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Harnessing Our Lay People in Health Education

Nyse Collins



  • October 31, 2014
    3:15 PM
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I again we run a small consulting company and the name of the consulting company is not a everybody face I'm not a one out laughing I thought I not a lie I and went on nine eight you make the evidence that no you know you have to learn sooner or later amount effective favorite lefty Nolan and speaking population outnumbered the minorities in American and in lately five activity that year playing thirties he will call number the lesions in America so what I realized is about twenty twenty five play you like everything though I realized is that you can't beat them join them so when I finish school long time ago when we used the youngest are I felt off and Iran America Columbia to learn little bit of an handout by God to open a lot of doors and opportunity to meet a lot of people thought of the long sorry to say the name stands for here you restore so when you live the sun on a life you are living the board what life and we believe that people will be restored on when they are educating right so is my life restoration media education is a basic lack of knowledge so what we need to do we need to find ways to be able to educate individuals because that's where the real restoration will come there not to be misled by a new pill a move drink a new machine is not what's going the race for people but when they are educated and they learn how to take care pool themselves then that's when the restoration will come to the maker soft focus SLR life is to what to educate individuals but the key to education is encouragement to make the encouragement units to teach a class of children that were not encouraged to learn of the school sometimes a lot of like that how does that help in such length and all in vain enough penitentiary in China grabbed them in your radio one of the child abuse or something like that you not his system that he imagine a class of an adults that were not encouraged to the chief education everybody is what the thing went to look at the life of Jesus yet he says that when he went to meet the needs of the people we hope not one person laugh who was coming for help without hope that he just wanted to write anything a sunflower seed and if you dawdle and I limited do you do that he focused on encouraging government so one way to reach out encourage individuals in our program like anybody's trying to lose weight that's the big thing now arcane way that will make we in our program never say somebody is fat or skinny some people over blood and some people are the best that I get our why testing is a mentality when you lose weight and this event happen and what's happened here in America people only had a long more wet like your mouse no wait no fat yet unknown blessings yet so in a way to encourage people with a sister brother within your wet your blessings now they have what when a person has whole list by the way I is and so we focus on giving people hold education and that's what we do here at the lilac so we have a small team of consultants that go to different locations the groundwater the region while this is a golden doctor 's offices on many occasions and promotional presentations for the patients government facility you name it Riviera tried to what gave hope and encouragement the individuals so that our topic however is the dynamic Google the dynamic duo and contact the effect the dynamic duo what is the dynamic duo the dynamic duo is the union between the medical missionary and the literature a medical missionaries not sure the government will ask a quick question with a medical mission will happen because of everyone calms as she has the message and help help and the whole is a lack medical missionary you should help with the you give them hope he's not encourage them that you are what you design new gas gauge at the health medical missionary management .ru a medical Mister you sure all right and that is the hand they are your hymen had let me read something to you once ignored the medical endearment there may think that people will go overseas in two different things but what it says here it says that the Christian physician and this is the now medical Ministry of aggressive position in a minister on the highest order and I like that he or she is a missionary one of everybody beyond missionary goals school will be a skill and painful earnest effort by wisdom of God and believe while in the bodily pain all right so what what what make you medical missionary management that is becoming something that I dismantle if you can help somebody will finally pay his legal hydrotherapy are you a medical missionary are you a person of the highest order yes what else are they doing the work greatest week on this effort by the wisdom of God can be bodily pain place themselves in such a relation to their patients then we can point them to the soul healer who can say why sins be forgiven classic can be medical or not a missionary if you don't like people who Jesus Christ is a lot of that going around with his review mission on the highest order I felt was the first part of the dynamic duo a medical life missionary we got that same faith nobody taken the opportunity when I think you need anything because you will forget what we did is over whether the two things that make up the dynamic duo Nesmith and I don't know I think the whole picture for you the buyer over the market method I so than the home missionary is the first part of the dynamic duo what is the second part of the dynamic duo in another sense for literature it is another thing the event of the literature no eliminate the anyway the second win in the wife Heidi and all of this is little I know while ago because nobody only one living being with anyone medical missionary yet the medical missionary all right in your medical visit hallway respect it now because you have to do what you than you you almost all Muslim now we that the what makes a medical missionary who knows what make of a medical missionary a person will get greatest what an encouragement on this effort we need people like honey pain heavy by union is ultimately what makes them on medical missionary if they do what point people to Christ so is everything that you do this should be our opportunity to point with the privately laughing are you many not high the party required you this pray naval you pointedly when you pray to Christ let's look at the literature around with you let us remember how I divided this is a great evening out this is the second part will have the tool you missing the work and even a medical missionary going to help the people what if the whole online consumer principles of the literature president and did not dynamic when assessing sex this caller ministry chapter two when Mister jumped into is that the canvassing work properly conducted is missionary work of the highness water Donna we just found out that the medical missionaries is the physician in the possession wikis along with the principles of Christ is on the Whitewater committee on Mississippi but the last job and letters when doing the work properly if the missionary work of the Whitewater related literature work thank you the money kept the riot new benefits and some that but he felt to have anything those around him he's probably still going to work maybe not in that form of door-to-door for this book what makes us and that is evangelistic if it is of the highest water I will be regarded in our church unfortunately we have the medical without the lap of the present if this is of the highest order and it is as cool and successful method can be employed by placing before the people the importance rules for this time having your literature you place true Phil information before people view share information maybe it may not be a book maybe it's the DVD but it has true for fulfilled information you are now a literature this is what we call the dynamic fuel the work the medical missionary in the event even if they made a big Google previous it was dynamic for because of what they were what you change the way whether these do these the right truthful information health information as well point to people who decry anyone automated what they should did it with the people at school were what the toolbar one but what happened over the years not a fit on what happened if the person wanted to go here the message right but they wanted to go home and eat whatever they wanted to eat but you can talk about how and turn around and do whatever you want right but international Bible and even if I want something yellow emblazoned existence argued that the interesting thing with the help work is you getting he is not a mean visiting about spiritual work you can really see it you know you just don't know so what happened is somewhere along the line the religious work with one arm and then how part with the Navajo it was ultimately what separated without attention to what we need to do everybody to bring them back together and what makes that work stressful what are some effective ways that we can do it so the print work the publishing work is is is is media what would you say that what is an effective media mediums that we can use in our practices in our church is what what what are some of the things that we want to use the widgets on problem right what are our lives right what can be effective DVDs let out a horny old birds use that one they feed either greater or they got enough it was not appropriate you got a program for health and healing for the call health and healing and wedding that the thirteen part series we can show people the positive approaches to help a lot of times when we teach how we only focus on what we can do they asked the seventy minute what do you eat while we don't eat this we don't need that we don't event what do you do know while we don't drink operable working for asking one after another medic you know the one at a magazine they couldn't find out what we do because I haven't really what we don't do the north end of the bay and someone wanted it to be it has several ten tips for whatever on how to live a healthy lifestyle one of exercising the right to limit it up in one of the goal and skilled Adventist health principles hot wife is ill health principles you know why because we always let you what we don't do not leave so we need to focus on that as easy as audio as many different ways that you can use effective media right that is actually a audio side of my life we we make these available to individuals about four CDs and he is while people sitting in the waiting room that can be listened to from the principles via is not always the TV or the book sort of like that so how do we saw a very effective media for a program we make sure we have some items available what else could be too high we make effective in offices workplaces in our churches we meet media affect how can you tell us of his effective on our FEMA paid a visit the question let us use he usually resolved and I will split I'm going to go ahead of you you take a little methanol you think that work under way that everyday that I get tired of it yet another one but whenever you make the change of weather changed easy to affect what is a wonderful effective media items that we can use various pay-TV is one visual and audio this may be a trick question I read on you that we can use office on the workplace who have read the leaves of autumn who have watched it so what we do is let me work sometimes with this in office we could hang prayerfully first point to make an effective media program will develop effective media over is the first person AC twenty seven if you have a receptionist then they always know anyone with the appointment is not like that right yet they may automatically shut off anything else you have in your opinion all within the environment not in the ball hi Craig hey how are you today and that's one of them will affect the one so as enemy we almost need to rehab I'll offer not physically which were decorated with the well-being cards as we usually go through churches and weeklong program and we tried to help the physician or practitioner of whatever after the people who have skills off work in the office because people that question and if that person doesn't weaken you can put this video on the site is video right now you can put this up and everybody it is the person behind the desk is not in us by our hostess in the program I have ever come close to home if the doctor or the practitioner on the medical miss their lives in that letter is not what practicing it it's a waste of well-written books and DVDs the most effective media is ourselves so how do you make even more effective it have to be applicable to the audience ready to share the beat Google to the audience who is your audience will the patients so far what what area do you working you can be run practicing hospital in academics the audience is usefulness sawhorse but also what God has to do now she has the focus on material that will be applicable to the student I wanted one doctor 's office and is nothing wrong with the great controversy our national something right but that was all he wants that a there is no and you have all you guys are the only practical limit on cable then it is national Sunday law so nothing wrong with that but you have used items that will be there what you are interested in all the URI and the like that you have what kind of people come into the office me you have mothers and sometimes a lot of them maybe even very young yet so you will replace something like this is your choice north of the discussion no relationship and are quite independent area working and you know you're in the inner-city and this is prevalent teenage pregnancy like that you're not going to be showing along life one of great help conversely your reserve your what your choices topics that will help them one of the top ten I lost you somewhere I told her a lot when he really just an American woman the pure homosexuality all in different topics so this will be something that will make your media even more what affected because if applicable get here Rapp P your union until the children would you be showing the great controversy great help controversy Mitchell half of the medical missionary work no I'm than a show having happiness sitting in the waiting area escorts on the video for this shows how to move on healthy kids recipes because you are getting that you want to make sure that you media whether the wolves of the visa whatever like that is what is applicable if the exactly presence of our art so any other practices the URI no problem so what's he's rented she's trying to talk and what will be effective for my audience what do they need is a so he is aware everything the bottom all right so let's continue now we'll look at how to design them we have to make sure it's effective we have to make sure we know what our purpose is with the people who decry and then we have to make sure it's relative to that audience so what I wanted to hear because we want to show how clean you will immediately effective on the future three basic principles how to make sure you utilize in this to make sure effect I call it the EPA rule anything that you do you put before your people are that the church are your audience in America have to follow to keep you whether that Environmental Protection Agency the first case then for what engaging one of you share with people at the what being engaging young lost track of media Vatican facility will want to see the whole visit this she or he needs to be what engaging and friendly that might yell at the appointment and pay how are you today all is well just you walk your early that is because we do not let me know you can have fun with the person you could be engaging your media needs to be what teaching encouraging right what the next fee for it has to be radical we know all the rules overall of health principles of the but it was not practical what about me whether with practical metering optional practical me makes it well worth it have to be very use of Anthony's will know show I believe they can't even anything to hide Habakkuk that day and doing this is that because of not been happened how many of us have done how program and I saw that you finish the program the people timeout and a noticeable and by an FAA revisited so now only whether the back and nobody particularly happened to me because that's whole lot I thought you have to be very careful now what we do our programming your even if we selected United events here no problem meets at his level one seventy one week if Molyneux has me that's what you want if you don't think you could change right now no problem what I need to do anything hard I need to shoulder height on helping me over your so how do you make healthier me the other troublemaker they have alright so you'll get you to product down the chicken was just making a little bit that you didn't clean me out the one area I didn't have access the beans and glutinous identity no act I almost is that they enjoy to be pictured because that's all they had I've been over there laughing approving the way in Bloomington the voting and I think that the only account anyway how many can often be all being salt maybe assaultive these are things I need running back Michael Bennett change the water and cook it and I figured a bird like Tom that house all the way so can you matter to get unique the being and the only thing they haven't gotten them I'm a personal stroke the nonevent of the chicken and the or private chicken you don't mean him working with them hold off on what the Beijing for the use of one or a lot of seafood nor the crazy thing happened the speed off the beaten in the faithful the Lincolnshire with me before I think that they would even change it every day anyone getting better we hear the faith will be able to value of the ticket and I'll make the transition they get only what words I sent along what is going on air the Lord that will be ready and have the opportunity to do more than he can do more for any of your presentations or whatever meeting you have to be practical we promote me meeting me know how this is the one or two things that we've done twenty four days anybody know they need to develop healthy habits I think not being real with people in Canada say all you need to change now I will be nice because AI understand develop healthy that I nominated about help you when you are you I know I'm very elaborate as either the Doctor Natalie program right you're right and only twenty one you know what we go with twenty four that they are not legal in homework fifty but we didn't do this symbolic I want a wife who is a sister holding the sun and the more they and each day we give them a little nothing big I was originally one thousand eight one three one and watched the exercise I feel DVD incidentally twenty three minute presentation that have to be what practical if you tell the boys all walk people one hour a day it are practical to them right away all you had to start small so my sis one seven two three minutes and then just right for your spiritual part because a lot of the development program only focus on what mind on the bond so we have to be practical and the last one their last day if it have to be testable so when you look at the video to see how we can believe program and make sure it's accessible if I do a presentation and I'm telling them they have to get up and run with it I happen to you have to get all soy curl which they may not have access to it integral with worker birthing time is fine but I can do a presentation in the area when he don't know about their life and again he was quite drunk bitches of the nutritionally neatly and McCain beat my favorite elect what so it happened goal action will become to your patient we go and accommodate early legal to supermarkets and other supermarkets I need to see what they have access to so then when I'm doing a presentation that God is too expensive and not just a public work in California and I would hope while I was just at Barnes and I have it what you always say from fortunately that Walmart is our hallmark Barry rewrite is and is it right see why I don't know what to buy I just was the day because they what to make so all you media anything that you lose your books is that make sure they are what we were the first use for engaging key as to what practical and useful what sensible will give people a reason not the wanted list will look at a simple presentation little short will be here the accreditation of how we can make a engage in article acceptable but also so that the program quality of the product is in Olympia between network law is too stressed out his life and life I feel that life is all common in Donohue how to like get myself out of this draft this is normal that you are wrong it almost is like nothing is all right well I felt that way sometimes to and sometimes when that Dean is a stress of you will deal with different situations what is normally the thing that we go to white give this back home herbicides are God we hope will be to number one are you coming to what many five what we go to something we are going to something a writer end up being a desert have you ever realize that stress spelled backwards is dessert a slut I just realize myself that I have any kind of makes us human I was like a girl like her heart is broken or something like that liturgy you'll call mom and dad are or even have anything a call in the supermarket and she picked up I'll be high all quart of what I speak one in particular chocolate ice cream in a matter-of-fact science it would need to show that some of the tuples involved in a high-speed gives you like this I made out like you like you know what everything is okay then we have some more and I have a result we we get less stress attempted to leave the problems never really thought but we get it wet and then we start to become dependent on outfielder today the light is all great give me another one and if you notice sometimes we walk our client how to deal with a lot of stress an electric it definitely would you commit the time everybody and we both afraid and like the fridge is empty but you know what's back to the room the freezer ice cream death and dessert data paging this and so what would you do now with the stress of ourselves by the grace of God and Appleby and legumes and desserts so today we noted Hassan the stress search cookies and which is fantastic a lot of people enjoy them but the key is available for difficult because these cookies are made without the chemicals that may give effect that the holiday false sense of our good feeling a stuff of that nature but when you use all the ones that actually good for our so not only for the pack will stress out on what would also benefit that will benefit in the middle blank little empty spot in their also a note of the connect one person just reminded me of this of the outgoing talkative visit here is probably a reason why they joined the food and drug administered aristocrat for sometimes works like attracting you may have seen it on the problems that people are going through different situations Angleton of comfort foods they got to that they got the back and out of the house add-on venues a man what happened along the way you don't certainly change and I have been without one of balance my bet is aging a little way of something and ideology but we always try to happen where did this start anything all I went through a rough time unfortunately sometimes it may have been a divorce from fundamental breakup they be a loss of a job you know maybe a loss of a loved one or some of the night I went through this hard time it's what stressful time and ended up past when it all started so what would you do when you look at some tips here for how to combat how to combat stress because stress is really like not to be put off a lot of people don't talk about stress on discouragement are not only that the pressure as well mannered they were short a couple serving they were showing it in like one churches eliminated by almost sixty percent over fifty percent of the women were depressed at one point or another bank the log data fighting a man because the metal of my benign enough of them we just don't admit it so women don't worry about amended it with this situation but the China hygiene and upper management so the president accused me but nobody talked about it I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol we've never really had with it yeah I'm the present you are stressed out because this kind of dislike time who you know nobody really wants to talk my point everybody is the moment when one way or another is just almost seems like it's upon her like someone to shoot you just for little point me in philosophy today evidently give you all wanted to be for our geese just start cooking but this one I think is even more point how to tackle stress that gets appended to paper as I write it down we can put it out there for you simple ways to tackle step number one what we need to do is know how a trigger what is the cause of the I know you trigger number so wondering if and when it's hot bath when God help the face it head on what illegal when the phrase ahead on not undergoing on one or and and and and taken along Rabin number three were going to recognize warranty a lot of times when it's not handle when we don't face it head-on we take the scenic route around our problems what happened we stock the worry and we really don't recognize that we're in this situation is called a.k.a. denial and in one last tip handle most of what we think about the last we have to start trusting in God by letting it go thumbs both elements are known to trigger with enough fleas have had on with you recognizing that we are in and in the top situation and number four with trusting God by letting it go if you actually really look at both simple principles it's almost like the path to salvation in our practice they felt we have the realize where we are in our state our sinful state probably that we have to slowly which showed that the face it head on we can be in denial Ceylon petroleum automate because the dog can do it on our own and then we have to recognize that you know what sometimes and you know it's is really causing the problem really when we look at a lot ailments and if it is either the thought of the nature to see the scene with all but not all but not where a lot of responses right here stress how we handle situations we try to handle it all is a little writing that says that this disease basically is is nature 's way you have enough that we have violated the law power and a simple principle of public trust me back so when we don't trust the God we try to take everything on our shoulder we think we can handle it and it doesn't work doesn't work so well removing a thought trusting God and then member webinar that he forgives us of our sins in the political play this is the shelves which is this little the situation comes always try to remind you of what you have done nothing down if you did your part you realize where we went wrong we made it right you know a dishonest shuffle situated to be even knowledge off a lot of hot people that have worked so hard it's just me out but when we get to the rule of the problem when we look at the real trigger while I sat I went finding strength what we thought I is a wellness look at the principal wanted to trigger what we have to work the heart why don't we work so hard what we have to pay bills was the next question which has to do with the true what it is that while we have is how the trade of carpentry so why do we have so much debt and well below the bidding started then you would try to find out the truth was annulled it triggered you know after why did you buy this set I go home and you only yielded to why do we have to drive in New Orleans called the market and modified wherein two thousand some odd years and then driving in two thousand in the next vacate that Yukon card weird and I'm why do we need and you know what these my sister lives in this neighborhood my friend tried this kind of car these are the newest shows all the newest bag what will drive the new is how to know machine and will read as we try to keep up with the Joneses the James the Bob to give you name it ready through no no but always try to keep up with these people but less medical because we are trusting you can help now that my guy like him are in all right I now understand that night but I would like some deaths are a you that if it is these stressors cookies I am ripening these the circle didn't even how it was laughable was that we can open these difficulties did you read write it down abundantly simple to help what all we need is two and one half cup of walnuts on to her car a whole-wheat pastry flour one teaspoon of salt one third cup of ground flaxseed one third top of Arab chips one half cup of maple syrup and two teaspoons of vanilla which is optional which is optional okay and that is that the recipe I want to get this because this one is dangerously good for you not that means it's so good that you may eat too much and we want to become all things to the notice of what we put vanilla optional and we really don't usually hear of another phenomenal but what we know it works of the little stimulants uppers with high cholesterol and other stimulus stimulates not evolve out at the empty slab gallbladder and even violent that is delivered to reproduce more bile length and breadth of high cholesterol we don't want that to happen but another fantastic if you want to use a great I like to do that I'd just like to add a little extra honey or maple syrup or something of that nature so let's get to the desert because I want some distress there is just her cookies all we have to do is we take the walnuts okay so benefit is grounded want nothing by Randall Wallace is a reasonably priced in the store and uptight about the quality of a second they are amazingly good for you I'm matter-of-fact I thought you right now as a classy event which will give up the body is the one that looked like not it looks like the brain so which organ of the body begun for the effort to bring simple is a novel by rabid different fruits of McCain is looks like Mike and so maybe the beginning and flatten stuff up but believes that it did not know if you have a problem don't try to look at a set of fruit or veggie and computer even the end result but how does one the only thing that I thought I'll see it so this walnut then Hansen name the food that is driving the class and if there's the off black seed is what many corners while but it has been grounding okay I want to encourage you were not to buy the holes already got a window by the whole scene actually and grind it I felt many companies eat flax seed oil you know when that's saying a lot about anything it could what is not as good as it freshly see what happens is if you leave that one will be a fool on Google granted white easily okay that's what he knows to go to hell and he had to live by the flaxseed oil is usually in the refrigerator capacity gold why because its boil singles granted another pot I was up so what I encouraged people because though the kind that expensive you don't talk about a little pricey I encourage you to read the flat feet it felt that the whole flaxseed and bring it home and grind it will you have a blender put a good amount in the blender and blend in July statement in July and you should be fine and the cheapest thing around and you may cannot be put in a glass jaw statement afraid unit for the week and the next we just make a new batch right so save yourself some money and enjoy that way okay so we think that that would imitate some whole wheat PC flour as easy as on China do this for some permits all my dry ingredients then I have a little salt bids the seesaw which is necessary for reliever as well a lot of people do be low-salt diet and they wanted a given for quality couple weeks I will go and install it on a one outline and that is swollen if not you know that is that the goiter RK a general in general but you don't follow as a physician first and that's because when you pull also out as a result you missed on a very necessary element of core iodine iodine is a little salt Doctor hurt anybody that would accept hardships he's a very nice visit with the present of chocolate chips you want using great if you don't have it doesn't mean you cannot do the recipe the recipe you continue spell this is just have to put it on and let it it is just one appearance purposes and yet Karen do take my phone and called a timeout real quick allow to be put on a play chocolate cat is not the same as me honestly job love and be replaced up and I think that's a good nothing could taste like chocolate I memo portal one ply adhesive the chocolate of the M a year that I ought somebody like I is that if it looks like the real day and I got to smell like a little day is that Anita Belding don't get me know perpetrators often she economies like I had left them alone there and that he doesn't use any of it but is good enjoy up with some honey and in okay to add the honey it said this and we can go ahead and finish it up with and nice little serving beer of the Maple service over for these and first you can use ungodly nectar you can try any of these items these are just a little sweetness if you don't like it so sweet not a problem not a product you like it's whose sweet Jesus but less E mix that up nicely get you hands and they get the kids cooking with you that the kids got been a lot I'm having a blast over yet moving this thing all over the place and these are the beads and dishes delicious cookies as ECMA can amass but hey where the kitchen who's keeping track of this year but let's let let's look at that he and him and and order flaxseed and the walnuts almonds a subcommittee of poor in a bottle and neither one is so good for the stress and anger for the mine depression anxiety disorders what if an item is because they provide those together will provide you omega three six nine coming they are all amazing I am the lobby was a one hundred lap devices audio on this oil of that lawyer you are ready have it right here in this cookie exclude this could be so good that it will provide all of those benefits will you please make that up nicely there ornaments i.e. the fish on as well hey because from my family had liver so you get a notice that it may have some combustible and so there you go you see a nice little batter they are and then you just make cookies the easiest thing to do a bit in order to have vertebra and possible you to get a little cookie-cutter a delay about it Jason will thought he used only that way so enjoy yourself and also at the same time what is she doing she had these stressors so that we all can enjoy living in a cellular finish product as easy when I was on behind the scenes at it I did one a nice little around than an simpler type of cooking there that we all have happy everybody will enjoy it matter-of-factly stressed out you need something to eat he was up and feel good about Gore had a habit the stressor cookie you will definitely enjoy tea is also free to use these basic days it will be effective and easy to way that you can design develop this on a simple principle make sure we bring the literature whether the media audio DVD and a medical missionary together this will be a dynamic duo you have an effective effective media ministry that are any questions that don't make sense all right let us San Francisco's follow you haven't figured again for the time that you given up just honest you can learn how we can be effective in our work and even though we have media visual audio all of these different things it does no good until you are the most effective media in proclaiming the gospel like to thank you again for hearing announcement in Iraq refuses payment


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