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The Unique Challenges of Sharing Christ in the Dental Office

Carlos Moretta


Carlos Moretta

Dentist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in the Loma Linda area.



  • October 31, 2014
    4:15 PM


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our thanks I will think the offer and weddings on Friday graduated from woolly receiving school of dentistry in two thousand one before then I was a dental hygienist for about five years and ended up in that profession by accident well the accident I believe the Lord somehow steered me in that direction and then originals two thousand one was a very very committed to becoming a specialist of some sort of my heart was in oral surgery but I just didn't feel like at the grades I thought the Lord enjoyed putting on my heart to pursue that and I resisted because it would be four more years this hike another presidency or something I said I still have the energy Lauren 's the and had a pretty good experience with the children so I applied a pediatric dentistry much to the dismay of my mentor and oral surgery and she wants I got accepted in your program I will I will mention which program is the senses and that within the United States and two months into it I quit I realize I did like children of an acute medical with Mattel between my legs this only state that I had a a license and services like video but you're going to be peeved psychoanalytic kids while I love kids Loma Linda and make but it didn't work out so I decided to this humbly start to work and couple couple years later the department of oral surgery called me up asked me because they had not matched a resident with what I consider doing an internship in other words I would be another body the warm body they would maybe like twenty thousand for the entire year so I'll try anything once didn't and I loved it and I said you know and to do this why didn't you get in the first time and so I plan again in the second note in the second time I grace of God so finished or limit official surgery residency in two thousand nine by the grace of God and close that chapter in my life never to look back at it is miserable but I am so I told the Lord Lloyd is you give me this specialty I will get back to you and I believe I really do believe that that you know God gives you things and and he keeps up his in the left of the bargain you have to do your skin on and that is has to be a more fulfilling then that a paycheck any day so before you started I talk you first of all about eighty challenges of sharing Christ in the dental office as much as I tried in the skin this presentation to make it a scientific but somehow I ended up it it ended up being anecdotal and empiricist it's hard to do it's hard to do a scientific continuing dental education presentation on this topic and yet there are for if this was a medical that I was still speaking to surgeons or primary care doctors opened the releasing the ceiling on all flesh that out a little bit more during the presentation was sent with a word of prayer father in heaven I just want to thank you for the opportunity to share here in a man I thank you for a men where we can comment and lean things that make ideas that we can use inner in our lives and our practices to work for you and I trust that you would be with me now has a share she would be with listeners on through your audio verse are here present that we would be able to take with us nuggets today that we could implement in your service disintegrating Jesus name are so bear with me to because I I just discovered inspector on keynote so I plugged in all these trends these transitions and things like that I made the film tells presentation as I think that he is the standardbearer for Keynote presentations at Amon conferences and am always amazed at what he does is want to go over the objectives here so today I just want hopefully us to see want us to see and understand some of the distinct challenges of sharing their faith in the dental office at the attendee of the seminar will understand the value of spiritual assessment and engagement when dealing with fears associated with dental treatment in 3-D attending the seminar will learn how to engage patients spiritually using creative and appealing techniques initially I was like to be no problem but as I got into it as I was putting my thoughts together I understand that there are some variables here that shall never be will control no matter what you don't know what's coming through the door and you don't know what you're going to be going through that day so it's not as easy as you know is represented today but maybe hope hopefully this presentational or how to start getting years turning in any thinking process so there's many obstacles to sharing arena that we can every one of you can probably lift something that that makes off sharing Jesus Christ through your faith or or praying in your private practice in your dental office that I will mention here but time constraints personality types right it's not my office what if your associate their challenges associated with outright office is a place of business right I've heard that argument before Megan talk about spirituality this is a place of business I don't want to infringe on my patient trust it's not politically correct right unbelief mind in the patient's but I want to focus on these last two me and fear in me is as an obstacle in fear as an obstacle so let's be honest write the number one obstacle here is me if we can be completely honest I'm the biggest obstacle so how many of us find it easy to witness resilient creating is not easy especially in this country like I I I was I so resonate with Doctor change presentation is so it's a wonderful to minister in other countries because in general Davis open thankful you know and so big here in the US you don't many of us struggle for so long for instance going door-to-door my wife and I enjoyed to go door-to-door all the time choose the one that knocks on the door and then pushes me forward and then gathered she says I don't speak I choose from Argentina in which she claims that the language time that she doesn't speak any English so nobody enjoys getting the door slammed Donovan who has with so it interesting that my notes later you have a note about a gathering like Lake because I remember as a child I used to go and gather all times and I would tell my mom and my death can I disable enough money during the years that I can just pay inanimate to go and he can recall even at that so even even then you know the door being slammed on your faces to even remember my my canvas or whatever you would call out but for me it doesn't naturally I lose heart on my way home on your thinking about witnessing and work my work of as an driving home I think the bottle was missed opportunities like I saw it identified it and didn't do anything about and to those rough scallions and excretion I'm obstacle number one so is the gospel commission for me if you have to start it and then in sorting out this idea about me as a ambassador of God or Jesus Christ have to sort this out July have to say anything right I hear this all-time people say you know I serve the Lord my actions let's get that's good but so does the Red Cross and so does you know we were trying to distinguish you between humanitarian work in medical missionary work right work were serving with a mission with the purpose and ultimate goal is a gospel commission for me seeing yourself in the gospel commission of Matthew twenty four fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then the end shall come so I have to face this question is the gospel commission for me I mean it wasn't Christ talking to his disciples in my disciple do I have to share anything black to do anything you said in Matthew ten eight as you go preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand it also said heal the sick cleanse the lepers raise the dead cast out devils freely yet you have received freely give right he said do these things question is are we his disciples or is that just something that happened in the Bible John thirteen five five fifty eight sixty four I have given you can example right so this servant a servant officer were all servants is that correct his acerbic greater than his master right when he genes do when he was here with ask ourselves with the simply humanitarian or was he healing the body to reach the soul so ask again is he serving greater than his master my servant John fifteen twenty says do you remember what I told you a slave is not greater than his rest in the master since they persecuted me naturally will persecute you this is what I want to highlight and if they had loosened teeth to me they would listen to you it's interesting how Christ having given us an example on how to witness a minister and you know it was effective right also give us the promise of effectiveness effectiveness in witnessing but it starts with us we have to open our mouths right so do I have to share her and I'm rather unapologetic about this because I always say like if I if I went to BYU and I attended four years of of dental school at BYU what are the chances that I leave BYU after four years and I don't know what Mormon beliefs it's not very likely and yet we have on the students come through and go through four years at our school our institution and they don't know a lick about whether Seventh-day Adventist leaves except for the camera shuts down I sat on Friday at noon it doesn't open up until the library opens up once on Saturday night these him answered we tend to apologize for everything so sorry for inconvenience were so sorry your mission statement is all about this were down here sharing which I put in bold Loma Linda University a seventh admission my alma mater which I love and I'm proud to be an alumni members of the school 's unfairness Christian health sciences institution seeks to further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ is taken from your webpage to make their whole body and a list of things that we immediately we seek to serve a worldwide community by promoting healthful living caring for the sick in July have to share sharing the good news of a loving God sharing is part of it like you you have to integrate that into her life somehow I even within safe sharing a composite filling sharing and extraction no sharing the good news of a loving God who what I've just done right do I have to share this is our statement in a manner mission statement to motivate and train and equip seven thousand citizens in Venice to team with pastors and members uniting the church to restore Christ's ministry of healing to the world and hasten his return how how do I do that I have to use the skills that I have gotten in and add to that the spiritual component just as Jesus Jesus Christ and the second year you know it's it's worthy to notice that that originally the global University was called what College of medical evangelists and it was established to create medical missionaries right it would take a medical training in dental training worldwide and to use it introduced their patients to go simple that's how Christ did it that was our original MO I like to think it's still our oh right my wife is now doing a fellowship at Loma Linda readers University medical Center in political pulmonology critical character mouthful right and her life is now no longer abusive nights staying up call as a resident it now revolves around these presentations that she has to do every two weeks struck two times a month just to do a presentation fit to teach her attending schoolfellows resident students they all come she's repaired something she is incredibly nervous and she is afraid that she's getting chewed out presentation about all things longings and I see you write to her attending was again all those guys so why why does she have to to share what she has learned why that's how someone becomes a wine specialist right to the question do I have to share the answer is no no you know if your content with your mediocre if you're not interested in going deeper with your walk with Christ share but the second you start sharing your be ready because the heat that's when you go deeper that's when you prepare yourself to meet patients questions and queries in a loving way nominally a loving way that a second obstacle is fear fear of what I love I love this staged pictures ridiculous I love love the underhanded of TMP script error that that's not even realistic but fear of what you know your patients are walking in your patients are walking into your office and the slew of fears right love this this is the definition of irony you got a got and that's just touted up from stem to stern and the first details I don't like needles and only shot at it just doesn't make any sense to me right from the start you know that I see that play itself out weekly fear of what the dentist embarrassment of dental neglect getting lectured loss of control sights sounds smells paying the real needle phobia and fainting crying or making a fool of yourself fear of panic gagging choking and if that is enough you're in my space I can add a field and not men I don't like it can't get none bad reaction anesthesia extensive treatment unnecessary cost being awake being asleep waking up brushing teeth claustrophobia use either of these are just a few sexual abuse all these things rapacious things that patients walk in with him you have to deal with some others probably stop in every enlisted here to go to think about we have to deal with those through my dental training might couple years of general dental work and then presidency had the opportunity to experience both camps right so fear in the dental context and fear in the medical context and there is a difference there's a difference I explained it to my wife and she does a really validated but if she is not in a dental office she wouldn't understand she couldn't understand there is a difference between the two fear of the doctor and so just for giggles right I did a pub med literature Reese review or search on faith prayer the doctor hospital visit right my keyword for prayer faith Doctor religion hospital fear illness patient office where there was more than enough oh man which is considered peer-reviewed journals this kind of of research that is legit right legitimate I highlighted here and read up on some some of the things I want to take with this study this is an article a patient attitude regarding the position inquiries into spiritual religious issues the Journal of family practice the study supports the use of a frequent of frequency of religious service attendance as a screening variable for patient receptive to patient directed him in inquiry into religious and spiritual issues it also confirmed that patients are accepting a position referring patients to pastoral professionals i.e. clergy for spiritual problems this article here talks about title beliefs and attitudes of hospital inpatient about faith healing and prayer will be found in many patient expressed positive attitudes towards physician involvement and spiritual issues in other words positive another one authors believe this article titled prayer in office practice authors believe that physicians can play a crucial role in validating the faith of their patients in a time of crisis and to harness the positive effects that prayer that faith and prayer have on physical and mental health of another one here from JAMA article author calls physicians to recognize the importance of that religion plays in the lives of patients this is Jay Leno Journal of the medical of American medical Association another article here opposition perspectives on the role of religion in the physician older patient relationship Journal of family practice the authors found that the beliefs and attitudes of the physicians appear to be more correct to be important factors in determining the receptivity to discussion of religious issues in other words and he and I can do this all afternoon and this is this is a Google search is no longer popular this is Google will always positive positive positive positive positive and again a lot of these are from the Christian medical and dental Society Journal on this Google search British Journal British and when one of the British taking is spearheading you know this in emotional quotient that arena of medicine one of the Spirit even when did they start doing that you know if we find that ignoring the spiritual element to it is to a practiced merely as a technician in other words he said if he finds that ignoring the scratch on his practice merely as a technician from the British Journal of Hospital medicine that's blows my mind the bridges eleven so fear the dentist who did the same thing home then search right keywords prayer faith dentistry religion dental office fear Dennis patient what I find researching male circumcision for HIV prevention in Papua New Guinea a process that incorporates science faith and culture number one I mean this went on you know I I found nothing nothing in the way in it it drove me back into medicine toothache pain behavioral impact and self-care strategies self-care strategies they are the dentist again the blitz coming through from the British dental Journal the sensitivity and article Hall of Fame sensitivity by the bricks was here for the birthright nothing provides right involvement of Iowa Dennis and hospice care in other words and places where faith would seem logical to be implemented there seems to be an association either with with graphs is religion comes into play when you get drafting or end-of-life issues so for when the validity of prayer of faith in the management of dental or dentists associated fear patient pop med and did the same search on Google with the same key words and what I found was dental office websites where prayer is hard to refute religious magazines such as guidepost with articles on prayer and and fear dentistry belongs religious and nonreligious on fear and anxiety at the dentist newspaper article on how to cope with dental anxiety so Google search results on fear of faith and prayer at the dentist is anecdotal at best and you know what there's nothing wrong with that I should tell you that having worked both in the dental office the dental setting is a dental hygienist as a dentist and then as an oral surgeon dealing spending most like I'm in the hospital I have never been denied the request for prayer hospitals and I I would get called for facial charm all the time it's a sign but to cut on your face when if I pray you think is and begin itself and never got rejected again I think the only time that I prayed and I freaked out about it was when the patient was intubated large scalp laceration and I told her she was in ICU bed where there was discreetly and she was intubated which is very likely debated and I was almost getting coherent responses to my yes and no questions I sent him to pray with you is a little bit agitated I prayed with her and she just called down and working while I work it was huge laceration so I was there for probably three hours I would talk to her witness to her you know she was getting any of it and I'm in then she went into a seizure when I started praying a second time before I left with locale stop us up to stop it I thought she was reacting negatively to my prayer but choose to seizing and so when I rounded on her after she was extubated and all that I thought she was to bring that up because I was clearly in was the second one and explain we talked for about three hours I talked for about three hours and so thinking around under the first time punches and say something where you and such even though I was a insight worried about that little too much but the pharmacology one on in that case but patient responses to offer your permanent office have done some weird ones there you know him usually I train for my feelers out there to see if there hated would you do this weekend to go to church to do it do you know I'm but sometimes a gotten the hang and you mind if I pray before we get started like really you think we need it you know what you're doing it I thought I'd honestly it on him like yeah I know work what I'm doing I just hear those wondering abuses at anyway so I got some really interesting ones through the years when I have thrown that out there but have never gotten no or a frank rejection because the entirety when you're facing death or something really traumatic in a hospital setting even the atheist will say you know I know you're right to but I need it in and in their very very open to it so there is a distinction there ninety nine percent of the time I want to say this many percent of the time there are no end-of-life issues her palliative care or finance director conversations in a dental office because all patients expect walk out alive right so what I'm led to believe him this is my conclusion and republish this but that the patient or practitioners perceived need for prayer with the needs and happiness spirituality in order to manage fear and anxiety regarding patient condition or treatment may be proportional to the perceived risk associated with the condition or the treatment to be rendered deaf being the ultimate risk and who really believes death is a reasonable risk associated with dentistry we know it could happen but you don't go over that we can send in your patient for four filling your hotel you could have an allergic reaction to this injection that I give you which might mean that England have lacked since you could die usually don't go into that because it's so rare to zebra and investors could negatively run for office you'd lose patience left it right you spend all your time talking about the zebras and you go bankrupt a good reminder ears for God hath not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of sound mind second Timothy one seven two these are some questions that that we can ask ourselves how can I use my career or business to help fulfill the gospel commission if I now have identified myself as a follower disciple of Christ how can I as I can prayer or spirituality help to pay lead patient fears can I see a fearful or anxious patient has an opportunity as opposed to a threat is you on the highway that had a patient inpatient community listen no offense doctor I hate you I hate them I hate what you do and I hate what you're about to do to me I'm only here because when on my mom my wife said my insurance is running out I need to come in and get this to without but if you're in our care then obtaining you to visit this is our starting our conversation and what you do with not like your worker is not to work you know so and so it is your walking on eggshells after patient comes in like and and you have got to learn how to how to treat those patients can dental fear anxiety and entering wedge for the gospel what does prayer have the potential to do the biggest thing that Fred has the potential ado when when dealing with a fearful patient establish what report right you make immediate connection with their spiritual person or if they're not a spiritual person sometimes there like yeah you know this guy cares about me you know this lady cares about me maybe I can give this thing you don't try as Christians as Christian Dennis what is our ultimate goal a good life a paycheck high-quality dentistry a good reputation or do we really feel a burden for souls to know Christ and care practices be instrumental in the process of prayer helps this was last weekend at him and free clinics here and we really put an emphasis on on keeping your spiritual antennas up and praying with patients when we really pounded on the students this is a student this is AGP and Riverside or from Riverside and we really pounded and it was so boring to some of the students for you to say hey I went to Sam Riley you pray with that patient you pray with the patient here's attractive that patients who undergo whatever individual given that just is not all just seven vendors are not Christian or not there were students from all gambits of faith upward or lack thereof and so for them to do something want to them yet this is this is the reaction I saw every time I saw someone praying with the patient let's do it they're willing a little talk a little sum about of the power of influence your power to influence for good for bad or for nothing at all is perceived much more by patients than by yourself and to whom the Bible says to whom much is given much is expected with twelve forty eight the power of the influence you have on your patience in areas of faith listener this is directly proportional to your recognition of God 's love and influence in your own life she is a connection there if you feel low burden that as a soft question you can't share with you some don't possess right was what Ellen White says those two records that I made up by the way of their pretty good of you I disagree I you notice I didn't say they were inspired or anything like that but this is what otherwise is a ministry of healing power and influence it is you it is our own character experience that determine our influence upon others in order to convince others of the power of Christ's grace we must know its power in our own hearts and lives the gospel we present for the saving of souls must be the gospel by which our own souls are saved only through a living faith in Christ as a personal savior is it possible to make our influence felt in a skeptical world if we would draw suitors out of the swift running current our old fee must be firmly set upon the rock Christ Jesus amen ministry of healing for sixty nine three the last quarter monsieur with your thought is fantastic the badge of Christianity is not an outward sign the wearing of a crossover crown but is that which reveals the union of man with God by the power of his grace manifested to the transformation of character the world is to be convinced that God sent his son as its Redeemer no other influence the cancer on the human soul and has such power as the influence of an unselfish life the strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and lovable Christian ministry of healing for seventy one sword I start when you start a brand-new dental office from scratch what is the most important factor to consider writing as though this is not a trick question right you talk to the guys is that the realtor in how you talk to the real Terrier looking for what was there location location location right that's the most important thing now where to start when dealing with patients that come in with dental fear anxiety and anxiety what's the most important factor to consider the most rapport rapport for all of these fears can be addressed if you take the time to establish that you know that that bodes really well with the general dentist it's alone tricky for me as a specialist because I can't always see a patient be lucky to see him although it ought to come back to get another two that are in a follow-up present a complication but if you have the time he you see families through their entire using children to the entire operating until her out the door in advance not a chance to set exercise the rapport and I don't know what is your notes are perfect opportunity like I said for everything these are all legitimate fears in of course there are as a dentist I need to see a patient fear as an opportunity for if I win the patient overlooked in my profession I've created a wedge into the soul why do this again what can I do about fear I'm closing here to fall asleep from about to give it to you this is the take-home message the one-two punch I you know that we have to undo negative betrayal of dentistry in the media I mean thanks to YouTube you can see what your extraction as it will look like before it's done you could see the implant before its place you can see a filling and none of it is what's pleasant or appealing none of undoing netted negative experiences from previous little care unfortunately we've done more damage to to to ourselves as professionals and there's a lot of that dentistry out we got a remember that were not performing dentistry were reaching people for Christ right and were using arts are her skill set to do but there's a lot of bad finishing the race I see patients that are brothers and sisters across the border here that you know that are just someone lied to him and put in a ten unit bridge on three teeth in and you know it took five six thousand ten thousand dollars away from earning his twenties he stopped and of course we had to undo negative experience that were even the patients their second day like hearing stories were my friend out the type whatever my friend and I got a deal with the two new company you are so setting the tone and being intentional this is the take-home almost take there's things that you can do remember it's not just your patience right interest staff to arrived to work really these are things that I have found over the years that Seth Cohen and him give the office at that spiritual aroma it's easy to bring up things arrived to work early why you can open and study the Bible and leave it open on your desk and a friend who does that all-time and he says that spiritual conversation all my staff not because I bring it up because they seem her Bible is open music promoter control of that are the first Bible study I given my life was because I was cleaning the ladies tees and I was humming to whatever garbage was being played overhead from it from a piece because my mind unfortunately music is indelibly etched in my mind we should get rid of it but I can't house is hunting whenever they were playing and she looked at me and for some reason because I was humming she says are you a believer and that ended up into one year Bible study with her husband her daughter her daughter 's husband her son her son 's wife music powerful if you can get a party control it in your office great aglow TrackBack it it is your office is put it up there but put it in the corner when people are sitting there waiting for you no government prayer boxes the most mind-boggling concept that I learned it amen and I if I had my own office and I don't that would happen and take a little possible shoebox it get a little index card and write on it we understand that this is a place of business but we want you to know that the doctor that takes care of you is a praying man or woman but we want we want you to write down any request for prayer just write it right here on this piece of paper put it in the box then this guy has an amazing testimony a loving the dentist you would like a interventional radiologist is boxing is it is waiting for has these is additionally at the end of the little sign additionally in the Bible study here in the same office on Tuesday nights at seven p.m. you're invited he has two zones to show for metal box I read a few dozen pieces I never bring up search volume office never that box has done it all for Jesus God has used that locks the door it all and you know that's happening when I get to heaven office that's happening the prayer box spiritual decor I love the Nathan Green painting worries assisting the dentist don't have it concerned my office but books in the waiting room have a spiritual assessment question and be intentional about this spiritual system question on the medical history form purposeful report you know get to know these people write down other charting and everything is electric but if you have a little a little drop box I can say you know little tidbits about the patient in your conversation to bring those back up when the patient comes back a decent blasphemer Sawyer Kate was one of the college of the dealing of the settling and pieces of that spiritual theme holiday greeting cards for your patience to skip a happy you know Mary whenever you know make sure that there is a very purposeful of spiritual concept there up on your car and be prepared and prepare yourself for a Bible study I still say that box if you put down their please join us for Bible study on Tuesday that was it whenever people come and be prepared right if you have all the answers will be prepared to answer this prayer you know Lord prepare me for Bible study give me a Bible study for my office and what pray for divine appointment that's that's what I mean pray for God gives you life and health of network and that's what shameless plug for that ministry in the ivy on the TV in the waiting room you know something the purpose woman waiting room that patients can watch Robin after CNN or Fox news or some like that but something that is all that was fallacious or mechanical something that they can actually take with with CC my thesis is simple John Chevrolet fear all times but he works through you and the Bible says in Isaiah twenty six reinforced what is it thou shalt keep his mind and perfect what peace whose mind is stayed on thee I've tested that verse at test diverse in my own life that because he trusted in the popular patients know this if they don't know him how can they know this verse that they don't know him my fear is is one of my biggest challenges to sharing Christ in the dental office yet my only fear is is is my biggest challenge to sharing Christ in the dental office but if I can just push past that with God 's help the patient's fears also one of the biggest wedges that allows me to share Christ in the dental office but what if I'm an associate what if I don't like to witness what if I'd only to pregnant patients what if I'm forbidden to prohibit patients but if I don't have time but what if you just try not to go to them right how wonderful is that they come to you becoming your door looking for you they just came the company you like taking the Christ right for what you do in summary John gifted you with this wonderful career every single one of us the Bible would call your career your practice account right maybe even given your practicing people come to see you for help every day when he wanted to use this talent to multiply not just write beautiful smiles bright beautiful souls what if you started seeing your patients your practice as a school not just to make a living but one you can use to reach your patience for Christ I'm not suggesting that you be annoying about this cake as they are I've known I have no dentists who have literally run their practice into the ground because David have a patient as soon as they sit in the chair force as anything he's got you know books and you know and health supplements and stuff like that in the patient's face you know any cell in all the stop and tell the patients come there anymore into shutdown I know I'm not making that up I know someone who did so what if you started seeing your practice as a tool is an opportunity to reach others for Christ memo suggesting that you be annoying about it now this is a rebuke to me because I know there's been a be a day when the master will come considering Carlos I knew you needed going door-to-door also said that I knew that an effective spiritual conversations difficult to start on any street sigh sent them your practice I sent the near practice with me that you can satisfy that you could meet so you can create seeking great opportunities for me to become a friend of your patient so that I can bring salvation new patient I sent them to you this is a toy car has given us what we could do with it we keep doing things as usual I'm just saying no failure office with accents pick one and see what God does with Bill flood it don't go from here from this from this trench over here this ditch into that ditch and one little thing that you're not doing after doing things already great if you have Bible studies going great you know that's awesome I probably this message is for you the messages to those of us who need encouragement to start with one thing just one and remained like that was made in USA which I do the box I think this is a great idea I have forgotten the presenter was presented that but I just think it's just think it's genius of consider that prayerfully I think that that it certainly makes winning souls for Christ easy that you have this career in your pocket that God gave you lets that you want to go halfway around the world to do it start in your own practice start small and watch the Lord leave this power had super father God I come to you now thinking you has some really got me through this presentation we knew there were some serious obstacles but I I praise your name not just for my presentation but for Doctor Kimmitt and Doctor Chang 's presentations all the presentations that we are doing here in England Lord week we come here because we need to learn we want to learn how to reach souls from you and for you and we want to know how we can use our careers to do so and I just I just thank you again for what you've done in my life in terms of a career and I just pray that matches for me but for everyone here that you would give us divine appointments that you would show us Lord how to become medical evangelists in our practices learned that when you come you might say well done good and faithful servant and I I just thank you for the opportunity to represent you and for each ambassador here between the pray that that will continue blessing on meeting the ruler who I am wrong and you will you will this weekend was produced by audio Versar amen at a Pentagon analyst network to learn more about Nina please visit www. a manner that I will like there was more free online sermon please visit www. online universe on a


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