella I but Bob was the police chief news writing me a ticket and that I was locked up to Bob Mansoor scored on a system where you parked in a crosswalk and I looked down and there was too faint lines it went across the street in nowhere me one like this is a main assist I can even say this looks like to ghost lines coming across the street here said that they have been covered in and along time and is as well I tell you what since you're come out at John's forty five shot and not be quilting shop will be here on Monday Jacob sat so I got to know about you again really good reputations the police chief he liked he cared about his men he would let his men's wives right movement night it was a quiet night to keep the family together as a being apart in the evenings is cut rough on your and know some of the things that he did to help make help lighten the load of the officers on this department been raised Catholic and not need that left the church and that at a reawakening and then became a born-again Christian and that he was attending the Baptist Church I get going because he was is always on my case I was done writing around with the no helmet on I was a couple boys on the bicycles and he had to call me up on that here's a good good guy about it I bumped into him at the wellness clinic a while back there were physical therapy clinic than the a place where you can work out in the pool and hot tub in the silence of worth and as coming in from the pool and he was good news is that gear on and he it was coming that is such certain I see what was going on a story about is the surgery and since you know I really appreciated Doctor Guthrie have prayer with me and it hit me what he was really talking about there was a police officer for a while and police officers get twitter don't trust a lot of people after well you see people at their worst in the US now you find out the mayor 's part behind the grocery store with some layouts his wife and year after while you know you have to stop the car in the middle of night you get blown away to these people in your group just been enough of a robbery in their worried about getting caught and so you you live the stressful life and so a I was thinking about Bob and I realized that Bob is a beautiful example of William Blake an artist and a writer in England said the three important elements of living a good life are someone safe the love something honorable to do and something to look forward to and on a less powerful but as a police officer you don't have a lot of people that you love and have somebody in your life it cares about you when when Todd prayed with that Bob Bob said this is somebody safe to these on a higher plane than just making a living he's working for the master and I can feel safe knowing that they were not just making money here we care about God we care about Jesus we care about me and the someone safe to love this a while back if you were driving down a highway and say Chicago or maybe Detroit and your start car start bugging you and you had to pull off maybe down a hill and its government dark place and you called for AAA in you and Kelly got out your cards waiting for the AAA to get there and you look down the street and here comes some lights and maybe it's him it's a car load of inner-city guys would you rather they be a new gang a gang of bloods and our craps looking for the other side or in a new gang member initiation night you care if they just come from law a Muslim meeting are would you care if they just came from a Bible study which group would you want to meet you on that dark alley and then there's somebody safe the love and I know that Bob Todd is a safe person in my life something honorable to do I think Bob says this physician is values God and values honor and it's not just about making a living is living on a higher plane than just surviving and so there's something honorable to have something look forward to I don't think surgery is ever something you want look forward to but I'm sure that you would look forward to it more if you knew that Jesus was in the surgery suite with the Todd Todd wasn't in there by himself that he had the Jesus of the siding and that God cared for Todd and God cares for Bob God and listen to Todd's prayers as well as Bob's prayers as I meet people around town who have these stories it's really a blessing because I think some day in the not-too-distant future it would have to make a decision as to who side thereon and these little experiences of students this person prayed for me this person I think they're going to to remember that an arrogant to say when they have questions on how associate Todd has an answer all right moment over just a few outline things lets a couple slides out that the club never but can cover on the physician back any day in Ohio and Kettering medical Center I practiced internal medicine for about five or six years went back to my cardiology training after coming out of my cardiology training back in the Cath Lab I can remember him just kind of wondering how could I introduce my patients to spirituality in the Cath Lab I was working when a group of very depth what seem like on young people that didn't seem I could have the slightest interest in religion on the thing like they were more into working harder in a day going out partying and I was actually embarrassed as to why one ethnicity prime with somebody how I do that I didn't feel like I was comfortable whether and I didn't learn how to do it unfortunately is not the student loan lender I have one Mentor then I did a rotation was when I was a medical student while working Doctor the roses down there in the whole month if not well when we have one facing coming to the emergency room at what an all guy little bit hunched over and she had got a cut on his ears a laceration he was really hard of hearing he could barely hear I have many minor dismissed up to my doctor and I thought the Doctor DeRosa Sally I go ahead and so not inside so that we know the cam argument is the most important part of this encounter and what you want the Opera eleven or by the time I was embarrassed I wasn't comfortable whether I'd forgotten the guys name it he couldn't hear me so I'm yelling at the top of my life alarm lossless Zelda that the flotilla likely in this was a very very smooth and all on my first-year back to cardiology back to Calvary I was in a room taking care of a lady in her seventies who just come up from she has to place in Hilton head for a synthetic disease in the positions there certain our not too sure about this is probably going to have heart surgery the comments that we think you better take another look at proposals no of a heart attack instrument drop stuff in there and hope that was was fairly stable so we bought her the Cath Lab for the catheter just rarely engage in the left main coronary artery blood pressure just wanted to let this tells us there's a very very tightly as owner blood pressure also most like in the forties and she was getting sweaty and we realize were not successful to step in ready tried to discover the operating room and the operating room to Gmail now got like forty people the room all swirling all around and the anesthesiologists is a friend of mine can have a negative even know he dubbed us that right below everybody rushing would probably have ten or fifteen minutes if we really want to get this lady back to the operating room discusses possible for heart is just relate classroom is but without the runner and the houses of the slurry pipelines aside your attention for sight I must have burned listed to be quiet and he prayed whether Molly is young cool party people and I worked one of what is going to want to see that was me and it just hit me like I should than one feeling that I do not want to do that is right that coming year was the was a meeting with that of the organization of England and Mark Finley gave some tips on how to open the door to a spiritual conversation was sure someone out along with some of my experiences in doing that here for about fifteen more minutes in the Multics questions on time my opinion there so all through all through the Bible on healing is equated also went with a spiritual work on Psalms one oh seven twenty he sent his word and healed them and he delivered them from their destructions in the ministry of healing phase one hundred and thirteen when Christ filled disease he warned many of the afflicted one send no more lasting a worse thing come onto the on John five fourteen Gus he thought that they had brought disease upon themselves by transgressing the laws of God and that help could be preserved only by obedience can't talk about the idea that something comes than smoking he focuses on the smoking that's the problem am insecure I think it's just having a spiritual conversation with the patient in the very best way to open that door to spiritual conversations have a prayer on through that you have the opportunity to actually point out what the real cause might be on Marvin recognizes that so-and-so was struggling with smoking and realize the effect the story happens we just pray that you really bless them that the that given the strength to overcome this is how the moment you give them the Parliament met his wife and so they pay no Beverly know that they need to quit but they'd know that that's the deemphasis that you're focusing on ministry of healing on page one hundred and eighteen the second suffering will have much more confidence in the physician who they are often wants and fears God pastor dismissiveness about police officer much more confidence of in a physician who they are confident loves and fears God they rely upon his words they feel a sense of safety in the presence of administration that position I found that to be very very true to prefer the prior presentations that's true as well saw only he who reads the heart can no win what trembling and terror many patients consent to an operation on the surgeon Sam they realized their peril while they may have confidence in the physician 's skill they know that it is not infallible but as they see the physician bowed in prayer asking help from God they are inspired with confidence gratitude and trust opened the hearts of the healing power of God the energies of the whole being revitalized in the life forces trial to Doctor Ramsey or myself thinking honestly over in Africa that was literally about that that that unit the cardiologist of that digit all right so just a few pointers why did Jesus Hill diseases what image is focused on the spiritual aspects I think there's some interest selecting a person some village of those he killed everybody in the whole village says he healed them all on fact there are more stories in the Bible about Jesus healing the Neurontin teaching so particularly in his day but I believe it's really not that much different in our day but back in her day they truly had the belief that will the was demonstrating his displeasure on your by giving your visitors if you have leprosy it was as if you'd been cursed by God you are an outcast of society on never to be integrated again and keep all went disease is working what down by the spiritual class so in many respects by healing he was already showing people what God is truly life it was like what the Pharisees what the religious establishment of the day had to say he was already dispelling that he was Re: preaching the gospel through healing on to demonstrate that God had rejected them and I just absolutely from his heart of compassion he just couldn't look at them and not relieve their suffering and so were called in her into the same experience ministry of healing page one hundred and thirteen on a couple of different wines from the sickness suffering and death our work of an antagonistic power Satan is the destroyer God to restore almost not a single day goes by rather have a patient or patient's family say what is God doing this to me that's an opportunity to explain to them God 's not doing this to act as God 's desire God 's work God using need a help in that that were going to do everything we can to relieve the suffering because that is not on God does not bring disease upon somebody teach them a lesson you use the tribulations that we face and turn it for good but he's not the one of the brain disease on people and so right then and there we have an opportunity to explain a little bit about the character of God the words spoken to Israel are true today to those who recover health of body or health of soul I am the Lord that he was the I'm just a physician I don't heal anybody I tell my patients this over and over I one but he only got the island is hands his tools on he uses me but ultimately God and doing that the house keep me humble as well as not Almighty God the physician that too many physicians word generation ago on the desire of God for every human being is expressed in the words below the I wish above all things that dolomites prosper and be in health even as thy soul prosper the way the selected seconds like the messages page fifty four the way in which Christ worked was to preach the word and to relieve suffering by miraculous works of healing but I am instructed that we cannot now work in this way or single exercise his power by working miracles God servers today could not work by means of miracles because spurious works than healing claiming to be divine will be wrought we see this all around us miraculous healing to discuss the television and it can be built some of the money unpleasant fellow resident will pray for for healing for you on in these very last days it seems that the message that God has given us is that through the simple methods of restoring man to the principles on on fresh air and sunlight and water and plant -based diet that these are ways that can remedy much disease and then through the methods that we use whether it surgeries other things we have to work with .net Web will not likely see she is reckless healings just like we saw in Jesus day because of Satan corrupting that while you might wonder what happens if I pray for somebody in my prayers not answer on so five points when I have sir silent talk about this morning if you were there Jesus knows what it's like to feel like his prayer is not answered he knows what it's like to field the heavens are per se cannot even God 's office turned his back on you that's just a feeling not reality only the point of patients with the fact that this is not a reality so some principles on Matthew but first of all be persistent keep praying so just as the will who went to the unrighteous judge was persistent where we are encouraged to keep praying all and sometimes we pray selfishly we may not even realize that if we can truly pray unselfishly not my will but thine be done once that's a prayer that we can expect to be heard realize that even if that happens feel like brass earlier had God is still listening and going to work every single promise in this world word God has promised to fulfill now sometimes prayers are not answered on the timeframe that we think they should be we live in a world of sin and suffering and God is not we don't escape we have to suffer right along with the righteous and the unrighteous are in this world suffering because of the effects of Satan were actually called to enter into Christ suffering by taking care of as a healthcare worker having the opportunity to take care of somebody who's suffering we grow we get to experience the ministry of Christ suffering is in the world home to help us grow through it doesn't deliver us from on but I do believe that every sincere honest prayer for healing God answers may not be in this life but he has make all things new and I started up with my patients so Mark continues somewhat immature it wrong that I was one after Finley on think it has given way cars need to go back to my practice more than any other person to go back to my practice in start the venture of praying with patients I was uncomfortable you know what to do I thought he embarrassing my patients I find it want to presume on the moon to do that and so he gets and simple principles so don't presume that their spiritual but nobody generally nobody on is going to be upset if you ask their permission and he wants while some of the upset the questioner asks that I've had only one patient in ten years now leave my practice because I offered to pray with them and then I've had maybe fifteen to twenty patients in the last ten years say your brother not most of them are Jehovah's Witnesses and actually recently I have fun with my Jehovah's Witnesses I diopter privilege but resigned fun you know what there I just say would you like to have a prayer and if I offered to let them pray were perfectly okay with it so I pray with them and what they prior use of their company by somebody and you overlook the company that will pray with him on sometimes if they sail us I do my own prayers I know immediately that their Jehovah's Witness and so I don't force it but I have several Jehovah's Witnesses now that let me pray with them after after being respectful of their voices on so don't presume ask permission the open to questions it has happened over and over and over the number one thing that happens my offer to pray with somebody as they get yours in the rise and they say on no one's ever done were on the none I have an opportunity to experience corporate repentance goes I tell them you know what as a position that ask you to forgive me on behalf of my profession that we haven't done this before that is the only true source of healing Islamic combines spiritual source of the healer so I asked him to forgive me on behalf of my colleagues fullest on a hostile Sanhedrin I was going to listen open to questions often slovenly something will come up on I am amazed that in my office I had the opportunity to rich people that would never rich I have several CEOs of Fortune five hundred companies I wouldn't if I got a membership of the country club for forty thousand dollars year maybe I could rub shoulders of these guys but that's not worth it mom but some they come to my office on people to live on the other side attracts them to my office people that are in every walk of life police officers on the mayor I had two different layers of two different cities I have reached police chiefs I have one chief of the fire department now the second year I played with the Skype three different occasions chief of the fire department is a big works out at the guy but he had a bicuspid aortic valve needed heartfelt surgery on my friend went in for a couple times before we got set up for the surgery I prayed with a moment of the heart catheter and met them before he went back for surgery with a cardiothoracic surgeon I prayed with him and find places on Doctor Pete is removing one more time he was so scared this is a big tough guy on the year went by that year went by and then she comes only once a year that's in a corporate couple of years once your thumbs and the Philistines of the bottlenecks are about prosthetic valve that we replaced his belt was working in the he was my second to last as I is like by the way back to them after appraising can I ask you a question sure on now what is a Yugoslav honey now the Bible is true was a little five minute question we ran there for forty five minutes my nurse line the doors lighting another patient way to finance our doctrine sorry next year you know you'd study last science and you think of evolution versus creation was another forty five discussion but second I year or two later after I started crying whether the before he finally realized hey I have some questions around the church I don't think he does on but hey my doctors a spiritual guy I'll ask you and help at the end of the day is a regardless comments that she has questions so sure Scripture there's power in reciting Scripture you claim up promising God 's word on its virtually guarantee that God is going to fulfill that promise whatsoever you will and it should be done unto you and if God is for us you can be against us Scripture the patients it has a power on just two more slides so why correct well imparts hope in divine healing it points to the only source of healing on the key physicians humble so this point reminds me of another patient I have a gentleman who is a is a Jewish Rabbi is not my patient he's my partner his wife is a PhD nursing director at a different hospital and he's a very educated guy teaches that it had a Jewish seminary on these actually also studied a lot of science in the quiet intellectual the K-1 of the journal one of our blocking was at heart rate in the thirties he had no energy just couldn't function is in his seventies he is legally blind and he told my partner after a long detailed explanation that now I know one striker Aldiss God not that active woman pacemaker urgency diving go through procedure one partner somewhat filamentous abductor 's worst women talking about it and so I came and explained it to them I went to the details of this is some quality doing forty five minutes doesn't wireless news you'll heal up quickly and probably I can don't want to go home today now you know I just don't want to have a working procedures I said okay that's fine by the way is less than all my patients by the way one of the things I offer to do with all my patients is our prayer with them he's a Jewish Rabbi I know that he is he grabbed my hand and he said absolutely so I printed wedding and that he got tears in his eyes and actually he said a prayer for me on the other completely understand on and after I got done nothing readily drumming is all just a moment I'll go ahead and have that pacemaker on we actually not go out to eat within his wife once a year in along with my physician assistant it's purely about spiritual discussion about what's unveiled the splendidly versus what he believes no I think he's working on us we were working on but whereat the NARA and I one of the order and he told my wife he said you know I went ahead and you know I said after your husband came and prayed with me is that she printed a private Christian prayer I pray in Jesus name is the way I pray you so that was okay I just send myself praise God I found a doctor who doesn't think you've got I mean by praying you allow people to see that your humble and down it was these become a very good friend fencing I will let me do anything to them at this point that goes beyond what people expect of you none expect good service they expect an appropriate diagnosis you're a member that they're paying you for that on that's expected when you stop and said by the way one of the things I offer to do with all my patients as they have a prayer with him I goes way beyond what they expect when you're good at expressing in any other way to get the message that you care about them in more than half the time the first time I do that I get tears in their eyes I think film is in this morning that he had a patient come in and really didn't have a problem I saw lady who was a pastor in her church and African-American church in the SRA whether she just got chosen horizons is held my hands like you believe that I never had a doctor print would be before of what later she came back and said Doctor I got up in church and I testified and all of a sudden I saw a life for more people from our church that came about six months later I saw her last name on the chart I didn't really pay attention to the first payments like a monkey on nurses some nineteen or twenty -year-old young girl looks perfectly healthy sitting on the exam table and sees over the corner I got halfhearted gone through the great lineages on a election is my daughter she's the one of fiercely she is worthless okay I start taken history okay so obviously that is probably palpitations but any history of heart problems now diabetes hypertension no cholesterol problems no exercise yeah okay so you're feeling heart racing your skip beats no NYSE here finally turn them off so okay so what's the problem ceases also have a problem I just want to pray for now how to build that out but there was no diagnosis of no diagnosis this you want to have a doctor who prayed with her so she brought her daughter to do that there's something about playing with patients with skin open the door to starting spiritual conversation I am in the Bible Belt I think it's ninety eight more personal my patients who appreciated so talked over myself so that more secular probably invite him to we can reach people that the church will never reach a talk about this Fortune five hundred I got to Fortune five hundred CEOs apply around in their corporate jets food now welcome prayer with them on one of the other day lost his wife from cancer of you needed a heart chaos and all I did the heart cannot the next day I went to the dentist to have IT claim and down I don't member exactly how this came out she says I your heart doctor you're the doctor the praise with patience rightness of the lighting is doing which is going to fluency as ISO and sounds of Freddy was in her yesterday he was having a heart captaincy so now you pray with them and they were so blessed by that so I got my start telling other people that Doctor Schwartz of the doctor that went right in then all of the dental office they were talking about that saw last line so some people wonder one about the ethics of it is okay to impose your beliefs on your patient while not imposing anything am only offering the share what I know on if we get to the point where the government or insurers don't allow that that would be a terrible thing that this plan don't see that as being a problem hasn't been a problem what about different religions A talked about trying on with the Rabbi I prayed with Muslims they appreciate the fact that I treat them the way I would treat anybody else one guy a PhD from Ohio State University bitterness country for thirty five years helped found the medical school over there when I offer to pray with him he's sound from Syria is Muslim he took my healing he would not let go for five minutes he began to tell me Doctor Swartz you are the first person who has ever respected me as a Muslim to share your religion with me all I did was have a prayer for all when I first started doing this I would pick out the ones that looked like she even the ones are dressed like a micro- church I pray with those people then appreciate as much as the ones I will pick the guys out but it was the guys were dressed like a motorcycle gang that we get tears in riots in the site nobody has ever treated me that way and pretty soon I realized I couldn't just pick them out and pray with everybody and so just like Todd I have a key part in the yesterday epic was down they couldn't find a chart on how went in the room of this guy that I remember doesn't want me to pray but at the very end I was just in the habit inside I have an MPL overs chart even but I forgot about the very innocently about eleven people have to do is arbitrary to all right with real happy about it but this time he said all right so I fragmented couple weeks later we were in the Cath Lab and he remembered that he didn't really like very advocating is there prayer in his life is over in the corner and she got yours writes on when he went back to the Cath Lab Susan Brooks restaurant talk to discriminate she came out and said that I just want to know that he has been so against religion for the last twenty five years thank you for the persist I don't process I forgot to record him in the records got was on we talked about God well I believe it's God 's will that everybody should experience healing we just don't know God 's twenty in the language can't know God 's will it's never God 's well that somebody suffer somebody had cancer on often as things that we do to ourselves but also because the love of sinful world and so we are truly doing the work of God and Satan trying to restore on the image of God and man to restore picture of God 's true character that's what I began to pray on my think of is the last time but not so very very simply don't presume just ask I just always say by the way one of the things I offer there's have a prayer is that something you'd appreciate they said no I rather not I try as quick as possible to the subject failed to have fun by the way will get it looking panel the next time we see him a few back in six months and have a good day there are any last-minute questions must not comment on I just brought to my mind I had a patient once you should know that in one prayer the next time they came back they said that glad you can pray for me this time my wife really got on me about a casino that I often tell their wife you know what happened in the Wi-Fi guests talk them back into the other camp so that was fascinating if if the system is down or the the my staff has put in the chart what I need I I it's a little more awkward but will often to say it I apologize normally this is recorded but it hasn't recorded where he we want to pray with her know and I can just say yes or no which is not that bad soon we reach the end of our time we can field some questions of its probably best if we just do that off the mic because it's hard to pick that all along so what will close a meeting here right was a program to pray for us our adolescence bargains and prayer will help again I just thank you for this organization a man which is celebrating its tenth year for the purpose of restoring the gospel in a help message for teaching us how to minister to our patients and so I just pray that you will take away our fear or embarrassment that you well use us to be an avenue by which we can restore your character and an interest in your love of our patients lives as we go from here plus each one of us every practice as physicians nurses health care worker here and there is this media was used by audio verse four amen at the Pentagon and was never married he would like to learn more about Nina please visit www. again and I will like more free online service in WW on universe or


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