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Revelation's Victorious Christ

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • September 6, 2014
    11:00 AM
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let's pray father we hope your were just now as we do we pray that you touch our hearts we pray the move upon us by your spirit in Christ name on the offices they claim unfastened if I were writing on one newspaper headline the news for the month of August it would go something like this civil war continues to rage in a rack and Laura in order is out of control if I were writing a one-page news headlines for August I would write about the Isis group the radical Muslim group into horrible beheadings if I were writing the news headlines for August I would have to write about an Ebola outbreak in west Africa and the hundreds that had been stricken with people I certainly couldn't leave out if I were writing a news headline the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians and Hamas sending three thousand plus rockets are more into Israel and Israel's military pounding the back I certainly wouldn't be able to leave out the tragic death than Ferguson Missouri and African-American shot by a white policeman an unarmed African-American I might say I certainly couldn't leave that out in the protests that took place in the outrage in the national media attention when you really look at Locust it was quite a month and you might ask if you are a casual observer where were you when August where were you got as many took a vacation in August if you take a vacation then do we want vacation in Syria were over two hundred thousand die we are on vacation when it out when will this hour we headed God for you on vacation when African-American was shot and killed a young man with a worldview than God where you want vacation and was active in question glass we were vacation when an Ebola outbreak took place in other like questions that one could ask about God but I think there is a deeper question where is there a credible witness to who the audience where is there a quite incredible witness to God 's grace God 's love God 's mercy in the world we asked the question why why is there so much heartache why is there so much suffering why so many tears why so many lives taken we asked the question on the answer to that question really is the revelation show has rebelled against God a being of dazzling brightness who was given the power of choice he wanted to be served rather than to serve he wanted to rule rather than to obey and our planet is a planet in rebellion against God but this revelation show as the famous God 's name this revelation show has distorted God 's character this rebel Angel has claimed that God is on Thayer God is unjust and that God 's character is not one of love where is the very credible witness has there ever been a credible witness of God 's goodness and grace take your Bible please intern surprisingly the last book of the Bible the book of Revelation there are many did see Revelation as a book of Mystic symbols of the here's a piece of fearful sciences sounds but the book of Revelation according to Revelation chapter one verse one the revelation of Jesus Christ so the book of Revelation is a revelation about Jesus about Jesus special message in the end time this morning were to focus really on one passage from the book of Revelation and I invite you to take your Bible you might have the scrolls like I do in my hands the recent revelation you might have it on your iPhone and you might have it on your iPad you might have the text and I know you're looking at the text and not texting so please take the book of Revelation that was for the young people in the audience please take the book deal people don't know how to text and notes using Revelation the first chapter Amber looking back at Revelation chapter one verse five and six Grace to you and peace from him who is in you was into his stick up the one who is it in was and is to come is the Almighty he is God he existed from eternity in the past he exists in the present analysis in the future and from the seven spirits or before the throne sevenfold perfect work of the Holy Spirit so here you have the father in the spirit but now verse five is our verse and from Jesus Christ the faithful witness the firstborn from the dead and the ruler over the kings of the earth we're going to study today those three phrases of Christ who is Jesus is the faithful witness he is the firstborn from the dead and he is the ruler over the kings of the earth now the question we raise when we read in verse five years from Jesus the faithful witness will you see is a faithful witness of and what is Jesus a faithful witness to and how does that relate to this great controversy this waging in the universe between good and evil first cool is Jesus a faithful witness of take your Bible and turn to John know who wrote the book of Revelation who wrote that John and John Road John's Gospel as well so John in his Gospel describes the answer to the question who is Jesus a faithful witness of John the fourteenth chapter take your Bible please and turn to John the fourteenth chapter if you want to know what God is like where you look you look to see where you you look to Isis and see the beheading of two Americans that DDU do you look to African CDE bola ranging in the disease do you look to the tragic shooting of an African-American young man and say God where were you when all this happened where you look if you want to see God update we don't you don't look at the injustice you don't look at the unfairness you don't look at the signature don't look at the suffering you don't look at the disease you don't look at the heartache you don't look at the disaster you don't look at that one what God is like able to Christ that's when you see what God is like John chapter fourteen were looking there at first a in verse nine Philip says to Jesus in John fourteen verse eight and onward still says the Lord show us the father insufficient for us Lord show us what God is like show us a picture of his character shows a picture of his love show us the faithful witness show us the credible testimony verse nine Jesus said to him have I been with you such a long time and yet you have not known me Philip he was seen a has seen the father so how can you say show us the father if you want to see the bodily Jesus once Jesus touching the eyes of the blind and the rope and that's what God is like the monthly help blind people see what Jesus had two years of the death of their in stock that's what God is like he must be here to get the he loves to make the deaf hear you want to know what God is lightly touches the arms of the Minuteman that shaking with the palsy he touches the length of the lame what is God like God wants you to be healthy God wants you to enjoy life and live it to all the abundance you want to know what God is like don't look at the events in the world don't look at the unfairness and injustice look at Jesus Christ watching as he takes children and system on his lap and tell them about the kingdom watching as he feeds five thousand what is God like behold a woman caught in adultery thrown at his feet and listen to Jesus say to convince you I don't condemn you go and sin no more Wescott look at a thief crucified by his side and watched Jesus say they had you will be with me in paradise what is God like will get to demon possessed young man and watch crisis he delivers them from the demons this is what God is like listen to their physical their testimonies of physical healing lives of their testimonies of forgiveness and freedom from guilt and happens liking and watches got changed and through Christ with heaven 's life-changing power there is a statement in a devotional book that I really enjoy the book is by Ellen White is fun retractable reflecting Christ and on page fifteen Ellen White says this our little world is the lesson book of the universe God 's wonderful purpose of grace the mystery of 3-D meanwhile use the theme into which angels desire to look in it will be their study for the endlessly just both 3-D and the unfallen beings will find in the cross of Christ their science in their song it'll be seen that the glory shining in the face of Jesus is the glory of self-sacrificing love what is God 's life Satan has distorted the character of God Satan claims that God is responsible for the sickness and suffering and sorrow that's taking place in our world bidding Jesus when he sees Satan unmasked in Jesus we see what God is really like it I love that so long the love of God 's great and far Messieurs lists and strong it goes beyond the highest star you to that song the love of God it's an amazing song it was written by man by the name of Frank Lehman Frank Lehman was a businessman and enter nor doing very well in business made a lot of money but then things went sour and Frank lost his business he was poverty-stricken they began to work in Southern California San Diego area in a testing plan where they pack oranges and lemons Andy can you imagine a theory is a very well-to-do very wealthy businessman at his beck and call are his workers B loses his home business has to work in this hot sweaty packing plan just make a little money for his family one night on a Sunday night he wandered into a church in the early preacher preach on the love of God that was going around his head all the time these words the love of God the injustices fairness in the world we recognize that is focused on that injustice and unfairness it simply become bitter and angry so we decided to think about God 's love the song words this ought to get a form is not yet been much of a songwriter law and I supposedly was as he was packing those lemons and oranges wasn't thinking about Levinson are existing to eleven and maybe do some broken crate now this is the printer 's imagination maybe there's some broken old orange crate at lunch twenties sitting down and and and drinking his orange juice and actually working hard packing plant so I suppose he takes some broken pieces in old crate and begins to write a little bit you know that that these words about of the love of God can't wait to get home that night he gets home and he sits in his old CNL and that he begins to cut hammer out one finger at a time that the notes that his words the notes of the Solomon God minis writing he writes to his stance is now in those days salons had to have three stanzas not three words even as he or litigants says the church is not freeware inflexible the songs they had had at least three stanzas and so they seems to be all right CSS reset so he's writing my first two cigarette the third stanza and he's trying it doesn't count was the first two stanzas flout any real members enroll postcard the stock in some old book so he comes away that postcard and the words in the postcard amazing amazing those words match exactly the first two standards they wrote but on that postcard the story is told of that blasts the stands that the love of God the Sullivan got it here's the story you may have read an alternate version of this story but the author very few red eye not for the previous versions for some but here is what I think is the bona fide story and that their inversion here is true painter is when into a prison to repaint the sale and as they went in they saw words scratched or written on the wall of that prison cell sometime to read these words were written by a person insane asylum and to read the words and pretty sure they were written by some guy in an insane asylum but evidently that person or we don't know if you compose the words are not or if he simply remember them from something else we have no idea how they got there but here the words you know them could we would think the ocean fill in where the skies of parchment made where every store and Arthur Quillen every man ascribed by trade to write the love of God above would train the ocean dry nor could the scroll contained the hold that stretch from Skype to Skype old love of God are rich in pew or how measureless and strong it shall forever more into where the Saints the Angels saw Christ was a faithful witness what was your witness of God 's love when the evil of this world fills your mind when the heartache of this world pierces your soul when the news stories of this world reveal injustice and unfairness the love of God is great and far Messieurs alas and straw it shall forever more into war Saints in the Angels a look in the face of Christ reveals a God that loves you so much that one day you can live in eternity with him once when we find a faithful witness of God in Christ we find a faithful witness of what God is like but we find a faithful witness of something else we find a faithful witness of an obedient life in the midst of Satan 's fiercest temptations when he when I look at the life of Christ what do we see we see one who has been tempted by Satan with all of Satan 's power but yet he did not heal if you look at John chapter fourteen and lets the back in our Bible because there are two aspects of this phrase faithful witness Jesus is a faithful witness of the character of God but he is also a faithful witness of the law of God is a faithful witness of obedience in his life John the fourteenth chapter when we left there at versus Japan and onward do you not believe that I am in the father in the father in me the words that I speak to you I do not speak on my own authority but the father who dwells in me he does the works believe me that I am in the father and the father in me or else believe me for the sake of the works themselves now first well most assuredly I say to you he who believes in me the works that I do he will do also and greater works than these he will did because I go to my father so what is Jesus saying you think I am a witness of a life in which the father through the Holy Spirit dwells I am the weakness of our life that reveals God 's law you practice Jesus saves every temptation of Satan have your heartfelt obedience in my situation is impossible I never thought pastor if you were try working listen all the cursing and swearing around me you would succumb to a my environment is is is one in which it is impossible for me to live in obedience like the guy of my working college strength is it's it's it's it's I'm in the sound of his music is something of a wild eyed fanatics a pastor if if I'm ever going to be able to to make it in this life workouts Jesus models for us in spite of human circumstances in spite of what's going on around us Christ within us through the Holy Spirit is life transformation you and I can be overcome take your Bible please enjoy the book of Revelation Jesus is a faithful witness of overcoming is a faithful witness of obedience in his life Jesus life testifies that through the father 's power by the father 's strength in the father is from my UNI can be victorious of the wiles of Satan to listen to the message of the seven churches in Revelation two and three the members of these churches face trial they face persecution they face martyrdom some of these members of the seven churches lived in times that were immoral godless licentious cultures they lived amid spiritual apathy and complacency they they may have to navigate their way through heresy and false doctrines and religious apostasy it is impossible to be overcome in those circumstances look that message to the church at Ephesus Revelation chapter two looking there at verse seven revelation to present it he was an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches was speaking you speaking Jesus throw who John yes but what does the text say he was here letting the year what the Spirit says to the churches of the Spirit is speaking at the Spirit speaks to me listen what you say church spirits needs to be listened he has immunity or the spirits that to heal who does what over God 's that's the message weapons is not what drives drop down to verse eleven he was an ear let him hear what the who's speaking the spirit and when the spirit speaks what we do listen he who does what over God 's lecture eyes drop down now to reverse seventeen US near let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches to him who does what over God 's think God has a message and let's keep going for now take your Bible please and turned like your eyes drop down now to verse twenty six and he who does what overcomes version revelation three verse five the message to the church at Sardis Revelation three VeriSign he who does what overcomes Revelation three and verse twelve he who does what over God 's Revelation three and verse twenty one we think that might set to him who does what overcomes is it possible to overcome is impossible to overcome don't you bridge was wrong was seven times the Bible says the unit does what over God 's is it possible to overcome Jesus witnessed in his life what a life was like that was totally committed to God Jesus witnessed it is like what it was like when the master touches his people again in the Spirit lives in their life I don't want your face it I don't know what you struggle with I don't know what temptations the devil tries to trip you up on it I know this Jesus is stronger than all other unity week but he's strong you may be frail but he is Almighty when we look at the book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus and what do we see in that book we see first Christ the faithful with us the one a witness of his father 's love and grace in a world of injustice we see Christ the faithful witness the one who witnessed that obedience in a season full pollutant rebellious world is possible and looking to Jesus 's love breaks our hearts looking to Jesus we are transformed by that grace but our text goes on three phrases in revelation one verse live first Jesus is the faithful witness we look at the next expression in the text he is first the faithful witness we then look at Revelation one verse five and from Jesus the faithful witness the first born from the dead now that's a little confusing so I need to pause on the text the word firstborn is a way to West and Moses resurrected from the dead how can Jesus be the firstborn from the dead did Moses come down from heaven on the mounted transfiguration Jesus didn't Christ raised a number of people from the dead how can Jesus be the firstborn from the dead when you sell raised people from the dead previously he remember in the Bible where it talks about David as the firstborn son of Jesse was able to firstborn what was the last of the sentence right yet so David said that early in the Bible firstborn does not relate to the time it regulates the privilege the firstborn son in the Old Testament was the one with the privileges of the father he was the one that would receive the inheritance he is the one that would have been glory and honor of the father so when Christ is resurrected from the dead he has the privileges of divinity and reveals the glory of the father now let's look at that text let's look at what the text says the text says that Jesus is the first born of the dead I think it's quiz time and I thought for so many years seminary and other physical design review quiz I'm not asking erasure hands here's the question not have to raise your hand if three who raised Jesus from the dead the thought to the father raised Jesus from the dead did that at the best of the past few milliliters big weapons that who raised Jesus from the intifada reason for the business side raising from the dead it is such raise himself with a life that was in him what is always there makes it but come on now these two combined subjects I will look to raise you submitted it we got ready to look at the text but no confusing John chapter ten here we go John chapter ten John the tenth chapter three you are seventeen in verse eighteen you looking there this should settle the forest I believe the Bible Duncan John chapter ten verse seventeen therefore my father loves me because I lay down my life that I may take it again no one takes it from me but I lay it down of myself I have the power to lay it down I have power to take it again this command I received the father said so was Jesus divine duty of the power laid out his life rethink up again sure so did Jesus raise himself from the dead because divinity within short to be so quick it now let's go get another book of Romans but the Romans first Corinthians chapter fifteen verse fifteen first Corinthians Chapter fifteen verses they were going to the Romans by sin Romans Corinthians Corinthians area of the Romans later that that's later in the meal first printing chapter fifteen you're looking at verse fifteen here Paul is saying that if Christ is not risen from the dead we are falsely witnesses but because he is risen were not false witnesses so he says first Corinthians fifteen verse fifty yes and we are found false witnesses of God that's if Christ is not risen because we have testified of God that he God raised up Christ so kudos will say race of Christ God he says we have testified of God that he raised up Christ but what you just told me that Jesus was raised up with about with himself well we better go further than Romans chapter eight network coming to this portion of the meal Romans chapter eight verse eleven Romans eight and verse eleven who raised Jesus from the dead Romans eight verse eleven but if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead so the father raises and by the power the Holy Spirit right who raised Jesus from the dead the father son and Holy Spirit are all divine something to her very airpower brings Christ out of the grade I what differences that make for you for me the text says Christ is the faithful witness and he's the first begotten did Jesus takes on our worst fears and demolishes them he takes on the ultimate enemy death any defeats he takes on the graven conquerors he goes into the two and he comes out the other side what's your worst fear what is your worst fear is that your daughter will be struck by a car killed instantly visiting your husband 's diagnosis of cancer is fatal is that your grandchild 's disease is incurable is that your son in the military will never return home again for some of these fears become a reality but here is the incredible good news every time Christ battle death he won every time for the Christian death is merely a West until the coming of Jesus we have the glorious guarantee that glorious guarantee that the grave he is already defeated him by and through Jesus Christ is the first begotten of the dead you know a number months ago that was about fourteen months ago now I in my diagnosis that we thought was multiple myeloma cancer that is incurable to me I decided as I told his church congregation before that we were attacked this three ways first we would pray and seek God secondly we do everything medical science could do for us and so the University of Maryland is really helpful to me I go every three months six months in God is so good to me that you know that diagnosis is arrested but thirdly we decided we would go to a health institute if you clients and spend three weeks there with my world traveling international travel I knew that my immune system was down I knew I was exhausted and when we went there they were probably out not to know fifteen other guests that would be spending this period of three weeks together you really bond with these people when you're together with them about half of them were were experiencing cancer about half of some of them had tried everything else possible and they were they are on their last resort others of them were coming at the beginning I was there because I wanted to take time every day couple hours a day to to exercise I wanted to be able to get hydrotherapy treatments I wanted to get good diet I just needed to be away for a few weeks in process so so we went it was a tremendously wonderful experience for us right across the hall from us was a young man not young and really no age fell again when you're sixty nine like I and everybody under sixty nine which young but anyway anyway Dick was across the hall and Jim Dick came to you to Pines Institute with it in advanced stages of cancer and so when you deal with these folks are experiencing does we together every day in the dining room and there was a business executive from you see the works one of the foreign governments she was coming because of breast cancer there was a wealthy businessman from Connecticut who moved down to Alabama and he was coming because he was in advanced stages of cancer and someone came to get their pain reduced in others pain because they really thought they might get your and so I bonded with Dick and when I saw him he was in so much pain in his cancer had metastasize the just couldn't even walk up the whole I think this guy was in a lot of pain and I put my arm around it when you have this walker in and I knew he was really suffering a great deal and they were try to give them some hydrotherapy treatments try to reduce that pain will one day Dick's room was empty I heard from the physicians they had to be rushed to the hospital I really felt that really felt bad about it Mesopotamia no he's right across the hall from us I should administer to a morning I should've it in their warrantless guys wanted me die in the hospital tonight sitting in August by the cyber that we know work is helping with the next morning he was back in sixty hi I need to go see slicing into his room and sat on his bed and he was in his Venice and they don't even try to get on this I just put my hands on his his feet were under the sheet I just put my hand on his feet but I just wanted to talk to Slovenia the thought of Jesus began to talk about his love his goodness and I began to talk about the fact that that that death was a small thing that when he guides you get if you guys did Jesus resurrect the president would talk about the power of Christ the victory over the two so forth and then I said to him Dick I want to play he was so long and I had just the night before listen to a song called then came and I want to read you the verses of the song I began to read the Dick and Dick began to cry I'm here this grown man Middle Ages and the song is called then came the morning so long about crime resurrection and the sorrow that the disciples faced when Christ died there is one line but I just kept repeating to get over original imaginative I'm sitting in this this hospital sanitarium room Dick is lying on his bed he doesn't have much time to leave and he knows I began to play this song to him and he just sat there tears running down his face and hear the words no picture Christ crucified they all walked away with nothing to say they just lost their dearest friend all these said but now he was dead so this was the way it within the dreams they had dreams were not what it seemed now he was dead and gone regarding the jail to hammer the nail how could I be so long then came death and lost in life is one the morning to come the morning to come the song goes on in the line that struck me and struck Dick was this then came the morning night turned today the stone was rolled away hope rose with the one then came the morning shadows vanish before the sun death had lost his life that one then came I embraced it I looked in his eyes as they would Christ was resurrected from the dead death had lost an ally 's had one we are alive in Jesus Christ he is not lying in it to I remember one night I was preaching in the Kremlin right after the fall of communism six thousand five hundred people were coming to session after session and I had just been into lemons to bear in the front of the one eleven Solaris I look through the glass face of the unit bombed lifeless body of aligning and I stood there in the Kremlin where where where and drop off smoking in Khrushchev 's spoken at and where the great Soviet leaders and gold which often spoken and they are in the Kremlin I said to that audience Lehman is used to but Christ is alive he's resurrected from the dead the audience could not restrain themselves a study together will applaud because they knew Christ was alive they could it was the husband or wife son daughter dear friend Inc. Jesus Christ is alive who is Christ he is the faithful witness he reveals the father 's love he shares with us to the father we can obey who is this Christ is the glorious Jesus within the sanctuary of was resurrected from the dead will resurrect his people when it comes again but there's one more thing Revelation the first chapter the fifth personalization Jesus Revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one and we look there at the fifth verse and from Jesus Christ the faithful witness the firstborn from the dead the fifth verse Revelation one and the ruler of the kings of the earth who is this Jesus he is the one who has the whole world is that he is the seeing of gains he is the Christ who will one day with his father reign over all the kings of the earth have you ever participated in or heard Handel 's Messiah so now they've never heard Handel 's Messiah 's great hallelujah chorus it builds that great crescendo are you hello you seen all that he is Lord of lords do you know where Handel got inspiration from this for the Messiah here's the story the year is seventeen forty one George Frederick and is discouraged he has just had a mini stroke is paralyzed on one side these creditors are breathing down his neck to take everything that he has he thinks he can never write again and as he does he begins to meditate on the book of Revelation and there are three passages that encourages our now let's turn to those three passages Revelation eleven verse fifteen have you know that the words to the Messiah that oratory of the Messiah I want to think of them in the light of these three passages that so inspired shorthand he was disheartened by his tragic experience he almost despair of ever breathed on Revelation chapter eleven verse fifteen and the seventh angel sounded and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever and ever if you remember that front from the Messiah Outlook Revelation nineteen verse six Revelation nineteen and verse six and I heard as it were the sound of the great multitude is the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunder sing alleluia for the Lord God omnipotent reigns hallelujah the Lord got on the potent he is all-powerful he raised and what is he verse sixteen and he has on his robe and on his thigh a name written what is that Nate King of Kings and Lord of lords as handle read those words in the Revelation the Holy Spirit inspired the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our cries hallelujah the Lord our God reigns he is King of Kings and Lord of lords there is no greater joy no greater hope no greater assurance Jesus Christ the King of Kings 's triumph over the principles of the here is the incredible good news you can walk out of his church with today you and I are on the winning side Christ's witnesses of God 's love he reveals God 's grace God is not a vindictive wrath direct hiring in Jesus we see his love in a world filled with temptation can be over comers in the power the living Christ Jesus is the is a witness we need to fear death it is a small thing for the Christian because Christ is triumphed over the graves he is alive and we can live to the reins how he brings think of James Lord of lords he has triumphed over the powers of Kelly's victorious although evil seems strong although wickedness seems great although seems seems powerful the faithful and true witness the firstborn from the dead the resurrected Christ the ruler over the kings of the earth the true King of Kings is truly really coming again Christ reigns East front of the principles of hell Christ reigns he's defeated Satan and his life and his death Christ reigns he is the resurrected war and one day he is coming again that's why we are the church of living hope but for a father in a world that so diffused world is so filled with injustice the world this tour apartment strife and conflict in a world of the character of God has been defamed in the name of God 's been distorting we look at Jesus and we see in him one of kindness compassion love were charmed by Christ we fall his feet the same with the Angels in the universe worthy worthy worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory and honor and riches wherever the father there are times their worst fears overwhelm us are times we think the pain in our body maybe cancer there times when cry over the phone calls the family members their times their heart is broken over the death is something we care about that's all-natural but we woke this morning away from that the resurrection of Christ the one that triumphed over the powers of hell the one that gives us assurance that we can live again in him the just as the father the son and Holy Spirit together participated in the resurrection of the father is not forgotten or left once the sun is not forgotten in the spirit is not forgotten and not forgotten us either in order as we think of this phrase King of Kings Lord of Lords rule moreover the kings of the earth of father today our hearts so rejoice that this world is not in the hands of human beings at the hands of God we rejoice that one day he'll come again one day we can live with you throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity one day there will be no more sickness of suffering a heart in her sorrow or death so we leave this church this with hope filling our hearts in Christ's name on I am marginally the last forty five years my wife Tina I have traveled the world sharing Jesus one of the great joys of our life is to see laypeople catching vision of what Christ can do for them discover the gifts that God is given them and get actively involved in service and that's one of the reasons why at this stage of her life we want to give our life to training young people to training laypeople and he really impacting pastors as well with the principles of God 's kingdom chair very practical things and how to witness we have a dream that dream is to build lay training pastoral evangelistic Center in church in a new area what we don't have any church in Northern Virginia in Dominion Valley Haymarket Virginia and we see that training center in the church as being an opportunity for us to train laypeople to train pastors trained young people our plan is to have four to seven day retreats will serve people food at our church we will build a house in the area and they can of course keep their regular job spoke him for forty seven days the different curriculums at different times of the year everything from how to do health ministries how to conduct a cooking school how do you stress management workshops how to reach out to the community I get Bible studies how to answer objections how to hold evangelistic meetings will train somebody elders in lay preaching preach on Sabbath morning in addition to that we will train pastors elders laypeople in the whole art of teaching the Bible teaching Sabbath school so we see this project is incredibly exciting we have forty purchase the property but we have not built only training center yet when and church and weaklings never really long to do that of course funding is always a challenge but we believe that God is to provide his God puts in your heart if the Holy Spirit touches your mind if you really desire to make a difference and make a financial contribution to us if you have questions about early training center I want you to e-mail me at Finley and at GC agonist .org that Finley am at GC agonist .org and please don't e-mail me and ask a lot of Bible questions because I can't answer thousands and thousands of questions but if you want to make a financial contribution to the wagering center in the church you just e-mail me if you want more information to you that God puts her e-mail which is a media was brought in by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. audio person or


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