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Wholeness in a Broken World

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • November 1, 2014
    11:30 AM


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the father in heaven thank you so much for the marvelous opportunity to be here the amen conference our spirits up and lifted the music is just been wonderful and we thank you for its inspired our hearts or the message this morning by Lindy and the Sabbath school in every aspect the offering appeals in the mission reports and father we just praise your name for what you're doing through this organization its growing and expanding like was written by the inspiration by the pen of inspiration will see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening until the earth is lightened with the glory of God we believe that a man has a part to play in the fulfillment of that vision and dream now Lord focus our mind on the text of Scripture whatever blessings we've had this day in this conference we know you have even a more abundant blessing for us this moment we know the you want to feed us with the bread of life and nourish our souls we pray the in Christ's name amen had ever seemed so long as they wept and they prayed and then they wept some more like the early disciples their Lord was taken from them and they knew not where he went they spent most of that night even praying these early disappointed at the believers as the sun rose in the eastern sky painting the horizon as with the beauty of the master artists brush they were feeling more confident they were feeling that although they did not know the answer to their dilemma of the disappointment that God would reveal to them he is light in his truth as a high run incident and his friend OR L Crozier decided to leave the barn where they were praying and traverse across ensigns Cornfield and encourage some of those other early advent believers and as they were trudging across that cornfield and sin lingered behind his friend and soon he began to think about the prophecies of the book of Daniel and Cindy Ms. mine he began to connect the dots ensued as if in a heavenly vision he sensed that the sanctuary was not the earth to big lines by fire but it was the most holy place where Jesus would enter into his final phase of judgment and they are looking through the open door of the sanctuary light came to Christ people as these early Adventists continue to study the subject of the sanctuary and look through its open door God 's truth became clearer to them now what did they see when they look through that open door the sanctuary and more important what do we see when we look through the open door of heaven sanctuary and even more specifically what does a view in the sanctuary have to do with a group of health professionals gathered in a place called San Diego in two thousand fourteen at their tenth annual health conference is the sanctuary say anything to us about help does it give any direction to us in our message today I invite you to take your Bibles and turn to Revelation the third chapter were looking there Revelation chapter three in Revelation chapter two and three describes the history of the Christian church in Seventh-day Adventists believe that although the message this is the seven churches have relevance to every generation but the message to these seven churches speaks to specific changes in church history beginning with Ephesus in the first aspect of church history down to the church and legacy but it's the church of Philadelphia that we want to look at FNS historically have believed this run someplace in the eighteen thirty one thirty eighteen forty four that early pre- Advent and here Adventists looking here at this church called Philadelphia have seen the church of the open door were looking there at the book of Revelation Revelation chapter three and looking there at verses seven and eight notice the text of Scripture listen to the word of the Lord and the angel of the church of Philadelphia right these things says he who is holy and he who is true I see you as the key of David you open sin no one shots and shots and no one opens I know your works they accept before you an open door and no one can shut for you have a little strength and have kept my word and not denied my name now noticed some things about the Texas as the church of Philadelphia what we know about the church in Philadelphia I've traveled to the seven churches sites on numerous occasions some of you have traveled there with me I love Philadelphia years ago I made friends of the curator at the church in Philadelphia he is a Muslim it really a good friend and so the first time I was there I was taping television programs it is written television it was a rainy cold day in I was shivering I had for with about eight with me and as we were there the Muslim curator at the church is the Gauthier the archaeological site saw me shivering anything I can I help you let my wife get you some Apple herbal tea so he brought me herbal tea and we sat talking through Turkish tradition Muslim prediction for a couple hours and then we went back into the restaurant outguess the next time I came back I had about sixty on a tour group and he said all I could let you go without giving you herbal tea as we served our six-year-old faith I came back and had to every bus is about two hundred and fifty Bible teaches anything my wife is not here today Philadelphia was is a wonderful place now the significance of Philadelphia is this Philadelphia was built as a gateway city to Asia it was a transition between Europe and Asia was a gateway city the Greek European sophisticated culture was passed through it was the subject was built for this purpose for missionary purposes it was built to take the Greek culture to barbarians that were living in this area and so when you think of Philadelphia you think of the doorway you think of an open doorway for the spread of Greek culture so here in the language that those living in the first century would understand here the John writes verse eight last part of verse seven rather these things say he was told he was true he was the key of David Hume opens and no one shots and shots and no one opens early Adventists looking through the door of the sanctuary and happen that was open seeing Jesus in the most holy place of that sanctuary saw light shining through the door of that sanctuary and they says there is a door open note open doors represent opportunity open doors represent possibilities throughout the New Testament we read about those open doors of possibilities take your Bible and turn to second Corinthians chapter two cell in the New Testament the open door of the sanctuary represents the open door of possibility the open door of heaven 's grace the open door of heaven 's mercy the open door of all the gifts of heaven flowing earth would you human beings second Corinthians chapter two and notice how Paul uses this expression of the open door second Corinthians chapter two you're looking there at verses twelve and on furthermore when I came to trial as to preach Christ Gospel a door was opened to me of the Lord when Jesus opened the door of heaven 's sanctuary into the most holy place for the glorious light of the end time message of truth to shine upon the world he was opening a door of opportunity for all mankind here in second Corinthians to Paul uses the symbol of the door to represent possibility opportunity now Paul gets nervous here his colleague is to meet him they are retro as verse thirteen I had no rest in my spirit because I did not find Titus my brother but taking my leave of him I departed from Macedonia not thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ and through us that uses the fragrance of his knowledge in every place Paul says I'm nervous there's a door of opportunity open this is a divine moment of destiny I cannot use it now just as God providentially open doors in the New Testament era for the rapid fulfillment of its mission in the proclamation of the gospel so we can except we can expect at inside we can expect when the door of heaven sanctuary is open and all the grace and love of God flows through that door to hundreds when people we can expect that God will rapidly and at times unexpectedly opened doors for his anti- people of the first lesson from the open door the sanctuary is this its light is shining upon us today look for open doors in your community as medical professionals the open door of the sanctuary is symbolic of opening doors that God is that I have for you in your community goddess can open doors for you as well in the hearts and minds of your patients don't become so busy so consume so engrossed that you miss the open doors of opportunity would it not be a tragedy if a woman coming to be treated by you going through the trauma of the divorce depressed as an open door that you pray with her and you failed opportunity when it be a tragedy if somebody who's struggling with their kids that are strung out on drugs that has hypertension over that it's experiencing the anxiety and stress that elevates blood cholesterol and that that elevates the LDL would and wouldn't not be a tragedy if somebody comes to you and you give them stress medication some kind of medication to reduce the stress but you never deal with the cause of that stress which is the anxiety over their kids wouldn't not be a tragedy if we operate on a malignancy but we failed to deal with the malignancy of the heart the malignancy of the soul the malignancy of the spirit wouldn't not be a tragedy if we dealt with the symptoms rather than the fundamental issue that's causing the symptoms there is a door open in heaven sanctuary is a door opening your community for you to minister the grace of God in that community is a door open in the hearts and minds your patients that come to you to be ministered unto as well as physically discrete but there's another interesting expression in our passage did you notice that there here John quotes the Old Testament we look there at revelation the third chapter and notice what Scripture says in Revelation chapter three these it says verse seven alas for these things says he was holy it was true he was the key of David Hugh opens and no one shots and shots and no one opens this is a quote from Isaiah the twenty second chapter what is this key of David all about take your Bible and turned back Isaiah the twenty second chapter the twenty second verse that this is the story in Isaiah twenty two of the key of the sanctuary 's storehouse passing from the Hezekiah to circumvent and I asked him and it's a fascinating story you pick up the story in Isaiah chapter twenty two and debt you looking there at first twenty that Eli again is to be clothed with the Kings Road Isaiah twenty two verse twenty then it shall be in that day that I will call my servant he likened the son of Hill Kia I will clothe him with your road that's the rope of the King and strengthen you with your belt I will commit your responsibility to his name he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem into the house of Judah the key of the house of David I will lay on the shoulder so he shall open and no adjuster nut are those familiar words whether they come rather they come from what we've read in Revelation three I think to get a house of David I will lay on his shoulder he shall open and no one shall shut he shall shut and no one shall open what is this all about you I asked him was King Hezekiah 's faithful circuit he was he received the key of the chief steward of the royal household he had full control and access to the Royal Palace and the storehouse McCain sees open doors and all the treasures all the reaches all the abundance of the keying was opened up to the Royal Sir so Jesus the royal servant of heaven unlocks the key of heaven sanctuary and in time all the blessings of grace and end time all the riches of eternity Jesus robe with the glories of the key goes in the most holy place he opens that door into the second phase of his ministry and all the blessings of God all the light of heaven shining on it in time generation to prepare for the coming of Jesus here in Scripture we might raise the question if Jesus in his sanctuary bestows upon his earthly church all the treasures of eternity Jesus in his sanctuary gives enhanced beyond measure what does this have to do with health take your Bible believes in turn to Revelation eleven verse nineteen I suggest to you this morning but the message of health is a kid that comes by the grace of God from the sanctuary is not something dreamed up by human beings but the message of help is a message that comes through the open door of the sanctuary shining with the light of truth on it in time people divinely raised up by the destiny of God Revelation the eleventh chapter and he the door opened in heaven John sees revelation eleven verse nine page than the temple of God was opened in heaven in the arm of his covenant was seen in the Temple John says I looked up into happen and as I looked up there I saw the door of heaven opened I saw the Temple and I saw the Ark of the covenant where was the ark of the covenant in the most holy place so John says I saw the Shekinah glory I saw the Ark of the covenant what was in that are Hebrews the ninth chapter helps us Hebrews chapter nine what was in that are that Ark of the covenant and what does that message of the open door of the sanctuary say about health and the grace of God in the goodness of God into an entire generation Hebrews the ninth chapter and we look there at verse four picking up with the second phrase in verse four of Hebrews nine and the Ark of the covenant overlaid on all sides with gold in which were the golden pot that had the manna Ahrens Rod but it in the tables of the covenant and above it were cherubim of glory overshadowing the mercy seat so here in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary there is the Ark of the covenant and we looked through the open door the sanctuary what do we see we CVR when we look in the art what do we see we see Jesus the living law speaking to an end time generation about obedience of the moral principles of that law why is that ten commandment law in the art above the Ark is the Shekinah glory of God because God is calling and in time twelve same din ringing by grace filled with the faith of Jesus to respond obediently to keep his law what else is there in that ark of the covenant Arens Robert but it lies that there it was the hair according to Scripture against the rebels it reveals church authority so in an age of independence where everyone seems to to go their own way those there is saved by grace here Jesus appealing to them to be subject to the authority of these church Eddie and I we looked they are at the sanctuary we see the pot of manna what does that pot of manna speak about the pot of manna speaks to you with me about God 's provisions right physical needs it speaks about a message of health it in time that shines from the sanctuary let's go back and look at that man of itself and see what we can discover about Kevin 's appeal were going back to Exodus the sixteenth chapter the pot of manna represents heavens way of life in contrast of the flesh diet of Egypt in which it represents divine health principles the light shining from heavens open door of the sanctuary is an appeal in time in two specific areas where looking they are Exodus the sixteenth chapter the appeal of the manna is an appeal to personally live in harmony with the light that shines through heavens opened door and health the pot of manna was God 's abundant provision for it for Israel's physical health in a time of crisis the open door the sanctuary and the message of Christ's grace in the manner is also a message it speaks to us that God has put a gift in our hands and the man yes I assume what is the share is an exhibit not consume merely by ourselves but it's to be be shared with others it is really an appeal to take advantage of the light I tell shining to humanity and share this message is helpful in time living with the world now exit is the sixteenth chapter some amazing things about this man Exodus the sixteenth chapter here is real is crying out for the Egyptian way of life Exodus sixteen verse three the children of Israel said to them all that we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt Exodus sixteen three when we sat by the pots of meat when we are at it and read the full you brought us into this wilderness until this whole assembly with with with hunger so there are two ways of life the way of life in Egypt it only brings disease disasters suffering and death in the way of life of eternity the website of God and so the world that we live in today as in Egyptian way of life little exercise high-fat diet high sugar diet when the American diet as well over forty percent fat and sugar it just that the noncommunicable diseases heart disease number one cancer number two stroke number three diabetes noncommunicable diseases killing us because of the way of life that the Western world is chosen light shines from the sanctuary the grace of God says there is my something much better there is man happens way of life heavens provision for help but notice the God says verse for the Lord said to Moses behold him and arrange bread from heaven for you and the people shall go out and gather a certain quota every day of this is something winning them back to this certain quote that I may test them with a walk in the way of the Lord verse six then Moses and Erin sent to all the Jordan Israel and evening know that the Lord brought you out of the land of Egypt even the morning you shall see the glory of the Lord eating habits die following happens way of life living in harmony with the principles of health that God gives us we reveal the glory of the Lord by appreciating the gift and the light that shines from the grace in the sanctuary now there is something here that is quite interesting did you notice the text itself in verse four it says the people shall go out and gather a certain quote each day what was that quote that they were to gather each day I take your Bible and began to look at verse sixteen this is the thing which the Lord has commanded let every man gathering according to each one's knees one Omer for each person according to the number of persons let every man take for those who are interested in so when the Israelites were not to gather the manner in the morning if there were elderly and attempted to think about or if there were children they gathered the manna for them how much did they gather everybody how much should they gather one what over how much is an old city is about six hi Nancy to be between six and eight type at about six pints the most active exploits of years my question to you does the Bible give us any indication how many Israelites were in the wilderness is the Reverend number given doesn't give us the number of man that went to war how many were there six hundred thousand ethnic numbers one verse twenty four twenty five to six hundred thousand men now if you add women and children the number in the most students of the Old Testament I get to give you what two million about two million Israelites he finds reach one six pints what's that six kinds would mean twelve million pints a day or nine million pounds gathered every day or four thousand five hundred tons gathered today I'm just getting to my point to put it another way if you had ten trains each having thirty cars full of grain each carrying fifteen times you have one they supply ten trained this thirty cars for a brain fifteen tons HRS one days of my unit entering coming tomorrow to in that state to one million times other than a plus or get together every year of forty years of this amazing truth of the manna teaches us to think you're the last banana was a supernatural gift from God it was not something manufactured by human beings because you may be a good cook but you can't make that much it was not something Israel brought with them out of Egypt it came down from heaven the psalmist calls man of the bread from heaven he declares that the mandate Angels flew God 's divine principles of health are one of the richest gifts that come down from heaven human genius did not manufacture them human science confirms them but did not originate them the health messages modern man of I is for people living at the closing human history light shines from heaven sanctuary revealing eternal truths about life and health friend time generation now there's another ex- aspect here the amount of man in Israel was just too great for any human being to manufacture it had to be happily get so numb out what works you perform you can never perform in the just like no Israelite could prepare enough food to feed those people because the amount was too great a distance between me and God is just a great I thank God for the heavenly man of the bread of life in Jesus Christ are low salvation is too great a gift frame of the manufactures of Jesus the bread of life the true manna is a heavenly gift freely given to enable us to live not for a few years in the wilderness of this world but eternal is something else about that man the manner came right where the people were the man I came right with the people work that was enough for all God reaches us where we are heavens down keys of fresh air sunshine or water a healthy diet rescues the works members present perhaps there had been used within the reach of all there is like shining light shining from the sanctuary light shining through the open door of a sanctuary that light says to you and to me to an end time Jesus as I have a precious gift forget the gift of the message of health to keep you healthy but a gift to share with the world and there is enough funds for all and went when it was only a teenager she had an amazing vision when I first read that vision I I I wondered about it you'll find it in the book early writings page twenty and she's taken off in vision she's still a teenager and she says and I saw a table of silver as many miles in length your eyes could extend over it I saw the fruit of the tree of life the manner the almonds with things the pomegranates the grapes and other kinds of fruit I thought to myself I understand about the honest the things that pomegranates the grapes but she she has this vision of heaven this silver table and she sees the man of their why profit of godless man as one heavenly food Scott is prepared from deep in the door and all of a sudden struck me by living in harmony with heavens principles today and sharing these principles with others we prepare for the David Woolley manner the manna in the new worth will be a perpetual reminder to us that our total dependency for life itself is on God the man in the New World will be a professional reminder to us that all of life comes through his grace and his goodness we had been entrusted in the message of health with one of heaven 's most priceless gifts Amanda is in our hands when we do it does give us a message of health for all humanity light shining through the open door of heaven sanctuary yet in his church will release earned that right personally will you say Lord thanks for the manner but I'd rather have the flesh pots McDonald nine hundred Abbott flesh pots of each of thanks for the mental Lord by time you know I need something a little more spicy here it's a little bland this client -based medical banana diet you know that is in our hands God gives us not only message of diet and message of exercise and drinking water and health is a busy health professional God speaks to your heart this morning is there some area of your life which are not living in harmony with the principles of help that God is good God says I'm giving you a man I'm getting a man like shining through the open door the center will be spurned that like personal we consider heavens message likely will disregard it because it requires a change in our lives what will we personally do the message of help that God has given us the more I study them or become impressed with this that we are living at the climax of human history and the divine door destiny of heaven sanctuary is open and it's no accident that you were born for this hour you could have been born a hundred years ago you could been born five hundred years ago but God brought you on the scene in the service history right now it's no accident that God has given your brain is given your mind is given you skills and abilities as a medical profession you are to leave the vanguard of a new generation of physicians and dentists of doctors of of of healthcare professionals in any area to reveal to a waiting world in a watching universe at this moment adverse history with the doors are open Florida of the integration of the physical mental emotional spiritual dimensions of life God has brought this organization to fruition for that very reason let me share with you how God is prepared the world for this very moment God 's prepared to work the message of Hill shining from heaven sanctuary here is the or ever directed his people to live in the mid- eighteen hundreds in the late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen hundreds God was preparing is the world for God is a divine strategist and the light from heaven that bursts upon the world any given time often begins in general raids God prepares the world for personal glory before Seventh-day Adventists ever clearly understood the relationship between health and spirituality God was always horny working on hearts although these early health reformers in the seventeen in eighteen hundred students since the fullness of God 's message God was revealing it to them God is appearing the world for the fullest revelation of in time truth a total comprehensive message of health to begin until last generation of new examples of how God was preparing a people for this message John Wesley the founder of Methodism that said the ban is oh so much to regarding the reap relationship of health and spirituality Wesley understood that note Ellen White said of John Wesley that he is foundation material of Scripture truth I'm quoting would stand for all eternity most people are not aware that John Wesley was a vegetarian listen here's what Wesley says thank God since I gave up the eating of the flesh of animals I didn't undo to all the ills my flesh with their two Wesley understood he wrote about the importance now there were times that he may have slipped back occasionally but Wesley was predominantly a vegetarian Charles Spurgeon mighty preacher in the nineteenth century in a Spurgeon preached over ten million people in the years of his ministry is said that Spurgeon wrote six read six books a week Spurgeon read six books a week he preached at twenty three thousand people one time without a microphone and no mechanical assist Spurgeon came to the point in his life for his I want to be a vegetarian so Spurgeon writes I have lived on a purely vegetarian diet and I'm a hundred percent better man for it which convinces me others can do something know what was going on with Wesley what was going on with Spurgeon God was using these men in the limited understanding they had upheld to begin to prepare a world for the open door of the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary where a phone message would shine upon humanity in eighteen oh seven William Metcalfe founded the vegetarian and teetotaler society of Bible Christians in Philadelphia still it's amazing you study the history of eighteen hundred eighteen thirty eighteen forty kept all these health groups beginning to this route eighteen thirty two Sylvester Graham lectured on vegetarianism and in eighteen thirty three he began his journal urging the use of fruits nuts grains and vegetables before Adventists were looking for the light of the open door eighteen forty seven British vegetarian Society is fourth eighteen fifty the American vegetarian societies established what is going on here God is preparing a world for this moment God is preparing the cradle for the birth of the baby is preparing a world for the advanced movements that will herald the light from the sanctuary on the message of holistic living to make human beings whole and restore the brokenness that's achieved by seeing during this same time Doctor James Jackson Doctor RT throw up popularize hydrotherapy and water treatment the natural diet exercise and the fresh air host of other natural remedies this is happening in the eighteen hundreds why because God is a strategist God is preparing a world Joseph Bates the founder the Sabbath truth one of the early and his pioneers understood the importance health early and he gave up Siegel of the alcoholic drinks meat cheese and butter early Adventists were often sick the author died young it was then on June sixth eighteen sixty three Oswego Michigan Ellen White was in the whole LeBaron fill your and while she was there God shown the light through the door of the sanctuary and Ellen White was given a vision of about forty five minutes on AL later she wrote that in six pamphlets called how to live it revolutionize the advantage church changed our history then on December twenty fifth Christmas Day eighteen sixty five God said to the church to give your Christmas present the best Christmas present I could possibly give you and they are Ellen White Rochester New York was given a vision that they should start small homelike institutions and then it was there as well that she began to clinical the relationship of health not only does spirituality but to preparation for the coming of Jesus LBJ Wagner on August seven eighteen sixty six makes this incredibly powerful statement about the distinction of the Adventist health message see the message that shines from the sanctuary is not simply a message that you can live seven years longer ten years longer thirteen years longer it's not merely helping people to exercise and have a lower cholesterol diet and ended and let it less sugar in their diet there's something more unique than that he listened EJ Wagner J H Wagner rather August sixth eighteen sixty six he says we as Seventh-day Adventists do not profess to be pioneers in the general principles of health reform why would Wagner make that statement we don't profess to be pioneers image principles of health reform because he knew it was a vegetarian society he knew about the work of Robin Jackson redesign the facts on which this movement is based have been elaborated in a great measure by reformers physicians and writers on physiology and hygiene and so may be scattered through the land but we do claim that by God 's method of choice it has been more clearly and powerfully unfolded and is thereby producing an effect which we could not have looked for by any other means I listen to this as mere physiological and hygienic truths they might be studied by some at their leisure and by others laid aside is of little consequence but when placed on a level with the great truths of the three angels message by the sanction and authority of God 's Spirit and soul declared to be the means whereby a week people may be made strong to overcome and are diseased bodies claims and fitted for translation then it comes to us as an essential part of present truth to be received with the blessing of God or rejected at our peril someone is Wagner saying he is saying the Adventist health message is designed by God to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus because the quality of blood that comes to our brain is nourished by her health practices and the Holy Spirit communicates to our brain so the uniqueness of the Adventist health message is three things why did God give the Senate banished her to help message number one he loves us he wants us to be in hell he desires us to be free from the noncommunicable degenerative diseases that are destroying the lives of human beings this message is a massive the giants of the sanctuary a message of grace message of love is not a legalistic requirement is heavens man of his generation secondly why did God give us the Adventist health message because he knows that men and women in the world may not be interested initially in spiritual things are interested in their health and he knows that they help message is a door to the heart adored in the soul that's why David West but there Jesus gave us the help message because he knows that foggy brains and that sick and diseased bodies may have a difficult time comprehending eternal truth and so we gave us the help message uniquely in the context of the great controversy to prepare a world for the coming of Jesus I love the way Evan whiteboards at first light but that's not eighty eight she says this eyesore I saw that our heavenly father has bestowed upon us the great blessing of life on health reform why that we may obey the claims which he has upon us and glorify human our bodies and spirits which are accused and finally stand without fault before the throne of God the light is shining today from heaven sanctuary to me will you follow that a white person will you share that light with others when you sense that the message of grace and goodness and love of God comes from the sanctuary is given as a key to prepare you and me and the world the return of Jesus the other day the doors open today the world is talking about Seventh-day Adventist attending a major conference on healthful living and lifestyle if Seventh-day Adventists are mentioned not a son called as proponents of a healthy lifestyle there's hardly an article written in scholarly literature the survey is the longest living population groups in America that doesn't mention Seventh-day Adventists the landmark Adventist health studies one and two are being cited by researchers all the world and he ignores themselves his feature article in National Geographic of captured national and international attention easily letting cross resort today you'll beautified almond milk and soy milk all kinds of health foods like a shining from heaven sanctuary the doors once closed or open today this is the hour of our divine opportunity possibilities are before us today then we only dreamed about decades ago this is the time for creative forward-looking thinking right now to capture the world 's attention with the NSF message that stage has been set but so much more can be done there is nothing more powerful there is nothing more powerful than a heaven sent through this time is God all the powers of hell cannot accomplish that cannot keep that truth from accomplishing its appointed task all of heaven 's powers behind its proclamation with the coming of the appointed time both the message and messenger is up here on the scene of this world history some may ignore some may minimize some may oppose it some they rejected but Hampton 's message will have its destined event the purpose of God cannot be nullified the most time still rules meetings we may be so blind that we miss the opportunity 's meow we may become so contented so obsessed with their own ideas and goals that we missed the moment but God nevertheless will lead his plans and his purposes on to try when light shine the sanctuary when the moment of crisis comes some unique men and women in every generation rise to the occasion they sensed the uniqueness of the hour they take advantage of the opportunity they step through the open door truth have been sent for as irresistible power when the appointed time of its heralding as common in the plan of God speaking of ancient Israel the Scripture says the metadata cigarette at understanding of the times knowing what Israel ought to do if there ever was a time we need seventh day Adventist physicians and dentists and medical personnel to understand the uniqueness of the hour to look through the open door the sanctuary to see the open doors in the world to rise for the opportunity to rise to the occasion it is now if there ever was a time does understand the time to know what Israel what do it is now God raises up men and women for the time in Bible times in recent Moses and Israel Joseph in Egypt Daniel and battle in Persia to mention only a few is raised you up this out as Christian Seventh-day Adventist healthcare providers this is the hour of destiny to share Christ's love and grace world God has given his message to this church a message of health and healing is called is not only to treat disease and help prevent he's called us not only to minister to the patient's physical needs but as he opens doors to minister to their emotional and spiritual needs as well the message of health is a gift of God until firm larger communities it can't be bound within our office walls the doors are open to a larger ministry in the community Christ has called you to be the doctor in your community there are other physicians but you are the doctor or the soul your community the doctor of wholeness the doctor of healing the doctor at your hospital to Doctor Gerald we accept the challenge is a Jesus I see the light shining from heaven sanctuary and what if there's some areas in my life in the area of physical health that are not in harmony if I than China putting my hands up against some light that comes from that sanctuary and health practices in my own life the teaching help to others or teach me aboard by your grace and strength reveal your power is since open doors in your community we pray God will help you to be creative creative in going from this conference in leading your church to be a center of health and healing in your community whatever you're doing are ready does God want you to take another step does God want to do something else we go from this conference since the glorious of the sanctuary the Doris in the hearts of many your patients are open the doors in the community are open this is no common and you are no common medical practitioner this is no ordinary hour and you haven't been called Bjorn this is a moment of divine test we rise to that challenge is a Jesus I open my heart to you today to walk in and share the light from heaven sanctuary father in heaven we have this hope that burns within our hearts the hope of the coming of the Lord we do not desire merely eleven other ten years or twenty years of thirty years whatever it is this earth father this is a divine moment of destiny this is no common hours were no common people this is no ordinary moments and we are an ordinary father we want to fail in our destiny now we want to miss the reason for calling we don't want of you bypass us for another generation repent of our lethargy we repent of the places we have not seize the opportunity give a size to see that light shining ever more brightly in the darkness give us eyes to see the open doors in our patients in their hearts the open doors in our community as we walk in the light shines from sanctuary prepare us and our families and our patients and our churches and our communities that great day when he will come to sing in some of this media was using my audio mercy amen this medical management network you would like to learn more about the men please visit www. amen I will like this is more free online learning the WW online universe on


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