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Ghost in Your Genes OR God in Your Genes

Bob Hunsaker


Bob Hunsaker

Practicing Physician in the Boston Area



  • October 31, 2014
    3:15 PM
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anyone is everybody I this is a variation talking to me I guess is interesting to you to and how there is a relationship liners experienced between God and hurt our genetics I didn't realize when I put this presentation together that it was Halloween holiday was speaking so Phyllis initiated Owsley nothing to do with the fact that there's always a but as pointed out to get anything always a plan is in the celebs purely a coincidence and I doesn't see management and financial disclosures nothing printable document today the objectives I like to talk about a number one bill article to look at some of the Bible Simmons Ritter prophecies that and also the popular press that have a lot to say about the relationship between our genetic inheritance in her behavior however it kind of intuitive for us to think of genetics and physical characteristics like eye color and height and those types of things we don't always think is intuitively about things like my genetic heritage but is not as intuitive as I think about how genes influence our behavior and and less colors and how her behavior influences our genes and that has been something that's fascinated me as I've come to move through my undergraduate graduate and professional bridges so my area of work budgets and had been collecting information on overtime silicates and statements in the Bible spare prophecy and popular press about that learners our current research gives us light on this and does the current ledger support the position of the Bible and positions profs regards issues are related behavior model choice and inheritance which will define as you can be just genetic finale have the whole epigenetic scattering with hot bubble but they too unsealed to spend a lot more time on this afterwards I didn't want to steal his thunder 's understood touch on this on my emphasis is more whether epigenetic horse genetic it occurs as an one hundred and him to understand no matter what is occurring or express influencing her behavior choices the incarnation life of Jesus gives us really strong example and strong encouragement or whatever were struggling with God can bring us through that experience on genetics is not our destiny is not her termination issues that influence our experience and there is a lot of things going on the popular press that sang often your genes your stock and don't even try to change anything about changing it I think we'll see from the evidence is reflected in that sentence were the case so here's a verse that I used to think about its inattention anaphylaxis twenty Jeremy five a couple other places on the Lord is long-suffering and abundant mercy forgiving iniquity and transgression but he by no means clears the guilty this phrase visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children the third and fourth generations and you've probably collect the data lots alone doesn't quite fit my picture of God it seems a little arbitrary and unjust announcement saying that God with mouse behavior of a grandparent or great grandparent against the offspring through four generations down the road that seems like a little bit about unusual statement that all is as a young cause reservoirs that mean and what's being naked was there is it in fact God being unjust was a something else going on against me getting to us is it something some of that song the wicked are estranged from the womb they go astray from her so get over seeing here the Bible communicating to us something about not just one word more but even before were born there's influences that are brought to bear not just on her eye color height was cutting in on our moral makeup on if your donations it is there's a whole field of literature called moral babies are moral infants emotionally believe that the dresses of the one study that infants are not him blobs who really have no decision-making cost is no perceptual powers until maybe two years they shall quite well from three to six month visa babies are already making moral decisions are differentiating between what's good what's bad what's quite much one way to do this is what I'm on this lately this is the existing babies awake and watch with babies like our number one what they spend the most time looking at the more China babies and students with more he likes it an opportunity presented with options what he reaches for is what is attracted to the experiment again is that you were someone is where they'll show a little babies shown in three months six months twelve months and seventy two of the puppets interacting playing ball perhaps in a circle will come into the scene and helped take the ball and run off the stage and luckily was no present those three puppets to the infancy would want to reach more and they almost never reach for the one that took the ball away they always read almost always reach for the one that was playing ball and waited as it will have three puppets not have a public pushing a ball uphill couples low know-how in one applicant and it helps them go public push the ball up and know another pop accounts and he pushes the ball back and making it hard for the first public that pushed the ball he'll then again the present of three public infant and almost always reach for the one who was helping one of the hill so they're differentiating in a very very young age three months six months twelve months that something is happening here and something bad is happening there it just me or perceiving good and evil in Indonesia clearly setting the born tabula rasa is a blank slate there's something hardwired into their perceptual and understanding of perceiving that's good and that's not good in the Bible is alluding to this are not the positive and negative sense Al I guess they friends cannot look at this I know I have to think that's a lie what all there so here's person for Hitchens a reasonable public not is not great he says this needs references over the second commandment there in the axis twenty Deuteronomy chapter five says this is a dire warning that the sins of the fathers will be visited on their children even unto the third and fourth generation that hears his assessment of what's being a gator this this idea that God 's visiting the grants were for generation negates the moral and reasonable idea their children are innocent of their parents offenses are that the reason why the right kids are not morally responsible for the current statement is perception is the gospel to you this now let look at the next one here at the title of the book for seconds God hates you hate them back making sense of the Bible so what what Mister Rowland busy busy he's got to the whole Bible is read a whole lot of the reason for that is relevant even to go to passage by passage and picks out the things that seem a little hard to some simple but odd and put them together in this whole book with all these are things of using certain are really a problem the Bible anyway regardless second then he says this interesting is the second commandment in which God promises to condemn up to four generations of the sinners descendents and further suggest that no matter how righteous you Judeo-Christian life should be this won't matter for not if your great great grandfather believed in the sun god and you are thus really do begin you can see just a literal reading that we process them I was for why they might take that message away from things White says some very similar things about the hereditary nature of our moral experience on their major claim to serve dominant notes from knowledge of him it is not a personal relation with living Savior and their characters revealed defects both hereditary and cultivated not you I actually familiar with cultivated defects right we've all done things we wish we had done and formed habits that we wish we had forms were very similar with cultivated habits and churches understand that we cultivate a different secure we inherit defects of character that was what his character when you think about that one another place he says thoughts and feeling combined make up moral character somewhere ahead and inheriting patterns of thinking in patterns of feeling the reveal themselves and how we relate to each other this is what she's articulating here those are put their trust in Christ are not to be enslaved by any hereditary or cultivated hypertensive return tendency whatever may be your hair to her cultivated tendencies to run we can overcome to the party 's written parts against tendencies to wrong in attendance of the behavior right we think a lot about health issues which is an important help about Akhenaton and health issues related to genetics we always process is much the moral dimension of heritability and that's when little more day there is in every phase of character received by children as inheritance human judgment ideas of the most experienced a lot of the imperfect and faulty subject of their own hereditary traits of character a quick temper can be transmitted children inherit inclinations to wrong to have inherited appetite for Steve 's again if you just wanted to a fascinating serves it in her writings do a hereditary or inherit number of people starting to get all the person there are several hundred statements even if you take out all the delete all the redundancies which he talks about the heritability of the inherited characteristics to come along with the moral fabric of our being that popular presses pickup on this and these are just somewhat collected over the years so here's the Wall Street Journal blame it on your mom roots of adult diseases traced back to the womb Newsweek sends of the grandfathers and it's almost a straight quote therefrom Genesis chapter concerning twenty what happens in Vegas there is not there waiting a plan of phrase what happens in road wins in Vegas stays in Vegas on what happens in Vegas though could affect your offspring are early life experiences could cause permanent changes in sperm and eggs the Newsweek born to be that genetic research says may be argumentative here and it's pass on behavior problems to kids and here's one another when Newsweek why the young killers every so often the news that would have a couple weeks but should at school will do something in Judah bunch of his classmates right course a lot why does that happen is that the videogames of the movies is that the music he listens to his friends he hangs out with and those may and probably are all factors but there's probably another factor in the point that there is their predisposition to violence some people are born with here that isn't the one that's I think very pertinent choices relate to people serving identical twins links biological factors with being on a necklace spent a lot of time on this issue particularly but I think as we go through our time together you'll see that whatever behavior while talking about a lesser charge of behavior whenever behavior you're talking about whether it's it's Virginia's a weather because behavior is both rooted in our environment and heredity home we have the privilege of overcoming it now here's here's a promise that goes along with that for scripting chapter six verse ten talks about homosexuality talks about being effeminate those kinds of things and this is at the house it's encouraged linkers and as such were some of you so it is the early Christian church there were people who had same-sex attraction struggle at was part of their culture to but Paul is saying now you're stuck with your heredity you're stuck with your farm he said such were some of you but you were wise to recite the five you justify the name were Jesus so no matter what the behavior is a bargain of our time the ones that God has the power to deliver is not experienced now my wife and is is really afraid of mice and is very nervous when mice are not just in the room were in the house or in the property but if there is a picture so I is in for her so she can look away and her sister to look away because you're some mice coming up each of the mouse so it is not often is that the mouse that roared and killed and raped due to a genetic defect any of our difference in AGM which shall subscribe to his or her behavior written emerging self sourcing it at the Bible the spirit of prophecy and popular perceptions are all cut of lining up at their song reality to a genetic component to our behavior Spence but looking at today now if you go back and just kind of look at this issue a little bit there's there's been a lot of comment on genetic nine firms that pop up in our understandable why why is that consensus about way and prior was in a meeting with syndrome are kind of like that when people if you look at people with probably some donations from they have the exact same genetic defect on chromosome fifteen but they're very very different pathologies very very different problems so why would you have the exact same genetic defect on the same chromosome at the same spot and it is very diverse problems well at the time of the cabinet we figured out that we come to know now that if you inherited defect from your father 's side that exact effect on chromosome fifteen you get our Willison 's thanks independent effect on the chromosome from the model number fifteen thousand spot you get in an syndrome connector why would that be immediately understand that nothing on the details of how networks they wouldn't have time for that but this is just one example of these things were coming up you present what is working why is that now another found that came up is what Ron very comfortable with the idea in your identical twins are very similar I put geneticists and be here that's what that's true but actually very different and if there is their DNA is exactly the same one hundred percent why are they so different we only can ask that question but identical twins are very very different look at the evidence of the present just a minute but you can begin the process is just a little bit every cell in your body is an identical twin to every other cell in your body right every Sony body is all identical to have a look at how diverse there is not some cells are a couple feet long like in your arms and other cells in your liver your scan your brain also all different but they're all identical twins so why what goes on to make all these identical twins different where adult identical twins of different ways just one of a couple examples look at this is a fairly standard waiting for what you look at schizophrenia Mrs. Hilton schizophrenia is just from top to bottom it's it's a gradient of genetic similarity so the top to general population 's own calculation one percent of schizophrenia are identical twins the heritability is about fifty percent on the discipline heritability real quick when heritability is defined as fifty percent it doesn't mean if my identical twin brother to have as a different line fifty percent likely to get it a solid heritable airbill and it means that fifty percent of the population is due to genetic components that's very great difference in your fifty percent likely to have some that make sense so so heritability isn't how likely I am to get something if someone else like me have it a fellow heritability is here tonight is in a population right in this case of identical twins if one has it what percentage of the difference the variation in the other one is due to genetic issues I is not a dishonest statement likelihood it's a statement of percentage of variance due to all genetic component as opposed to other components so sourcing here that I mean why would be the case that twins of a hundred percent concordance for this situation it's clearly a genetic component because the more closely related you are the greater of the gradient between how likely are to get it but it's not her percent and you can find very similar grass for most sclerosis bipolar disorder lupus announcement really a lot of of the disease have a very very similar profile to this office is representative here's some more twin studies on the graph appear different psychological and psychiatric diagnoses for substance abuse disorders but again now why would these be so different in twin snow why would anxiety only give you this much and schizophrenic it is as much and different substance abuse issues here's here's twenty studies with different kinds of substance abuse but notice that if urine and nine Denmark you got eighty percent concordance for nicotine use with your Finland it's only thirty percent of industry again does that there's a lot more that goes with heritability than just the DNA sequence on what's going on for me to the doctor ask if I kept election husband is also fast the world what you think he was at a pharmacy in Lexington I was this kind of fits into the whole Exodus chapter twenty the sins of the fathers visiting her informed generation identical twins have the sticky percent heritability rate for alcoholism controlled with only thirty percent probably surprised their sons and alcoholics fathers have four times the risk of alcoholism even if there adopted a very young age to another home so you an alcoholic home in your adopted out very very young age you still have four times the likelihood of having alcoholism as its title to wasn't born from a point father something nonalcoholic fathers adopted into an alcoholic fathers who have no increased risk about to get his clearly a lot going on as many factors women were not really always processing not fathers have multiple nervy mountainside it was these all advocates are so many of them but but structurally in the brain and metabolic and hormonal system most of the things sons-in-law collect parents have different experiences their brains are structured differently their nourishment responses the things are different even though not in the home without offered from a very very young age again telling us that there is stepped up just it was going on here for second behavior of appearance doesn't influence a child is influencing the neuroanatomy and the behavior of his child is not even around right there is there something being passed on it's not just affecting what he looks like a Thales but it's affecting his behavior is affecting his his anatomy has biology at the powerful principle I can bring such medicine that responsibilities us as individuals in her late others now were priests and lay with the idea that although should be that when we talk about genetic things the genes are called DNA in fact if you look at it will only fifty percent of chromosome is a lot heather 's stop in a chromosome besides DNA this is something that is shown here so if you look at her simplest disciples are here here's chromosome number three in the identical twins at three years old and here's another set of identical twins at fifty years old now these fans are showing similar to yellow mean similarity renderings means difference is so young and similar agency here at three years old there's a lot of similarities okay ready rain means different case so here we are at fifty years old but here's the same in the DNA this is tagging for non- non- DNA related factors in the chromosomes there's a lot of non- DNA related differences between fifty -year-old with so something has changed over those forty seven years not in their DNA but the gain is the same but the non- DNA components of the chromosomes have changed a lot in this for seven years so while their DNA is the same they're very different people than they were forty seven years ago and asked her for really across the whole spectrum from this is the same thing in these the fifty -year-old 's three -year-old lot of yellow here a lot of rendering her still Samuel of a lot of red green on what else is going on well there's a whole area called epigenetic sand Doctor zero trumpets of them talk about smart response give you a few little introductions that now here we are with what were China familiar with I hope here's a DNA strand that's where the information is stored at night but it has a lot more to the chromosome than DNA so we have a set of things on her called histone proteins in different kinds of markers and things like that this begins to organize this stranded woman called chromatin are so these histone proteins begin the kind of wrap up and all will the DNA into more of an organized structure on how to add a few little epigenetic markers only got some DNA methylation here is a lens histone methylation and histone acetylation and visibility on a transcript micron SRA prions are actually epigenetic marker on the preamp is what it's approaching my present network it works by just binding out your DNA is not changing the DNA sequence the just bind the DNA and changing expression of certain genes so Perez a frog pathogen marker so that you look at this we've got this organization of DNA and as we add these markers we get varying degrees of condensation of the DNA into a denser package things about the table here so you hear from attend which is this an unconvinced DNA with all of its other non- DNA components in your header from horses packaged DNA now when it's open oneness when this is your comments like this that's when the genes are expressed or active when you pack it up like this Ginger repressed response of the enzymes necessary to make the RNA and proteins a result and unit they can get in here do their work let's open up like this and it's always little markers that open up again telling when to start processing a certain gene a window not processed certain gene so if you have a hypoventilation and there was less of these methyl groups what's to happen you could have expressed her active genes if I hyperventilating at the lot of muscles on their academic and more convinced like this one more repressive silence and excessive because it's condensed and close them access them quickly just as elements move things so again just to reiterate as as these things are occurring there they're part of the control mechanism for what can be expressed in the DNA organization of these things are quite will be taken on liftoff during the course of a person 's life experience I cannot mouse her head so look away if this is traumatic for you now these things are both identical twin engines now the outfits are different of the two different but this is that awaits them over here with different here these are called for these are identical twins take these are called agouti mice and men heard of agouti mice that so and really nice it is is that inbred genetically different is what they do is they take a brother and sister from the letter they made them together a letter the data mother and sister they made them together into that about twenty generations and you have a genetically identical strain of mice okay you read all the difference by continuing to inbreed over generations well then these particular mice you can you can just try to do something to them in one spot and get one variation is called including mice because they have a gene called Higley Jean Aqsa protein but this is an interesting gene because it healthily Cleo tropic effect meaning one gene that has seemingly diverse effects connect to multiple faceted spell in the mouse attentiveness of this agreement as it turns out that what it does two things number one it affects hair color which is nice now we can see what the difference in the phenotype is a good thing as it also makes these mice prone to diabetes to overeating and obesity certain types of cancers see how this one gene that controls hair color but to your truck quickly and also controls obesity diabetes and cancer types of things with a nice mouse model to study and you can turn this agouti gene often on just by working on that one little gene sequence there are so what can we mouse and you got the full control region because of the transposon or an activator of the things that he enough the labor with the long methyl groups a couple slides ago if you must like this spot in your yard is not his only very briefly in fetal development is not made after that you get healthy brownouts before because that agouti gene can produces protein but has always affects out at her hand if you don't left the legs of this in the starter Regent activator redistributing the whole life of the mouse is producing this including protein and what unit was a yellow bird mouth develops obesity and diabetes during adulthood all that will spark and a control mechanism is right here on this methylation this one little area beginning the preaching is little actor after our phenomena like most things of the spectrum here so you got your completely producing agouti gene mouse they need a little bit of a methyl group in the uncountable mostly candleholder ground and some more to get more dark and handsome one of originating this way nice dark mouse is very thin healthy looking house into this whole spectrum of mice depending on how methylated their agouti gene 's full spectrum okay now interestingly we can take a mother of these agouti mice and just by giving them a certain diet starting just before conception we given the diet is fairly rich enough of groups and turns out this is onions beets soy products things like that the original for groups and the mouse when you given that methyl rich diet they don't have babies just like them they have these mostly normal agouti mice that don't have the amount of groups in the customer is managing if I can you don't give them onto the floor rich diet of that's that's the little advocate markers are jumping on Jean walking production even most of the server might go out there and help the home on situations and the doctors on that methylated wants to get e-zine nice and healthy mouse nonathletic newbies from cancer diabetes mouse areas since the better times it is so the plant outside is a start of something fairly concrete will never forget if I would help this used ricotta familiar with not eat certain things about effective I want to shift a little bit to a behavioral kinds of issues now I don't know when you are drying up like you get ready for church in your hair wasn't quite right but which mother do it she liked her fingers and rest your hand or something on your cheapo cheaters like fingers at others grossed and you is that candidate if you're on the house that's good parenting so I got another mouse 's mother who let syndromes or pots is about the cornet a good mother mouse in a bad mother mouse doesn't litter pups provide almost no contact is invented that the Goodenow 's mother and the mouse mother now turns out that if you're a good mouse mother you you raise a pop that is relaxed as a high nurturing and becomes relaxed adult response to stressful situations and startling much more relaxed manner if you're an abandoned house mother raising Asia's low nurturing motherly becoming anxious about the story will very quickly of high cortisol levels all sorts of things along with being a bad mouse a mother with your pups well that we can actually say I ground me now the reason that happens is because it's all genetic and bad mouse mothers and that most puppies and that's because in apologetic while it turns out that if you can birth the pot from the bad mother and have the motor with the mother and vice versa they possibly did not invent that mother is the same things I saw the pups were born from the bad mother asked become good thoughts there more relaxed you don't have an exaggerated startle response in the same thing if you take the good paths from the grandmother and put them under the care of a bad mother on the plan and bring them then sure enough those genes are to become highly methylated and what happens is a hypo inside the hippocampus is smaller and their nervous and high cortisol levels external very specific on the cage on that whole type of thing so it's not the genes of the mother passes on it has to do with the intention of the mother gift to the baby mouse enough against the Filipinos become presented like this at all you know my kids acting up I must not be a good mother is not the point of this because they enjoy the same stuff for fathers there's also the example five hundred two this is a good illustration of the principle that wants to understand that interestingly if you take this mother mounted as a ligand group then you inject them pops of hers in their brain and hippocampus region was of the contract the study which is a witch knocks off the methyl groups also some of these genes in the brain you get these these mice that are relaxed and comfortable and the startling thing so this methylation is actually really reversible and when you change that methylation pattern in the in the mouse 's brain what happens yet completed her Masters moral acts on his notice in high cortisol levels of things occur so what I think is that saying that there is a behavior is causing on a genetic and epigenetic change in the offspring in that change is reversible least in the situation on through medical intervention sort so does the review this again and again one has is a high brimming with will the larger hippocampus region of things to do the same thing humans and a couple slight these possible larger hippocampus was part of always will stress the common struggle and less methylation of campus neurons the opposite is true for the ones that have low grooming a looking appearance small hippocampus or cortisol release when the corner of the cage when they're scared him one revelation campus is measured significant success here's one example of that will develop this for the next few slides child stress levels mother social economic status of the presences of your measuring salivary cortisol and sure enough as you expected you stress levels in all this very listless economics is where strong again why we have more stress in our lives that same cortisol that same stress responses mirrored in our children's agency summons from a high social economic status their kids have lower cortisol levels if you're from the closest economic status especially as they get older and a higher level this also correlates with the mother 's depressive scores of the mothers were depressed child's cortisol levels define us now is not a huge difference point to do but it's for a significance it may not be a dramatic rise but is highly significant if you could align this curve there again this is making the point that mothers behavioral expressions of manifest themselves in the offspring is another example of this so the swine was an MRI study and what they did was they looked at hippocampal size hippocampus is a very interesting on rails went to one of the hippocampus is a place in the brain as part of the limbic system that has a lot to do with iguanas the spatial understanding the things but also has to do with him people that have different kinds of psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia substance abuse eating disorders on enzyme disorders mood disorders the hippocampus tend to be smaller and those are the individuals so external marker for a lot of study to measure hippocampal volumes and correlate that with a different outcomes so here's a child depression score low versus high and maternal support scale mayhem ulcerative metrics of these measure this in a single has excellent hippocampal volume well if you have a very low depression score in a very high maternal support you have a fairly normal sized to good-sized hippocampus if you have depression as a child and also to cause that you have low maternal support you have a smaller hippocampus again this is just making the point that in between the motorsport the maternal supports correlates with hippocampus once again there's an influence being exerted by one person on another person in that influence has an impact not just on sort of this nebulous emotional kind of thinking level there is there is biology going on there's biochemistry going on when we relate to other people in a positive way we're doing things positive them were lowering their cortisol levels where about enlarging the where enhancing the things that have her hippocampus be successful when you relate to someone negatively you can't enter changes going on her psyche the cortisol levels go up that is all part of their hippocampal sponsor the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis consequences of not so we have the ability by how we relate to each other whether it's parents the children's husbands to wives on siblings and people need a church and work to actually affect the neuroanatomy of what's going on people 's minds and experiences I just have one more study here is how to put together some ways for adults to what things are maternal care influences the heart wanted pituitary axis and Allies is mentioning the maternal care influences that action that cortisol loop in rats and nonhuman primates the epigenetic programming on those methyl groups very quickly of the glucoside receptor expression so to say that again home we know that in rats and nonhuman primates when the maternal care it influences how it portrayed preceptors are in camps nothing if you hydroponically receptors in your hippocampus during hypothalamus that means that there's not a lot of glucocorticoid or cortisol floating around that marker for approval low stress relaxed comfortable situation and another maternal care influences that in humans childhood adversity and abusive family function alters the same type of on the pituitary axis roster spots increased suicide risk the psychology now in rodents they made that same correlation now between this book of corporate receptor NHP activities is that connectivity so what they've done and rodents is then connected these molecular changes the glucocorticoid levels in this whole cortisol level interaction with methylation of the promoter region for once all production and reporters after expression in the brain out which is to make that same loop occurring humans and the answer is yes they found the same methylation patterns going on in the hippocampus of adults on humans behind the device and wanted it to be quite ingenious they compared for kinds this could compare suicide victims with a history of child abuse with suicide victims with no history of child abuse okay so the suicide saying I could bottle that is suicide and then extracted parts of the brain then they measured Google court record receptor levels in a hippocampal tissue and another methylation on those DNA segments to see his understanding like an elsewhere where if you grow up in a home where there's childhood adversity business is defined as sexual abuse physical abuse or emotional abuse can go home like that does actually affect not just wonder hippocampal size which was on of his life but she actually traced back down to the DNA level there's epigenetic changes occurring to make sense of fraternity to try to try to say does the behavior that I experienced this case child abuse does that ask change the expression of certain genes in my brain as this was going on it does when I interact with someone else does the way I relate to other people she changes going on their brain packaging is going on genes in assistance on the groups were well matched and sure enough it is so here's his book accorded pride receptor levels and there is a higher receptor level in the controls and the suicide not abused as soon as I do it was quite statistically significant so this is a stupid remark that one of the MSN journey in one action receptor but in both situations so sure enough the expression of that receptor is different based on the holy drop and give them a positive environment your hippocampus is acting differently you're your experiencing life differently and don't let the spider but it is here this is the methylation of the tissue than campus and sure enough there's less methylation the control groups in suicide not abuse this is that abuse again was his tonsils just telling us that when you experience in environmental influence it's a real experience and it's actually changing your neuroanatomy it's changing how your genes are expressed in the sins of the fathers are being visited by the third and fourth generation not imposing some arbitrary value because it likes to make people suffer down the road and he wants you to know that if you don't have if you're not getting realistic at your grandkids know if there is the reality behind us God doesn't just move in and break up the reality of our experience and what is Ezekiel chapter eighteen tell us it tells us that if the son does something different I used to experience a different outcome so this doesn't mean that you walked into a certain type of lifestyle right questions of destiny we can change that destiny feel stupid at times it can understand the zip to the last parts only about ten minutes left it envisages more information that correlates that this was actually prenatal exposure they took cord blood from newborn babies in villages north of the difference in DNA methylation patterns depending on the mother 's anxiety and depression scores so for mother when she's prenatally and neatly having a lot of depression anxiety there is an increase in methylation of these receptors Sergeant she is going to work or going to hurt springs causing her to be anxious depressed but that reality is passed on in some way to the DNA of the activity epi- genetics in the gene sequences and however activated in the offspring courts of cortisol levels in three monthly check out to right so so this is one of my concluding fun for more of the third part so we got this genetic makeup knowing that this epigenetic modulation and really all sorts of things affect us this this is even exhausted to the whole religious Oscars here diets we talk about the methyl rich diet in the mouse cake I think Doctor Johnson and talk more about this but what you eat has a profound impact on your epigenetic makeup your circadian rhythms have been epigenetic component to them you can and markers in their fluctuations during the day workers block markers workers go on menstrual cycles influence epigenetic markers on joint disease exposure social interaction that is contrary Google but today on the microbiology talk about the last session exercise but as the exercises a powerful influence on the epigenetic markers in areas where this if you want to China process is a little bit more this is the blood and I've read several books this is the best one I've read genes and behavior nature nurture explanatory couple question of you pull this all together genetic influences operate in a probabilistic nondeterministic fashion and now this is really disguising outright that that sounds like one lights I tendencies probabilities right were not determined by what our genes do that they have an influence honest and increase our degrees are probabilities but they don't determine our outcomes reported that genes operate through environment any dispatch the appropriate research leaves the click of present era substantial genetic antiviral effects almost all types of behavior at the pilot to take a substantial genetic and my office almost all types of behavior so it's never the right answer to same really with anything that isn't genetic or is it environmental almost everything including behavior input is accounting both of those factors and that includes sexual behavior I prevented us for further same-sex attraction she's right here on our genetics is not our destiny it's just an influence I so suck for some of you all said you don't always run things one of which ascends extracts such for some of you which you were watched your clan so this is something we can begin as early as you say all behaviors are not terminal based on genetic influence on the peripheral quantitative genetic studies of the genes have an effect sometimes greater sometimes less on virtually all aspects of behavior notices important experiences affect physiology so what you process in life affectionate physiology equally however experimentally induced or naturally occurring changes in the physiology will have emotional and behavioral consequences I only talk about the mind and the body interacting right when you experience things in life there is a change going on there's more monthly release theirs and theirs and having your brain changing right in the same issue also when you interact with your environments things are changing the environment 's changing you with ways while the reality is though as you encounter patients on a day-to-day basis it's interesting to know what the causes are but their Savior Canada listen out with my genetics out of everything I have is how I was raised but I know I'm struggling I know I have trouble getting over this I know I can't change this so at the end of the Dayton are how we process all of the underground is going on people are starting to struggle in certain areas and we need to know how to deal with that special had the same question he says it about God God is not a man as I am and there is no mediator between his Achilles tendon is both busy what's he saying since God doesn't understand my experience that basically wasting events is not a man his investor units were you that you have eyes of flesh abuse is a Nancy's value processing reality God like I'm processing reality I don't think so your daylight it is a mortal man but God says actually I do processing like you do I do see things like you not because I'm all omniscient God not all OES I guess it wasn't with credibility I understand by experience what you're going through a divorce of sent forth his son born of woman born under the law what lies that it's the same I would read about Nexus chapter twenty like this into the findings visited on the third and fourth generation Jesus encountered that reality the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all right it's only visited on us I just have twenty and I was laid on him I think except as a result of the great of the working of the great law of heredity in the epigenetic or genetic heritage of Jesus again remember this is all tied into those those factors which is what you very very quickly to show the DNA and attacks on all these are things that Jesus had in his genetic and epigenetic experience so she can stay with us the credibility I do see as you see I guess and I think I got a bunch of disease omniscient it is getting one one illustration if you go to your oncologist and you have breast cancer this is all you know what I treated thousands of breast cancer patients just like you I know exactly what your going through the whole way with you now you can be sitting in your chemo chair right next to the person in the last they won't have breast cancer once again lasting attribute may save you I know what you're going through who has more credibility than one has seen a thousand breast cancers and treatment of breast cancers are the one who's gone through one rescue someone's got to one rescued to write it's the same with God God can tell us all day listen I got I know everything I know what you're going through but we would still say really so in order to convince us that he understands are experiencing is a very important he came down and experience rally like us not just the environment but the genetic ureters we all experience is that this very quickly Christ abundantly in firm 's degeneration caused by treatment where he wasn't taking the nature of organ harvesting generous human race on our liability to send was laid upon him on the system on the words that I just want to finish with us on not understanding my experience what we go through not really my observation Angels are ever present where they're most needed there what is the hardest battles to fight with those who must battle against inclination and hereditary tendencies whose home surroundings of the most discouraging those children intelligent understand Scripture you also write those who truly believe in Jesus have a sure foundation if they could have that faith which works by love and purify the soul from all to read it during cultivated imperfections and then we just read this book change in behavior by the secular author he was saying the exact same thing in scientific language using theological and receive exact same thing a genuine conversion changes ready trickle vent system so how is that occurred but us lay aside every weight in the simplest of reasons are noticed but the broad category right for some people same-sex attraction for some people 's appetite for some people it's temper some people and substance abuse but whenever the way it is and whatever the easily insurance and has we can run with the nurseries before coming to looking to Jesus looking to Jesus he understands my experience not really by observational and if you want to pursue this all the more I found nothing as good as their proxy vote on is a double conventional moral infants than the moral dimension infants is her bravery and a couple of articles that I found very helpful it can summarize things within all about I think you can afterward thank you this media was used by audio verse four amen this Pentagon analyst in order to learn more about the event please visit www. again and I will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe


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