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How to Overcome the Greatest Disease to Inflict Man

Steve Chang


Steve Chang was raised in a Buddhist home. He learned of God at an early age but found the truth while attending Pacific Union College. He has been in private practice in Monterey, CA for the past 24 years. Dr. Chang also works for Holland America Crusieline as their Dental Director. He has a passion for ministry and serves on the ASAP and ARME boards. God has enabled him to lead teams serving on all 7 continents and over 100 countries. Chang is passionate about sharing the good news, teaching, and going on mission trips with his family of six. 



  • October 31, 2014
    3:15 PM


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there you know so well you knew us before we were even created every breath every cell of me is conjugated to us we want to give you all the glory and honor me with us now we asked for your spirit their hearts and minds be open to to know what is right and wrong may we be in your word and walk with you all the days of our lives Christie and also raise and evidenced by my fellow street day I was actually probably once a day because I remember right boot is home and we move from Korea when I was about ninety shalom and it was not a discussion about if you know it or not is just disco psych unlike unionization have a conference about everything with a democratic process we didn't have that option so came in when I was in it would someone invite me to church at one time or one or two weekends and when I heard there was a God and gods in heaven and is watching over you and the is going to want to see music about something and I heard that I send you pray to him that all I knew about God I do know Bob Bible or anything else tonight and I believe that there was a God and I execration several times and he answered several awesome prayers and I knew he was there but when I made to the states under the New York and Québec California Ion saw church buses once that church for a long time until as I got older and started setting their doctrine it was kind out there in terms of you with the rest of the churches were teaching about the eternal hell the judgment in all four minutes secret rapture speaking funds and so I in high school as I believe because I do believe a loving God would allow that happen so I remember one night I'm afraid I said Lord exist and search for his son the French are turning more so I went off to college and fortunately I got had a different plan for me I ended up using not because of the religion but because I want to put a small school and I was baptized last Sabbath before I left I realized God is your friend really does love you and there is no eternal cell foam of God and it went out of the moment that I ended up marrying my beautiful wife or shooter right now Nancy S Hershey something as they think is my daughter and I have four wonderful kids and I've been able to go on several mission trips and been blessed by it I when I was announced by want to be a missionary and ice offers mission spot overseas after I was done and when I did there was only one spot left unfortunately it must make it over and was able to go overseas which I think was fine and then I went I practiced back in my hometown monitoring but why was there I start doing short-term missions overseas several weeks of the year as it grew and grew now I do maybe six eight oh I is a year overseas but once one place that I get to go to his Amazon work with matter not that or go with the evangelists go to Mongolia Egypt and it's all seven continents of the world worshiped by God 's grace and instant art islands several wonderful meet such nice people you know when I been also been the director of the Holland America cruise line as officer and a replacement is on the ships and into most amazing places and here's my to my favorite kids if you know those markets to and work with many different ministries like a safety and army biochem if you are of them have been able to see some wonderful sites but they're not talking about some of the dental things that we see overseas as well as home and if things are not answer please ask up in the program you see things like this he probably never see the sample and the low hygiene helps us out using things like this and get to operate ORs and even get the news at home last weekend we had the San Diego clinic we had thirty chairs for a dental students fifteen minutes coming to help the community and they the people who came were not just local California is there from actually all over the world I would bus routes only more pictures but they were people from Ethiopia Ghana New Zealand Southeast Asia Europe many many in Middle East countries so there's a lot of in this opportunity everywhere not just overseas but even at home and we've done this at my church within this that we more and hear some of the people here first Mexico even and this one my patient uninvited that she's not anadromous but she wanted to help and she came and spent the weekend showed a fantastic time and she starts to snow wanted to go to church so she came to Bible study this weekend smoke was strictly appraisal or she had gone to church like myself and she had given up in the house found God your testimony will be someone else's inspiration some of the people over there and this will be our next speaker was there Carlos Dems Internet this is the click with the remark what they did was they took up radius of two miles around the campus said let's see what we can do for the people around us as I went mentioned blueberry method picked up closest route nearest you and so they went out to the community and didn't do any medical work initially instructors helping Ensign can we help you with your artwork or can we help you move some furniture this vicious is a create was lecturer anytime after all like wife is doing this and they said because we want to love our neighbor and when we did the clinic they were able to invite them and now they have seventy people come into the church a frequent basis now solely ask you what is the greatest disease that afflicts mankind you guys are too smart a site has a dentist him it I tried leaving into this but I'm not to do that with Graves' disease Unilever -itis of uncle Glenside is meningitis in all the things I gave it name myself it's called iTunes I to SQL soap and you guys got that selfishness as the greatest dysfunction in the whole universe that's the liberal reason Satan 's spell he exalted himself selfishness manifests in many different ways is called egocentric thinking yet anger your ability the president 's arrogance apathy in the nation and difference resentment depression the list goes on and on even fear the Watford itself is the greatest battle that was ever while revealing a self surrendering all to the will of God requests trouble for this all must submit to God before it can be renewed in holiness so often times we want to what we want to do our way we don't submit in the thing that changed my life once I left Melinda and I was baptized I just baptized will left you see but when I was baptized went down as its center and came back a wet sinner nothing really changed but when I started reading the word of God when I was alone not to me distractions when I went to private practice went back in town as I read Bible the eye where there is a common theme throughout the whole Bible every person that God views for his glory or humble people never once did he use a prideful person I realized that was my fault when I was younger as Nora was athletic and was into things and I was considered I look back I'm thinking I was as Akamai 's office stocky and coffee him and I realize no it is not a work you know I said and I I know the prayer that several serious prayers in my life the price had at that moment was but if you don't want to use me I say I'm a Christian the first person really strung out at me was you will know them by their fruits inside look at myself as I go to church but I tied I do don't do anything wrong in war in El Paso but where are my fruit how can I tell myself how different my from another person there wasn't it was much different you know I go get videos and do whatever and just kept the Sabbath holy and I wasn't there was no fruit in my life and I said that's not work if the Bible is what it says it is I'm not living that life the Bible wants to live if I note down born whatever it takes we like to know whatever it takes to my practice take anyone make me home and know God is so gracious even less and even more and down on the nickel back here so let's talk about this selfishness the greatest fear that we have their student offer operational modes in our life if you look at people we have love of God and we have here and God does not want us to live in fear that right right and so God is love and freedom Satan is about fear and control need to see that an operation in the world today and one of the greatest things that we have to face in fear is this rejection that's the number one reason why we don't do ministry is rephrased of our own selfish pride in her so we don't reach out we don't talk our patients we don't pray with our patients we don't do outreach in our church or even talking to other church members as we have rejection issues this is true as everybody faced rejection absolutely absolutely if we and because the reduction we sometimes have been risen of forgiveness and its crisis we keep uppermost in our minds the unkind unjust acts of others which I find it impossible to love them as Christ loved us but if I thought slope on the wondrous love and pity of Christ for us Sanskrit will flow out to others and we often fall into this category blaming people for our situation sometimes I am guilty of everything talk about your blame creates bitterness of forgiveness creates freedom not us we have to talk Muslim demolition so since as adult programs will see the CME after choice on this I have you succeeded things all done it's like it we live in a fallen state and we live in an imperfect world and you will see these things and people are coming to her help you know they have five issues this is a exact price you were talking about it I wanted on public and look like a hillbilly unless you live in West Virginia or on-site start at that picture anyway they can become is a I need this treated right now you know in your practice needs using this and you do this again and especially no quick and easy quick fixes a gentleman came in the CL help me with building my office and he honestly did not take care of himself this is a mess all present things going on I don't I make it to that small is upper jaw lower jaw but he did have a money and he just need some help so we decided to make its couple partials to rebuild his home mouth and foreignness enough one has four hours out in a safe house for hours with just composites so we only did composite crowns three sixty on every two thousand and nine 's and so it is a happy guy on another area that we see often is hidden cavities they can see with the naked eye as I said that's it within you know a good seal but only God but what I wish we could have x-ray vision that we can look into the two really see these cavities now there's another there's a new product out the NEDs infrared imaging into the two will surely these cavities but for right now honestly what we found off into both fill-in sports deal over the cave because of school siege that is okay the ceiling and I have televisions would be right if I set sealed over a metal part that has rest is paint would you be happy with that no I want that taken out so let's take a look at this when you remove the sealant underneath you have the decay in his shoes goes out through four millimeters and even averted to it looks normal the timing and approving on these things but look what we find inside the groups that donations decay begin low kids and paying can sleep at night access to I did that after I finish so and then you know we treat them with I don't do the traditional pulp ectomy I actually treated like a desire and finish the roots in the resort future there will be a menus apex locator and everything just like an adult to social different is happy kid again there like this she knew this and other much money just a composite crown of post with carbon fiber posting Tuesday announced the letter of also like teaching out God has opened doors unable to tour season here in the states and I'm teaching implants and what are orthodontics like though I took all those classes look at with them to be a great dentist is like him so greatly do these in office get these done and this is something that probably most general Dennis could you be able to do because you do with no doing quite easily and we have this used unique matrix system that we have from Germany and is able to do these very quickly easily by orthogonal says Leslie Ben into my two ounces one forty nozzles like publicans have nothing given to the recesses keep enough that now we can do these literally and ten fifteen minutes now it's so much fun to do downstream now than when we first started grounds simple grounds using the lab of the metric system for mouth or constructive cases disputed no and it's fine also to share when I talk with the patient's I asked them know when it first and then we have one call interview process to get to know the patient and also we want to know them and they want know us and I met some person you know I think you might have to see someone else because when you're looking for is not what I have for you and you have to be realistic and some case of an elected none of twenty years ago because I was on the level challenge sometimes like I don't have the time to do that for you and I would think you'd be best served by someone else and they are very happy that you cannot be honest with you they want honesty they looking for someone that you trust and if you are standing on the word of God and saying I'm a Christian and I stand for more moral values they expect that from and so I could opportunity share with them they can then we sit down like these voters you saw with the face on on a twenty seven inch Mac we discussed the case with the visual say what is that you don't like can I help you with this all I interested in doing this or that you have no interest in anything that's what was going to do the ones that you want to take care of so you treating their need and there's desires not what you wanted is when you do what they wanted to their more happier favorites that you you did you want so bottom line is whatever is best for the patient is going to be the best thing for them and their resulting in a happier and you will be successful okay so I have one patient on a trip she asked me about seventy elsewhere about and so I sure would love first which extend them one of my favorite verses in the Ezekiel twenty eight twelve nineteen when you get a chance read that it talks about the anointed cherub that falls and then gets consumed by fire and it will be no more forever so ask my patients others when it sometimes when we do that during the interview process we found them I find out their spiritual background we get to talk with them it's really nice but sometimes I have Muslims Buddhists Christians as we get to talk about different topics and anyone who they are and officials of interest will sit there and talk and so we happened up having Bible studies with them elected members of the local moment tenant nine cents and Bible studies with somebody I know I do not she understands but is fine because I enjoy giving Bible studies and so I have salespeople come in bill W in town for the week week resulting in all say hey if you're not doing it was a Bible study tonight and I could share with them it's a beautiful thing who think that that Ezekiel when you ask them who is some most of them don't know that as you know it says it's on the winter covering cherub then explain you explain the sanctuary the holy Temple process of salvation and it works for everybody me especially Muslims and other Christians is to understand a little bit about the Bible and so when you squat to the sacred within get to the most holy place and the covering cherub now who's is coming true Bethel as far as I like asses I like meeting questions like you know where the person was and of course every Christian will say I have yet had anyone say anything other than out of any okay signal to be this person will find out missile the reason it's making things about the final end at the end of that utilize there is no eternal because Satan will not be the ending asking well with Don forever if he's not even torture saying forever they think about the legal that's not right then I say if you look back and when Adam and Eve when they send fund said Leslie industry of life in the forever have any of us in from the tree of life no specially the centers so can they live forever in hell and possible rector you destroy the doctrine of hell eternal hell right in front of her face many then you can leave if you have time into stated that and other issues and now Doctor it's beautiful beautiful China Bible and myself this meant sometimes on standby the door waiting for me there's a nice fish as I said a lot of this is good it should in point is that we were doing and so once again I think is a ceiling or filling when you get to you soon get in there and educate either I don't know if you guys ever treat these by abuse most a lot in my practice where they've brought their teeth down there gotten into dental and if you don't protect that were covered some type of crown are filling his name where down faster and a road much quicker and fractured her so simple think of fulfilling into that space one note how familiar one numerical slot into those composite and their quick and easy no anesthetic I think the greatest thing that we run into is that we're free to diagnose complete cases what I like to do is to complete diagnosis then let them decide how much they wanted instead skin will piece by piece is once again as dentists were afraid of rejection so we don't present the whole case we only given with a bit of a time you know that you needs a crown but your friend that they don't want to do it you can get rejected so you don't recommend the crown 's estate once the large filling in a and we don't I haven't is murky fillings over twenty years my office because he canceled the wife regally in many places as are not bonded I did bond for a few years before I switched over the composite back at the first years of practice and those when I did think about it there like that they are corrupted there's no leakage noted K no staining vacancy this initially theirs doesn't see much but he could see the decay in the grooves on the latest caries detector can all like most patients of she came to us because she's result kids she spent all her life devoting herself to take care of the kids and she came out with a lot of lot issues TiVo all over the place decay everywhere so we had to extract within some implants and then we were at the Fisher case with some simple procedures for choosing much happier and she's she loves us we wanted to know our practice I always felt and my life I don't say stranger as someone is a friend who I never met as I might have it on sometimes we can characterize cells like dogs or cats but that doesn't involve person I wasn't always that way but now I am in ice when I got married I thought if I was my friend and I knows Alonso was my friend my wife what is it is your acquaintance was at euros someone just can't know that my friend no sign my world just what I think that it down it out in practice as you know is very stressful amendment and practice of the some five years ten fifteen twenty okay most of it in practice that it know it's pretty stressful as a have to do with staff there issues get the word out patient flow of the F word about equipment failure you have to worry about advertised it does everything understand your wearing so many hats I don't know if this actually absolute true about Vince of the highest suicide rate is not okay good okay okay I relented so we're not the worst of it was the worst they don't have enough I know okay is very stressful and younger linker my practice procedures out stressed now I have bought a pediatric practice of all things you can imagine children practice a general Dennis so you know they're automatically know the referrals are gone and so I start no internal market and luckily got provided we were dismissing from the first month on because of it okay to spend this was a heated contest was not nice the kids site and the kids need treatment unlike you want other Dennis come back and a delightful look at stats and I was very careful not to know I was very gentle with them and so the practice grew and it would turn out just fine but you know continually stressed by the practice Venus resume practice and sister only to be okay I'm talking the wrong side so back in the early eyes I I guess is restless of the diagonal the Bible says you own all the cows in the nose and you're in charge of everything I'm tired I'm tired of being tired of this practice supposed to do I said that Ms. wanted critical another critical breath on my life as a you know what I sell the practice specializing on some unpracticed eye had enough I said okay got you to buy from okay he said is the own everything on it give it back to if this succeeds great if it doesn't I will do something else I will dig ditches whatever you want I'll go anywhere you want whenever you want with your charges practice I'm not dealing with it anymore slight setback and I told out to take care of it just would have imitated but now it died like I said he is kind of funny in many ways that we don't know but he expanded practice more more and I didn't really do much other than just sit back and watch it grow let the staff deal with the situations of finances and I told us that wasn't on a show for work on you guys are in charge of all the scheduling everything that's legal I want you guys to do it is illegal don't do it I want to be honest and happy what you're doing and so I have a staff person has been with me for eighteen years now another seven eight years another five three but the first two years staff changes crazy is going on it was no knows he was there through the through it all I talked to him about it often so yeah and I look back now and that that's the wisest decision I've ever made given the practice to God because now I'm not worried the schedule gets lonely because you got in control at Disney on our part I just show up and do my best but I surrendered her surrender to God many requiring high might make a surrender myself to God you desire to give yourself to him but you are weak and low power is slavery to doubt and control by the habits of life listen your promises and resolutions I like ropes of San you cannot control your thoughts or impulses your affections knowledge of the broken promises and forfeited pledges we can instill confidence in your own sincerity and cause you to feel that God can accept you but you need not despair what you need to understand is a true force of the will this is about governing power in the nature man the power decision on the choice everything depends on the right action of the will the pouch by Scott has given to men is there's exercise you cannot change your partner cannot resolve it to God 's affections he can choose a servant you can give him your will he will then working you to will and to do according to his good pleasure thus your whole nature will be brought under control this requires your affections was centered upon in your thoughts with the Army within your desires will become your will desires are not control become action action will become habit love is of God from consecrated hearts not originate to produce the result found only in the heart where Jesus reigns we love because he first loved us first John four nineteen in the heart renew my divine grace love is a principle of action it modifies a character dramas and pulses controls acids subdues entity ennobles the infections this love cherish and the soul swings a life insurance of refining influence all around when Christ was in the heart and soul will be so filled with his love for Joyce Communion within that will cleave to him in the contemplation of them self will be forgot love to Christ will be the spring of action knowledge without application is useless you may have the knowledge of all the biblical correct doctrines but if you do not apply that knowledge it is useless we may have the understanding of the ten Commandments in our church does but if we don't apply that knowledge of the ten Commandments which is the law of love to others it is fruitless but his faith in action as well we come to when we do these overseas missions when you see kids like this it breaks my heart we know as a little kid and create when we're driving around chauffeured limousines seen these things just hurt me as a four five six it just breaks my heart to see them as white I want to be a missionary love saves and hate destroys a pleasant odor that limousine service swimming on a mission trips as my family are to get into traffic we get tired go to churches are very small or in the chair of the tree or the churches visit Cambodia one might with ASAP when you get to have a little enjoyment once in a while at the different distractions at night you're going to the restaurants near there and here you have we had winter camp meeting and there was eight hundred baptism you don't quite see that here in the states but the spirit moving more there because of people see the need to have the hunger for the spiritual need is a world teaches something totally different than what the Bible they teach that you have to be saved by works Hinduism Catholicism Islam even certain forms of Christianity they teach that you save yourself but you all know but you know what to say themselves we only saved by grace God 's free gift and when I explained that on a one mission trip to a Hindu the Stillman was fascinated he was like you need to tell me I don't have to keep reading these flowers and foods out for the people cheat under the gods offerings is no you don't you cannot work yourself consolidation everyone thought she have to go from here to here to be safe but God says wherever you are I will continue there's never a story in the Bible that says a man has to search for God okay it's always the lost coin the loss she is a shepherd who's looking for you and we God 's been so good we been able to see some amazing things around the world of when we is of course but babies trenchless I don't like that so many this with the was approximately everywhere this is Cambodia and this is particles originally when I was Indonesia a month ago they were selling to consumers and honesty with CNN in his eye peoples either but you get to see some interesting things in our different cultures different lifestyles and it's try some exotic fruits of you know God is great I be when you serve the Lord is an open source initially at so many amazing things that you wouldn't never seen him to stay home watch video but it might just have a good time yeah I've taken them and since there was little babies the people 's own on with my kids grow up because it is dangerous out there in his sick box to the state none of my kids and events that no one got sick and held on an airplane not because I need that to date out there the roads are not the easiest unit of big autos you season tragedies horrible things of Satan is done as a monument to all that the killing fields as you want to see ecstasy cheaply around the ground from all the dead people about three million people to this later treated in Muslim those she's applicable butcher I didn't ask for intervention and offer that she they love us they give us all ducklings like that quizzes and we don't want them to look flying out we can't enable Becky I said but they does insist that we have it so we took it back in the bag below the village she know it's the at least stunned I don't know what I did so but not a suitable interesting transportation you see these things up and carried around sea monsters around the kids the other freshman the natural kind the best they get hooked up to so integrated dual rest area to visit places where people actually living garbage dumps the whole life generation after generation this kid out a white sister dancing from but ASAP the sorry to create a program of you to read and they keep the parents of the paint we want to indicate your kids how to read and write would like to send them to us and said no need here to collect the garbage and recycle traits of money Wi-Fi fifty cents of this obesity to how might we see them okay if you don't you can have so we made them I don't intimate those teachers there makes it a claim to get there in your forms that you cannot read or write so in the future they could bring the whole family out of that desperation and we help develop close some of these kids and never had ice cream before there's also is going to school in Cambodia there's no educational system for the pygmies as if foreigners unlike niceties we have education for foreigners they don't so this private school takes care the skids of a story about this to kids the father passed away but the great gambling that family is very serious in Southeast Asia and so they are in debt and the mother and nothing to pay for so that he sold her daughter in years old to a teahouse euphemism for you know house of ill repute at eight years old and she know how to that's the greatest rejection could ever have if there is selling she prayed to God she didn't know there was garbage but there was mentioned God exist please save me from this will serve you for the rest of my life in an amorous man heard about in and pay for her to be released and got her out and her brother was five years old at the time 's older and in its construction chain bricks and dirt all day long twelve hours a day there's no child labor laws over time any of them for quarter a day was there would very ricks and sand things to help construction at five years of age I saw them wrestling this year and they're so happy mother actually give a particular person is cut in the school now and she is now extending to be the teacher and he is still in school are teenagers now and would like to have some fun about some of toys for them to fix her teeth him he does a good work over there right and then recently I went to Indonesia this island it was no foreign fences ever visited and when I got off the plane it was his entourage of dignitaries and dancers and stuff and I thought this can't be a lipid backup plan nobody why walk to baggage claim became adjacently exactly for me I was shocked and so you know they had a full gallop and everything in lunch on the beach and and then afterwards I have to take the stones to give God glory that evening at this but I got speak at the palace with the regent and give a talk on sugar the dangerous sugar no gods amazing he opens doors I got had no idea this is an opportunity I heard that they want to get some honor to the church because the Gemini was working with in Bali earlier this year he saw that I wasn't hurting patients were doing Nelson one versus ten and said hey I haven't my uncle is very prominent in the city this would be great way to minister you know before we got there that mistresses considers Jewish cult so the way really like to go only a few faithful but by being there you bring honor and glory to God name of crisis given glory because now not just the region the hospital director the bankers that all interesting computer they attended several meetings of why was there giving talks overnight visits click setup it's very simple Isa take three or four bags for now I only take one back to be able to do fillings crowns implants root canals and of course extractions I got tired after the first fusion chips just a geek out I just felt like I was not doing a good service even made a banner for us and then I was able to teach another island we visited on the way some dentists and all here it's in the stewardess is there and asked if I will rejoin so skinny consultation on our alignment of a jogger TND and dorsal he happy weekend sister cries of the literature and there is no interest in learning more about God it really got to go to Burma the Burmese the they called a small wheel the new don't believe it that you should help others because that's karma wherever you are is as you done something wrong in the past where is the northern big wheel Buddhism leads it's good to help others cassettes can increase your karma but Southeast Asia to help each other because of fact that they're there because of the sins of the past when we bring a digital x-ray and we help these folks in the school dislike the dormitory is what they eat see pages like this they have no access to care no money so these people have rotted out how much success ability earnings is unrewarded successfulness can they have in life they're missing the front teeth especially for women okay so I wanted to go so I rather do not see the state there was one balance joy there's a happy four hundred kids all you go out and try the local fruits like the during your smells like hell and taste like heaven and is a food that we get the and then we try to have fun in a teaching hygiene exercise with different methods teach amount of loss and teach most of the Bible through different ways that might be might we call it might make his gal she her family she was at the school because the fact that her village got attacked by the soldiers and they killed the mother and chop off for fathers links so she had no ability to care for self or give her education so some evidence families got together has an Uber scholarship to go to school and there's tragedies all around wheat we don't know how that we haven't been visiting that winter and you go to Palau we get to hang out the king of allowing his evidence my wife got to do prescription glasses and my kids get to help notes on these guys and never worn glasses before and we have prayer in the morning and help out my little daughter helps and sometimes and that is little of the neck up to go consulting with x-ray to see some beautiful things to Judaism the R&R two on the weekends and the last message that would tip to list two of folk is after that hurricane it was totally amazing four miles of devastation in land and about sixty miles along the coast twenty foot wave just came and went apples and estimate over thirty thousand people died immense at the team of twenty four on the professionals to dentists in the restaurant physicians and nurses and when we hit the ground it was amazing there was the never seen anything like that before my life was like watching a war or two or Vietnam movie there was no running water nor electricity with me own generator but over ten thousand dollars for the medication and wheat rice and beans for a week and we slept in tents and they are starting to but I'm innocent for me was nothing compared to what we saw this woman ditched she was meeting that little ball in ago but we asked her what are you doing this first I lost my baby announcer Solis this Lavoie losses are all Sean Hoelscher Tiger got lifted up and destroy all the homes along the waterfront hundreds mean families by nurse the economic cars everywhere but lead the church survived will behind it into so good is a medical team that we look to fight clinic is slept in this abandoned warehouse next door and intense as dentists and the dentist came along and we got to do a follow-up in six months later and we helped out at the preserve food for the week which we brought over how we can ever able to Sabbath school with them and church but there's what they normally it seemed so cute little kids is want up every one of those goods and then we get season baptisms like this some wonderful people love the Lord help but serve I was able to teach the 's future dentists and medical students how to extract the day but this one done he was twenty years old came walking over with his hands out like this you know he's been rejected and abuse all his life like this who is interesting as I basically need help as an S we don't deal with cleft lip but I may not best but as Darrell Dennis and I we had a general surgeon while you might build to soul we suggest bringing back the loser buys a general surgeon you do originally you do it him 's okay but please come back Lord I have Internet I don't know I can look this up on Google or nothing I just frayed and pray you tell me I try to do it this way so when I started I tried and it didn't quite work out the way you suggested it so I had to take a whole lot of tissue away and we could see livid Dragon is here on the side where you're just little jagged but when I put that with a lot of prayer when I put that together and the put the last stitch on I tell you I I was left of the house crying and they didn't let him resort smile but he will sign a so it's beautiful now there's a need out there you burn searching for God for help for relief from the swirls pain and dust immutability means that is my logo watches eighteen months old should I give her that you said you want passes out without a question she just walked around the whole room in legal chips and nuts every little kid answer an adult is beautiful scenery trainer child way they should go to be happy as giving everything you need I have a motto my office assist keep the faith share the hope and do all things in life thank you him he questions if you have any questions feel free to him talk me afterwards by the way what we're finding out several initiatives next year Lebanon and nine April their San Antonio clinic forge their own conference in April as well for three days you do these quasi- helmet as well and some of the clinics we invited non- habitus to participate why do we do it all have to do it ourselves we've had a Muslim health provider for doctors came and he loved he wants to do it again he was overseas with us best I guess I sent my friend on the world cruise this coming January so they might be more available I just is also focus on doing the work the church I have neglected that section I know I can develop that more and that is asked by the cruise lines to develop their program does haven't done it because I done I start the program I will help with that program because of secondary Indonesians of Filipinos on the ship for twelve months of the year that they don't get the home so were able to witness to them and I ask it hasn't really awesome Bible studies with the Gaza politics and money they've had to downsize the program some are going to focusing on doing the world cruise in some of the ones but there's potential to do more in the future but right now focusing on serving the church all around the world I estimated that if every gravel of the graduate for Melinda spent one week of the wheel and one week committed to do overseas missions they'll hit every country in the world plus more know how much great glory to get it on Wednesday the so Lebanon in April right after that San Antonio opinions and Bob may wear ties up the president I was like a corporate evangelism such a student ministry but the ornate with hand-in-hand with evangelism and then Dave Stewart amazing fat was worthless notorious in now and June and Ali and I lower that line when we went to the Wii will be going there in August and Tonga in September and with ACP November W Burma trip there are other just different organizations so keep an eye out if you're interested I have some slew means I must have passed by him to see what Jesus taught the universe of claims is better and you'd like to learn more about the man please visit www. evenhandedness and I will like to see more free online service in WW audio verse one


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