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Is Anything Too Hard For the Lord?

Steve Conway



  • November 8, 2014
    10:00 AM
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the Sabbath everyone to good to be here with you all today and I've made a bit of a switch and when I will be presenting I was not present to see the today or this morning but instead I'll present is there anything too hard for the Lord this afternoon I'll present deceived let's bow our heads together forward of prayer loving father and our God we are thankful for the privilege to be alive at such a time as this we are thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit leads and guides us into all truth who convicts us of sin righteousness and of judgment who empowers us what powers us every day to live lives that are pleasing in your sight we ask that as we opened the Scriptures that he would instruct us apply the things that we read to our own experiences we thank you for hearing and answering this humble prayer for we ask it in Jesus name amen for those of you all who I'm not familiar with which are probably most of you my name is a pastor Stephen Conway high pastor in Michigan I have two churches the Detroit Northwest Seventh-day Adventist Church on the Cherry Hill seventh day Adventist church I am married going well for two years and we have four wonderful children Israel yell Gabriel Angel in the they are they are just about done with church unsure at this time but if they were here you would enjoy them and my wife more than you would enjoy me I can promise you that but greetings on behalf of all of them open your Bibles with me to the book of Jeremiah Jeremiah the thirty second chapter not just put this thought in your mind before we are as we delve into our passage have you ever questioned have you ever questioned God am sure everybody is too holy today to say that they have questioned God I want you to think I'm never been shocked the nature of something God is requested of you well Jeremiah was and as we delve into was experience I hope that each one of us can sympathize with him Jeremiah chapter thirty two verse six are you there and Jeremiah said the word of the Lord came unto me saying behold have a meal the son of shallow uncle shall come under the same by the minefield that is an out for the right of redemption is thine to buy still have a meal my local son came to me in the quarter the present according to the word of the Lord and set up a meeting by my field I crazy that as an afterthought which is in the country of Benjamin for the right of hi and the redemption is gone by it for myself then I knew that this was the word of the Lord now I come from a pretty big family and I have a lot of cousins a lot of these cousins were born around the same time that I was born and so we were pretty close we grew up my brothers and sisters I remember one particular instance I was living in Tennessee I just been married on you to think of our son was born yet another call for one of my cousins his name is we'll would call him Little Willie Littlewood called Mimi says Stephen Manna you don't just feel the Lord moving in my life I feel God 's movement only and I want to come down and spend some time with you so that I can get close to the low knowing what together ran the streets of Cleveland Ohio together this was exciting news to me a Mac come one now I was the boys being at an academy at the time and I was just excited real that my cousin EMR the same age that he desired to give his heart to the Lord so we came down and how we were having where shipment attending prayer meeting and attending church service and he was right there with me as I was doing everything that my responsibilities require an old one particular day my wife and I had to make the trip we went down to Atlanta Georgia and we came back with actually for the weekend we came back there was a note on the table in the know say it was like a dear John letter to said Steve thank you for all that you've done all had a wonderful time here I appreciate your help but I just feel like it was time for me to leave he had procured a Greyhound bus ticket and caught the bus Arlington Cleveland Ohio a phone call from another cosmos I actually called his cousin and I said hey have you heard from you is little is not down there with you I said no I just got a note from them he left yesterday is that all what here's what happened little Willie had a warrant out for his arrest yet a court case and as a result of landscaping that data war was issued for his arrest and so he told us he was going to skip how just long enough to let things died down so we came down to visit you in Tennessee because he was trying to escape he was joined with state what was hanging over his head back in Cleveland Ohio I share that with you to say that if I get a call from one of my cousins I am sometimes suspicious I don't know what Jeremiah was like me but perhaps it was because as we read in verse eight when had a meal came and finally present in this to win he said then I know that this was the word of the Lord apparently one dotted for suggested insulin is that it is not at all for the Bible says that the neocons that he offers him this plot of land because Bayreuth it is used to regain first night and I bought the field and had a meal my uncle 's son that was inevitable and weighing him the money even seventeen shekels of silver and I subscribe the evidence and sealed it until witnesses and weigh them the money and the balances so lots of the evidence of the purchase both that which was sealed according to the law and custom and that which was open and I gave the evidence of the purchase onto Peru the son of maria the son of Macias and the site of had a meal my uncle son and of the presence of the witnesses that I woke up the purchase before all the Jews that's that in the court of the present and I charged before them saying thus saith the Lord God of hosts was usually the Lord of hosts the God of Israel take these evidences this evidence of the purchased boat which is sealed in this evidence which is open and put them in an earthen vessel that they may continue many days it sounds like an ordinary real estate transaction yes I know and that a real estate transaction between family members so how do neocons any office am this land and Jeremiah buys it because God has told him that he showed except when we look at the circumstances of Jeremiah 's life we understand that this was not just an ordinary real estate transaction in Jeremiah chapter thirty two verse one are you there the Bible says the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord in the tenth year of Zedekiah king of Judah which was the eighteenth year of Nebuchadnezzar Ford van the king of Babylon 's army besieged Jerusalem and Jeremiah the prophet was shut up in the court of the present which was in the key of Judas House four three four Zedekiah king of Judah had shut him up saying wherefore dost thou prophesy and say us saith the Lord behold I will give this city into the hand of the key of Babylon and he shall take it in Zedekiah king of Judah shall not escape out of the head of the Chaldeans but shall surely be delivered into the hand of the king of Babylon as shall speak with him mouth to mouth and his eyes shall behold his eyes here is the context the city of Jerusalem is besieged by the armies of Nebuchadnezzar now this was not before on Nebuchadnezzar had come to Jerusalem in fact this is the borrowed time that Jerusalem has been attacked by the Babylonians into the preceding toddler after each of the preceding attacks they promised that they will be faithful only to rebel and so Nebuchadnezzar is here for the third time as you can imagine very angry not only is the city of Jerusalem surrounded by the Babylonian armies but there was a wicked chain on the throne or shall we say with you and vacillating king on the throne by the name of Zedekiah Zedekiah doesn't really know what he should do what it seems he knows that he shouldn't follow the enemies of his mom is always back and forth back and forth one minute call in for Jeremiah from prison in asking Jeremiah differently lamented that you just don't imprison my last become frightfully are you serious chilies vacillating back and forth surrounded by the Babylonians of wicked king on the throne and Jeremiah himself incarcerated in prison merely for speaking God 's Word now with all of this going on Jeremiah is awakened one morning by the voice of God and God says Jeremiah it's a great time to buy some real estate one what one more fact you gone as prophesied from Jeremiah that Jerusalem will be laid waste and all of its inhabitants will be captive not all of them are absolutely all of them but that is what being taken away to Babylon will remain there for seventy years how long for seventy years and God says is a great time to buy lay you cannot Jeremiah is a bit incredulous when his cousin calls and says amen some land the same of course you want to sell me some land right now the Babylonian armies were getting ready to knock down the walls of Jerusalem and I want to take control of everything your vessel and is going to be warrantless the end of verse eight again Jeremiah since then I knew that this was the word of the Lord so Jeremiah carries out the purchase verse sixteen now when I had delivered the evidence of the purchase onto baroque the son of Darius I prayed on to the Lord saying on here something God as Jeremiah to do something that didn't quite make sense considering the circumstances Jerusalem is surrounded by the Babylonian armies there's a wicked king on the throne Jeremiah himself isn't present God as Jeremiah to do something that doesn't make sense it doesn't make what doesn't make sense but you know that's the type of God that we serve right is a God that asked us to do things that don't always make sense at least to us you remember and Genesis chapter six God came to Noah and said I'm getting ready to destroy the earth by flood the wickedness of man is great I want to wipe out every single one man and beast I want you to build an ark on what an arc but what an arc I want to send a flood of what a flood of what a float and I want to destroy man and beast from the face of the art this made absolutely no sense to know what it had not happened before that was scientific evidence that it had never happened before in that God told know what to move and no one has since enough to obey just because you understand what God is asking you to do doesn't mean that you should dillydally around until you do in Exodus chapter three got came to Moses he was tending the flocks of Jeff brought the backside of the desert and he looks up and he sees a voice that is barring what is not consoled and Moses draws near to investigate and God calls out to him from this this burning bush think the shoes from off of your feet for the place where you stand is holy ground Moses falls down on his face and God begins to on fail a plan to Moses one how the Israelites will be delivered from Egyptian bondage I'm going to use you Moses and you will be my mouthpiece you're what my mouthpiece of journal on the wanted men I'm probably on my hair dad or alive and you want me to go back to Egypt and do what the live are all of the in I don't know God I don't think I can do it in any of the drum up excuses besides I haven't spoken the language of so many years despite the fact that the Bible says in the book of acts that he was well learned in all the ways of the Egyptians he was eloquent and a powerful man is regional we start making excuses that are foolish I can't speak at length 's brother was a powerful or greater apparently as yet he just lost it all in a moment when Don asked them to do something made absolutely no sense to Moses yet Moses despite his complaints eventually submitted and did what God asked God as Jeremiah to do something that didn't quite make sense my point is the Jeremiah did it and then questioned God I ask you at the very beginning have you have a question I will suggest that all of us have maybe you were not bold enough to actually speak it out you forgot the Dhaka region faults and figured that if you didn't say anything then he would know that that's what you really think I'll suggest that all of us at some point in our lives or our Christian experiences have question God the validity of what he has asked us to do God says that the way of man is right in his own eyes yet we think we're smart enough to make certain decisions in our lives smarter than thou not you guys right who the key and Jeremiah 's experience here in the thirty second chapter in the Jeremiah first obeys God and angels back and begins to ask questions tell my kids that's the way to do it as a way to do both stand in my face and argue with me about what I'm asking you to do when weather is the best time to do it and I'll just do it first and then you can come back and have as all listen the would anyone argue with me about it you might get something other than just what I've asked you to do so Jeremiah is wise in this regard he does what God asked him to do and then in verse sixteen will pick up again the Scripture says not what I had delivered the evidence of the purchase on Subaru the son of Mariah I rained onto the Lord saying now want to pay close attention because this is how Christians saying what God I pray to the Lord saying for sentencing on Lord God behold thou has made the heaven and the earth by the bona fide great power and stretched out arm and there is nothing to our for the you get that Jeremiah knew how to say the right things just like you when I will know you are you created the heavens and the hours spent and you name the season the fountains of waters you are alone and there is not going to offer you the option stepping out which would sometimes like okay so then what do you have to say to me there's nothing to offer me why you getting ready to comply all gone I wasn't welcome play was just praising your name will really now as may the heaven of the art by great power and stretched out arm and there is nothing too hard for the mouse it was a lovingkindness unto thousands and recompense is the iniquity of the fathers into the bosom of their children after them the great the mighty God the Lord of hosts is his name bring in counsel and mighty in words for thine eyes are opened up on all the ways of the sons of men to give every one according to his ways and according to the fruit of his doings which has set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt even unto this day and in Israel and among family and I won't bother me and has made the name as at this day and explain something the reason why God as Jeremiah to buy this property advance or take the documents that notarized this purchase the reason why God as Jeremiah to make this purchase and to bury the documents is because the people of God will be going into captivity Frontieres now that a long time a man who lives seventy years okay no one in your lives than the men who live of seventy years Z are so that's a long time yes how much faith do you put in something that's going to take place seventy years after your goal how much would you be willing to invest in that was rather invest in the here and now are you to hold me to answer me this morning okay so I asked Jeremiah to make this purchase and here's the reason why because even though Jonah have forfeited the protection of God and even though Jonah had rebelled against God consistently and now God would punish them by allowing them to going to Babylonian captivity for seventy years God would not in his mercies towards the people of June now somebody autosave every people rebellious and often you check out your homeland rebellious enough forgot to tell you what work will foreign nation who will glorify their God because of the victory that they've had over you and say that their gods are more powerful than God himself God is willing to window all of that because of the depth of wickedness that his people had delved into and get the same would say I am not finished with you yet after seventy years I will torment you and your captivity I want you to buy that land and I want to bury me the evidences of that purchase as a sign of guaranty in fact we don't keep my word Jeremiah could've said as does good but I will be around to see you I know you won't you were but one thought is that the media was also home to all of the people that time was Steve and rebellion in fact these people were so far gone that they were eating their own children that were eating their own children combat with these individuals they were they had any a sort of fibrous state religion using Nebuchadnezzar a comment first as surrounded the city of Jerusalem and the people were in such dire straits that they said let's get right with God I waddles come to Jesus moment as Tommy you might will go maybe you'll have the money for school or maybe is a test coming up but you're not quite prepared for and it's a come to Jesus moment perhaps you have to share something with your parents that love with help from them for so long as you're not sure what their response is going to be perhaps there is something difficult that is one in front of you and you don't know how you want to handle it and so you decide the best thing for me to do would be to give my life to Jesus okay Lord I noticed what you been waiting I promise it has get me through this one exam so I don't get kicked out of school I will give all of my life to you is quiet in here blogging has helped me out to get a little bit more financial aid I will show you for the remainder of the month they made promises that God just like you and I do in fact what they did is they said okay okay okay listen since Babylon is getting ready to destroy Jerusalem this is what we'll do we will release all of the slaves they had kept their brothers and sisters in bondage for longer than God have permitted so in order to pay off their debts they had entered them into a system of perpetual bondage and they know it was wrong and all that in them are just here so we know what will do will release our brothers and our systems so Pharaoh marches his army nor in many Knesset withdraws his army to go and meet this coming correct and you know what these folds up the nerve to do you know as you've done it to they remained on there were all goals when they have released by the way you know the reason they release them because they wanted in the fight in the arm but when Nebuchadnezzar with Julie as always I said thank you and went free not that slave thing you know we were really serious about that right and they enslaved them on the these are the people that God promises after seventy years I'll come visit you and I will gather you from the various places where I've driven and I will bring you back to this land and what an awesome God listen to Jeremiah 's prayer the rest of his career he goes throughout the history of his people verse twenty you set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt even unto this day in Israel among other men it has made me a name is that this date and has brought forth my people Israel out of the land of Egypt with signs wonders and with a strong hand with a stretched out arm and with great terror and has given then this land which thou didst swear to their fathers to give them a land flowing with milk and honey and a Cheney and I possessed it they obeyed not my voice neither walked in bylaw may have done nothing of all than thou commanded them to do therefore thou has called on this evil to come upon them behold the mountains the siege mounts may have come under the city to take it and the city is given into the hands of the Chaldeans that fight against it because of those toward end of the famine and of the pessimists and what has and what now has spoken this come to pass and behold thou see instant verse twenty five and you have said to me by the field for money and take witnesses for the city is given into the hand of the Chaldeans the hobbit Jeremiah begin this prayer is interesting prayer right in again this prayer by extolling God for how wonderful and powerful he was an telling him reminding himself that it was not thinking Lahore for God but as Jeremiah praise something looms large in his mind what is what is essentially saying year in the latter portion of his career was that in their mistakes someone else why what is the callout when he is talking about God 's people he calls out the Sands of God 's people listen here is the tension I know what you have promised but when I consider the wickedness of your people I wonder if you can actually feel your prompts I know what you have promised but when I consent of the Senate this is admissible when the rebellion of your people I wonder if they can be accomplished have you ever felt like that when you pray I know what you have promised but when I consider the wickedness of my own heart I consider the promises that I have made and I have revolves when I consider the things I've learned to give to you only to take them back when I consider the many times that I have failed you even though I'm not what you promised me is when I consider myself I do not know if you can actually fulfill your promise in this case I know nothing is so hard for you but look at us look at me like God 's answer verse twenty six then came the word of the Lord unto Jeremiah saying look I am the Lord the God of all flesh is there any thing too hard for me don't you just love God answers Jeremiah 's spiritual rant with the question first the statement then a question look I will award God of all flesh now what would it be your video court is there anything too hard for me in essence God is telling Jeremiah stop focusing when your mistakes and the mistakes of my people stop focusing on their rebellion and unlimited it was hard to do that because in Jeremiah 's life when you read his this story realize that they were always plotting against Jeremiah they won't always plotting against Jeremiah do not focus on the failures of my people but focus on my great power and remember there was nothing too hard for me I would encourage you today if you are in a prison of sorts like Jeremiah was maybe it's the present of your thoughts you want to escape certain things that continue to ravage your mind when you go to bed at night you wish you didn't dream about those things you wish you did not think about those things and yet when you close your eyes they are there and when you wake up in the morning and wish that you had not drink or thought about the things that you did perhaps you are imprisoned by the thoughts of your mind and the fulfillment of God 's promise to him seems impossible perhaps you are imprisoned by the memories of your own savings Lord have mercy just the thought of it causes one to shy imprisoned by the memories of your own failures walking around always wondering if someone will find out always wondering if someone will recognize your face perhaps an point you out and say hey like Peter what you do want a cellular network never comfortable taking a position or never comfortable to do anything that you are asked to do because you are afraid on it by your past dossiers is there anything too hard for me I can deliver you from the assaults I can deliver you from the guilt of your past I can deliver you from your habits I can deliver you what Jeremiah is wrestling with here in thirty second chapter is actually the possibility of change the possibility of what the possibility that God can bring something different from something that is so wicked but I would suggest to you today God can God can complement suggests God can do this want to levels of course there's more one oh two levels the first one is gone can change an individual he can change a man woman boy or girl who was willing to follow his lead was willing to do whatever he asked God can change it on the fact that I'm standing here today is is evidence that God can change it I have a wonderful testimony that only share what a lot of people will share with you we've see you are already less assessment no you know why because they are things that I've done shutting down to this day the greatest testimony that you need from me is to know that I'm standing before you with a Bible in my hand proclaiming that God can change you don't need to know where I came from just just taken all my good work thank you anything the greatest testimony is often stand before you with a clear this is what grace of God to tell you that God is able God is indeed a then came the word of the Lord of the Jeremiah saying behold I'm the Lord the God of all flesh is there anything too hard for me therefore thus says the Lord behold I will give this city into the hand of the Chaldeans and in the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and he still taken of the Chaldeans that fight against the city shall comments that flyer on the city and burn it with the houses upon whose roles they will offer incense of the bail and pour out drink offerings although the gods to provoke me to anger for the children of Israel and the children of Judah have only done evil before me from there you for the children of Israel have only provoked me to anger with the work of their hands says the Lord this city have been to me as a provocation of mine anger and of my fury from the day they built a even unto this day that I should remove it from before my face because of all the evil of the children of Israel and of the children of Judah was they had done to provoke me to anger they their kings differences the priest and the prophets and the men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem may have turned out to be the back and not the face the lights more than rising up early and teaching them to they are not hearken to receive instruction but they sent their abominations and the house which is called by my negative followed Visigoths and Jeremiah you think you know how we can be let me tell you I have it on record and shall record all the things that they have done to me I am more acquainted with your failures and your faults then you are making a personal note I am more acquainted with your failings annual first six now therefore thus says the Lord God of Israel concerning the city world he saith shall be delivered under the hand of the king of Babylon by the Swart by the fandom on the pessimist behold I will gather them out of all countries whether I have driven them Lord have mercy I will gather them out of all countries will have driven them and my anger and my fury and in great wrath and I will boring obtain in arms of this place and I will call them to dwell safely so you shall be my people and I will be their God and I will give them one heart and one way that they may fear me forever for the board of them and of their children after them and I will make an everlasting covenant with them that I will not turn away from them to do them good but I will put my fear in their hearts that they shall not depart from me somebody ought to save man number one God can change when an individual level number two God can change and transform on the collective level and I will close with this I still consider myself to be a young man I remember the first elders meeting I was a part of I was about seventeen years old I remember I sat there with the man our church and the pastor and we were discussing a private matter so the comment was made what is stated here does not leave this room is pretty clear yes or no critical it at seventeen I just honored all that I even allowed to be in the role I'm like wow nobody can say anything this is serious stuff this is big all responsibility nicely we had another elders meeting the far as I business was who told about what we discuss last week we were here again I'm a pastor with the Lord help help my mercy on us all you know a look we all make mistakes with the first one that said you know what walked although someone selling them on all around the room Michael sent me the same I am the only one who got the memo that you don't save I say that to say this the more that you get involved when you get what the more that you become involved with working with the church the more that you will see the imperfections of the church imperfect why because the church is comprised of people people just like you and people just like me people make mistakes but I will encourage you today do not use up one of your church don't give up because change is possible it may seem like were surrounded by the Babylonian hordes and he made the same sometimes that we've been infiltrated by the it may seem like those who simply want to do those things that are pleasing in the eyes of the Lord our prisons shut up not allow for simply doing the things that God says in his word it may seem like so much on the shyster you out of the last bit of your godly inheritance a change is possible is there anything to harm for the loan France if God can change me and if God can change you and it means that God can also transform the lives of every one who is willing in his church hopefully you don't die before it happens but believe me God is able I want to close by making an appeal is there something that you have gained too hard for the Lord in your life is there something that you have wrestled with God about perhaps you just accept it this is one of the apart of my life until Jesus comes because I cannot see a way that I can leave without if it is I would tell you today God is a there was nothing too hard for him he wants to do the impossible when you think what I think is impossible he wants to do those very things for us to come back at five o'clock this evening we'll talk about another episode in Jeremiah 's life and will talk about what has made it so difficult for God to do the impossible in each and every one of our loss but he wants to do I would challenge you today will challenge you today to let God have his way and have his way will also talk about that tonight what is it that God wants from each and every one of you and what he wants from me every had about every eyes close I just want to ask those of you who want to say Lord I'm been reminded that there is nothing too hard for you today and it is my desire to allow the all mighty God the maker of heaven and earth to work a miracle in my life as an individual may so easy for me to focus on what's going on or not going on in everyone else's life but today I'm reminded that you want to do something powerful for me slip your hand in the air of you just want to say Lord help me to believe that there was nothing too hard for you father in heaven thank you for each person will have occurs to simply raise their hands you know each and every one of our hearts and now I want to ask a second appeal for those who are willing to say Lord I trust you I trust you and I know that you can change your church and I trust that you will you Jeremiah 's message was that Jerusalem is going to fall but God will be faithful and he will ultimately keep his word Lord I don't know what the future holds no one here does but one thing is certain you are all faithful I want to just ask you to stand with me today and say Lord you can change even this church you can change it it starts with me but I believe that you can do the impossible challenging times but all the worn opportunity for you to manifest your great power for Lord UCS standards while feet because we believe in you Lord are belief in ourselves and our beliefs and others may not be what it should be but certainly today we choose to believe in you there is nothing to hard for you no matter what the circumstances appear to be no matter what the outcome appears to be you are God there is nothing too hard for you follow après that she will reward the faith of each of my brothers and sisters who have stood with me to say we believe that you can change things reward our faith Jesus said so many times as is your faith be it unto you Lord which trustee now manifests your power like you promised you would thank you for hearing and answering these humble prayers and we direct towards your throne not because we are good but because Jesus is we ask all of these things in his name that all of God 's people say in the media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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