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Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.



  • October 31, 2014
    4:15 PM
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I will father in heaven indeed we are fearfully and wonderfully made and so this time as we learn a little bit more about how you put things together destitute open our minds we can see your fingerprints all over this gasket in Jesus name it epigenetic how many of you know of studying something ought epigenetic before okay most people were then I guess I may be redundant because evidently talking with genetics but let's see how we can do with this I have no conflicts of interest and nothing to disclose it'll have inquired about anything here I and what women to do is some moralists talk about things in this as as Seventh-day Adventists as clinicians as people were called to reason from causal effect and epigenetic 's three stresses us as we as he tried to stretch into understanding how things get transmitted from one generation to another to another to another to hearing before I did today's of all the regulation of gene activity in the expression without the alteration of gene sequences and when I do a little bit of at a basic genetics and that we talk about epigenetic 's in detail we also has an ankle injury at the genetics and microbial genetics and these things show that we have some interaction between not only our own cells in the food and the environment but also a large internal environment that we couple the gut we have about ten times as many gut microbes as we have cells in our we're not alone okay and then we have complex diseases like type two diabetes asthma some addictions schizophrenia inflammatory bodies all of these things so that there is some interaction between environment all factors of epigenetic regulation now obviously one of my biggest challenges was how to distill things don't just so you fit into fifty minutes if so I'm that's even if I was successfully brought her was in leading-edge image things I need to talk about any genetics and the countermeasure complex concepts of metabolic imprinting on metabolic programming I provide a compelling model for how environmental influences of environment influences us through development of of lifelong and lifelong health and health practices of these things can interact this indefinite interplay between divisional race of the human micro biome and from conception to the first one thousand days of life has become now according to the latest signs that's the very crucial for things to happen in someone's life however as as you will see of as you know already and you heard from the last talk these things are not set in stone right the good news about epigenetic 's is that things can be changed when not just a a product of our genes we can actually influence how the genes are expressed that we can actually influence the genes themselves in the winter to talk much about inferencing jeans person take councils of parents and teachers says the Lord business to reason from cost-effective remember that with his property and you might him him keeping up on your and who will be in the parents should teach their children the reason from cost-effective parents and grandparents and great grandparents have a part to play in the next and the next the next generations in times of last day know what you see this picture what if individual represents what is supposed to see the massive is a positive old man's head to and depending upon the the resolution of the of the protector you may only not see all of the things that I put this up because on the surface this is supposed to represent a man that supposed to be his nose his mustaches he's he's obviously military and that supposed to be his right hand with his fingers on it's just easier okay but that's really not when things it's actually a man in here an older fellow about half of the bed that's his right elbow this is the top of this shirt these are his legs and pulled his pants and as a woman over here this is a skirt that's her head as she has us something about maybe a baby and there's some hay or something like that in the back of it and this is the entrance portico going inside the this is a straight cobblestone type Street and that's a dog that's languorously not want to put this up is because depending on how you look at things and how how in-depth you look at things you can see more and more and more employee areas the idea was that our genes were these very deterministic types of things that were passed on very him from one generation to the other and the history of this as you mail never know when Gregor Mendel was first talking with the England and the believe that anyway it took him a while and just before his death there was some papers that were published and all of a sudden this became the going idea about blasted for a long time is not affected even lasted up to about twenty years ago by people believe that a Mendelian inheritance or some form of neo- Mendelian inheritance was the way things things however in nineteen forty one one Doctor looked at what was going on with the X chromosomes will talk a little about the one set of the X-chromosome 's unrecognized that happened when Manhattan X chromosomes to I don't see anybody giving surprised about the fact that England have X chromosomes how come those X chromosomes don't do anything for the women but it was a list of the so will have to look and see how our current thinking is a realism that the victims of current thinking because the moral something else will be discovered mechanism pictures something else that weight we don't see God 's painting of his creation with told me when I learned about this combo through all these limited so there's more to see even what is now over the last fourteen years of soldiers been a very interesting incline in the amount of publications dealing with epigenetic state of this was published in genetic engineering and biotechnology news in twenty fifteen lots of interest lots of it was so interesting when something becomes involved everybody once and also everyone to do something with it so there's a lot of research on a funding going over is the fourth people are looking for ways not justify out how things are but I can looking for ways that they can exploit with therapy and things and especially for the development of new drugs and ugly about some drug that will solve some of the problem that we time magazine about this issue saying that epigenetic 's DNA isn't everything that something beyond genetics and with honesty one of the new science of evidence reveals how you how your choices you make and change your genes and those of your kids and they went on to say you all are what your grandmother ate not solicit you what to renovate but I have to add Angela what your mother eight day at and young grandma with their grandfather a and even your father with your father in your diet without you affect you I was not this local approvals sizzle orientation this is the province and as you are aware chromosomes are actually quite long and coiled up into what we would what was called those goals also received during mitosis of meiosis so long strength when I was in medical school then the force was good not so long ago I was in medical school they are when we talked about these proteins here we talked about them is Castillo than and it was very nice in a you knew the name of the Lucasfilm 's and I just moved on right histones and move on I got the thing that was important with these trends are in the double helix and DNA bank this list this was big deal what a bear is more research on their histones then there is really on the genes it was when the genome project was starting in the car the eighties and early nineties the idea was they thought that we had given for flu human being so complex that we had at least a hundred thousand if not more genes in orange and then as the project window long been found that no know it's less than that so the individuals that did eighty thousand and it was a lot of debate as to how it be that we have human being so complex and only needing eighty thousand genes that doesn't make much sense and until they found out that well it's probably more like fifty thousand genes on that in the wrong direction guys get it must be something wrong with the way we're doing things and then it came down to one thousand genes I am now the latest numbers somewhere between twenty one and twenty four thousand genes that's it it so how is it possible that we have so much information in just these trends will part of the issue is that just as far as we can fill just about every part of this trend as information and if you remember from your biochemistry class you remember that you know the way the DNA replicates notify prime three prime end and the five prime three prime three prime five private policing that isn't too stressful here's what we know now that even the five prime of its regret because the different balls carry information not just in the something so we end up with having an information coding system that is second to none all was there the question is no holiday you how did God put this together in such a way that not how did he put all the information that's that's that's a topic in itself but then how does he seal which things need to be at any one time if everybody in the room with you hear everything that's going on in this building at the same time we would have to absolutely understand anything is that right so we has selective listening the lives of eliminating some sounds so that we can hear what we want to hear what the concentrating and this is what has to happen in the development of public human beings can know we learned in and then kids learn this melon and elementary school in autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive ways of transmitting in the genetic sense but at the genetics actually is about the genetics it is what choreographs and orchestrates which genes actually get turned on which ones get turned off which ones are expressed fully which was only partially expressed it so the issue of gene expression is the buzzword of the day when we talk with representatives now everything I have multiple definitions of a time in the cold Spring Harbor I pigeon eggs meeting in two thousand eight this was a definition that he wasn't at the genetic trait is a stably heritable phenotype resulting from changes in a chromosome without alteration in the DNA sequence know this flies in the face of what was thought only videos before but you can actually inherit things that did not involve mutations are changes in the DNA sequence I will result in the sequence implementations and everybody thought that this was a better number than dogma the ones that sent one gene one protein in some human event yet the young are less than one scene one protein well that that is just so false but we didn't know it at the time when when it was saying that one so wildly that we don't want at the genetics and dimensional bit about epic genomics we need to know that there's even more as you go down this rabbit hole that this is more and more and more because now we know about from genomics to and methanol holdings that all of the products of the epi- genetics in the genome they give proteins and those proteins can be expressed in different ways and they get into our metabolism and the produced shields number of metabolites even one protein under varying circumstances can produce multiple metabolites so with talking about millions and billions of different biochemical reactions that are very all control gate as far as we can do by the epigenetic mechanisms that actually relate to the expression of the genes for the epigenetic effects I've been known for many years in nineteen sixty one there was a New York type of hypothesis which was looking at what happened to the X chromosome women have extra muscles what was going on and what what was taught and what we should do this drill is that somewhere between the zygote stage and the first few gay one or two celebrations something happens that determines the chromosome will become inactivated I wanted also with them in activated in the embassy no I think I was I was speaking incorrectly before I was saying ladies have extra muscles that were sent yesterday to and nobody looked at me strange if one of the X chromosomes gets gets turned off so to speak so that only one X chromosome and the woman is actually expressed out which is only in printing which is that process it is thought that the material all our imprint is actually even raised with each successive generation in mitotic division myopic vision so what happens is we believe that there is something that happens to transmit this this trait in this epigenetic traits but then again wiped out and then later on before the baby is born there is only programming all of new epigenetic markets in the mail receives originally imprinted an opportunity are imprinted chromosome fifteen for instance but will always transmit a paternally imprinted chromosome fifteen which means that there is something that's telling males to carry this particular one not the master and extract high in activation and genomic imprinting are normal processes these go on all the time much of the recent researches I was out when the process of epigenetic is also from normal and that's what we're going to be looking at this has involved the study of changes within somatic cells and disease and it also looks at some of the visible things in the germ cells they know one of the ways we can look at how epigenetic 's works is by by considering this day that suppose we went to look at the text John three fourteen to twenty new King James version I and this is how the text with rate and read the whole thing a well familiar with the specs and now we will see what happens when we give in this is the whole genome to see what happens when we change things by having a different set of epigenetic instructions well structures will do is tell you which words delete it so let's take a look at what that might look like vegetables it did this the words that you would read what first of all it's a new book here as Dale and anise three one in the new version and and it would read something like this and mobile soul love the world that he is condemned but he loved darkness rather like list 's deeds should be exposed that advances you doesn't make the full sense of what what what what what God revealed in his Word in the first place so this is an epigenetic phenomenon that has turned off some of those words and has only let you read some now imagine if each word were a gene giving you instructions then this person with this epigenetic influence would only have the things that you just regulate take if we had the set of instructions it might look like businesses that Joe chapter three verse ten indicating version this is the serpent in the wilderness should not perish but the same keyhole in the name of the world of darkness he is needs since Brian and businesses in the Bible but this is what happens when our our epigenetic phenomena are interpreting and telling which genes to be expressed and which ones to be suppressed that doesn't make sense this is the effect of estrogen a turning on some turning off once evidence suggests that environmental information can be propagated through meiosis and one very famous that he is the studies of the Dutch famine in nineteen forty four the firemen during the last premise of operatives if a woman was was in the last two trimesters of pregnancy I and you look at Osprey eight to nine percent decrease in the child's birth weight this is small for gestational age offspring of these small for gestational age children tended to be normal science the offspring the normal size but it was fun and early in the pregnancy but not late in the pregnancy was a woman she experienced the phone and during the early part of her pregnancy but by the time she was in late pregnancy the firemen had ended and she was now able to eat I see what the children were of normal science however the offspring of those no more size children exhibited higher rates of small for gestational age so here C was a jihad he was a pregnant during during the filing she experienced a problem early in pregnancy of the child at the end of of this patient was born normally the child of that child at some was it the ghost in the genes but it was a good business to know it was actually good women who were pregnant during the night ninety nineteen forty four funny in the Netherlands big grandchildren not only was it unusually small but some of them were prone to diabetes and obesity so now here is a child born grandma at this situation the child doesn't know anything about it and the child as he or she is growing up finds that he knows a little bit of weight he or she gets diabetes and so the ask do you have any family history of diabetes with it and jealousy no nobody is so missing when it's not passed on genetically how that might be so is not passed on genetically was passed on nonetheless epigenetic so that this person has risk to the over calyx study is a retrospective study looking in Sweden they kept good records they look at people who will born in eighteen ninety one and nineteen oh five born in nineteen twenty and assist the court for access to food during this slow growth period of adolescence eight to ten years for girls nine to twelve years with it this was published you will see what the effects of this would be on the children and their children and children's children when the father was exposed enduring his logo he has offspring exhibited action against cardiovascular cause when the father in the slow growth began of his development is adolescence have less to eat cake 's offspring protected against cardiovascular disease as cortical but doing ground-level exposure the family also showed a trend even though it wasn't statistically significance of the significant of the zero five less level was a similar protection and grandchildren but in general grandfather lived and jewelry in his role growth in it to protect grandchildren as well from diabetes a gift the Padilla grandfather had an abundance of food during his slow growth it is what happened the grandchildren of those grandfathers had up for old increase in the risk of death from diabetes so father with a grandfather within the child with diabetes granting that one mechanism Thursday the result is the transmission of epigenetic markers that were influenced by the environment of the inner action industries the grandparent passed on to the parent I'm not onto the grounds the effect of grandchildren suggested the markets are maintained through multiple generations of you saw the discussion above that in the last eight this is what was shown in the over calyx has to know I would ask you how many of you when their window grandparents were growing up okay by definition you doing most of the time that the right because knowing I have young kids love kids and their kids that gives young and so you might be there but not when they were growing up really anyway so how do you know whether you have is going on when it is think that you have many very little metabolic with because everything was perfect with your mom and dad and your grandparents while you were in utero and while you are in but here okay not women when I give talks to the public I sometimes get to this point and I think you know if this is all I told you that since you weren't there and since you probably don't think that everything was going right but you have risk if I just left it there that's the end of the you have risen this is what you live the but the story is so much more beautiful if you think you have risk know what you and you do something about it right you know how motivation to do something about it because it's not a matter of a few you will get one of the consequences of what was going on it's just when he will get one of the consequences aggregated right so if the demands of being able to help motivate people to think of it more closely the reason from cost-effective even though the family have been the one primarily involved in the cause they are recipient of what went on in the generations before so here's mom using that when we talk about epigenetic inheritance that doesn't moment but do we use mom is a first-generation snowshoes at one and then the fetus will be F2 than the reproductive cells in the theaters of the F three initial if in subsequent parts I mentioned if one of two or three this is what we're talking so here's mom and she's smoking and has a baby and and the other babies do productive work you think that smoking will affect what goes on the note before the idea was this was just a chemical chemical response now we know it's not just a chemical response actually can manipulate what happens with the genes compared with infants of non-smoking mothers babies born to smokers at alterations in more than one hundred gene regions and among those affected genes with those link to fetal development so the baby the fetus doesn't develop the weight should so another reason to not smoke now I have seen no studies looking at second and third hand smoke but I would suspect that it would probably overtime we find out that this does affect what happens to people who are exposed to secondhand with the again with the management so CW development is one nicotine addiction was another and the ability to quit smoking was another in this study they looked at eight hundred eighty eight hundred eighty nine infants shortly after delivery the collective that their blood and cord blood and and the look at the differences between the offspring of mothers who reported that it was over the rules who said they were not and the allies for missile groups just one of several types of epigenetic money modifications the DM exhibit will just look at that mental rules and they found that the methyl of the methylation of of the DNA was quite different in a hundred at below the one hundred G regions it somehow let's see what is behind some of the two primary mechanisms one is through methylation of cytosine the nucleotides of you in the DNA and the other one as opposed to transitional modification of the proteins on the systems they how this happens I would ask me know that more detail but it usually was these chemical reactions acylation methylation of phosphorylation isolation however is the one that the that we know most about some methylation in the histones as well okay the proposed mechanism involved the small interfering RNAs RNA by the way they don't talk much about here are any is becoming off she will issue no because RNA the plastic was thinking that RNA is just for you but the messenger you know that without well now we're finding out that RNA itself they are more RNA produced that are not messengers take that have brought the only activity and also have a translational genetic material that just unknown before I so RNA is becoming something on its own as is a molecule to the reckoned with methylation of cytosine nucleotides occurs at the CPG diluted by the number that the formula Mister so that happens then the main issue is this as it's associated with attenuation of expression of nearby genes so when we have the cytosine methylation on the DNA it turns out it attenuates the expression of the genes of so the more methylation that we get the more turning off of genes the begin if we dealing with hot with the then there is fiscal modification the histones of course of the proteins and organize the genetic material usually said that you know there was just an event that the transporters of the genetic visit with vegetable going today the DNA will now we know not having a business sold much stuff now but the molecular biology of systems it's amazing I may have a high percentage of basic amino acids which give pistols positive charge and the positively charged amino acids associate with the overall negative charge of the DNA so that's how they link together in the form these wonderful change the C schematically here when you look at some of the in a scanning electron micrograph images they look very beautiful this is of course that drawing under the very beautiful is as you see this thing put together some more system modifications occur on the extended tales of the histone proteins modifications influence the Association of pistols with the DNA and the patterns of gene expression in other words they hold on to the to the genome of the genes or to the the chromosomes no that's not right hold onto the DNA okay and when they are holding on can't be transcribed since only the places of a free the conditions were the best study modification is a stillness of the the momentum before dental enzyme types of involved one is hapten HDC at the isolation eliminates a positive judgment amino acids and signal messages this is thought that this changes the chromatin confirmation look for more open to transcription so the acetylation of the histones lead to expression of the nearby genes whereas methylation of the DNA leads to attenuation or if quieting down of that particular genealogies of the nearby know for application some of the hormones like thyroid hormone that is four hydrophobic and glucocorticoids affect the binding at these two enzymes and their proposed mechanisms for how these things work for years people have been looking at how is it that the thyroid hormone functions in so many different parts of the body to turn on if it will metabolic pathways so we have these tax the pass from this firm and from the egg into the zygote fertilizing one of the ways that we can influence this is twofold fool and can give you some substances that are bioactive bio and a genetically active some other things in the fluid will flow our choline and fifteen and the B vitamins and these things affect methionine and S&M so might defining giving you methyl groups in these mythical second by on the merely turn off genes or they can also mentally because those they and then we have one mom is an long as you and drinking and watching ease when she drinks affects not only her but affects and it affects the babies so it's at one F2 and then on the inside pregnant females this was presented science in two thousand five injecting pregnant rest of the common pesticide cause sperm analog is the process of the animals nail progeny for peace for generations without any changes in the DNA sequence itself this was using pesticides I the mechanism is thought to be this as it goes into mom it changes the soup but mom has on the inside we all have saponins but that affects then the baby that she's carrying and it also affects the gametes that are formed on the inside of it I so we have the progeny and others these are up to the food and fourth-generation you heard some of that epigenetic 's been associated with various kinds of disease and you saw some of those are in the previous talk oftentimes depending on which epigenetic problem I am sorry which English the epigenetic phenomena occurs will change actually the expression of how that disease would look in the life but that diet know who would've thought that what that is eating can affect the well this was done in animals that didn't get enough fully to create and maintain the epigenetic marks were more likely to have offspring with birth defects including craniofacial and musculoskeletal at that Kate what was going on genome wide DNA methylation analysis identified the dysregulation of genes involved in developing chronic disease such as cancer diabetes autism schizophrenia in humans in animals four thousand three hundred genes are different expressive office placenta but surprisingly only two of them caused by the storm but this firm carries Marcos I think you know what much more interaction is going on between paternal maternal and offspring individuals and spot before I what's going on with what went on with that what's going on with mom was going on with daily the interface of all of that is the person so there's a lot of percent selected antigenic transmission across generation evolves around histone H three revelation and/or DNA methylation and we see that chronic high-fat diet in father 's programs being a cell dysfunction and female rat offspring imagine that interviews that means they this I will boast all of these grass but basically what it's showing is that this higher insulin resistance and dysregulation of glucose control in in offspring all fathers who were on a high-fat diet among the rest and then delete it this is translating that into humans to notice what was done actually in humans children born to these that have different epigenetic markings on binging for insulin type of articles I get to different in that I was well if that was obese and this is important during fetal growth and development of ideas to researchers suspect that more than twelve in more than two months additional strength with Joe I've is an important window of opportunity to insult not what exactly it means that what that is doing over the two months before the baby is is conceived makes a difference what you think of two months before the what is good for two months before so that can't decide okay oh I want to diet the day misconceived the more that that has been as a mix of plans if he wants to do something better now when we look at the speed of affairs in my today especially in the modern world you think that you think that in the modern regular world thinks about what he's eating and doing full months before the baby is conceived that you don't know that as well as a father I listen that there is a benefit to having a steamboat husband-and-wife family of the business benefits to the children that we didn't even suspect before that is not the mom was saying okay month by month later listening but that two months of this better than what they just meant that we all went to hotel obesity so here's living in a Times take on this was suddenly flight is not going to be the only contributed and different mechanism patterns but it's a key finding that it's at least contributing therefore they suggested that we take Vegemite is not relativism I don't want my beloved lists with two months of data that the incident two months and it's what they found in rats thirty percent more birth defects in offspring side by fathers with movable lead levels eating high fat and fast food that may interfere with the use of metabolism are fully compared to those with adequate levels of the vitamin and this information will be passed on from the father to the embryo with consequences that may be quite this is a reality tunnel which things we can eat and how do these things affect when here's a list of things these names are very nice in the event that the compounds that are involved but really I have never gone no I have never gone to the store and bought you two pounds of research have you know about Jennison in the book because no woman who has visited this so red Crystal Givens virtual event okay not I find this in the that on some people who would mean only any particular on a concentrated in all caps so whatever I but that agrees an electric mixer I love Jay Parkinson Frederick this removes acetyl groups from the histones improving health as shown in lab mice and assuming that some of this is transmitted to humans Jennison soy and soy products increase length of the symptoms prevention through unknown mechanisms software fame broccoli I'd like you don't not everybody likes broccoli but I might increase the stillness of nation tuning on anticancer genes in the observing intestinal bacteria fiber fermentation okay so it means that are our gut I would got Michael by if it's doing the job it supposed to do with good cut bacteria this will allow for the good kind of fermentation of two different kinds of fermentation and this looked in on the protective genes increase lifespan seen in laboratory garlic cake now they say the garlic is good for the health but bad for the friendships but I have to dilate you think this is not a solution thinning on anticancer genes as well the M.D. Anderson Hospital they were doing some research looking at the found over twenty seven different identifiable compounds that are dental sulfates all of which have anticancer activity can you imagine that in one building market rent sesame seeds Brazil nuts pepper spinach the work on the synthesis of S of venison I then assume I'm assigning leafy vegetables on policy this is the planning fortified soy milk another another forty five foods give you enough vitamin B12 as for methionine synthesis and the list goes on I whole grains vegetables nuts dietary supplement using eight seventy in the food is an unstable compounds of it's not that everything that you say that when you do this to get more sunny but if you have Hill Brazil nuts until that were sorry that the green peppers and spinach and sesame seeds it will synthesize more sunny for you normally excuse me Resnick I thought I'd of the meat off because I want people to see if you can get the good stuff from the good stuff right you don't have to go look for for me to get the good stuff and make those within the best day so we just finished sugar beets they contain betaine breakdown of the toxic byproducts of the sound synthesis of the MN human now the overall effect of maternal back on the fetus looks something like this example optimal nutrition that was cool to affect the embryo and we end up with a healthy field I if you have constrained nutrition that has been interest in of course could be overall nutrition point might be constrained nutrition in a particular particular nutrient or particular set of compounds that the mother doesn't have access to what isn't able to work with wealth that needs to infuse epigenetic changes and then back to need to disease inducing environmental cues and metabolic diseases and cardiovascular disease that is the metabolic syndrome type diseases K but the all disease induces then this could also lead to a good healthy and okay so not having over abundant nutrition but having an adequate nutrition overall in an environment in which there is no disease induces people can conveniently so even if you cancel this path then if you are applying certain things in your environment OU fan but healthy things in your environment you still can end up with a healthy it has abundant nutrition on the part of the during pregnancy right this will induce epigenetic changes and this means that different athlete different set of of diseases if it's allowed to work its way if you if you have a diseased inducing environment and the kills of vessels to deliver then this would be more likely to cancel my however even the environment you have no disease and uses in other words this and this with talking about something that is dear to us we call it whatever less than healthy last night you have a healthy lifestyle then you can still be healthy despite having these kinds of changes how is my time and insulting someone of August last day you know that exercise is actually a you knew that right you knew I was going exercise also affects our Howard Gino I just read this a six-month exercise intervention influences the genome wide DNA methylation pattern in human adipose tissue bottom line exercise is beneficial to give the benefit so epigenetic profile thank you very much that's what I want people rustbelt and where so that's where a little before I sleep you listening is involved in your non- talking to doctors and healthcare workers who will drive on non- vegan looseleaf I let them know what there's a whole body of evidence now looking at coronal biology right and the biological clock like that I just couldn't put in a lot of things into this document even the clock proteins that we have in the body the production of these beings are influenced by epigenetic so how mom lived and then how we live and even turn on or turn off these signals and then in use disease or can help reduce the expression at the Wildwood even though people come for things like diabetes and cancer in high blood pressure and strokes and get all these these chronic diseases more than one set of the people come to help us sleep more than one foot then they don't even talk about it as is the problem but you know when we suggest that they get to bed at nine o'clock at night best when it comes out nine o'clock p.m. shedding weight they can't do that right many of us miserable propaganda meeting but did talk about it I think I can't do it and that brings up a conversation I always just need to collect things going that means to I have been able to get a good nights sleep in fifteen years things like that people 's right so there is an antigenic link to not sleeping it but there's also a marker associate with so much speed and so this is one of those things as with so many others right enough but not too much I know birthweight if mom has issues during her pregnancy and the baby actually ends up with a low birth weight there are several adult diseases that are associated with we call this process metabolic programming on metabolic imprinting this is not the same as genetic imprinting basically what is happening here we believe is that jewelry the pregnancy as the different for genital cells are being developed into the different organs and systems that if there is actually are nutritionally or environmentally then that can affect how that organ and how that system would actually be good now as it does out much of these things happened during the first trimester the studies show that women usually don't know that they are pregnant until about six weeks after the missed it it means that by the time a woman knows that she's pregnant many other organ systems have already started the process by hearing what I'm saying so that by the time hello is this already happened with Google because it can go wrong some of them already going and one more time if you have an unlimited listeners in we have husband and wife in the traditional Christian Judeo Christian after all one man one woman one family I if we have this kind of pattern and they are anticipating God 's special blessing that she might become pregnant what are they doing in the whole of it this is not about money it's just a book preparation was available she's getting ready right husband and wife were getting ready to making the next day for the big they are anticipating the handle under such circumstances pregnancy is not a surprise pregnancy doesn't note the woman is the way the state found out I'm pregnant no she is looking forward to it do you think she will know that she's pregnant later or earlier earlier right juvenile early and what would she have been doing anyway thinking that she wants to get pregnant and she's and she had a husband are expecting anytime that she might be pregnant she's making all the preparations is taking care of herself and we're assuming that all the would of been taking care of himself to write now we know right now guys I know we don't so that when she finds out no surprise how do you think she is emotionally when she finds out she's pregnant she is happy and when she is happy guess what is happy adorable one also that's all positive right this facilitates that be the being developed in the uterus in which the school environment is no support they are now this is a sinner it's not that it's something else single woman some fling somewhat you think she wants the government is planning in our home that it was not the just hoping Susan Nippert and then one day she finds on the display knowledge of and she's now in distress and it is just a regular person in society she's thinking should I or shouldn't I signals all kinds of thoughts about what she should do now into spring poisons not goods that child is starting off on the less stressful circumstance mom stress transfers the baby Danny is born more stressed the any has markets epigenetic markers that the reason the baby 's ability to even handle stress it and that will be passed on to the babies be a falling one one one night yes yes it so there's an increased tendency to ischemic heart disease hypertension type two diabetes and dyslipidemia and then looked at the different kinds of cells that are involved for the ischemic heart disease actually myocardial cells and ischemic heart disease it is most likely to be associate with low birth weight is congestive heart failure as a will do a fine in my hypertension they look at what happens to the stress response and the also look at what happens to the amount of sales about the kidney progenitor cells and those cells actually you end up with the Lola nephron Max and that little enough unless actually needs to we believe hypertension with type two diabetes their multiple things that involve part of it is involved with the beta with the beta cells the beta cells are not normal and there's some recent evidence that shows that the programming of the beta cells the business of connectivity program for the data off program to be outside so the potential cells actually noncognitive and they go either beta all out the recent evidence is that depending on how the person if they have diabetes how that person takes care of themselves with diabetes so that if they living in such a way to be without diabetes even if they still have the diabetes those beta cells remain program of beta cells but if they are not under control the beta cells don't die as it was thought before the beta cells become TV program and then reprogram the officer 's so the problem is not just not being able to produce enough insulin it's actually producing more of God as well okay which is a double hit for people who want poorly controlled type two diabetes this is this is hot hot stuff of an era for research and for genetic and epigenetic studies when I bought a life there is an element we have such a complex system all the transmission of health or disease from one generation to another I believe we're only scratching the surface is epigenetic the day and at times of less than with the LotusScript next year we might have something else to Venice but we just overlooked before but then it went the God who made us he says he has a way that is the best he wants us to live in such a way that we promote good health even if they don't understand all the ways in which he says that we should prevent present our bodies as living sacrifices are living not that okay living sacrifices because of the way that seems right implement but the end thereof are the ways of the and he wants us to live happy healthy lines in service to him as of the lives that will represent you as we comes as a harmonic event once a disobedient was produced by audio verse four amen at the Pentagon analyst network you would like to learn more about me then these visit www. amen and I will like more free online service in WW online universe are


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