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Christian Witness in a non-Adventist Work Environment

Lisa Walke



  • October 31, 2014
    4:15 PM
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I'm writing this block you probably heard by now the board members of a man happened to be the treasure right now and all sales associate professor of clinical chief of geriatric that young school of medicine and I think I maintain in confidence for the past ten years and at the person 's prison he's not handbag displayed a passion for trying to reach out to those of that whether acting in a non- Adventist work environment and though today in talking up its Christian witness in a non- Adventist work environment I have no discloses personal finance personal on the other disclosures I don't have all the answers which is why they getting it in this format adding a workshop in a discussion at the act of speaking out back in February yes okay that we will have to do that would let expected though it just didn't gel a bit different than what's in the brochures I had a few more similar to use the statistics about religion and spirituality in United States discussed in strategies incorporate stealth spiritual history of our clinical care discussed the real and perceived challenges of witnessing a nonevent deciding and then have a facilitated discussion of the beats along the way he has while about that is sharing Christ in the workplace noise looking back best practices in clinical care Elizabeth is that we can have and how we share Christ in our workplace sign up at the stage is the little mice during the run and start talking felt you have a sense of where I'm going from in my stated topic so and my family is from Barbados mechanics came to that two years before I was born and they were Moravians in Barbados and seven a new technique need to back then and there is no Moravian church nearby so I got pregnant and you can see the club like an actress and in today's truth and then I went to grammar school at Redeemer Litman so it is not the church in the school and basically late look to the churches here and then he would go around that with the school and found I went there for eight years in grammar school and confirmed with drinks of that with my at bringing grandma school then after that I went to think that this preparatory school is a Catholic school for high school it all basically in my area where I grew up so it was three minutes ride my house to my school and then I went to college at Harvard and a and as you can see that far along I've had implemented with being Moravian with my parents method is bad and I was raised Lutheran went to the technical and then I went to college and so I lived in this door and hear the call hall where the and as you can see the center part of the Army Memorial Church in attendance the eighth every day that bowels the law and about time for morning prayer and inning off again at it though all the question live in high regard and everyone can hear when it's time for morning prayer is wrong with notes Wenger though their optional step that was the basement most of my peppermint years of college then after I came back to New York and went to medical school and outside night I had another religious tradition out being both Judaism and tenacity in my residency at Montague or which is also on Jewish medical center though I had another good influences and then I came TLC my fellowship in geriatric medicine and state of apathy that fill a dedicated sister show I got it been fortunate to have an exposure to a lot of the latest background and tradition in my own person and therefore helped me have had discussions with people that a better understanding of the mud of the religious tenets of the people needs by kit so for me some lessons learned with that many secular academic institutions have a religious component or related backgrounds the harm he did it now it started as a college for ministers and so the crafter I've been depressed wholeheartedly here which is very toxic though and Ecclesiastes and with the original one so true to Christ and the church now it's visible by you is very cost is cheap that you can see the religious background and so that's true for a lot of that look again at unfamiliar with an Ivy League felt like that very constitutes that will create out white and treated yell was formed as yellow form in response to the liberalism of Haaretz a lot of big big electronic contest of the Harvard that you can see is written in Hebrew in the middle and that Eliseo was that a study of Hebrew and I like keeping any of them is a strong huge component at Yale on Princeton and their top in London says new and Old Testament and then she tried under the watch of God so a lot of the schools and now most of the decline and allow the school he would have this background Columbia has by your lights we shall be brownbag and God and God we hope that the problem we get our money in God we trust because do that with the money originally went from Rhode Island and so again you know we've had a lot of traditions within the unprotected places that still have a religious background is training as a part of every talk about saves what suspect that bring out that there are a lot of different ways that we can share with Avenue isn't always have to be praying but that we do an apparent the patients it made he met with me nearly as clear model making arguments going on it may be just having a pleasant words if I am praying for you I'm thinking of you I can't may help you with that I pray for you about that is even listening when you do this weekend every Monday that the topic of conversation and if I think I went to check on Saturday and Friday there is no electric advantage that generate conversation I fixed a lot of easy ways that you needed to start having conversations with whatever level you are comfortable with practically appointed time and in so to the festival of any talk about Islam this is my hospital and we yelling and hustled across the street map this makes it very convenient I tend to month of the year and then at the time I give most academics and and administrative work and so about two years ago expected that local community hospital fully acquire the local communicable finale have two campuses of the one hospital commented to say to locations but one destination that is it is even attempted the same legal campus because they be greatly filled that required so that in addition to my unit is being moved to this hospital next week of a vegan outsider like to get back when you come in the main entrance then this is what you see so when you come in the main entrance is over here then you see I think the healing ministry of Christ and that the pool of Islam and traffic ahead and check it often increments a while but it is a close up and so it was commissioned back in nineteen eighty eight posted the whole story that someone not familiar with the story and that the entrance when you come into the hospital has a lot of big glass Windows one quarter had all of the passion of Christ available steps to the Cottonwood has led the specific charity with that said the sister group that supports it we had parish nurses and in the hospital there's a lot alluded influence part of the contact with and with the operative in the hospital the Pope had to agree because at the hospital and at the boat and he did I think and beer to participate each room at a pacific and their morning prayers every morning on the campaign and so even though it's now crazy on him either negotiations with a head keep their tradition I instill I'm falling the Catholic traditions the hospital said in a different setting for me to work in a small compared to begin the other side of the street and shiny before the fight which is one way of doing it it is I will be asking our questionnaire and inanimate geriatrician we got all of our new patients in an inpatient intake is a section where we say what is your religious affiliation many give choices are the Catholic Muslim no previous nominations for those of you don't know that Adam had committed the most Italian states in the country and as such have a lot of Catholics most of my colleagues are Catholic and spirit couples and that's how often you tend religious services and it could be like today we went the month you people given the choices they check off and how much is religion a source of support he said this is something that everyone when they first come to our office and so therefore give me out to need based on what they said to have that conversation depending on what comes up in the conversation with the needs are most notations of being seen for things like cognitive issues or questions a lot began having this information now what they're saying their religious background or not it is very helpful so I wanted when talking a little more about some of the practicalities and entities in small group this is also database situation that I personally am I the nearly people indicated any patient cannot pay you what I think now in evaluating a new patient is wanted by her daughter during a conversation with the state has been living on it so we year she recently returned home after her husband died two years ago to be very active in her Baptist Church her husband after the pastor as he helped lead out a lot of the ministry but now she can't even pray what he's telling you this story he's quite intimately as I knew her life story so what do you recommend how do you close the visit wouldn't say the community because the patient in an interview and felt so I'm selected fortunately we again at the time we a lot ninety minutes for new patient for a 3-D thirty minutes at very mandatory return and they are then and then and that though which I had the way that they my companies when it is that up in that time we separate family room and patient in three separate patient and family come in our nurse case manager talks with the family in the family room and get the history command while the position is talking with the patient become out to be done our initial assessment and discussed each other what the issues are that the patient bring on the family but the backend and have a big power and living in altogether so I'm cited have the benefit of having time into attack on the findings your client and she went demented that was easy to did very well I think it is very clear this is the path and so trying to get more ask what was going on at Babel which you come back she did try to go to the church they had gone to before her husband had in the past but there are just too many reminders for her in that church and one still saw her ad that is why I think that would be open they will develop tiny devices stopped going to that church but then really felt explained he had been leading Bible studies he had pain in the tracking on this premise in other things and now couldn't you see that is valid treatment biking again at two raw eggs the one place that she needed out this made it even worse so that was also making her feel worse that she no longer had a connection that she had enjoyed himself patient with my eyes also Kristen and I knew I had to ask again what a religious donation was you money that is that this and so I had been asked to speak at a Baptist church I went up to three years prior to talk about living out the complaint that and so on I mentioned to her that maybe she wants about that particular Baptist Church that very welcoming church money and wanted family and in fact the is a woman in the church who has been has been the founder and pastor of the church and he had died she was demonstrated with people that I need to thank Simon and outgoing I think that maybe they would have a connection is being to you on widows of pastors and he would have that connection engine to turn the name of the church and mentioned her the name of the woman I was thinking up things really start to cry so I was like okay now what's wrong think they'll be helpful well that church is the church that across the street from her she had seen it and never gone into it and the woman at a time not never be this great precipitate meant that with and so hearing that she would like clearly this was a both be hosting a beginning there are about fifteen of us and I think they should identify to any physician happened to be a fine city you happen to me how the only Baptist Church and I remains due and the plan that I've been invited that is that I only think that I may not use leaving are not this is probability does not agree with the music to my favorite Bible verses and I mentioned a heartfelt it is twenty three twenty behold an angel before you to keep in the way had been to the plate at the parent cannot say that I think of there to be like that I need to that particular Baptist Church that when I committed to her she knew exactly will in fact had wanted to go and get herself to go into the church another was that it shall come to pass before they call I will answer them while they are yet speaking I will hear again be able to parlay that I had been there two years before she fell enough outside the hotel alive at meantime and I enable to go there to be a likely to share this with her that I think he was the best I normally would say that we need to do some good advice regarding credit vacation how can something in her my perception literally with the church that was my perception you need to go to church is it that they need to know this Sunday and step over that threshold and go to church and meet with your husband and spent some time until I went to be the wrapup altogether with her daughter telling her daughter with going on they both have going I think I'm driving down to see them tonight I got that year see you thank you for helping inner and so more so than anything else in this idea saying listening you would get excited off on the divine object or intimate I'm had both hatched in terms of how much I care for each one of us it was that all these things up in perfect alignment so that was it easy one time back into the main part I started which she minded by Philip she said no she wouldn't listen yet once you press that she gave the most beautiful prayer began crying I wanted that he had been able to pay the last couple years and this is the car and I got and we both still have like panic guide in any way to meet with you accept the discussion of the church and so that was what she needed to have them in here and understand and be able to tell her recommendations but the land to build at the plate that maybe God has needed all in your custom of the action on the beach on being I think that will be coupled for so so I pray without you can prepare and he came out to speak on listening and being confused and out of after a witness to her and her daughter her daughter has been able to do the checking this situation so Christian witness with direct reports they recently hired an employee for your institution during a check-in meeting he states that he started praying with the patient before elected by the fact that even in private practice thirty eight years now he works for the institution and he asked given the okay for him to continue playing with patients now directory of diffusion he also have to be okay for him to listen to his book the spirituality and health as recommended reading and after visit summary and electronic medical records as they write up instructions for the patient the wettest month to do the summary of the vivid and what you want to do in the future so how do you respond to an inquiry today to affect this at right can you pray with patients that the first part and to connect with my two books on their active visit Emory e-mail them yet he is the author of that gap yes enough that recently had two books that I wrote on spirituality and health and videotape at the back on active summary now now is not the mountain without my five favorite in February a best-selling of as Brandon Aiken I mean anything Renée and I thank you ask the mine is okay I panicked you think they yet by all means that I am only did the same thing I was concerned that you would get pray whereby the weather not the person wanted that prayer that I said in our infinitely last on it be that they are dropping Asia didn't get picked about five percent of the decisions made about two percent of people overall population do not have the police is not the legality deleted on how Iran but also not working things on people right though if they say yes that meant absolutely okay if they known he still perceived to practice now to be something traumatic right up with yet though in terms of having learned things so that only nine of the act the one that the ball I haven't seen them and he wasn't giving them away for free he was selling them authorities said he gets very little than I thought he don't get a lot for them but certainly not coming out after visit summary fell I mentioned it now that I'm activated summary eight UN convention to your agent that you have a happy skillet is coming that might benefit from it you want to have a copy that they could be let them know that is not everything that different but you can't buy either with a prescription for thanks is my book and by that and then yelling and said that would be the tenth obligation so again if it's for free then me yet that choice part part of it as well not just the paying subject three operate in our present of the person if you would like to have my buckets here I think this might help you that they say no then they leave it but again being that you have a in a a while okay the writer is that I know is how is a you and a and him him is a completely new employees in the past even clinically much lack I out now what about jihad and Islamic and indeed felt the want anything up to I need to have broken how your presenting it as you need them involved in the patient could be thirty eight years until you get along in relationship our hypertension so I'm not the one thing that came to me when the right design party the people rejoice when they could wicked man rules the people ground fell having some of the livelihood of authority hopefully that when where when where overseeing our direct reports averaging down a way that I remind them that were among the righteous scouts don't type that fast way on now I defeated the patient that they went to make up the Atlantic here again the book out now that you're selling I'm even if it were free to have that balance right they don't have whereupon you're coming down and I think I should be getting apathetic attentive and patients who want that but to do so tonight at the people as well on the last point is cushioning this would collate environment up and out like this is my off my back at work at those on the applicant 's amen a while back that nearly opposite a lot about you and sale of any workspace is that what is your office say about tonight 's event in effect meant me you wanted to but what is myopic they come and convince my office what do they know about me and so I tried a map in a way that they represent things I think are important but I want people to know so I know that the picture New York Yankees and the reason from the architecture pervades my family that I can't I counted the religious calendar Isaiah fifty five 24-bit screensaver on my favorite birthday I'm closely a half hot that I brought back from the negative public and take your medical student agent for weekends me make the Dominican Republic without my saying anything when people come into my room and I need my direct reports anyone anyone even think that went into now about me and my friends now that I have an ugly display background I'm a Christian and went into the woods now that without my having to say anything to them I need to need to say something to them but the other thing is one of the things I have about my genetic but my guess is that the Internet itself have patience with all things but first it yourself never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being you are perfectly valuable creative work while person simply because he exists and no amount of triumph or tribulations can ever change that unconditional acceptance is the core of the peaceful mind making them antagonize my fight that happened to have had that igloo I like how this quote my favorite belt I've had doubled my colleague seeking a candidate comment will let him to give they can have patience of themselves they can have additional topics that in that enable to lead into the discussion why can't you have that guy that has an unconditional acceptance of that he had because without how can you not be confused out so I had a saying of the people faked being bound by law I've been away again a generating conversation and so direct me one other time back but I wanted to think about that what is your workspace say about you and this is it another way to Whitney and you and your workspace out NY and LA Shanghai for Christian principles what can you do or what have you got your workspace to show more of a Christian witness about even if you're not there even if you don't speak an elaborately myopic know something about me right just by looking at I think that we only think that having a conversation will begin with there other ways that we can act our police system now does this in closing to take on so many times it is recommended you have a religious background affiliation at all thoughts of discussion night as well working in a statement like what do you now that the foundation of individualized in a religiously based alas I cannot now most it back in the sky clearly disaffiliation failed check to see which any of patients are your colleagues that they ascribe to line the Association American medical colleges the level of organization the technician all recommended if indicated by a clinical care the yarn firm grounds by asking these spiritual unquestioned that spiritual history patient and are calling it when we display our petition on the end there are many ways to share a Christianity that I kept being gently speaking and with this quote from thinking things every life is a light that writing just the pathway of others or a dark and desolating influence that tends towards despair lead others under either upward to happiness any mortal life or downward spiral that basically I want to be one of their leading our colleagues at patients our friends at work to China life down hoping that this session you need some tools on how data and encouragement to eleven when a merengue now cramming them in a nice man posted by mental wrecking he recognizes Damon and his medical manual and were you going to learn more about Newman please visit www. Re: nandrolone in the world there was more free online WW online universe


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