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From Testimony to Missionary, From Missionary to Emissary

Dosung Kim



  • October 31, 2014
    2:00 PM


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from testimony to missionary from missionary to answer will talk more about the significance of that title I run a for those of you who do not know me where I started a.m. my family and I moved to Bolivia five years ago and we started a medical missionary training school and a lifestyle center where there was nothing there and soul God led us there to start the school and without it was in the be something small to start family with three oh four five students in one or two patients and it had nothing to do with industry and got called me to go there to Bolivia to start this ministry saying no to the and for three months I struggled with that because we were doing very well in Montana living a quiet country life ministering to my patients praying after eighty one of the amen conferences I went back we started praying for patients every single one of them and just transform our practice it was amazing what he did for us it it took a little bit of encouraging myself if you have never done something like that before you're committing to something to your staff into your patients and to pray for them and with them but after we started I realized while this is what it's all about it was no longer so much about the end getting dentistry done but it was about the need meeting the needs of the patients and their need was actually I found out very quickly when I started doing this there needs the greater need many times was not there and so begin to pray with them and that led to many times discussion with our patients about their family about their their work and many times astronauts and our island have sometimes missed patient I'm so sorry we just spent the whole time talking we haven't even gotten started and it looks like my next patient is waiting all that's okay that's okay oh come back next time don't worry and what do I owe you don't didn't even meet I didn't do anything now but you spent the time with me and they would just tell me these things and it was just such a fulfilling ministry I had in my practice and my staff and I we were all I brought the holster my very first name and conference in San Diego and they all knew what we were up to and swing went back we had meetings how we can implement this and we decided to have a meeting every morning and go through our schedule of every patient that was becoming that day and we are to pray for everyone in the morning during our worship time so we began to and when the patient would come in they went sit and I got got rid of all the magazines the worldly magazines and I only put in there things like steps to Christ when revival in their ministry of healing levels of popular it's amazing how many people pick up a book and something about prophecy by Mark Finley a hardback and they would ask me where can I buy this this is amazing where can I buy us and we could sometimes we seldom sometimes we lend and we don't want to give it because they may not evaluate machine-readable and bring it right back because we want our favorite for the next person might want to read coverages and urgency and so they would take it and the number and read the books and then sometimes we were ready for the patient but because they were reading the books but not speak to them for the books and so even though I was ready we were all ready to go we would just let them read the books and and then we would when it looks like they're putting a downward losing less losing interest than we would see the patients eat them pray with them one time person I asked him as her something specific I can pray for you and the Joker said yeah pray that I don't have to pay the bill today because it only time that anybody's anything like that the rest of the people all the time they just appreciate a personal and a really really this time with a bonding time for us to him that once I'm the same guy he said no I don't the first time I said this to them than he got wiser USC was at home thinking about what was and asked for the so the first time I said I asked him I can pray with them he said all I don't believe in God I'm an atheist and I was a Christian and I don't mind would not sit I don't need prayer he said the government I need prayer some taken care of you so I need God to help me make sure I take your all and they take the uncle Henry for me to suck it no problem after that and then the next time is when DS for the bill so that they can to transform our practice into a dental practice but actually was the ministry and it was so fun because my staff to young ladies I had trained them when they were young seventeen train them how to do the automaker announced we were doing lab work in our office and we were playing tag my assistant would greet them and start talking with them prepare them I know what's going on in their lives and then she would come back and back office and tell me what's going on and tell me what kind of things you might need that person many he or she may need and then I would go in either confirm what she said or thought more deeply about spiritual analysis needs and we are others giving Bible studies for patients I was given a one-year I ask God to give me free Bible studies and I just one day I asked my patient I don't know why I asked her this because I never asked the patient is before of the boys of the stock asker wants to slide would you like Bible studies not still shocked he said yes I will buy those things where you live I was very miserable and Bible studies because the problem was she said yes annihilated not a good Bible studies that was my problem so I said okay what are you okay I got my first Bible study and that so I said okay suite will meet at your house albeit your house what time is best for you okay seven o'clock at your house Monday okay and that she she leaned and that at home calling whether that is given hundreds and hundreds of Bible studies I have my first Bible study my patient was Bible studies anything that's good I said no I I don't not in your Bible studies music you seem to give hundreds of Bible studies the Bible studies and feminist schools are your life you don't have a good Bible studies on help me so he e-mailed me materials and so I study that prayed for this person can replace for Kazaa like I was responsible for this person soul eternal as I began to pray for her everyday and then I got a call on it was Wednesday Thursday and I bring my son and I'm thinking in my heart and I was very now sure he can bring her son no problem and by the way he has a friend who would like to come to him and he was hoping for my treatment and so we started Bible studies every week I will look forward and I would always call my dad to help me with a Bible study and that's how we would spend week by week study but I studied with them for four year and finally she was already baptized before by immersion should infiltrate a bit uptight she believed in everything so she by profession of faith and Jim was my English and then and her son and his friend though such an incredible moment scene the people that I studied with and to mean that's what life is about at that moment limits on this and so I began to realize that there was something greater than my practice and your belongings and then on terror was just DBA doing business as a plus hot what was on the storefront but really we were doing something else and that charms transfer my life and it began a journey that eventually led to Bolivia starting medical mission training school teaching others how to be missionaries for Jesus Young people this set of losing their eternity even losing their time and then on this are teaching them how to get Bible studies up to win souls for Jesus how to what does the Bible say how to find Jesus and have a deeper relationship with Jesus and so this is what began how it began when the process of changing her name make into foundation because of our even though we went there with the intention of having a small ministry just for effect family is kept growing and growing and growing first aired our students were sleeping in tents outside the building and all the way around the building and citizen built one of the first dorms the firstborn it was awful or more students sleeping that in the intense as soon as the second one was built we still have more students coming and we just couldn't keep up every time we built something by the time I was finished it was already too small we built the kitchen it was too small I thought it was it was huge but by the time we finish building it was too small and right now are building a finishing a bakery and I'm wondering if it's too small when we started because we have been built baking bread under a mango tree and it was a little thing with the ship with the roof and we would put part only sometimes called in Spanish only somber voice on nights like plastic is like the thing that you put over to agriculture fields are that it's got and holes in him 's worth of net mesh yeah that's it Nash okay and so with that we would put around them the posts that was our hour of victory my fifteen -year-old son last year started to be the chief baker at her school and this was a ministry that I really ask please send me where my whole family can be working for Jesus I don't want to go somewhere where the data would be busy working and then the family is at home during their regular thing in the mission I wanted everybody to be involved in the ministry and so got to push their and provided a beautiful place the schism all the everyone this year but beautiful place and it all started here in Montana got a list of the country beautiful place and we were for the first six seven months I did have an responsibility sisal the practice in California and Modesto and move there and in the country and the quietness of nature 's been spending time with God just I found our I found God and his love for me personally it happened per plane accident I sure as a human conference several years ago my testimony and after that I began to think about what was really important in my life is in my practices of making money isn't getting the respect of my peers what was really important in my life and I we have reevaluated what was important in my life I wish that was done was important but in my life showed that God was not important in my life because I would wake up barely had time to breakfast I would architect the breakfast in my car on my way to try to to work half an hour would be eating as much ion finishing whatever I can do and this is work all day long come back late yell at the kids go to bed and Mrs. was my lifecycle everything and then result of the airplane crash I began to evaluate what's really important what life might living in my living a life that is that is of value to my family to my patients and to myself and so I began to spend time with God and I found God as I was spending daily every day ten minutes became fifteen minutes and fifteen minutes became thirty minutes forty five minutes an hour and every day I would get longer and longer because I was in love because I understood what you done for me not only did he save me from plane crash but he saved me for eternity and if I would've died that day in the plane crash I would've never known this and I believe at that point that God saved me what that purpose to show me how much you and to show me a different way of life and so I began this journey with God and after six months after year after two years I began to realize why God save me from the crash and then my ministry I realize with my family and so I began to minister to my family and that's why we moved to Montana and in the end there I spent time with my children when they were there were really little this was later but when we first moved there there were really little I would get down in the dirt with them in the ground with them and play marbles like ours change make noise and learn just at their level it's Jesus what he did for us he came from way up there came all the way down here he knelt as low as you and he was down in the dirt with us so that we can understand what he's like and so that's what we few things about children and how they need the fathers they need the father to be there to be there daddy to help them to see that they can trust that anything is going to be there when they need help that he's going to be there to help them grow up that he's going to be there to be the priest of the family and so I began to beat the priest of the family having worships and I didn't audit of soul and read some books but have heard some sermons tapes and the one of major things that I learned was Clay before you and that's how I started playing with and that before it is time for worship what do they say though that we have to their busy with playing with their own things but after I spent time with them after work came home put aside money my profession profession it'll that appearance or that the professionalism made of inside knowledge that I know after I spent time with them playing in the things that they wanted to play with time for worship and torture and they don't get the book to bring about wonderful family 's and their learning about the God is not somebody that's in personal that God is somebody too busy too important to spend time with them but they see God through the day I grew up with my dad was very very busy and so I thought was very busy and but I realized that God it takes a time to be with me and so that's the type of that that I was showing to my children and so we would spend times playing in the snow cross-country skiing downhill skiing on a very weekly basis and I would have my prayer time in the morning early in the morning and then I would have prayer time with my wife and then I would have her while the sun and then have her time with my seconds and then I would have her my third son and then we would have family prayer together family worship together and then we would have breakfast and then I'll go to work in half worshipers must pray and preach when the mice are patients and when we began to do this I believe my patients begin to notice the difference and I believe my patients begin to see there was something more that I was therefore besides their dental needs to make money to get something from them and in cinema and I believe that you transform my practice because it wasn't something that I did in the practice but my whole life I had an ulterior aim if we had an aim in life that is based on things in this world someday that aim will will break or break but if our aim in life if I purpose in life is based on something more eternal more higher higher than what can happen on this earth but no matter what happens on Mister we know we have likened we have a North Star that can guide us in directives and soul this is what I found in my life as I begin to spend sometime and so I began to have this kind of practice and as a result of my time with God and so a compelling success in practice involves a compelling aim in life something that compels me something that gets me up in the morning something that is not based on economy something that is not based on war or situation our environment what happens my country something that is higher in something that is greater than human beings something that is beyond what can happen on this earth a compelling aim in life for me the aim in life was to be more like Jesus to spend time with him because I discover that this is this is the basis of my life at this point and to have a dedicated team and pay when patients for life I found the people are looking for something patients are looking for something real something genuine because they don't see it they had not felt this and anywhere else in tele- recommendations invitations people that have money they spend a lot of money on vacations and I've done this twenty thirty thousand dollars for two week vacation and afterwards it just feels empty and there's there's nothing substantial that stays with you and soul people are looking for something that is real something that is genuine and if they can send that we have a genuine God in our and our office we have something real in our office I believe that they can sense this and I believe that they will stay there for become patients for life because they can't find it anywhere else and if we can give them something that they can't get anywhere else and they will stay stay with one time I was leaving when I was leaving the practice patient came in October the practice was can be taken over by somebody else she was so does she was such a drizzle of those patients who came in the back full of that other than as a done respect and talking to me about so-and-so that this insolence of the bad and didn't work right and what and I was I was getting ready to the problem patient governments that set we learned in school very basic but I do sense of something I says that God was telling me actually and I took her and she was the desperation she paid the bills she was always on time and she got better and she was a perfect page men after three four months of treatments and I should charge for more than everybody else because she was a new problem patient but here she was an example exemplary patient and so by the time we were all done I was able I was in the practice was so disappointed but later off too soon or should try consuming that's how disappointed she was injured on a deal with that because she or he had some psychological problems that's why she had always other problems and so when she felt abandoned first time I ever was in the situation and I knew what was going on but it turned out that I gave one one of the things I learn when we give our life to God and we are his everything we owned this is when we have a problem only have a lawsuit was filed Mister Fitch cuts is not my problem and so I said got from the jurors is not one but even of the whatever happens is so I slept soundly after treatments of battling with this and I finally realized that I was able to sleep soundly after that it turned out that the the attorney I sent them all the records actually had a videotape and all the things all the records I sent everything her attorney didn't even show and he wasn't a dentist for an attorney the worst individual and so and then it insurance company didn't even tell me about a year later I called whatever happens my case took a while ago what happened I miss it all it's been a target individual thinks are telling me that but God is able to take care of his bounds no similarly and solve that's how we can have dedicated team and when patient for life if we had a goal in the practice that is greater than taking care of their immediate needs the physical needs if we have a bigger role in our office the physical means I believe the staff will become more dedicated once one because they can they don't see that anywhere else they see everywhere else in the dinosaur money doing this but for the first time in the probably creates is when they leave if they have to move or if I move along they can not happy this is what I found but using the closet helps improve the clinical success of the patients I have found that if we look at the patient as a whole and set up a body that walks in with the amount but looks at the patient as a whole and I believe that if we have our time with God and our staff is in tune with what's going on spiritually that we can use the laws of health talking to them about lifestyle and the appreciate that sold us about the caffeine habit and in their allergies that they're having because affects their their dental care as a gives me an excuse to talk to them counsel them about their there their dental care about their talk to them about their their health and overall health and when we start doing this I realize that people were coming from far away passing many dents and for the first time I was trying to get rid of patients before I was ever typing trying different things try to get patients to come into the practice and now I was turning everything because I had too many patients I didn't move to Montana to be busy like I wasn't in the city because I had I had my my my family there were my ministry I had patience that I was getting Bible studies so I didn't want this practice to be consuming because whatever consumes us whatever we can we are consumed by what will eventually Thomas and so I wanted to have a balance in life I was only working three days a week after all this worship and prayer with my family and breakfast and I would go to work and so by the time I started annually like a very finished at five three days a week was it was heaven on the beautiful place beautiful setting it was literally have another ends what happened though as we five-year six or seven years later ice sense my spiritual life was being in the house I got scared I didn't want to go back to where I was before because before I was going further aware further and further away from the and my spiritual life was nonexistent I was going to church I was paying the type because I knew I had to do those things I'm a third-generation and I would be fully stopped to type because I knew the what the Bible says so I did all the right things I even give out tracks on Samoa and I even participated MAM things getting the cam drive whimsical ingathering item and then gathering on Samoa I even priest once in a while gave several school lesson I did all the right things but God was far from my heart was not and so my relationship with my children is further info server report my wife and I just drifting apart this is life I was living and that's when God allow this accident occur until I got my attention and begin to turn my life spending time with God spending time with my family and affecting the practice I was working missionary I found this in a dictionary someone who attempts to convert others to particular doctrine or program you like the definition of missionary I didn't like that at all and second definition someone sent on a mission especially religious or charitable mission to a foreign country on what kind of definition the missionary is that I didn't like that at all so I began to continue to look I like this definition in this someone sent on a mission to represent the interests of someone in the night found the real reason why we exist is to represent the interests of God not only during one day a week in church but seven days a week all the time full-time where I am living to represent God and his interests to others and so this is where I began my journey call into means Jeremiah thirty three three is that and I will answer the how show the great and mighty things which thou knowest not when I was living in the states I used to think how come we don't see great and mighty things in the mission field as he might there were a lot of great and mighty things happening but in the church where I went to in the neighborhood where I was living what happened while the great and mighty things of God and I discovered why because we were not calling on to we were not going to God daily asking to be transformed by God by the word of God and so we were not seeing great things bigger we were not calling on God in Bolivia there are total of hundred five thousand there are three missions it's called missions because they are they do not have enough time to support the ministry that the ministers and the missions and so-called mission essential West Evans University there is one and in schools thirty two there are ten thousand students in all the schools and twenty one radio stations and twenty two TV stations address pastor salaries average of nine dollars and one the poorest country in South America this is my family my wife my oldest son then twenty one and Ryan eighteen and Justin he's sixteen today but he was fifteen when he when he took over the bakery is Archie Baker and he's our granola maker and as well as many other things that he does and then did also he is now working for light in Tennessee in the office there beautiful place four hundred acres are not provided I don't have time to share with you the story how we found a place but when we call on the God shows us great and mighty things a this place the present time it's been such a blessing I didn't even know what else what always worth it there when I first saw the parents all of the property I knew this was God 's gift to us basically we were there for three years and by the time I had taken some money by the time I had used up all the money on sorry all the money accept what the person wanted for the property so another was if I purchased this property I would have nothing I thought my calculus and it would last about five years the money that I had when we went to Bolivia and I was thinking within five years at that time because of the things were happening in the world the Jews would combine like that unsafe okay I thought to three years maybe four years five years thought that I would be safe but after purchase a property when nothing actually we have twenty twenty thousand that because they act to reduce the price by twenty pounds with twenty thousand left and I remember in October we used up to twenty thousand that we because once you have a property after finish the building in this and that prepare and so we use up in a few months in October career three years ago Thursday we were going up to town and so I gave the person that went to town enough money to buy groceries for the following week than I realized there was nothing left so I gave him the money then I went for a long walk God called me to your and I knew someday I would run out of money if you did come it's happened a lot sooner than I thought you promised a picture of our God reminded me who is probably best if you think this is from okay it's your problem I don't know how you do with all this nobody else knows about this my wife didn't even know about this none of my staff nobody knew about this so afterwards I share during worship a little bit and afterward somebody one of the volunteers came up you never done this before came up the new pocket the department 's unity was a volunteer not supported by anybody and then couple days later we had a truck load of young chocolate of ladies around town came to our place and we would like consultations are about twenty women in the back of the back of the pickup truck we would like consultations okay so we went through all of them consultations and as they were leaving they all gave us a little bit twenty Bolivian elites we said no we don't this is for you where here to help you were not here to get anything from you send always appreciated please take this in so weak the problem it's three dollars or so of looking at this okay admitting the both of them still not of God thank you for this thing I didn't expect this but here it is but it's not enough it's not even close to enough for the following two following Thursday and Sunday we had a visitor from Germany three visitors we show them around and tell him what got been doing and we should once and is relieving the Henderson Money although hopefully that's okay your guests will please okay so I look is fifty dollars of the more we need a lot more than the so but I could see by this time God was doing something God was showing me remember this is my problem I will talk to the word and so God was showing me and I could see what God was doing nothing none of these have happened ever happened before and then our neighbor comes in with big bag you can know what you guys okay big bag of you got another labor comes in with a big bag of oranges I couldn't believe what was here and there will hear little there and by the by the time Tuesday came around I needed to know since I went down to see if there was anything deposited an e-mail back there was enough money deposit that they left this for almost the whole two years that we were there we had received during the two years about three hundred dollars during the whole 's first two years but the month we ran out of money that's what got began to provide for month after month for three years when my ghost shared different places I never asked for money I made a compact with please don't make me beg when God called please don't know I'm Dennis member and on the bank got people should not have to beg for money if I need something on the rodeo because I know you can provide so that was our agreement but ever since then God has shown me well that's right if I need to if God wants me to bag I will be also I've learned that that's not the problem whatever God wants me to and so but at this time got began to provide in the room it's amazing we had never gone hungry never told anybody except my parents one time we run out of money we need something had to borrow something one time they I told my parents never told anyone Barney Bud month by month and what's amazing is that like last year this year actually we start you square starts in March and November we had amazing we had forty six students the convenience and almost fifty students actually at the beginning of the after for after this is our fourth year no advertising no marketing students that have come from Brazil Argentina Peru Chile Diana Germany US different places Columbia Panama and since all the students came and I didn't know why some of my den Mahal but once one another they found out about us and they came to be trained as missionaries they wanted to dedicate their life rest of their life to be missionaries and so here we spent the year training them and just recently just last week I had a meeting with the mission our mission where we are and one of our students as representing representing our ministry went up to the union office spoke with the director of health and both people want our students to go out all the churches malignant and teach the church members about how about how to do health events how to use the health as an evangelistic tool and when I heard that you commission a forgot to take and believe it when we first got there I was told by a buy another management mission ministry in Bolivia the church leaders do not want to work with self supporting ministries very disappointing because I felt that God called us to Bolivia to work with the artist and so was very disappointed for me here that's why for a one year I pray help menu open the book because it would be sad if we went all the way to Bolivia and we could not work with the and so I pray for one year and then I went to the mission president and told him what I was doing there and what we want to do objective was and he said yes let's work together but since then even though they told us that by words there was known action and so when we just recently when I heard about their desire to work together and they wanted us to go to to all the churches in Bolivia to me it was it was an incredible power of God and open the door for that solid next year we will left so much work to do over Bolivia and then were getting calls from Chile from from other countries Argentina please come and help us over there to start ministries like ours and so all this started and just show you a few pictures we know how much time bananas watermelons studded students studying trees that we didn't know they were there and my second son to cut the trees down then we can use them or construction very hard party three my youngest son making bread with the help of others and during construction our students than half the time doing class work and have to time during learning practical skills constructing the church and we go to five different places every week to do evangelism to grow churches starting churches this is our rice field and right now you see the corn amongst rice fields and we have enough for a rice support everybody for about nine months and this is an integral part of our students education is outside we do health fairs and that has opened doors so that our students actually go to the public hospitals faith and they work with the patient's they actually do training for the doctors and the nurses in public hospitals they have told me your students know more than our doctors and nurses please come and train them and they said please train are cooked so they know how to cook healthy food for the patients and so we spent every day going to the hospital everyday for a month one month having classes for the doctors and nurses and were actually they gave us permission to go to the patients to pray with them at a public hospital and to do simple treatments hydrotherapy chocolate therapy it would be see that you know and so doing these simple treatments with the patient's and going to public schools high schools and elementary schools it's amazing what this has been doing opening doors and a lot of prayer prayer and faith will do what no power on earth can accomplish and this is the reason why we spend a lot of time in prayer our students doing practical work working in churches training the people is one of the what larger churches in Santa Cruz we had eighty graduates all one month light program very effective training for churches students constant self-denying benevolence is God 's remedy for the case reasons of selfishness and covetousness and so are constant self-denying of ourselves to be helping others where ambassadors for Christ the great news like twenty cents in working with children with the hope of baptisms many more baptisms are graduating class last year and these are just some of the students this year and this is another large church we did recently a one-month program when my children were little they had a little book was only in probably about five or six pages and they love this book and had a little caterpillar caterpillar that eight and eight and eight maybe some of you have seen this global specific each page is really sick as a whole they wear that Caterpillar ate frugal for the book even and he would eat ice cream right K ingenuity all kinds of junk food and he got twenty eight and then finally he ate some leave it healed me and this caterpillar represents human beings living a self-centered life and I realize that's me living a very self-centered life consuming everything around me just living for self acting and then when the caterpillar goes into that stage and that little cuckoo right chrysalis and becomes almost nothing the only thing that's chosen it's alive it's a little tiny beating heart that's the only thing that I and then eventually becomes a butterfly and when we learn to live a life without regrets without limits start with life without limits is life without regrets and its highest and desire of ages page two fifty he who loves Christ the most will do the greatest amount of we can have our practices but if we do not have this love of Christ in us it will be no different from any other practice in the world but if we have a love of Christ we can give you greatest amount of good work practices in our homes and our neighborhood and our churches there is no limit start there is no limit to the usefulness of one who by putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and is a life wholly consecrated to God and so when I began to do this living a life wholly consecrated to God leaving nothing behind I said to God one time after I began to spend time with God about three months after that I got to the point where everything is God really love me personally and they gave my heart completely to God and everything I had I consecrated to God and I will never forget this day it was like yesterday and this piece came over my my soul and I've never been the same since that was about fourteen years ago and I still have this zeal and a desire to serve God and consecrate my life to him and it's whatever I do would be for eternity and not just for the source and saw this as my prayer for all of us here in this room that we would love Christ the most put him first my life okay so that we can be used by God that they would be our life would be without limits a and if we make room for the working of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and if we live a life wholly concert great to go I was suggested to spend on it a little time at the antigenic questions are yes oh yes that's a good question my ethanol the time I don't because if I start doing dentistry I will be consumed by this because earned a lot of meat there if any of you have a desire to come visit Bolivia welcome to come either short-term or large long-term I would love to the clinic but I can be the one doing it because I believe that God called us to do this school and some most of the time on administrator teacher preacher everything else but dentistry and I one call me at the beginning I said God you have the wrong man I don't want to do anything the only thing I spent all my time on most of my life during its and like was prepared to be a dentist site such as a youngster as a teenager I knew I wanted to do this and I was very happy doing I was completely immune noses really absorbed in it if you want to continue education and a lot of fancy things in making good money satisfy my patients end up but then I have are and so they are I really need industry at all I expect I don't I try not to tell anybody Dennis is handling them to know this islands on Santa Cruz within two hours in Santa Cruz Santa Cruz is one of the larger cities and were out in the Belize with the cross six or seven Rivers video time of the year in order to get fireplace it makes it difficult for students to solve West Enos had been no no okay him to him to him and will you will thought this is him and all well I know that we can make an airstrip on a property is just enough a my initial idea was to go and view mission pilot and by pointing to different villages to two to the medical work with airplanes living in the jungle and this way we're going to start churches and but then at an OCI conference my wife and I were both there we had already made the decision to go to Bolivia and I had renewed my license and and I had even got advanced ratings and at the Austin conference it was like God was telling both of us separately to start a school and now understand the wisdom of that because I realize even though I had two years of high school Spanish it took me this long justice era started preaching in Spanish in teaching Spanish a if I would've gone into the jungle I probably would've learned faster but the culture and it's very difficult like not I could've handled it honestly okay but we trained the young people and we send them if they're willing and that's much more effective instead of us many were taken years to did to start one church but with them fifty sixty I don't know how many God will bring next year and if we trained them for nine months in the second year I often option for them to strain second-year or advance club course more on practical things one leadership and if they can which we can send them to be lot more they know the language they know the culture and be a lot more effective than we can send out tens twenties thirties or hundreds eventually and that's our goal yes I is him where we are you can hardly see any houses the kind of tucked away beautiful so it's nice to be home but whenever have to go to city guideways and so far but when I'm there were very happy to see him in very well with our students with what they're doing and we actually teach English for the students and so they try to practice their English and not someone can actually do very well they can help translate and we have we work together with our students with the groups depending what kind of group and what kind of things that they wanted to an end with the skills of our students have been with the draw that foreigners have really works very well it's a lot of work for us but we love it I is a you and him this media was used by audio verse four amen just as you like to learn more about the I is www. a manner that I will like there was more free online sermon please visit www. online universe


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