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Christ's Method's in the 21st Century-Part 1

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 31, 2014
    2:00 PM
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father in heaven we are incredibly thankful that you called us to do more than treat bodies is important is that it is called us to more than alleviate disease which is called us to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and so as we discussed today we pray that you guide us to direct us that we would be drawn closer and ever still closer to you that you would open our eyes and open our minds may this time together this afternoon be incredibly profitable may it make a difference in our lives in Jesus name I think we will close the doors they are so that we are not distracted outside we can maybe leave one open and then close the other one as fine that we could our class is Christ methods and twenty first century and were raising the question what were Jesus methods and so to start with a journey with Jesus through John's Gospel John's Gospel really is a case study on how Christ related to people in John chapter one the two disciples of following Jesus and Jesus turns and sees them he says that what do you see those four words are some of the most powerful words in all of the Gospels John one verse thirty eight Jesus turns he sees the following and he says what do you see the reason these words are so powerful is because they are the very bogus operon date of Christ they present Jesus method Jesus always began where others were never where he wants you what began with their needs never with his needs so Jesus is saying what he's seeking Re: seeking relief from physical suffering are you seeking emotional peace and calmness are you seeking further tests are you seeking power for deliverance what do you see that this is an incredibly powerful principle for all medical missionaries we are always looking out of our South Yosemite said anybody wrapped up in themselves a very small package so were looking out of ourselves looking at the person to whom we are ministering saying what are you seeking now this is the Jesus model he's asking what he is seeking what's going on in your mind what's in the deepest recesses of your heart what your needs Whittier hurt are you experiencing pain so the Jesus model is one that always starts where the individual is it never starts where we are it always looks at Bayern leads it's not wrapped up in our needs Jesus began with others agenda not hits he was more interested in their needs in his own so Jesus always begins where people are not where he is so a busy practice with people coming through your office the bottom line is not profit driven its people driven the bottom line is not merely how many patients do I see it's how many people do I and there is a vast difference between in the typical medicine of the day it's motivated by profit you need to see as many people as possible so the bottom line of profit can be enhanced but that is not the ministry of Christ Jesus is more interested in people they would profit is more interested in their needs then he is his own he begins where they are not where he is now when you look at John chapter two John chapter three John chapter four and John chapter five you have in John's Gospel Jesus meeting a variety of needs first we look at the story of the wedding feast obtained there was an enormous need at the wedding feast of gain the host of that wedding feast was socially embarrassed let's suppose that your daughter was getting married in the conference president was in the line to receive his non- alcoholic bodily grape juice and to eat his vegetarian vegan chicken I like sandwiches and let's suppose you ran out of bodily nonalcoholic wine let's suppose you ran out of that future unless suppose that the conference president had driven three hours to be at the meeting and there are fifty people behind him and there's nothing now to eat how would you feel would you feel pretty embarrassed to pretty feel pretty chagrin pretty red-faced at the wedding feast at Cana of Galilee it was a specific need the need with social anybody that ran out of wine at a Jewish feast would be incredibly embarrassed I don't get nervous that this might have been alcoholic wine there are multiple indicators in the text itself it was not and we will not go into all of that is that's not my main point but don't get nervous about that Jesus created the unfermented pew or juice of the great but in John chapter two Jesus met a social need now we go to John chapter three the need is not social spiritual dignity this comes to Jesus by night and as Nicodemus comes to Jesus by night Jesus does not offer him a hydrotherapy treatment neither this case is inviting to a cooking school neither does Jesus offer given the Masai needed this case is offered to give him some of the wine was left over in John chapter two why is it that Christ approached the wedding feast of ten Galilei and did not give a sermon but multiplied the changed water into wine and why is it that Jesus did not begin with health with the with Nicodemus because Nicodemus is need with spiritual is fail me now everybody's baby spirit but but but Nicodemus is that the Jesus met him on a spiritual level Jesus said you must be born again he cut through the formalism of religion in John chapter four there's a different help need it's not socially spiritual it's deeply emotional a woman at the well comes to Christ now notice the difference between John three and John for in John three Nicodemus is a man John for she is a woman Nicodemus is a Jew she is a Gentile Nicodemus comes by night she comes by day Nicodemus is a man of wealth repute she is a woman of ill repute Nicodemus is popular in society she is unpopular in society Nicodemus comes seeking spiritual things she has no interest in spiritual things at all when you look at John chapter four per lead is deeply emotional so you looking we can shut the door there now please thank you so much on the current need is deeply emotional she has felt like a plaything she has delivered at least five and and now of the one she's living with is not her husband and Jesus tenderly ministers to her needs and offers her something that can satisfy the inner needs of her heart in John chapter one Jesus begins where people are he says what seek ye in John chapter two he needs social needs in John chapter three you need spiritual needs in John chapter four he meets he emotionally when you come to John chapter five he lived the story of the man by the pool of Bethesda they are you know back in the Bible means sign up or house and is the means mercy like Bethlehem for example Baptist sign over how suddenly have his bread so Jesus the bread of life came to the house of the Baker Beth Ceja Satan is fish have been signed by house of fish Jesus calls his disciples the fishers of men at Saint 's surprisingly enough Jesus comes through the sheep gate of the sheep gate was the place that they brought all of the sheep through that gate of the temple to be sacrificed so Christ walks through the sheep gate John five verse one the living sacrifice who gave not only his life in death but gave his life in life the one who poured out his life for all humanity and most of the religious people on Sabbath are going to worship and Jesus comes to this place that is despicable the suffering the dying are here desperate are here Jesus finds a case that is the most desperate of all the desperate management by the pool of Bethesda for thirty eight years and Jesus calms and he makes this house of destitution this hospital desperation it makes a place of mercy the heels that I so what do we see in this Jesus model the title of our classes Christ's approaches the twenty first century we see that Jesus always begins where people are everywhere he is we see that Jesus is looking out for the needs of people they might be social needs that might be spiritual needs they might be emotional needs they might be physical needs but Jesus Harris for the total person whether that's socially spiritually emotionally and physically like he did for the manageable because no notice another principle Jesus says that the man you want to get well all wellness begins with the desire on the part of the individual that they choose they want to know if I had one been lying there for thirty eight years Jesus said to me you want to get well out of them so we've crazy Jesus I made sure I want to be well but here I'm teasingly enough Jesus looks and he says do you want to get well why did Jesus raised the question here's raising raised Jesus raise the question because he wanted to invoke a response on the part of person even if the individual had just as little ability to choose Jesus was drawing him out so when we are working with our patients were working with those people who have such desperate needs we look beyond ourselves we look beyond arts hired next we would be on the productivity we look at that person and with thinking what physical mental emotional spiritual he needs they have original you will a response of choice upon Jesus method of evangelism is finding the meeting Jesus taught people at the point of their deepest need of ministry of healing page one forty three Ellen White puts it so clearly Christ method alone give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with minutes what a designer good what's another way of saying this Jesus interfaced with people looking for their needs wanting to bless you show his sympathy for them he cared for them they knew he cared he ministered to their needs won their confidence of the paper follow me notice the steps though he mingles is not aloof he is interfacing he's concerned about people he shows his sympathy was compassion for them he administers to their needs there's a confidence that's developed but Christ isn't content to leave them there invades them follow me as we minister to them in loneliness and heartache their minds are to be open to eternal realities a something happens when you meet the needs of an individual something happens you know last Sabbath afternoon we were treating people we had about thirty dentist we are physicians and we had students from the medical school and they were underprivileged that were coming in refugees we have a hundred and fifty thousand refugees in San Diego and I was filling from person-to-person I would field by them just as their teeth were going to be treated or as the physician was going to work with them and I talked a little bit as I knelt there is a would like me to pray with you it's amazing to see the hearts and minds that are open at that particular point that I prayed with Muslims agree with Hindus pray with Christiansen atheists and others and that you see how God opens the heart now there's a Krispy Kreme felt needs and ultimate needs it maybe if healthy but something has to quit smoking that's the perceived need they have might be a felt need to lose weight that is a a felt need they may come to you because I have a high cholesterol thirty forty pounds overweight and that they just had a coronary bypass surgery and that they need help a day may come to you because there felt it is a happier marriage and you're talking to them about their headaches you talk about the very insomnia and you see you should probe a little bit more that the issue is marriage and so there is that I felt neither the mother felt need might be alleviating pain and the person they come to you and this felt needed because there continued aggravating pain the felt need might be the need for a cure for heart disease or cancer they met and I noticed as having melanoma and been diagnosed as having the lymphoma or some other form of cancer and there in stage one of any real help and they come to you and they're asking about the options that may be there there felt the felt need is the one the persons interested in satisfying now but there is an alternate need and that's what the person needs most in the long run reconciliation with God is wrote me one cannot be truly healthy unless ordinarily hold unless they understand they are integration of the relationship with God now Margaret single men was a former present the American psychological Association incredible authentic happiness he makes a statement it's incredibly powerful he says legions of people in the middle of great wealth are rich but aimless they are full of doubt about everything in starving spiritually it's interesting from the former president the American psychological Association he recognizes that there is this the spiritual need Philip Cushman is another American psychologist and he concurs that prosperous and individualistic since by adding has constructed a cell that is fundamentally a disappointment to itself so here's leaders when Cushman is saying you say in the society that we live in a Western world which is North American Europe that we have constructed itself is fundamentally a disappointment to sell one of the most powerful statements that ever read on is from an Australian epidemiologist any summing up the human spiritual dilemma in his book well in good with these words he said filling up an empty cell is a poor substitute for the meaning derived from deep in enduring personal social and spiritual attachments as a result our society is realizing that is running on empty it is seeking to rediscover a deeper spiritual comfort so here's actress lady said will we are running on empty because our quest in materialism our quest for a better home our quest for a nicer car nicer clothes that has not filled out this empty spiritual void inside Christ was interested in much more than opening blind eyes he long for people to see divine realities see Jesus he wasn't content nearly healed a woman with an issue of blood of physical affliction he wanted evil response of faith or hard he wasn't content to heal with her arms he won't be a withered souls he wasn't content to heal me it demurely heal diseased bodies he longed to heal diseased minds electric causing there are those that have miss understanding of the statement of Ellen White made as the result of that misunderstanding they debate and to be weary of approaching the spiritual and here's the state Alan White says we should serve with disinterested benevolence and younger the Enzo here's how some intrepid that this is true thrift and benevolence means that I don't approach the spiritual and superimpose my spiritual values on others because then I would be manipulative so that's that's their idea I have looked up if it's not every reference that she's ever written on disinterested benevolence it's very close everywhere when you read the statement disinterested benevolence in context it has absolutely nothing to do with introducing the spiritual here's what she means by disinterested benevolence that I come with no personal desire as I approached that individual for personal aggrandizement or to benefit myself solely for my contact with them that when I come to the person I come sell for less like icon unselfishly I come pouring out myself to them may I suggest to you though that the research indicates today that without approaching the spiritual we leave people our less in lifestyle change that there are very few people that I have a lasting change in their life without tapping into divine power now there are a few people that have very high willpower and then you go out and shop there again and allowed to change their diet but it's not the majority the majority of people struggle to implement the lifestyle modalities that we suggest we suggest the big one a better diet and they begin that process but four weeks later many of them are off we suggest that they get exercise in their New Year's resolution is that they have great exercise they do that for three or four weeks in a row up it's like Shakespeare's said you said no Mark Twain Mark Twain put it this way since not hard to stop smoking about a thousand times in its largest size located a thousand times so here's the here is where the spiritual matters and matters in many ways first the spiritual matters in helping people to grasp the power that is far beyond their own ability to enable them to achieve myself whether they are able to tap into God 's power when the weak wavering will issue nine fifth of the divine omnipotence will lifestyle change occurs I began to tell you a little bit about our early ministry I was greatly blessed my wife and I were greatly blessed in early ministry forty five forty six years ago to work with pastor O.J. Mills in Hartford Connecticut he was a pastor who understood the importance of integrating physical mental and spiritual dimensions in those years in the sixties the 5K plan to stop smoking had just come out and acid as the five-day plan just came out and just was being processed we were told not to integrate spiritual because it may not give me have people put up walls and so we might pray before we went on but we really didn't say much about spiritual things it won't as the result of that we were quite shocked when after we were promoting that eighty four percent of the people quit smoking in five days we were shocked when it's stated Connecticut Doctor Barrett was the health directorate the time for the state told us that the end of the year the most white four percent of the people were off we were quite devastating and we began talking about what can we do it over the years what I've discovered is this that there is a way to help people over addictive habits that is far more affected now let me under the share that with you but before I do I need to get his caveat one minute share with you is incredibly powerful but it does not work with every and the reason it doesn't is because you are going to have people that have little or no faith the people that this will tend to work with our people that come from some Christian background and I understand that so there are times begin with the physical and it's absolutely essential and by doing that by beginning with the physically breakdown prejudice but it is rather for us in eating if you have your Bible you have an iPad take your Bible and turn to Matthew chapter nine is really fascinating to me Matthew chapter nine verse thirty seven thirty eight Matthew nine first thirty seven thirty eight it it it it it outlines the ministry of Christ Matthew nine verse thirty seven says Jesus what about all the cities and villages it's teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and disease among the people so this talk saw Jesus as a teacher Jesus was a preacher Jesus O'Neill out in Matthew chapter nine you have five case histories that are given five and we learn from this case histories how Christ worked with people here is something I've been doing recently in my Bible study this could be helpful to you what we'll look at the parables of Christ don't will get one parable read the two parables before the three parables after often your five parables in a row and say what is the golden thread that runs through these parables the same with the miracles rather look at one miracle will get all the miracles in the chapter and you find that here in Matthew chapter nine or five miracles there is the miracle of the paralytic it's brought to Jesus there is the miracle of the two blind men is the miracle of the woman with the issue of blood is the miracle of the little girl that died is the miracle of the demoniac all here in this chapter now I'm initially is something absolutely amazing look at Matthew chapter nine and then we while applying these principles Matthew nine verse one so you can put the crust over and came to his own city and behold they brought to him a paralytic lying on that point one apparently never would've came unless somebody brought it to Jesus it takes somebody to bring somebody to Jesus if you count all the miracles in the New Testament there about thirteen and thirty three depending on how you count them miracles in the New Testament separate individual feelings not a dodgy is the old city of those thirty three two thirds of the time somebody brings opportunities so what is this telling me it's telling me that when I meet disease and broken and bruised and sick people somebody will bring them to Jason subject now notice what it says verse two and behold they brought him a paralytic on that and Jesus seeing their faith Jesus seeing their thing faith is something that you see it's not simply something that you believe faith is always manifested some back but notice was that he financed it's not the fate of the peril dear now later Jesus will say to others who are healed in this narrative in Matthew nine you'll say as your paper your argument this is not a paralytic state whose faith is that the list rate this is friends thing there are times that the people that you are dealing with Doctor Mark have little faith and they have to fly on the wings of your feet there are times that you deal with people and I've had this happen so many times in my life I remember as helping Carol quit smoking and like I said to Carol Carol Jihad was coming to our meeting should a Christian background and I said Carol how long you been smoking she said pastor I'm in my late twenties early HIV she was in her late twenties a pastor I started one has about sixteen years old and smoking for twelve years if you smoke all packed into a day account you believe God can help you to quit all yes I do but pastor the premise of God is with me I know God can help you quit but I can't I'm so addicted to this I read to her the passage in Scripture first John five look at later this is the confidence we have in him if we ask anything according to his will he hears us as the Carol the conference as yourself to him this woman was so weak self people that she just did not believe that all she could quit smoking and so I had to say to her Carol whether you believe you can quit or not I believe you can I know you I told her stories about hundreds of other at the beginning of our conversation for a week her faith was solemnly she had flying wings of my faith I believed she could quit when you trade your patience and your talking about lifestyle change unless you believe that God is to give them power to make that change their faith won't be strong enough so Jesus saw the face of those that brought the paralytic to Jesus now there's something else here that just jumps right out Jesus says Sunday would share your sins are forgiven why is it that the first parable in Matthew chapter nine Jesus why is it that Christ looks at them and starts with the spiritual figures apparently think this guy doesn't need his sins be forgiven he needs to be healed right but Jesus starts with the spiritual why because when you go through this narrative everyone are these storing their time Jesus heals then forgets timekeeper gives it many you in the ministry of Christ physical healing and spiritual strength are never separate you don't see that that decision in the ministry of Christ you see this is the land this integration so the idea that we present the physical and then maybe a seminar in the spiritual the idea that I talk to summary physically and then maybe somehow reached of the spiritual yelp on the Gospels Jesus went back and forth physical spiritual spiritual physical so when I teach stress management for example the first night in the stress management was like to say something like this again at least get I'm so glad to hear you notice is a little late because my knees were knocking out shakeups will stress and I laughed a laugh with me you're the first unable to do stress seminars in Boston Massachusetts I was young and foolish and didn't know I couldn't do it and came to Boston and then when I stress management seminar there but these fifty businesspeople in line with their students and that outpatient basis I thought I was I stress hard at work collapsing of Edward Ippolito when I teach people to reduce the stress in their lives I walk honestly don't waste it I am so delighted to hear its ninth income because you want principles of how to manage stress is stress that are bad is this really who doesn't stretch of the argument of stress are dead peoples of the factor here that's it that's a real good thing indicate your life and that no one approaches from a variety of levels would approach the physical level of your brief physical modality that we know of to reduce your stress will approach it from a psychological and emotional levels overture from a spiritual level and you may wonder about that but the scientific research indicates today that those the flight rest in peace and God have a much show lower stress level so if that's something that is difficult for you to relate to not just chewing out when I come to that portion that's no problem if I do see your eyes say that having a proper but I let people know in the first five minutes who I don't try to hide that it all that within the physical mental spiritual and they know immediately that the spiritual modalities can be part of the course if you're upfront with people like that a very honest with people like that as you'll see a little later my wife talks about nutrition classes were very open about spirituality and nutrition classes now the material family give you now how to help people overcome addictive habits works best if a person has a spiritual background work works best if you bring them to that point I might not use this on initially with people but I use it very regularly here is the change that is taking place in my thinking in the last probably fifteen years you do not drink water how you smoking is an example that what are they developed nor drink water and take deep breaths and avoid caffeine to get off the back that the victory over tobacco comes by faith in the living Christ can transform your life and to view spiritual power that there's a difference between the craving for any habit in the victory over that have God gives people victory instantaneously by faith not because they walk not because they drink water not because they quit caffeine he gives them victory instantaneously by faith when they understand that there's a new spiritual power that comes into their life the reason they walk the reason they drink water the reason they eat a healthy diet is to sustain the victory but Christ the story given by faith so it doesn't mean that I minimize the physical modality I encourage them to walk encourage them to drink water but they are not doing that to achieve the victory there doing that to sustain the victory there doing that so that the craving and him we teach them how to separate the craving for the habit and the the the the because they failed over the habit another words because I have a preflight faith doesn't mean I want a craving for tobacco because of that deposit every nerve in addition my body because I because I have a victory by faith over drugs doesn't mean my body start to cry out for another drug so we leave them in this context in a deeply spiritual approach to have victory by faith then we go over the physical modalities so they can sustain that victory not work much better if a person has something to start and unify many people like this over the past of these sheets are they that have a couple people just help me here to pass these out on either side and in the religious review this with you and give you a chance that questions but this may be one of the most powerful things that you just in this entire seminar I help people overcome addictive habits and I actually give them a sheet and we review it together I've seen hundreds of people at victory over tobacco alcohol drugs and a variety of other things as we have have done this so I'm a little over it with you in the next fifteen or so minutes of your chance ask questions and give your break and I help people overcome addictive habits were short of making something look on together okay here's some over here we still have okay and maybe something look on together we have a few if you don't have hundreds with your hand if your husband alive together you get your wing we should practice I thought I printed off okay there's a few folk in the back we've got some left here short thereby when I'm helping a person to quit smoking let's am a youth smoking as an example but you can use any habit so we're before I give the best to them I want to go into the interview with you upon the interview got some were talking a little bit I might ask the question are there any habits in your life that you're concerned about that you wish you could give up now notice the question the question is a clinical are there any habits in your life when you are concerned about that you wish you could give up the process yet there there are you know I've been smoking I'm really concerned about it what makes you concern we like the gun coughing so much I've is burning feeling in my chest would you like to quit smoking is it something that you really want to do is it something that you'd really like to do it it really is have you ever tried to quit before yes I have and how if you don't will have it done really well may I share with you in approach that may surprise you but it's an approach that blends the physical mental spiritual yes you can share that my something like give you a notice how I got into that did you follow that process clearly so I asked him were talking about together and I say is there is there anything in your life that any habit that you really wish you could overcome but you feel uncomfortable that you may be trying to fill in on something that's harmful to your health I guess passive there really is a you want to share with me do you notice when Julie had each point I'm asking for the person 's permission so we can go to the next level and so is would you like to share that with me yeah I really would why are you troubled about your tobacco you notice any physical symptoms you IM you I I'm shorter breath I used to get a run much more in addition to the eye I'm noticing that I've got the Sokoloff I have to try to quit before I I have how do you done well I haven't done well I did well with death I'm I like to share with you some things I discovered over the years and helping hundreds of people quit smoking and overcome alcohol or overcome drugs and it blends the physical mental spiritual approaches can I share that with you so got their permission sure it will hear something what if you and let's start with number one recognize that this habit of smoking is a sin against your body and your God impulses I beseech you therefore brethren to present your bodies a living sacrifice unto God which is your reasonable service do you sense that you are happen at is not in harmony with God 's will is that something that's clear to you they'll usually dropped her head of the idiots and then I I have to give a little reassurance of his points also you know we all have habits in our life that we censor not in harmony with God 's will be some of us feeling and the fact the you recognize that is really a critical fact you know because all change begins with positive choice and so is the fact we recognize that this is a significant thing I let's read that passage together so let's suppose you're the person also reading to get I I beseech the three together I beseech you therefore brethren to present your bodies as a living sacrifice unto God which is your reasonable service let it slide a little bit about the taxis as I beseech what's another word for besiege anybody can give it to me I urge so he's encouraging this is something that he's urging therefore brothers or sisters Ruth and your body if you want something really interesting there different words in the Greek language embodies the word here is some what's the word so much and here's what it means your physical mental spiritual and emotional beings so here's we say I beseech you therefore brethren you present your summer that is your physical mental spiritual and emotional beings some latte is a big word one English word we get from some hot yet the sun the sum of all your being the sum of all your parts the ones who say he's a not urging you that you present the song the totality of your being your bodies as a living sacrifice which is your reasonable service other workers or heirs it which is a reasonable act of worship so what he's saying here is present the sum of your up the totality of your being as a reasonable act of worship so notice how we've gotten into this now leaves what is the first question we ask the person was the first question is there any happen in your life that you sense is not in harmony with God 's will that's harmful to you and the prices are yet very as you know it if it's smoking it's reading it this isn't this and then we move from there is this something you'd like to did to get to Jesus as it is this something you'd likely to give up and never tried before then we move the you recognize that the habit is I share with your method of physical mental spiritual okay number two acknowledge your weakness in your inability to quit on your own do you recognize that this is something that is too strong for you to deal with on euro and I read this with them like the woman with the issue of blood in Scripture you may have sought help for here is your membership issue but well here but the mammoth look the best for thirty eight years you may be desperate and you to overcome your happen John I will be thirty three thirty eight years yet at all normally thirty three past is never that will do best he was thirty eight he think he felt hopeless if they felt discouraged if he saw other people maybe have been healed and he never was have you ever felt that way you thought you not very clear zone and spoken for eighteen nineteen years I I didn't bring my chest I can't I will be out of walk up the mountain the grandkids will be on a hike with them and understand the desperate notes thirty three years of practicing if I was a week admit knowledge that inability to quit on your own first recognize that the that your body is this God 's temple but the some macho to some of your parts are God 's and did notice that you want to give your body act of worship acknowledging that you week you have this ability Outlook number three by faith believe that although you are weak he is strong although you cannot do it he is all-powerful we choose to surrender our weak wavering will is all-powerful will all the power universes are at our disposal I want you to take your Bible to have entered first John chapter five verse fourteen and fifty this habit my drugs and alcohol reset against my body and against God God wants the best for me I'm simply destroying my life I want to knowledge my weakness that I cannot in any way with this thing on my own it's totally impossible but by faith although I believe I'm weak he's strong remember us talking to you about Carol and I was going over these principles with her and we read first John chapter five in first John chapter five verse fourteen this is the confidence that we have in him Tara wears your confidence is it in yourself now visiting your strength no this is the confidence we have in here and who in Jesus but if we ask anything according to his will he hears us is it Christ will you overcome this at this pastor it is what we overcome our quality is what we'd overcome the backup is it Christ will you overcome this yesterday notice what it says verse fifteen and if we know it says verse fourteen if we ask anything according to his will he hears us and she said to me pastor I am so we got enough I can overcome I said okay I'm a help you get your pan I want to write something in your Bible this one want to write this is the really help you now this is the confidence we have in him if we ask anything according to his what's up with smoking euros is a astronaut writing that my Bible as it will one what you need because you're telling me that you want to quit but you don't have the power but you don't believe God to give you the power so really what you're telling me is that the Lord made a mistake in writing this text of the Bible and therefore it says this is the confidence we have in him that we ask anything according to accept with smoking your right that employees who got not writing a visit will give one of two choices you really believe the taxi only the text she said pastor I don't like it believe it but I want to believe that's all that God wants all that God wants that's all he wants you this is the compass we have in Jesus that we ask anything according to his will and then at that point when were on number three on your sheet I begin to explain how the wheel functions I was there and I say that such a look you don't overcome smoking or alcohol drugs by willpower you will connection to God 's power so the will is the choice to receive a power outside of myself for example suppose I'm in this room and I've lectured too long and it's it eleven o'clock at night it's dark my friend Phil Mills comes in a set mark where are you in and I say look at Star Trek apartment when the door I see Phil I've got an idea Doctor Mills let's push the darkness out so we work for an hour to push this darkness doesn't work pretty soon Doctor Mark comes along with three Bruins and we try to sleep the darkness up at doesn't work somebody comes along which shuffles we try to shovel the darkness that we work with four hours before hours that we put in any effort I'm sweating up taking off my jacket but did I achieve anything is there is much darkness in the room after I been pushing sleeping my wise intelligent wife it's in she says Mark Moby she puts my thing you are a little time you switch on the wall I throw that thing like comes on what took more effort my four hours of work or might strongest link to more efforts of Laura's work but why did you switch market because it connected me with a source of power so it's not that I struggle for thirty years trying to wield power to exercise strength of thirty eight thirty years trying to get up enough strength to overcome smoking it's not that long it's that window the wavering wheel is united to God 's all powerful we miracles have so what we want to do with our patients is kindly gently lovingly when they are dealing with habits that are overwhelming them there so we could help them to get in touch with us how great is part of the universe of the number four you surrender yourself and all of your habit to God so that's at again at each point as were going through this I'm reading texts I'm talking about the power of their choice not to overcome but this surrender their habit to God and to give their will to Jesus usually takes me about an hour to go over this if I'm teaching it in a class which I wasn't doing my evangelistic meetings are spent with three nights at times on this so we're teaching people how to surrender was it means to surrender the Wego number five believe that victory is yours now and thank God right now for giving you the victory this is probably the most critical point if you look at first John chapter five verse four for whatever is born of God first John five four overcomes the world and this is the victory that has overcome the world our faith of follicles victory over any does not come because as of the physical modalities the practice it does not because you drink water doesn't come because you can exercise victory comes by faith when we grasp the hand and power of God we believe by faith that the victory is ours now instantaneously immediately I am big Torres by state in Christ through his power okay now let's read that paragraph together this one were telling the person rated rate under five paragraph you may have a craving to smoke let's read together you may have a craving to smoke as the result of the physiological effect of nicotine deposited in the cell system but you need not smoke smoking is a wide choice there is a difference between the craving and the victory victory is yours by David Jason this is a critical distinction because people you lead them that this faith in Christ but then what happens two hours later three hours later they had a craving anything on the victory the craving and the victory are two totally separate things the craving as a result of nicotine deposits else's craving as a result of alcohol that I be suffered my brain with the craving as a result of the marijuana the drugs so the craving and the victory are different the victories find my faith but physiologically off to do with great number six we tell people to destroy all their tobacco or other alcohol to throw it away on one occasion I was with seminary students of your turn retail this before and that I wanted them to come with me because I've been studying the Bible a couple is going over these principles with them that their bodies are the temple of God and to surrender to God teaching them how to receive God 's power and we read that night that this couple would do away with all their alcohol they were working in a hotel setting it was a night crooked hotel and she was working as wanted on their own hotel room hotel and then they had begun to drink when they were alcoholics they certainly were quite dependent on alcohol and so I talked my summary since it come with me as we came in I began to go those principles and when I came to number six I sent to them if I agree to have a party with you tonight and we party alcohol if I agree to do that if I greeted you that are you willing to party with me tonight they said sure was okay get all your alcohol so they get all their whiskey and arrows all of their beer Budweiser they got all their different alcoholic brought in putting on the table I handed in the Budweiser one seminary student again but once you begin the others shaking out and then I said okay let's open up everything so we opened up I think I enjoy walk or something and you know and we began to sing praise God from whom all blessings flow I sent some people do the same for them some people to the toilet the board down your widget pouring everything down and gathered around the whole place is smelling of alcohol police had a great time at night about fifteen years later I got a letter it is written television and the letter started like this my secretary came and said Mark and I want to show anybody this letter but you better read letters are like this your pastor family to remember the booze party we had and then they said I've been clean ever since that night now it gets worse it doesn't get better one year we view the two thousand and Orlando the last Orlando Netzer two thousand eight for six years ago were doing our first or are second met event satellite event in Orlando it's the opening night of the meetings the church is packed I want onto the platform in a bit and old lady was walking down the aisle in a walker and she yelled out from the church asked him you will isolate all lady employees I never knew she retired Harry and that she had never forgotten that God gave her victory that evening so I can tell you many stories we get people to throw with advantage based on James chapter four submit yourself to God and resist the devil so they submit but they resist by getting rid and then number by Monday percent I believe that the victory is yours now to sustain the victory thank God for wiki to my praise and thank God then praising your delivered in file the physical habits listed below to rid your body from nicotine drugs whenever so we tell them when you get a craving take deep breaths I teach them how to time their cravings we know about timing the cravings using the major grading takes three minutes so they timed it for a minute that they wait time for another minute we get them to take two thirty minute walks every day taking deep breaths when people get bad cravings for alcohol tobacco we have to get in the shower if they have a shower now sits on to smoke in the shower we help them to do that but we get them on drinking ten to twelve glass awards Dave Dave why to sustain the victory to sustain the victory victory is there in the Jesus but based on the craving we don't want to fall back we get them to relax in a warm not hot bath before going to bed help them to have at least eight hours of sleep a night we talked about that we get them avoiding all caffeine and alcohol get them on good fruit so here is the difference in this approach the difference in the approach is this we will lead them to understand how to receive God 's power by faith and we do the physical modalities to sustain the victory that God has given if you're an opportunity do this with everybody because some people are just not ready when it can radically our growing is new this year was using my audio mers claim that this medical and less than what you'd like to learn more about me then please visit www. pain and I thought you might solicit more free online service please visit www. online universe


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