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D'Sozo, The Theology of Health

George Guthrie
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George Guthrie

Faculty at Florida Hospital Family Practice Residency Program



  • October 31, 2014
    7:30 PM


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I like to start this evening in the book of Mark Karen if you would do Mark chapter six what must it have been like to be there with Jesus what a healer he must have been the end of chapter six feeding the five thousand Jesus walks on water and surprises the disciples out there in the middle and give good cheer verse fifty three threadlike start when they had crossed over they came to the land of just direct and anchored there now they been to just read before you may remember there was another trusting them to see another kind of storm and it been met by a couple of wild men should heal them and send them as missionaries to gesture now he's back for the second time was fifty four when they came out of the boat immediately the people recognized him ran through that whole surrounding region and began to carry about on beds those who were sick or wherever they heard he was to wherever the purity was wherever he entered into villages cities or the country they laid the sick and the marketplace and bake in it they might just touch the hem of his garment and so many as touched him were made well what a marvelous thing that was to be brought to Jesus to touch the hem of his garment and to be made well this word the main well in my new King James version sometimes it's healed in another this word in the Greek is so-so that you may have heard some of the talk about there's a book out on disposal I chose that title for the talk as D'Souza said like dispensed in time talking about this word and what it means in our lives his words so as not I first I'm not a Greek scholar I had to get out my concordance and say what is it me and when I look at it then that I've King James version it is said translated as to be called to be healed to make whole and then most commonly it is translated to say in the biblical sense that this is a very interesting juxtaposition is in it this concept of being healed and being saved how do these fit together save this in a theological sense that healing is in certainly obviously a physical healing cents so how do these fit together apparently in the Greek Hebrew mind they fit together quite well and as I thought about it it began to make sense this morning we had a presentation by Doctor Phil Mills of the kind of the trip to Emmaus and those of you who were here our hearts were touched as we remembered what happened the story that I have reviewed is actually in Mark chapter five so it's just back in chapter you might as well turn back I'm going to read it again and let's and if we can discover how these two concepts that evening and salvation come together join together you will so verse twenty one and this is after that first trip to Janessa Arezzo Mark chapter five verse twenty one now when Jesus had crossed over again by boat to the other side a great multitude gathered to him and he was by the sea and behold one of the rulers of the synagogue game gyrus by name when he saw them he felt his feet and begged him earnestly saying my little daughter lives at the point of death come lay your hands on her that she may be social now apparently at it says he and she will live soberly there was a physical illness and he uses the word COM save comment heal my daughter now what okay he I understand maker well so she can be hungry again in and live and be happy and smile and live by it she also being saved when she being saved from Welsh is being saved from the results of her illnesses and she and I don't know what that illness was we're not told we have to try to guess at what that might be but we know that it was bad enough to lead to death so she saved from the consequences of whatever the illness would be some verse twenty four Jesus went with them and a great multitude followed him and throttled him in a certain woman at a flow of blood for twelve years and suffered many things from many physicians this always bothers me when I read this because I am a physician and I seek to try to help people get well suffer many things at the hands of many physicians him and I worry about our medical business today are there people that come to your practice and you just can't quite figure out sometimes it's that fibromyalgia patient and I've wondered why I would rather bring healing I'm not quite as good as Jesus is but I certainly want to join within as bringing healing and indeed salvation suffered many things are many physician she spent all she had was no better but rather grew worse anyone who knows a little bit about gynecology knows that in a flow of blood for twelve years you really have a problem trouble with anemia like and when that hemoglobin is really low there's a lot of fatigue she had worked hard to get close to Jesus to touch she occurred she responded and she had put out almost super human effort that hemoglobin gets down to four five it takes a lot of effort to move when she heard about Jesus she touched his garment or she said if I can only touch is close I shall be there's that word again Sellersville heels that is she wanted the problem fixed but in her own mind it was also saved what was she being saved from last year 's being saved from spiritual impurity she couldn't go to the synagogue because of her uncleanness choosing save from fatigue she was being saved from authorization saved from Bill 's immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed from her affliction Jesus is gynecologist and apparently also a hematologist where there was enemy case transfusion and I imagine what it might submit might have been like for me to even Logan jumping for from four or five update twelve just like that and it worked and she could move in the energy was there and he began to flow through her all the joy in her heart as she turned away I trust the hem of his garment and he you he made me well saved me the consequence of my Ellison Jesus stopped knowing that power had gone out for members thirty six who touched my clothes the disciples do you mean who touched me luck people are pricing around in Jesus looked around until he saw a woman and looked right at woman fearing and trembling knowing what it happened or came and fell down before him and told him the hole through the center daughter your faith has social healed you has saved you go in peace and be healed of your affliction healing salvation as a physician I find lessons in theology hidden in this concept I in my experience have spent some time treating people with that type two diabetes heart disease and others with lifestyle related diseases as I reached out and tried to help them come to healing I have come to understand that there is some theology to be learned from that process you see when you got a heart artery that's plugged up it might be helpful to have Doctor Schwartz opened it up but that's not going to solve the problem for those cents don't prolong life would we really come to understand if you really want to get better you need a new heart and that sounds a bit theological but you need those arteries cleaned out and there's something about living by the laws by which God made our bodies to live that leads to that so so that healing and that salvation healing and salvation if you stop to think about it both depend on predictable and reproducible incidents tonight we call them laws and these laws bring a blessing to us when they are kept God 's laws are marvelous Sir Isaac Newton was I think the one who introduces to this concept of gravity are you all acquainted with it gravity of a rule once put in mathematical formulation something that can be used in we've built an awful lot on that as we understand it it is it were able to use it more have you ever thought of trying to break that lock gravity I think that illustration or remember my younger years was try the Empire State building and jump off to break the law of gravity right and on floor one fifty year responses no problems so far floor one hundred no problem for fifty five but then the bottom comes right and there's a splat and you discover that you did not break the law of gravity but the law of gravity broke you and so it is with all God 's law certainly the physical laws but also the laws of physiology here's one of my favorite ones use it or lose it I amblyopia you know that little we die if you don't patch the good one and got a force that the one to work it'll get weekend won't be able to see out of the hiring and use it or lose it I some of us have had the opportunity to put casts on people I'm fractured ankle and as a family physician I'll do that if it's simple I leave the orthopedist of the orthopedist the challenging ones but I put it a number of these on wrap that leg up send somebody out for ten to fourteen days and say you better come back that Cass has now gotten rather loosely cut it off because the swelling has gone down but also the muscle has begun to atrophy right and then the cast goes back on it six weeks you take it off you've got one big leg and you and you got a second smaller Harry Weinreich is this kind of the way it works I know it stinks a little bit too but it's the principle you either use it or you lose it the same might be true for our brains and Alzheimer's disease right you either use it or begins to deteriorate so it's a principle of law you will of God 's government people in it together it works in a lot of different areas but it's one of those roots one of the experiences that I did my Masters of Public health and nutrition at Loma Linda University going back after several years in the mission field and I remember a day he had a class that I took from Doctor Blankenship on lipids lipids you know is the study of fats and it was quite interesting in that kind of nutritional correct given we had a class on proteins in a class on carbohydrates in the class on fast Doctor Blankenship was his last year he was sent teaching on how fast when I enjoyed his lecture style it was slow I didn't take notes and we got done I understood it was a little different in medical school I enjoyed the idea learning about how cholesterol work in LDL in all these things while the stories that he told us with some of his own research on nine oxidized cholesterol have you heard of oxidized cholesterol as he explained it dizzy said oxidized cholesterol is different when a lot of people think it is easy as it goes like this cholesterol needs to be heated up to about four hundred four hundred and fifty degrees and then placed in an acid environment and you know the F4 different kind of carbon circles and cholesterol there's a little great all right addition to the hydroxyl group on the bottom to and when he gets dropped into the acid you get an oxygen molecule stuck in is a real small kind of fifth ring on cholesterol he said when I give that stuff to rats within twenty minutes I can see atherosclerosis on the artery walls is very dramatic as so that's kind of one of those cause-and-effect relationships are you a night course don't have to worry about that because we are vegetarians right so were not taking any cholesterol well occasionally I note that some of my vegetarian friends like to visit you heard of the Golden Arches and there's that kind of that there's a good vegetarian food in the golden arches they call it french fries right I think that's what draws many of us in I've been addicted to them and myself in the past so that gets dipped in oil which has had some animal stuff in it is likely some cholesterol around some of that coalesced are all now in and around four hundred four hundred and fifty degrees deep-fried attaches to the potato we put in our stomachs a little bit of acid and there's the oxidized cholesterol maybe that's why reporting cholesterol deposits in the arteries of younger and younger people but ten years ago I read a report of even finding atherosclerosis intrauterine in the child the baby 's arteries no cause-and-effect relationships he God has given these rules sometimes he tells an outright to us sometimes he leads us to find them but as we find them we should respond to them and learn to live by the laws rather than trying to write the laws right now I gave this illustration my home church and nine twelve months later I still have members coming to me and say you really destroy french fries for me as now you'll think about it when you go you it's amazing how much it helps to be able to understand God 's laws it's another principle to understand and makes them easier to obey you cannot break them you can only prove them correct now I like to read share this principle with the young folks and the teenagers sometimes a better fight against the yen and the rules and say I don't want to do those I like to put it this way for them you don't have to keep God 's law you get to keep because there are benefits right from living by those laws we had our hearts tend to resist have you found yourself doing this I know I do I learned some new health Prince of will I learn something new from reading the Scripture really doesn't matter where it is and I'll say well I that was Old Testament that doesn't apply now or I'll say yes but I get such good exercise that particular one doesn't matter for me I'm learning about God 's laws but I'm kind of having an argument with those laws corollary to this understanding that what God has told us is best for us is also an understanding that when our natural impudence impudent response to God 's law is actually a question of his goodness and maybe more harmful than actually breaking the law itself what an opportunity to embrace what God has shared with us he is filled with good things for some people think that this attitude about the law is a New Testament sort of thing and I'd like you to turn back to Isaiah chapter forty eight where I find that this was God 's idea even for his Old Testament people so Isaiah chapter forty eight and verse seventeen to beautiful text Jesus is talking to these people I can hear the tears in his eyes as the words come out thus saith the Lord your Redeemer the holy one of Israel I am the Lord your God who teaches you the profit who leads you in the way that you should go verse eighteen although that you would heated my Commandments then your piece would have been like a river and your righteousness like the waves of the sea they had decided to go their own way and God tries if only you had heated then your piece would have been like a River Heiser River it just flows doesn't just keeps right on going steady always flowing peace like a river comes from obedience heating his commandments your righteousness like the waves of the sea what you know about the way to the sea well sometimes they're being sometimes a small the size of the waves depends on the strength of the wind blowing over top of and as the spirit the wind blows over the waters it creates waves which hits the beach one after another what a beautiful picture of how God wants our own righteousness to be the work of a spirit on our lives one right after the other your righteousness like the waves of the sea this was what God wanted for his people but it's not just an Old Testament concept it's also in the New Testament let's turn over to James chapter one James is right after the Hebrews for some reason my Bible always has a hard time turning quickly to a place of understanding up front I don't know if you run into that problem before so this is the end of fact James chapter one have around verse twenty is a doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves for anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer he's like a man observing his natural face in a mirror for he observes himself goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was but he who looks at the perfect law of liberty and continues in it is not for the forgetful hearer but a doer of the work this one will be blessed in what he does that phrase the perfect law of liberty is an interesting one God 's laws like that when you are obedient to that law when you live according to that principle there is freedom at freedom I can be and come in a lot of different ways that is in obedience there is blessed and we again that bless a great principle when I think in the health field of freedom and bondage I think bondage in the health field must be pretty close to the intensive care unit right you've cared for people intensive care unit if not then your present practice at least in medical school you may remember all the tubes you know there's the central lines there's the catheters there's the I to is down just about any place and then places a student being right so at and found wires can't move I just as soon avoid I'm thankful for the intensive care unit I may need one some day but there are a whole host of diseases are a whole host of laws having been broken that lead to diseases that could end someone up in the intensive care unit with the heart attack or a stroke or a just so many things right and it's those lifestyle choices those laws that were broken the oxidized cholesterol the lack of exercise the do not see another call do not 's for a reason him and him so our bodies work my principles when we lived by them there can be healing for our bodies I have had the opportunity in my past experience to spend some time in the lifestyle treatment center so you know that I spent about five years of the lifestyle Center of America most of which the unit was as the medical director it was an amazing experience to have people come in who were very very sick they had broken God 's laws over and over again or tried to edit were now broken and slaved by the diseases the illness that came from trying to transgress or break them they came in most of them a heavy bunch their eyes kind of glazed over when you spoke with them they were listening but it wouldn't last very long many of them in wheelchairs walkers canes in an estate of five without significant illness and bound certainly not free and and we would invite them into it and have controlled environment place of my plant -based diet and exercising I know the opportunity of doing often the introduction for the patients on the first evening coming on a Sunday Sunday evening we'd have them all in the auditorium and I would welcome them encourage them I give them hope we had seen changes happened before and people had what looked to us like miracles able to walk coming insulin blood pressure coming down coming off medications and that's indeed what many of them had come from for I told them that they would need to be exercising we regret any giving them good food and that we would be giving them personal care I talk about exercise I say how many of you have a hard time with knees and hips and maybe it's hard to get around so we got a nice exercise will wear the water is nice and warm now that was supposed to be enticing but having met with these people were sometime I knew it was going on in their minds and so I spoke to the elephant in the room I know you haven't been in a swimming suit in twenty five years and someone would say from the audience all thirty five forty eight and I tell them I want you to know that we do not look at you like you think we looking you what we see is potential and I said I want you to notice in the gym there are no mirrors all the gems European do before full of mirrors right ours has no mere we don't want you to think about where you are with one of the two you think about where you're going we see the potential now tell me is that not very close to what this theological term justification means you know when we come to Jesus for healing for so-so for salvation his heart leaps with joy because he sees our potential are we there yet know but he can see us how we will become just like when I saw the patient scanning and I'm looking forward to the excitement in their eyes to the healing is happening to the improvement in their lives you see there is a parallel between this business of healing and salvation the two kind of come together another one of after about three days there I start to like they have more energy and a step there and when I lecture to them they were actually listening and what I could tell they were listening and they start to ask questions they're starting to sense that they're getting better as I look at them and their size and I look at theirs on the scale there isn't that much difference it's true some of their waves coming down but I can't see what's really happening it's inside my blood test will tell me a little bit later right a dozen scriptures say the man looks on the outward and God looks on the heart you see the physiology is changing once someone begins to be obedient to God 's laws there is a healing that is taking place even though observers may not be seen God 's love is bringing change God 's laws are bringing change these people and the one I sent them home and ate been there for two and half weeks miracles happened I enjoyed particularly that last visit to people who would come in in a wheelchair said Doc I just walked a mile I feel great no just checking all the labs and all the things that it improved it was a time of great rejoicing for everybody certainly the graduation ceremony when you're sending people home it's a marvelous thing when miracles take place I know there's slow mirror well sometimes Jesus radicals like the woman with the bleeding was instantaneous sometimes it slower and and I'm experiencing that in this whole realm of lifestyle intervention so when we send them home they were always sent home with the speech it went something like this if you keep doing what you doing you good you get and what you got if you get a view go back to your bad lifestyle then bad things return if you keep on with what you've learned and the steps you may then healing continues right now that sounds an awful lot like something theologically we call sanctification is the work of a lifetime it's keeping on being on so God calls us for this healing remember grab George who came to the by style set or with that well when he wanted to come the program earlier but we had a rule they had to be out of the hospital for at least a week before they came we are not acute care he had been admitted to the cardiac care unit is hospital somewhere in Southern California with a cardiac events it had a stent placed he had been that stabilize and he said I want to do something about my diabetes my heart disease my weight I want to fix this and it hurt about what we did and he came out for at an intensive lifestyle intervention that was one of our marketing tools you want your intensive care now or later I so George came in ready to go and he put his heart to as he put his heart to it the changes began to happen when he told me want to do is at insulin I wasn't sure is pancreatic function was enough to do that are whether he be able to do it when I said it that's it you'd like to do let's do it so he put his heart do it he began to exercise regularly ate well increases hydration slept well I all the kind of the things that have to do with how our body functions well in George's blood sugar started to come down nicely they were perfect but by the end of the program and I always like to send people back to their doctor with perfect blood sugars his work up a little bit so we had a little lab negotiation at the end and Jordan says no I meant to stick with this and I said okay we won't add that medication back in this is the way you want to do it I'll support you so off he went I appreciated that George's commitment and I was pleased six months later when he came back eyes blood sugars were really completely normal the dawn phenomenon was gone he had lost sixty pounds his lipids were down his blood pressure was down we were able to take them off more medications it's a miracle right it's what happens when we open a God 's law 's often in the second weekend of the program as we had gotten to know people I would introduce those who become our guests of these concepts you know as you are experiencing healing your experiencing salvation I'd like to tell them I like to say with out spiritual no religious baggage you know sometimes our picture of how God works it's been distorted Satan has turned trying to distort it from innocence since the and this is a hard I guess I distort what God is doing in the changing so Satan is trying to start salvation process as well the healing that they were experiencing was a way of experiencing salvation without theological baggage and of confusing they were understanding the whole purpose of obedience you not trying to earn God 's favors no obedience is the best thing for you guys trying to help you do that as you do that healing can take place as you turn to him he always is armed and says welcome I'm excited let's go together and as we continue day by day we experience it we experience that whole business of sanctification but an opportunity to see salvation and healing together we as a Seventh-day Adventists often use the term maybe you heard this that help message is the right arm to be heard that before when I first heard this as a younger person is a young physician and before I thought okay I understand Jesus loves us there is a salvation process there are good things and the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of the great controversy is something that I would like introduce the people and what I'll do is health will be the doorknob which will open the door so I can get close to people and thereby be able to communicate this wonderful message with X the way I thought of it and as I've come to understand this concept of the socio- healing and salvation together I've begun to wonder maybe it would be a good idea if we let the health message be our right arm for ourselves help us understand more clearly the theology of salvation as I think there's a lot of feeling in that certainly the cause-and-effect relationships of law justification sanctification how God is working for our healing are all reflected Mark chapter eight verse thirty five for whoever will social his life shall lose it whoever wants to save his life want to try to fix yourself it won't work and only Jesus can bring us feeling but whoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel the same shall so zooming as we lose our lives for Jesus there is a saving that takes place God 's great grace gives us forgiveness gives us justification sanctification healing and makes us over new I'm thankful for a God who loves us I'm thankful for an understanding of a God who knows how to heal us inside not just give us a legal fix on the outside actually change our lives and take away the addictions and and take away their illness and success restore us I'm thankful for so using our union was using my audio were so amen medical management network to learn more about Nina I is www. nine amen I will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe on a


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