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Structuring Your Family for Financial Success and Service

Randy Bivens


Randy Bivens, MD, graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, then completed an internal medicine internship and diagnostic radiology residency. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology. He currently works part-time in radiology and full-time in lifestyle medicine. He is president of three corporations, board member for several nonprofits, and executive vice–president of Life and Health Network. 



  • October 31, 2014
    3:15 PM
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so what gives me the credentials to be talking about financial planning well I have a family I guess that doesn't cut it I actually have completed the coursework visit certified financial planner in addition to being a position I'm in I'm getting give you some examples of the act see how I real-time help people with financial planning the more and more than that it would study the scriptural basis for a financial plan and what that means in your jersey a lot of biblical references when we talk about what's going on what else to write it well I'm a diagnostic radiologist I can imaging contract for two hospitals one of which I don't actually work out a more new Kia I hope privileges but I had a chance to hire somebody rented a UCSF fellowship that you don't get very many of those I hired myself out of a job there might still managed to contact them to happen telemark I managed to contract hire the radiologist you can keep it rolling and slammer revenue stream and a built-in revenue stream that provides new income it allows me the freedom to do some other things and because that I do some other things on my president of life and health network you may forget about that the great thing to be present in a media company is you can give them a handout I will outline and tell them to present give you make your keynote presentation so they did it so that it looks again is not my father motives and my body do any of it I just had the team do it so I present life health network with more importantly I guess for the last year and a half of an cheap offering up certainly more Institute and we've had some amazing changes that have occurred and God 's blessing that Institute just in the last month and Doctor Natalie alluded to it over the last night in the last month with a three two million dollars debt amazing facts when those two ministries separated I was three years ago that that was starting to accrue interest on the seventh of August on the seventh of August we bought the debt down from two nine down to one nine we delivered a chat to Mike Rich who is it was during SI we deliver attack them for million dollars and I wish I was there except on August seventh I was down in Costa Mesa meeting with the educational licensing committee of the Board of registered nursing from state California to get nursing credentialing which we ask again be a full approval started nursing school and that Doctor Anderson is back in the back room there and she is instrumental and actually pretty and bring years of making this happen instrumental acts in making this happen thank you Shirley for being and now easier to the two of them are the reason we got nursing accreditation on campus and thank you guys for coming but in addition to that just about three weeks ago we are a conference call with loss which is the Western Association senator colleges within applying it accreditation for college so that credits are transferred we ask the thin graduate people from the Martin we do and what they go to Loma Linda to medical school dental school they don't they connect to get into the health school for some reason we written a letter to Descartes think how come in the medical school etc. transfer credit for the health will help other but if we had lost approval that transfer credit is even issued so we're a conference call with them and their last seven or eight of us answering questions because they have two readers there signed by Wasser senior professors for presidents of colleges and they looked through your entire application six hundred fifty seven pages worth and try to determine if you're eligible for status they just don't want diploma mills and so we had three options they denied his two years ago completely good nights of (s) negative nice again but we felt we had a much graph they can actually condition us and that's what we are sure you were getting a condition and they were et al. the left upper finances about opera critic in art our curriculum many of the something or they could get his approval and we go to be a miracle if they gave his approval and was getting Americo has been hiding reason for so in the prior session before this I see people remind me that I had this prayer is the Lord I want you to either completed and I just slammed that door shut or give us complete approval item one A is nothing between give us a clear answer now that is it that's a legitimate prayer it was a clear answer slammed the door shut spending money and stop doing or gives approval and that within and I asked Doctor Natalie is really the essence of it we think God 's areas 50-50 chance again and advise again because there were some people on the WASP board who specifically are not we were friendly so we felt we are getting it tonight and they said well it's getting an extra three days but it was about three or four days and will be only give you an answer 's yes okay you know that gives answer wet weather we had later Doctor Seybold call me and he said that Chris Oberg who is the Wall Street consultant assigned to said Chris called me and said that they don't need three days that have completed group so we have approval for eligibility were further along the eligibility status to our knowledge than any other self-supporting and educational institution since Madison College a few remember the Madison history part of the reason why they fold it was because they chose not to get accredited further especially the nursing program at length I don't where did the bird people instrument notice is given in either a couple hundred nurses in the next day there was not faintly that's a bit of my history I'm even I'm a physician physicians traditionally have really bad financial planning finance it's a truism they don't know how to run a business they think they do we think we know everything because we pass all the classes where the popular Dave Hyatt Taipei we thought we can do anything that's my position address physician pilots have terrible records my wife has a girlfriend and she has a name another mutual friend in there dad was a pilot and he finally stopped flying there were six guys in this group of advocates physicians were pilot it was the last one alive and in diachronic heart disease they had a plane crashes physicians assume that they know everything and the thing is we have great capacity to learn sometimes the sometimes we don't have the knowledge base and because we have a revenue stream to start spending money indiscriminately on your credit you some ideas and principles biblical principles how we can organize our financial planning so that it's according to God 's glory and that we have revenue to get back neither the owner myself take any salary from Weimar Institute because as we tell them if you just gave us the money we just have to get back to me God blesses us with a revenue stream that we can actually do this I think that's what God wants us to be good be financially secure so that you can provide service which is not taxing the ministry so I meditate is very Medicare physician is the real story a real friend who had this death notices about five years ago so seventies interest rates and you'll see are not market rates currently at he had a medical student loan currently at ninety three thousand dollars and ten percent accruing interest in a home or even seven percent in the home was currently on the mortgage was at four hundred twenty five thousand they had consumer credit of almost fifty thousand dollars and up combined globally interest in a car loan and eight percent twenty seven thousand airplane load of six and a half percent thirty five thousand as I was not Adventist position since amazing his rate of death is not as bad in the eyes of the Canada pilot is not as bad as your physician about an Adventist is very and his two daughters just entering university they here are his assets the they have savings at three making forty forty five hundred dollars and a hundred and twenty five thousand equity in the house at thirty thousand equity the plane in a 401(k) of four thirty eight thousand that was what they were at five six years ago we do this initial now have an interesting question for you without remembering that is going back realizing six hundred and thirty thousand dollars in debt and they have this map and asset okay what was their biggest death than I remember what it was the highest interest rate debt student loan very good ten percent so they described to me as equity to thirty thousand dollars equity in a thirty five thousand dollar residual blown on the plane and the planes were sixty five thousand dollars and sell it so they have thirty thousand dollars and what they're calling equity okay you're following me now this is what's really interesting if I sell this airplane and I get sixty five thousand dollars and I passed the thirty five thousand dollar note and a thirty thousand dollars in cash whatever it was a thirty thousand dollars I get spending half from now either financial advisors on Tuesday year to pay off your highest interest rate now most financial visors if were working with you we will tell you to have the smallest loan because I will give you the incentive to see that things are completely done and then you can work on the bear went we would tell you startup don't worry about interest rate start on the smallest one get completely off and feel good about yourself okay we have thirty thousand dollars and you want to do it's very best in the long term so you would pay down the ten percent student loan you can connect the highest and so would you describe this is that running all your describing the ten percent loan yet is the reason because you save ten percent so that what we all only ten percent long when you describe it in those terms you can find it described them why you need to sell its house why do this I was going exactly because he doesn't have any equity about it so I am going to have any equity he was early forties so the family is very motivated to get out of debt so what they should do I'm Artie told you some of it this is what they never knew what and this is what they look like today they're completely added that than a house that currently is one hundred and eighty five thousand dollars and completely paid off that obviously means the band felt her expensive house which again they sold the airplane we didn't want to know they paid all our car loans but in all their student debt for the two girls were going the University they panel called a consumer debt may only have one credit card now you may only use it for emergencies cash cash is really hard to use you I was we read I John reduce or something were getting since movies because after violin lessons and I do my hundred dollar bill and they wouldn't take it and then find there nothing over twenty years cash and use a credit card really I love this is your legal tender now our employees are our players cannot help they can't take hundred dollar bills business to risk they'd much rather use them I told my wife about it as always you will find our place in I don't do much shopping with one other thing he's over there he really wants an airplane what I didn't tell you what is nine hundred and sixty seven thousand dollars days talking to easier hundred and sixty seven thousand dollars into an account for which he's going to complete paperwork biplane to be completely papers are either wait until he has the money and that is discovered by the now these aren't Christians are very nice people are not Christians are not really sad to give back like you would do but every time I see this guy I see him relatively frequent in Oregon and he comes up against him and he does so because our life is so so great when we have no burdens and concerns that come to finance because we just don't have a witness so happy our property taxes are last in our whole life is better because I can cut backpacking you worked your hours and I don't have to work because because we don't have any rep servicing agent selected Christians as responsibilities of different than the rest the world I would maintain is there eight principles of rental walk-through citizens go on United in readiness for the team 's Oedipus is a medical know I can serve two masters for either he will hate the one I love the other else you'll be loyal to one and despise the other you cannot serve God and man is to live in this third that Jesus parables deal of money and material possessions or addict for attitude toward them there are well over two thousand troops the only problem with this barrel on this time it's like the everything will heart I'm going backward there are over two thousand references to Manny or possessions in the Bible there less than five hundred the deal with me the first principle everything wants to God this is this is very critically crucial importance everything belongs to God if you're worrying about your money God says I can take that away from you because if you want to say to guide you to stop ring on April nine only that but when it belongs to God you've penetrated with it differently the earth is the Lord 's Alan 's bonus the world and all those that dwell there young Derek Mays already has we do this when God owns everything it changes the paradigm our priorities are different and our worries are reduced we may choose to use our time differently we would probably give God more time we may change how we think and how we act that's a cognitive behavior therapy is cognitive behavior therapy looks at the distorted thinking the distorted thinking of the Ionamin if I can correct that distortion that cognitive distortion and I can show you that it really belongs to God cognitive behavior therapies is that I can change your cognitive distortion what can I do I can change how you act I connect to change your behavior because I corrected your cognitive distortion if we on the money eventually that money will own us our checkbook or credit card or bank statements are constant daily telling story of how we make God the priority of her life if I want to know them you how much God is a priority admissions or priority after the party I just happened upon your last credit card statement your checkbook by Wintergreen that should tell a story and if you want to know how the story plays out window for yourself this changes from giving until it hurts still it's a pleasure to give so the second principle is that the value of money is relative explain what I mean consider the valiant Judas is thirty pieces of silver he ultimately did not want it and even the priests did not want your Louisville the money what's the value of the Windows my values usually less than the thirty pieces of silver but the value of those two mice with elevated by Jesus to what the internetwork so obviously that value of money was relative it's all relative it's not absolute we like to put absolute value on many end-users know it's relative her mites were worth a whole lot more than the thirty pieces of silver you can see you want the world thirty piece of silverware confessions cars boats airplanes and on and on and whatever money can buy you want to invest for charity I had a good friend some of you may know so I talked to mentioned story I'm a dentist he passed away about a month ago stage four colon cancer forty years of age secure about her ten -year-old daughter seventy had all the toys we had only six unit zero six Corvette that he bought in his fortieth birthday his own birthday present for thieves probably hundred forty thousand had has a really nice ski boat high-end motorhome beautiful home I mean all the toys no ATVs you TVs motorcycles you know the Holland vehicles the home run everything but it turns out that now in the liquidation process he had not prepared his family very well for his death because of his financial planning or lack of he let he's leaving his family in a relatively precarious position yet if you look at them the world looked in a middleman this guy is going in a very striking out and he he could have had those assets because he had a revenue stream and he had all the accoutrements but you know Kit when the revenue stream stopped it can denote the last thing he wanted was to have his family suffering of an identity profoundly suffering broken opposition in any way as if you would've have a really reasonable financial plan so the third principle is that prosperity is having what you need when you need it but my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus do we worry about where our needs are coming from but the Bible says that we need to stop worrying and gave it to him Philippians four versus nineteen says but my God shall supply all your needs numerous of it we had had a debt of three two million dollars amazing facts and when we when I first started in the first board meeting with you there everybody was perseverative methods that like it was it was like looming legless enemy crushing is to destroy the campus I figure out if this is God 's ministry and if were not doing the right thing health status down anyway candidate you know if we really believe were doing regardless give this to God this is because is this problem is solved it was not worried about a week it was not tried again and try to raise three million dollars assessed body will help us solve that rare person who went through the learn about four years ago five years ago non- Adventist guide and Linda Reno Nevada he passed away in December twenty thirteen and less left as one quarter of his estate 's estate was appraised at eight one million that went long ways to take caring that we know that was really the big question getting to solve God never however give you more than you need you gave us as much as we needed it doesn't say God will supply you warehouses full of extra supply because he will provide all your needs and Oppenheimer at the very last minute when you didn't even give you know it's like that's when you administer that any humorous I think God has a pretty good sense of humor teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I command you Lo I am with you always even at the end of the world is with us if we believe that we favor that we have been prescreened providers our needs we need to put our faith parents stop worrying about those issues that doesn't mean you need to be no completely ignorant about these things he expects us to use our mental capacity learned we can but we need some worry when we when we should be worrying propositions that will keep him in perfect peace people worrying about money and I've seen a lot of people who were in harmony they do not have peace they are not a pretty piece I can tell you it isn't it happening those that will keep them in pretty pieces minus the Army because he trusted in the one we trust in him we can have peace if you don't have peace in your life especially when you're concerned about financial issues we need to transfer that worried and without God to take over that problem and allow him to give us peace he will get recipes and then if necessary miraculously solve our problems and increase our faith okay this is the big one that is bad about their dad is back in mind that is bad debt is one big bad Internet that is that in many situations where the Bible say about that the rich rules over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender in God we see that even when you're borrowing money is like notice I am always for this month you want to work for a party what your money to work for you not the money working for you are you a borrower not care that you can't borrow your lender or you have a business the people who are really into the people who really become wealthy they're not getting wealthy by punching in a timeclock is over there working for the hour and are working for money the people get well p.m. idea is to use some of their money and they have their money work for them and then they grow a business and they become financially secure that doesn't mean that you shouldn't clock and having a job but for real financial security there times when you need to venture out into some intrapreneurial venture just to test the waters and when something of no man anything but the love one another for he that love another hath fulfilled the law of no man anything is pretty plain the wicked borrower at hand not again but the right to show mercy and give how can you gab if you don't have how can you donate to ministry if you're not financially secure I know people who have made pledges and I know their financial situation and their financial situation is visible and consumer credit are the granting of God doesn't intend for you to give that money until you get your financial house in order it's a infamous simple down was doing it anonymous of the guilt and God doesn't need that money he needs you to be financially secure to get out of debt and have been in ministry and a mentor to your community of the people I love you Christians as being solid financial pillars in the community and giving back to the community if Christians would follow this simple principle it would do more than anything else to bring peace Park family and prosperity to what the cause of God we should not be giving large sums of money if we haven't gotten our financial house in order and that that's not what the Bible says the Bible says we need to be working looking at ourselves internally and get rid of that debt that doesn't mean this in August in August not give anything to the church I'll keep spending a lot of money and I'll stay in debt and an gods is either going to give anything and so then I can save my type and timbers and everything else hour and say hi this requirement that's God we just have to get back to know but these offerings that extend at twenty to thirty to forty percent of your gross income that's what I'm talking about in that area that should only be done when everything is paid off I'm even talk radio for five years ago well before the big crunch the seven years ago no one would tell you that you should pay off your house because everything look but in fact you should borrow as much as you can usually get this house you can because instead of your biggest single investment is going broke faster than anything else and we are so intimate millions of dollars that's a financial plan to bring it back then I was saying no if the debt and I don't care right are of interest you need to pay off your house now those people come back to you how do you know you can present your right I'm right because the Bible says that because of financial planners is obviously now it if you're only renting the house that you are borrowing money and you're it it's like what you lease a car instead of why are we to talk about that discussion your your your renting the car that's at least as years is leasing the money just a different way of getting alone there are certain situations were renting is the smarter move in some some communities if you look if you're going to be there for thirteen months and had your houses are flatter going down to be financial suicide by how she would rent so it really depends on how long your staying there what your plans are and what your ministry is at it it depends on what things it's more complicated and so renting house on an instant situation when I when I tell people when they moved they be moved out of state whatever state I tell them you need to rent for six months because you don't know for sure radio say what house you want was to be an over the micro claims are in the community so you just rent for six months until you settled I I see people in a help I had my house and she has been seen and then you know my miscellanea we were selling out because that's hour-long live and and they lose money so God in his wisdom and counsel must have first place in your life principle number five God in his wisdom and counsel must have first place in your life trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not and about understanding physicians are famous for this in my phone man physicians are early on in their own understanding because we don't sell well in school and at the same time you didn't hear it that had been out ahead of your progressive never having trouble and use everybody tell your so smart bright we just think we can keep everything but it says here we should be pressing enter on understanding we should lean on God in all my ways acknowledge him and he shall direct I have been a wise and then ionize the Lord and apart from evil it shall be held by Naval and Maracaibo honor the Lord with my substance and with the firstfruits of all I bet seeking first the king of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto us so we should be seeking God 's wisdom and his honor before I keep standing in front of you sorry so that should be where we start because if we just renotice a certified financial planner which in many cases it's kind of a good thing to do but if they are not Christians if they don't believe in the same philosophy we have what they're going to tell you is is some of its correct but some of its corrupt this goes beyond what would Jesus do instead what is the biblical expert have to counsel in this area my life that answer if you have a biblical worldview and we do that no one were among brothers and sisters here with a biblical worldview and we believe that the Bible is for prophecy can answer those questions for if we don't get the answer we don't have the answer women got to be answered it's probably because we have studied enough it's not because he answers out there it's because men the paper not an endgame we develop that relationship with God and we would do now in peace and sometimes we don't stumble onto the answer we wanted to get the answer so your purpose in life is to glorify God the biblical principles of financial principal let your life should find the barman that you may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven on this physician came to me I don't know if I'd really tell anybody that is interest in doing financial planning but he did he came to me has yours you seem to have yet you have no financial problems it seems like you know you can you drive a pretty modest coroner had a know it of any income level you're at the radiologists you can get an idea of a ballpark as sorry as you know yeah we do I mean is your house paid for and I know you have house is paid for your cardiac cars before you have any good now to have a debt will how do you do that while you don't get overnight but you start out with a eight units are similar any as well could you help me I symbol at the time I was taking the certified financial planning course in one of the requirements was that I have people that I actually did sample financial planning with a knife this is perfect because if I can charge I would charge anyway I need you to do this to help me for my class work and so we went through this and the end result was that and in the same time I told him about turtle getting me he's not a Christian but I said you need to give back to community and he actually was a fun ride there for the YMCA to expand and he gave a fairly large donation to the YMCA because it was just like you need to get back that's part of what you do for your community and that's part of financial plan whether therefore you are drink water reading to all of the glory of God everything were doing that but ours we drive how a story and it's sad to as driving with that with Neil back from the airport and reacting go past the Tesla dealership and actually in a survey of young people in college they were saying it if you if money was no issue what car we drive the number one car in that list was actually it wasn't for Ari or Lamborghini in your Porsche it was Tesla and we had a talk about the benefit bring us in solar panels and then discharging the test line in Denver eighty thousand as about with a starting in or from eighty nine hundred forty thousand and we both had a talk about any testimony is that you know what the perception perception of driving that even seem to be in good financial thing and it's good economy and I can charge it using the side and always in a benefit the perception like especially on remark campus would be like that's probably regrouping to so we had to have him with us in everything we do whatever we do drink eat whatever we do we need to alter the glory of God now if really you could convince me that I could write a test over five years and I did charge about my solar panels in Vienna five years like itself write a part I don't care what they think I'm fine that you are always exceptions the world seeks prosperity losing this is the world thinks prosperity to bring themselves glory would you agree that's why they were prosperity the Christian seeks to bring glory to God and that is in prosperity and adversity is appropriate for the Christian Oliver prospering is not bad either look at Abraham Abraham is so wealthy they called an apprentice to get all kinds of possessions God knew he didn't trust him with his possession God is again having your prosperity but look at that it's appropriate for the Christian to prosper in order to provide for personal needs but also the needs of others and help advance the cause of God that's the purpose prosperity what your needs are met that is the neatest white-hot okay let's go via I met about are lets plan motor homers and no your needs are met it's now time to provide the needs of others may need help pay for tuition for someone to go to school someone who really need it young to provide for others and then also help advance the cause of God and Savior in here must the people my candidate might want to know how to get more financial planning but if any of your financially secure and you have some of the second night we could even talk to me I kind of several because you put your mighty good work principle seven the tithe is the minimum testimony of her Christian permit and blessed be the most high God were to finish your pretty quick of a release of hyper questions and blessed be the most high God which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand and he gave him tithes of all the typing occurred clear back way back in Genesis and Jacob I minute okay Jacob out of assaying of God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go and will give me bread to eat and raiment to put on so that I come again to my father 's house in peace then shall the Lord be my God and this which has set Robert Kelly got house and all that thou shall give now surely give a tent under the brand the Lord I change not therefore he said that they are not consumed and this is the famous text from Malachi three even from the days we bothered you gone away for my gardens and have not capped and returning to me and I'll return and use of articles but he said wherein shall we return let man rob God to you brought me peace they weren't we robbing offering your cursed with a curse for you rob me what happens when you don't care tonight first with a curse bring all the time the storehouse that there may be need in my house and prove me now here with that the Lord of hosts if I will not open you the windows and pour you out a blessing in there shall not be room enough to receive a lot of people go there I pay my tithe and I missed it can't change it away for this big you know God sent the blessings again money is relative to God blessing is relatively gone what is God 's great goal in life not to make us prosperous his goal is that not any should be lost but that all hundred pence his goal is to get into the habit and if that goal is that were best served in adversity that's where we want to pray to keep that because this colony are seventy years on this earth a little chronology you guys are mathematicians with infinity plus seventy what is it it still the same it's it what happened to seventy is not there in the mathematical pages seventy nothings this is like the seven year 's ability to her mathematically in relation to infinity he wants his friend Randy he doesn't care about the seventy years he does he love the button you want to say and he will and what ever means he didn't know his enemy into an adversity we need to pray and accept that God will do that for us our deep in the power per year thanks he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground neither shall your vine back to keep pushing wrong but I get too excited neither shall your vine cast or crew before trying the fields that the Lord has so the last principal arena cover that will have some time for questions everyone must give an account to God as money management you thought you are just judged on your deeds will that those are days oftentimes you know they say you know you want to know and follow the money humor that her father many you want to know where people 's heart is find out where they're spending their money where you find out where spinning in their money is where their harness and that's their deeds after a long time the Lord of those servants cometh and reckon with them for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ that every one may receive the things done in his body according to that yet done whether it be good or bad and behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as he should tell his work shall be there is nothing more certain in Scripture than the fact that we must all face judgment will your financial planning group financial management holdup for that scrutiny is worth anything well done thou good and papal sermons now hast been for your things I will make you ruler over many things even now into the joy the Lord enter thou into the drug Lord so that an Internet in a nutshell the biblical foundation for financial management how we deal with it what are the most important things the board things are everything black to God that is really bad and were not all be judged on how we handle our are many in our financial planning in addition we set the scenario for how our community our church and our family manages money and so what you do has an impact for many generations sometimes so questions Jordan or you had a question finished finished yet can you repeat your question because one audio versa they can hear the question is what about those people who know they may make a reasonable income but thereafter giving aid they may have everything paid off that it is any giving everything to the Lords work there really living in an relative adversity there some people are called to our martyrs life I don't think very many are and some people might even consider that somewhat martyrdom I don't think that the Bible in the Bible I can't find anything in the Bible where it says that we should have that God wants us to prosper he wants us to be comfortable and but he wants us to save he was a statement that is big goal is disabled in spin some people situation that's where God is keeping them because that's listening to say that but I don't think that's the general rule I think in general that isn't biblical can someone prove me wrong you want to prove your well clearly when I started the work they were they were his they were dirt poor I mean a remorse under poor later in her life they were acting union reasonably comfortable to me you don't have to go down saving realized that is a pretty nice place I have you I I do I think God had a plan in fact I remember personally someone she will talk about your preservation she was telling you we should have lots of food put up because it would just get worm-eaten and should one year she put up two hundred sixty seven quarts of peaches and pears and plums and apricots and it felt like a hundred thousand fifteen hundred quarts of and fruits let's get a staff of fifteen eighteen people that eight of the table all the time in friends and neighbors of the God provided this vague place because she had a ministry but only it wasn't always as dirt poor is what we would read about early writing and note in the early books because God did prosper in the later years and she was really comforting Gabe sacrificially as we know but knows she was now not she would she was not bereft of a resource the question is about nonprofits and how you selected it has to go online and find out now if you're just looking at a general five one two three yeah you can go online and find out after how much of the resource goes to the to the end product and you'd be standing if you do that sometimes it's twenty percent awaited and you have fifty percent marketing budget it took them fifty percent accident you'd give them money I would never get 501(c)(3) did I'm my goal is that I want at least ninety percent ago the intended purpose and if you can get to ninety five ninety six percent are some nonprofit to do that factor some nonprofits that have volunteers fundraising those are even better so I think the idiotic choice and you want the tax deduction the first choice would be to have to do all of the due diligence and go find the orphanage or whatever action given the money the problem with this if it's out of the country you can't deduct it from income tax so you know we just we want to look you can go on and you can ninety which is the form that I was seeing three has to file an IRS you can look at their nine ninety unique and see the donors are even stupider than sorry into their tax return because it's required that the file it may have to make it available so if you want to go to all that much work which is good to do is that you are considering a major donation I think it's very volatile because those are gods it's God 's money and we have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that it's handled correctly we don't want to give it to a nonprofit that half of their money goes in salary but he that question out his repeat it was you give repeatedly last thirty to forty percent whenever there's been a crash of course because he makes money by by telling you that is every time he does in exchange he gets a percentage and commission very good that you should have been investing if you had all this death and Elizabeth of course you know because you make any money by telling you to bite on your deck can be done in a commission off of that he doesn't get a commission if you agree to do my equity with them and he gets permission up of shares should invest at all you should invest it on to get your debt paid off at the exception of that interview especially if your employees and your players matching you know your retirement that's money on the table to leave any money on the table if you put in two percent no match for percent wiping Adventist health of the pencil like that if you're not everything are disturbing I know how to say that your meeting or present on the table and you need to put in that two percent needed investment even if you have debt even if it's three in a 50-50 match if they're not recently the money on the table put innocent max out put as much of the let you let them match the fifty percent take their money after that if you're investing because you're worried about retirement and you have all this massive debt wrong answer and is not biblical biblical and that is that get rid of the debt there are certified financial planners that now work by the hour and make no commission those are people you should seek out because they don't have a vested interest in making if they don't have anything you know any skin in the game there is working by the hour and are giving the best case scenario advice and to say you can you can do it you want these is what I recommend but I don't make anything Opera those are the people you question yes is there an error the question was is there any ever a place for debt clearly most of us wouldn't have gone to loan Linda if there was no place for them a great male mice that unity we need to send some depth there got it shows me to purchase estimated since there are clearly times and places for debt but that's corporate debt is anytime for personal and the answer is probably occasionally but that should be shown there are always certain situations crises medical crises that that's becoming less of a problem now is everybody's must-have insurance but here you have co-pays no thanks I mean there's some issues work you don't have a medical crisis but the bread burner stops earning money doesn't have disability insurance and so you have this income drop and you may have you just use note you going to adversity should you assume that Dan I wish I'm not even for the best number appropriate time to assume that because we need a network of family and friends and sometimes that they they just need to know that seeing that it's a blessing to them to help you out but we don't let them help with I mean taken the blessing away from them if you give it your husbands lost your job and you have medical prices and your new Gloucester house and went back to the bank and in your Barak it can be a true blessing to the family that takes effect in as compared to assuming that and in digging a bigger hole in their case-by-case or always some situations where dad is is okay but that should generally be completely shut I tell people you know it depends it depends on the financial situation depends on how fast they want to accelerate the buydown I'm if they want to get in a five-year get a thirty year amortization get a five year balloon have it paid off in five years may have a plan and they can show me the plan of the work I don't want a thirty year amortization take thirty years missing a mortgage at your four now that's not right but if you show me a reasonable plan that shows your to have that debt paid off in a reasonable time then that's a reasonable maneuver but to do that it will buy at a less expensive house that they don't why can't pay out and happened in our house often underscores again assuaged by you by a modest home that you can get that paid off in a reasonable great time and all buy into that and stay with the program and get paid off when you get paid off I Taylor it's the greatest in your life but the old mantra with white houses you can because that houses going up so fast that White will just cash in on this big stupidity of this this housing bubble for the housing bubble burst I sold my house about a year before that happened I didn't see it coming but I have a case this can go forever and we have to rent it for two years as I didn't know where he is going on but we we have not been as our house to her orthopedic surgeon who want to buy it so it would have it and we rented for two years because we didn't know where we wanted to be but I knew at that point time I didn't want to buy a house because the market wasn't right when God was calling so early Marley looked along the eighty order which is where we moralize or no houses on this type is really stored past his the inventory was really cheap over on Highway fifteen it was at the top of it we found a house over there that was a stunning at two four million into it and it was elicited a million and a buyer for nine hundred and ten thousand cash we had an appraisal three times by an insurance company can manage and edit replacement cost writer on it he said we have to ensure this house for two four million because that's the cost to replace so I had to pay insurance on a two four million dollar house that only paid nine hundred ten thousand we lived in it for thirteen months we put in the landscape a little vest that may deepen and fifty thousand dollars and sold for one three five entertainment in this economy sold in thirteen months ago so you know there God was calling us there and it seems like an expensive home that we made forty eight percent profit in thirteen months in this economy yes so the question and I think you're you if if that earning spouse thinking he has been our wife of the earning spouse the high wage earning spouse am kind of classes account maker earning that you can still pay for the house if your house is paid for that's not a problem that's the beauty of having your house paid for that's the beauty of having a consumer credit having of Carmona have no debt and have you know three or Samantha you asked that question to give everything we recommend at least three next month of living expenses bitterly and liquid account not to be given away because in that very situation happens everything you start three to six months of comfortable living without having to do regarding think word were not bit like five more minutes and questions yes all I get the night of the Basilica of the roof of the solar panel to the house I figure that I just plugged thing at night it anyway for the glory to God it is a really good question there is the time value the money so whatever the money could earn if you had invested in something good point now if you don't need transportation and that's a luxury bad idea but I need transportation and if I buy a forty thousand dollar anything you know Camry or something and you know five years later it's worth twelve thousand dollars so I had no twenty thousand dollars of depreciation and that's compared to spending a few thousand dollars but having no depreciation that the better deal now better there is the deal don't work that way but if you could prove to me that they would buy it back at a price it would be a smart move to make no matter what was case you need transportation if you don't need transportation and you live in New York City and Akashi twelve hundred month park the car bad choice take public transportation that's what all the smart people who are trying to save money yet we just happening can you say that buying a nine hundred ten thousand dollar house the cash was a bad move but a lot of money it's a beautiful house is six thousand square foot house in beautiful my wife said in fact this is true she was right I tried for four months to get her to agree to bias you cannot unify the house I don't Lebanon houses tonight so I mean and I think some people might be seen that Houston is a stunning home that you know it seemed so it seemed to work out and we didn't we didn't stay there we really never were comfortable with it we look at it investment it turned out to be a very valuable investment and we mark on a fair amount about the prophet so we're able to put it back into God 's work but I would have to tell you in closing the reason that you went through is because of the cash the banks had tried that yet they had all kinds of bank issues they had a bunch of fires in the banks wouldn't just biggest what it was rural property may deny the thinking mode cash and time that's the deal I will give any more money and they said let's get okay thank you for joining hope you learned some biblical principles about financial planning and will haven't been to radical disobedience was using my audio verse four amen Adventist medical evangelism network to learn more about the men please visit www. evenhandedness I will like to listen more free online service www. download universe are


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