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Advertising for Evangelism

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • December 13, 2014
    10:00 AM
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hi Saul of five feeling because my experience in the last six weeks doing evangelism until you are not an evangelist I've never done Bible work and I have now been just last six weeks so prior to that I have it done by the work I have been trained by the work I've been trained for evangelism but I am a Seventh-day Adventist insult and neither has been a desire to do this kind of work is our desire to do the work and you have a desire to do something like that up I want to do this morning is share with you a few thoughts in the Bible but also a few ideas that are just very directly telling you what I've learned in trying I been trying to do so and try new canola face before you have to try I think Anderson entrance essay trainer vilest of Ephesians chapter five were talking about advertising for evangelicals on at this hour Ephesians chapter five Galatians Ephesians Philippians look at verse fifteen and sixteen just for a long chain of verse Ephesians fifteen two revisions five verse fifteen seems than that you walk circumspectly not just falls but as wise redeeming the time because the days are evil there is a flawless way to live in unable time in the Bible 's rate clear that we live in an evil time that did things get better as the days go on or do they get worse according to the Bible but this universe and those that are being deceived are waxing worse and worse we live in able time it's especially a bad time to walk to school is a good time to redeem the time and up was some specific ideas about how to redeem the time but first I want to tell you a bunch of rumors I've written my rumors down what I have here in front of me is a list of the names of thirty four people only frost about five the names out and wrote pseudonyms because of the possibility that they might actually listen the audio version some point and pull out of enlightenment in those cases if they did I'd rather it be a pseudonym but for the most part these are real first names but no last names there's at least some level of privacy here first thirst him I mentioned him to you last night some of you remembered him ten is a man who grew up with the desire to do mission work he loves to serve Jesus he's listened to the Bible I'll could receive is less than the Bible a lot of his life on tape because he is a a serious dyslexic for him Reagan isn't sure nothing doesn't know how to read but you know street dyslexia this makes our so he rather listen in his listened enough when I'm recording of verse he can often finish it where he knows where ideas are and him I loved him he's a brother to me and when he came to our meetings he brought off in his four children and the oldest one is Shepherd Shepherd I think is eleven and shoppers stayed in the adult reads them that we had children's medians for our series he stayed there and Shepherd was learning and listening we have a Q&A box that they cannot put questions in and shepherd or maybe one of his siblings could somehow they always sit in their one of them puts a little graphic in there after the talk about unclean meats this showed appeared to be gained really gross things and wrong maybe I won't be here anymore and that was will request was a nurse you and I guess is a question for him or herself in our little box that Tim then there is arraignment in Jolene arraignment against Angelenos live in LA in fact they retard in LA from city government they'd been there for twenty years arraignment at some point while he was living near you someone gave him paperback edition of the great controversy he read it I know he read it because about one week into our meetings he brought this book the meetings and indicated a lot of where saying he heard before in a book of his rap not he never did become so they are finessed his backpack is a deacon in the Sunday keeping church I just want you to know that the book that he ran the thoughts were remembered enough he could recognize that we heard them again by his wife Julie and often gets up he says it three or four in the morning to pray I had a meal with them this last Thursday night the home of Pam Pam has a building named after her and our local public University that's because she gave forty years of service at that university and a Cessna Prussian she has taught a large portion of the people that live in our town because she was training people how to teach young children as part of that she was teaching young children as part of the training program so she liked she knows that our town the people in charge their children and their grandchildren she's known him for a long time and she loves people she lives with another lady named Julia and so remember how several times and events of the home of Raymond Jolene I say we typically check cruiser night we been spent time visiting these people then there's Larry Larry is married to Carol and Carol learned just this last week that her husband has been selling timber for most of his life the fifteen years ago he stopped keeping the Sabbath and then seven years ago he married Carol he was part of the worldwide Church of God he grew up in that faith and when that faith without leaving the Sabbath some years ago slowly she held onto that much longer than the church dead but also he let it go he never letting go in his head that is Larry never decided that it was the Sabbath is something you should keep you just stop keeping it you try to know people like that know better but have just slid out will that was Larry and Larry made a commitment when I was in his home which happened Wednesday afternoon Larry said he was going to tell his employer that he would no longer work on the Sabbath that she was going to begin attending church with Sabbath keeping people and he invited his wife in front of me almost wish it would if I was gone but he did it right there she would come and she was noncommittal but should note that even she can have her meeting and that's going on with Larry and Carol the first hatching the past indeed also used to live in California a lot of the people who invite meeting is to live in California you should be sure you do good work here California as they move out east and they should do good work have to entertain they are lifelong members of the church of Christ that there are retirees in fact maybe one mentioned yourself are in their seventies had indeed are retirees who met in church and it came to our meetings and stay do you know the church of Christ people don't often stay at our evangelistic meetings that they often come the first night they often don't stay past the first you know that there considers some of the more difficult people to reach in the United States but you know a large portion of people attend our meetings are Church of Christ and they stayed just like everybody else and are still coming to the follow-up meetings today and I tell you one reason we didn't have any music it was on purpose I recommend that you consider that we may lose more people of their music and regain because music is a divisive issue right now and for many serious church of Christ people they believe that you should have any instrumental music in worship and so by us she was in and we had many Adventists were skilled and talented people who have high values in music volunteering to do music in our meetings we just said no we didn't have any and we didn't realize till half was in the meetings how many people that made a difference for I really think that you could learn something from them to think it through patenting are part of this end they were learning so much because Dean is a new venture to price on his life is a new Christian even by his own experience that's as happened a few years ago but only got in the last week in the meeting about the Seventh-day Adventist church been the remnant church Dean couldn't buy that because all his life he's heard that there's only one church it's the church of Christ and it's the church that Jesus started eighty thirty one of course I've been with Dean in his home many times now I was with him after that message on his sailboat in fact going on the lake the gray and we even talked about it they are due no gene is still coming to meetings is still wanting us to visit him he's he's not letting go of us talk to about that for a minute in art is never not for advertising yet we will but Chad explained to me that we ought to be in the always before they hear about the Sabbath so that there is a friendship and a bond they are the consortium carrying over of the trouble that you have when a function is one in a stressful times well the Sabbath is like that seventh night in our series so that means that first week the first week that's the first the UK's dance for his first week that first week Chad and I were in the homes of every ventures through we were in the homes of every person I've mentioned to you so far except for Tim and I don't abundantly about life but there's a good reason reporting the home of Tim Nevada homes of all the rest and she chanted was right being in those homes making friends with these people answering questions they had managed that after they heard some that they didn't like or believe or do not accept right away they would still keep coming as they do not need to visit them many times and revisit the people who had missed and I invited them to come right back and stay even to the ends I'm sure in this view even right here in Loma Linda but you have to litter forever right surely surely you're moving out as soon as you can finish what you have to do an urban ago then you ought to be trying these things and those that hear this audio verse I'm sure that they are going to implement this rover they are so I'm encouraged by our blasters I miss your think was paying up hand is the only person and other than the evangelists themselves satisfied it was the only person who didn't miss a single night in our meetings about what Addison nonalignment and she is the one true commitment she's coming and I really think she's likely to be one of the most significant persons to accept the jingles met as you are counting in a very long time but her roommate Julia sensed right to my face at the end of one meeting I think it was the needs and will be identified at this church is the remnant church she turned around because I would either sit in the audience every night I was just there and making friends these people who come early know the elderly people come really early to meetings saw allies people we were able to make friends with them really well and that she turned around to me and said that your opinion well I don't think so but there was a friendship there and she prepared a very special soup for my wife and nine certified in this week invited us to her house to eat were still working with her the next project friendships is so busy she is getting her PhD in a university that's an hour from our place and she's working full time beside besides that she started a administrative review in her own that missionary Baptist Church and to revile and revive the missionary society there brings it is so busy I have been to her home I'm guessing the number right now nine times trying Sunday Sabbath most days of the week from the morning times in the day trying to evening times and never once found her own I told her and she was so badly tried and when she would miss a night or two release on her door she would get it and she can consistently indicated that she is been a start keeping the Sabbath which is thinking about joining the Adventist church but we have not yet managed to him with her now I mean so at least I have her phone number turns that he would toss upon the matches your schedule Bridget we will meet with you she tested back that she would find a time but she hasn't done it yet so I tested her again a couple days ago and said it will still meet with you on your schedule she said thanks what hasn't happened yet would you pray for Bridget it shall have time because she's driving constantly but she believes the truth in my Sabbath or after one of the meetings Bridget said to me I'm sharing the things that I'm learning I was after we had come to the Sabbath she has a son to read how my wife lost my wife was in the children's meetings and throw was very well behaved but here's one of the names I've changed Brody Brody is not Brody 's name but Brody and his live-in girlfriend came to our meetings and really liked them that she's pregnant with her second child the first child died a few hours after birth and we've been in their home so many times and Brody just as anxious to clamber during America thought much about him rustling call him by his real name but he is he loves to learn but he also has an interest in the paranormal and it is not other religions than Christianity and about other things going on that Jainism we talked about this week and he is a young man and he watches a lot of paranormal paranormal on television reads about it and so that things were hearing one really difficult thing for him is the idea that the Bible is the only thing the courses are difficult thing is that we let them know that to be a real Christian either he needs to move out of Mary and cut us off even his live-in girlfriend hasn't cut us off were still glad to see us knowing our values and what we think that live-in girlfriend she's really nice she invited her grandma and her grandma 's husband to come to the meetings and a half come several times and a McClung by his statement again Brody invite said his parents to come to the meetings the last night because Brody was raised in a strict Calvinist Wi-Fi class even about confronting Calvinism that Brody I'm done with that though someone else comes up as risky then there is Brenda and Amy Brenda is a grandma Amy is a mother and Amy's daughter love our children's meeting so much Amy works for a seventh day Adventist dentist and slowly got to the sound that it just in the cause significant stress released one visit was enough to bring them back after that Brenda attended consistently and how she went to Seattle for a two-week vacation you know we were during this period of Thanksgiving break and we lost a lot of college students over that the traveled away during that time but Brenda got back from her two-week vacation the last day of our meetings she can do per meeting this week I'm so thankful that we haven't lost her and we been in a nice home and we have really Brendan and women to the home of Vernon Amy theirs could hope for them still we were totally organized and there was a lady of Miss Clark who shared a first name as someone else who came to our meetings and so the people part when restoration of hope amen confused several times and Mark Mister Clark down as coming to our meetings Ms. Clark was on a list because she had registered there she would communal get a preregistration than regular sugar coming Ms. Clark registered the truth that she didn't come but we had her markdown as if she'd come so much of my visit in her to see why she wasn't still coming misconduct she never had she came after that there is a something obvious someone told me again that she can for several nights but after several the ocean guy coming at a hard time you know she began coming at a time when every message was difficult she never was there for engine warm-up stuff and she just came for a few nights and quit but we visited her again and you know after she quit coming she looked up the Sabbath on the Internet and found several objections against its so she concluded it wasn't true but just one sitdown in her home just put those arguments away and now she strictly interested in continuing studies in her own home that's Miss Clark 's first name I don't remember slide until you then there's region Rita is from the middle east she's Armenian Armenians is me and after last night and surely get that messed up again if I don't think about it but she's Armenian by race and that she has lots of friends who are Muslims and even though she's not as far as I can tell it's not always clear reads is one she's been joining us we been having meals for Muslims that I've eaten some e-mails with Muslims in the last like four or five meals with Muslims in our area in the last month and a half and it's just really working to make friends I have officially Texas Saudi Arabia and I plan on using some miles and going and spending time because that's a country that we have a hard time doing anything and right now and reach a just and a few of our meetings that you can come anymore she still coming to those to those needles and sheep just this week she owns a clothing store in our town she is given a lot of clothing to the poor people who can't to our church school in our town then there is these are two more fake names Shelley and media like those fake names Shelley and media are on the wife and the doctor of someone who was baptized in our last evangelistic series and Shelley has attended church lots of times but the one idea and it's been very difficult mission and church lost twice before the series but when I didn't pray hard for Shelley this idea that where the remnant church that God calls people out it down in the babbling means for Sunday keeping church the idea is really like I would say that she hasn't believed but maybe now she does because when we handed out are pieces of paper where they can make a commitment they want to join the sometimes church she said she doubts so we'll see we've can visit her loudest it was some analysis week by having debriefing on how that meeting went I just don't know the nurse Bob and Charlene and crack whore Charlie she lost one of her three sons four months ago another one committed suicide about ten years ago that leaves one laughed in his name is crack in all three of them are coming to our series received long ago Bob received a magazine called the plain truth of you ever heard about the plain truth that was a magazine put out by the worldwide Church of God Herbert W Armstrong long ago Bob used to get it even there was a television program and he was advertised he sent for and he read it and he learned about the Sabbath in that magazine he never really kept but he learned about it and starting a few years ago and kept coming to his mind this is a man who doesn't know any Sabbath keepers he does now but even at that I began to think I need to keep the Sabbath I need to keep the Sabbath the spirits I need to Jupiter on keeping on it keep it until finally he broke down and he contacted he looked up and found a something of his church he called our pastor our pastor visited him and you know it was just a few weeks after Charley has lost her son and began giving them studies Charlene and Bob and now correctly been coming for meat is pretty consistently Charlie hasn't bought into the Sabbath but Bob is pretty convinced and cracking is convinced and Charlene loves Bob and let's crack and she even came up with them to prayer meeting our prayer meeting is a prophecy series of the follow-up that began on the heels are evangelistic program we just we announced the last one nice of her to start Wednesday night meeting for the next six months to go through slower all the things you gone over in these meetings Gonzales is plainly that a second meeting is a very important follow-up anything you do an evangelistic campaign at him far more removed from the second campaign and may have my first one now this is in the Bible study I hope your learning things already a few minor levels are open probably to Ephesians five I am going to get to something and just a little bit religious get to it sooner but I was in and go through a whole list of university students because were meeting in a public university having a value that is a public setting is so essential to evangelism I feel so bad I wasn't I was in Canada New Brunswick any two months ago where they advertised all over their town that I was coming there try their time to do a series for not yet Adventist people let's have driven on and doesn't not yet Adventist they were advertising me know where they had the meeting in the absence church and that's just asking a bit much don't you think that's asking a bit more than average person so region and a public university and you can meet in the public University digital just got a public university student group have instant group they are to sponsor the meetings you probably can meet there for free on nice haul we get that worked out so well for us still working out so well for us for still meeting there for Wednesday nights for the next six months God willing as industrial bunch of the cautious because those are so exciting spent three of them have requested baptism one of them is be baptized today let's see the time right now he might've been baptized in the last thirty minutes and his name is Justin Justin is half Korean and he's half American he used to live in California and he moved to Arkansas and there wasn't in his little town there were work any other Asians there at all she was half and he got teased so much it was hard on him but so about test were friendly to him and treat him badly and invited him to church and that's how he became a Christian about two years ago well today is becoming a Seventh-day Adventist amazingly those Baptist never did get around the baptizing him so this is his first baptism is it is not his second one but he's Justin has invited lots of people to come to the meetings he wasn't just there he was inviting people that a lot of these people and you've invited other people to come okay so maybe join your mortals other people I didn't tell you you can do that later time organize life turn in your Bibles to Colossians chapter four I'm looking for when I think about three things I forget about the order of Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians I just have to experiment for you Colossians four I should and four and let's look at verse five we read Ephesians that we should be redeeming the time I does one develop the idea little bit further and show you the reading and the time has a lot to do with how you relate to not get Adventist not so much how you relate to administer at least not in this first used in verse five it says walk in wisdom toward them that are to say without walking wisdom for them that are without redeeming the time that is walking and wisdom if you want to regain the time this wisdom that her verse we read I'll start but wisdom to get more about wisdom but it is west on to you for you to make plans to how to reach those who are without you let me say just a few ideas that I have for example one learn from Tim and I mentioned to you earlier town that doesn't have a job hit well in the summer he dies by his wife is a full-time professor at our State University she works in the music department and he all with the children because he believes the children off to get that much attention he couldn't work but he and his wife don't think that it would be sensible to both be working while they have for precious children to race is over a lot of good sense there I hope a lot of you will have that much good sense in terms had that so but his children who go to public school so too young has organized his life so that he does a lot of witnessing what his children are at school I just want you to learn an idea it's sensible in your life you couldn't live upper-middle-class you could live upper-middle-class by having two incomes but would it be more than Jesus did for you to move to lower middle class and have one income so one of you could get a lot of time to helping people learn about materials messages I'm trying to say is that when these so much as Jesus didn't write coming from heaven to earth but I'm just talking about an idea just that won't work for everyone maybe I'm in some of you think are made to elect four hundred thousand dollars in debt because your education but if you if you are willing to just take a step lower maybe you could do a whole more so that idea was of course to have to live on one income citizen choose of someone also someone can stay home and like watch soap operas to understand that would be what I'm talking about but so someone could work a lot might be one I'm not trying to tell you the only way to walk in wisdom for the this is the only way drinking the time this is just an example of something that he and my hat is that we are ingenuity of the things that we really love there's even averse about that in the Bible that look at Luke sixteen verse eight Luke sixteen verse eight and the Lord commended the unjust steward because he had done wisely enough that part of the verse strikes you as oddly it's what Jesus is about to do in the last half the verse is about the command in a certain way unwise stewards for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light the next verse is about using money and how you feel about money I just want to interpret this verse for you a little bit the children of the world do not have higher IQs than us but the children of the world have a devotion to money and materialism that makes them very ingenuity of regarding how to get its I'm talking about market gene and how they organize their life and the children of the world will relate because they really love what they want it and some of them what they want is entertainment some of them want excitement some of them want illicit sensual experiences but I mean they all want something and what you love you for some ingenuity into getting its end is the world 's ingenuity and again the wireless why there's plenty of evidence they really liked I think unfortunately that the children of light sometimes use their ingenuity for the same things when I thought this through I probably had mean thoughts I was thinking through that might even be true for scores of people in this room but if you thought your your last month of life that you put a lot more thought and ingenuity and how to make financial things work and how to win someone to the truth if you put a lot more ingenuity into the bath and into the other I think Jesus is right here when he says that the children of the world are wiser in this way than the children of light or to say it even more plainly I think that if you and I do really band our ingenuity to figure out how to get the message to people that we know that we would have some success or in other words one reason that we don't is because we don't think it through in in fact in our current series when I go back in my mind and imagine what could've been I could easily imagine Sharon coming and preaching the very same meetings the very same words at us doing a massive mailing to everyone within thirty miles in fact spending twice as much money as we did if we did that spaceflight as much money doing twice as large a mailing freedom the same value preaching the same meetings and at the Marriott have zero baptisms and right now everyone being discouraged and thinking evangelism doesn't work in rural Arkansas I can easily imagine that happening just by subtracting ingenuity and other words just by removing it from the next the people who know the truth really using their noggins to try to figure out what might work what might not work what ought to happen what should we do not do just fine don't you know that one of the things gotten into a steward of what your hat and that when he told you to take the gospel to the whole world you didn't tell you all the ins and outs about how to do it because the world is day and take different ins and outs in different places so said of giving you all the details he gave you I had asked you to use your ingenuity because you really love the idea of helping people learn the truth it's not fair to court what without a reference and in and in accurately enough to do it anyway I don't know exactly how she says I don't have any clue where but I know that she says that we ought to daily be inventing ideas about how to reach the higher classes in our areas in other words it's going to take a lot of thought to figure that out I think me being on a sailboat this week was an example of meets trying to figure something out about how maybe that could be done it was nice to be in the syllable also look at Proverbs twenty six verse sixteen religion and a couple types of wisdom here Proverbs chapter twenty six in verse sixteen the sluggard that's the lazy man right the sluggard is a I desert his own conceit the seven man that can render a reason of your tunnel sluggard is being wise I'll tell you how I understand this verse the slaughtered loves knees and so if seven men begin to get him good reasons why he ought to go try something that takes work this library to his ingenuity kicks into high gear in all sluggers have high IQs also and he begins to come up with reasons why it's not worthwhile to go do the hard difficult work he can come up with more answers than Saban really bright people trying to tell him why you should go do something let me make the application if you can think of so many reasons why it's not sensible for you to try to reach someone in particular doesn't know the truth if darkened even seven wise men telling you why you should go do it if you can find reasons to counter all of them that wisdom might only be evidence that your slaughtered thousands English-speaking restaurant essay that you are a sluggard I just sent you but sorry to say you are sluggish but it didn't sound right and then I must adopt you understand then turned to communicate right is our sluggishness that excuses ourselves from hard work by finding all kinds of reasons why it wouldn't work I'm not trying to reach my neighbors because my neighbors wouldn't respond but the wisest man on earth other than Jesus said plainly saw the slide all waters because you don't know what's cannot prosper this or that would enable a life shall be good at the what about a company called the sermon view mirror this copy sermon view so sermon do you ever listen to this message I want you to know I did my best sermon view is an Adventist marketing company and they have been so helpful to me in the last six weeks but I think you ought to know about them this is a free advertising for them on Sabbath they are a Sabbath keeping company and what they did for us in our marketing program right there in our work we did our series is the design for us a billboard we rented a billboard space and foot a video for a whole month we had a billboard up advertising our meetings they also design thrust posters to be put up the University on all of the different bulletin boards are approved by the University because we have a student group and they designed for us Internet advertising it was the right installation you know what fifty pixels by three hundred pixels are hundred fifty by one hundred or whatever the right ones for Facebook adds a couple times and for Google ad words and for weather .com because all three of those Internet ad venues allow you to do is ZIP Code specific advertising you don't your people anywhere that at least some of you do so they allowed us and our little area to target that area so that the poor Facebook user narc Adelphia saw our ad will let me do the math in front of you we got off hundred and fifty thousand impressions there's only ten thousand people Gino they saw it a lot not everyone understands how the Internet works so we visited one of those people I told you about he was so excited he told us that his sister saw the same advertisement that he saw on the Internet since she lives in North Carolina but as a Christian woman I realize this because when he was on her Facebook page Tucson advertisement SL you thought it must be on she must go to see it to know it wasn't so you understand what I'm saying is that teachers will be found we asked people like you probably do in your series like how they learned about the serious and we sure kept track of all that Karen article about this I'll submit the review and Herald and statement printed on to write about it but unfortunately we only ask them when they get elected one option of no lidocaine I found a large portion of our attendees and we had up you can add those numbers there together I think it might come to a hundred and eight leaders try to do it fifteen eighteen yeah hundred inches in total there misrepresents how many people attend our meetings are hundred and eight people at one time or another kindred meetings on account of ten thousand people that's like one percent a day like in LA had a hundred thousand people show up your meetings is to give you an idea no one percent is high time the livestock development seed this will help you young talk about sermon view social review and design of these Internet ads cause I couldn't do that really well and they designed for us I website had an eight hundred number on it that would send MP3 messages to my e-mail address and just look professional and they did all of that and they even recommended that a similar trifold we stand a jumbo car given jumbo card is I know you do is you get in the mail yourself from all the car dealerships in the area is just a card about this big that you don't have to open you know how useful it is that you don't have to open it it means that even if he's showing you can't help but have seen it and I so we sent those all over and then hand them out all over some of you help is that and by means of some of the ideas got a bus end there marketing the program I think that very few people in our target audience were unaware of our meetings people that we that we just meet on the street in an hand them a brochure like one of those jumbo cards I say I didn't heard about these mayhap like we had a pretty good saturation yeah I am happy to turn in your Bibles to Psalms sixty eight verse eleven we also did advertise in our local newspaper and I found out even though it was against my my opinion that we had people come because of our newspaper advertising felt like that was like in the past you know people don't read the newspaper anymore but we had good attendance from the elderly age group and some of them saw in the newspaper that made a difference for them or even some sixty eight Psalm sixty eight verse eleven is a verse that has had provided a draft of its use in the history of Adventism like over time the graph would look something like this so this represents the year eighteen hundred the service since the year nineteen hundred the service of the year two thousand and this is the baseline no one uses the verse the graph I think would look like this this is what was being used by call quarters you see the word publisher net paupers love this verse is like their verse in the Bible Drake is a copy of those who publishes as of right versus if they publish here make sure you it's the right one those promoting women's ordination are the second tier here the minute using that because the word company in this verse is feminine and solid in some modern translations of vitamin C company of ladies or group of ladies or something it at least it's quite clear I understand I don't know Hebrews I've heard that it's female the people who are publishing well I have an opinion about women's ordination by his still like this verse a lot I really think ladies that your body is your ingenuity to promote the truth guy to get it out and whether you do it by Bible work I been doing for the last month can you imagine if if I tried to excuse myself from visiting these people and starting with them in their homes by saying I haven't been ordained to the gospel ministry I can just imagine the judgments when these people going up to me and said why did you come tell me I say well there was a ceremony that never got performed I could can tell you and you think would be very satisfying to them I think not like I don't think this verse is really relevant ordination issue measures relevant to what we ought to do right is a copy of those who published it we ought to do something to get the message out now as I began thinking about this because I know what I want to share and I honestly can't think of any big chapter in the Bible about this idea of advertising for evangelism I like to Bible studies I didn't come to a conclusion the Bible does say something about how the truth was promoted in the past and let's just look at some of them look at Psalm twenty six verse seven or close to it some twenty six and verse seven it says that I may publish with the voice of tell of all thy wondrous works when you are when I am giving thanks for what God has done and what he's been doing that kind of expressing gratitude really gets the attention of people you know what dies because everyone and their brother in marketing it is certain to include testimonials something clue them in a lot of those are just like entirely fiction it out when Shelley says this is the best that ever happened to me Dean Roger wrote that and I if you don't believe me it's okay but I'm telling you is that there has been a natural marketing that's been done for ages of people praising God for wisdom in the life the devil is afraid of the natural marketing technique and he really is trying to pressure us into not praising God for the pressurized pipe by somehow I don't know all the methods use the one I've seen by convincing us that it's empty or follower that it will sound they are plastic well it looks more faith you claim it to be a Christian is thankful and never say thank you and we really ought to just get through that awkward spell of praising God I said awkward because it will be awkward when you start I note that started this awkward you should get through the awkward spell of praising God and just work your way through it because phrase promotes what God is doing look at Luke twenty one Luke twenty one and verse twelve Luke twenty one twelve is about a future marketing program that might already be working in Indonesia and Yemen and in various other places Luke twenty one twelve this has but before all of these they will lay their hands on you and persecute you delivering you up to the synagogues and in the presence being brought before kings and rulers for my namesake and it shall turn to you for able to say for a testimony God 's working plan of advertising the truth has been the way that you hold off under persecution I think actually apostles page four sixty five says something like this that by patients under tropical under trouble as well as by some other than that I don't remember what the other thing is souls may be won to Christ it says there that my meeting even death itself with an unwavering faith you may accomplish more for the gospel then you could have done by a long life of useful labor I'm forty three and I can imagine myself working for about forty five more years I can imagine myself putting all my effort and ingenuity into trying to promote God 's work and everywhere I can during that time but if I go to Saudi Arabia next year and I martyred there I think that God will not let that happen less he's able to accomplish more by that experience that I could've accomplished by forty some years of hard earnest work with trying to say is that God 's marketing program is very successful and that by avoiding difficult places we really have compromised his normal advertising technique because we just work in the places were not likely to have much repercussions if I go back to some I said earlier about organizing your life villages service when anybody do is if you have children his raise them up to do mission work for the become heavily indebted and otherwise stuck in concrete you ought to raise them opted to be sharing and doing something you can really be successful in God 's work that way by raising up the kids to do the work they will do it but what a shame if you stop them from doing the work that might lead to their death or danger don't you know that that is part of God 's advertising program is to protect his people from danger and only let them suffer when he gets glory from it I'm talking right now about canvassing even though that's letting me do in the states almost it is like as any risk at all even though frankly letting your children learn how to drive statistically much more dangerous than letting them sell books I mean I know hundreds and hundreds young people of watch them grow up I know quite a number who have been terminally injured or died and the that all was in cars and none of it was from going door-to-door then though I don't want to launch into a whole sermon on assignment turned their Cartwright would from thinking about Isaiah chapter fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight talks about your character going to be for you about God it working for me just summarize what you're reading their site since most are turning to anyway what you find they are in verse six and seven is the God asked you to put yourself out in the interest of others this is the way he wants you to act during the day of atonement and were in the avatar San Diego's the chapter about how he wants us to act we put ourselves out in verse six and seven is that he's he just showers us with blessings in the next number of verses but one of those is that your righteousness will go before you when I understand by that is that when we began doing the work that Jesus did on our he's going to put all his angels and the PR mode and he's going to set that city on a hill 's benefit that candles candle and a candlestick that when the work is being done and wants to do I know the people I'm studying with it what really impresses them is very personal serving the needy people that's what catches the worldly minds I because this man who so ingenuity to get rich it just amazes him it's a jaw-dropping experience when he sees someone else's ingenuity of to serve the hopeless when we do this kind of work God is going to put it up on display people will know it and the truth will be promoted so it's a good time to practice just before this series I I was trying to do some pre- work and I was busy people that we make contact with the past and there is one lady who needed help I went to her house and for a couple hours I helped her mostly throwaway trash that was filling up her house and then I invited her to the meeting and she didn't come and I invited her daughter her adult daughter and her daughter didn't come that's okay the idea isn't that we just serve to get the results ideas that we serve God is promoting is our is this promoting this as per his principles is promoting his ideals and those ideals are successfully promoted even if people don't come think you see so I never do get through everything that I want to say in a meeting one last thing be sure you have children's meetings consider using truth for you specify young disciple when you have your meetings consider that we use that to good effect I think if we hadn't had children's meetings we would not have had like I didn't at least thought you about me statistics my last two minutes of the statistics don't describe age levels at all but if I did have statistics whatever age levels I tell you if we didn't have children's meetings we would a lot of people between the ages of twenty five and sixty five don't you think you want them to attend your meetings and I don't think it was a diverse history and people in America are so busy and when so many of them that age have jobs and children if you don't have children's meetings it's about the same as holding your meetings in your local church you really need to do something that way one of these things say in our first week of people who attend our meetings we had twenty two who then directly invited personally invited by a Seventh-day Adventist about six of these are seven words the family of already baptized Adventist for the rest of them they were administered at but the rest of these were personal invites maybe half of them by new administering a hundred Adventist get the hang of this than the rest of us lose it so they invited people actually got a lot of them about ten people that came in the first week were invited by the people who came by advertising that is the cocaine by advertising invited before they attend the meetings while they can the first thing they might than the later some of the first regarding had done secondary people coming who didn't come because of our advertising women like them they're invited by attendees in the interesting time I got to the last week we still have unopened on a lot of vandalism became done a lot these figures will look good to you that we still had a large portion percentagewise of the number of people we started with like more than fifty percent at the end of the meetings that we still have a lot of those personal invites from the Adventist life more than half of them that persisted well not really because some of these were invited during the meetings but the numbers one half of the people that were invited by others that number hardly fell at all like eighty percent compared with the first week but from our advertising that number fell a lot that's okay what happened is withdrawn and that in that and the good begin inviting other people but when I realized right crunch these numbers on the number crunching I really crunch them more than you can see here not one aspect of what we did between Internet advertising between mailing between personal invites between door-to-door not one aspect could be considered to be a River error eight are minor ever one of our four major ways of inviting people draw about twenty percent of the people toward meetings so that if they left any one of them out we would've lost a significant section of our attendees the summary of all I said today is that God has given us a commission based asked us to use our mind and 3G and the time how to redeem the time maybe it by the way we organize our work where raise our children may buy no longer make excuses that maps our laziness but being wise as serpents being helpful in every way and if we will cooperate with him if we do that he will certainly prosper our efforts and we will have a harvest as you walk in wisdom for seminar found this media was gone audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about how universe you like the more certain than the visit www. .com universe .org


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