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God's Farm

Thom Mayer


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries




  • August 30, 2014
    3:00 PM
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him I thought of it all in our heads we visited Minnesota Law Review this year 's place give me seventy father Lord we humbly come before you today this afternoon on your holy Sabbath day what do I know more about you want to know more about what you are calling each one of us to do and how you want us to call labor with you in these last days to tell the truth about your character is Lori know your characters under attack in the whole great controversy is revolving around the vindication of your character 's alert help us open our eyes open our minds to things you have us know as things in the precious name of Jesus and what welcome to the Southwest youth conference breakout session four ministries is our first session here of five they told me when I got to get this one okay I will give no so tomorrow I got three Xavier to listen seats up front front and honest about their have you heard of our ministry the light ministries Wednesday is okay good number of you but my and my brother and I we started this ministry and we started out making a series of presentations we entitled Battlefield Hollywood because it leaders about going on I and is a battle that we cannot turn our backs on the ballot we cannot just put our barrier had to stand and try to forget about is something that we have to confront what head-on right and Ephesians five eleven is is our ministry 's motto to have no fellowship with for seminars but rather expose them I is my brother and I we we were part of the unfruitful works of darkness as we work in Hollywood and television production and we came to our senses after witness to us my grandmother never stop praying for us when arsonists videos multiply and we looked at those in recent memory we done down here I working for the wrong team and so we started a prayer Lord what would you have us do and reserving up rarities and got to leave you unanswered no less than that very wants us to ask a man but what would you have me do with what purpose you have for me in these last days we start praying that at first we thought well we came to Hollywood to make movies we like this this medium why don't we make a Christian movie that was our first thought so we says that do the story of Samson Hollywood's midsemester that let's tell the true story of Samson and of course we just started that story because we were coming off a fifteen year addition to Hollywood ourselves and Samson was started was action right of course he started off by themes and how we are to tell the story Long story short my cousin was listening to us because I was listening to us and tell him about this idea make this sound and he does a government testimony by Vermonters know and we said no and that he gave us a CD welcome welcome to make some room here's a few more seats in front is to write their were just getting started so so we look at that when we watched to see the black hole and we realize wow their God when this man out of the hip-hop industry is interesting at all and it out of that and so we just analysis maybe maybe the Lord is calling us to do something beyond just making Christian movies or maybe that's not what he wants us to do to get our ideas we set them up what would you really understand what he wants to do and then someone asked if we would come to a youth rally and give a presentation in the request was show movie and intelligence outlets recent water no movie we would pick an homage to the surround talk about God after watching two-hour movie so we similarly just talk about Hollywood in general and the passages invite us if you have some together whatever we had no idea what was coming and use little bit starstruck as it were and we finished you could tell he wasn't ready for what we presented there and that was our first out of a Hollywood presentation and we look to the effects of media on the mind and all these things and since then the largest open the way for us to go here and there and we've been traveling around the world giving his presentation and brother went to what country wasn't there at North Korea but all men like him he went to England three times Scott ran with Austria Scotland Brazil is another invite down to Brazil I'm going to Bermuda next month so there's just Florida's really open the way for us to go running a new set of presentations and we praise God for that today where did not talk about Holly without any him wars they and because we know that there is a battle taking place we can find summary promises in the Bible gives current encouragement right and here the Israelites were given this promise before they went into battle and is a promise that we can claim ourselves in these last days of spiritual Israel and the Bible says and shall sell incident hero is really draw nigh this day and some battle against your enemies but not your heart faint fear not nor tremble neither the right temperature holy and honesty that go with with you to fight for you to say to save you by admin so the Lord is fighting this battle right we first started this ministry which I got on the whole armor of God because you got your battle against Satan are we called to battle against Satan no were not armed I was really with you with ourselves our palace itself to step out of the way and allow God to work in our lives in such a powerful way that he brings about the industry controversy in an so asked the question why are you here what you come to SMU I see answers to learn more encouraged by others by this training is aware right because as a battle and what it will before you go in to battle we got into it unprepared right and the question is will really was the best analogy for the preparation is talking about a battle is it putting on a suit of armor camo and a gun is that the best analogy for this war right now sometimes how we approach it right I think it could now I can load with a bunch of tax that I know about a certain treatment and noted that spiritual machine gun is aware of it somebody right and when I do that but is that really works is that you use that person wounded maybe NSA now with the Bible 's form the Bible is likened unto a sore but is it one that were hurting somebody with journey was the best thing that is dividing truth and error cutting right to the heart is actually wanted to write one cut right to the heart soar your training and then I really believe one of the best analogies that we have for this training in the recent health care is using your here to learn how to be better farmers and because we sing the song I have a half while the gospel file we found parts the soil represents hearts right each one of us has a field your field and influence of the person you come in contact with is your field so every day armed we have our hands on the gospel plow with this analogy here the Bible tells us to break up the fallow ground some not so amongst the Thornton 's right so there's a work to be done in preparing the soil before we see the wood on White says in price lessons source of the sea have a work to do in preparing hearts to receive the gospel in ministry of the word there is too much sermonizing and too little of real heart-to-heart work I will get about talking about your living and that coming through just the way we are to other people that that speaks louder than words and there is a need of personal labor for the souls of the law Christ like sympathy we should come close to men individually and seek to weaken their interests in the great things of eternal life their hearts may be as hard as the highway and it and apparently it may be a useless effort to present the Savior to them but while logically failed to move an argument be powerless to convince a man argument in developing and I'm not getting anywhere this person I define it you can enjoy your message while these things fail writing level argument fails and an longitudinal movement of the love of Christ revealed in personal ministry may stop in the stony heart so that the seeds of truth can take root and is oftentimes this rapport by Lou I don't want to start planting right to the season shows out there but have we done the work to prepare the soil and that that work is a relationship work the gospel is all about relationships is not felt one-on-one relationships the plow right the gospel is the central theme of the Bible the restoration of God 's image in the souls of men education page one twenty five the harvest of the gospel that occurred as to get into the heart of God 's farm right is to collate with him to bring about a restoration of God 's image in the souls of men this industry represents an even sadder and has grown into this beautiful tree I worked in Hollywood I work a lot of sadness and diversity sadness it was kind of a net even though I wasn't a practicing administer the time I knew this is the Sabbath and I shouldn't it work they got easier and easier and easier and never shows run for thirty days straight now they are no time does nonunion and you get real discombobulated I mean it weekly rhythm of rest we were designed with that as a part of us and I really come to appreciate the Sabbath and what a beautiful day that the Lord has set aside to remind us to get ready and get this concert reminded of the Lord is coming every step while I wanted to share this truth with my in-laws my wife's parents are Jehovah's Witnesses and they say and what we do a Bible study arsenal fully honest about say anything you bring something you want to study about that okay so now my clip and I loaded up my machine gun right and I went in that situation I met two pages it was the site of spheres no way tonight and we miss out after this reviewer not been worked hey I saw that I is what I do wrong how do they not see this anadromous present every Scripture there was in here that suspect might rather have realized and looking back on a situation asked that I prepare the soil that appears under the duvet seeing the Sabbath assembly my home life CCed is a method is a science for the gospel and as you have seen any all-time right certain seeds need to be present at certain times during the season and we we know those times are based on seasons that are coming in and in and help people up on the past and what things wrong what things will not flower is too hot or whatever and so there's a science the gospel in how we see how we spread the word it's is methodical and organized as a haphazard as it is loaded on the machine gun is levelheaded summary is nothing to it as a science to it and Lord wants to do just that and I believe that we have lost the connection with the arm coming here farmers to write a hundred years ago ninety percent of the male population in this country were farmers and nowadays from the beginning but now one percent of the male population is country you are farming and that set up a whole another set of problems the nutrient density of our food has dropped entities next session room talk about health and an end the limited authority get into a little bit of this error with the everywhere you go on planet Earth our soils are out of balance everywhere we go into the soil is to find that they are depleted in certain minerals you need to go into the jungles of the Amazon the soil is out of balance interesting so Ellen White instructs us agriculture should be advanced by scientific knowledge we should employ every aspect of science to try to understand what we need to do the balance the soil and then just like we should approach the spreading of the gospel scientifically and do everything that we know to bring balance to someone's mind and then and that's something that even know where to begin it we look at that you look at the dirt you have no idea what is deficient right so we did a sample was sent out to the laboratory and analyzed it and they give us back the recommendations is here as we are deficient this is what you need to add to bring balance to the soil and the same way the spiritual right you pray to God and say Lord I know what the condition is this person 's mind you know and you know what this person needs for their mind soil to be balanced Larson recommendation and impress upon my heart what do I need to do to help cultivate and to help prepare the soil so that when I presented the treason and I know in the world to see the truth that they will take root and then so in agriculture where what I've learned in the last couple years is there's a thing called the soil food web how many of our familiar with the soil is wet okay there's a few people the soil is a living symbiotic so much more complicated and even copperhead and is there is always little microscopic micros and an tiny little creatures that live in the soil that consume the organic matter that created the human gas and food bigger plans each class don't eat compost the with the worms and the bacteria and fungus in the protozoa and house keys on on on when they leave behind now it you put it down the problem with our mass agriculture and agriculture being taken over by just you know huge companies religious mono cropping huge fields they come in there and they spray copious amounts of indicate a high percentages of indicating an American today if those three little numbers on the side of the fertilizer back right is referring to nitrogen phosphorus or phosphate and potassium right to be free and calcium is really the fourth in their those living for an preliterate cultures is focused on and they sprayed out huge amounts to stop forty percent nitrogen burns out all the microbes in soil in our food is being grown in good soils you go to any mass articles revealed whether or whether my property he took a shuttle FSC one or four and earthworms our first indicator so I was so universal in your garden home and you do something about that right and bolstering the soil food web is way to do that and that's why to slash our ministry we we designed this little backyard garden fitness covers an area of three hundred twenty five square feet and call it soil salvation how to start a microbial revival and mineral Reformation in your soil for him to because our soils are you in there you need a life and spiritual level in a timely manner soils of the humanities and mindset of humanity that anybody who talks about using even God 's church sleep and we need salvation right knee Christ and so what we put in this kit are microbial inoculates and in the use of ocean water were subject to hear it's got ninety two minerals that that are nearly identical to the ninety two minerals that are in our own bloodstream that interesting and so in these bottles are a little adornment protozoa analyses and and and mycorrhizal fungus and that sort of thing and when you put these things in the ground they start growing is basically like seeds are putting very little and outbound and bacteria grandsons will double their numbers every half hour every half hour yet President and see others think this grows out of control right now so we got designed gun designed for building the way in which we share the gospel which is going to control it matter how much synchronicity present interest is flourishing so let's look at my crisis is a little example here it's it's it's this is probably one of the most amazing aspects of the whole soil food web that I learn on this last year this white spidery tentacles here this is my driver this is a is a root hair and the Mike Araiza is a fungus that lives symbiotically with the roots of plants it cannot live without the plan and the plan it gives when one and then then then the fungus is getting the fungus is simply feeding off a little bit of sugar all criticism of the plan but when it gives the plant is so much more it gives water an brings nutrients some of which only goes to channel in a few traces in the ground in my prices and present it won't get into the plan and then the tentacles of the fungus grow into this as it is a root grow into the various cell structure of the roof right into the cells and when it does it'll actually creating a things network of communication between life species so all the giant redwoods are connected by Mike Araiza the your lettuce relatively vital that is all right here you inoculate irrelevant my horizon and you this is something that you can glean at least multitude out white spidery fungus she seen the leaves when raking up leaves this might rightly put that in your garden and ended up flourishing but what it will do is create this syndication network between multislice species so your whole lettuce row now will essentially be like one plan and a beetle will come along and start on this lettuce leaf and the plans to react by making some enzymes toward a brighter neck communication for that message is communicated to the whole lettuce wrote all the lettuce plant start doing is amazing they never even seen the predator was an example of the Holy Spirit in him he never heard of the Holy Spirit enlightened in the fungus but think about that you can access right it is a communication that is living symbiotically with us him for what he gives as he gives that an extension we can only result the Holy Spirit respondent and bring nutrients and bring my strengthening the things that that we need and connect us in an now known or talked to somebody and an account problem he was asked if anybody has one to pray for you I do now impressive on our right the Holy Spirit and here's what will happen in your class that estimate is what it might price was not present in here it is and he just types in the Google images you'll see tons and tons images were people of post images with and without my present and what it does annoy the farmers market have that again in the summertime kind if you haven't gone a few weeks of being gone so much but what when the summer for setting up throughout five or six farmers markets and all I had was the social relationship soul and bring a bunch of plants not always plan activities that people sought medical leader in your shark talk about gardening and is just a great way to open the door and witness to people about the fact that if you approach agriculture from the standpoint of creation actually I should say this way we have in our possession the greatest evidence that we were created because when you approach agriculture from that standpoint then use you say hey all your all the soils in the plan are out of balance if I must balance in one announcement to thought the original but with the original how do we know the original is is not last will and in this room exhausts when you balance the soil to the human system the plastic am fully mineralized the fruit becomes fully mineralized and you and from that is not amazing and anything right on the line what is the most abundant element in the human body well okay yes calcium right that's the most needed abundant element in the soil as calcium and it goes right down the line that identical proportions and the soul the Bible talks about ye are the salt of the year but if the salt lost its savor wherewith can be solved it's henceforth good for nothing it's cast out into the road trodden and defeated men right and reunite and going how the salt loses its savor but always baffled me I never understood it until I came to an understanding of using salt as a fertilizer in the garden here's all the faucet saver there saw the straight one hundred percent dehydrated ocean water is Morton's probably not even from the ocean and added iodine fit I don't care right is able to can't even just solving abilities one girl and her and the reason is all is not so good for you is because in your blood it's not just song there's ninety two minerals in their in a proportion and so you put this in your bloodstream what does all when it am missing ninety two thanks assess Robin from your body to bring homeostasis back your bloodstream so definitely consuming the solvents from the sea is much better as always done it right so I wonder Jesus knew the situation was coming because if we forgive were called to be the salt of the earth right it's interesting that the salt losing its Savior the Savior does change things those little things that we think are irrelevant watch this video here this is a video to get it Berlin hold on even over Lynn Howland a e-learning online method of gardening from Herbert Clarence White Ellice grandson when he was a little kid and everywhere he's gone he's planted trees this way huge success and I believe the Lord let our ministry backups another California and let me need to Scott it is a possibility and I've been apprenticing with them until they run helping into gardening seminars and learned a lot from them and him I'd always heard I heard about solvency solving uses fertilizer that he was the first database and actually using it in explaining really what the benefit is any draft of those ninety two trace minerals and minerals that are in the sea in the proportion that and at farmers market but have the solitaire and I bring this point I say this he has ninety two minerals in it there nearly identical to our blood nine times out of ten if the person is an atheist and someone is you knows a lot about atheism and hold that whole thing I was sick I can see will will him that this is never just say I know you have it that's how I said I didn't say you would like to see passage of blood was similar to see I say you are like the dirt the greatest evidence that we have that we were created right in front of us because no one can argue with the fact that if you balance the soil to the human system in the proportion 's ability carried through into the fruit and the proportions we need in perfect balance since we got operates is a God balance and then so what a witnessing tool we have right here in the garden and lightning put any guard in the first place to tend the garden and teach them about what about balancing about his character right it will learn about God as agent of the garden and learn more about his character and every Sabbath uncommon while in the garden amazing it really is amazing when you take the time to prepare the soil and balance the soil what comes out of this I know I was so excited when I first mentioned this and I should've that that's identities like to get on this planet I was so excited when I first met when I saw the only mechanism that I went home and I doubt it and by twelfth grade level the experimental LMI that is them into this whole little bit here and white style and its review are familiar with nothing okay number of you for those of you who don't know David Dreier raised in hearing where no while at the whole reading method so you dig out a three foot by three foot hole in the ground and if you have is a little daunting but you can do is take the time and anything I suggest doing it for fun I have casino what you're in for amendment about his if you want a lot of trees in the ground in making the holes and easiest rated as a backdoor can alter of ureters a dry race and so you can disallow any start and end in when you read that she was given a dream with the angel of the Lord showed her this method and we read her account of it it's very basic this is she basically said about Angels chauvinistic out of the cavity given safely by direct rebuttal we just think it is that an interpreted as that but did out of the cavity and later in dressing and things that will promote rich soil those the terms used so meaning combo stand and you know amending the soil and and fertilizing it actually so do you test your soil in your putting down in this whole all the amenities you need to balance this thing in a drawing layers here but do not make in layers just kind of summons on the dirt some of them compost some of that the amendment and are just what is taught in the whole when you get halfway up this whole you put in a layer of rock four inches thick and a first enemy thought that was for drainage wrong reason drainage and whole it's not and what's do what we believe is taking place is when you when you bolster the soil food web in and really thriving you've got was called a robust microbial life and anaerobic microbial life is only there is only so far down into the earth and oxygen exists so below that point nodding eighteen twenty twenty four inches or so below the service you go into an anaerobic situation with all the microbes that are living there by putting a rock layer that claims you create an installation between those two types of life and you increase the weak electromagnetic charts in soil we just made a biological fuel cell and Alexis all life 's electrical and electricity stimulates the life of the microbes it stimulates the life and growth of the plant and your tree will set here but the sixth it's phenomenal the growth to resolve those those giant redwoods and how is my suggestion a guy came to his class who was works for the force reservist and he said hey what if we plan a giant redwood this way Sequoia and Windows I'd always try and select the possible church ever arachidonic California and one just a lie deceive yourself to the classical search behind the Churchill CDs is the one giant enormous Christmas wreath and you see for little ones right next an authority service guy came he says that we do is to look out of the ground solid right in a lifetime that's the way our trees are planted in her programming to a just a little down to the ground for this reason and of course this is not something that some of you do on a mass level I just cost so much so doing this on a personal in your personal gardens another thing is highly beneficial because you skip the quicker and your advertisement taste that much better because you prepare the soil and balanced it in your efforts can be fully mineralized is HR 's and that will be only take up a spectrum of the full spectrum and minerals that we need UN so that tomatoes are only taken up you know thirty forty minerals sweet potatoes are taken up sixty to seventy minerals if they're available I so cannot available then you simply just got thirty minerals and it's not fully mineralized in a situation that they were living in so different in approach agriculture scientifically we need to get serious about our about what worried taking right what you say is this food nutrient dense than one way to do that you cannot get one of these little insincere color refractometer and is designed by Doctor Briggs he was a Frenchman who was a winemaker and so he designed this little instrument to test the amount of sugar that was in the race of the new wind across the race well we can apply to the garden as well to go in the grocery store and each other day AOL Abydos cantaloupe but once you cut it open for me to have to do that right regards to start I have a mic on his belt he has to open up a watermelon if you want to know that now I done it is the only one in my is for my mom we don't register he's constantly how those embarrassing on the seventh of the watermelon just by an civility through their need to get a player effect on your pocket the job will drop of juice on their couple drops because the little bit here the thing you're okay that's it twelve five and the polite chart you say the channel low twelve 's average maybe one minute you don't it is for me to their diet most of what I had been testing seven the grocery stores most everything is writing here for average tomatoes reason reason kids don't eat tomatoes these days is because the Brix readings are down here two three four very very poor right there doing a little better but even with that that's where I started to turn my focus will we realize this maybe we should market this kit to individual gardener gardeners so much as we should market the growers themselves sweet I started on around me some of the growers tonight I walked up I think I test them yourself out swinging I know I got this reflect dominant with that assessment one that will test everything I got here in some look at all the stuff as I get my card and I say hey call us because we want to help you grow old we help you go beyond organic and grow nutrient dense food because organic is in a measurement of whether nutrient value lies organic is a political term and it really all it says is I didn't use voice and write as a result says he doesn't say it in that you know I I I I tested the soil I balance it in here you didn't even give students say that the I believe the next way of labeling necessity people are starting to become more more aware of this and start demanding I want nutrient dense food inside I told these farmers my local asset that is for it will help you get your your soil balance and get your your Brix levels off and will help you make will help you do all the graphic design everything and making signs like this it's a Heywood Brundage against the yourself to yourself you know what you really need this guy one of these needs want us in our mouth that's the reason just don't like tomatoes because they are tasting the fact that there is no nutrient value there the tomatoes anchor in an experimental unlike that at home I have cherry tomato that's a son military tomato and ingrates at a twenty two tomatoes down here excellent it's a twelve they tasted like candy my girls awakened in the morning incidentally tomatoes really blessed you over breakfast okay so we walked up in a district made is the latest they were so good and we shot a little video for the soul our website had branded bring his kids over and so he listed some shopping kids out there you know put the stuff in the garden and show that's coming easy and in the you have been eating some of the musical menu and emergency tomatoes that all farewell to see certain over his son starts talking to my son gold and eating these plants for dry enormous I was even ready for my loss at the plant because it just and he starts taking these Friday's these are amazing Ryan is the way should be I mean isn't the Bible talks about you shall know them by your by their fruits as a delicious and loudness is amazing it all comes back to relieve them that the heart of the matter is that it's a matter of the heart condition of our heart because asking to determine the nutrient value of the fruit him when we put out there in six line of the testimonies on my says let the teachers wake up to the importance of the subject of the subject and teach agriculture and other industries that it is essential the students understand see in every Department of Labor to reach the very best results let the science of the word of God be brought into the work I mean we can sit here and make analogy after analogy analogy and and and and help kids understand more about the Bible from the physical world by Christ and right that the students may understand correct principles and may reach the highest possible standard exert your God-given abilities and bring all your energies into the development of the Lord 's farm just outside of a physical file study and labor that the best results in the greatest return may come from seed sowing that there may be an abundant supply of food both temporal and spiritual potato oh right are arms of the Lord 's farm and that is a spiritual farm that she's referring to hereto as well both the spiritual and temporal for the increased number of students that showed be gathered and to be trained as Christian workers these pictures here the top this last Thursday I had the opportunity to go down to Bellflower and is a little school vanishing in school and I met one of the parents from this from this area at the can you hear me now conference in the Senate must together and he is you come to this presentation am giving you hear anything our school calendar school we called me for last season we really want to come to the school as a woman to be down there actually for this weekend in Namibia and Palmdale a whole week before my wife and dissing her her parents there so you want to come down about Thursday Thursday's raid will we won't do any school or discovered regarding Sarai so I shut up many kids were so eager I know this guy here and he just jumped right knee he wanted that he wanted to work to shovel the whole time and and the younger a person to the personal site will know how the kids really been reactivated and I want to get dirty aiding care they were crawling around under digging around and wanted to get out and pretty much the whole day always that was apparent soil they've got the planting and I was able to give them a little when enduring holiday and I give a little presentation to about some of these things there and they were so receptive and an bases-loaded we were planning a treaty on my method and so we put two victories in the ground of the one the online method then write off camera but here's another treat the conventional way and to the kids and go see the difference right and they're all excited about it it was a blessing and I had had a really good time of physical school system three three room school and down I brought my my manual wheatgrass juicer entry wheatgrass and given everyone know you could use grass while Ms. uses grass and then there all their own economic crisis they want a great thing in the end and I thought my kids are my girls both in the middle carefully rescues unfortunately I like it it's really good anyhow we best use now we grasp is one of the few plants on the planet in the fall ninety two minerals out of the sea become awfully mineralized food and therefore a survival food you can survive are eight ounces and we refuse to be nothing else have perfect health I read an article by guy named Doctor John Jansen he bought Maynard raised farm Mary Garay was the first guy who experimented with sea salt and garden insanities and get an external farm in Florida and he found that the coconut tree pictures you are that's why the coconut water is nearly identical to let us in you can literally take a cultivated this is what worked in the South Pacific open ID and their writing your name out of a coconut that probably better than I did as God 's IV I really don't alarm in the colonies everywhere now right on ten dollars seventy eight and gladly so Melissa so good so they are these kids were super excited and then there was probably ninety percent of them loved the week that she's there like man this is going to think it tastes like watermelon and such analyses said that it navies had a good time I just met out in an learning about wheatgrass is what an amazing thing to me to think of a character in the Bible who survived on grass King Nebuchadnezzar it just says that no Piedras literally for seven years wheatgrass in any advantages are in such a long way to get an ounce and in seven years reading his sanity is not about fixing Brian is saying is the most lavish lifestyle there was well wrong keys right within the lavish lifestyle news reality so easy fresco by this man and literally we are living in a full stomach starvation situation people in this country think therefore but their bodies are starving for nutrients that on the spiritual level right we are observation situation we are living in an age of information overload we are full to overflowing but our minds are starving for the truth starting the truth so understanding these things on a physical level else is understandable to bed on the spiritual level and and vice versa right and says it's a back-and-forth situation here he does so with the good seed is the Son of Man amen and so we use our example are examples called each one of us is so see anything about seats for moment you could you come appearance on every single one of those horrible growing to write we got to do in those scenes see we can we consider we can talk about all day long because I went to see him not seeing this person that person but until those scenes are planted in the heart and grow old writer win over the Donna really spiritual things are spiritually discerned we we need to we need a consume the wording and become a part of us and no matter what our atheism and what occupations were all called so CNN were all called resellers of the sea so then we come to the question what are we growing and growing when he sees a place in the heart what is represented by the class guesses life character hit redhead the character but it is obsolescence is my favorite book I listened to it on a CD and how many times read it a few times it's it's just beautiful the way Christ worked with humanity on our level explaining things that were familiar to us so that we could understand the heavenly inability says every scene brings forth fruit after its kind so the seed under the right conditions writing prepare the soil you know what time it is helices that is and it will develop its own life in the plan received into the soul by making incorruptible word and it will bring forth a character and a life after the similitude of the character and life of God in God is desiring to grow his character within his people within everyone that matter right that's the purpose of the gospel to restore God 's image in the souls of men so here we all want what well in an effort we ought to bear fruit and so what is the right through the spirit and if you look at Genesis there she was ornery .org Genesis chapter twelve one to three does the call Abram and the call of Abram is our think I'll so what was what was Abraham called to be a an opening to be a great nation will make thy name great in your blessing and outlet and the person a person be in it you shall all families of the earth what was Abraham called me about his and our quality of blessings and know them by their fruits a fruit is a blessing to someone is enough and guess what we get when you when you when you give somebody the fruit to get in the decedent is an amazing and it is once he sometimes but often times this hundreds of seats in one of these no peppers as a menace love seasons though Verona really how much processor account is over three hundred sees in one bell pepper about little bitty box I plan to do this with this with the class on Thursday I has some daily bok choy and I can always automate I did both my temporary whatever reason they just they went to see and all of a sudden I looking is always the lessee blogs all over the planet wow look at all those pods I collected all the plot one plan I took them down to the a classic fit in the end Bellflower there is able to visit the sea bottom I say scrap these open and burst asunder what is nobody nobody knew eczema second the Pentagon announced the receipt and I will see and they counted all the little season we added up all the season there were five hundred thirty four seats from one Thomas got given us everything right I mean look at how this linkages grow completely out of control perpetuate and crowd control I needed the time here see whereat perfect okay so you do see is in the fruit and when we went when you it's like perpetual motion machine it just keeps going and the more we do it the better it gets and the more we understand the second is the farming I barely knew anything couple years ago and it feels like I feel like I still don't know anything is so much more learn but that's exciting to me on and I'm just like jumpiness of both the end travelers Maasai can essay we should approach an event because the time is short and we know how much time left really we don't and so to get out there and to put those things out there is is the greatest evidence that the world can see and look at what actually is the greatest evidence of the power Christianity and how to represent what is was only fair that the greatest evidence of the power Christianity can be represented to the world in a well ordered well disciplined family that's the greatest evidence is missing a family and is attacking the family for is a living witness I is practical power upon the heart you think about it our families and seminars deleted along with my honey we immunized everybody else in the middle and an unknown different I'm done strongest myself my Lord mutation father you know and I've learned they just like the garden will training the tomato plants I got to train under the doctrine they got control right if you don't train them they got control and a shoot will start going out this way Mildred Oakes yet again to go right and it becomes more and more painful the more long unit that should grow the site is that same identity as a dividend Peter heard that term you did in the blood that's a gardening term that's right when you see the blood in my lease is little sprout up sound on the wrong direction now and the training the teaching that God has been teaching in the garden and how to relate to my own children has been amazing as we know that we live in a time when there is an adversary and his friend seems to Satan has been there for thousands of years and he knows the human mind editing we do I use creative devices and things and this seems that he is planting of genetically altered right there mutations of the truth notice that you can create his own CD can just mess with it right NetSuite guns is certain genes from animals and of the truth and he's wanting to save humanity from the image of God the image of abuses of evolution says resembles the funny if so backwards right we didn't have all the state we devolved we came down to this level we haven't come up to this level it's amazing to believe that it really is baffling so that's our time here this first session and cycles the word prayer face a much feared tension and downloadable small break and we'll get started and the next session degree seventy father Lord thank you so much for the truth that you have given to us that we can know truth that we can have a standard that we can measure everything against but let us be diligent in our and our walk with you let us understand more fully the co- laboring work that you would have us do with you for the souls of those around us Lord may we be a and influence like never before come in our lives and speak to us shine dress so that people don't just CFA CU because lording over time a short and we want to see your name indicated Nordby know that is is done in your people in the character of your people in the development of character your people so please develop our characters forgive us for not understanding it or not being diligent to this point lowers we go from here merely just have this insatiable appetite for your work for the things of heaven I learned all this in a mighty way send your Holy Spirit and Dennis thank you for your love thank you for your mercy thank you for your forgiveness Jesus made this media was brought by modern humans the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about how humorous you like the more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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