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Building Faith in our Patients and Families

Brian Schwartz
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Brian Schwartz

Interventional Cardiologist in Kettering, Ohio



  • November 2, 2014
    7:30 AM
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our father in heaven the so grateful for the blessings that we received these past three days as we fellowship together as we come to the final meeting there's always a knot in my stomach as we realize that this is coming to a close and as we separate from the sleeve also that we've enjoyed I just pray that you would be with each one each one here as they travel but more so each one here as we go back to our daily work positions dentists health care workers as spouses and family the ports that work I just pray that we will be inspired to learn more from the master 's position in the master teacher but what true medical missionary work will look like in these last days plus it's one remove the impediments in my mind this morning that your Holy Spirit may have complete access to speak to each other today Jesus thing and what this says a way of review on Friday morning we talked a little bit about the faith of Jesus Christ in the group that is just us JC increase the faith of Jesus translators have wrestled with the idea that if it's even possible for God knows everything the beginning and again have faith because faith is seeing what does not now exist and see what might be and we realized and we all on the study the fact that Jesus lived every single moment in every single day of his life by faith by faith in his father in the alternate demonstration of faith was one zero submitted even to the death of the cross and as he held out on the cross feeling forsaken of his father that his father forsake him know but he felt forsaken because of the weight of sin that was causing the separation that caused him not to be able to feel his father 's presence and yet he hung on she hung onto realizing his past experience that God had never forsaken him before and he hung onto the prophecies in God 's word that stood true that even though his experience told him that he was not coming through this alive that he was not good to see through the portals of the two console lights set and desire of ages page seven fifty three by faith he was victorious and there has only been one truly just righteous person has lived in this world best Jesus Christ in the faith that he wrought out on the cross that day is the only perfect faith and he offers that they to you and to me and so we talked elective Romans and we looked at various places where most of our modern translations interpret that if we have faith in Jesus we justify God now it's the faith of Jesus that justifies God is nothing wrong with putting your faith in Jesus but before relying on my face it's a shaky day it's not the tested true faith of Jesus that he gives to each one of us and so if we can just turn the formula around a hundred and eighty degrees and claim the faith of Jesus working in my life that's a powerful I can't take my eyes off of my own weakness and that puts it on who Jesus Christ the source of true faith that was demonstrated on the cross I put my cards back together here to load them in order to tell you a story early in my practice early in my practice before I came to the first name and meeting I had a taste of alcohol panic Tammy was a lady in her late thirties on she was a paramedic those of us with alone that of healthcare knowledge it's the scary thing sometimes Tammy had started off in Cincinnati being convinced that she had a cardiac illness County will pass out frequently on just come on her all of a sudden she would just suddenly passed out she had convince somebody that she needed a pacemaker in the pacemaker was placed in Cincinnati and was then just a few months of having a pacemaker place that became infected on Seattle on prolonged course mailbox ultimately had to have a pacemaker taken out she had more hope for monsters she got she was such an annoying person on that she had bounced from practice to practice to practice she had been to three different practices in Cincinnati and now before she can see me she'd been in four different groups in Dayton she had been in between everything between Cincinnati and Dayton bomb filed against the money for the heart monitor on her and she was passing out and you can jiggle the monitor in such a way that looks like you're having an trigger tachycardia shed a normal ejection fraction she had three forecasts that were all normal she had multiple echocardiograms that were all normal on but through whatever she designate somebody to put in the verbal letter in her almost six months later it became completely infected had to be taken out while she had a different layer and she never had arrhythmia never had a problem continue to pass out on the one of the internist in our town whose name and number I'll saw her he didn't think it was really cardiac problem either but he have to fight fear is see Wanda coming to my practice was like seven practices in the last four years on CD checked out one after another after another after they tried the things but because she was so annoying within the first day of visiting I was low but skeptical of her story on what I want to get all the records and see what exactly happened by the way she now had a loop recorder that was implanted under the skin the loop recorder can stay in for two to three years edited and for the last two years and I had never that had never recorded an arrhythmia on but she still gave a history of audacity passes out almost everyday never witnessed on those beginning to think that she probably had psychogenic syncope on she was a very troubled person she looked like she was I stress she started calling my nerves to three times a day every single day very annoying you know the federal personnel to everyone of you can contract the flu encounters somebody like the my nurse within just a few couple of links that you've got to get rid of those slated she is driving me crazy with all little annoying that they keep things and so I got a record select over everything in Downing I'm usually a fairly patient person but my nurse was starting to drive me crazy finally after the third visit back and on I sat down whether I want through all the records we can repeatedly test they were all completely normal and I finally sat down weather is attending on I think you have psychogenic syncope is not underlying heart problem your arteries are normal the monster has never picked up in the arrhythmia on you have a lot of mental problems this is not a heart problem you need to see a psychiatrist and I can't help you out in a dismissive for my practice nurse was so related I told tenuous I was kind of seeking opportunity got right in my face she reached over and spread my thighs and simple thank you Doctor turned around walked away on I have regretted this encounter for the last ten years knowing what I know now often people that have weathered psychological overlay your all this anxiety and they want to be sick to have something to explain what they're feeling there is often a deep root cause and later on my talking to the position that refer to me he told me announcing been sexually molested by her father law when she was young she bounced in and out of really bad relationship she's experimented with other substances and she's just having extremely troubled life while a heart doctor rattled three the problems and I didn't know what else to governor so I dismissed her from my practice I had nothing more to offer her at that time that something I will level out as an absolute failure because I believe that if this is before I knew how to pray with the patient I would one if two the spiritual things behind the and ultimately she's going to continue to bounce in the above and about involved until somebody addresses the underlying notions that are not addressed and by the way what's most physicians don't want to address these were not comfortable with that I'll know she saw psychiatrist I don't know what happened to her but it reminds me of a patient a person not really a case the person in the Bible we don't consider this a healing act but alert a lady named Mary Jesus came to Mary who had been abused in some way we don't know the circumstances of the spirit of prophecy says that Simon was involved probably her uncle somehow and that culture you would be sent away from your family as an embarrassment if you somehow tripped up as a young person or got into some Alyssa relationship so she would've been ostracized Oster spot size from her family or community probably sent away probably going through some of the very same things that Sandy was going through no self-worth whatsoever bouncing from relationship to relationship just wanted to be loved wanting something to explain why I'm like this and getting no help from the medical community but Jesus is the master healer physically and spiritually Mary was uneasy case for him the Bible records that he cast out seven demons they doesn't say if this was all a wants her over a period of time but I imagine that was over several lines this was a process and yet in the end Christ knew just what to do in Mary was restored Mary was restored to her sense of value her sense of relationship she was restored to her family restored to her community and it was Mary Mary was the only one who picked up on the fact that Jesus said that argument for the sins of the world before the crucifixion the all one saw that the Bible records the story about Mary only person in the New Testament both for the cross of Christ who understood the value of what Jesus was good because her heart was broken and she was healed so completely she responded completely and so Mary having experience true repentance having been completely restored by Jesus bought this most precious ointment you can pick up the story in Luke chapter seven Gibraltar Bibles then one of the Pharisees asked him to eat with him and he went to the Pharisee 's house and behold a woman in the city who was a sinner when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Pharisee 's house brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil and stood at his feet behind him weeping and she began to wash his feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair of her head and she kissed his feet and anointed them with a fragrant oil now when the Pharisee we know this assignment who had invited him saw this he spoke to himself saying this man if he were a prophet would know who and what manner of woman this is who he is touching for street is a center Simon was the very one that had let Mary into soon what is the greatest responsibility someone who gets tripped up unwittingly taken advantage of or the one that takes advantage there is no carnations of sin but Simon was absolutely as responsible as Mary Simons you should have had a deep gratitude for Jesus because he had been yelled at leprosy that was even more of an outcast society than what anything Mary his heart set of them burning with a love for Jesus having been restored and yet he's got sitting back a little bit thinking why all it is a process he had firsthand experience he was healed of the most dreadful incurable disease of that day leprosy and he was restored to his community and so his heart was hard Jesus ministered to both of them Jesus stood up for Mary in a comment that what she had done was a great thing in fact Jesus said that wherever the gospel is preached what this woman has done should be retold as a testimony to her Jesus memorialized what Mary had done as the ultimate show of love them all all who understand the sacrifice that Christ is made on our behalf should have the extravaganza giving a fine gift that costs a year 's wages what have any of us sacrifice that much for Jesus and yet he also killed assignments are he didn't embarrass him but he asked him Simon who's going to love more those who were forgiven three hundred cents or three three thousand sometimes more of a forgiven more a lot more people was forgiven for end of Simon 's heart was convicted as well and Simon also ultimately became a follower of Jesus Jesus knows how to heal I have learned a few things since my first encounter with Tammy largely because of studying Jesus Matheson coming to a management incurs and by studying the idea of the faith of Jesus saw the last few minutes that we have together I wanted to select a few examples of Jesus and in demonstrating faith when we want to receive the faith of Jesus how can we have that same day Jesus was able to look at someone and see not who they were not what they did but what they might become there is the story of the pearl of great price runner read the summary of this from the spare prophecy Christ object lessons page a hundred and eighteen the parable of the merchant man seeking goodly pearls has a double significance it applies not only to men as seeking the kingdom of heaven but to Christ as seeking has lost inheritance Christ heavenly merchant man seeking goodly pearls saw and lost humanity the Pearl of price in man defiled in Brooklyn by sin he saw the possible novelties of redemption that is seen with the eye of faith he saw the possibilities of redemption hearts that have been the battleground of the conflict with Satan and I have been rescued by the power of love are more precious to the Redeemer than are those who have never fallen God looked at humanity not as violent worthless he looked upon it in Christ's side as it might become through redeeming love God has looked at the human race with eyes of love and compassion Jesus did this with his disciples 's look back over at the story of Peter Turner Matthew chapter twenty six verse thirty one just before Jesus comes the garden is Sunday right after the Last Supper Jesus said to them all of you will be made to stumble because of me this night for it is written I will strike the shepherd of the sheep of the flock will be scattered but after I have been raised I will go before you to Galilee and Peter answered and said to him even if all are made to stumble because of you I will never be made to stumble the deer have faith is pretty confident Peter had faith and runs elf when we have faith in our stuff we don't know our own hearts the heart is deceitful we delude ourselves so much Jesus said to him assuredly I say unto you this night before the rooster crows you will deny me three times Jesus saw the future he knew what Peter was going to do in here said even if I have to die with you I will not deny you and so set all the disciples the disciples yet did not have the response that married up over the Luke chapter twenty two verse thirty one all of us are sometimes like Peter we don't know our own hearts we want to work for God we have a field to do it but we look to our own strength you know as physicians and dentists especially we are vulnerable to this because as a group fairly intelligent highly motivated successful usually have a lot of discipline that Mike Neil talked about on Thursday night we are a disciplined group and if we set our minds to do something we can usually accomplish a and there's a danger being successful because we can get by teaching Sabbath school we can get by doing health outreach we can look like were engaged and were doing but if you are engaged with health outreach you're engaged with service in your church and yet you still have an empty feeling in your heart maybe it's because you've been relying on your own strength not on the source of real power and so the Lord said to Simon Simon and Dave Satan has asked for you that he may sift you as wheat but I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail it when you have returned to me strengthen your brothers Jesus knows the weakness of his disciples he knows there got fell but he still treats them finally he still instills a future in the and he still says to Peter when you've return to strengthen your brethren and feed my sheep all of us have the opportunity to plant a into those around us with your children if you said it out in the unsolved that Eunice as he did the stupidest thing you're never not a lot that anything that may become a self-fulfilling prophecy but if you can take a young person who's not quite sure of themselves doesn't really haven't really applied themselves but you can see a future for them if you can pull them up to be all that can be an encouragement to do that so you know what I believe in you you have the you have some tremendous people skills and if you could you apply yourself and diligently work on this I think you can do something really great you could be a pastor you're really good at math and science and you could be if you could be a physician you can be a teacher you could change the future of a young person by speaking faith to them and asked what Jesus is doing here with Peter he is seen you know what is but what can become and that is the eye of faith that God looks at all of us on with our spouses with our patients know I come up to my patient I say Damon you know you really need to quit smoking I don't many help here he knows that I very know strength so I have been trying to learn to phrase this in a different way Dave you know smoking is causing so much trouble for you and since it's gone now ultimately kill you but God has a plan for you in fact God has already given you the victory there are so many people that struggle just like you have but I have prayed with them and they have but by God 's grace they have been able to give up smoking and I believe that you can do the very same thing if you can implant face it you can show them what they can be that they can be successful even though they failed over and over and over your Namibia much more effective that at motivating change why did Peter after he had completely forsaken the Lord customs swear to denial of them come back why did he do Wednesday that Judas to his Peter 's heart was broken by the comparison the love that Jesus showed him he went out and cried and wept bitterly and realized ever after in his life that that there's nothing good within him that he could rely on it as a result of the cross six euros not only did they see the greatest demonstration of love that God could ever demonstrate but they saw the poverty of their own hearts in a transform their lives ever after to look for him who died for them they were transform people without Judas the Christ reduce any differently than he treated Peter Jesus washed to the state Jesus extended Brad Judas extending Brad was a sign of acceptance of work or family were part of the work together in this and just received the bread knowing Falwell in his heart that he was going to go out and betray his Lord Peter and Judas were different Peter didn't understand his own heart but he was nevertheless committed to Jesus and when he was standing by the fire he had just denied his Lord for the third time selected him for the I have compassion Jesus seem to understand that office human beings are so pro- selling and he almost looked at him with compassion and Peter 's heart was broken Jesus knew Falwell that when he accepted the bread that he was still plotting to destroy Jesus because he was resentful he was resentful of the appellations that Jesus received that he thought he should receive more of them he was resentful for being rebuked by the experience with Mary at Simon 's home is Judas is the one that started the rumor some why is such extravagance why is this money being wasted when it could be given to the poor and put in the mock pocketbook where he would've just cheated and took it even in the garden when Judas came to betray his Lord Jesus called them what firm everything that Jesus did treated Judas with compassion the same as with Peter but Judas his heart was hardened it was full of unbelief and hard into the message that Jesus was calling him Peter 's heart was weak and he didn't understand his own heart but he was melted by the experience that he did indeed come back strengthen his brother so turn with me to Hebrews actually before I go there less like a locate team per se now all of Jesus life as he walked during his ministry for three and half years he looked over Israel God 's chosen special people wanting for signs that they might respond looking for signs of faith and by large throughout the establishment the only thing he found was on belief to the point that they would reject the very Messiah that they had been looking for because he did not get their mindset before we look at Luke eighteen just read and quote when Jesus was coming down off of the mount of olives try now for Israel and the people were shouting hosanna Jesus is coming again I want across UK as he comes down he looks over the city spirit of prophecy and desire of ages page five seventy five last paragraph Jesus gazes upon the scene of the vast multitude Hochstetler shot spellbound by the sudden vision of beauty of cresting the hill and saved the beautiful sanctuary that was whitened up on the hill all eyes turned upon the Seder expecting to see in his confidence the admiration they themselves felt but instead of this they behold the cloud of sorrow they are surprised and disappointed to see his eyes your fill with tears his body walk to and fro like a tree before the tempest while a wail of anguish burst from his quivering lips as if from the depths of a broken heart Jesus wept over Jerusalem in five seventy six the cheers of Jesus work are not in anticipation of his own suffering he knew he was going to the cross but that's not what he was just before none was disseminating or soon the horror of a great darkness would overshadow them the sheep gate was an site through which for centuries the beast for sacrificial offerings have been led to investigate was soon to open for him the great anti- type toward whose sacrifice for the sins of the world all of these offerings have pointed nearby was Calvary the scene of his approaching agony yet it was not because of these reminders of his cruel death that the Redeemer wept and grown in anguish of spirit it as was also Sorel the thought of his own agony did not intimidate that noble self-sacrificing soul it was the site of Jerusalem appears the heart of Jesus Jerusalem had rejected the son of God and scorn his love they had refused to be convinced by his mighty miracles and was about to take his life he saw what she was in her guilt of rejecting her redo Jesus sees the reality but she also says he saw what she might have been had she accepted him who alone could heal her wounds he had come to save her how pretty good or Jesus was looking with the eyes of faith as we talk about on Friday the faith of Jesus should be seen as a concentric expression that originates with the faith of Jesus Christ but necessarily includes the answering faith of the believer as a response to the gospel the national response should be a response of faith unless it squelched Luke chapter eighteen verse say the parable about the unrighteous judgment Jesus tells you I tell you that he will avenge them speedily but nevertheless when the Son of Man comes will he really really well he really find faith on the earth Jesus is looking forward to our day Jesus is looking forward to our days asking the question will there be faith on this world you know what whether we like whether religious or not we all some degree when by faith anyone of you would exchange this for me for twenty dollars bill is a seventy value the piece of paper and no value whatsoever my wife is left to now have a hundred dollar bill third this has no value whatsoever but we put our what our faith and trust in the power behind it the United States government the Bible speaks of a time when people 's hearts are good at building with fear we are entering a time when people no longer trust what the government government just trust is at an all time high if the government can't protect me who is gone and we are entering a time when faith is going to fail in every area governments are a breakdown while certainly be breaking out all over the place natural disasters and a break in people 's hearts are to be an absolute terror Jesus looking forward to this time says when the Son of Man comes will he really find faith on the earth Willie was a really fun faith will he find the faith of Jesus in Revelation chapter twelve answers the question the final showdown in this world is about those who what does it have the mark of the beast and absolutely live in fear and a cow town so whatever power US Darjeeling by four since faith is broken down to course the world into submission to bring some sort of order and try to help people feel like there's some sense of security bar the school level group that follow I am whithersoever he go molecular Revelation four to verse twelve it says here is the patience of the sites here are those who keep the commands of God and the faith on Jesus God is right now preparing of people that will stay on as an ultimate demonstration and it's going to be crystal clear that a group that lives by the faith of Jesus perfect love casts out fear then eleven fear then eleven thread they live by faith and he's going to shepherd those people through the greatest calamity that has this world is overseen the time and trouble that is never been before what's close by turning to Hebrews Hebrews Chapter 11 what does this faith look like all down through the ages from the very beginning and just outside the Garden of Eden we see by faith Abel God has always had a couple people in every single generation in the great hall of faith records just a few I'm encouraged by several things whether you are murdered at a young age or whether you live food nine hundred and sixty nine years old you live by faith record in the Hall of Fame some were the short wife but they would like to some of the long life but it will but there saw made a miserable failure of their whole life but the Bible records in the case of Sampson that he lived by faith imagine that you could make a record of your whole life failure after failure as a doctor like I was with him but when it comes down to it and you finally figured out some point in your life you can still do that one righteous fact that God calls you to do by faith and you could be written in the Hall of Fame Sampson dammit Daniel so whatever seven by faith Noah being divinely warned of things what not yet seen that's what faith is the a lot had God 's word in nothing else they had never rained the scientists that this is impossible and what Noah do he built an ark he saw what God saw things not yet seen he was looking with the high update all look over a verse Psalm twelve therefore from one man in him as good as dead speaking of Abraham were born as many as the stars of the sky and multitude innumerable as the sand which is by the seashore the first thirteen says all these died in faith not having received the promise but having seen them afar off were assured of them embrace them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth they saw something that they didn't experience but they believe because it was God 's word verse twenty sixth by faith Moses in verse twenty six a steaming the reproach of Christ greater than the riches the treasures in Egypt for he locked what you do he look somewhere else for his reward that's living by faith by faith he persecution not fearing the wrath of the king for he endured as seeing him who is invisible how do you see Hamlet is invisible with the guy of faith God has promised in these last days that there will be a generation of people who have the faith of Jesus and keep his commandments Seventh-day Adventist of been wrestling with this now for five generations how will we be victorious when we see what God sees when we see that he is going to have a specific group of physicians and dentists in healthcare workers that cast the vision to restore the right arm of the gospel and unite that with the power of the gospel of Christ and his righteousness and a become distrustful of their own self motivation their own hearts of stone and they begin to rely on the righteousness of Christ and the faith of Jesus Hebrews chapter twelve flaxseed the last verse in Hebrews eleven as we move into their last two verses verse thirty nine all these having obtained a good testimony through faith not receive the promise God having provided something better for us that they should not be made perfect apart from us there is going to be a group of people that God uses to put on the final greatest demonstration of what a group of eight believing people can do it we have the opportunity to be that final generation everything around us is screaming that this is the time God is uniting is raising up young people and UIC he's from Greece establishing the health work by using a man and other ministries like this he is rolling out every resource in helping to make this be the final generation and are very day we believe that will respond to the heart of faithful we begin to use all of our resources toward this goal not worried about our future because we know that we can be that final generation the third Angels message is the proclamation of the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Christ the commands of God have been proclaimed but the faith of Jesus has not been proclaimed by FDA's as of equal importance the law and the gospel going hand in hand third selected messages page one seventy two against this page one eighty four the faith of Jesus is not comprehended we must talk yet we must limit we must pray and educate the people to bring the best part of the message into their home lives how do you bring this into your home life by starting to seeing each other what God sees just to see a medical student but the same gospel evangelism to help encourage them to be that not to just see someone who was wrongly in the past and think that they can never change but to seeing how Jesus is the way start treating each other this way when I start looking at myself this way not that miserable doctor who failed to provide what my patients truly needed but to realize that God has a calling on my heart that is far greater than what I see for myself I was struck with one thing Thursday night and Doctor Natalie 's presentation that you know what might be going along okay but if I had comprehensive self-control nonetheless really laughing some of us could be Paul's and peters and could rise the things far greater than what we've held out is even possible that convicted me that I've done some things but I could do far more Jesus is producing a people who have the faith of Jesus God is going to put on the greatest demonstration of what she has faith in power can do when the human race is at its weakest point genetically morally when we have no strength whatsoever and it looks absolutely impossible that's when he pours out a message of the righteousness of Christ that produces within us a response of faith that will produce a people reflect his character was a list by his this service page twenty five by his wife and death Christ has achieved even more than recovery from the ruin wrought through sin it was Satan 's purpose to bring about an eternal separation between God and man but in Christ we become more closely united to God and that we had never fallen imagine the weirdo the elevator closer to God than if we had never fallen I have instructed me with my studies recently that it's an incredible thing which created being was the very closest to the throne of God was the representative of God to the rest of the universe who was that Lucifer the very agent that tries to pull us down or destroy us as a race which group of people is ultimately going to take that position in the universe the very group of people that Satan tried to destroy what ultimately take his position that he vacated because of unbelief because of the pride that he had in his heart God is going to have a people who will become a kingdom of priests say not Lucifer 's job was to go out throughout the whole universe and to explain the character of God was truly like the people that have lived through the demonstration of God 's greatest act of faith demonstrated in this world will be that group of people his last generation the hundred and forty four thousand of all the twelve tribes are going to go throughout the universe being the ones that explain God 's love to those to those on fallen worlds what he gave God elevates the human race to receive we have a very high calling we are that final generation it can get much worse him I now is the time for our hearts to respond and so it says here in taking our nature the Savior has bound himself to humanity by a tie that is never to be broken through the internal agency is linked with us God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son he gave him not to bear our sins and died is our sacrifice he gave him not only to embarrass them to die is our sacrifice he gave him to the fallen race to assure us of his immutable counsel of peace God gave his only begotten son to become one of the human race for ever to retain his human nature this is the pledge that God will fulfill his word onto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulders God 's word is faithful God is faithful he will produce what he says he will produce if we can just get ourselves out of the way and begin to believe would be I have faith when they close with another story and the patient named Stephen unfortunately he can after I'd been coming to a man Stephen is not the kind of guy that would normally picked up for it with he had a leather jacket of us assert to have the sleeves cut off a bandanna he looked pretty rough he went about three hundred and fifty or sixty pounds key down he was in his early forties and that he just looked stressed out steam ahead into the emergency room with chest pain it was sharpened and some like it was his heart on we had we had we did a stress test and on that was fine this was not cardiac pain on the Stephen was living a hard life would wow design has all the cholesterol is like a hundred and eighty was really really pretty high on his triglycerides were high on it was very heavy here at event type two diabetes mom he had high blood pressure she am run a motorcycle he worked on Cincinnati and he just spent so much time commuting back and forth this job was taking all this time that he said I'm just so stressed out my marriage is falling apart he admitted that he just parties hard on the weekends using on lots of alcohol and he smote continually three packs per day Stephan looked like a pretty rough guide he had every single risk factor for heart disease going work for against them and yet this wasn't as far not yet somehow with Stephen Hunter review the lab 's review the stress test and to review that message Stephen this was fate is that your heart I think you're under a tremendous amount of stress you are burning the candle at both ends you are literally destroying yourself through your lifestyle choices and if this continues much longer if you really will have a heart attack and you will die at age fifty like your father did in the blessed Stephen this is God 's plan for you gotcha give you the strength to change these habits than I said then one of things I have often they are telling I want us to do anything I want to myself from these improvements are related but then I told him I thought Stephen God has a plan and got in the Bible God talks about his diet is a plant based diet it can reverse heart disease and said Stephen he continued the victory over smoking he can turn your life around he can it if we asking he can help you deal with the stress and help you get your life under control and so as I always do Jesus was the first time I came to a van a son by the way one of the things I offered to do it all my patients is to have a permit on possess something you'd appreciate often my patients get tears in their eyes Stephen started sobbing these in my office he says oh absolutely that would be great I I do go to church as a kid I'd haven't been back in my life falling apart Mrs. went on his marriage is falling apart and sliced just out-of-control in so Tom I pray whether I pray that the Lord would give them victory on and I did something at the end of the prayer is that I don't normally do us of Stephen all these things or are going against you if you could change your diet on the Lord will will bless you he'll give you the strength to do that the Lord will give you the strength to overcome smoking I have seen people be able turn was around and you can do it too and I went through each and every one of his risk factors the high blood pressure the high cholesterol on the diabetes the fact that he was overweight yet all this is related to a stressful life in the way that he was abusing himself and saw actually prayed night that was a while your heart spine blessing it back in a year mine are Celexa jump to conclusions support for Stephen into the room a year later he lost over a hundred and twenty pounds key was wearing a shirt and was dressed up he was clean-cut no bandanna and so she cannot finance the above statements are on and that she has bariatric surgery is looking great once that's one of the few ways we see people with the analytes bomb might have on your behalf but for certain Tony lost over hundred pounds so I will for the number working among for that well I can have surgery and now I have certainly talked me about my slow on my nurses to mention that you gloss a lot of ways though she documented area after surgery in New York now I just want on that diet he told me about now I did not play you again to dinner with the doctor but I'm plugging into our chip program I didn't like it into anything I gave him zero resources the site reports of what I painted a picture for what it could be statement said now I stopped smoking I started exercising I joined a director Jim and I am a vegan vegetarian he had blood work that he was no longer diabetic his lipids were not quite normal but substantially down to near normal on she had lost over a hundred pounds he looked like it's only new happy guy he joined the church 's marriage was doing better and he has stopped smoking civil how do you stop smoking is that I never picked up another cigarette from the moment you what I walked out of my office less than what I did make these changes is that because you pray when they do have friends who are in statement of those around him and he's given me permission to share the story when united into somebody's life and you teach them how they can look differently when you see a picture for them that they don't see for themselves and when I catch that picture and I see how it transforms them they become disciples they become the people and go out and specify for what you've done they become the Mary's who would do anything they would wash your feet whether they would give you any the Hom Stephen was so grateful his life was transformed even have diabetes you can have high blood pressure his weight was almost down to normal on keep stop smoking the only risk factor that he had left with is family history which is probably largely related to his father live in the same lifestyle that he will he had not used any drugs given up alcohol he had completely radically transformed his life because of one counter that's an amazing story but it's even more amazing four years later my wife and I who at that time work decided to go to what's what in our area is called a hologram hologram is where the luxury builders in the neighborhood will get together a no bill for five or six houses us around the circle put in the finest pictures and all the luxury things these places have granite everywhere they home theaters every new feature imaginable these houses have it they are showing off their best houses and you pay like twelve dollars and fourteen dollars for ticket needed to go through these houses and there's lots of people there a little so you wait outside the door will be about twenty people outside and when the group gets to the hospital opened the door and bike UN and there's somebody there that walking zero says this of the homes built by Dan Jones he's a luxury builder in the area and this house is seven thousand five hundred square feet home theater seven bathrooms and six bedrooms and a gentleman and it's got everything that's what they're supposed to tell you this guy wearing a suit coat jacket and the time opens the door he invites us in there's about twenty five people in the room were all here to see this house I glanced at him and he glances at me he likes that mesas I know you use them is clean cut my wife's early talk you never know if you know I know you my doctor then he begins to proceed to tell everybody in the group that is the doctor that saved my life I used to be three hundred and sixty pounds I used the smoking he prayed with and because of that it changed my life and he rattled off all of you that happen or go anywhere with so much for the house on this is the response that people 's hearts will have when they are melted by our sacrificial work of ministry in her offices to see what Jesus Susan every person that comes under our office that is the faith of Jesus to be able to want get the most downcast patient and not see what they come in complaining about to see what's beneath the and to help them see what they can be that is the faith of Jesus one last text Hebrews chapter twelve verse two looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of my Bible has supplied in italics are fair but the original said he is the author in the finisher of faith the health and the omega of faith Jesus Christ 's looking onto the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God Jesus came to secure this lonely planet the parole of great price we can have the assurance that he's go see it through to VM and pay will truly be the victory of our heads him for father seven is indeed daily blessing to be here in Folsom together these past three days I just pray that you would be with each and every one here in this room you be with our families as you would be with our home churches even bless each one as they travel more partly father whether we live long life or whether we are life comes abruptly to a close whether you bless us with fabulous well are we living destitute whatever you call us to do it pray that we will see your will for our lives that we will submit our lives to your plan that your work will be sufficient and that we will cling to the faith of Jesus father we thank you for the sacrifice that Jesus made in coming to this little world to be joined to the human race for ever to share the role of representing you throughout the universe throughout all time we thank you that you given us this last generation that privilege father we want to believe our hearts are slow to bloom somehow or is in this media was used by audio verse four amen to that involve anyone in order to learn more about Nina visit www. a man and I will like more free online service in WW audio verse one


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