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Christ's Method's in the 21st Century-Part 2

Ernestine Finley


Ernestine Finley

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  • October 31, 2014
    3:15 PM
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okay that afternoon throwing to take a moment and pray and ask God to be here already have and we thank you that you are the great God of the universe that your loving God you care for each person on the face of this earth you want us all and have an insult father give us the wisdom to know how to reach these people thank you for the help message we thank you for what you have given to us as a people and now blacklist today Mayor Holy Spirit dwell here in Jesus name nine well you've all heard a lot about ensuring everybody wants to know what insurance plan we have but God had a help in our assurance plan and as we can health ministry as a health professional or as a layperson you know when we were early in our ministry we had a wonderful privilege of working with Albert O.J. now and I mean hot out how to actually incorporate that hot health ministry along with the gospel ministry and Doctor McFarlin also would be the general conference health director at the time and we went to him because he came and worked with and without it now in Hartford and we went to him and said where Jan and we are not health professionals might have been of the minister and the teacher I was teaching grades five through eight he said should we behold your program and he had by all means you just need to do one thing and back and hide behind the authorities and that what we have done we have studied we have taken classes we taken courses waived by the thirty or the Loma Linda try and learn about cooking old and other things and bad but you are a health professional you have a great advantage but if you are a layperson here today you can hold these programs in your church as well hide behind the authorities and God will bless you and by following God 's health insurance plan we can actually increase the possibility of living longer healthier lives we know that right we know that that is a fact and God we also know that God has principles for help he had the wonderful eight natural remedies we teach a class on wellness our new start or creation health or whatever it is an we know that they were we know that God has given up a natural remedy the real true remedies of pure air let me know together we know that allow that pure air sunlight and then had to read exercise proper diet the use of water trust in divine power these are the true remedy and that people to our health program they actually be that this is true that we are actually the true remedy but God has given the message of healthful living not only for his church but for the world and so we we need to translate back into our church is incorporate it into our churches though that we can give this message to the world because they don't know they don't know they think they are coming to our church and by the way they will come to your church for a health program Wednesday night sarcastic and become for a Bible study or come to turn on and through the years however very cute bad by health reform I was strongly I was shown in the part of the third hand of method in the ring I don't map an important is surely what we preach on that and evangelism we preach on that in our churches we had a very important but she said the health reform I was strong in the part of the third Angels message and his job as closely connected with that and are the arm and the hand with the human body so we need to come back out that there is with the three angels message with the gospel message that I saw that at the end of that we had to keep on my hate and they move in this great work so we taken at hand work and get to move on how and the biblical together this is why it's so important for pastors and doctors pastors and health professionals to work together as a team and God will bless that immensely and God has commissioned his church to share the principles that help a living as a part of an enzymatic and if we are opportunities God can and may even will use others to accomplish his divine purpose and will miss a great opportunity I stated in cooking all the time I can go into whole foods are acting go into Wegmans in Virginia I can go into some of these places and they will tell me that they are they big advantage that can and they are conducting their wanting to know where they can go to learn more about vegetarianism even and so they are holding the world is holding the world I'll bring that the favorite parts of the body of Christ meeting needs everywhere indeed the name of the church is add the charts need to be open I share with people in my reading classes that the charts is actually probably the only economical building in the world because it is all and one that we will soon be help in every day and every day people should become a zoo our church to get help in what ever need that they may have because wellness has to do with the whole person we learn that it includes the mental emotional physical social and spiritual Doctor Natalie went over that very clearly on opening meeting that is so important to have a balance of all of these factors are together and that's why you can incorporate this spiritual healing to your health programs not have it as an attack dog high as seventeen fifty nine and medical missionary work in the right hand of the gospel if necessary to the advancement of the cause of God and we have seen that in our work it had a really amazing in nineteen eighty seven before communism fell we were asked to go to Poland and we said that the government has been given permission to go to have an evangelistic meeting I think that after everything we know how to pray we want to pray that we can get and get you in for an evangelistic series and we pray and then the next thing we knew that our people had gone to the government official and asked if we could have an appointment with them can do around me and I hope one and when we got there and that with the government official they said Mister Stanley what do you can you do for our any of the bank expects center of the Solidarity movement we have many challenges here many problems many what do you do far that he any and all you have heart disease near the cancer here you have people who are smoking here well yes we have all that well what if we can and had program on how to stop smoking how to reduce your cholesterol on cooking school on all stress management on all if you can do that we went we would gladly have you come in Guggenheim nineteen eighty seven we went in there with Jeff help the right arm of the gospel the answering went and now after several months of training in working with the pastors of working with the laypeople and conducting all of the health program that we went back to England at the time we are living in Saint Albans England and they called back to the government office and they said Mister Stanley it's amazing what's happening in the city they are coming up that people are getting help there getting help to stop smoking and stress level of going down hard in an internal link and so I gave you the family I keep a paper and you can do anything you want and if they week that he said all of that wonderful I would like the whole theory of Bible lectures in your member at better influence twelve hundred people we have less than sixty Seventh-day Adventists in that city and we wondered what would happen the entering lag with the help message but it was amazing because we can't working it out if they deliver and it just happened its work some people would like to finish the work without work but that doesn't work him about lead time people how to do these programs how do you have Bible study how to do all the things and we advertise no link that he would be evangelistic meeting and a quarter of a mile down the street it was amazing people were lined up and that was amazing at people went through that turnstile and they opened the doors hundreds piled in over twelve hundred people they went to the authorities that we can't get any more people in and we market can we have a double fashion can we have another fashion that led to another session that led to any baptism and good night all and that led to our meeting in Hungary and Yugoslavia in a rush job and in the Lahaina University in the Kremlin on for a hungrily at eight thousand five hundred people all and every night in the Kremlin on a plan and I had a receipt it was incredible and that led to the Olympic Stadium meetings where we had over a hundred health professionals from Loma Linda University medical old that came and helped us with our health act of we had eighteen thousand people calmly and reunite and when we went to Russia just recently for our twentieth reunion of the new in one nine zero nine eight three we had a meeting wondered what would happen because before we started health ministry health evangelism we had one church in fanfare on Moscow at the on those three years we had thirteen churches it was amazing we went back twenty years later just as last year we went back with the reunion and we wondered what would happen in the city of Moscow twenty years later we went back for theory a follow-up meeting we now have my friends when he and services and Moscow and it all happened from health ministry it is truly the entering wedge tennis through it men and women are led to see the importance of right habits of living and thinking power of the truth will be made known that what happened David Howell of the truth was made known because of health ministry I'm here to tell you that health ministry work it's amazing medical missionary work is a great answering lead whereby the disease gold may be reached Vermont food seventy six Philadelphia reached many people through this method but the basic rationale for all health ministry is our love for people and desire for them to have the fullness of life that Jesus so freely offered so we need both the physical and spiritual someone said Monday you have an arterial motive when you're doing a cooking goal for example well yeah I want to leave them to Jesus Jesus had about your emotive right he said the woman at the well if you drink this water you never thirst again making drink of the water that I gave you birth so he wanted to are you willing to but on the other hand we have a love for the people and even if we can help them now not everybody accepted Jesus but Jesus still yell at them and so we can still heal people even if they don't expect them but that is the ultimate goal and that's the rationale for all of our health ministry in churches grow when there is a plan process of community outreach meeting the physical and mental social and spiritual needs of people in fact in my training especially in my Bible work training I tell my people that if you do this one thing your church will grow to students why they then share with you your church will grow there's no question about it I feel it all over the world and the methods that we use here in the United States we use in Africa does not affect their principles and methods change principles of the thing and the human India Africa and Europe difficult Europe we just can have from Dublin Ireland where we thought they were but it says that in how those on diet includes four seventy and that every church every charge that mean your church every church should be a training school for Christian workers its members should be taught how to get Bible reading how to conduct against Sabbath school classes how to best help the poor and care for the sick how to work for the unconverted and there shouldn't these schools are out school and help in our church and wow just think we had schools and health in our churches what would happen cookies goals she said and classes in various line of Christian help work if we back up our church as a training school every church and the train all I want black and our churches will grow I've seen it happen to the planning process came to in those three things what was that in Matthew four twenty three Jesus went about all Galilee teaching preaching and healing all kinds of sickness and all I need so Jesus went about doing three things teaching preaching and handling and by the way he probably did more in the healing ministry that he did in the preaching ministry Jesus method of evangelism find a need and mediate and Mark shared with you this statement of Jesus method ministry of healing one forty three said Christ let's read this together Christ and that alone would give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men as one who desired the good show their sympathy for them manage their to their needs one are confident and gone he bade them all on me so we first of all need to know and I'll like to chat with the people so we may need to bring from non- members and non- Seventh-day Adventist into our church is right and start mingling with them and then he desired there good we desire there we see they have are the answer of obesity diabetes all of the various chronic diseases and we can help them we can say goodbye Diomedes right we can reverse heart disease we had inside information after we get some of these ideas for your evangelism there got the idea again in the Bible and we get them in the spirit of prophecy and so we need only people we desire they're good he showed are you going to their needs and add today about all the act is so important Jesus focused on ministering to people in need and we choose to focus on people we follow in his step footsteps and so you been called we've all been called by the master having difficult manifestation of unselfish love in an age of selfishness they what would happen what would happen my friend is someone who came anything you need to close down your church tomorrow when the community on an armed they can close that Seventh-day Adventists charged their help enough there helping up with Martin is neither helping with reducing these chronic diseases cancer diabetes stroke and all the wrath you can't close down there helping us with family life there helped me with all the things you say we are the manifestation of unselfish love the Lehman called nineteen to breakdown prejudice to soften hard heart to open close my the ministry administer healing to people with broken spirit and in these bodies and follow into the footstep meeting needs everywhere in his name and phone we been called to do this kind of work what is medical evangelism it is meeting the needs of others in loving service with the ultimate goal of introducing them to the source of love Christ and really what you had a call evangelism is all about so the question is how do we practically accomplish the goal of helping people with better health and also have been serve as an entering wedge to reach the disease though the we practically live at and when I use my classroom I want my my the people in my class to go away any I can go and visit this is simple practical and fun to go over and practical things here and one of the way that we can meet the needs of our community if the comprehensive health ministry these are just a few of the things that you can do but a good way to start if you haven't been doing it in your church and I know many of you are health professional and you maybe doing this already but maybe you can learn a few more get a few more ideas that we know of anything because starting with the help at all is a wonderful way to start a new church because you open the door for people to come and go to all the various stations in eight different stations the movement can be underwhelmed it can be under new start it can be with creation how opportunity with celebrations whatever it is today the acronym doesn't matter what you do does matter with the eight natural remedy and then stop smoking plan to we have almost a convict Hale Rendon had at Adventist today in the when we learn that we were so privileged to start with Pastor O.J. no two taught health ministry in the church and he did stop smoking plan and when my husband was learning how to do this we were having three or five hundred people that would attend to stop smoking plan and we can do that today the General conference just put out and refine a new stop smoking plan called breathe free and that is available for you the news and we can have stopped smoking eight steps to wellness more new start or whatever natural lifestyle cooking stress and depression in recovery what ever it is but I'm trying to meet when a man to lead on and then also it is not that we don't incorporate the evangelist that if that we tried to incorporate aerosol as we go along but did you have a health program out here and never climaxed that with evangelistic meeting from time to get very little result because we didn't have people in the palm of our hand for five days in stop smoking and then are gone we said goodbye or can be in a nutrition class five classes six seven whatever it is and then they're gone but if we keep having cycle sequence of evangelism and and and I share with you how we do that in public evangelism and how it needs actually spiritual needs as well and so we do need to get out people in our class that come to our classroom I mean because were not only just ending packing on an evangelistic meeting were getting to know people were getting to make friends we develop a bond with those class members we look for spiritual opportunities to share biblical principles and we allow God to work through and be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in conversation before and after the meeting let me share with you how I happen to start off teaching natural lifestyle cooking classes this was not actually in Los Angeles I archived there they told nothing could happen in Los Angeles is the very difficult way we had over two hundred people that came to our cooking classes they are but in addition that is truly the Emperor when I there were passive and others and didn't really even think that will work public evangelism couldn't work and when they are how we integrated the health ministry with that they became excited and I thought people from the public people from the community coming but like to share with you how I got started and why I even feel this is so important for our churches to have these kinds of programs we were in after we interned with a wonderful pastoral rebel we were sent to a small district now in that extract on their way dying churches the conference president said to my husband left you can't go anywhere but because the district is so far down you have a dying church over here there were three churches this one time I had dad and this one needs in a more literally in a graveyard and and that's what we had ourselves a part and then you have another church that well supposed to be the best church and so we went over there and we saw that even the charts very few people are coming out we decided to put a little ad in the newspaper for Bible study after the next day online we have strong prayer ministry like we do we were praying it probably wouldn't work and by chance they wouldn't even work that we put this little ad in the newspaper and we prayed that God we want you to put at least two or three responses in our mailbox every day to get Bible studies and God did that we went down to that little post office and Quinn about Connecticut and God put responses to Bible studies we had over thirty Bible studies going it was a want right here but then Mark Anthony wanted to hold the cooking goal wire never fear the people I went to jail in Hartford I was thinking gray ball and I didn't have the opportunity to go through a cooking class are cooking school and he said I could I'd never done before any finale TV and how well it is so easy maybe you can do it with me and tell them how we got started to gather because I do not know what I was doing I only gone we were in our first district and I thought well maybe all the income from them all about have done little recipes on a sheet we had in a week grandma on the old mimeographed some of you younger people you know I'm talking about but now the old mimeograph machine we ran off and I rented a and gave them out and I thought all this cooking school but content people in for some reason he blessed our advertising and we had about sixty people that came and and in that cooking school I thought this is a total disaster and yet one night young lady and her late twenties came up to me gently she said I you doing this anyway and I didn't even know I I I I get it out I guess I was being an obedient life inside and I just said well and I tried to think I might be quickly like that well you know we are physical mental and spiritual and an in-house as we learn how to keep our bodies and how and where you know we improve physically then we can now improve Joanna at all now what did I say to her by the wrong paint but why are you laughing I thought while I have a little black and before we have a third sample and I said well we do that in our home and were just bringing you around our family table and said what you get I will study and were yet to get Bible studies and select the home of Joanne we started with her for several months she said my husband is a high school teacher and counting yet he's never heard anything like that to study with him we studied with days after several months they were both baptized they introduced us to his parent and we started with them and they were baptized then they introduced us to his sister and her husband they were baptized people in that Damascus cooking school and I said right then and there Lord if it way not only giving a better health but this is the way of winning souls to you I will do that the rest of my life and I have been I just finished a cooking school recently and so on that's how I got started and and you can do it as well because it makes a difference and yet we are told in testimonies volume nine one twelve cooking schools are to be held so we ought to hold these good people and I love you have one already because they cannot count around I think the two fifty one says the one who understand the art of properly preparing food and uses this knowledge is worthy of higher commendation in those days many of the line work wow wow if you use if you understand the art of properly preparing food and use this knowledge this is worthy of higher commendation this talent should be regard an equal in value to the talent birthright you have nice to do it keeping the human organism and health and people are open people are opened a wine sitcom that will want to your church for cooking oil you know when we were in Chattanooga in that ninety five there were a lot of those a lot of opposition witnessed ninety five that came to my content I now have it go to be a good grace to you it is written into the church into your ministry don't do it and he said look I'd rather do something for God and fail and do nothing but God asked me and so I rather have thirty in handling meetings and have only one because that's twenty nine more I can do at the same time but I believe that I've been teaching for the seminary over what was that ten years he said I believe that we would have at least three hundred pastors that would do that would get on board with that let's pray for three hundred churches we had six hundred and seventy six churches in that ninety five and we had over eight thousand baptisms in North America that led to net ninety six with twelve languages for the country and over eighteen thousand baptisms in North America and and and so God led that we also decided to have a looking school in that net as well Anglican satellite that I didn't know how to do television I don't know television that Mark Fields not mine but I got both of the Lord and I spent on announcing the television station if I could make an appointment I went down with all kinds of samples with different phase and the and I bet they were to give me an interview from the time I found that even I thought I went down without everything on breakfast ample pancake while both all kind the very thing burned very happy about all the things and they started taking some example and I thought wow they were just thinking me a couple of minutes but they gave me twelve minutes at the long time on television and we had over seven hundred and fifty convention Center in Chattanooga the and so on but I knew that God had to increase my own ability because I know I was learning and so I want to give you some just a few practical things in holding any kind of health programming particularly cooking school logo over back but in any kind of health programming what are impractical a that are extremely important while advertising well advertising well I thought that we went into Chattanooga and then I also we had about six hundred in Orlando in ninety six because again you don't always get television but there are some unique opportunities that with all three and up advertising well and then I actually on his thirty years newspaper very effectively we got several articles free in the newspaper so you have all kinds of different ways you can do brochures you can mail to your interests list you can distribute them to the church you can get your friends and neighbors you can distribute them and help with stores are you sure and you can do better than I can share with you how that can be very effective but also you have the opportunity of having inherent sample of our brochure that we had in Mobile Alabama and by the way we baptized non- Southern Baptist that were in the Baptist Church for all of their life leaders in the Baptist Church holy because of our health program of natural lipoprotein and it was very thrilling to see what God did in the sample of our brochure that we had there but newspaper articles are free and I realize that when many years ago I was actually pregnant with my daughter Rebecca on that stuff planned this convention and I was baking bread for a health food store just a few of every week and I was baking bread for our family and we were teaching a doctor and his wife was under how to do nutrition class it as though they had not worked would you go and advertise for us because we don't really know much about advertising so he went down to the newspaper editor and told him that they were interested in a cooking school with empathizing vegetarianism and she said well definitely not interested in vegetarianism but I am interested in bread making you know anyone that makes good homemade bread and he said well yes as a matter of fact my wife makes bread every week for our family and she's actually making him for help the store maybe I can bring by a low so he brought by a loaf of bread then he invited her to come to my home and take some pictures Northern Ireland Hawaii when doing that again this was actually odd in July eleven nineteen seventy three I'm Leon laminated back to say that but making a comment like that but once you may have bread in every stage that you can think have the ingredients over here have grab coming out of the Manhattan next thing and Olivet again I know really while doing it but I did and they came in a newspaper editor cane and a photographer came they were taking pictures and they were interviewing Mark and then at the hand they said to him again that is the big article and it said John of Japan to join a bread classes you could call it a large enough having Brent Clapton and you yeah you and him and I said to me I've never had a bread class in my life I was doing a little bit on the rack at London on vegetarianism in my cooking boat that I hadn't have whole week when help program that may not grant so I thought will have no idea when I like to do with EV do I think that Mike I'm not sure how to do this I started thinking while I knead bread in all different stages because I need to show them how to mix the bread then I need to show on the second stage after it had been rising for an hour and a half then I need to go into the finished product and then I need to give them samples so I trying to figure this out and it was amazing because I didn't even know anyone would come to do so I went down to the better living center button on the company 's brand class anyway never been found to my knowledge anywhere and I went down and as a more and I heard the lady on our way and I can okay and she said I'm then I heard her say all you have to we are having a bread class but the class is also in the one next week and now I had to know when I hadn't even had one cat and I but we ended up with actually read Brad Clapton there but at the end of that I was studying the Bible with his lady and then we were called the Southern New England conference at full-time evangelist in southern New England and we took that call and so I have made arrangements for this Bible study with someone out that I didn't really know what happened several years later we were at the folding Institute and a lady came up to me and she said you remember me and I said very familiar just give me a hand she said you remember the red class that you had a better living center in Chattanooga Tennessee and I know I do I have fresh and she said well studied the Bible I all I remember you now you and she said we continued the Bible studies my husband continue those Bible study we are now at the seminary studying for the ministry and we heard that you started the following Institute here we wanted to come and learn how we could do these classes because we see that on that souls can be one himself not only did we have a harvest or at least found that we know will never know what the harvested until eternity but we also had the entering wedge of newspaper articles because when we went to southern New England I took this article I went to newspaper after newspaper and we could have raised article in your newspaper and I ran our first cooking goal we had a hundred and twenty in Fitchburg Massachusetts we had over two hundred in Boston Massachusetts we had I don't even know how many hundreds in Hartford we went back to Hartford and we had to have closed-circuit TV because we were into in Hartford Connecticut with the cooking school and we now use some of the article at the base because in our instructors manual we have an entire instructor 's manual for churches and we had some of those newspaper articles that can be used in so we now have material and newspaper articles we have newspaper at that newspaper ad do consequently but radio if your conducting unnatural like Doctor Arthur any health program that you conduct out in your Church of the free community service you can have free PFA public service announcement they are obligated to give those to you and we went to every radio station as well Orlando and all of the cities where we go we get them when we have thirty and sixty second spot announcement felt advertising because if we don't get people how you may have the best program in the world but you need to get people out so advertising is very important and then to provide the materials when I started with cooking school believe me I don't have any material I didn't even know where to start but since then I have grown a little bit and I now have actually our cookbook which is all color coded with all the recipes and all that on all the picture for every mango recipe we have a four-color picture we actually fixed the food and then took the picture of the family and so we have that all we have a work but higher work but with all the scientific information and all the references for everything so that people not only get on demonstration food samples see how to do it recipes they also get nutritional and scientific information and that's what people want to do so we need to provide good materials we have that we also have it in Spanish and we have an entire that we also have on the DVD so that we have some DVDs that we haven't whatever you use for material and I tell people whatever you can use off him yet the DVD other seven classes either just that I sure twenty eight minute DVD on seven classes that we happily have homemade bread making made easy where we talk about either degrees and we have and making breakfast the better meal you can show them because its actual demonstrations but it's not a full cooking school but you can you can show it in your home you can show it in your charts and Hindu that but it's not all cookies go but providing good materials is so important and I learned that early as we were doing that so providing found very good material you have everything from the cookbook to the workbook to the instructor manual to even the advertising brochures we have an entire brochure we have a wire in a flyer for the one off at celebration hospital very on bid to just have something that you can writing people without providing good material on we knew that this is what we have are natural lifestyle cooking advocate of work but the instructor 's manual the DVD seven thirty minutes early like twenty eight within intro and so forth advertising brochures the fire of the newspaper articles and the radio spot announcement and so yet these can be gotten at your local ABC on Pacific trash actually publishes this note can be gotten at Adventist book center .com I brought it with me because the last time I went I hadn't know that and people said well why do you come and go it's time I brought a few workbooks and a few cookbooks that are available if you want it like them and then choosing your classes well the one if you're in a patrician class and believe me people are interested in nutrition because at me but he liked he and we that just part of life and so how do you choose your classes seven class that we have off breadmaking breakfast meal balancing advantages of a plant -based diet that both upper holiday national occasions and simple helpful dessert money does give you an example of this quickly so you can see some of this is the bread that we actually may and we start with homemade bread making and I found that that was an interesting way to start I learned many years ago if not controversial and you know some people say while you are taking my meet away from me not taking anything with breadmaking power and that a very good way to start after that one slide sure yet those are the ones that we do we talk about I haven't class is that we have in our book and the one on top error is actually quite exciting simple suppers we not only share how to Houston both upper and you know when we just went to the Geneva health convention the University of Prague it is funny the University hate or act and they got very diabetes and diabetic to hell with better and probably the main vein what is happening with some of the things that we've already been shared with not make that three ethanol to they do very well at as well and so we share how to have simple suppers and if we actually have been documented study of how we can only let down with their family at mealtime they actually lower crime rate they've know their last game there I went as less crime there is less alcohol all kinds of things that we share in that manner for holidays and special occasions that's always a fun one and then simple helpful dessert but let me just give you a quick example of some of the exciting things that people see as a calm we have a big display of fruits not green vegetables because people think what do you eat at the plant -based vegan vegetarian I mean you can't see really good food and when they consummate the amended higher display I have pictures of that in my cookbook of entire displays and then I do want actually in our program as well I take them through I give them recipes now in my book I talk about the basic ingredients for bread and then I have all kinds of court we and ran right there is telling you the pictures but we have raisin bran whole wheat bran hundred percent whole wheat bread on the talk about the value of the whole-grain we have all kinds of roles and Danish rolls and we may center on them and so people are excited when they see that we also give them information and you have that all in the workbook where you can talk about whole grains being rich in complex type are carbohydrate different type of fiber and how important fiber is in protein and vitamins and minerals and a husband that I know chemical and then we talk about what for example how much fiber do we need while direct lending amounted thirty grand but how much are Americans getting well at an average American North America consumed less than fifty percent of the recommended amounts of dietary fiber and so when they come in they get all the information then they are motivated to make some changes Wyeth five are important to talk about that because it stimulates the to discharge the way faster reduces the concentration of harmful substances remaining in the and so it helps to reduce and third in diabetes and heart disease and many of these chronic diseases and so people are excited when they're coming in and getting not only how to make something but they're getting information that's going to help them in the long run and then on making breakfast the better me out we talk about a good breakfast and how that important meal of the gay and breakfast should contain one thirteen and one half of our calories and helps us that the more efficient renews our energy even promotes weight control all of the things we go over with them and then I have all been different they are a lender rapid in my book but we have the blueberry flax seed pancake and we have locked vault with strawberries and French house again without any animal products at all people are maybe they wait a minute evening these are healthy things but the thing that I'm using anything and so they get on there and even from scrambled tofu hashbrowns and breakfast beans and blackberry called Larry and even a link favorite oatmeal and so we and granola and we teach them how to make their own ferry Owen granola and eat lots of fruits to talk about the benefits of eating lots of fruits and the benefit of eating lots of salad and a plan and then you exact most people have anything garnished but we think what fruit a week and a half in the morning and then surround everything with that what salad only going to have for our main meal and surrounding with that and then we teach them how different food groups for a balanced menu like the fresh fruit and vegetables a good variety of whole grain plan and look good and themed game and lentil and I was just a recent study done that had that you need at the fourth date to really be healthy even if you are vegan they did a study and think that if you're up a vegetarian that easy that you live thirteen out up to thirteen years more than the average population but if you're up the plan is that you can who eat not to leave you even live longer than the vegetarian that they need not see and then they and you need the box we were agreeing the four things were important people they are not eating and being about not eating any grains I have any first aid health and they are a become very motivated and a portion of nuts and needs and even soymilk right now only help them to see that you can have a variety of valid different kinds and then how do you balance your need help to even have a protein deficient in the we share the advantages of a total vegetarian diet and most people think I'm not getting enough protein how can I get my protein well whole grains legumes and nuts all contain lots and even fruit from vegetables contain two to four grams of protein so you are getting when they are protein and if your eating behavior it's all here get a great amount of protein will ensure that without and then I make our holiday road in fact I made the holiday roast at this cooking school that we had at elevation hospital and we may we made a chicken salad out of the bonds of these of them I read the book and just wanted to be a homemade chicken not the frozen kind of vibe I'm just a bond to be and I got done with the holiday roast them in the barn though it is valid lady came up to me and she said that if I made a sound good it even be my homework right and see that I made my workaround and I thought oh nine I'm so glad and big beat that for growth and we talked about on the fourth the advantages than getting onto a plant -based diet needs and that no report by given I have amended my book as well and everything from burgers around the love to all murderers to even name all vegetarian meatballs made of and then we go into the temple easy and all the advantages of that will time I forgive you if you minutes for questions but at holidays and special occasions and share a name I care a carrot cake and then Eugene and I will not have to be chocolate I couldn't care care of the big substitute for chocolate pudding and how can they go and though we share with them that deserve maybe once a week maybe occasionally on special occasions but that it still I did there however we don't unit the refined white sugar we share with them how to use some of the natural sugar and Apple Chris and all the rest and then we have the last class on the third most people are unaware of the large amounts of sugar they are eating because it's hidden in there and when they realized that many Americans are consuming twenty two teaspoons of water sugar I day off they say wow I didn't realize that he hidden no twelve teaspoons are eight teaspoons or nine teaspoons in this soft drink that I just drank and I share with them how important it is to just get off soft drinks alone and people are very very exciting believe me when they come to the cookie full and they see some of the things that we share what happens when we have excessive sugar weakens the white blood cells validate blood fat which contribute to clogged arteries body of I contribute to obesity contributes to an adequate nutrition and how already contributed to the K I'm how I I dealing with people that have a lot of to decay and probably you can just help them get off sugar that would help and contribute to diabetes studies of some of the things we feel we can organize our class as well we have everything organized so that when people and there's no waiting live there just come in and register and everything is really organized we can talk more about that planning ahead with preliminary preparations and setting up your auditorium at the auditorium of it I also have on slides and were putting all of our work but actually on PowerPoint as well so it'll be easy for you to use in your cooking schools as well and then setting up the registration table setting up trade I was teaching at one of our school class on there and it bad and was talking about the advantage of having everything ready and then having practiced with the recipe that you're doing ahead of time and he said all but we were just given this recipe I like a couple hours ago we never got we don't even like the consistency of my and so that would be a little scary and so we tried it and how to set up their trains can't do everything and and then prepare good demonstrations and people will calm and then we just have simple things that we stealing the show and how you know when I was a teacher especially when I'm doing some student teaching I did some of the first and second grade and it would always bring something and tell and now showering and tell about it I found a good thing the people are showing how to bring a piece of bread I could do that today and I didn't just bring up piece of that good Silver Hills branch in our and put peanut butter on it somehow I put a banana on a dairy and not and you have a wonderful little quick good nutritious breakfast and and and people like that in the cooking school when you're doing some show and tell them not even a little bit wrong I was given refuge in a follow-up strategy market in a talk more about this by developing a plan so that you have a plan for your sequence of vandalism we have what you call yours for the asking this is critical in having your feet when evangelism program health evangelism program an engine having a form of you give every person that comes my platform we want to help you achieve life 's greater happiness please check the items that interest you know I would like a cop complementary copy of vibrant health whatever many of those other magazines wildly puts out a really good one with that called again health and healing and as many out there but please take my name on the mailing list if you'd like to be on our mailing list just check that box I'm interested in attending the following classes you see how this thing is so important only to have another natural lifestyle cooking school check that box or stop smoking her depression recovery strap weldment creation help whenever the men I'm interested in more information about becoming part of the end all Bible any group the first time we put that on one someone said Pastor Mrs. Emily really get real why are you doing that no one is going to check that box as well we just have a philosophy of that call throw out the bait bite and bite and so we put it on there we got what was that we need to Bible study the first time and on form and enter health program I would like an absolutely free the Bible lessons I'm interested in studying the Bible prophecy by watching DVDs iDVD ministry is just exploding I tell that's another whole project but at amazing and then fill out their name and turn that in info you have seen the vandalism going on constantly in your church but one of the biggest things that we have found it the preregistration form for example we have been along with our brochure whatever it is whenever you're dealing discovery that may be marks at discovery and the cooking school or the and stop smoking already and I love stress management whatever class but we've done it regularly in our cooking school become to the say something like that ladies and gentlemen you have been cited as you've learned principle of the better living and how you can live that we haven't even twelve years longer now thirteen twelve years on thirteen years longer than health class and we trying to give you a lot of health information but also we would like you to live on millions of years longer and you can do that as you come to know Jesus Christ and you have another seminar called discovery or rebel I hope and we would like to invite you as our gap if you had a preregistration form this happened to be the one we did right here and San Diego we had in San Diego all years ago I put that one up there and off fill out that preregistration form tearing off music loving dorks nineteen into the host or hostess and they turned the in one city I have over a hundred people spurred by Mark cookies ball into our evangelistic meeting and felt something that transferred them because some may not respond but what if they do and they come to know Jesus and have eternal life in fact what were all about and though we have a holiday and then you can transfer them into whatever it in the late series of meetings that you have an uninvited is that the health program and a decision was use my audio verse four amen is that it is better if you would like to learn more about me then please visit www. amen to him I was more free online service these visit www. online universe


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