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AMEN 10th Anniversary Panel Discussion

Phil Mills Sr. Mark Finley Naren James John Chung Mark Ranzinger Tim Howe
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  • November 1, 2014
    9:45 AM


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welcome to the all short review of the history of a man so on the first question was for John Chung will have to wait on that so the second one is for Doug cloud I see here law final leftists and accounting us that one either well things are going to ride sale and not near and here's one for you why did you go to all the trouble of starting this organization Narron was not income as I'll go to my own personal devotional experience in this my own practice situation just like many of the Mrs. and Dennis I was just separating work from my church life and I finally realized that my patience my greatest ministry so I began to pray for them as I look at them with souls in the save as opposed to the client and with that it really made a consummation my personal professional life in my personal life so sold overjoyed by that I felt I had to share it with someone else in all the professionals living who could join efforts to remove me Philip what were some of the goals that you had when you started you are one of the first people you and Aaron have been there from right at the beginning what what were the goals the purpose is that you have in mind for one of Michael's is a sign of one of Michael's was of personal was I personally understand medical evangelism what a guy called me to do is physician every counsel but I didn't really understand how to do it and another personal goal was to be part of a group Ellen White says that physicians healthcare provider should be having meetings where they would come together and a third goal it seemed like to me the church looked to physicians dentists as the financial resources of the church we felt and I felt that position should be looked to as the spiritual resource of the church and so while one of our core principles was that when we would not have this as a primary financial raising program but primarily to be spiritually feeding and helping us in our practices so filled how has your practice changed how is your life changed in the last ten years as a result of this organization that you helped found as it hasn't made a difference for you a huge difference after I heard Brian Swartz talk about prayer and then the next year and I felt I should start doing this but I still wasn't sure how and in Todd gave a presentation and after that I started praying webpages what a huge difference that has made in just simple ways of learning as I listened to the various have been everyone there an instant everyone listen to the presentations adapting a little piece every year I've taken baby steps but every little step has been helpful to so pastor family why did you get involved with this group of suspects you don't physicians traditionally have done in overlooked on with a little suspicion in our church ever since John Harvey Kellogg in that fiasco so why oh why did you get involved with the likes of us why have you stayed in ball and has it changed your ministry or the way the church looks at us as physician 's life and suspects for a lot of my life and doing creative things and when I was about a man that were really three things that Tim and motivated me one is I sense that a man was part of a prophetic vision deeply embedded in the heart of God I did not believe that a man came about nearly because there were some physicians met together one day in a Canadian thought we ought to have a nice organization I was profoundly convinced that the spirit of God moved upon godly physicians in the confusion of a man was a vision that was in the heart mind of God and as a result of that I could not help but being involved the second reason is that my wife and I been involved in medical evangelism for the last forty five years in we knew that there are scores of quality Seventh-day Adventist physicians that are committed to much more than patient K are as important as that is but they're committed to the physical mental spiritual emotional coldness of their patients and we knew because we had been appointed with him for so many years and worked with them that if we could do anything at all to enhance the understanding we wanted to do it I think thirdly I want to be involved because I needed it personally I in the last ten years my own understanding I think I've been it eight of the Amon conferences because of scheduling we had to miss a couple but my understanding of working with physicians as a pastor has increased I think my knowledge is broadened and soaked the organization has really helped me personally to think new thoughts and think more creatively as a pastor and his evangelists out of reach people so I want a tribute to be an organization which you should inhibit sodium after my own life has it changed at all the way the church that the GC level use positions are out how the use us other vendors financiers for their plans that's not the purpose of the General conference is about we do take donations at you know in the last ten years I've been in the GZ for the last ten years now and there has been a growing interest in comprehensive health evangelism fact that your committee of the General conference on comprehensive health evangelism and did it's amazing how God is opening doors opening hearts opening opportunities my wife and I fly from here to Peru tomorrow morning and we will speak to the division committee union presidents conference presidents five hundred of the top leaders in South America every morning a gospel medical missionary evangelism that night that entire committee will come to an evangelistic meeting that his health in the Bible for all week so amazing things are happening in the unfinished church the doors are opening this concept of holistic health touching people in the areas of their needed to strengthen spiritually is really making an impact in the other search I think a man has had a major influence in thank you as I had that it was really amazing I really appreciate all of the news leadership I remember we first had a lunch of ASI was to prelaunch statement and I felt impressed I was that it is a part of something that have the best approach was that it is fashion among a group of us and immediately companies that I would like I I really really just on a cell sporting history of Adventist position than Dennis was truly floored by that you should follow thinking within it is a mystical persona need out at every level is about to describe father in the pathway and I think that his leaders something that we would do without the engineer at a local level and individual passers and getting that understanding to give up begin to look at each other differently because I agree to ghost of Kellogg still in the follows we get past that because we're passionate we as physicians let justice passion own admission discharge is any pastoral unimaginative something John I'm glad you were paying my mind my guess it's okay for her dermatologist to be a little late for her to tell me that I understand the first meeting was supposed to be in your house I say supposedly what happened while within because of our lack of faith with him on the will that I will never need about ten people show up in the smaller group for your house at those intelligences to save money they just have at our house and we ended up having what is overhauling a lot of the people so it can move the venue to two the Springs Soto is a you know I didn't think I did not call rapidly this movement will grow but by the grace of God much faster and start all the bank know how did you choose your there for the first meeting how did you choose the name amen well done by the Sierra maybe you can help us come on up and how did we get this name on there there was actually stimulate myself but I'm a dermatologist at so there was a little little before this before the lease this is here there is actually Justin Kim was working with USC and he had this vision for the RAR him him the activists reviving a medical missionary opens a medical missionary work and so through a contact of his or led Shiite he was coming down to Loma Linda I and Mike was getting some training in some people together some local young adults in the area and so there is about five or six visiting Steve Waterbrook was was in that group as well I am so discussing the idea of having a network service support firm for people who are in training medical dental and training on so that was for the perspective in the noon when there is contact with the ASI I think near James Tickler of the vision was broader than just a young adult sort of group supper in the intermediate level and in the cafeteria the medical center in this is that probably two thousand three maybe early two thousand four we were discussing about what this organization might look like it at that time again on discussing various ideas for the name and I think we can be very thankful that we didn't that would chose the name amen and not some of the other names there was the help of the implicit medical in the medical professions a GMP and although him although we reduce the board herbal medicine and it is that there is a health outreach medical bands listened as I always him to put in there is my personal favorite the Atlas physician evangelism sounds good the Africans ate to him and were very thankful actually that would the dental people joined us so that we wouldn't be a slave they actually changed right from Brazil into the him home safe you don't hope for him and so all joking aside actually when we were there in the names and we came across the name amen it was it was obvious about that should be our name and it was almost as though you know it's almost like the name was being given to us because it just fits so perfectly and it is really really I think represents the medical evangelism in a really represents what it is that were being called to fill we also like to think has everybody around the world will be praying for us in nearly every professor Mark I have a question for you how did you get involved in a man and how on the world you ever get to be president he I'm what you'd call and it accidentally and member I am in my family was just coming back from Africa now we're just getting reclined Dison United States and I can remember somebody mentioning an conference I know how I got here and I really enjoy the program and I was walking around Friday afternoon enjoying the meetings and somebody came as somebody came up to me and said would you be willing to be part of our board and a set you have an hour to make the decision and I thought to myself if there is a Christian mafia this organization is pretty close down so I talked to my wife ended up accepting that's how we got started working and outed you get to be president well that's the other thing that was interesting so I showed up at a first couple meetings listen to things etc. then now one day Bill came up to me and said in I have an idea unlike what's sad is that I'm grooving you to be president I felt around my hair at night I really don't want to be ready for anything I was just passing being a regular person and ask how it so be careful of school starts grooming you him and him again the other ones out for those grooming dermatologists filled as anything surprised you about a man in the ten years as anything disappointed you of the RBN really pleasant way that narrow supplies last this last time I sat in on the board just the before this meeting on Thursday and I was so lesson was surprised by that quality of your leadership and how from the fledgling child the Lord has brought good solid leadership to your board and I'm grateful for Todd's leadership and for the boards not disappointed in a man but I am disappointed that Jesus has come in the last ten years and I believe that the whole purpose of a man used to prepare us to be part of that finished finishing work on this question you know when we early on ten years ago and then head to specific objectives one how can busy dentists and physicians have to see so many people each day meaningfully share Christ in their offices without invading Normandy without manipulating the mind how can him actually graciously do that so that was once stated objective the looking at the entire office experience and saying how can that office be a place of refuge and security in and hope for people and and the secretary was how can the organization help in overseas missions and I want to share a little story that happened on a general conference level and that is I was sitting in a meeting with general conference leadership in our division presidents and Israelite of the president of the Inter-American vision was there was in Miami and we were in a leadership retreat in his cell phone rang he walked out of the room and he came back with this look of really anguish on his face and he said there's been a major earthquake in Haiti and we don't need scores of people going in but if we just had some physicians we had some medical personnel we really need that they've set up a triage area and in the courtyard of our Adventist Hospital and this is really devastating does anybody know how we can get physicians very quickly in their I made a call to revamp my daughter who has been with a man for the last ten years coordinating these retreats and so forth everything is a jealousy when you can did I convince her she began to call around Calder president of the time and debt again coordinating with a variety of organizations Loma Linda included for hospital in the seven vanished church since hand over a hundred physicians within a matter of three months other with pickups and all that behind the impact of this day was significant I think that is an area of how a man participates with church organization to do things we couldn't do otherwise what surprised me I shouldn't of been surprised that the rapid growth of the organization is really surprised me the interest of the students from Omaha and we have a hundred and seventy students here at him the students coming in their training to this that the growth of the medical clinics the amen television on Internet twenty four hours a day as so there is organization I think has just scratched the surface of its potential in it I dream of the day we had two thousand three thousand are at our conventions in mission trips happening all over the M3 church becomes a gospel medical missionary center that every office becomes the center of hope I'm the art shops like weeding in the kiddies wading pool and got to do something amazing but I'd like to just take a minute to run up your daughter there are two reasons why a man has succeeded one is this is what God wants us as physicians and dentists to do and he has blessed this organization and the second reason is backup I him have without making us feel like herding cats which we really are the last question what is your hope for the future of a man near delicacy oh yeah I mean I really still think there is a lot more ahead of us and that's why for example you have is lunch of the private practice physicians I think is a real potential to congealing in the page can't you follow thinking and I was really mess my guess is that measurement analysis for example just uncle reapplied OC medical principles of evangelistic side of being deliberate intentional and in short every patient is introduced the creator Jesus himself as an option accept not any worse and frankly just be deliberate intentional so I think is to amend the potential Henry Fonda started the most practices I have a big control is the new and less likely like as a good place to start when outcome the Reformation within the overall yellow from the medical community so that's on ownership anyone else John Fillmore Mark you started to say something and what's your hope for the future I would hope that the amen chapters around the world would expand item and I noticed here we have people from the Philippines people from Malaysia people from a variety of South Africa South Africa so I would hope him and chapters around the world would grow and I hope that we developed a very close linkage with general conference in the growth of that would be to set up a international structure that's going to take some finesse it's going to take some coordination but I think the future is taking a man around the world and making an impact for Christ and the glory of God John as if that helps I'm so glad you said that because I'm the ASCII something I next year were planning to go to Malaysia right signal coming to national would you be our main speaker at what you charge the dermatology at John you know that my schedule is almost as busy as yours in a dermatology office so you'll need to talk to me about the dates so if the date is right you cut him to what flag you on how I him and him to this is a prominent show the manipulative manifesto pleaded to be keep your way I wanted a late as easier as you see why I love a man in the second training evangelist I trained John how to make appeals and you just tell him you fill your robust for the future why white everything that estimates that in the butt on a personal level my hopes for the future are I really appreciated lindens presentations and my hopes for the future are that physicians and ministers dentists and ministers health professionals will all become more and more like Jesus working together on a small way in our homes modeling Jesus to our children and to our wives or husbands in our congregations will be modeling Jesus that in our practices in my practice on model Jesus in there that we will have that character reflection of you is going to be seen before Jesus comes and in the in a man is going to play an important increasingly important part occurs medical missionary evangelism will be the only work as in the time I want to be prepared for that by training today and got school of medical evangelism 's owner John is like to be something from something testimonies page nine also visit the transforming power of Christ's grace most the one who gives himself to God 's service because formed the pony comes as you give yourself for his service and page that says it's saying the same intensity of desire to save sinners that marked the life of Jesus walks of life of his true followers and I hope that you know myself and all of you out here and all those people who may be listening and audio verse will have this desire intends desire to save sinners from perishing by Christ it and that should be our main focus is true of patients narrowed as the daylight I just want challenge our young people are students residents for some attendees physician and dentist logs and help professionals I'm on this I was impressed that as it moves into her pussy it is not limit the usefulness of one who links outside makes room for working the Spirit of God lives like holy consecrate him powerful statement I challenge you take hold of it was a God wants to use you to do this I guess automation organization was started you must use you in your setting where you are employed on your own whatever practice in urine you must use a powerful way to stick one step in the direction you have something and you see something big happened in your life thank you panel members and I would encourage each of you to remember that our goal like Neil told us in our first meeting is self-sacrifice and self-control only through our price can take us in her room this weekend was using my audio verse four amen Adventist medical management network you would like to learn more about the event please visit www. a manner that will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe


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