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Reasonable Service

Chester Clark III


If genuine Christianity is anything, it is imminently practical. And the Apostle Paul argues that it is also logical and reasonable! Listen to this message as Pastor Clark unfolds the practical message of Romans chapter twelve.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 23, 2014
    11:30 AM
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father David thank you that you given us you've given us Jesus and Jesus have given us every good gift we thank you for the Sabbath we thank you for your word we thank you for fellowship we thank you for the joy of seeing you working in our lives even through some of the challenges and difficulties we face today as we think about what it means to render reasonable service we pray that you it's in your spirit to be here father take my lips take my voice and may your words have an impact may your Scriptures have an impact on our hearts today we thank you Jesus I met Paul begins chapter twelve of the book of Romans with a and intrigue she ate clean this is somewhat unique is so far in the book but if not is not unique to help Paul wrote in fact if you look at almost all the epistles of Paul Paul began by giving a by giving a theological treatise by giving a presentation of why he believes what he believed and having given what he was trying to teach human then come later in the vessel to the statement working within fly what he was teaching to the lives of his listeners to the life of his readers and that's what I need to hear it he's trying to explain to them what the their reasonable service would be given the fact that Jesus has brought us salvation and as he is described in the first eleven chapters know what is reasonable service anyway when I think of reasonable service I think of some of those great stories of heroes on where people were willing to give their law I was wrong for their team for their master their difference voice we can look at the one of the craft one of the most most remarkable stories of your wisdom and loyalty and service is found in the book of of the second standing on the twenty third chapter remember it was then that the Philistines had encamped around Bethlehem and the demon himself was was hiding out in the wilderness and he was just sort of amusing out there in the desert out there in the wilderness without a lot of the provisions no doubt David was musing and just reflecting on his life childhood and on some of the maybe some of the more more more of positive memories you know how reminiscing and then the old man right now I just wish I had a drink of water from the well now he knew it was impossible in the Bethlehem was surrounded they were at war the Philistines were there there was no way he was and get a drink of water he certainly didn't intend for anyone to take that as a request for three of his most valiant men heard him doing this reminiscing reflecting sort of wishful thinking and three of these about three of his most valiant men they said we're going to give our King what he wants were going to go to the well of Bethlehem and water can imagine imagine three men taking on a whole occupied seniors around city with enemy army green envy somehow English soccer fight their way through the Philistines all the way to the well of Bethlehem they must've taken some time to draw water out of the well of younger I don't know how they drew water in those days maybe they had to serve the rope on a on a with the type to a a e-mail Clayton jar something of thing that worked the best that altogether in some places and verbal countries where they use a bag on the road and they don't have jars like it and it's a little bit tricky to get back to start building and then monthly dealing eleven here they are surrounded in any territory may get some of this precious water they must've had some type of way to carrying anything and have our same models that we have today you know they had to have some some vessels on the flask of of leather or something to carry it back in and he carried that through enemy lines they bring in the is that reasonable service it certainly loyal services and they were willing they were willing to put their lives on the line for their team and we can talk about the Romans who are sworn allegiance to their to their generals who fought for the Emperor we could talk about the great missionaries to sacrifice much more willing to die to mark this at all I wish I wish I will live like to die upon your begins and he begins Romans chapter twelve by saying I beseech you I plead with you I entreat you but therefore not know where there was always very instructive the word therefore is filled with meaning and sometimes we tend to disorders of the speedo were breezed past it we see the word therefore because it sort of you know we don't we don't think a lot about to walk when we read the Bible sort of in an in in in just like in a one person the time we don't we don't find contacts but I would propose you the word therefore means that based upon what we party talked about right based upon some preceding ideas therefore I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies as living sacrifices now therefore must point back to the first eleven chapters where Paul has been arguing the New Haven they are doing that sounds maybe majority of the negative he has been presenting eloquently describing the gospel of Jesus Christ as a not even pointing out some of the pitfalls of the Jewish nation had fallen into the love legalism he started in Romans chapter one about how the world is lots there is an wickedness in the world and and just as his readers were about to become self-confident wellies I don't do those terrible things in all the thriving on the world he said no you know what even the Georgia loss to be another matter to go to church every week you go to church twice or three times or five times a week and it doesn't matter your loss suffered uses a miracle of God so chapter three goes on to begin describing what this righteousness by faith in life where all lost Romans one the world 's life from to the church as lot number three is invaded churches lost the good people are lost without salvation through Jesus Christ number three were all loss is none righteous no not one that does good Romans chapter four but there is righteousness like a good comes comes from God and Abraham is given as an example of that right and Romans five therefore being justified by faith and peace with God reward Jesus Christ Romans six our old man dies and got on his own and use the metaphor of the resurrection death and resurrection that God speaks into our hearts but my heart and without aborting your event reporting and miracle divine regeneration just as great a miracle performed by the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and so Paul gives us a description he uses the symbols of American and how we can be married to people legally in God 's eyes and so it were still married to her old life can't be united with Jesus seven Romans three talks about how we can lose live by the flesh but we delivered by the spirit when God wants to get a power sons of God to be led by the Spirit of God and so he's gone through all of this describe description of how we can experience salvation in Jesus Romans is is is is a book of the Bible that we can thank God for beginning his is one of the clearest understandings of the boss Romans Paul and then arguing and Romans nine and ten and eleven he talks about particularly the problems that the Jews have fallen into this trap of legalism of thinking because you were doing good you were good everything you are defined by the things you do know we are defined by who we are inside only Jesus can change my only Jesus on near orgies change based on all this Paul says in Romans chapter twelve I beseech you therefore there because of all of this that I presented to you this is your response that you present your bodies present yourselves as a living sacrifice living sacrifice which is your reasonable service another word of reasonable there sometimes is translated spiritual I don't know exactly how they come with the spiritual the Greek word is logical 's now that pretty much means it's rational is reasonable as it uses the powers of reasons that make sense this is something that is that if you if you knew all of the information does make sense you see the world think that Christianity is irrational Bible argues within itself the least the Bible argue that know God says following me giving your self your bodies as living sacrifices giving everything you have you mean you actually want to go you know the facts if you want to close service if you're reasonable rational intellectual and a face some people may look at it when their Christians when they see us as Christians and they say why is he doing that why is she living that way it doesn't make sense is because they've only seen the things of this world if you have seen the things of eternity Christianity makes sense that makes sense and so and so it's like that is like a man who and Matthew chapter thirteen he finds it a treasure hidden in a field right and he began acting completely irrational he didn't take within the was he acting irrationally in eyes of those Latin themed treasure absolutely he was selling everything you say that is just lucky they were to be next they were in the house was empty his wife was about to leave them he had lost his mind but in the end when everyone else saw what he has seen they couldn't make a firm that he had been acting rationally all along right so sometime define yourself in a situation where the world says you're being irrational you're not you're not making good decisions you are here doing things that don't get you ahead but if you've seen the treasure and you've understood the truth that is about Jesus and Jesus wants to save his beloved have seen what all this trying to explain the last eleven chapters Paul says you're going to rationally reasonably logically choose to surrender everything present yourself living sacrifices you know some people ask me what does it mean this rent everything some music some time ago here about two years ago we had a whole sermon on surrender but my short explanation of surrender is how how do I give everything to Jesus I give him that which is nearest and dearest to my heart is always something that is why competing for some premises on my hearts grow your heart it could mean a good thing but the way we surrender all to Jesus not make a list of three thousand two hundred ninety things in your life immediately surrendered the way you nicer and wrong is last is by giving him that one thing is nearest and dearest car that would place him on our hearts and Paul says this is reasonable service to give ourselves completely wholly wholeheartedly to Jesus let's explore this a little more as we look at and look at this passage Romans chapter twelve in verse one we first of all we see the boat why of our surrender the why of our service because I beseech you therefore brethren why by the mercies of God we've already divisive and therefore pointed back the mercies of God look I'm arguing a meeting with you and what am I using to bring with you the mercies of God is the goodness of God elitist repentance and then you see there's there's a problem interest yet he declared those of us who grown up in the church we know all the truth we know that Jesus loves me this I know right we have all of this ingrained in us from from from childhood and so when we when we come to do exercising religion sometimes it doesn't become very real to us it doesn't become very real to us that that we have we have been while the everlasting love the wheel designer you understand what I'm saying is make sense yes we sometimes those of us in the church when we forget how good God has been and we we know why the things that we should mean delaying the service that we should be rendering without even really the why of service I want to know friends the gospel that Paul presents in Romans and which is now fifteen years and beginning to apply to hearts is not a gospel of Reagan's wider surgeries because he first loved us because we have been touched by his love his mercies by the mercies of God Paul is insured using God 's mercy not God 's law is nothing you do in your letter served God with ELR because the ten Commandments say so the father arguments using page meet you therefore brethren by the mercies that you present your bodies as living sacrifices too often we're tempted to get the cart before the horse now that the that the colonialism and by the way if you ever have an opportunity to speak overseas you begin to learn that your translators don't like colloquialism right some of you are our multilingual here and you know and talking about and they will look at you funny when you say some of these Indians and figures of speech that know you go out in the morning the caramel turnover why would you want the car to turn over no just makes no sense some eighties a someone is really on the ball write a beside himself and always English colonialism 's biggest I had translators look at me and just see what the world does that mean so so when we talk about colloquialisms we talk about some of these things the cart before the horse if we've never do anything we probably don't really know how foolish it is trying to cart before horse your harness doesn't bring wellness it pulls the cart and so winner stands and what it means to getting out of sequence but it's really in possible union card for the horse to make a horse push the cart it doesn't work and some time younger people made you have an opportunity to see Eugene pitched in you can imagine that anyway we're talking about sometimes we get the cart before the horse and we begin to try to live the Christian life without first experiencing the new birth the experience of conversion that God wants us to experience all here have the order for us he's gone through the gospel she's kismet eleven chapters arguing even from the Jews perspective how Jesus is the Savior by faith not by works by race through faith and geopolitics may these arguments very cogently and very clearly and now he comes applying it to how our life to be different anyone's as the make sure it's not going to go about changing our lives so that Jesus can save it he is immersing any because he has saved us that our lives are changed I was need payment with your family it's because of God 's love of God salvation of God 's reign in of what is bought with his blood upon the cross that I don't deserve I could never deserve no matter what I do I will never desert you the foundation that we have the privilege of living new transform lives and that Paul's argument as he begins Romans chapter twelve I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable God to God which is your logical rational reasonable service but the why of our service the mercies of God is what leads this to him to surrender the goodness of God leads us to repentance and he moves on as to what is left one of our service to present yourselves as living sacrifices now that means friends that we are we are to be used by God however he chooses just like the lamb was slow off and on the altar just like Isaac was willing to to to allow his elderly father divine and we are willing to allow Jesus to use as however choose were willing to be surrendered to his will to his way the one of our services and present ourselves as living sacrifices and friends that doesn't mean most of ourselves right it means all of ourselves it doesn't matter if we can we give God authority over nine tenths of our lives if we keep that one tenth of our life in our own control the devil is going to use that to destroy a spiritually we are either all Chrysler were none of his reminds Ms. story of a man who was selling his favorite cabin Uganda the hard times and of his mountain cabin and couldn't afford it anymore and had to sell it and then the bank was repossessing it so forth and he finally he finally found a buyer who would buy and get him out of this pickle and he said you know I'm a science cabin on the site so for one thing there's a nail by the front door I want to keep that nail that can be my property handle old Dean written up in such a way that the cabin was transferred ownership the cabin but he retained ownership that one nail well the new owner couldn't see why that would be a problem so we agreed to it and sign the papers and moved in and thought he would enjoy his nice mountain retreat the old owner of was resentful and one of his cap back so he took to painting something on that name he would go get pizza roadkill or something dead carcass he would hang it on the nail by the front door the cat works future fines that catch with me being in the house unbearable until finally the guy left the cat and he was able to buy back at a price you can afford now whether that's a true story or not I don't know I heard it many years ago but it illustrates the point that if we leave any part of our heart in outside of God 's control the devil eventually get the whole thing is I can either give ourselves wholly to God no we can't say well I didn't lord unassertive I minute I'm been underserved youth on the serve the church under the number be your disciple I'm intrigued ninety nine percent of people in the community nice that one person that possible can we God ourselves as living sacrifices while we maintain portions of our line that is still not surrendered we can know what our service present yourselves as living sacrifice we see Christianity flows from the love of God for us and when we have had the why of service when we truly experience the wide service weird really not have any problem with the want of service that is anything but what would we find yourself struggling with the wife of service we ought to spend more time trying to understand the why of service spent time studying the life of Christ 's well on what Jesus did for you one across because friends using if I understand who I really am I'm a sinner that put life-saving ministry in the world on Calvary 's tree if I understand who I am and that Jesus forgave me in spite of that it's impossible for me not forgive my brother sister a fivefold resentment and don't forget others it simply because I am not myself and forget I don't and why I don't know what you done for me and so the want of service follows nationally after the why of service sometimes they focus too much on the want of service I might even preach too much on the one of service I don't know I confess I make mistakes we talk about what we should do what we should do it we ought to forget about but first we need to have that experience of knowing what Jesus has done so the fall the order for was actually the Carter follows the horse and finally he continues and he says the how of service the house serves as an realm as well to give this this is how a service that is to be expanded upon for the rest of the chapter Romans chapter twelve verse two and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God so Paul says look the wider service of the mercies of God I spent eleven chapters talking about it therefore the will of one of service is give yourself completely to God as living sacrifices give your bodies as living sacrifices to how your service don't be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind where there is not a more bold agenda and more specifically it is going from me from the Catholic to a beautiful butterfly if they arrived it was change that you cannot bring yourself to something that God wants to do in and through you can you imagine if the Church of God were do not be conformed to this world but were to be transformed by renewing every day of the mind of Christ implanted in us can you imagine what a witness we could be in this community can you imagine how others would say you know what they love each other not because they know they have to the weather service but because a person and it will promote our it's been four oh one eight what a wonderful challenging passage this is do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God as we think of this reasonable service I'm a break this up into the next couple of chapters I believe the rest of the chapter is is anything amplifying Romans chapter twelve verse two what it means to be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds let's is literally going through this passage first of all we see in verses three through eight the humility of our service were all members of one body notice with me for I say to the gay grace given to me to everyone who is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly as God has dealt to each one a measure of a know what Paul is trying to say years look even if God gives you a a a a a special place in his work even if in the body of Christ you have a unimportant tasks don't start to think that you're all there is because were all members of a bigger body and were all on one another we all need each other don't think of yourself as more important than somebody else knows what he says in verse four for as we have many members in one body at all the members not have the same function so we being many are one body in Christ and individually members of one another having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us let us use them as of this is how the church works were not all the same if you and I have the same ability losing gives we probably need to we probably don't need to be in the same church we would need means a Miami updated to eyeballs in two years only one Tom theirs there's some of us are some room for duplication right in the body of Christ that we can't all be the same we can't all be a bunch of eyeballs can all be a bunch of tongues we can all be fingers we need all the parts of the body and some of them get more credit than others write some of them are our upfront that I'll just think about the local church here and I I I shudder to even start to think about all the things are done in local church to make this ministry and in our community in and in the Dalton committee our church community function different people of different games and whether it's it's it's the ministry of comparing food for the visitors lunch whether it's the Ministry of spending time during the sermon counting the offering and and that you know that being a deacon or an treasurer whether it's whether it's running the PA system whether it's so many things that people can be involved in an the gifts are needed nobody can do it all we need each other on so thankful God didn't put us into the world as individuals but as a community is a block and without the body were in big trouble we need each other and so when we really begin feeling like the burdens of us are pretty heavy and I must be pretty important and everyone else should be the same as I am aware getting into trouble at all it's exactly Paul's trying to say we shouldn't do don't think of yourself more highly than you ought because were all part of the were all part of the body and what a wonderful privilege it is to be a part of the body and so it goes on and he says in verse six having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us let us use them if prophecy let us prophesy proportion are free or ministry let us use it in ministering he who teaches in teaching you exhorts interchange and you gives with liberality in leaves with diligence he shows mercy with cheerfulness and so these are neither these are all densities describing parts of the body that are hello one hundred news and notice what easy way saying he was here you don't get caught up in self-important thinking that might harm the body is more important than others we are one body and we need each other and more more traps most important reason is that he is not as I would encourage you how some of you that's all using your gifts in many different ways some of you may be convicted by the Spirit now and then you have gifts that God could use as one encouraging a week we had we want you to be able to use the gifts of God is giving you right here in the body and the community of faith here involved God has given each one of you out there who you are he has given new spiritual gifts and were working on it on a uneven shorter serving to something you can do between Sabbath school and church to help you see where those spiritual gifts might be involved use your gift will hear him I think this is the preacher cut is a breach repealing this morning for users Virginia says Paul Paulus whatever your gifts are use them that's what my Bible says I think you says he is being fingers examining just different different gifts according to the grace is given us let us use them when you use your spiritual gifts we actually have a committee hearing tries to encourage our church members to use their spiritual gifts as your choice you can choose not to talk to someone on the script of this Canadian university department committee had talked to Kathy talk to myself we want everyone to be using the gifts that God has given them no matter what those so the first part of the reasonable service here is using your gifts using your gifts that's what reasonable services all about it involving practical here is getting back yes we received the grace of God the mercies of God we give ourselves as living sacrifices adding that we are serving Jesus on we are giving our lives to others we are giving ourselves as living such as giving reasonable service as we move rather as a window onto verse nine any continues on with that of wind with the description the practical application of what reasonable service is any he talks about the transformed life there there there I can be a difference between a Christian and non-Christian are not here trying to denigrate non-Christians I'm not saying that at all I'm just saying that I believe in the grace of God has transformed our lives people ought to see they often know that we are Christians by allowed right by this shall all men know that you are my disciples by the love map one another where Paul starts in Romans chapter twelve verse nine he says less because let love be without dissimulation the King James as are the new King James of that love be without hypocrisy in other words we shouldn't be like that morning and the Monday morning we talk backfill fellow church member about spin doctors that's called dissimulation or blockers right and evidently was a problem two thousand years ago and I think the church scrimmage overcome by now right in the nearly two thousand years ago that's when people were they actually were nice on Sabbath morning and not some nice lines of the facts in the all-time talk about evidently is a problem right because one thing and wasn't around Susan let alone without me without knowing any of the genuine right is a genuine actually and that will only back in the whole wide service right we love him because he first loved us and our love for others flows from our understanding of our love is love Jesus has wrestled the first thing he says he is the gullibility pretending being genuine love genuinely goes on a set of core what is even claimed what is good because I only affectionate to one another with brotherly love and honor giving preference to one another not lagging and diligence for agreement in spirit serving the Lord so basically all times they luckily want to know what it looks like to give your life as as a living sacrifices and eight which is your reasonable service this is what it looks like right user needs and love one another and get along with one another and in no way saying I'm summarizing your perhaps paraphrasing by the way saying he goes on and he says work hard and do do what you're doing with diligence not like the new diligence fervent in spirit serving the Lord rejoicing in hope patient in tribulation continuing steadfastly in prayer distributing to the needs of the saints given to hospitality all of these things God of all essay on the bus at his server bless those who persecute you bless and do not curse that's regarding you and I was only applicable to them years ago when Paul wrote this you know I'll be honest with you there sometimes I read the Bible and I read it completely devoid of any perk any any contemporary application you have found something that raving mad bless those who persecute us and we really has been investment come in handy shortcut that in the back of my mind doesn't come in handy some day when you know when we have persecution last days love your enemies well I'll have the enemy 's right not a war man hustled her anyway given birth application to those in our lives today and that's really the point about trying to get across me is it possible to install enemies today they happen as Christians we had enemies we have used in front of reason people that we don't belong with this cheese is really needed is a don't you think it's impossible on her own without a miracle I went back and back about America will become even recognizing my enemies are as many people it can be bought like there is the way because they're so that my problem is I need for the miracle to let me see hey when Jesus says ledger 's he's calling me to love him as a person second miracle is when I spend so much time at the foot of the cross but God does give me love for someone who is hurt someone who is to my way of thinking unlovable Francisco Christianity does nothing for you the self-help books can't it's not worth spending this much time on Sabbath morning I believe the religion of Jesus Christ is meant to be miraculous I mean the religion of Jesus Christ is meant to change our hearts even this hard part to be more like Jesus and I have long allowed him to do that it is a tradition into ceremony but it is not what Jesus wants my religion to be canceled Paul says he will receive the mercies of God so give yourself a little sacrifice is what you look like well tolerated and while genuinely get along with one another work hard and generous love even your enemies he moves on any any any says further be in effect notice he says bless those who persecute you bless and do not curse rejoice with those who rejoice in me with those we be in the same mind toward one another in other words eighty eight eighty dollars MM thingy says do not set your mind on highlighting the associate when the homeowner was don't be no discrimination among people based on their social status whether economic status or educational status treated everyone in allergies is erratic can you imagine how much Jesus transmitted to people when he treated a woman well the same as he treated Nicodemus between the Messiah is under their back-to-back contact between John and therefore a eighties on L and nobody a good person of that person of the Jewish man a Samaritan woman Jesus treated the same don't discriminate with one another treat others equally he goes on to give do not be wise in your own opinion it's hard for sometimes reading no one evil for evil have regard for all good things in the sight of all men it is impossible is not just depends on you live peaceably with all men brethren do not avenge yourselves but rather give place giraffe herd is written vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord therefore he says if your enemy is hungry feed him if he is thirsty give him a drink for in so doing you will keep holy goals of fire on his head and that anything I think three times fast all reminded us of the challenging truth that we have to love genuinely those don't naturally go that's what it says in your interviews says is hungry good and do good things to those who don't like you and keep coals of fire on his head what a wonderful opportunity to minister in service to God and to others any some whole job in verse twenty one by saying this is your reasonable service do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good why because Jesus loves me the site why because I given my heart completely to him why because I want to be more like Jesus is Christian practical Roland is not just a treatise on theology friends you don't have to have a PhD or PhD to be able to understand the book of Romans because when it's all said it's all about keeping your eyes on Jesus and then letting the truth about his salvation change your heart change your life change the way you treat others change the way you see others that's what the book of Romans is all about you know that man by the name of James Roe was born in Devon Shire England on January one eighteen sixty five and James did not have an easy life he he was the best of nine children but the first son the first boy of the fifth of nine and down at an early age of roll into the government survey Department of lead this was actually Ireland at the time of Scotland things in the United Kingdom he worked there until eighteen ninety when his family immigrated to America any settlement how many New York Rome became a railroad employee and that married lady by the name of Blanche Clapper and then later he worked in as a couple of other occupations he became inspector for the Humane Society never a pastor never creature not educated not a theologian but both had some gifts that he wanted to use for the Savior and then one of his gifts with which so wrote James Road began to write hands and then later in life as he retired and moved on to Vermont where he lived with us since this is daughter 's daughter was an artist and is his artist daughter had made in reading cards and James Roland Wright versus poetry for those reading cards but he didn't his right greeting cards late in life his fingers gnarled by arthritis he would painfully and painstakingly write out versus this might discount some nineteen thousand and you wrote eighty hours of them became somewhat widely circulated printed used by themed events of his day etc. some of those hands you know in fact it is said that he could he could extemporaneously write poetry and is one of the things that he would do at a church service he was stand up to speak about a Savior and he would he would he would offer without having written it ahead time he could speak in public verse poems tell testifying of his love for Jesus some of these hands have endured you may have heard some of them I was thinking the same far from the peaceful shore very deeply stained within seeking to rise no more but the master of the scene heard my despairing cry from the waters lifted me now safe in my row saying Rove wrote these hymns express his own personal desire to be like Jesus in our closing hymn organizing today's one of his hands the verse goes like this earthly pleasures vainly call me I would be like Jesus nothing worldly shall enthrall me I would be like Jesus he is broken every fatter at the life I would be like Jesus that my soul may serve them better I would be like Jesus all the way on earth the glory I would be like Jesus telling or and or the story I would be like Jesus in heaven he may need to me I would be like Jesus that his words well done me green I would be like Jesus being like Jesus this is my song in the whole Lenin is wrong be like Jesus all day long I would be like Jesus I mean what all trying to communicate to his Romans twelve and we understand the gospel we're going to also with James Roe want to be like Jesus executives are today would you like to make this song the prayer of your hearts you know they said it's been said the fastest way to make a whole bunch of Christians break the commandments at least the one commandment thou shall not bear false witness is to haven't seen hints is often leasing them without really thinking about overseeing or meaning what worse but AL invites you to join me as we sing this song by James Roe went I want this to be the prayer of my heart over the speech was not James Rose words recite the microphone and expression is I want to be like Jesus this media was brought to you by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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