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The Sin That Doth So Easily Beset Us

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse


  • May 1, 2004
    9:30 AM


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him last night and we talk about all hastening the Lord we talk about not receiving the Holy Spirit until we have made a confession of error everything on the sin that so easily beset us and this morning I want to break that down a little bit more I want to take that topic that is in that so easily beset us and I want to look at it in a way so we can understand because the Bible says in Hebrews twelve verse one let let us lay aside every weight and then which done so easily beset us the Bible sure that it was written in the singular form it is not a sin is that thin wanted a really cut down the tree that bears the fruit of our thin at the root we've attempted out by faith the morning we are here to discover upon the word of God into their origin what is the root is it that we have to plot how about life so that we can receive the power of the Holy Spirit for the government ought to be finished and you can come back and then this morning the topic if you want one simply is the thin also easily beset us but it looked in on a chapter fourteen we want to discover the origin of sin so let's go back to that in him at the fourteen at twelve to fourteen verse twelve the Bible says how art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how about cutting down to the ground which didn't begin limitations without method and I'm hard I looked then into heaven I will exalt my throne above the throne of God I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the side of the north I will look then above the clouds I will be like the most high yet thou shall be brought down to hell the side of the business that we can discuss in these happy that very simply strengthen what not Lucifer is that I will do this I want that I not be like that citizens me is that it that he was looking at somehow perhaps we will never understand how all eternity somehow I turned towards himself taking infatuated with this work I made myself this is not how I want to highlight that high high high and my friend is the root of sin I sell me see the annulment that he not been paid upon the little dog he did not look at Dawn at the all in all you look at himself the moment he came to that point it became safe and you want to place in heaven because in the South thank God and that is true than not that the foundation of very foundation the basement the root of all their liquid and Genesis chapter three were familiar with the story but did the seventeenth of it harder and beguiled the energy was more subtle than any beast of the field he came to women and he said then you shall not eat of every tree in the garden a new reader think that they think that it's about what they like keeping something from you there's something better than them I got to thinking you community on Daniel Island inspired children think worth of that link on the statement continued he said ye shall not surely die for God to know that ended me thereof then your eyes to be open I used to be a God knowing good and evil filthy and with appealing to the inner self he is the same zero are more important to think for yourself you don't feel good to end an evening she looked at the furnishings that losing that's really good for food in my face pretty good not only that with pleasant VI eye that looks nice maybe I can diffuse and decorate myself with it which you can be desired to make one why I want to be one I will be a little better maybe going really is hiding something from subject to further out and eat Internet that her husband in the very front of you have been the foundation is the problem that about herself she thought what can I get out of this intimate me know then what did God say what it was God if God really really want to attend from then on ever after you and that arise that submitted within a live off at the foundation of help in the plot will be able to provide a reputation we want to get that money resulted in upon the wisdom God give me want to get better education and better how updatable nice vacation away this is the life that we are living a life that is really all centered to encompass with ourselves and nothing else to the son of Adam e.g. she's got a broken opulent to accept the multiple and he was jealous if the thinking mode what have I done wrong even if you have treated me wrong and he will rule little brother you can pay for this and that with the birth matter everyone was so chain of himself nor is gone now and his brother have been a fan self is the fruit of sin yet the question how can we possibly not be selfish what is the what the problem the wealthy with it the problem is that him him she cried all in the example of the not in the Bible to give this a solemn warning infinite infinity Kappa three that is their second Timothy E are some negative you have heard before second in the three beginning in verse one is a lot of hope in the last day of my friends about you but I believe I'm living in the last day at Tybalt in perilous times shall come to your time will come and as the apostle Paul writing to need that in the last day the time will become dangerous in the last day things will not be safe any longer and he explained why admitted as a note it is a long list of the next few verses but the name at all mentioned he said men shall do not learn all their own so the reason the last day the time that the Odinga the reason why the time Lavinia is apparently the good life you go on the street and people cannot meaning they are convinced it for me in the table and you look at with everything then how to follow up question without the birth of the last two things that imagine that they are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God never the pleasure that we they let themselves morning inventively themselves have a good time to do about that and my friend he may be thinking about particular do you have always been a single human being who felt having gone we have all that believe the Holocaust and the all of the Crusades in the middle and get all of the pain and will sell one of those in the last day that the manifesto of the problem is they that be tried at the very met for it that the people that love I don't know where the pleasures more than the God they have to him up on the net appalled around my friends in the meantime of the family up here it will shake out godliness right affecting the people who live godly in other words all days and all I would appear that they are good people literature to read the Bible every thought they talk nice legal cover to give their offering maybe they are not the type of people that you expect to find a good balance of the three smoking and drinking taking the well-being of the people to the people sitting in the Zoom binoculars good people that handle the gauntlet but the Bible than the last day that will be dangerous not to vote people check their beloved of the oldest though more than lovers of God is the problem in the church today can it be longer than all thousand one eleven of God Allah and can't possibly be the case in our church today no at the Diane and my friend are walking in the church is big big man and he feels on the outcome but I want when I connected in the salvation of the literature to the group any church to benefit oneself the children with China can get about himself because the hotel we sure about other people we do not delegate the young people want to let without blowing a girl you are the visitor going they're going to never coming back to adventure world now too much and didn't come into the church now young people the people like David Sanford said call I can't give that much money at the family the product dealt independent shared music on a just wrote me the wrong way I'm never coming back yet again emulated by me the government should feel glad that after that I can't believe it he does not know how to speak fluently to be better than him have put coming to church for the wrong reason checked out of why art thou the Christian because we want to get to heaven not because we want to be like using the we love ourselves a lot than many can't we do the right thing for the wrong reason we come to church because we want to do the right thing and members we spent more time him or vacation more African that they are not me I retirement within the energy getting that all together that will take in the placard not that we're not spending much time in the word of God were many getting nothing much on that day in the field the mission field for hundreds of other than millions of people in the lack of knowledge can't we love ourselves do not and we come to church but we know enough on Friday afternoon with landlord you get a good document with the intent that a little longer Saturday evening Shankar initiative started waiting for that violated the copyright and that were off to the mall is not that that's not the accountant the company over again you want to do how they sounded over on to that part of my life to heaven out one and then a week we love it don't too much dependence the opposite extreme extreme with people they have to be sold and for that they would feel like they are some always have to talk a certain way we got to lingo with this one when people talk about we have to have a handkerchief event that such a thing we talk with them we have to use the word out he did rather well I'm blessed thank you the extreme extreme it is a him why not apply so the devil doesn't care whether you are an extreme liberal extreme to the public that he does not care it is little wonder to be like that to the annulment of eleven thousand morning we have to look very fake and lacking definitive neck in the Garden of Eden you love yourself more than one because the Bible that the Bible says in second through the first chapter three having a form of godliness but denying the power and the power is what the myth will never think of ourselves among the elderly God we cannot work the unit on and if we don't receive and outdraw you cannot come back positive I wanted to do no activity that ensures a couple of notes that are given more dollars were offering you want to fear of God at the first we not deny ourselves so we can be by Jesus to the story done thinking about right now found in March ten ten the Whitney marched up to ten the story about the guy caught the rich young ruler now this guy is a theory in question the regular company that they could not do what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life that's a good question vitally important of the knock at the question we ought to have ineptitude is that young ruler who would be him him and help the dog if I'm not all that is done I can hardly believe that I believe the one writing the young group will be going well the Auckland zoo is anything to be called on young healthy wealthy Seventh-day Adventist Christian North American eyeliner come to Jesus that you argue that I may have eternal life Jesus Reagan was able to relate to put the finger on the foundation of my gene of the land verse twenty one document that none may not like it thinking that if you would get you by now anything you like one thing that can't be relaxed and my friend perhaps did the same thing that this rich young ruler lacking that is said by way so what so ever thou have a good look for and documented in heaven income of the cross and follow me to the rich young ruler is that you want to go to heaven like that I like that yet felt much you love you talk too much you have too much and you care about that more than me Jesus told the rich young ruler with one hand reaching out regarding making up a God in heaven on the other hand if the record is a checkbook to the softy the development of heart beating the prescription deny yourself of everything that you have a way that your affection on things above and not on things on the your put your full trot most priority in the things of God seeking I will write all the neat things shall be added unto you my friends but generally he went away sorrowful as we grow old because he was to leave me below myself too much that we are willing to forsake the fifteenth final salvation for that leisure for that relationship for that achievement that were trying to have as my friend Linda brings us one step closer to home this was still working the GOP he's asking the Lord I want to go to heaven I want to still love myself so many highs we come to church with Christian but we cry out I want to go to heaven but the way that we are things that is not because we want something better for a lot of of the world we are just afraid of hell the only reason why within a few of the church the only reason we do it because they want to go to heaven the primary goal in a line want answered a question that was not having if it was not really didn't want to fill in the new Jerusalem in the seventh of the plot will be able to live for all eternity users of electricity used on the eleventh of the cluster then Christianity my friend is not going to D'Antoni is not just about any hard sell it that is all laid perpendicular to the hotel was because she located at anytime I die for all eternity you have a chance to be saved can you then him a him will will gladly actually achieving something that is going to badly start blaming yourself look with me in this chapter thirty two thirty through the sensitive noses to the point topic cat for the comedown from the mountain to destroy the covenant tablets upon the building can find it up with how to make the people drink the gold said I'm going announcement to make the decision between you and God pray for me there and in the mountain can't download it many in the eye-popping people overlook that it are the people that are stubborn and rebellious if not I'll start a new nation out of your theme of the company if there was any selfish ordinary human being we would have been sure to have me a lot of trouble to look at what Moses said Exodus thirty two or thirty two is now thou wilt forgive their sin this is the only I have found yet the King James version of the Bible so that it is possibly pointing to that amount of time praying thinking that drive a knife and the availability but now Ethan and if not taught me I pray the outside book without I've written about my friend is the book of life so that they can't be happening the belly of the next loving people God will need out of existence with them to be safe can you say that about the human sinful him I knew that the value of the Fed I would die for all eternity if the mean within the state Elizabeth Christianity they are just going to heaven knows of Christianity being like Jesus and Paul did the same thing you can read without Romans chapter nine verses one to three she said I would be out about it I give credit for your sake if you would be there Paul would be willing to give up eternal salvation can use anything you ever felt so much that you rather live in all eternity now you know that you did not do everything that you could put other people to be safe Jesus was carrying his cross the Golgotha he saw the women weeping for him he said we cannot need of daughters of Jerusalem for yourself and your children even when the burden of the cross looked upon Jesus cared not to the time machine and enjoyed the crew Jesus said it is possible let this cup pass from me but nevertheless that thy will be done not mine Jesus we were even in the world to get up and go back to heaven but he stayed that he will not sell the parties environment it is untenable they know not what they do hanging on the cross between heaven and earth rated at the top of the the father will finally have to like the wild and route we were paying there and yet he said that the good life and daily add value to their zoo will be with me in paradise with you that going in the morning and you and not even if you want to be lied and the crucifixion of Christ the defined goals finally learned their lesson finally understood what it meant when he does that although the gene of men not yourself do not love God more than father mother Bethesda electronic be like me the cross and follow me and finally after Jesus was resurrected after June of that anymore they look them up anyone within the heaven it was only then that we cared it possible to finally stop regarding about to be the greatest finally they had all things in common again the one accord the reunify the finally understood the holy one they started playing a lot of all around them only then did the brain the early rain fall on the day of Pentecost two thousand hundred and one days however these twelve men all the world in one generation at a time when you see the terrain of the Holy Spirit that we not done however the do not know whether my generation how can we help you three thousand people getting one day to become my friend within our magnifico fighting over what is the law able to bring with them they are Christian but they will not be denied to the hospital one night we will ourselves too much we can think about how much we can go on membership we can do that more money at the time money the lingering about me with an hour when not writing about the world around the nation can devalue people have not heard everlasting God and so on is not a valid and current Jesus on the team will not have the power the Holy Spirit the Giverny church that all things in common and we can complain about giving offering than five the literature was willing to go day and night without money and run Hungary would note within one and clothing and preach the gospel that was when the gospel is all about the money when the Holy Spirit came and we are worried about how we dress the philosophical concern about anything of life based on what we like about it now the friends we need a change of perspective look with me Hebrews Chapter 11 Hebrews Chapter 11 at the end of the chapter beginning with thirty nine Cindy off having obtained a good meet the him he's not a problem you mention the entire chapter he went eleven for men and women of good faith and not receive the promise that is leading the way that I'm not yet been up to heaven but not yet been given immortality to evaluate appointment but they haven't received the provided end of the race thirty God having provided something better for our advantage without should not be made the limiting factor we look at ourselves a lot we say all the best not a foundational issue is no longer felt the life of the contract possibly one of the get up and knew that coming is near the non- foundational issue of the hide method not salvation issue that the Gamma my time is not foundational issue is an example that is not foundational issues that you my friend sure that they may not be done is to keep your attitude below the waist up that is the foundational issue the one that you have a checklist of the house closely with by the pearly gate got want to be ligated but then I felt completely and do whatever it takes and now we have a different perspective because it is not just us anymore there are the generation hard and it will have a million in the past with sleeping in the depth of the ground figuratively speaking that cried out to Jesus stopped loving her so they him will only delay the longer located along the way you have to stay in our green we have learned that I felt the word about in our Christian walk out of that died before the law and the world around us now there is also Jesus was bleeding for us to get ready that he wore seems also a compact about with so great a crook cloud of witnesses let it suffice every way and then we stepped out easily be set up with being a five oh one overall and that is wrong with patience the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith will continue to review the example she allowed himself not to the more interesting for the filling you in on the cross but if it is worth it for you to have a chance God gave all our all and pedagogues all petty but we still love ourselves Soma so this morning very many of us who perhaps have never ever had this perspective before the first time you begin to realize my effective efficient experience is not just about going to heaven is not just about my knee and in life after the bell my Christianity is about being like Jesus can turn I like you people will then be brought to the kingdom and gotten the same will be vindicated LD can be on the way home the new date for the first time you have heard yesterday this new perspective we had serious reconsideration to do perhaps the priorities of our lives have been viewed on the out breath and look at our things in our lives and make amends and to continue now walking according to the path that Jesus walked the front that you take up our cross the denier fell and to follow him the longer we love ourselves belong to Jesus Watson so that is a decision if you want to think the Lord I want to see would be revealed to me in that way that I am cleaning and loving myself more than I'm leaving and loving you reveal that to me and help me to change it that you design that is surely a goal if that is truly the response of your heart this morning please read and please join me on your feet as we continue us morning as they pray and make a commitment to the Lord of Lima and the art thou like G the empty himself that we can become within the power of God finish the race let us pray him and him this morning has broken for hearts and given us a new perspective I live with not just about us there are cloud of witnesses the Angels in heaven looking down at acting out how long are you going to get looked at yourself about the rest of the universe may want to get rid of the thin problem out of the faith of God in times past tryouts what look you gave it to finish the race the entire cell and fast-forward we have left long enough and Jesus looking down upon us the data seven morning crying out by people like people will you leave finally looked to me you love me more will you be willing to surrender yourself to me because I am the author and finisher of your faith v can't you think that you pull out the sin the mountain before us and planted in the sea but we may receive the dude in this power that we may come to one accord we may see the salvation of our God left this day continue to work with us how quest question our sinful selfish eyes to see past ourselves to see the cross of Calvary the CG that Christ waiting with eager anticipation to come back to claim the children to feed and many multitudes are waiting for the great resurrection morning may we keep your call may be run with patients the race that is set before us give us your spirit help us to be like Jesus this is our prayer in Jesus


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