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Choosing a Specialty and Finding a Residency

Lyndi Schwartz


Lyndi Schwartz

Physician practicing in Kettering, Ohio



  • October 31, 2014
    4:15 PM
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father in heaven these young people have decided to commit themselves to you to be of service to you as medical missionaries they have quite a road ahead of them in the first is the difficulties of the students have with the volume of material and sometimes it doesn't you're drowning too much material as I want spring to pray especially for these the student medical student but as they navigate through the next several months of medical school but they will not lose heart but that they will be buoyed up by the knowledge that they are in your will did what you asked them to do on the opposite end of the spectrum we have the fortune of the students who are right now in the throes of the interview process making important decisions that the crosswords of their life between medical school and residency as I just pray that as they go about the interview trail that the Holy Spirit will guide them give them wisdom and discernment as they interview and now as we discussed together with these things involved in the training of medical school I asked that the Holy Spirit and each one to fit in again at eleven about who I am I know some of you Laura I don't laurel finch unless the baby I do not think of the Lord coming up in the I've met others at the over this is the time to attend at a man and then mass effect a curious gal parent remember the hoopla and that is one of the most interesting thing if I want to my classmates acted on my classmate about resident and assuming that these methods is was very interesting but it's a little bit of a dilemma that you did not disclose this in Loma Linda nineteen eighty two him him Linda finished that nineteen eighty five until medicine often there I am the Loma Linda faculty I met my husband on a backpack trip for the very interesting story about with me about weekend Seth J subject was having a difficult and at expected I went my husband and I went to visit sixty dollars there were twelve of us at the time it goes into guys and the girls and we need more guys I said but for any month the one that is with the muscle signals if you have misunderstood anyhow so I night my husband and I we have the lament on the faculty for the hack is attending unawareness of what and I felt that the POWs of his VA is one that I would like a magnet with Ohio and academics and the program director for the enjoyment of that is that of a very rewarding job I took over the store directed a little over a year ago generate so they can be countering Yahoo also okay eighty yeah what you doing gathering in neuron neurology opinion around the other at the merely average scattering and carry your don't not like the location of the Loma Linda has been admitted affiliation with the holiday and so at the income aggregate sum up going okay at the history and at the forecasting urticaria about at depends on the unit we have sentence at the half of our residents are from Loma Linda and support so athletic and laboratory director and that this is a timeline on it when the footnotes are interviewing at twenty scientists are concerned so my question is your first result on my questions you think are important I was given some questions by John Shintoism and Johnson he gave me some questions that Christians are concerned about that I should address them I know what you think that we should address at the something I wanted to recover but what is I have and that would guide the event you know that I must compensate that is a is okay my money next to Disneyland is that you are wanting automatically to medical school and then you like now life I know what you want to do and some people have ended up where they are at the end of the twentieth medical school and decided we don't know to what Nichols is that when I was going up in medicine a split of the year the given much experience of the rotation and because they make me want to end up in a major Internet had no assessment of what you did want to comment on items like the Southern sensibilities with what all congratulation again congratulations doesn't even do that and I did them if it could be of benefit if you don't know and I wonder why talk about a little bit intent of making a decision what you wanted to when you grow up okay so I thought about that although that I didn't give you X Re: an example of somebody that is up to you to get there questions that you want me to just present yesterday I okay okay you hear the integrity of the FBI DNA that okay all right let's talk about that but it was addressed the issue of choosing a specialty am using a program for the fourth errors and choosing a specialty program director like I said I didn't look at it where our hospital care in hospital is a faith-based institutions like Loma Linda personally I love being at a faith-based institution it was Billy I now live in a place in my entire life that was not enough the Adventist I especially garrotte and I have never worked at a place that was not at the distance the interesting thing that was my one thought about using a program like you interview pretty good that you began into the process right you got interviews okay will experience been like right when you apply for ophthalmology okay now what are you applying for OB/GYN okay very good all right of the great obituary on so many charges of this story a couple of stories one of them is about one of my I see that the gentleman you what my trust anybody the stories of Loma Linda graduate out tell you this story he is now my associate program director and drug medicine okay but what do medical students became that the Kettering clarification and that he came to the Kerry Orcish into medicine the love at that time he was applying and the neglected and Max for anesthesiology and things going at ideology people who decided to become anesthesiologists his family told and you know what they make more money the lifestyle is good as more prestigious I want to anesthesiologist you have to be asleep at his left one-stop times in the last screen at all times the patients know the place facility requires procedures intimations flying an avid hunter license of websites procedurally the procedurally -based specialty okay so he was told that they make more money in the lifetime that is more prestigious to be acknowledged his friends told him it at his parents for his parents told him to you anesthesiology and all you look underneath nice etiology he needed anesthesiology okay so he can support the medical student who often don't notice until his family I love until medicine they said no event and ideology so he came encountering so many do anesthesiology ophthalmologists of what he can do a preliminary medicine or someone your clinical here before you actually start them out core residency that took been doing so he took the counter and got anesthesiology at Loma Linda over the newest transitional year Kettering okay so what ran on designers audition walking a class I will allow into another thing I cannot do anything theology I received it now I like it because I'm afraid of procedure I noticed I get horrible break into my office several times over the first two or three months of the rest of the internship and he was in the chair I either Mike McKenzie sitting in the chair and his leg was glad that I cannot even eliminate at he was so nervous as he was targeting with data he was shaking shaking thinking about the possibility of doing procedures and also the situation of the Chrysler when identical and thereby the room in the recent item code is crashed and was then under his care it wasn't until it I second Adam you're in the wrong profession each dot displays suspected all his faithful get over this while in the least bit by and he was getting more and more anxious and so I said and you need to make a change I want to do it I watch that went into effect okay how do you decide what to progress with each use a special establishment on your personality traits like things you think are your strengths like things about medicine you particularly enjoy you what is the list I want to make two columns one of anesthesiology one and a message what is one of my personal traits of character on temperament like this party so forth one of my life is like and how my dog gifting me all the specific gifts I have met him him down anesthesiology at the medicine unless it's about very scientific and and when he got all done with it took about old by the FL rep little after the whole bunch of stuff I have to didn't get everything that the father boxes get back to my office and I know he was even more nervous as I have to get into his mom flew to Ohio the company was me which she did not meet with both of them and both of them accusations to ninety cents to three hours each with them together as he was shaking and she was pleading and down so finally she said he needs to see that he must be crazy this is a no-brainer and so they are significantly and saw that psychologist and cultivating human drug benefit now do you understand that process right once you've matched in a legally binding agreement between you and the program getting out of the match of breaking that contract is a serious okay going to the record rather than keep up the net result look like this we both love about you or not to get out of the mess sophisticated with corporate directed Loma Linda in anesthesiology explain the situation and clearly he would not input the brain physiology that was together molecular maps explained in the match it took about a month or not to my section two one process that stuck in my release from the match in February of that following year and the Internet it very important about Al Qaeda said another the person to my surprise choosing a specialty I don't think the rocket science and then one of the thing is I think that many Seventh-day Adventists of poetry Gartner event uncle he did a phenomenal talk at ASI rightly years ago but mission with it was right is fundamental right and I want to go into okay him like that okay it is not rocket science I had enough residents constantly opening is only this thing right here I don't like this going will become a kind neurologist in output for individual nice was that he knew of its specialties after that I don't have responsible to execute endocrinology I don't it is God 's will is the second such I wonder what document of this violent struggle over God 's will be no bathroom when everything you know God 's will for your life afterwards first I can hear it you ask him how you been in the Bible okay God is not how anything in the Bible that says Laurel you can be a pediatrician is not in their favor I mean a man has identifiable right okay now God does not make us do something that is absolutely not believe the designers didn't appoint or natural bent firstly there is something that got the Senate is not that I will is will is that you be sanctified right developer is your sanctification so the first thing that God has for all of us is that he follow him everything is in our lives okay the thought is that he be first in line every order our lives going to his principal okay he has to give to each one of us so uniquely also no editing and he cannot live some arbitrary thing anyone was looking at for example at Hadley family right after you rally just got to see that register Scolari is on about the stimulus up the old muscles that the Lakers is that everything is right and there's another one family right Jerry handed in my class and the younger lessons on his monkeys lasting with a senior now and when it finished last evening it took me psychology where your class okay so there's always many psychologists as impressive there I'm not sure I'd be suspicious under the third and fourth generations what's going on and what happens after that but anyway I'm going to the person meant about God wants you to be happy he also wants to be in the book like this principle is simple at that as non- magic in this I had a resident company whenever like the Fellowship because their parents disagree with and doing a particular policy why they have to go out of the active system to train and not having sixty seven o'clock but that all that but that's always a concern so first of all I believe that students need to be religious and grounded in the Word of God as closely new Bluetooth and grounded in the word of God get your life completely and really got after that into the right thing by you make the right choices with is the glycemic that you can use your talent right people because they are the really good no good but with the children on whatever you're very kind in your hat on and that probably blessing my husband is at an interventional cardiologist and his chat was very interesting up with a bright story and the environment and that the students he who loves OB/GYN loved it might make some statements that the estimate is sixty mix to make statements that matches the amendment as if they can learn what women like this godly class with a person who I love very much came to him and said Brian wrong even going to OB/GYN right the Council and he decided he would do something else moment my husband is very limited and so and he went for the left to two YouTube nine and one hundred two times they told my husband who last uses hands isn't it that much but lots uses hands they all attend you need to get one after they had gotten practice and keeping whatever the opposite Alito do that get into my husband eight and on the eighth okay and then deliver this as the list called by somebody that you know this to be my capability to do it until it's a medicine in a tone that is and Catherine and then I don't buy this business isn't enough that I could have is okay just as the laughter might find you the convenient Internet has one morning in November of nineteen ninety eight I woke up and realized that my husband was depressed you can move on and all us in the recognize that God has each person so uniquely you cannot do what somebody is watching regarding to what God wanted even what you can find that out okay I did with it this is the most miraculous story ever because I woke up and I just was like up recognized so I said I was surprised they need to cardiology appointment now like this is in November and I now will be overnight I was initially it was just like that I also selected to work as documented on the application for you and I did than enough for him I did every application for the program organized transcendentalist is not about applications like the leaves of autumn and now back abandoning interviewed you interviewed in the spring for the July of the following Felicity was the spring of nineteen ninety nine at nine ninety nine for this and you have a position beginning in July two thousand so the next interviews all over the place and I'm not catering once again the system is that it was close I went to difficulty in this instance added O'Brien isolate the and that I had I also had monotonous and the fact Dukakis before he began his fellowship but I suppose I want to put my finances do with you guys I have always been asked about Philly .com sports that his fellowship one day I got a call with no inmate that statement pay us was going to be in at the in June it may make against the brand promise that Doctor Hatteberg who was the prime directive in Cincinnati just call me up on the vector is going to come me and you can do it the caveat is that Brian is going to direct his vehicle and account activated North Susan okay I got all and I'm the bride and I got distracted them about uppity and is in residence at night we have a landline is not that it so I I got was that they had resident protocol that I would like the classic prayer closet and brain how to make a basis I connected a young and beginning my first reaction I think the brand that is not fair but it was any kind of an accident on what that November nineteen ninety eight I has been going to cardiology that your elite preselect needed to get into the cardiology and then I have no doubt that God led right into cardio a great cardiology love as a bonus once again into his lineage an ophthalmologist right you are lucky just to get into his lineage and the ascension very different feel so so we have to remember that the link on his gifted you and use that gift that God is giving you again you could have you neurosurgeon is just not good over to something that God has gifted you to do things that they see you are living according to God 's principles may see your good ground in the wood of the mission that's a number one priority on the objectives that I said how do you make in the big three where the victory in the SF Valley on the objective I had a thick dimension of the big three as you progress the residency also my son percent the big three go back to the foundations which is rare your Bible study and Sherry when you our medical school and when you are in residency it will be difficult for you you have to find time to make time to do the important things your Bible states on your prep time very important I believe that the priceless lesion in the day is to wake up this morning and have that Sweet hour of prayer with God was an make it a priority when you're a resident because the way the day goes and call himself more and you catch them at the end of it it is a kind of sick of everything is my collapse don't like television that was not like television it is a worthless piece of equipment don't like television instead add out the beginning Internet five o'clock six o'clock time whenever you go to the hospital at that but get that hour of prayer and get by with a devotional time if I domesticate I did Academy I was laughing is absolutely a big Catholic news because you believe that I is unavoidably a bullet to your doorstep literally so don't look at the news of God in the morning first thing asked him to die today the things that the company life but by the club system is choosing a residency there is no magic to it the question of principle and according to your character traits of character what advice do you choose a specialty and I present you can move ahead of any doubt we can move ahead if you have no half of the new under neurosurgeon Doctor make that happen there's like no way to make that happen so you can't do that anything I thought you were to do a residency that another interesting thing on outdated interesting story that I had most of all to my own personal bias by personal bias is simply an education if you accept the abacus I believe in all my hop I was exited after the system I believe it's us as an young people is equally important I also believe those physicians that anybody can make a lot of money by the way of the public money but you can make a lot of money but that is not my you guys are either to medical school you are medical missionaries of a funny story and a friend recommended into the season two years ago spring up within what two thousand twelve I was interviewing applicants would be beginning residency that July that I went in and got out with the next date is in March of two thousand twelve beginning July and to be admitted as one dies application and he was he was intervened from the University of Cincinnati Cincinnati method state school right I saw this application though that he went to Spring Valley Academy at any who ask for an active person interesting you ask what religion they interview people write because my religion so Icelandic undergrad at Miami University of Ohio about other interesting piece to cut out the missing of an interview talk asceticism so I sent out how did you manage to go to Spring Valley Academy at a similar survey had it okay about how to end up at Miami University in those I got a Fulbright scholarship is okay I said that they tell the same site tomorrow is a must like the more once possible but I sent while the edit menu this is Cincinnati looking around I want to get the best education I have a big and white I know the Holy Spirit spoke to Mister Griffin and I said okay on the things that affect the defendant I've never done in my career spanning more than three decades I said I didn't call you where you have to go to your residency feeling that we had two choices Loma Linda or chattering masses if you need anything to do I select the best salsas I thought I'm trying to update my act is to guess that you have now gone to college and effective institutions the second institution and you are going to be a medical missionary use of training training and got it at this institution got acquainted with some one of these two places the result okay that had more than that and then you get assignment was to go home at over the next few weeks before seven Kettering I want you to read the first hundred pages of argument have network and goodbye and that he actually meant getting about one second level residence academic mean that everybody has to go to an institution for the recipe clearly you have no right to pronounce the letters ophthalmology and gynecology and neurosurgery and everything else and as teachers program though make sure that you understand the culture of that institution institutions rested for my husband and I selected the cardiology is that this is very funny my husband to do how you Cincinnati client acquitted was six months anything I think that every fellow asymptomatic difficult holy well it you never know before that doctors drink alcohol and this came to him I think I can write about disappointing surprise us he stuck with it is a good friend of ours who didn't want to go into business prestige institutions that she went to do method of execution into a medicine and she started to quit again the question go back to Loma Linda because she said if I married a binary Seventh-day Adventist I uphold and accessibility some dissected them is like the eyes that I never seem to stuff before be prepared to understand your interview and they wanted to heal out that MS is not tell you about all the bars and happy I was not a blanket place there on many issues even though they don't have a happy hour up in the front okay the maternity standard event of a happy hour in the church and equipment of the unbelievable once the one I want but the latest on that left at the University the once little been arrested for DUI in your today Mister Linda be very Catholic interview what kind of program you going to estimate wonderful cultures for education and you can look at those that likely the Mayo Clinic is what it might put institution the wonderful culture at the Mayo Clinic of citizen suits and you profess all the cosponsors right okay so those issues up to the residency be careful talk to the residence and went in with and when they had what's the most important thing to these residents is it going potty was in any something you just fit into the culture in at the end and he did desktop as long as you set the tone for the residents invited you home for pricing and software whatever but you get the authority to be that the leaders of our specialty that connected it okay so I commission you what specialty subitems and logos almost a buddy can go to the mission field depends where you're going one of our rest next week several resins that we have a Kettering and DNase several the beginning and then gone into the mission field and infectious diseases and is an end run in a country with him no public debate allowing and but he didn't do it invest it as a diseases with another person and that his endocrinologist at going to walk clinic is gone the mission is done without an effective antiphon I do well but don't others is the last of our rentals have gone into an energy that whether or where the students from Loma Linda and who trained at Johns Hopkins with the DMA and he did infectious diseases Fellowship admitted the mission field she is looking again at the mission field I rejoined my husband is a cardiologist in yes but is not the machine gun helped out you know is the neck and it is not like that because management things she wanted to do one so I noticed about twenty years ago I can do it today is how he thinks he was inducted into the Big Bang is going to use Jesus uniting the replacements and taking many interesting soul so yeah I think and a whole lot we can do arithmetic is going to go up and down on sleep orthopedic surgery use in the mission field general settings using the mission field ophthalmology I think you should feel you have the OB/GYN you're in good shape the more creative they are looking with you to do nationbuilding but I was thinking our doctor going to miss that you can do almost anything yet the anything admission I anything else that you might notify lots of the other things like money questions if you look at some other living things what is the worst looking to be interviewed right now actively for methods that you have interviewed again getting actively what fun of the interview jail after interviewing the program is going to make it okay all right instead of the color space Washington those when and how have you been doing with written notice is that as yet as you saw as all I is in iPhone is as is as I am so glad you said that and a cGMP certified person if I'm buying for progressive programs there is a very with his very carefully this is very concerning idea among Adventists that somehow you want to go to the biggest Ivy League is whatever software like that of the case and mounted he was a great program entries of a program from medicine if you and the departed regularly cares about resident to get a great education great education on and got been delayed is often done you still like ideologies the ophthalmologist is still a nurse 's OB/GYN board-certified and was on the financial who chairs the committee Johns Hopkins guide abuse you know who cares some as electronegativity for a continued many feet and I think that you and in is is is is is a is Allison I left that question okay this is one of the areas that carry within the experts at that particular there was met and it will call you this and what the Fellowship you have to go to a university program is that legitimate program now I can speak for Kettering program so I can wrangle we are measures the majority of our resident dollars and they should have been nominal institutions we have one thousand for a mechanic ideology and I'm so missing the domestic announcement about four years ago or five years ago now and that was because cardiology is extremely competitive the more money you make them uncompetitive effects of it but after that the committee that but the fact is that chaos is difficult to get accepted so we decided and we had to have life watching residue not match in cardiology for that reason so we decided that we have not announced up it is actually as they had been accepted at the transcatheter aortic valve replacement of the day now initiate a hoarding up I thought it would make a decision yet just like a beautiful thing I think it's F and so I think so we had everything under the sun a wonderful caveat is that this is the Centennial psychologist estimates I don't deposit but some questioned mythology oncology you know probably CGI endocrinology but whatever every restaurant and catering for the last twenty years back whatever is placed about the effect of fellowship I guess if anything can be burned in a great loss program and we also have a favorite with my State University although the assessment at least eight separate audiograms in Dayton doing together the least they separate and unique part of the point of the gathering and having done that the pension that is success in the mismatched integrate great programs the Johns Hopkins Baylor I mean that the units in Michigan office of programs that could get into those so I don't run it makes a big difference as suppliers as we go into every committee burn it in our program it makes passing of different and when it does like to look at the Davison magic England a great program and match it comes in medical school because of what they look at is your forecasting score U.S. Senate legal volume of the rest of your life seems that in the seventies now you have a great time they did update interesting story the anorexic at countering gloom and down is the first is out of this is that Yosemite was trying to be polite to cardiology finds plaintiff is also directed against it I can't take the sky is a very important one that was the only reason the only reason enough to eliminate out when you are not the slightest thought to act out and didn't anything I had our first year I figure you are my son anyhow that's a long story but I had to I want to hear from your class is known as the follies of your life and that is what he thought made straight for the owner over it like twenty something infinitely ballasted it is one of enabling role like interviews with the U.S. Army scores for mildew great got been able so I can take and what is the one that is any question mention that an expansive quest the committee universities this is great stuff him in him and see what was spent on your red emission that is something that usually most everyone does is like that they go straight from what I befriended vindictiveness any thought whatsoever now I know of at least one returning missionary with vis-à-vis training once they got back things changed much states that every overseas so they may get a sound reminiscent of a lifetime that this is the moment and practice and everything is good at directing Faith filled with the players okay leaving for England Michigan you'll like the weather will be like if you okay I don't know what the benefit of letting listening going would be as zealous as specifically permitted be a different experience to get Martha Moore not individual unit of a Philip as you give me for not okay I didn't sign up actively okay I think that SSC is probably wise no any defect you mention that with lots of my finances in this expense I went to medical school in a line definition field does not give you much in the of financial reward so that with negative drawback you are never write as many of his residency data from the members residency and that image is a lot of sci-fi filling in the you feel like you don't even practice out the window is suing you and I do a great job within the space of them confident in doing no harm yes go ahead yes okay okay so Loma Linda the greatly I trained there in a resident in a limited diet and Melinda on China Loma Linda that relies not never limit I know Melinda so sometimes training goes it's nice to see something else that sitting in Loma Linda in mind when I get my Arabs was now three decades ago over three decades ago was the number a friend I love it I would buy a lot thinner than intended back and today is not the negative is now admitted not increased exponentially in a bike of my note going getting lost in my coming back soon as you put into it and so forth in the anathema to get you this is very surprising I see what the mind no I drive every study really hot that even he can't learn the foundations of medicine in my amendment is not a meeting program and are suspected of adult medicine establishment about online accident night we got book because that's where everything I I diagnose things I never see along the event office the twentieth note that if ever thought that I know that you are going to see some more stuff to be the lead Loma Linda questions D- and a woman especially in light of the family this is the one that is nothing but a going something of the Seymour Stein may not actually be that is highly overrated ideally I have a question question okay I guess this money issue though that and you are going to benefit a few moments to reflect a 50-50 force UN NASA got his laugh is really what an know when I recommend him and it is our medical school that I went to medical school and eighty two that was thirty two years ago that the happiest about that but I think what she's really got pages I abducted by him and when I finished medical school I had seventy thousand dollars worth of debt before his medical at seven zero I husband and had thirty thousand dollars with the best and it was good in school but an he was living expenses of what he was for his banker 's biggest medical school and then we got letters alone again I deny him a copy now you figure like you or something you want and fifty thousand me back to my house and combined in some places right absolutely ridiculous when my husband still so I was a wealthy update your status and the fact that you I guess there's my residency and exhibiting a question with my husband okay so I was in the chattering at this time is in July eighty nine Kettering that my December second Mike was after a wedding and an eye I took my husband 's classmates invested in June riding BMW my husband decided in nineteen eighty five Pontiac Sunbird I was attending the impending salary on his cost-cutting start the record I thought they hit the jackpot on easy on the lifeless things when you get out of medical school and if you Dave Ramsey he's kind of obnoxious way to get beyond obnoxious the principal dissent are absolutely right he insults equally smooth he said he's a Christian I have to believe that you bought don't live like a doctor when you get that piece of paper this is not empty don't live like that Doctor live by the public oh I know enough now to midnight no one else later Rafe right okay I give God the angel vehicle for years it is not my husband I think my story one time we used to go backpacking in the graduate of the canoeing and Canada all you want to one time my husband Pontiac Sunday up to Minnesota and being brought down I hated authority how we didn't do anyone any money in Manila nowhere in Wisconsin the spindly metal selected by the other rent a wreck we didn't invent the rhetoric and negative vehicle it was so ugly to position striving to Minnesota in the audience can't even possibly imagine but I keep her reason giant the obvious speed and drive until your debts are paid off that don't really posh but there is nothing like the deck we nothing like it even the whole don't owe anybody any money the borrower is slave to the lender for the Bible that so I is you have financial principles that found the plaintiff to pay your debts and the personal references do not did a good job you make a lot of money if you are you limited to making apartment with the four children and you put all the extra money you paid a faithful kind of Pentagon laptop and everything else to put this early date of that amen he says he utilized in being convened in my opinion I will keep you to recommend any gourmet food I really beaten rice and rice and beans he simply do not go out to eat the him I was unhappy angry the cheesecake factory is carried out human language is expected I was out as the poet went to the audit during the game in that part of that time please literally is so so you don't need all this stuff and long negligible that you need yet out yet get out of debt you will never do it and then you feel your loan the mortgage company earmarks for your house don't get more house than you can afford in ten years the mortgage on really honestly ten years and more by the archives only in cash if you can't pay cash don't buy the car and stared at the right and I don't like me you know anybody anything we can do it anytime you want to admissibility Republicans know anybody anything so I haven't ignited by healthcare professionals in the fitness and medical school in dental school and one of them against the adoptive urine that your doctor the doctor will buy anything about the vote don't like about it I really is limited in the last days he delivered the people have been the people of God in the last eight I happy nothing against buying on nice clothes the night but certainly that there is no need to want to be on the any comments that if an estimate I can isolate like I want to get financial synagogue was the ever think that because the length of commissar on that financial issues are you are a yeah yeah and yeah and my you know what is not as nice car and knowledge in and in a very bad and yes that yes okay yeah I like it best when he got not been debated this is also busy saving you money you spend your money this is very funny because I dwell at molesting her home my parents had with my current fiscal conservatives my husband was shocked because I keep an accurate record of every US president I can send on any exactly what we have any evidence of this was funny you say why biceps that said I think that the only money he was like to have the money in the backyard and we have no money because I only wanted still okay and is only misspent money is limited budget and punishment even if you make Landoll here limit what you will overspend that we lacked was a believe so if you like it or have read when seconds out of your pocket if you got the everywhere except he will not overspend your money and spend when we can mistake my dad Professor Malone College she said my neck and debate the Vikings and green the professor while all college the measurements by now they say but anything going to do to save money investment in the state now feel that I am she was wiping up Atlanta medical school for my six bedroom apartment practices denying advice I have to do this but this is not limited to know the money a simple dietary habits simple directory on another hundreds of what I noticed my sounds very austere but trust me he will be you will never regret getting out of debt never driving a BMW video to the two thousand dollars loan to buy a nice house or how much ever you call that you feel that you get out of debt is in the beginning of a better kitty it is because David questions you guys have they didn't address the next will be expecting when you came at the address the concerns support and license you want to add wish you God 's blessings as he continued in his service I think that medicine is the highest most holy calling possible I've never considered myself having a job this is really fun what I do is we find the product is getting a refund having the residence complex office I can credit the residence as you than human interviews of participants at the situation but my residence separate occasions they have spiritual conversations with them and all can think about judging and so forth like that's the size advantage I think that this is a call to my job to them it is not job is wonderful to get big the web notices that great a great situation is less crazy clothes I haven't you have given us such an incredible work to do to save you in medicine I think every young person here appreciate the privilege that you given each one of them and the juju you've given each one of them to send you wholeheartedly to serve you in humility and to save you with this reckless abandon there is some patients that they will see Jesus in and be drawn to him and itself we want to your kingdom be with those left flying out the residency in the wisdom as they put together their matchless a ranked list and you'll be glorified in a single to center institutions may have to go to second institutions the minute you put them when it has a protection around them that they will be bright shining lights places that are done for the first years of the second has coming up but I just pray that you given clarity as they begin to think about how best they can city what profession branch of medicine some undecided if you don't know what to do guide and Lord so then that counts this was a gifted them with it they may glorify you and all together as physicians life is grand blessing on the position community that he was simply as Jesus said as a teacher and healer I removed the lesion and no one was online when you are using this media was using my audio mercy amen Adventist medical and endless number to learn more about Nina 's visit www. amen and I will like there was more free online sermon in WW online universe on


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