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Reclaiming the Vision: Mission in the LLU School of Medicine

Stephen Thorp
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  • November 1, 2014
    5:00 PM


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Orwell pointed many of us are from Loma Linda force in some way shape or form connected with Loma Linda were overall well it pointed with what they'd be original mission of Loma Linda was and it's inspiring and also to meet you to hear the stories of how the institution was founded recently this past spring actually during the alumni convention they installed a new statue upon the top of the hill Melinda by Nicole Paul and it's entitled this very place and its and a monument to the beginnings of Loma Linda and the miraculous story that led to Loma Linda being developed Alan White AC came onto the campus was a story where another with set I've seen I've been here before and her suddenly said no mother you haven't said while this is this is the very place the Lord has shown me and not experience really is served as a is a beginning point for Loma Linda in the history of Loma Linda while not perfect is replete with mission stories and often times it's easy to forget where we've come from all lights in select and life stances sorry that we have nothing to fear the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us in his teaching in our past history that reminds me of this beautiful monument in the center of campus in Loma Linda at Sunday the pathway connecting the medical center and the new a basic science building Centennial complex and is a beautiful globe and a monument to to all the people that are served from Loma Linda and during the doldrums of second year when start studying pathology it for thirty and then morning and except for a little bit of a break for pharmacology and path of busy still residing at nine thirty at night it was inspiring to me personally to take a break every couple of hours and then go visit this monument walk around it and remind myself why I'm here abnormal and that and what God is calling me to do reminds me of a conversation it was a spiritual turning point in my life with conversation I had with my dad and he said son God does not have grandchildren I said okay don't you explain that one said God only has children the fact that I'm a pastor and I raise you boys have a strong will and that I personally have a strong walk with God is not enough for you to be a Christian is something that you have to own yourself in the same way the mission and vision of Loma Linda is not something that is good enough for the previous generation to have a something that each generation has to pick up an old and re- claim for themselves couple weeks ago I was at a conference for global health leadership from around the world Nevis health healthcare institutions it was inspiring to hear stories from some a summative replaces thirty three countries represented the people here tonight from Nigeria and India and maybe a few other people than us not aware of any remind me again to tremendous history of missions of the Linda has this goes back generations for the first fifty years of Loma Linda 's existence approximately two hospitals were founded every year that's actually really incredible when you think about it many of those same hospitals are still alive and functioning today Doctor Coggins and Doctor wear him the international heart surgery service team inspiring stories the stories Doctor Hart tells these are all prior generations even the previous generation of doctors Stout Doctor Keble Doctor Sondra Doctor Rana Singer all of whom are here today then owning the mission in the vision and going out every living vision in their own lives is not enough it's something we have to to claim for ourselves to pick up for ourselves and owned ourselves so I've invited today seven people to briefly set share their stories of what's happening in their lives while they are in medical school will hear from Brent the minute starting out with street medicine will finish up with Eddie Perry was going on in the Congo fantastic story stories of God blessing lowered medical school is these sort of things that we can get involved in now to help us to reclaim the vision to invite you to enjoy sent back we all love mission stories in your integer seven this morning thank you good afternoon my name is Brent R Sharon I'm a medical student or more and a fourth-year medical student and minutes are you a little bit about Street medicine and how I got involved in and how it's really made a big impact on my life during medical school so the first couple slides in a kind of explain what street medicine as an end of the majority of it I like to spend how it's impacted me and Kenneth gave me a vision for the future so many of you might be asking what what is Street medicine you might've heard the term before but basically what we are is kind of a group of students that goes out on a weekly basis we go to a December new County of streets and we try and help the people that normally you wouldn't see any regular medical officer dental office just because of our problems with access sort they just plain don't have transportation to two areas were those clinics are so the things we do basically ER triage basic primary care and also act as a referral center kind of to give these people ideas of where they could go to get further care that we can provide at time for example we don't do labs and we don't do x-rays are imaging or anything of that sort so we can check the problems he would amuse me done and then refer them on to somebody that can help them further so those are the things that we mainly focus on a rate or statements so whether reasons we do see MSN I will lend and this is just this program is a started a few years ago is when things are dimensioned many of the homeless people and Zambrano don't have access to clinics or if they do it's very difficult for them to get to the clinic to get healthcare and so will we do as we go to them instead send them having to come to us we either go and meet them on the streets where they are or we go to several of shelters and church clinics that are set up around the community where they come on a regular basis do your get food or clothing and so we come and go and meet them where they are on the other is needy stream as soon as penicillin the principle out an ethical principle of justice with providing health care to everybody not just the people that can either get to read or have the money to afford it and then as as us you mentioned are several statues on canvas of Duomo and the University and one of the ones that really sticks out in my mind as the good Samaritan statute only can acquire lots of times every day and kind of forget that that's one of the main reason phone it was founded but for us stream medicine is kind of putting the storm to get some at good Samaritan into practice on a weekly back basis and also it's good policy in a type of how the street medicine movement started and one program in Pittsburgh did a study and actually receiving the emergency room about three hundred thousand dollars a year just by going on the streets in helping people and preventing them from having to come into the emergency room to get their primary care and instead going to them and the primary care write-down streets and also as messengers provides a really excellent addition to education we are to get one when the University elsewhere Melinda more of that later so that's the most ministry medicine started about twenty years ago in Pittsburgh with a doctor named Jim Winters he looked around and realize that there really wasn't anybody going out and reaching this population and so he started going out on his own eventually it turned into quite a movement there in Pittsburgh and then from there spread around the country to different medical schools and on different institutions and you can see these other day tour of cut medicine has grown as an institution the just to give you a second read-only status but San Bernardino for those of you have been to Loma Linda is quite a poor community of there's a lot of homeless people it is years over twenty three hundred people each day that on the streets is so when we first started as we saw there is a huge need and that just wasn't getting filled in so you can see some of the other statistics a lot it's it's a difficult population to work with a lot of multifactorial things going on usually people don't just come in with one problem to have multiple problems and so we try to do is ask is the liaison between them and getting them to play second they can get longer-term care and so do some of the stats for you to look at really quickly so our stories we would we started in two thousand eleven physician at Loma Linda started going out from my doctor was visited in Pittsburgh going out to the streets just kind of on her own and she and mentioned it some of her rotating medical students and they said hey can we come with you and so some of those medical students are going out in a weekly basis and unfortunately the physician action ended up leaving and going to a different health care system for various reasons and so the students decided what we need this knowing justice alive and separated and became a student led organization there responses from the school of medicine as we just have gone from various artists growing and one thing we really been trying last year 's integrate other schools and street medicines we've we've added is added public health of the department we've also partnered some at the dental school and many other programs you can see on this list school nursing and we try to kind of come in and do it enter collaborative efforts to reach the people the patients that we work with as many of them I guess that have multifactorial problems it also am dealt with a social school social social work as well and trying to figure out ideas of how we can help this population better those outlets of the ways we've impacted the community has just been there for their weekly number to the same clinic every week we usually try alternate but every other week at different clinics and also drink street walks on alternatively so we try and be at a certain area about every month so that the patients know to be in the area if they have further problems are the complaint that they can trust for the week before or the last time they can pick and they know that working to be in those areas as we trying him provider of free consistent presence in the community at these different clinics or the other very found of things of this ministry is allows to do is make really good contacts of the community there several communities is a Lutheran Church regard to his many homeless shelters available to make contact with them really form a good relationship with them and work together and so I think it's it's if nothing else it's helped them see what were once about and what us medical students really wants to do with our careers and just kind of meat meet them and learn more about how they help the commune his largest and provide collaboration that aspect as well and then gives us opportunities to use all the head knowledge don't remember another lesser meals and put into practice so we do the triage review finals and we try and come up with an assessment and plan to achieve it to an attending it's a very good experience as is our second years can start coming out on a regular basis in the second year really helps them get their feet wet before the clinical years of third-year and I know for me when I started second year I wasn't really comfortable with the history and physical but after a couple times a street medicine and kind of dealing with these patients is really manual our comfortable and kind of gave me more ownership for the things I've been learning so for me it was it was definitely a great experience as far as clinically as well so these are just some of the numbers from our last year we triangle on a weekly basis and especially around the taxis vaccines using kind of indicted November December really China will steal one or two clinics a week if we can and we've had multiple volunteers that we rely completely on volunteer ten games nurses and students as well so you are quite a few volunteers and we see quite a few patients usually on a regular basis will see between ten and fifteen patient denied and and and also with vaccine clinics will see quite a few patients as well so one of things I wanted to soak some of the next governments is housed is impacting the as a medical student at will and and as Stephen said earlier the first two years are kind of steeped in the books you spend all day studying it's it's very easy to come to forget why you came of a tribe proviso some clinical experience but it most of it is spent studying and so what's the medicine did for me is a kind of helps me remind me why came to medical school on one of my goals when I John I'm in a different mission point you program with the general conference and I really want to go overseas and you missions when I get done with residency and so this program helps remind me about that dream that goal and then just reaching people that that really had no other asked healthcare after money why can the medical schools well and it really by interacting with patients with my fellow classmates with a different attending zone and volunteers really renewed my passion for medicine in and helps me to realize that even though sometimes you can get bogged down on its things like this that you can do volunteer or him get involved with the new service project there really fires you up again about why you came in the first place and then what are the other things it really good for me has provided me with invaluable leadership experience I was able after second year I was on the leadership team I've continued on that team us as a clinical year so my job is to organize clinics and get student volunteers trying to be attending is on board to come out and help and so that has been a really great experience as I said before were worst human organization and so we really kind of how much we want to put into it is how much we get out and so it really inspires us to try and push harder and try new things and kind of learn from our mistakes but also learn from our with things that go well and so it's been a really great valuable leadership experience for me so as far as what is done for me it's provided me with renewed passion for medicine reminding why Kane and then also give me vision for the future for when I finish residency as well think you're much okay so my name is Morgan Green on one of the thirty medical students at Loma Linda University and I've had the privilege of working with our class missions project all we've got together and got open door for us to sponsor and fund will support both financially and with the volunteer spirit to Liberia specifically the Cooper Hospital one of RSD hospital serving the area for sake of time and unable to read everything on every slide but give you assessment on what's been going on thus far so essentially the project started with the group small group of students who were looking for what ever country opportunities seem like you can use our resources to the fullest and essentially we found that there was a young volunteer surgeon Julian Seaton who finished general surgery residency and specifically asked HI the center somewhere tough so they sent it to Liberia and our class was given the opportunity to help her in both working on OR ramp so that they are able to send the more sick patients to the oh are easier uncles or another really only working with stairs also working with your renovation and all our renovation essentially trying to bring up the standard of health care higher so that we can do much more for the community also on the picture to be my right looking this link are a lot of the staff members nurses and faculty who are able to help alongside her picture to the left where everyone's looking like this on the man in the back is actually James upheld one of the things about the Liberia project even before we picked that you know God has a plan on where he needs to put his people and before we even knew of Ebola was just a virus that we were learning about our micro test turned into a global epidemic that is heavily hitting library and so this is an opportunity for us to really funnel and resources for a place is in great need needs being such as this middle column shows what the patient traffic was looking like before you go ahead and go home to the right shows what happened after bullet had essentially the surgeries the patient the needs went up as exponentially SOS looking for exponentially going quick as our time is limited going to quickly call up Stephen Thorpe to help go through the request is the really put a point on where we are going with the project first question being from Stevens point of unity he has helped us gain this project but together where is the current status of Cooper as the hospital while due to the able outbreak and a couple style numbers actually contracting Ebola like the outside of the hospital the end and then they subsequently passed away the hospital RC imposes three weeks quarantine on themselves to try to mitigate the risk to the staff as they closed down basically for the entire month month of October but this week they will be opening back up and when the evil he hit Monrovia Liberia basically every single hospital shutdown staff sloughs flyaway from there from their posts in the hospitals because of the fear of catching Ebola Nestorian Cooper was very very different Jillian and the staff there said no were to stick it out were to keep our doors open organized remaining Ebola free is our hospital where people can get the care they need not related to also keep on getting the C-sections keep on getting this surgical cases and and and help meet those needs for the city and for about a month and a half they were the only hospital in the city of one million people that actually remain open it's a tremendous story of bravery on the Monday on behalf of Jillian and me and the staff at Cooper and such really exciting they're actually reopening this week did serve as a OB and surgical center for Monrovia and where you see is going next with this project to the project basically HI and Chilean habits health international but is enjoying continued to identify easy as some of their most pressing the double outbreak has a lots of increased cost to the hospital they have a lot more patients admitted to care for free and so they need to provide more free Karen is there's a lot of operating expenses associated with that but Ebola has is exacerbated in the infrastructure problems at the hospital is upgrading the axis video are currently the only way to get a patient in the OR is to grab them and haul them upstairs there's no way to wheel gurney into the second four oh are yet to pick them up and carry them so they are proposing to build around they connect from the current triage area into the second floor OR now it really help smooth things out upgrading some of the sinks we saw a picture earlier of the IAS forty fifty -year-old title sink is just teeming with unsanitary conditions and on top of that as the only only only Saints in the entire OR facility described in drop out from cases and wash instruments and so the needs from Ebola are really exacerbating infrastructure problems and what could be done now to help us get where we need to go with Cooper Hospital it's really inspiring day when I ate when I met Jillian and had a chance to talk to her about what's going on and in Liberia she said no Stephen we need itself is simple essential like it's pigtailed drains Torsten Jesus gets ID supplies and personal protective equipment they need all of that they also need help upgrading upgrading Salesian infrastructure items so to talk with Jillian and this hospital encourage them and to support them while they're facing one of the deadliest outbreaks of Ebola in history would be his tremendous support this hospital Morgan times up I do have one quick question for you how has being involved in this project lest you personally to fold real quick my hole in experience of undergrad was mission work Liberia was one of the countries of Christmas of two thousand eleven canceled the opportunity to back and hope what I deserve encouragement during the trials of third-year and also I'm very interested in international mission work and thankful for the opportunity of helping the entire class those who are willing to participate in any way they can so it's been a blessing to the sequence name is Gwen Simpson on the third-year medical student Loma Linda University and a few years prior to that I was comfortably working for a company called AOL have many did any of you heard of that company I was working for a company life was actually comfortable I have two kids white beautiful wife and I was feeling fine and the Lord impressed on me that I need to make my work my mission and so I decided I was going to go into medicine and that was a very crazy ideas I sometimes reflect on it especially when I'm studying at all sorts of hours in the morning I realize this what a weird idea that was I actually had the opportunity to serve as president of the missions interest group for Loma Linda from twenty thirteenth twenty fourteen and I have to say that it was actually a marvelous experience the reason I came into medicine was the cutbacks he wanted to participate in missions and so I'm also a preferred a mission appointee and would explain a little bit about what the missions interest group has done and what our mission is also worth interdisciplinary group and are basic goal is to keep at the forefront of all the suits at Loma Linda the idea of missions and the fact that they can do something to make a change in this world and suspend to serve Christ I we do that through a variety of five events we work with the students for international mission service that sends the deferred mission appointee program and we also conduct vesper programs on Friday nights when we have missionaries were on furlough I see the hands of those of you who argue Mazor who have been given using the audience okay and so a few of you are very familiar with what we've done some of you have probably spoken to us and we try our best to keep this at the forefront of all of the students and we have individual such as Tiffany and Darrell Priester who are in Malawi and Bill and Trixie Colin Cameron and Jean deserve hell of also can't to address the students and Bill Vesper programs have been up of a strong encouragement to people or the students not only medical students on allegiances would even others in other fields are dealing with healthcare to continue to pursue missions I just alluded by the deferred mission appointee program that the program is a way for the General conference a partner with the school of medicine and other entities to make it possible for students who are interested in serving abroad after their career has what it formal education has concluded the residency to be able to do so without worrying about the financial burden does that sound like a good idea on and so they do that by making sure that they have they pay back half their loads for each five years that they spend overseas so they don't have to worry about that and so that's exactly what they have been doing we partner with them here are some of the former graduates the gentleman on the bottom on the left is Doctor McGee and he's the one who is a GC representative for the missions of the Ferguson appointee programs the students at the top there some of them are here at the conference as a resident smell are still participants in the program we've had Doctor Richard Hart president of the Loma Linda University and also president of H icon and he is being given opportunities well to speak to the students and has been very inspirational to us in addition we've had a wonderful store that like to close with my remarks with from Doctor Matt Roos who is now he is just completed his residency is not oh hello in Oregon during that surgery now Loma Linda surgery general surgery residency program is one of the only programs I think the only program that hides an international site as one of their standard rotations and so that our site is Malawi multiple hospital in Malawi and so surgical residents at Loma Linda actually get to rotate there he was the very first resident that rotated and so we had him come and talk to her students first and second year students and he told an amazing story and I like the relay that story to you the story begins he had a patient who came in with some sort of esophageal cancer and they had to respect that cancer and by the way when he visit when he steps foot in Malawi increase the general surgery popular a general number of general surgeons by about forty percent I think toward twenty percent so that's like being there every time a student a resident goals that increase the surgical capacity by that much so he has this patient you have an esophageal cancer and there was there treating this patient and their some complications as a result of this mistreatment and the patient is no longer able to actually pay for the services that he is receiving and so he's telling the doctors I'd like you to stop taking care of me right now because I can't afford the care that your giving to me as though Doctor Roos was telling the medical students that it got to the point where they were begging him to stay because we need to carefully read and continue to scarce that you can recover and the man said no you know what I just been resigned myself to die and Doctorow said I'm actually going to pay for you so that I can give the care that I need to give the and I think that is a wonderful opportunity for us to communicate the gospel to other people my times up but I just want to tell you one more question one more question how does it benefit you personally this has benefited me personally I told you that I came into this into medicine because I wanted to going to mission service and one of the number one reasons why people get out of it is because they do really great offers and residency and they lose focus because it's not in front of their face and at all times as of this has helped me to keep focus on why I'm here and what my purposes in life which is to be a vessel for God to use happy Saturday I'm Jonathan Harper I'm a second year medical student award University Anthony Skip ahead to my sides I'm really talking about sins or students for international mission service and how makes a difference abroad and also how many difference in my life since then sends out a lot of students from all the schools in the lead normal and the University as a medical student I must acquainted with that in the school of medicine there are makes basically to times when students can go out especially month-long mission trip either during electives during their fourth year or in between the first and second years and have a ten week summer break and a lot of students go than but many students including myself have to decide retrieving research is obviously something that is important going home and relaxing are going on a mission trips something I prayed about but as I prayed about it more and more seed like the Lord was leading me to go on a mission trip part of the reason why think you as a person to do that is because from my perspective Brent can imagine this a little bit earlier in medical school it's really easy to become so focused on your study for yourself it's all encompassing even our exercise or eating your leisure time spending time with friends even sounded can be done for the purpose of rejuvenated rejuvenating yourself to study harder so for me going on a mission trip or something I was very important to remind myself why I went to medical school to remind myself that I was here to serve God and serve the people so I went to the country of Nepal and disparities in the obviously famous rum Everest prayer flag Sherpas wonderful things but I discover there's a lot more to the country the just nonsense him and my spam on special Memorial Hospital about twenty five kilometers from Kathmandu city with a location in the city of Monday fronts it's simple but it's look at and has a hundred fifty beds and currently has twenty doctors and also the school of nursing their histories many of the nurses network at this hospital and also hospitals in the area Christianity in Nepal is a very small minority I know there's several people here who went through this last summer as well looking online only comprises about one percent one four percent of the population the fact out of the twenty doctors there about two thirds of whom are pictured here Inc. fiber Adventists and there's another one or two who are strong Christian so as you can imagine is a little bit of a conflict here and this makes all the more important for averages to share the gospel with his hospital with the community to this point you might be wondering okay great onto Nepal but what could I really do to help the hospital to medical students really contribute all that much well some hospitals do you genuinely need the help of the first medical students sure you know we learned anatomy added a physical exam attitude to history and other vitally important clinically thick clinical things like putting the enzymes the Krebs cycle or learning how to signature gastric cell from a duodenal celebrate right let's be honest that we don't know that much especially his first years in fact many hospitals operate just fine probably better without the help of helpless first year medical students sure fourth-year medical students bar dental students to do a lot more but at least from my perspective I don't think that sends your students for international mission service exists for the purpose of allowing some young whippersnapper medical student to come and save the day in a poor hospital Africa now so what is the purpose that is sending out dozens of medical students around the world each summer at least from my perspective I think it exists for similar reasons as to why a man has donated thousands of dollars to allow hundred seventy students to come to conference this weekend to explore the submissions to expose us to a different way of medicine what the world expects to help us to not only hear about the need around the world and to hear about how God is called us to fulfill this great need but to experience it to see it firsthand to see how missionaries cope in a Third World country and sacrifice so much in order to fulfill Jesus calling to spread the Gospel to the ends of years it's for this reason that I went to Nepal Pentagon allows open for eye witness how missionaries involve sacrifice and experienced trial after trial in order to spread the good news that we share a year and a half ago I was in Nigeria on a similar trip and a doctor there told my friend and I something that is really stuck to this day and really resonated this last summer and fall is something to be effective on our excuse for being here is what we do inside the hospital compound it builds our credibility the reason we are here is what we do outside of the hospital compound a majority Hindu country like Nepal it's difficult to evangelize openly in hospital as I mentioned there is some conflict between Adventists and the surrounding community so the missionaries really have to show Christ character interactions it's a work in the hospital that often allows them to work outside hospitals and community all use Mrs. Cardona who is a here hope she doesn't mind out a way for the medical director as an example one aspect of her ministry they are so she's decided to take the children under her wings to use their Kijiji status quo each week she run the Pathfinder club at sixty guests and she's also a Bible teacher local school on the spiritual mother figure to many of the children there being a missionary in the fall allows Certs impact the unwise for the kingdom of God who otherwise might never hear about the gospel and otherwise might never hear about how Christ I this is one aspect of at least how I was able to serve and enjoy the most and in Nepal this last summer coming into some of the given Pathfinders helping without a school helping out music is my space in the church community that was the most meaningful to me was there for that month this summer 's experience in the fall plus prior mission trips like the previous summer in Nigeria have helped shape who I am and why I am going into medicine process the idea of overseas missions is new to me I'm still praying about whether that is what God is calling me to do but whether a missionary abroad or here in the United States I know that God is calling me to serve in and use my practice to continue Christ's ministry my son stripper summer help me realize I want to be the type of missionary who like the Quinones in Nepal or like the missionary house with the major elastomer who don't just settle for letting the short be something that the view no island mission work to be who I am I would like to close with a quote from the street healing page five oh two it says in the life of Christ everything was made subordinate to his work the great work of redemption which came to accomplished and the same devotion the same self-denial and sacrifice this ancient subjection to the claims of the word of God is to be manifesting his disciples managed work not be something that we do me a being who we are interested in Kyle I'm a third year medical student at Loma Linda I can't say that I am enjoying third-year a lot more than my first and second years a lot of hoping currencies versus thinking here to get a lot better and a lot more fun and I'm sure you don't know when they go into yet I am leaning towards something definitely with international medicine and let DNA but I've been on several mission trips on my parents make sure that delete my sister and I had good international exposure which the Dominican Republic and Panama when I was little and in college I was Sherry Isha and I may always insert I worked with James and Sarah telling Chad last summer and I can see you malaria is not fun but however when I was back in my Loma Linda bubble back in first and second year I learned not to forget the people who are around me in my own backyard on the family of a God had given us interesting gifts and passions that we have the opportunity to share with those around us and I've always love playing the violin I started when I was five and I can tell you that teaching Nolan Finley violated not a needy task I feel very bad for my mom and from a teachers and that when I Loma Linda Atlanta LeMoyne my freshman year two thousand twelve on the island of this program configures the music theater he danced for a shift of a community kid connection to what you need to edit and add to the program where Loma Linda students go out once a week to local schools high schools where they have little elementary student that come to life and we teach them how to play different instruments like a violin cello and what students would come there is guitar lessons flew less famed ukulele on the kids has such a great time and we taught them about how to play the instrument enough about music theory and just kind of had fun with them I I have to make a disclaimer I wanted to take more pictures but they told me not to take pictures of the kids and then automatically to do this ask me for pictures so I was having a catch twenty two but neither the pictures I've snuck in the meantime that this is a head student in one of the recital of the net the enzyme and and I think Kerry at the site all and yet another way things have allow a really great time with my friend Jason talking to his cello students him but the first year until the mother coursework and think that is a little bit stressful I had a new student presents every week it was a little bit difficult to keep track of all their progress and something epidemic is still a really great time however during my second year and I had a little skewed ranks as and as my student her name was Jessica she can last herself onto me in the first couple weeks during my second year and he and she tells she was really eager to learn and I fell into fits if you're under my wing and every time I set up each week I feel little top on my back and she did everything little granny holding her violin and she and I would take him for an hour and spend time together I had to teach everything from the parts of the violin to hear you how to use her bowl and how to use her fingers in a different note the meetings about it second nature to me having to teach someone in such detail and then everything should come back and listen to the piece again and this is what I learned this week and is having a job so eagerly speakers such a blessing I love being all her energy and is so rewarding to see her grow throughout the year and those seats up to me to get me very accountable to my tie that the case be by DNC was flourishing and see how keeping memorized and see if she and her mom would take pictures with each at least recital at Christmas at the end of the year on that on the lighthearted so lame but the hardest part for me for CTC was to keep going every week because I do how have to go over these lectures in the morning I have to go over all of this but during my second year specially knowing Jessica was bare and keeping me accountable and I could not let her down it was divisible inspiration about how she kept dying and advocate me going in the same time is my thing and I knows you be waiting for the for me at the end of the day and I love sharing music with her and I love the bright eyes and how eager she was learned and what was really on Symphony and CTC is the connection that music is like medicine racist and deep connection with someone else you can't really put a pinpoint on it that it is some sort of human connection that we have to each other and I really love that aspect of having met in my life with music and medicine is not indirectly spiritual of medical leg you have the opportunity to give these kids a glance of the get God 's gifts of music and I really hope it meant a lot to her that she still remembers it today overall I really appreciate that Loma Linda gives us these opportunities to share with students to share the love of music with the greater community around us because it's a big world out there and we really dare not ignore it I will get them off their third year medical students I'm just guessing you are not the lunch meeting to the video this morning with real people talking about what we've been doing when I learned they had a related eighties lunch meetings and we had a burden to share with my fellow students what we learned you know people who come to Loma Linda don't automatically become doctors as soon as they come in a school during the training process and the same thing as we don't automatically become missionaries or Christians just because her at a Christian school and am there is no way to become a missionary if you don't have the Spirit of Christ in your own heart and fill in addition to answering the curiosity and questions that are posted have through the lunch meeting we went to serve with our fellow student the joy that we found in serving Christ are so and then on the beauty of their relationship with God and how much of a different it can make in your own life and I think for me especially being in medical school having that relationship with God has made medical school enjoy I've been able to have joy through and child and lots of challenges and alloys it has not always been easy as many of my classmates would attest but God is dead and I is really an amazing at how much you blessed us and so one of the things he tried to do and encourage our speakers to do with the lunch meeting is to make practical applications to student life from the messages from Scripture because it structured to make a difference in our lives then it kind of worthless honestly and I just remember that verses from first John chapter one where John is writing he says that which was from the beginning which we have heard which we have seen with our eyes which we have looked upon an accident that handled concerning the watchword of life the life was manifested and we had seen and her witness and declare to you that eternal life which was with the father and was manifested to us that which we've seen and heard we declare to you that you also may have fellowship with us and truly our cause is with the father and with his son Jesus Christ anything the right to you that your joy may be full and I think that's really the hope that I have for each of my classmates or myself for all the medical students at Loma Linda and for each of your physician that you can have that joy inside of you that was a blowout to the patient to everyone you come in contact with Phil that that's my prayer for all of you and we ask for your prayers as we are continuing you have planned for the future and France how God will be to help our fellow students I gain a deeper relationship with God right made any dairy and I'm not dirtier coming medicine residents of finishing my training at Loma Linda University right now so while I share with you all the evening is just a brief story of how God has been reading my wife carrying a knife towards long-term work in the Congo during our product training at Loma Linda first premedical school and now for residency making it occurred I get a lot of different opportunities to be involved in missions a wider album when the University and both Galina my wife is we took full advantage especially since just about women not to thin strips during our time in medical school I think I like total of six months Africa throughout medical school working at various hospitals on the continent and so the democratic republic in the Congo to many of you this may conjure up memories of the violent civil war that is been rocking the country for the last sixteen years of the Civil War that he killed five four million people just to put that number in perspective is the greatest loss of life in any conflict since World War II fortunately however that worse than men stay in one-sided all right at least in part by Uganda and Rwanda so just to give you all a brief overview of how God has been leading us toward work in the Congo I was born and raised in Africa some missionaries forget his mission pilots over in Tanzania for a quiet number of years and so I've always felt at home African in college I spent a year the missionary engaging medical work out in villages within UT background at the time and I travel travel to the end of the race around Latin America Africa and throughout all this traveling where I was traveling down and was on my boat dirt is a hair by taxi I was searching for something at a time don't really know what that something what it wasn't until the end of a long trip that found me at the Minneapolis hospital working with Jezebel that one day over breakfast he's on his recent trip to the Congo in his descriptions of the Congo the dream poverty the lack of medical care on this really struck a chord in my heart that I realized that Novak that have placed that the dichotomy to work at and so dear later found me in the remote and struggling song the hospital in the southern part of the Congo at this point of the forty medical students and while there I experienced incredible needs of the patients of living in the Congo this patient your other rights the sixteen -year-old girl she traveled for two hundred kilometers through the jungle in place without any food on this ambulance to get to the hospital she had intrauterine fetal demise and survived the hospital almost dead and so the local position I operate on her we operate without electricity was needed no life in electrocautery they don't section we need to have proper suture in our all of our surgical estimates were old and rusty and barely functioning somehow though thanks to God she survived despite all of the limitations and care that we couldn't give her and that other patients were not so fortunate even while working a song that I've always felt that something was missing I've always resonated with the apostle Paul when he wrote in Romans fifteen twenty my ambition has always been to preach the news for the name of Christ has never been named both Catalina and I want to work in a place at the light of the gospel and the three angels message has not reached we didn't want to just say somebody life so they would die in a few years we went to work in a place where Christ has not been preached somewhere that we can use our medical skills knowledge and in themselves but it's wool two patients to the true position somewhere that we could use medicine at the right hand of the gospel and whether we can establish a center of influence just as we have been talking about at this intact this conference one evening but traveling down the Congo River Chicago River QB Jerry Nikki thing on in a leaky canoe talking with Keith Moseley from my mission president and he was describing to me the almost completely unreached combo River basin heart each as she described it all too common stories of heartbreaking suffering and death that are part of everyday life in the Congo is a brief look at this map he cannot eat it in the northeast part of the Congo that lined the four hundred kilometer radius and all the red are areas where there is no this presents and that right extends nearly a thousand kilometers to the west down the Congo River use Acrobat boat trip between began to emerge a dream of establishing the key thing on a life of center a center that would not just be another hospital the center that would impact the people teasing on the Congo River basin by providing not only acute care medical and dental services but more importantly public health education to avoid a comment that is needed that are rampant in the area and most importantly pointing to suffering the great physician earlier this year Callahan I traveled to keeping Donnie to lay the groundwork for the cute and I like both center on this trip we want a situation analysis is looking into occupations talk to the government the ideal what are beneath what can be due to really make a difference in this area does require a lot of travel deep into the jungle down the Congo River siphon give you a brief glimpse of what travel is like the Congo as you can tell we traveled by luxury vehicles down down modern freeways and across and across state of the arts overpasses we waited for the next the latest generation of buried deep in the jungle and we slept in five-star hotels and related gourmet restaurant I see this was a gourmet meal they traveled twelve hours by motorcycle now the first of using twelve hours and of course during this ship never had any trouble whatsoever meaning everything is a brief and dynamic loading of voting his style and we saw patients in stating our facilities as you can tell but what really struck me was how warmhearted how whelping people were when we told leaving readers physicians to help them steal because to alleviate their suffering and the kids and adults everywhere the Creek extremely grateful for what really will be little or we could do while we were there it is really amazing to see how God has opened doors I have added you guys try to go through Doris God of China closed interface a vital work right well but in moving forward accusing on a life of center door after door after door has opened at this point we've partnered with happiness health international acts of Loma Linda University can find us on their websites well premonitions and any administer local Adventist church to establish the economic life of vendor the third influence in the center that will be built around a financially self-sustaining order forbade hospital one oh offers so much more than just medicine while carrying a knife initial training obtain my third year of residency she's an intern right now in the wind as well we currently have a small medical and dental clinic that's doing outpatient care confusing I be run by LucasArts adventure both nurses from the US and we are planning on building the essay that he saw in the previous lies within the next three years and the opening up the enlarged facilities within that time no as that grind that HI websites you can see is that HI global I just see inclusion those events for all the stories you've heard how God has used keeping mission alive through Loma Linda University and I can really say you know from our experience and from seeing my classmates and the SKUs that are going through school right now that the after more than a century level in the University is really still fulfilling its calling as a medical missionary college and next generation of missionaries both here in the US and for mission service overseas thank you thank you ready Christina oral whence John Morgan yet inspire me is people like this and I'm humbled to work with on a day by day basis the common element in every one of the stories was personal ministry the people meeting people serving people is what makes a difference sure medicine is interesting and fascinating sure if this is really exciting to delete history walked out on the streets of San Marino and find a homeless man I meet an overpass and help take care of his diabetic foot ulcer or to help teach violin to someone who would never otherwise have a chance to learn violent is really rewarding to meet those people and the serpent a reminder the Palm 's old home proximately eighty nine years old by the man Wilbur race got to forgive the language is old decade 's old and you have to read between the lines for the meaning but the poem reads I would like to buy three dollars worth of God please not enough to explode my soul or to disturb my sleep but just enough of God to equal a cup of warm milk or snooze in the sunshine I don't want enough of God to make me love a man of a different race or pick peace with the migrant I want ecstasy not transformation I want warmth of the womb not a new birth I want a pound of the eternal in a paper sack I would like to buy three dollars worth of God leads the future of Loma Linda emission the prophetic calling insignificance of the institution looks bright with seven people like this who want a lot more than three dollars worth of God and my prayer is that each of you will are earnestly seeking to buy more than three dollars a year was using my audio person writing that this medical manual network to learn more about me then please visit www. I know what I was more free online service please visit www. online universe is not a


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