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Christ's Method's in the 21st Century-Part 3

Mark Finley Ernestine Finley



  • October 31, 2014
    4:15 PM
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I want to your story as we began our class this afternoon we do by this or last class of the afternoon I pray to give us wisdom enable us to really grasp how we can better integrate physical mental and spiritual modalities together we sense up in the ministry of Jesus the Gospel of healing the gospel of health gospel of salvation which is health and healing were never separated and so teach us to walk in the footsteps of her master and make these integrations we pray the in unobtrusive ways of ways that we can not be offensive but we can break down prejudices we can see hearts and minds open in Christ name on she mentioned that we live in a community it's a gated community and Dominion Valley Haymarket Virginia and we are just in the process of building a new church on new community health Center and a new evangelistic training center there are target audience our pastors in our training and physicians and leading laypeople who are curriculum will be about one week a month you will do a day intensive classes and were building in eighteen thousand four hundred square foot facility we started by faith it is a four million dollar project and that we started with no money and that God is doing some just amazing things were six hundred thousand dollars short right now and we've raised about three four million dollars in the Lord his work miracle after miracle Cheney is running a twenty six mile marathon to celebrate her seventieth year of life she won't mind my telling you shall be seventy years old on December four and that she will run her marathon her first marathon twenty six two miles on the J January twenty fifth and that she is running on Astros Hawaii doing the dishes and three reasons one I want to demonstrate a help message in my own body so she's training about ten to twelve miles twelve miles a day is accurate so she's out doing twelve miles a day now those run the low days on the good variation is fifteen miles or so but highly positively you'll have five points on five seven seven today are any but how many inhabitants on events and I'll definitely closely attend twelve okay so she's averaging ten to twelve a very very rarely does any less than a twelve city get up in the morning is here jogging but I said what he wanted that she said well first of the glory of God I want to demonstrate my own body with the help message pays a lot is how can I teach out the front not at actor activist in my own life second I want to show in our health classes and that you know in our last health question jump ropes and so average him probing on stage why talk about exercise and you jump rope you that she actually talked of exercises so we can bring the rope here of that heavy jump rope for the and that she said thirdly to raise funds for our new health evangelistic and training center so people are sponsoring her so much of my island that we got away a website it's really neat what's happening you can see all about that on the website it's really really describe it very very neat thing and then but if you're interested in that you can talk to you later but we in our community started about a year ago I began various programs and we had a church in the community so I Doctor Michael hustle from Southern Adventist University and I began to feast we want to do something that can easily started to hold some archaeological seminars our community is an upmarket community of people like to travel a great deal and so I began to talk but Egypt and Israel and so forth and we had a hundred people that were not Seventh-day Adventist coming one night I was getting ready to teach it was probably a half an hour before the course a man walked in suit and tie very well-dressed and he said to me his first words were are your Finley yes he said you don't know who I am but I know who you are and I really need to talk to you he said before I tell you who you are I want to tell you who I am a told me the most amazing story and here was his story is and I came to the United States I was seventeen years old when I got to America I had no education I had no place to live and I began to work a little common job find a black heart I was sleeping in my car in Washington DC in the winter it gets cold so I said where should I go to stay warm during the day he said I know libraries libraries and season a beginning of the library and seventeen -year-old boy and he said I'd studied from eight thirty in the morning to the closed at night nine o'clock every day finally got acquainted with the librarians and then he said I had a little job and did some work when I was working with library finally the library is to let me sleep among the stacks of blocks and he said I I learned that you can take the GED test you didn't have to go to high schools I took my GED and has high school equivalency and I were to want to do something America you got it you got to go to college and you've got to go to college so we said I took my college entrance exam and pass with flying colors and got accepted at Harvard University because my score sunlight might collect interested so high season I took premed nights of medicine at Harvard graduate of Harvard University as a physician but he said that wasn't enough so I went out and got a PhD degree I wasn't enough so I wound got degree in business administration he said that I became the a professor of medicine at Georgetown University now he's sitting there telling me this story many said I've got a reason for telling then he said to me I said I'm not doing enough for the society and he became the president of the second largest community college in American today thirty three thousand students North Virginia community college second tell me the streets of that's who I am now let me tell you you are he said I don't know much about you but everything I've read on the Internet you have the ability to motivate people so while I hire you how much I have to pay I said sir I want to work for you but you know Stefania Paniagua accepted tell me what you want me to do a citizen I want you to do I want you to come to my University and motivate my students to get better grades I said I'll do so I am a lecturer at Northern in the northern Virginia University I lecture on how to get better grades exam week but within a move that now for the students communicative legal book on how to improve your grades when I walked out to the students are welcome to the platform essay on here for one reason you're getting at the legitimacy beginning to see a lot of the degrees will be in its attitude and subject and share with them first reduce the amount of sugar in your diet at least hesitate to notes furiously increase the amount of vitamin D in your diet is an eleven on the talk about your health so much I wanted to denigrate that I talk about studying for an hour forty five minutes exercise fifteen minutes then we talk about alcohol and I looked at the studies in alcohol I'm these Harvard survey to hire fifty thousand was college students across America we evaluated on what half the amount you're drinking alcohol with your grades those students that are drinking I think it's fifteen drinks or more a week Arthur D students of below those students that are drinking three or less drinks a week at a higher percentage of getting an a in the class so we can clack car that you can do whatever you want to drink that's up to you I'm here to help you get better grades if you want to get better grades we talk about quality its effect on the frontal lobe and these did I talk about spirituality with the students and I will be very bold with them I will say Outlook you may believe in God they not idle cure with you believe in God on your care but I do but if you don't that's okay with me because I want you to do with you believe it don't believe I want you to pray before you test this will help you you have to believe why what you do is pray before you test those students how could I in a public evangelistic lecture get a hundred of the top thinking university students with the auditorium free then they serve food to the students and the man fight for the company in a lecture and it's amazing what you can do to integrate physical mental spiritual and one of the things I've discovered is the University students want their minds are open I was lecturing at one document relationship past seven a.m. I never saw before and and you know what's you have these university students that are just open receptive and so we are coordinating with that I want to share with you some of the material that I'm using with these university students and how we very openly integrate physical mental and spiritual so what I'm going to do is give you little snippets of three or four lecture that we use for them and for others the letters of William 's electoral power of choice and what if you maybe six minutes of four five lectures on both really fast I go much lower than the selectors but it will give you an idea of integration and you just get the concept of watching at the concepts it it's it flows in your brain and I were to talk about I'm making believe that you are a group of seventh day Adventist physicians nurses dentists but you are my class okay hey welcome to class I am so delighted to see each one of you here I would talk about one of the financial issues of life and that's choosing to live life at its best former President Ronald Reagan in United States was set tells the story is little boy his mother was divinely virtues and she took them down to the shoe cobbler and dish became their shoe cobbler said Ronnie you want her shoes with a point and tell or a square to Enron he said likening up on mine it was just a young lad so later that week he saw the shoe cobbler again in town of sugar was in writing what you want squirt alert until Ronnie Reagan said well I'm not sure and she got was a don't worry about it just common next week and get your shoes he came to get issues and he had one with appointed talent one with a groundout Reagan said I learned right then and there you don't make your own decision somebody else will one of the most significant things in life that are creators given us is the ability to choose the ability to choose is hardwired into our brains my loving creators I thought right right like the ghetto about a loving Creator some like it some don't but that's okay the ability to choose is hardwired into our brains my loving creating a dangerous thing the a dog has a seven percent front alone the brain chimpanzee is seventeen percent at a three five percent but a human being is thirty three thirty eight percent of the frontal lobe of the brain know if you go to make choices and lifestyle change you cannot implement exercise good diet is necessary to understand how those choices made in there's really three counselors of the wheel you know the will is the governing power in the nature of man brings all the properties under its sway there are three real counselors of the will there is judgment and judgment says this is advisable this is why judgment evaluates the wisdom of a decision reason it evaluates the facts of the decision it says this is factual businesses this is good for me no reasonable like this if I continue to smoke the possibility of getting lung cancer is extremely high therefore it is not reasonable for me to continue a reasonable say if I continue to eat a high-fat diet it's likely that of the plaque in my artery therefore that's not reasonable so judgment says what's advisable reasons as what's reasonable conscience says this is not ethically correct this is not morally correct consciousness that it was what's what's right or wrong so if you want to make positive decisions you you consult the counselors of the will which are conscious reasoning judgments on you to spend a little time on that and then that always leads us the choice and that choice is that ability to make positive decisions choices a gift given to us by God at creation and you remember the story of creation and right here I tell the story of creation in the context of joints and we talked about the fact that love can never be forced or coerced we go back to the Genesis story of the tree of life and death here is a wonderful transition the first tax values in a lecture the Lord God commanded the man saying every tree of the garden you may freely the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for the day you eat of it you surely die I say what what's the story about those trees it is very simply the tree of life represents all that was good positive healthier life giving submitting to the tree of life I want to think of an image that God said I want you to make good choices positive choices healthy choices and life-giving choices the tree of the knowledge of good and evil what's that I want to think that this way that that's the sum of all poor choices with their negative unhealthy life destroying practices so every one of us have one of two choices we make choices in life are those things that are good positive life-giving we make choices that are poor that have to do with negative life destroying practice it's now let's look at some of the research scientifically that's been done what happens when you make good choices and poor choices so the choice in the garden what what happened than and I go into that we talk about the scientific aspects so I go back and forth between science and spirituality I don't try to bridge and other programs you will do our nutrition classes are stress management but this particular series leads people to see in one package so after one through this choice thing I spent a lot of time Alan positive choices how to make positive choices and I want to make positive choices and exercise there will look at genetics and are we doomed to die because of our genetics what relationships the genetics at the choice that's the rest of this first lecture on a short electron rest this one is called rest assured discovering lasting inner peace and rest we talk about is a gift of God restores our bodies invigorates our minds and stabilizes our emotions so will talk a little bit about rest here I go into the UC San Diego psychiatry study of a hundred should be thousand that's why needs to be corrected hundred thousand adults found that people live the longer reportedly sleeps six to seven hours each night researchers at the University of Warwick in University College in London and found that lack of sleep in more than double the risk of death cardiovascular disease of rest is critically important Professor Francisco Pacheco a University of Warwick say short sleep is been shown to be a risk factor for weight gain hypertension type two diabetes so if you're not sleeping well makes a difference though here's some sleep difficulties closely associated with various psychiatric disorders people that are not sleeping well are more likely to be depressed bebop and alcoholism bipolar disorder growth suppression their immune system is impaired type two diabetes is much higher they are much more likely to have a risk of obesity their risk of heart attacks is higher the reaction time and muscular pains and tremors is much higher they have a much greater ability to be irritable and memory loss impaired moral judgment so if you getting lack of sleep it's incredibly if that effects the entire body there's some very amazing studies on sleep and the immune system there's a twenty percent decrease in white blood cell count of course the white blood cells are the cells that build your detract from our immune system is a twenty percent decrease in white blood cell count after twenty four hours of being sleep deprived this is incredibly significant and ever notice that if you've been really pushing yourself your you're up a lot in the evenings that you're more likely to have flu or colds etc. sleep loss impairs immune function and immune challenge alters sleep and so the immune system sleep is is incredibly important a species with longer sleep times have higher white blood cell counts if you take some species of animals they longer sleep times there white blood cell counts we hire one of the reasons why people don't sleep in it and that here's the short part of the lecture I spent a lot of time there on 's sleep debt and its effect on the entire body we come to us actually talk about stress and anxiety and how that creates restlessness and more stressed you are the least ability you have to rest adequately and sleep adequately at night more than forty percent of all American sleep less than six hours a night we talk about that and why but how can you find good rest at night so I go over how to get sleep patterns revealed moderate exercise and evening you you take a warm bath and tell my own experiences and take a warm bath after lecturing we love war we take a bath we read some I think what helps me is resting assured in a loving Creator people that have a strong faith seem to do much better in her overall coping abilities reduce stress therefore sleep better for example Doctor Herbert Benson M.D. Harvard University says they can reduce anxiety and blood pressure reducing your anxiety reducing your blood pressure and asleep a lot longer Herbert Benson designed to say our genetic blueprint has made believing in an infinite absolute part of our nature we are wired for God so worldwide forgot to reduce the amount of stress then tap into this sense of God at the end of this one it can reduce the stress and anxiety I like what Augustine said Lord our hearts will never find rest until they find rest where invasive there's something about resting in our creator Doctor Harold Koenig Duke University study the relationship on faith and depression in people over fifty five his research was published in the American Journal of geriatric psychiatry among depressed patients depression severity was associated with lower religious attendance less prior less scripture reading and lower intrinsic religiosity so if you want to reduce stress reduce depression probe the spiritual in your life I'm offering you the spiritual tonight I not nearly so you will be more religious but so you reduce your stress you reduce your anxiety you will be able to sleep better and have better overall health in summary Doctor Koning said older medically ill hospitalized patients with depression are less religiously involved in nondepressed patients those with less severe oppression the beginning God created the heavens and the earth we can rest in his love and rest his care so that's one we do unrest when we do unrest is in that lecture will introduce the Sabbath and then we talk about surplus service at the rhythms in the body some amazing studies that are at least were new for me about how the body functions on cycles seven and it's just incredible stuff you know when it comes to immune system when it comes I'm not like the physicians noticed already but anyway circus at the rhythms were just amazing to me because when I began to study than some of the new research on the regulation of the body fluids the regulation of chemicals in the body the weekly cycle is built into our system it's part of our DNA it's part of who we are as I show them that research and they set out their amazing wow that's why sabbaths of significant because as you restless after we very your body and this and then we go into the Russian system and how the Russians under Stalin for six years had for twelve years rather had only a four-day week work cycle because stop my people to work all around the clock and so we had some reworking every one of the four day work cycles that broke down the system we look at the French Revolution and that they shifted the work cycle to a ten day work week we can't help you animals reviews the work of the people writing valid nervous breakdowns we tell them how built into our body is the Sabbath cycle of rest and so we look at the Sabbath from a emotional physical standpoint here and that in the lecture on rest and we go into it there when we lecture on exercise we talk about diet exercise and with them I go with the point I say something like this to them I see one you can exercise add four years five years injures more your life because the die so I've never thought about not only excising your body but exercising sole on the exercise of sole what does the Bible say about exercising spiritual viruses walking spirits we could talk about taking a walk in the spirit the Bible says run the race when we talk about running the race of life and that you know all races and it comes when I go down through here how races come to and how matter how healthy you are you life and in some day and we talked about the fact that this race we call life is good to come to an end and record-setting achievements gained at so great a price or a big recollection of the distant past and that we talk about whatever achievement you have there ought to be gone one day when the race is over across the final finish line really want things that matter related total commitment to Christ and so I openly talk about spirituality at the end of the race we talk about reaching for eternal crown and every two years and issued mission games were part of the Greek Olympian they were held in honor the Greek god of the sea the site and the victors prize we talk about that given the background would fade one day victors prize under the greats was a crown made of woven laurel leaves later it was across a wild celery but after Corinth was conquered by the Romans under Julius Caesar the games reestablish for time with a crown of first victors prize in cycling this all these crowds Red River wing dams were fried Hillary quickly began to fade they wanted to be the best the fastest and strongest was agile people in the world that wanted background on their heads end of the day the crown that was awarded that was a symbol of the fleeting moment of victory and popularity that they would enjoy you not know those who run in a race the Scripture says all run but once receives the prize running away the pain everyone who competes in the prize is temperate in all things now they do it to it in a perishable crown but we encourage ground the crowns of the job a higher educational level of better lifestyle more wealth and possessions fame fortune our imprisonment nothing more than perishable grounds the fade quickly forgotten by all business people coming university students and they began to go through these collectors see when not trying to arrange would try to integrate we integrate in a lecture when we talk given the latest scientific information on health and healing and we talk about tomorrow will do this in such and selling at a profit where you don't know what'll happen tomorrow for what your life it's even vapor the passes away talking on a cathedral in the land three doors one door the right says all the decks and she was for a moment the door and lessons on these issues for a moment in the door the center says that which endures that which indoors is eternal there's one thing this can account the most important choice we make in our lives of those choices in the last and so I go through that but if you and idea of it and what were doing there we raise the question what crowning you Jason what reward heatseeking and what what really you seeking on nutrition we talk about a diet for spiritual health I've spent a lot of time at the beginning of the class would talk about the latest in nutrition cutting-edge studies through taking place nutrition that we come down to the end of where we're working through the classroom were weaving spiritual principles I might say something like this to the class I might say you want let's suppose you reduce your risk of heart attacks used Obadiah something right we talked about nutrition for the body which is so vitally important but you know human beings are physical mental spiritual and in an emotional what about nutrition for the inner person being aware of food for the soul and share with you some things you know it's interesting what Jesus said in a whenever you think about Jesus he sets incredibly amazing things Matthew chapter four verse four Jesus adventure led by Mrs. Finley 's whole-wheat bread alone but by every now I mean Jesus said mesh of habit by bread alone if necessary would bake bread in Jesus day he would've eaten it and he would give it to his disciples I'm sure but I shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God so Jesus talk about the deeper needs to satisfy the hunger of the soul in the Bible still the world 's best-selling today with eighty three million copies sold every year in American Standard two two two four billion dollars on Bibles to thousand six it's interesting to notice how some of the worlds greatest men of America's greatest leaders believed in him the truthfulness and moral principles and by the Barna research group said ninety three percent of all households in the United States on one or more Bibles but only twelve percent read the Bible every day fifty seven percent over the Bible at all during a typical year there is an eternal truths that I want to share with you about God 's word first God 's word is eternal it speaks every generation heaven and earth will pass away but my words will by no means pass with their their principles in this book that are alike transformational grass withers the power fades before God stands forever so is what the word God stands forever you know we look at computers and the everything around us ages so quickly error unknown when an upgrade in our constantly report on upgrade their computer is you get a new computer the van is out of date but there's something about this war dog is still speaking to people 's hearts today something that speaks to every generation a world of rapid change and uncertainty in something that in turn would you agree with me that the foundations of society are shaking the things that you once knew twenty years ago you don't know if they're true today the very moral foundation of society is crumbling and would you agree with me today that John that we need something solid something 's unchangeable something we can really count on uninterested Barack Bernard Ramey PhD professor of religion philosophy said a thousand times over the death now the Bible is the sound of the funeral procession formed the inscription cut on the tombstone and little red but somehow the corpse never stays put no other book has been so choppy ice shifted scrutinized Abilify what book on philosophy religion or psychology or classical or modern times has been subject to such a mass attack is the Bible with such venom and skepticism with such a robust interrogation on every chapter line ten the Bible is still loved by millions read by millions and study George Washington made an interesting statement he said it's impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible is worse than an infidel who does not read and acknowledge his obligations Thomas Jefferson said I've always said always will say that the studious pursuit of the sacred volume will make better citizens better farmers that her husband the Bible makes the best people world John Quincy Adams put it this way my cousins three four five chapters of the Bible every morning immediately after rising it seems to me the most suitable manner beginning the day it's an invaluable innate inexhaustible mine of knowledge and virtue now the principles of God 's word guided shaper lives today and let me share with you how then I go into God 's word is like changing and I begin to show them how the Bible changes your life so I talked about nutrition for about thirty minutes it's about an our letter the first part about nutrition for the body and its nutrition for the sole and so teeny I have done some of this work together we leave here Sunday to go to South America we will have about three thousand in our meetings down there and Cheney will do nutrition demonstrations every night and I went to lectures on health and spirituality every night and will have five hundred of the top leaders in South America will have the union presidents the conference presidents or the leadership team there will be with us and we're sharing this material we just translate this material into Spanish and Portuguese work we've got about in this series there are seven lecturers in this particular series deal with the big great principles of health and lifestyle minimum way we're doing now when you bringing along arm reminding her that this year was reduced by half universe amen as you like to learn more about Nina please visit www. came in and got him like this is more free online service www. money verse one


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