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10- The Beast's Greatest Conspiracy

Chester Clark III
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As if hijacking a planet at the Garden of Eden were not enough, the devil still has a burning desire to subvert the worship that belongs to Christ alone. Learn about one of the ways he has schemed to accomplish this!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • November 8, 2014
    7:30 PM
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hi we have a exciting topic were going to be looking at day that these greatest conspiracy and so as we as we continue our study of the prophecies were going to continue to unravel or unpack some of these some of these predictions of what would be in the last days and then were going to be looking at the sure and certain identification of the antichrist next weekend I believe it is we have a whole study will compare Daniel chapter seven in Revelation chapter thirteen the first few verses but what we see in Revelation thirteen what I think is very apparent in Revelation thirteen these first two verses we look at this evening is that there is a beast who would try to usurp the worship that belongs to God right is that these suits rise to even persecute God 's people he tries to eighties doesn't dry dusty blasphemies against God right and all that dwell on the earth it says in verse eight shall worship him except to talk about it last night did me that those whose names are written in the Lamb 's book of life I'm about you but I want my name written there that's where I want my name to be written right in the land for the life adequately found worshiping this power because just like just like Apple and of ancient times we talked about in night two of our series ballad of ancient times try to try to hide to hijack God 's plan for planet Earth remember that image head of gold chest and arms of silver belly and thighs of brass legs a minor Peter Martin Clay stone cut out of the hands destroyed within the week of the great mountain what's best don't represent God 's kingdom that's right gone is the one who will set up an everlasting kingdom by the way he is only one who's worthy of worship right and that Nebuchadnezzar said I don't like God 's version of history God says but I think that's always been was a God says that I think so Nebuchadnezzar Zedong God says but I think that will last forever and so he greeted his own image made entirely of gold and tries to subvert the worship that should be going to God he asks for him in his image I want to receive that worship this is a symbol of what happened in the last days the last time we talked about we talk about how Revelation thirteen demands worship on pain of death of the image of the beast is not as late in the Justin 's first Angels message relation fourteen seven God says wait a minute worship the creator I saw that language bar override from God from the heart of God 's law of love right from the ten Commandments from the fourth commandment that language worship him who made heaven and earth to see the fountains of waters BC and all that in the Ms. Exodus twenty tells us so last night it's a little bit of review will talk about them what we what we saw last night last time we saw how that these inventive time demands worship just like downloadable literal battle and spiritual battle in the book of Revelation demands worship as well however this is this is not a surprise this should not be a surprise to us because who is really behind who is really behind the antichrist powering the last day to his lot is some new entity that comes around it's really safe to music just like Nebuchadnezzar said I'm going to build an antigen the plaintiff Amanda everyone bow down and worship it in reality it was noted in Nazarene worship wasn't because he was so alive his inquiries country 's kingdom was symbolized by the image is on the last days there is somebody who is actively seeking he's in competition with Jesus Christ he wants to have the worship that belongs to him alone we talk about that meaning it goaded me with now that great conflict between listen for the fallen angel and antichrist and how it began having out continues here on earth and the great conspiracy of the devil working through the bees and other agencies in the last phase the great conspiracy of the double is to try to divert the worship that supposed to go to Jesus that had no one isn't out to be very clear here I will be very clear when we start talking about these things people start wondering well while you know that unit there's no way this can happen without people being involved who might be who might be we might even have some of our own conspiracy theories cropping up as we go through these studies who might be who's the W 's lesson is not about the peoples about the systems it's about thing is about the false worship the teachings are you with me on that were not were not here to condemn any person in fact when I think of deception I think there's more than one type of deception is there there's some people who are deceiving or being deceptive who don't even know they're being deceptive delivery of mail that is a very honest sincere people who were teaching things that aren't true I believe that I have enough friends that change things in the ministry that I don't agree with and I don't think there I don't think they're quite dark why would the Bible teaches letting their sincere interest in Lansing I can separate the message from the messenger when I see that just this morning in my neighborhood there is a couple of people I saw walking around in their walk around your neighborhood thereunto by two and then sometimes a knock on my door usually I'm not home but then sometimes I've been home once or twice they knocked on my door share some word with nature is not leaving people very sincere they call themselves they call themselves Jehovah's Witnesses right and then I remember rightly by the way on the Jones witness not literally but eyewitness for Jehovah right time I believe in Jehovah and so I can tell them I'm glad you are job as witnesses and police and let your visit and graduate using the Java right if I want to know what that Jehovah is the provider God of the Old Testament that's one of the favorite means of God Yahweh and so this is this is this is that these it is a very sincere people diving there is a second type of deception were people trying to deceive someone else right people try to see someone else and hopefully that doesn't happen too much in the religious world sometimes you wonder you know when you see business become her religion becoming a business big business or business becoming big religion you wonder did they really believe what they're saying or is this just for for the event you know on television or whatever I don't know but I hope that no one in religion is actually intentionally deceiving somehow there's a part of inception the third type of deception so that's where we convince ourselves of something that's true and doesn't matter which type of deception you have it to be pretty dangerous right Jesus we talk about elastic net Detective Frank will look at it briefly on our our third night Matthew seven twenty four Jesus said when they asked what the designs of your coming you're the first words out of his mouth work take care be careful that no one let that no one deceives you now Jesus started that note to be bad right so that no matter where this is intentional deception the summons the seed you someone who's is very sincerely listen to see if someone is not the same doesn't matter deception thinkers is now moving here to see the night what I deliver living that is no way they're handling it if you think you would realize here to see right at the very nature of deception and so this is why so important for us as the why will want to work for the rest of pray and ask God to please lead us in alternate he promised to be that he was spirited so Lucifer is the present war with Jesus Christ he's going to try to see as many people as possible into thinking they are worshiping doing the right thing when really there worship is being diverted to him that the greatest conspiracy at the end of time that's a great goodness conspiracy that he uses any object or any institution or any organization or even any person that he can in order to see this is great controversy is going on between Jesus and Satan we talk about the disparate characters between a God of love and a God of selfishness about unselfishness and a NA NA NA v I guess the God of this world the double who is wanting he's just wanting things for himself by the way Jesus loves you this I know but the devil doesn't care he doesn't care and I'll about this he only cares about is as long as he can use he views as weird as pontiff hands and try to wring her to the Savior to the Redeemer to the creator himself that these greatest despair isn't it time is the hijacking of worship that belongs to God I don't want anyone to go out of here and try to phase and try to say well you'll could that person or this person or maybe their deceiver there not a listen the most important thing for us to do is apply the Bible to our heart right many people I've heard it said nothing is probably try quite true many people are going to miss heaven by eighteen inches you know that the unit seven and eight by eighteen inches that's the distance from the head to their heart do often we hear God 's words is focusing lamps are glad that person I wonder if they will not be sanguine what do you have for me what do you have for me because I need a word for me today I need your spirit to speak to me I need not be seen I wanted to versus Rush Limbaugh but aren't on our slide tonight I want to take your Bibles if you have them and then turned his second Corinthians Chapter 11 second Corinthians Chapter 11 because talking about deception talking about the last days were going to be seeing that that that that the knee the enemy of souls the arch deceiver he doesn't care about you can use one of us you can be using me for all you know right that's why you need to study your Bible for yourself I don't want to take my word for anything I only had any influence for good as long as I'm speaking in harmony with his word and it's your job to figure out if your job all along and make sure that what I'm teaching is true notice of me that effort as a intransigence I'm still prescriptive second Corinthians chapter eleven and were going to reverse fifteen while we will start with verse thirteen hyper such are false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ woe can you imagine that almost sounds like an intentional deception doesn't but it has known Marvel first Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light can you imagine how deceptive it would be of Satan and himself were to come around and he looked like a good teacher he speaks sounded like a good teacher even looked like he is here it says it he transformed himself into an angel of why second rending Chapter 11 verse fourteen verse fifteen therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as to what ministers of righteousness is then shall be according to their works itself in I had a friend one-time pastor friend who preached a sermon Israeli sermon was it that if the devil where your pastor after his sermon where he talked about how the devil was plastered house new you mean how good he would drink and how awesome the visit illustrations would be and how how wonderfully moving it would be an and how everyone would love to hear where everything you have to say and then he told me shaking hands and door afterwards and one of his church members came up and setting up after I I home he almost had me convinced you are the devil the Bible says is no great thing if his ministers also transformed as ministers of righteousness can you imagine that the devil will use the last days he will try to use I believe to deceive Christians he will try to use even asked with in the Christian thing and that we ask why do I need to be studying we need to be careful one more verse before we get into our slide tonight Matthew chapter seven Matthew chapter seven another verse which tells me how potent and how potentially dangerous this deception the last phase is not a chapter seven were in read verses twenty one through twenty three Matthew chapter seven verses twenty one through twenty three menu there is a man all right this is what it says Jesus now sweetie says not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but that is another word is not just enough to progress were Christians would be nice if we disable everyone who believes in Jesus everyone says they believe in Jesus of the same all of right wing episode of nice to believe that not what Jesus says if you believe what Jesus Jan Wilensky breathing not it was as new immortal drinking than but he that what does the will of my father which is in heaven many will say to me how much how is this a few people I mean you know throughout the eons of time this could be a couple people here there may be married in raising one or two notices many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name and in your name cast out demons or devils and in your name done many wonderful works upcoming trip are these Christians are not they believe their Christians we done these things in your name by the way friends this is somewhat of the danger of legalism is that Jesus just said those who enter the kingdom of heaven are those who do the will of the father and yet these people have their own way that they thought they were going to be good enough doing their own things but there deftly Christians and it says I then I will profess unto them I never knew you depart from me you who work iniquity you can gain James the new King James is the park from me you who practice lawlessness right so this is why I think it's important that you and I be setting her but then because evidently it matters not just that were sincere it matters that we are following his word doing his this is a challenge for my life and for yours as well so when we review what we talked about last night we remember that God gave man a gift in the very beginning and the creation of this world he gave the seventh day of the week the Sabbath as a gift to mankind that gift will extend all the way into the new work throughout all of eternity we read from Isaiah that found one room and moved to another and from one sound to another all flesh will come together to worship me says the Lord we saw how upwards and will the Sabbath was given as a memorial of creation right beside the point forward to Jesus coming now there were there were ceremonies and lambs and offerings and sacrifices that didn't point forward to Jesus coming but this pointed backward as a memorial creation to remind us who we are where we came from where we are going this is what the Sabbath is as though God rested the seventh day he even wrote it on two tables of stone with his own finger and he says in Deuteronomy four numbers do not add to what I command you I do not subtract from it but keep the commands of the Lord your God that I give you so here we see how Jesus when he came he also taught that the law was to be upheld and kept Matthew chapter five in verse seventeen Jesus says this do not think that I come to destroy the law or the prophets I did not come to destroy but to what much of the illness some people gotten the idea from that the Jesus Jesus came people felt the law that means you and I don't have to why not sure what we what we might think that word means but listen we just think about it if if we fulfill the law and the prophets it simply means that we are we are of in agreement with it we're following it we're doing what it says we should do right that's what it means double dealt by the way the prophets prophesied of Jesus Jesus fulfills it right and then do away with the province now it does all in all I'm driving down the road I like to use speed limit illustrations Oakland told me one more tonight and if I'm driving down the road and I'm driving fifty five miles an hour I'm fulfilling the law right as I get to my destination and then I have my meeting or whatever it is and I'm coming back to Sweden is still fifty five and I'm going seventy five eighty five I don't know as fast as I want and the officer pulls me over and is in love you're going way over the screen the author you don't understand on the way there I fulfill the law now you can get me very far not just because he available for the well on the way there doesn't mean you don't have to on the way back to write the Jesus came to the library clearly didn't I deleted in harmony with the law and then he says very clearly don't think that I came to destroy I came not to destroy but to fulfill verse eighteen for surely I say to you till heaven and earth pass away one jot or one fiddle will by no means will by no means pass from the Law until all is fulfilled and so it continues on verse nineteen and he says whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so to be called least in the kingdom of heaven we saw how Jesus lived himself his own life in harmony with white nice to see someone who practices acreage in Jesus that Jesus I suppose is really true and only one because EVR perfect example of Jesus the Bible says Luke chapter four verse sixteen he came to Nazareth where he then brought up as his custom was he went it was an anonymous allegations that up to read you remember the disciples and Jesus were often accosted by the Hebrew leaders by the Pharisees of that time were very rigid in their Sabbath sermons in the encumbered in Bird in the saddle with lots of man-made rules and regulations is nowhere to be found in the Bible and a one day they were criticizing them because of their walking through the field Jesus Alisha 's disciples were eating some of the grain in chewing on it they were hungry I suppose they must not have had a very good potluck like we had today but anyway the Sabbath Jesus says it was made for man and not man for the Sabbath therefore he says in verse twenty eight the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath ninety six that not only would his disciples and his followers keep the Sabbath to Sabbath he was the Lord of the Sabbath but they wouldn't they would including the even long after you got on the cross and rose and ascended to heaven we know that because in his discourse in Matthew twenty four which is second-longest discourse in the gospel second only to the seminal amount Matthew five to seven Jesus is afraid of your flight may not be the winter or on the Sabbath they know that that I it is talking about was predicting that instruction of Jerusalem which wouldn't happen until forty years after he died upon the cross he expected his disciples still to be honoring the Sabbath if we don't know which day the Sabbath as we just have to look at the gospel Luke Wright and Lucas gives is this record of the Gospel chapter twenty three hundred fifty four that day with the preparation and established you near that energy is not on the cross it says verse fifty five the women who gain would come with him from Galilee followed after and they observed the children and how his body was laid been a rest on the Sabbath according to the commandments of what data we did Jesus die on he died the next day was what sounded important commandment and what did they do they rested right and by the way I just want to point out look is writing this several decades after the cross and the resurrection and he very clearly still at that point is describing the day between Friday and Sunday as the Sabbath according commandment is to Lucas is describing a post resurrection post above stall at times raised during apostolate times verse one of the next chapter now on the first day of the week very early in the morning they and certain other women with them came to the gym brings brought spices which they had repaired any rate it's okay you're sort of hard to read from this close I'm looking at this it's like wow so I hope you can read a little better than I can on the screen so Jesus is is very death on the rule on on on Friday and his resurrection on Sunday which L Christians have any longer being confident those of the day that Jesus died in the name is Rose it really gives is little room do not have confidence on which day was the day between right the day the set was the Sabbath according to the commandment when delivered and so this is just a little bit of review we remember that the disciples of the apostles and Captain continued keeping the Sabbath as a holy day after Jesus resurrection in the book of acts eighty four times all keep the Sabbath we saw this person acts chapter seventeen and verses one to eighteen the Thessalonica which where was a synagogue of the Jews and as his custom was Baldwin into them and three Sabbath days reason with them out of the Scriptures we saw accepted thirteen how the Gentiles one Sabbath is always preaching he asked that these words my degrees in the next Sabbath also involved in sale that's a what your Gentiles your invasion tomorrow now he said all pretty next Sabbath in the next Sabbath the Bible says it there was nearly the whole city came together to hear the word of the Lord one person didn't look at last night another one act of three chambers for fizzy reason in the synagogue every Sabbath and persuaded both Jews and Greeks and so here we find ample evidence New Testament that the early church was still observing the Sabbath according to command after all Jesus says I didn't come to do away with and destroy the law I came to establish it to fulfill some scholars from various Sunday keeping a dog denominations acknowledge that there is no biblical record of a change in the holy day from the seventh day the first day the me share with you a couple of these testimonies Cardinal James Gibbons of the Roman Catholic Church in the book Faith of our fathers he wrote page one hundred eleven and one hundred and twelve missing one there I see I'm says you may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification the Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday this one from our friends Methodist Clovis Chappell a well-known Methodist theologian of yesteryears is the reason we observed the first names that the Sabbath is based on no positive commandment one will search the Scriptures in vain for authority for changing the seventh from the seventh day to the first woman how to happen about talking nine how to happen and now I will carry away outfit on tonight because we don't have very much time but I love history anyone else feel like history old man in a big company like to have a graduate degree in church history so I spent a fair bit of time reading and studying and learning in and done I'm just glad that that glad some of you are not just been a bear with me tonight maybe you'll enjoy it as well let's look and dive into the history of how this happened how was changed at place and went and took place if we can if we can deduce that from the scant records that are available if we look at netbooks and ecclesiastical history and this is quoted in my Carlisle pains in his books from Sabbath to Sunday socket is scholastic as is the fifth century is still a story and this is what he says almost all churches throughout the world celebrate the sacred mysteries now big mysteries would be the Lord 's supper that was the way he would've described in the fifth century almost all of the almost all of the churches throughout the world celebrate the sacred mysteries on the sound of every week yet the Christians in Alexandria and Rome on account of some ancient tradition have ceased to do this was a very interesting -esque Alaska does the same look basically the entire Christian world is united in the fifth century so this is some three hundred and fifty years would be I don't remember exactly what last of this would have been writing but the century of the four hundreds right and so the path on time usually music and dinner ended around one hundred last of the apostles John the regulator would've written his Gospel the last book that he wrote some time and that neither the nineties and then don't we recount end of the possible apostolate time to be around one hundred A.D. so therefore if he's in the four hundreds it's about three hundred three hundred fifty years later swastikas rightness he says basically the whole world they celebrate communion on Monday the Sabbath day except churches and remember this when talk about this later Alexandrian wrong for some reason he says on account of some ancient tradition they ceased to do this Scholastic S account tells us in the fourth century know by the way not just in the fourth century but we can we can travel a much later in time and we can find many many evidences of an integration world of the seventh day Sabbath being observed on this and give you a couple examples from the constant of African night I did that I can basically pick there any constant week we find good evidence from early church history as well as from culture to indicate that the seventh day Sabbath was observed long after the time of the apostles now how is it possible gone to Africa anyway does anyone know well there's a couple of days a couple of ways one we find in the gospel in the story that we find Philip immunities is the treasurer of the Queen of Ethiopia right and he is he is obviously a student of the Scriptures the Philippines and in the chariot and he is coming back from from observing the feast in Jerusalem so he must've been a convert to Judaism and the but now he's heard all the thing about this Messiah Jesus and he actually purchased the school levels those were handwritten scrolls in those days silly he has schools from Judy's going back to Ethiopian history these drivers available combine that these reading the passage exactly ring the past nine and fifty three and the outcomes unfold that meaning to him wow Bible study when you like to bet on it maybe just I don't know the mouse in the corner the traders on the glistening that final study as a bump along the road and finally they you know the that the Ethiopian 's consent that this Jesus who was recently been then doing ministry and has been put to death then as now lives in this tomb is empty in the heat became convinced that he was the savior of the world remember the story says that look of water right here what would prevent me from being and the Bible says they stopped the chariot and they both went down into the water and the unit was baptized he went on his way rejoicing this aircraft will about the witness to something else what a story right but from that we can believe that the Gospel would've gone to Ethiopia the story of not just the Jewish faith who was the Jews were God 's people so that truth was already there obviously but now the story Jesus is God Christianity would bloom and by the way the fellow who carried Jesus cross and nine on drawing a blank on his sinus Irene think you know sometimes sometimes I think the Holy Spirit is just just keeps me humble and he says he know you can do any of this without me because I should know these things always than it is done right the sinus Irene is and what he's from Cyrene would've been at North African so that also is going to is going to the continent of Africa Ethiopia would go on to have over one thousand years of well-documented extensive document observance of the subbasin up into Milano and thirteen when missionaries kept coming from Europe trying to change their belief in fact there's I we can spin I I did resist paper once on this topic and we could spend all night just talking about this do you know that their war spot because the VS the missionaries would come down and try to get involved in intrigue and the politics of the country and the one point he actually succeeded in getting a king on the throne was a first baking and the whole country revolted and they took him off the throne they put another seventh a keeping king back on from eating Ethiopian this is a thousand years after Christ's well-documented many many sources but we don't has happy that Ethiopia we can continue on in other parts of Africa as well and if we go to then that the tip of South Africa here we find that was all in the tall tribes Doctor Melbourne tram Melbourne that interim Dean of the Howard Divinity school in Washington DC he said they worshiped this God they worshiped God whose origins could not be traced and they worshiped is not a special day on this day no manual labor was performed people can harvest their crops people were not allowed to do any kind of cultivation the day was solely devoted to the worship of this god that day this day of worship was leaving the state worship was Saturday when we go to to Central Africa to allowing us more in the West Africa identity on it many times they shunted people of Ghana had the seventh day Sabbath the part of their culture as far back of their oral histories don't know what's very interesting about a Chante people and about love about Ghana to be in general via the language is such that end and the culture is such that whenever you're born I don't know much about the ladies I know the men I think that I think they had their own set of names for the ladies but I know of the men when you're born you are given a name based on the day of the week Dearborn now they don't have another name but you know how it nicknames here in America when I call someone Billy and their names really William or something well what your call often when you're going up as a kid is your nickname and your nickname is based upon the day of the big picture born and so for example I was born on a Friday when I go to Ghana and I've been to Kumasi integrated into Iranian and across all different parts of of the Ghana but his insight into the streets of add-on if people know who I am if they know who I am there can call me Kobe is everyone's more on Fridays called coping Garrick Opie before he was the secretary general United Nations Kofi Annan now you know what day of the week he was born because he actually went by his nickname that was what he was referred to was Kofi Annan and so they they have these names are attached to the days of the week and what's interesting is when you get to Saturday in a shot to try there's a particular word that means the day of the great swimming Saturday that he wouldn't guess what the name for Sunday needs literally it means the day of white man's God and when I when I preach this type of the message in an Kumasi this shot do people say will of course are an art you know you can change you can you can try the burn history books you can erase oral histories you can try to do with but you can't change the language and the way WSDL is testimony about four hundred and over a thousand years until missionaries came and tried to teach them differently the people of God worship the great God centered it was the missionaries who came to talk to them than new white man's God 's day as a day of worship and so there are interesting stories come this is just from the continent of Africa how then would this change of taken place on Saturday to Sunday we we were pretty sure by now after we tell these stories that it began to take place in Western Europe we talked about Alexandria and Rome being the first places that Scholastica says this is in the fifth century that people had shied away from celebrating the Lord 's supper on Saturday actually the change to place on a gradual scale a gradual rate beginning beginning really soon after the time of the apostles and continuing until the the middle of the second and even into the third century so let's look at some of that history today what we find is that Jerusalem was destroyed in seventy A.D. by the Roman armies Emperor Titus came in the marched on the city Jerusalem the Jews it becomes such an irritation of the Roman Empire that the Romans simply said let's do away with them but that's just destroy their city but the level of plowing throw up and it was it was it was it was pretty much demolished in seventy A.D. and if you go to wrong the day right between the college magazine the Colosseum and the the promenade right there you have you have Millman 's RJ believe it is and then there's the Arctic typist it sort of the entry it would've been as roped off to go around now but to walk under it would abandon one of the ways you go right down through the through the very promenade through the lane three as they were called translated through into the heart of Rome and then right there you have the archetype is to go inside the archetype is not great big you can see from the outside outside the fence of you not love doing it you can see in the relief engraved in their notices two thousand years old this monument to Titus 's victory but the relief and underneath the arch of Titus is this is the pictures of the North attend the seven branched candlestick being carried out of the temple in Jerusalem commemorating the conquering of the city of Jerusalem by the Emperor Titus has otitis destroy the Jews it alleges capital Jerusalem and then the Jews became very very hated almost as hated as the Christian love quest there wasn't a lot of there wasn't a lot of ways to tell between sometimes the Christians and the Jews in your life that you are pagan February the city of Rome reviewer Northern Africa and you saw someone who pretty much you know they need a certain way they had a certain day they sort of believe a certain way they avoid the pagan temples they were hunting you really wouldn't know whether they are Christian or Jew there was a lot of similarities between Christians and Jews understand that right this is a lot of similarities and that those early centuries so as Jews are becoming more and more aged Christians found themselves being lumped together with the Jews that was an uncomfortable situation very uncomfortable situation so so the the of the history bears out this change taking place meetings again from seven seventy two thirty seven impressive indications suggest the Sunday observance was introduced at this time in conjunction with Easter Sunday as an attempt to clarify to the Roman authorities the Christian distinction from Judaism in other words Christians especially in areas where the Jews were overtly hated and persecuted I wanted to distinguish themselves from the from the Jews as a holiday do that well they would one of the ways they would do it is by observing arrest they are a holy day that was not in harmony with the Jews are not following the Jewish culture we've saw yesterday this month that uses it to predate the Jews in the Sabbath of Bart God is not savages that you understand how the people would've thought this was a Jewish day and we continue on and we see how those places where the Jews are particularly hated were in wrong and Alexandrian that interesting remember what Scholastica said it was there those two places that in the fifth century says people aren't even observing Saturday at all anymore they are observing the Sabbath to do the Lord 's supper on their doing it on the first day of the week Rome and Alexandria will Robert be particularly where wrote where Jews were despised Alexandria why Alexandrian we are timing on all that in detail but it's very interesting that the Jews and sort of made a nuisance of themselves in Alexandria 's welding of the dais for they were all over all of the world the Jews were scattered right and they didn't get along another problems the people would blame them and so forth it's not nothing new and then at one point in in in in Alexandria this is very fascinating there came to such a low level of relations between the community and the Jewish community that the mayor of Alexandria and this is all documented and then they are about Xander XE led a group of citizens that went from house to house throughout the city found every Jewish family pulled them out of their houses and Larson of the city but in the day they had to leave because Kerry what they took that with them that leave everything behind expelled every single Jew from the city of Alexandria that's pretty rough right and then your Christian Alexandria not wanting to be confused with the Jews who are constantly try accusing least of a phone fomenting insurrection rebellion and so forth the Alexandrian wrong is very interesting that all we like the Christians in Rome he says I am writing to you Gentiles I'm talking to you you Gentiles so evidently just from this verse in Romans would you say that the church the Christian church now in Rome is largely Jewish converts to Christianity are largely Gentile converts to Christianity makes more sense the church in Rome is largely Gentile converts to Christian right and who's going to be easier this can more easily forget the culture of the habit of worshiping on the seventh day of the week Gentiles of the Jewish converts to Gentile converts right and so wrong for another reason is among the first of the cities areas where seventh day Sabbath keeping became a distant memory now for a while there was Sabbath kept on both of the two days back this is from a pop star constitutions and by the way the apostle constitutions are not written by the apostles although they may have been at one point someone was attempting to enforce them is that their apostolate confessions of something that the boss talk constitutions we believe of scholars believe historians believe were dated from about three seventy five three eighty eighty okay so this is late fourth century this would have been before Scholastica 's is women after it would but half of Emperor Constantine the first Christian Emperor will be talking about him in just a minute but this is what the apostle Constitution say get this out of the Lords day keep as festivals because the former is the memorial of creation and the laughter of the resurrection of his four hundred years after Christ roughly three hundred and fifty or so and this is one of the early times when we mine Sunday observance being linked to the resurrection you don't find that in the New Testament you do find it in in the hostile constitutions of the the need author is unknown although some believe that the same author of the pseudo- Ignatius perhaps the fourth century Bishop Julian and Sicilian so I don't know who wrote it but this is an ancient docking anyway from about four in the fourth century and it says listen observe both dates observed Saturday as the than the wealth creation observed Sunday as a reminder of the resurrection of course is nothing wrong with that would there be and there's nothing wrong with observing or remembering what Jesus has done on Sunday morning nothing wrong with that at all but what we began to see happening is in the early third a early fourth century we find a a a compromise happening between the Roman government and the church you understand that up until this time the Roman empire has been a pagan empire right it has had a multitude of God the theaters were considered gods for that matter right and then and it is not a multitude of gods it had all kinds of hedonistic worship practices they'd been at odds against the team the nature of the religion of of of heaven from the very beginning rightly persecuted the Jews were God 's people write when Christianity emerged they persecuted Christianity I mean the apostles were mostly persecuted sometimes the behest of the Jewish leaders but nonetheless it was wrong when forth their wishes right genes and self was crucified by my Roman guard on a Roman instrument of torture the cross and so on until this time there Dennis is over watering between between the government of Rome of the Empire of Rome and the kingdom of Jesus Christ or the kingdom of God is anything you receive is great can't no not very overtly very obvious there is this the truth not to people and then it's being why being is being its being depressed being persecuted being tormented and and and and and name is is being blasphemed itself all this is happening very very overtly per century after century and you know this is one of the greatest testimonies of the power of God 's word and the power of the gospel Jesus Christ you know friends it gives me chills just to talk about you know that it only took a couple of centuries for the mighty Empire role to be overwhelmed by the power of the blood even in the apostolate times Paul says their believers in Caesar's own household and Christianity became so powerful even though the despised fact even though it was out of mainstream Christianity became so powerful that the Roman in higher became a Christian and now that's good and it's that it's good because we see the incredible power the castoff of the wink wink when God 's grace is changing lives friends it's infectious its residents in Rome the mighty pagan enemy of truth was brought to its knees but that is because as Rome became a Christian empire it began to dilute no longer with their persecution of the Christian who is not a popular Christian not one of the many people back once Constantine Emperor causing was converted it said that he decided his a whole army ought to be Christians remark them under orders to the Tiber River music now you been baptized and all Christians you think they were really all Christians but what you see is a watershed event in church history Mark this down a watershed event in churches tree where now what you began happening it's like the devil says I can't beat them all join him where now instead of overtly fighting the truth of Jesus Christ the enemies of the truth were now calling themselves Christian and the Christian church and then embark on over a millennia over a millennium I should say of persecution they banned Bibles they did away with you and I receiving the bread and wine of the Lord 's supper they put people between us and our Savior and I wish we had more time talk about that Mabel spends more time later but there's a watershed event here where the devil now he can quit trying to overtly attack the church and he says all this compromise the church of water down the message on diluted and paganism came into the church like a flood all kinds of pagan festivals and ideas and practices team ride in the Christian church the cost things famous because of the first Christian emperor but he he would be the one who actually made a Sunday law which required the observance of Sunday history of the Christian church wind repatriating this is a quote from Constantine 's decree again brought to us through the Roman records this law was passed on March seven three twenty one eighty and I would add this was before he himself was diverted aggression before he was of as numbers grid but Christianity had become quite popular and this is what he says on the venerable data some of the magistrates manikin read that fast and people residing in the city 's rest and let all the workshops we close in the country however persons engaged in agricultural agriculture may freely unlawfully continue their pursuit so what's happening in the Roman Empire Sundays becoming a festival days became incoming arresting that doesn't keep the Christians from still deserving Saturday right and we see this century scholastic is a thing the whole Christian world is still observing the Lords supper on Saturday night I miss me on this we backed up to the fourth century and Considine is easy now making however in the Roman Empire Sunday a very popular day resting and down the lifetime you don't some of their children's fathers but some of them actually get out they give they bear out the fact that eventually Sunday bikini feasting and a happy day where you got together family and had a party and Saturday actually it's for some reason maybe just like the Jews had the Christians began saying on Saturday you should fast people running sassy question coming generations may not last the four people per Sunday over Saturday having kids were too popular I mean they were to happy about having a fast and they were happy about a nice fun day right and so there is a gradual shift is taking place causing says you should rest on Sunday let's go on look at the more evidence from history this is just a few years later your three twenty five this is a master or at the Council of Laodicea and in three twenty five there are several councils latency and your three twenty five the bastard Bishop of Rome change the title of the first day calling it what he called the Lords may not in mega- San Francisco Street this is church history this is from the historian good story ecclesia and then pay seven hundred and thirty nine of the first official title or changing of the title of the first day towards day was just after him Burke Conkling had made an official holiday in Roman Empire and policing what's happening this is now getting Christians reason to believe that they ought to also have a Christian day on the venerable day of the sun on the day the sun worshipers also kept and and memorialized so I believe the record is very clear Jesus said the Son of Man is Lord also which day Saturday my opinion is that the award stays actually the Sabbath day he is leaving the piece says he's the site he is the Lord of the Sabbath day and but nevertheless it doesn't matter I don't really have a problem but also under the Lords day that's fine that's what Sylvester Bishop of Rome decided a long long time ago you know when things and then decided a long long time ago we started just forget where they came from and assume they've always been true right but this was a new thing in three twenty five three sixty four eighty this is another counsel Laodicea Christians shall not Judaizers which is code word for keep the Sabbath and the idle on Saturday but shall work on that day see how the progression is going from you can do what you want and Saturday maybe is not to be a very pleasant day of fast day but you can do what you want but you should rest on Sunday the pagan Roman Empire said and eventually the Christian Roman Empire sent to now the church is saying the council legacy and they're saying you shouldn't stop working on Saturday you should work on Saturday is a very different thing in its progression in the change from Saturday to Sunday but the lords they know what would that mean at this point this is forty years after the first of latest Lord say their meaning Sunday by this the Lord Satish Ellis Ashley honor has been Christians shall if possible do no work on that day now how effective were these degrees Scholastica said two hundred years later a hundred years later he said nearly all the churches were still observing the Lords supper on Saturday mostly was injured in Rome Alexandria when this change could place it was a gradual thing very gradual thing and then we find even in these days the sixth century of this is the Pope upgrade ring and he denounces as the prophets of antichrist those who maintain that work ought not to be done on the seventh day what does that tell you know I have to make a little confession here I'm a student of church history at love history of the church history I find it interesting to see how God 's hand works through and so I find it it is just an honor I feel privileged to be able to study sacred history churches and so I've done that for a number of years many years now but then one of the things I've become convinced that I don't put that much stock in the early church fathers now don't get me wrong I I know there some of them have a lot of good ideas I'd much rather spend my time reading God 's word one of the reasons I'm not convinced that they spoke for the church at large other words there's only a slim number of manuscript scripts that are still existing from two thousand years ago so how do I know the ones that exist are the ones that actually where the average understanding of the church and at times for a cartel is an uneven some of them it's pretty hard to know if this what people believers is just what you know this guy Cody Juno but what one thing you can be per her when you're reading the early church fathers and they are arguing a guest a particular idea or thought or teaching you can be pretty sure that daughter Gigi must've existed in the church at the time I recommend that that's one of the great values of reading these early historians and even hopes people will finance the denouncing as prophets of antichrist what that tells using the sixth century there was enough people still saying you shouldn't work on Saturday but the pope took the pains to denounce them as false teachers they were still six century even in Europe there were people still said were going to keep ourselves cool were going to worship on the day that Christ worshiped on what you know what happened fifteen seventeen and by the way the anniversary of that is coming up the five hundredth anniversary October thirty first fifteen seventeen known as all Saints Day hollow wean two years from now it will be five hundred years since Martin Luther nailed his ninety five theses or in Wittenberg now what were those feces again anybody remember church historians the doctrine of indulgences now what were indulgences indulgences where the church 's way of raising money at the time St. Peter's was being built in Rome and it was over budget and it was all it was it was running late only about a hundred and sixty years later so some point but he was over budget and they needed more money in an textile was assigned by the Pope the job of raising funds and his idea of raising funds was to sell indulgences and indulgence was the idea that you could buy for Guinness for your sins we got time to talk about that was I'm a firm believer in the Bible teaches that if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sense and I don't need to pay a church or entity or anyone here on earth any money got my sins forgiven I have a high priest in heavenly sanctuary above and he's Jesus Christ as my Savior and I confess my sins to him but nevertheless these was the time of people that have Bibles remember they didn't have the ability to know the truth and the church said here to be burning in hell forever and ever if you don't buy these indulgences and such absolute no move from town to town he set up shop in the wood he would he would even let you you like to buy out indulgences for your sins and I survived ordinances for other Sandy's if your relative die and you ensure they are in good shape with God you could buy indulgences for those people who died also in a battle saying is like the wind coin and the copper cleans the soul from purgatory spring so so bring your money right and an tensile you cannot only five past indulgences for yourself or others you could even buy crack future indulgences for since he had committed and convenient in fact one time this fascinating story all true when Wendland Texel was on his way from one town to another with his carriage and his nanny that he traveled with and they had the chest I guess the one that the coin cleaned into and then they're going from one city to another city and it had a particularly good on this last city and is there heading down the road a group of armed robbers surrounded them on horseback and they demanded that just now textiles to be tied Gary is a priest in his habit and everything and her mother can't not have it but the roads in all he is furious and he is calling anathemas and condemnation of God even burn in hell forever and ever and always these robbers were just as calm as cool and untouched unfazed by all his renunciation and then finally you do not have any fear gone you not know it there's a lot we bought those indulgences for this sin in the last six to self lucerne losing things of ninety five reasons why those doctrine those indulgences are un- biblical ninety five you thought about it for a while he must've been thinking about any ninety five reasons against the doctrine of indulgences and he nails it on the church door in Wittenberg and everyone coming season and of course it it ends up that he becomes taken before the well couple of different diets as they were called and other gatherings of the leaders of the church and one of the main points of difference between what would become the Protestant Reformation and the church of the day was over the authority of tradition in the church what authority does tradition half and this is what Luther said in his closing arguments when he was asked to recant all of his teachings a whole stack of his books he said unless I'm convinced by Scripture and plain reason I do not accept the authority of the popes and councils for they have contradicted each other my conscience is captive to the Word of God I cannot and I will not recant anything for it to go against conscience is neither right nor safe so help me God now we have a showdown between the authority of Scripture and the authority of tradition and when the Martin Luther declared that he would follow the Bible he not only challenge the day of the week but he was challenging many of the teachings of the church of his day there were based solely on tradition and so the Council of Trent actually this debate went on fifteen seventeen e-mail those species fifteen sixty two the last opening of the Council of Trent finally the last opening on the eighteenth of January fifteen sixty two all hesitation was set aside as the church gathered to make their decision what are we followed we follow tradition we follow God 's word the archbishop of regulated speech in which he openly declared that tradition stood above Scripture now I would be kind of your friends but I have to disagree right and Archbishop Reggie is long gone but today I still believe that you and I have a responsibility to follow God 's word even if it conflicts with tradition no matter how long-standing that tradition maybe this is what Jesus said in Mrs. who I follow I sort of fanatical about this guy some people might say yeah I'm a follower of a man and that's true I'm I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ are you Jesus in Matthew chapter fifteen in verse three why do you also transgress the command of God because of your tradition which did Jesus seem to think was more important commands of God Ray why do you transgress the command of God because of your tradition and in vain he would say a few verses later verse nine in vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the commandments of men and that interesting it's almost like Matthew seven McGinnis in vain do they worship me many will say to me that they Lord Lord I listen friends I don't want to be in a group of people that are found sincere or not found worshiping Jesus in the I want to be worshiping him keeping his commandments not the Commandments of men you know tonight once again we are reminded that the fourth commandment says remember your Creator and that's the message of Revelation we read in Revelation chapter fourteen and verse twelve Jesus said that the Bible says that here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus I believe this could be a group of people last day that are swayed by human tradition but actually want to keep the commandments of Jesus I want to be in that group there's going to be that of the people I believe it I believe it off all my heart the beastly conspiracy will be to somehow subvert the worship of Christians one of the ways you will compost this is by leading Christians to follow tradition instead of God 's commandments you know the Bible says and in the book of acts at times of this ignorance God links that aren't you glad that God God sees our missing he knows what we don't understanding is that we do understand right and so God knows how many honest and sincere people even the days of Luther were buying indulgences sincerely honestly and they didn't have the word of God know the difference and got there just is not not trying to say that anyone is condemned by God or anything else but what but but when it says the kinds of gardens gardening said he also says the next races but now commands all men everywhere to repent right once we know the truth while what a blessing it is to be able to follow what a blessing is the real Savior Lord Jesus I want to follow your commandments I want to do what you ask me to do now in your table leaders envelope you have some response cards I want you to follow the Phillies out for the night not because I want to add a silly know what you're thinking I want them there two reasons one I want to know if what I've been sharing the last several nights has been clear or not I want to know that on an open and clear so your response card will help me to understand that the second is when we learn new truth we have a responsibility to make a decision do you believe that I believe it is not fair to learn new truth and just go on and not make anything about it so I want to give me this opportunity tonight and here we have the response card it says the first option says it's clear to me that the seventh day of the week Saturdays the true Bible Sabbath that's clear they just checked that box it is not until check is nothing wrong with that and I understand that many people have questions and I'd be happy to share with you others can help you with your questions we want to have you see it for yourself from God 's word so it is not clearly but it is clear check it is my desire the second box to follow Jesus Commandments rather than the traditions of men I think everyone should be low check out right right everyone's desire to follow Jesus Commandments rather than the traditions of men the next boxes I want to enjoy all the blessings they keeping God set up ASAP can bring I choose to begin now to keep the seventh day at holy as an expression of my love for Jesus and the desire to spend time with him if that's been clear to you have you had your questions answered them just check that box the fourth one I would like to request special prayer for my Sabbath keeping needs no sometimes difficult we have work conflicts we have family conflicts it can be a challenge but I believe where Jesus leads you he will he he will also provide for you I believe that Jesus can not answer our prayers insipid like extra special prayer for your sanity needs is marked that more reading material even requested this daughter name and there's a bucket on your table you can just leave you can leave that the card they are on your table and if you have a will know if we can pray for your special needs will know a good like to have greater information more information about it tonight I just want to say to Jesus thank you for making got your word we hear so that we don't need to be confused by traditions we can study your Word two thousand years after I is an amazing and you and I still have the privilege of being able to study and probably probably we have the privilege more so than almost any generation is upper lip on the face of earth we have the privilege of getting into God 's word it's pervasive it needs to be pervasive in our hearts right these beavers of hearts left artist of her father in heaven tonight we just think you did you given to us this opportunity to look at history Lord we don't know we don't know a lot of things but what we do know is that you're calling for our hearts you're calling for us to be a part of your last day people who keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus we know there's a great conspiracy is not people we want to point fingers there is a there's a conspiracy underfoot of work were involved in spiritual battles principalities and powers rulers of darkness are seeking to deceive and to destroy and it just to hijack the worship that belongs to Jesus Christ tonight we just want to once again that ourselves as his disciples we want to save Jesus we want to love you and we want to keep your commandments we want no traditions to come between us and you we don't want to hear those words I never knew you depart from me you practice lawlessness we want to hear those words well done good and faithful servant enter into the joy of your lord I thank you for that very desire each person your regardless of where they're from or what they understand or what they checked on their cards I trust the needs and everyone is one hundred glasses eye strain and we might have that experience Jesus I guess in this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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