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The Dark Secrets of Feminism

Laurel Damsteegt


Laurel Damsteegt

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  • August 31, 2014
    9:15 AM
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I mean a floral nonstate cannot be sharing a little bit with you this morning on dark secrets of feminism and you'll be very amazed we began our we do not want the powers of darkness attending this meeting we want holy angels attending everything we say and so on sometimes when we're talking about such things we want to make sure we have a extra contingency of Angels I just saying that maybe you want to pick your computer screen fine by I may be standing in the way for some of you so I just encourage everybody to move to the side so you have a better view and we are going to begin with prayer please didn't my father right now we are asking you to be glorified in everything not by might nor by power but by your spirit you win everything in our light just now we asked for the Holy Spirit to attend our meeting made the spirit be the Holy Spirit and we ask for holy Angels to block out the evil one as we discuss these matters and we ask that you will bring discernment and attentiveness and wakefulness to each one of us we thank you in Jesus name amen just love that Monday how I was born and reared in Thailand's vicariously missionaries in time for twenty six years I didn't live there for twenty six years obviously but I would spend my whole childhood in Thailand so when I talk to people I always say I cannot tie or hi I have means I have a tight heart I may look American but really it's not I try hard inside so I had mission and blood running through my veins and the missions in and out my husband and I all spent years ourselves over there I also love God and love his word and loudness spirit of prophecy even as a child my parents would you like for Christmas this year and I can want unfindable I will find a way with Francis and I want or I would tell them exactly what spirit of prophecy book that I wanted because I just allowed studying the Bible and the spirit of prophecy I want to get my BA in theology and banking in college and my Masters of Divinity at Andrews and my Masters in Public health at one one on this platform here I'm in the middle obviously my dad is on my left and my grandfather who was a Seventh-day Adventist minister and a missionary in India for Colonel many twenty twenty some years also and so at my husband 's ordination to the gospel ministry I resolved to be a teammate in mystery I never wanted any ordination even the language you and I'm as well-trained as as most of the pastors we ministered together in Virginia Thailand Korea and now hinges university where my husband teaches church history at the seminary while I was going to seminary I had us up close that I look at and bothered me and it's and first testimonies page four twenty one and I'm going to read or I will benefit from this page and explain why this troubled me notified and found the spirit which asked parents the wine and and this is talking about spiritualism and women's rights cannot be in harmony with the other the Scriptures are slain upon the relationships and rights of men and women okay now we need today is a lot of talk now a lot of people say I started playing back ally says they are playing there is a basic incompatibility those who feel called out to join the movement in favor of women's rights in the so-called draft reform movement might as well several all connection with the third Angels message one that is really strong and when I found this when I was going to seminary it puzzled me why why is this what was wrong with women's rights and mean I was a child and that no liberation movement he know what was wrong with him I started studying in trying to discover what was white wider patient several connection with the third Angels message still from first testimonies for twenty one notice there was a problem with women's rights in the third Angels message being incompatible first testimonies for twenty one spiritualists have to quite an extent adopted the singular mode of dress Seventh-day Adventists who believe in the restoration of the gas are often branded as spiritual as let them adopt this costume and their influence is that all here when we find out that their angels in assets and women his rights are not compatible and that it has something to do with trust they form an spiritualism and that was just lonely and confusing to me what is going on here and so I sat down with the spiritualism was women's rights which was the forerunner of our feminism related to spiritualism anyway so back and discuss really what spiritual is and I have divided this into type one spiritualism and type two spiritualism and explained what I mean by that salt in Genesis chapter three verse four Satan has first like to eat was he shall not surely die and if the data are not really doubt the double can directly communicate through wrappings and through apparitions and through C ounces and all these things that we are very familiar with this kind of spiritualism and notice in Deuteronomy eighteen ninety fourteen that God calls this an abomination all of those kinds of things God calls an abomination there's no way we consider Spiritualism to be something that is compatible with our thirty third Angels message are right so now there is another kind of spiritualism that Ellen White talks about and that's what I want to discuss here in Genesis three five Satan 's lie was ye should be as God now there's a very excellent chapter in great controversy are you saying cannot get it to us I think that's the name of the ad she takes verse is type one spiritualism and type two spiritualism in the Garden of Eden there were two treaties the tree of knowledge of good and evil which is forgotten wisdom and the other tree of life to trace nobody forced need to go near the second tree impacting world angels warned her not to go near that there but she went there any way and here we half when we went and sent her he shall be as God this was a challenge I don't challenge against God himself it was one versus God her judgment against his of course it was encouragement from the devil of course and he chooses to believe the serpent over God and that choice means that she becomes the norm she becomes the God because she is choosing over God are right I call this type to spiritualism and will unpack this more self and great controversy five fifty four the chapter that I was talking about a few minutes ago we find out that part of philosophical spiritualism includes the idea that we are all gods right Spiritualism teaches only says and gray conversely five fifty four that's man is a creature of progression that it is his destiny from a person to progress payment to eternity toward the Godhead my fellow man all were unfallen demigods and another declares any just and perfect being is cry him write something you a lot in New Age philosophy today that's within you that and listening to your inner self always kind of things these are shades of this type to spiritualism how can a just and perfect being is Christ died as a direct insult and blasphemous towards Jesus Christ another aspect of the philosophical spiritual is that how I talked about in great controversy five fifty five is that anything is okay he declares through the spirit that true knowledge places man above all law that one in his right that God does not condemn and that all things which are committed are innocent so what ever is his writings and lots makes an moral actions okay between consenting adults had never heard that before I'll bounced all around us there was a book from way back that said I'm okay you're okay this is the main tenant of access to essential philosophy that what I believe is is good for me what good is okay for you it's good for you and will all be friends because when you believe what you believe I believe I is no real truth and life okay everybody can have their own opinion their own idea and were all right everything is fine do you see that this is a a little problem here because it means that there is no right and no wrong everything is okay other aspect of this philosophical spiritualism is that employs scriptural authority everything 's writings between everything that that Scripture really has no meaning because we'll go by that truth at all and great conversation five fifty seven to five fifty eight cell the following and it is true that Spiritualism is assuming a Christian guys while it formally denounced Christ and the Bible light now professes to accept out notice the Bible is interpreted in a manner that is pleasing to the Iranian heart while at solemn and Bible truth are made of no effect so we find that with spiritualism here on this type that the Bible is totally reinterpreted and that reinterpreted in a reinterpretation makes it no effect that means that if you can make the Bible say anything you want to say that it has no final authority and there is it's not the truth as we know what it's very very important to understand how the Bible is treated by spiritualism I want to take a step back now and discuss the spiritual and the spiritualism and the beginnings of the women's movement you may say why are we going through all this but anyway what have to do with our charts in our church have any idea what was going on and add us recognize this connection between spiritualism and women's rights in fact it did on this picture right here is Uriah Smith and JH Waggoner Mrs. Senior articles on spiritualism in the review in which they discussed women's rights and very people that I'm going to be talking about in this and so I arrived to have told how the career of Mrs. Weddle was planned and executed that are wholly by the spirits now you hear all about Mrs. one eleven minutes so just give me a minute will get around to that but no arrests are people were on top of things and watching the times they understand your limitations on the people that were around them it was not a mystery to them so it is something I dreamed about the connection between women's rights and spiritualism from my studies indeed not since I started way back in the ancient times right hairline at the seminary more blocks have come out and been very definitive about the connection between women's rights and all spiritualism one despite and brought me radical spirit spiritualism and women's rights in the nineteenth century and Barbara Barbara Goldsmith other powers both based bugs and their others I just tune is a sample to show you what child is out there and this isn't something I'm just dreaming and Brody sat Spiritualism was a new religious movement dominated by women spiritual and okay it's too strong attractions were rebelling against staff and rebellion against authority so if were rebelling against after espousing necromancy speaking with the dad and we call that Tidewater spiritualism and I just went through and rebellion against authority is set at Satan 's lie you shall be as God and that is type two spiritualism and Brody on the Internet so let's just take a look at classical spiritualism and let us have an idea of what was going on in those times tying one classical was that the dad you have guidance and these of the Fox sisters here don't they look joyful and happy eighteen forty nine notice the time that Mrs. all the time when our church was gaining momentum and beginning to send the three Angels messages around the world and and figuring out things theologically and this was the same time that Satan made his big thrust with the beginnings of modern spiritualism so these women have made necromancy a big show objects would move our spirits would make suddenly appear or tech cables when you start lingering in the air are levitating on all these type of supernatural things and people were so wowed by death they became very popular very incidentally spiritualists were among the first to ordain women it was a woman dominated society as far as women's rights movement movement leaders were concerned in emphasize just a few here to just genuine idea of how they were involved in Spiritualism Susan B Anthony is one of the early Susan women's rights movement leaders she was well known and this is something she said in a spirit that always made me transfer medium and put right into my mouth if they were all like to mean that I her while she was totally open to spiritualism I want a lot of time on Elizabeth Cady Stanton because she became a prototype at them today Mrs. Stanton was a very strong person and have been very great influence on the spiritualism and on women's right to the foremost in women's rights she also had spiritualistic babblings she hurts paragraphs she was a very antagonistic toward the Bible into clergy issue is just hapless young children and fire up in Hershey heard anything about ministers for about the Bible she was very very angry and solve spiritualistic babblings would be type one in the antagonism to Bible clergy would be typed to spiritualism in table next to the McClintock spirit table and hey all that was well we explained that arthritis right convention was as follows New York and they that session forwarded a declaration of rights and sentiments and it was signed in eighteen forty eight by fifty eight women and thirty two men that's a largely panned by Elizabeth Stanton five it was an accident on this MacLean talk spirit table and asked her and asked this table was at the head of her coffin it is now in the Smithsonian and it's a demo of the feminism spiritualistic connection because as members of the were you there I is for this declaration of rights and sat synonymous the table began to vibrate with some approval from the spirits accident to know that there's something going on here that the devil was very happy about so let's look a little bit ancient philosophy and the beliefs of Elizabeth Cady Stanton briefing discusses her views on marriage and the family she was a forerunner of the domestic ideas of home life repressing women so what did she actually believe about Mary's she totally hated the idea of the biblical role of the distinctions of mail and had female estimates that and she characterizes those actually agree and she got all this nonsense was the fault of organized religion should call for equality in marriage and how we call that egalitarianism both partners should balance to be free to come and go as they desire no hierarchy that means no leadership in the mail in submissiveness of the female she was for equality fraternity mutuality friendship as basic for family government we would call this type to spiritualism now what was her view on the minority soldiers she hated the Bible and she hated all clergy and all she got the idea that if she didn't get a group of women together and they would go through the Bible they can interpret everything in the Bible to promote women in women's rights and anything that would be possibly a problem towards women would you are him they would reenter things and so she didn't like the church is because she felt they oppress women she does like the Bible because of how holy and another quote negative passages that were toward women so let's just reinterpreted and she has higher critical methodology and people that work with her she was the only author him as she had other person and some of you don't even know who we are because I guess I be in woman's Bible and I don't know who he was bad time p.m. wrote down what ever progress women have had any department of effort she has accomplished independently on any opposition to the so-called inspired infallible Word of God and that this book has been a more injury to her than had any other which is covered in written history of the world is that positive feeling towards us the Bible absolutely not is very very negative towards the Bible type two spiritualism chocolates ask what is higher criticism or historical criticism is often called and there is a variance of it nowadays this is kind of the old terms now there are many many types of this section and so in the Bible is a man-made book that records management experience is focusing on biases of the authors and explains them by their cultures okay so it totally dismisses any kind of divine divinity from the word of God it is not from God I say any of the things in the Bible it's just people writing their own experiences and things on their biases and their culture and what is their welfare feeling about things so instead of the Bible being the voice of God with universal norms that transcend all cultures the Bible becomes very human and is authored by men with biases and orientations and it's just all of errors and discrepancies that is what the bottom line of higher criticism fair criticism is it causes about because they don't believe stories are true but I guess they those stories believed by the authors relate or read it reality is that the authors and so it introduces a whole round looked out and hands-off is very destructive this is really making of none effect the word of God we shuddered as if we were even playing scriptures and we make it read something completely opposite because of interpretation or cultural background for any reason we have made of none effect the word of God Mrs. saying as historical critical methodology are so we've talked about her views on the hallway talk to now also about her views of the Bible now what her views on dress reform I seem is the first one first to introduce bloomers barely she realized that the ridiculous clothing of the day hampered women from accomplishing everything a man could do now this is true but that Ellen White was also very critical of the fashion of the day because not only do they squeezed the abdomen into a very tiny thing with a very highly tight corsets on the master happens to the workings inside him very while I type way and move way how and what clear out and round and where have my accident will when you're honestly you don't have cars in those days we were sent and you know what happens to streets when horses are talking along there in all their family streets and the women's dresses were just waiting to wrongness is not an grind whatever else on the other thing that Ellen White happened instead was to the fact that job there were there would be these big muscles and big hoops and so if you like a healing left out who can step into a character something your whole life would be exposed because everything we know right with you so as Stanton had no valid point about the fashions of the day they were really really not healthy as a buying news the health message as her basis to object the fashion that also must be a mess is at this point in how she came to the fashions of the day was women's right because all women will regain her idea was that they were such ridiculous clothes in counter on her hamburger from being able to stand up and do exactly what men do because they just could physically do it socially early realized that the ridiculous clothing and they hampered women from accomplishing everything a man could do so she wore bloomers all even seeing that the owners were an interesting incident now with these kind of balloon pants I'm nervous I'm in this other thing and another thing over and the first page you stand out with this kind of and the people were in shock I mean they are wrong they threw things out error and whistled out there and reason she just came out because she realized that if she persisted in wearing this bloomer thing even though she believed in she would never get anywhere with anybody and so she gave out that the bloomers I was the first staff in wearing similar clothing doesn't be honest I don't feel bad about moving over here I know I'm kind of standing in your way so I don't mind if you get up and move over to the other side of the wrong house Stanton was way ahead of her time even though she was a hard times Oliver spiritualistic ideas have been embraced by modern feminism and you see coming in and in and in many of the ideas of these days feminism the craft is a call in new age all wrapped up together in marriage with all and easy to enforce and even lesbianism stressor was reinterpreting God is renamed and cross-dressing was more accepted first way that now I want to share a very colorful person with you or by the name of Victoria C Woodhall she is spiritual of them with women's rights as well I can see little caricature cartoon here this is actually from one of the harp harper 's weekend weekly of eighteen seventy two and so barren that very fine print in behind me Mrs. Satan I'd rather travel the heart is broken of matrimony than following your footsteps K so we know something 's going on there but later relented let's find out let's talk about Victoria Woodhall Tennessee Cleveland is Victoria what whole were sisters they came to the public notice as museums they will have a gypsy upbringing and very poor upbringing but they were both very gorgeous women and only did these these trances on people who have full control over them all as entrances and can tell fortunes they became the first one stockbrokers on Wall Street you say hardhearted that happen out of poor people how they get when you farewell there was a man behind on his name was Cornelius Vanderbilt he was the railroad tycoon of the day and he's come up on Wall Street and amazingly these women did very well on on Wall Street and were quite a sensation because nobody know when you would even consider being on Wall Street but here are these two gorgeous women were having an impact there now interestingly Victoria Seawell was the first one to run for president of the United States under the guidance of Andrew Perl her personal spirit guide he helped her to realize her potential and her calling interesting he prophesied her realizing her potential rise to power and she ended up running for president one is right and spiritualistic platform in eighteen seventy two the general with a limit for president in eighteen seventy two well please you haven't heard about it because she didn't get too far but she didn't have a chance to even talk to the congressional big that Congress and because she got this far will Wright's movement is when I worked there how is Florida Whitehall here they been working all these years and in all these different job statements together and sensational pictorial Whitehall those writing is able to present to Congress the other women's rights really didn't like her but when she got all the attention they sort of began to include her in the South notice that type one and type two we have a spiritual lift type of wine and then we find that her rising to power something is gone first down you can break that feeling about your writing as the terms even here today and they wanted to discuss her views on morality this is really the beginning of the sexual revolution and she was like I said she was not a poor background so you can create romantic all the profligacy that was Bayer is a speech she gave in she said they had to say I have come to break up the family I say that with all my heart and a perfect that sexuality shall continuously be found type two five two types spiritualism sites through my brothers and sisters is the subject line mission pumps spiritualism to be out rock to the sexual emancipation of woman and her return to self ownership into individualized existence I write what is the goal of spiritualism to talk to factually emancipate women and give her return to her own self are very interesting like I said in the beginning you're right I have some ideas about how went home and to get up a long discussion on this in the review September twenty six eighteen seventy one in an account of spiritualistic mediums of that day Uriah Smith told how the career of this is when what was planned and executed BuSpar holy by the spirits okay but the people will say they were she is not ironically not say she was greatly loved and adored and accepted she was way beyond the time of those people ask today people look back at her in any of those Google personnel say everything I said I sat very keen about the things I said because you'll be shocked at the kinds of things is that the victorious stop believing that the spirits had brought her into the world to lead a social revolution he said that her birth and even before she had been marked for the same inner life and views she was more than a century before her time claimed Gloria Steinem one of today's leading amnesty urges women to house the notice the word spirits of the rail Victorian with okay Victoria Whitehall Elizabeth Cady Stanton they were radical in their time but they've really kind of almost gone mainstream now here notice type two spiritualism there saw recite the radical really far out the goals of feminism today I still spiritualistic him about the church that feminism wants to change you want to change by after all how can women identify with a male dog male Jesus that's their view the language must be made in close they want to change Bible interpretation because clearly the Bible is against women or so they say since the Bible is planning about the role of women it must be interpreted through higher critical methodology they want to change church organization male pastors and elders must be replaced with equal number of women all leadership levels and emphasized that there are there should be no distinctions between men and women anyone is okay doing anything in the church and it's okay to marry anyone even across gender lines of these are some of the radical aspects of feminism today married anyway she's recently died she was a nun and she was very outspoken on God her famous five years it didn't bother his mail and mail is God before she resisted that the fatherhood of God is in fact a product of this domination of males bond in the human imagination what does that say about the word of God okay it slowly put down what God says about himself in the Bible and gives a really spiritualists take idea now that's an interesting pictures here this is in and we understand these Christmas now New York April St. John Divine nineteen eighty four no arrests as a crucifix here and instead of high-speed run Chris it is a woman naked woman and so when I is the feminists of the day they don't like Jesus and so they'll call Jesus Christo or child of Sophia her wisdom 's child and get all sorts of names to Jesus now what about the transformation of language is rather old Newsweek February thirteen nineteen eighty nine but even then laying back to eighteen nineteen eighty nine notice that they sat putting more women in the pulpit is no longer the prime goal of the Christian feminists rather aim is a thorough and comprehensive transformation of the language symbols and sacred texts of the Christian faith notice that transformation of the language symbols and sacred texts the issue is no longer equality says Margaret McManus the issue is transformation of our religious institutions tried and that is why I often say that sometimes we as a church are barking up the wrong tree because coordination is hardly the issue are right yes we must stop coordination but this is the real kind of agenda that is going on comprehensive transformation were talking about revolution here the language symbols and sacred text and of the religious institution I will I will miss as we find out that Mrs. Johnson's views were actually came in way of interpreting Scripture is that we compare Scripture with Scripture and simulcast is not clear when we don't understand we take out the parts from the New Testament or the Old Testament and we bring all texts together to get a full picture of what the Bible says about a certain topic we take the obvious meaning not some contract manufactured cultural meaning using higher critical methodology and like I said yesterday the seventh day actually means that seventh day noble means no jewelry washing feet means washing feet not washing hands like some feminists ceremonies have to do even though it may be a difficult lifestyle change we would believe God rewards us with obedience to the word of God our marriage in the Bible says that the authors were merely one of their time to could never be free of the prejudice of dirty pox therefore one of the church have just as much right to direct current theology as told in Scripture to act as profits and guide the church in a new direction so notice she believes the Bible is biased and white yellow white say is the Bible biased in counselor education page sixty three says I had a name that would mean first of all say first that only thirty percent the presupposition of pious man were not capable of writing what I say to us I says here only we find a history of our race unfolded by human prejudice or human pride so we can see immediately that the Bible is not biased that we can't trust the Bible we can have the confidence and exactly what got if I wanted to say something else something and when we drove on the other radical ideas into people are confused in the Bible is becomes very confusing to people Elizabeth Sizzler here anxiety is another current feminist theologian and here's a quote from her feminists must employ hermeneutics of suspicion that yes they must systematically assume that the Bible 's male authors and interpreters deliberately covered up the role of women in Christianity does you in great confidence in the Scriptures absolutely no she goes on to say that text cannot be authoritative for women until they are critically reinterpreted from women's experience of all depression she notices that the authoritative so they must be critically reinterpreted right here we go on so she goes on to say women today not only rewrite biblical stories about women but also reformulate patriarchal prayers and create feminist rituals celebrating our ancestors we rediscover an story and poetry and drama and literature used in song and dance are biblical for systems suffering I ask you where did they get these rituals and prayers and stories four three G and ran him off okay it's a short section as well in the story and dances that they do are all made up based on what they are seeing found I certain text so I noticed a rewrite biblical stories she goes on to say and every day in every rail images and symbols we seem to renew the bottom of Bible in the significance of Jesus we not only spin tales about the voyages of Prescott as she did she is a spin tales right found this calculus pure fiction spend details about why does the press and the missionary or about Jewry on the apostle but also dance Sarah 's Circle and experience prophetic enthusiasm we sang litanies of praise to our four sisters and private momentum morning for the lost stories of our form so I'm just giving you a single ball of Berry radical women's feminists today and people will protest and say what is nothing to do with our church but I'll sell you something that will make you maybe rethink that ordination is just a step towards the quality that feminists are after women as elders ministers must be allowed full equality in their minds they want top rungs of leadership to be without regard to gender they want to reinterpret descriptors to allow anything a coordination is just a entry wedge that makes all this possible so let's talk about this culture reinterpreting the word feminism uses culture to change the meaning of literal words of Scripture the Bible may say this very plainly by if you research in the local culture you'll find out that there was a goddess worship here or you'll find out that all made it worse involved prospects for that somehow there are group had some impact and he'd be at during that time they didn't these people were affected by such and such a culture it's all fictional okay we know that the only thing you have to do why is the plane word of God anything else that is around day we don't know me it might be in my being we had no idea to base our whole doctrine on something that might be is very dangerous thing excellent your today inspires a hermeneutic the whole Bible interpretation method is at risk and some are determined to know what happened in the church is agree or upholds Internet has split churches and in this whole debate we missed the whole point we are all to be working for the Lord it's the rebelliousness the type to Spiritualism Matthew might say that we want to any cost or someone got himself hung up on coordination question they get discouraged from doing anything so they are there to extreme the rebellion in awareness and door handle matter what anybody says or what ever does is right enumerated in January OR that you other people on the others enhancing this whole thing is I just hang on to do anything some people even leave the church only one who has benefited from all of this controversy is the devil all of us men women children and serve the Lord and that's what my next lecture will be what are we harassing him but I let me tell you feminists involve people progress in their ideas conservative biblical feminism is no longer advanced by those who initiated it writers such as stands already harvested mauling dealing that was when I like all feminists when I was going to seminary they had now left evangelicalism to join liberal feminists and are completely talking differently than they used to in order to embrace both the Bible and feminism they end out compromising what their ideas do they subject themselves to the word of God now they compromised the Bible yesterday I gave some of reference to the house of apostasy our only hope is a simple childlike interpretation of the under Scriptures Bible says that we need culture will need all these things yes sometimes the culture and we understand a little bit more of the background of the time second this a little more understanding I'm not against that when we take culture and we use that to go against what is really sad that's where I have problems okay so our only hope is in a simple childlike interpretation of Scripture our wine review catalog for spiritualizing away the clean simple rail word of God called the health of apostasy is not much worse is still to come I believe it must also include typical interpretation since that's when that was what Kellogg got mixed up on I don't know exactly there's one other thing this is the sessions mostly over can somebody look at your level but that ten twenty okay that's going I was one other aspect of feminism that would hold and Stanton both talked about and that was the morality issue and sexuality so I want just to have a better look at what gender is all about the reasons I was interested in distinctions enroll in drafts United Nations agency in charge of research on women has put out the idea that persons are not necessarily born with a specific gender gender develops culturally socially politically or economically so the goal is sexuality acceptable everywhere male-female home the homosexual lesbian bisexual transgender Army sexual we gone a long way in the last few years towards this goal and if you been following it is shocking instrument is strong this is the United Nations document gender is a concept that refers to a system of roles and relationships between women and men that are determined not by biology but the social political and economic contacts one's biological sex is a natural given gender is constructed that what gender it so gender issues might await us only area gender agenda if you want to know more about gender the young cat a lot of insight by looking at that book young women openly enter into intimate relationships with both genders that are more than just experiments they resist being described as straight or gay argument bisexual whip something think suggests promiscuity and one night stay him things like words like honest factual family they want to redefine to me to roommates not man an hour and woman now there is coming more and more into our local culture shot gone out and associated with people do very often some of it will introduce this is my partner what does that mean that new term and status why her husband this is my partner and I know they're married or not it can mean both sexes are narratives the equal term used in marriage now androgyny is a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics with no distinction and lesbian and homosexuality acceptance is the ultimate goal we have pop culture with Michael Jackson etc. which where he would wear women's clothes wear makeup in his hair and you know all these kinds of things and more I warn you see men wearing makeup wearing jewelry choosing their hair and making a beautiful wearing long hair all these types of things you see on the men sign up for one side convincing for a long time God wants us to be really distinct the woman shall not wear that which pertain unto a man neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God it's all the same as the border of distinction as we don't want anything that clearly defines soundtrack has always expressed philosophy we saw that stand in the Bloomberg came out are expressing her desire for a quality I is not necessarily accepted until World War II when trousers for women were involved because we were running the factories the men are often more so when you want your dress getting hot machinery and as a practical thing by economy carried on after that nineteen sixties the pantsuit came into flow in the hippies in the new age all came out on genes has probably the most than worrying of all deaths as well as possible way back when I was in school I went to visit a friend at one of the large University mind you I'm sheltered missionaries can you know I I I was now airing the world let him know what was going on and I'm going to get bottle studies to this this woman Anna University and she took me for a cafeteria and I was shocked because all women were wearing jeans and T-shirts and there really was no distinction and this was way back like I said when I was in school now it's just out I know you are aware something that's that's accepted by both sides and you wear jeans and T-shirt all all blurs the distinction God wants an answer today is into girl power dictatorial what all years that her heterosexuality to bring on nine and women are now encouraged to use it in my generation of liberation it's a sad note don't use your sexuality with their because were so good the user 's actual powers today's feminist call third wave girls rule boys drool and they use their sexuality to get what they want and that started right in actuality to guess how have so you can remember that stands great idea was that women be read release from their home and astray was that child care now would be guide and back Kenny seek Cleveland on Stanton 's sister dreamed of an organization were also going to be raised by the government and that everybody would have equal opportunities in this wonderful utopia of child care Rowling almost come to pass today the beautiful role of mothering is disdained women's care careers are all important from our willing to dispose of unborn children because they are inconvenienced and this is why abortion is a feminist issue becomes a matter of choice okay all part of this feminist agenda on white on the other hand in the second commentary one thousand eight shows how mothering is one of the highest ministries when an grandmother could realize how great are her duties and her responsibilities and how great will be the report of faithfulness and influence upon her children is preparing them for everlasting life or eternal death she exercises in her home on power and more incisive and minister in the desk or even the king upon his mothering is conflict down as a mother with two children growing up people website unselect the energy of and I think all I stay home with the kids I'm a mother you are in conversation to discuss to know anything you know that man's untimely weaning and this is a chance for us to regime bring your idea of being excellent mothers cherishing these children are going to bring up the next church is our chance is more important than being a minister all are being even President of the United States very important to White Sands South what lessons do we get from great controversy five fifty seven five five fifty eight is Charles S Spiritualism is now changing its form and bailing someone it's more objectionable features and is assuming a Christian God while I have formerly denounced Christ and the Bible and now professes to accept all he saw how the Christian feminist their Christian sort of but everything is changed there really rebuilding everything will formally announce Christ in the Bible it now professes to accept both but I all interpreted in a manner that is pleasing to me I'm renewing Hartwell and Solomon Wilde 's rooms are Main oh so early writings to sixty three to sixty four what about type two spiritualism he was the father of lies Satan himself blinds and this seems the world by sending forth his angels to speak for the apostles and to make it appear that they contradict what they wrote my dissertation of the Holy Ghost when on earth that some very strong statement by the way are you noticing that he likes to throw professed Christians and all the world into I so she thought about the word of God that is his goal that holy directly across his trap and towards his plans therefore he leads me to doubt the divine origin the Bible type two spiritualism so we must become sensitive to the roads of spiritualism truth culture all around us this is an important lesson for Sunday on to learn we cannot stay naïve on these things we must understand where all of this is coming from spiritualism does not always assumed medium rapping guy watch out for philosophical spiritualism in body feminism culture and God help us all not all the culture around us this media was used by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe the more certain please visit www. .com universe .org


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