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Agriculture As Evangelism

Daniel LaFlair



  • November 15, 2014
    9:30 AM


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father is becoming to the service this morning thank you for such beautiful music that we've experienced already thank you for sweet fellowship are that we have come together as your people to receive the rest and refreshing that you want to give us this day we thank you for your Sabbath this time we can set apart put the cares of the world aside be rejuvenated and prepared for the working habits for the next six days Laura pray that you would fill our minds with your spirit that we could be W Todd of you are it's so easy to bring these intellectual ideas and often difficult to carry them out help is not just to be here is that viewers were we know we are ineffective due or so empower and strengthen us through the power of your spirit to do your will and not our own it was clear discernment other help us to implement correctly your health message that we can have clarity of mind that we can make wise choices and we can act in harmony with your will Lord I just asked now that you would be with the presenters today panel discussions about to happen but I pray that your spirit would infuse their minds and not be their own words and not be their own ideas activity men speaking in women speaking but that it would be you speaking through them asked for special blessing upon Daniel at this time as he moderates the discussion that you would give him wisdom and discernment that he would bring questions it would be pertinent to your call at this time that that he would be letting guided of you who think you father that you promised you are here before we came all we have to do is receive you so we thank you that you are here we thank you that you are so gracious towards me with is not pray in Jesus name so before we get to the found discussion Ricky Siler will be having him spotlight on three thirty one eighty four celibate spotlight on some of the ministries that are happening in agriculture and at this moment Ricky shows working thanks Larry good morning everyone happy Sabbath is the again you rest well I hope good so I been looking for Bob Jorgensen is Bob here right now I'll be here they are hereby oh yes very good did you just begin Bob okay can I become a losing my site here something they like to Bob as our first interview and we are glad that he is here I was tired I was tremendously inspired by your presentation last night anybody else type at the house that is challenging stuff there I'm sure you come to recognize that the D1 pickup that might run over there on the table that you don't get thoughtlessly did a lot of research on research year the story about you know taken over the tennis court and ballfield that was pretty daring ladies right word I don't know but I just thought I can imagine being in it of being a student on campus and they have a college president nonetheless yeah yeah exactly feeling the hate that I have three letters a year p.m. again P those mean anything to you yes us asked for medical missionary press bus the name on the nonprofit organization that I'm the director of started back around nineteen eighty three in women during research and promotion are medical missionary work the three Angels messages require all of all the aspects of Christian experience because people know how did you get started is that nineteen eighty three is set notes out of that that get started back for us that's a long story were not have time for here but just to put it in a nutshell that was out of a burden that grew in my heart and the heart of other people that I was associated with that church were on when a small church in the country that I have been involved in helping to start and as we were studying in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy and we saw many things that were giving instructions that seem not to be taking place in our church and as we studied the history of Adventism also we saw that many things that have been instituted in the past had common dropped off and so I started writing to some of our church leaders people in the local conference and people in the union and even the General conference asked questions about these things and I got back a few responses many of the people wrote back that did respond many of them just patted me on the back and say thank you for your concerns and keep us in your prayers and the Lord will direct the work but it grew out of a concern to try to start sharing with fellow church members and with leaders that the Lord is calling us in a special direction and work of education and work a medical missionary activity in evangelism burn methods of worship in our churches and we started little publishing operation sharing these things so howling is anybody here and not heard of in MP before if you have a habit okay so there's a few people here who haven't heard how it they get access to this information and what's the next step or write your name and address and e-mail and a phone number on a piece of paper give it to incorporate your mailing list is that a printed publication as an online visit both her house outwardly we have mostly printed publications and audio and visual Kurils DVDs CDs for meetings similar to this that I've been involved with in many different areas and we also have a website it's called www. M M brass info www. ten M press info that's right but I will say we have a hard time keeping it up because we have a slow dial-up connection provided by nonprofit organization out of our remote areas this country is one of the advantages of country living and the connection speed is usually from nineteen to twenty six K so downloading a lot of graphics and video stuff on our website is basically not a possibility under our current conditions say something about you know you guys think about a lot ahead of their not both thank you so much appreciate you sharing him we look forward to be speaking to us once again I think I do not okay very good okay Scott Griswold and my understanding is Stephen Eric is going to be with Scott and they are making their way up some of you maybe have seen some of Scott's ministry in the based in a new that Scott was over in Thailand for a while you hear down you folks it sounds like you're still you know you're back in the states are still working with a lot of these folks tells little bit about that I worked with the SVP ministries which is primarily focused on the Southeast Asia countries Cambodia Laos minimart Thailand Vietnam that is ASAP that's an acronym for it's been ASAP ministries a super Avenue Southeast visa projects and now it's expanded to some other things could we have also focus on restricted access countries where people are persecuted and also refugees that moved to America that are in need of our love and our care hereto I tell you shallow but about that health at work the every year seventy thousand people accepted into United States from countries like Somalia Afghanistan Iraq area with Tonya and Mark and a con for places safety they come not because they wanted to or chose to leave their country but that they had to and as they get here they desperately need friends and people who can help them settle in be careful so you're thinking that what I just have been so touched and amazed as I've seen this group of people with their heart for loving their own families for raising people young people up for carrying and for reaching out to other people the service focus and I believe that God can use this group in a mighty way to reach out to these refugees who are the most open they will ever be in their life when those first three months con but they are looking for friendship they're looking for how did that many of them are actually Seventh-day Adventists and the Karen from from Burma and they are here and they gone from an agrarian background to the refugee camps to a little apartment complex in Minneapolis Minnesota the same couple who just arrived a month ago they could hardly speaking less and there's stuck in this place you would be such a beautiful benefit for them to like Terry Caeli did in Wisconsin say here is our land commune you different once in the community and an growing garden right here and now they have ten to twenty different families many of the non-Christian who are poor latching on their soil while so how I mean how that all work PC arena though do they can't somebody here was interested in St. Louis like that idea don't press to do that by the Lord they contact you are how they did in just a few minutes would like to pass around a paper where you could put on your name and a group can begin to talk to one another online by phone prayed together because God has set in evangelism page five seventy that this is part of his enzyme strategy to send the people of the world to America so they could be reached and then go back and share with with others so they are there with the possibilities are there a lot of possibilities of how it can happen either bringing someone to intern with you in one of your training places so that you bring that cross-cultural element and your own students begin to realize what they can do for missions but also train up perhaps a Karen refugee with a green go back to where there's a lot of them were to bring a couple families to work with you at your farm or in a place nearby so that's here that spells or funds are arty here in the US right right okay you your also engaged doing something there the majority of our work is in Southeast Asia in those countries there and Stephen are telling him feel to share about what is possible he is just agreed with in the last month to go and live in Cambodia full-time next few years and leaving trends in family plans the invariant Springs Michigan to go to camp him he wants to network with you with them some possibilities there yeah I'm I'm really excited because just and lasting with my dissent I divided to go and the situation over there there are a lot of factors and I still don't know everything that's going on but we have good schools already do we support they go up to seventh grade and we have passed is already there were supporting but a lot of these students after they finish school or even during school needs some sort of skill something that they can they can do vacant work to produce some kind of income for themselves or their families because their parents even as a resource a lot of times and when they were naked through their schools the if they're not able to to bring any money then then drizzle happened to them they are connected to the factory I felt to consult with him and and is disappear from our network so hot at how it someone here we have a benefit to you over there yet so what will really instant viewing and were still trying to figure out all the details but we would love to talk with you and see if there were some farmers some agricultural professionals here they would be willing to travel to Cambodia our two loud sources some country over there and spend may be a few weeks maybe longer maybe a few months doing training sessions teaching the pastors teaching the students teaching the parents how to earn a living off our closer how to support themselves something eighty percent of the population grows rice in Cambodia but a lot of them can barely support themselves with what they grow and some of the techniques we seen here would make such a difference if they could just implement it over the and then this is if someone's interested in that what with the same site and see that's going around his three clipboards one in each of the three columns here is a place for you can sign up to Reese information about missing trip opportunities where you can use your expertise to make a difference we have a heart all of this here for service were seeing Jesus come back but sometimes it's so easy to get busy with our own family with our own search looking in reaching out to those who look like us and forgetting the stranger in our midst the refugee and also those who don't have enough to eat whose children are growing up stunted unable to learn because they don't have enough food we can make a difference for that we can partner in the brochure okay anything elements one last item everything you'll see on their mission podcast weekly I send out an eight minute story that you can use in Sabah schools are for your own family trying to look at a housing needs of the world are God 's opportunity and how is stress see our young people please see these great possibilities will want to throw their hearts into this highly committed like recalling them to sometimes they say what's the purpose when they know that they can save lives you want to be a part of the losers more information in the back on the table there were at the booth that has the big picture reach the world next-door you can find out more how to get involved one of the major ways is to involve your children in the sacrifice box in the home with a specific project where they know that they can make a difference for child to survive and thrive in no Jesus Christ thank you thank you okay David Holder Miller and it's on its way out David and moderated the panel yesterday has as his voice to sound a lot like mine I think that Bigelow better I hope that your sound worse than they feel her feel worthless on the picture your x-rays your stick and rudder eleven clock which thinks of Pythagoras we keep daily prayer okay David food oversight this is the title of a book that I like vinyl about book in the works book in the works you guys get common thread received between three people but that's good that is very good talk a little bit about it and how did you come up with this idea of food over faith well about six years ago is working for souls last individuals in school run by the Pacific Union was studying the concepts of educations or props you can't read Mister Voss education sorry that you thought it was only enclosed Michael's you can start your spirit dropsy on education without reading about agriculture people realize that spring tightly bound together so they started about that final six years ago putting together a extensive compilation of agricultural quotes in the spirit of prophecy and several people told me I should Sprint does not get this published I kept blowing it off as a no nobody's got a real book on farming and nobody's ever read a book by me on farming up with you so I just wanted off Florida's crazy so I is actually driving in my car and the Lord impressed me again last April I year and a half ago you need to do this I said fine I'll pick up the phone I'll call a couple presses don't tell me know it will be over so I called Sean Preston 's first press I called and told them what I was doing is work on a compilation on agriculture and the guys says well tell me more as a general bottle blonde uses one would you be willing to write a book really interested in the compilation but I think that of what would have a wider market appeal to the was the compilation of forming this allows the mock impression it was all my heart but maybe does make an impression let him think the first was valid either so I found please I know you guys relate to appreciate that and sell it on okay well I never wrote anything before so I was talking about Aaron Smith on the easier you put me in contact with somebody was wrote extensively as as an author I got a behind-the-scenes remedial medley in these other people and I called her and said it was like working on getting interested she's a Wally got absolutely uninterested size energy well morning as he wants to do this and that's where the concept was born while so you're getting close to completion a lower way to rethink one John was asking me that as well it's lost in the excessive work of the farm somewhere right now now but we're not seven as struggling on with it and the most titles okay and what we wanted and used his having minibuses studied articles are from the perspective the spirit of prophecy but when we go out to the public really wanted to give a biblical presentation to show that for a number of reasons that that what we believe in his biblical not just something is in the writings of Ellen White I leave as many of you do those two things are synonymous so we sat in the context of eschatology and wanted to demonstrate the value of agriculture in the last days particularly one concept that revelations of not being able to buy or sell his long enough to justify growing your own food think many of us have sort of overlooked or ignored that detail the prophecy so wanted to set agriculture in an enzyme contacts throughout the whole book is geared towards that type of thing from a biblical perspective so how we know when it's done and how would somebody be able to access us any thoughts on why wondering if you tell me when it's going to be done maybe my wife will tell me to take some time offers available but were hoping to get it done for the woman I'm working with is not as busy as I am and it's been slow go late but hopefully this winter will slow down a little bit and we can get it finished out the press keeps politely bugging me but probably don't give up on the other seven I will be distributed through the normal channels of thing will go get it out through the ABCs and maybe Association can post on the website or something but through the normal channels as well so I exercised it we look for to hearing your message part so now I think it's sad as I spent extra special as anybody has had that thought before so instead of three spotlights this morning we have a fourth bonus spotlight and that nice so Daniel LeClair Daniel and I site area okay come on up Daniel just the joined us this morning is all right now we are glad to hear familiar I know your fax out of the event yet I notice it out as lien stripping too long over there looking for glad to hear Daniel is has been a kind of the behind-the-scenes guy life that reasons why we are all here today and I don't know any of you seen a publication that came out just of a few months ago called roots in the Maecenas relates okay with Daniel we had a chance again rates raise my gut I mean you've never heard of it okay were in a change that I did not like up close additional tells a little bit about where roots came from and how he how came to be well you know I'm I'm just an instrument and really we have all the board you guys been meeting the board here and Don God is used me to just I had this vision two years ago I've been gardening and breaking my back trying to figure out how in the world to do this and Edwin Geisinger have to share this came to visit our church and said there was an agricultural conference are you going to admit it what where who I know anything so he told me where you keep Heinz and he said Bob Jorgensen well I'd only heard the name Yuji Pines and I had no idea who Bob Jorgensen was so I went to the conference in a change my life it literally did and so from that conference I went home and my brain just started staring in all of these ideas and dreams and visions started just bouncing around in their and one of them was to do an association I assess started asking Bob I ask the limited people I knew dicing is never heard of them you know different people Larry Lasher no clue Larry Lasher was but the neat thing I found out they were other people out there like me and Don so what I wanted to do which is basically connect these people the people who knew how the people like me who didn't know how so that they can have to spend a couple years breaking there back with nothing and one of the concepts was an association and in the second aspect of that is to do a periodical arm of the Association and so the Association was going and yell again with the with the board were doing all this in an and you know we wanted to do periodical so I said okay and we didn't newsmagazine and that's how it came to be so the one you see moving forward with roots in an primarily one assumes magazine what the meetings about primarily what focused on reality is really an extension of the Association you know the born and let you guys know what we are I guess it's like asking a four -year-old what they want to do when they go to college twenty four -year-olds can answer that a you know you really are that's where as I think is an association where the little bit there is wheat we had dreamed having the ambitions and as we grow you know will develop those in that kind of the same thing with roots on their ideas and hopefully the next issue will be on a couple weeks but it really is kind of a four -year-old and asking it what it wants to be wanted rule goes up and I think we as a board you know we are deciding on that as well and to say that we have the answer I don't think we do yet but it do it doesn't mean it doesn't even seen it what's what did you think of it do you think there is we know what we want something to want to do and will keep building on that so hope that answers the question I got some but currently that the thought with the magazine is that it's designed mostly for is the other practical applications that are better shared in the magazine is a kind of more spiritual overview in regards to understanding the role of agriculture in our spiritual and social is all those things or what what is the goal of the magazine uses to show the broad kind of scope that's impression I think I went out after the first issue just curious to know if you it shouldn't expect something similar in the second issue is coming up I think the first into the pit of the first issue was really an introduction in as an introduction to kind have to do the origins and those of you no busy working but I think there will be more practical and good accommodation as you as you say but I mention it's a world where group bristle know and invent and it'll develop what it will become you know I think it will reveal itself in time so there's a lot of a player who didn't have access to the first issue apparently and they still read at first issue is on our website administrator .org administered ankle leads another program I didn't get a chance to look at that address on the back of it and if you go there just at the header if this magazine click on it in the first issues there and hopefully you know all the issues as we go forward will be there things may change but right now that's the vehicle of where you can get a copy of it and as I mentioned hopefully the second issue will be out in a couple weeks so it's a free publication all they have to do is get to the website correct click on the link narratives that for the first year for right now right now okay that and so they can share with friends family please do yet great if they could appreciate Larry so this timer to have Christian Martin and John Douglas bring a special music and then after that will have Daniel will be coming up with a panel discussion so it's your last I want to invite all their ladies who are helping this morning with the panel if you would just please introduce yourself give us your name and where you're from and who you are just dreams see John from Gridley California and farm with my husband for Geisinger from Williamsport Tennessee bountiful blessing firm aggrandizing is nice and in the future Delian we just moved to the Valley Farms at the Star Academy in use husband Matthew Barnes Michelle Asher and Larry and I are still eastward gardens in southern Indiana my name is Pam Geisinger farm with my husband John and family again for blessing farm Janice meant with my husband Byron spent pennies on a family farms in Arizona but will do this morning is looking kind of accommodation and things will ask the panel on if you had to have your program what are we discussing I'm sorry Jeanette evangelism and agriculture can you do evangelism in agriculture you can high interesting topic isn't it so what we will do ask these ladies to share a story and it kind of put them on the spot and give an example if you don't mind using being a witness in agriculture are given a second to think about them and ask each of them to share it out at an example but then what I want to do is I want to take a few questions I last did raise your hands if you have specific questions regarding this topic and we'll see if we can answer those questions and an animal kind to discuss a little bit how to be know how can use evangelism in agriculture as a farmer how can you be in evangelist for God and of the ahead and give them another second I wanted to share something really quick I was reflecting on this topic last night I was watching I was here but is watching the streaming in I started to think about this and you know if you take your Bible and you start with the book of Jeremiah and you go from the book of Jeremiah all the way to Galatians I dismal or specifically from Jeremiah to Galatians there are so many biblical metaphors of reaping and the recurring fixture in Christian teaching and started thinking about this and just this past week we ran in family worship as telling my children in others the Bible verse talking about a paraphrase it any man whose existence had to the plow and turns back what does it say now anybody who has never plowed I think I do I is I don't know that they could fully grasp plowing in what it takes to plow the streets feel especially a large field and you know so I had to get down in the dirt and kind of explain that to my children really what means you know you want to go straight and in and use farmers know right but someone who has never plowed you how are they going to grasp that holiday going to really fully and deeply God is amazing in docking help anybody understand that so I never say that they can but it's amazing that when you go through inexperience how much more meaning something takes on when you hear it especially when you've gone through that experience so when you hear a verse like that and you think wow they're not worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven it makes sense in your mind as a farmer because you start picturing and understanding the deeper meaning behind that so ladies which Weber want to start first will go and if you could share one example with us specifically is at doing evangelism in agriculture and I think of the answer every person appear would agree with me that the farmers market is a huge huge Avenue for evangelism I think in the vision that Illinois had sure many of you read it where workers get off the wagon and they're searching for berries and they're looking afar off and they miss all the ripe fruit is right in front of them and even varies on the ground that are overripe I feel them the market is like these right berries that are just coming to us you know and we had this captive audience I you build trust so quickly because you are growing their food most of these people care very much about their health their bodies many of them are vegans they share and open up with that pretty quickly and it's really amazing as feminist then and then the health message for a while we try all these outreach and they're just right there you know it's not really that much of an effort except for to bring them good food they want to know about how they want another farmers and they want to support local agriculture so the story I have is just awesome I was thinking about what she wanted tell you there's so many all stories very well this particular lady really actually was evangelizing to mean as I was evangelizing to her so I will send that story and I was asked to do some mental health talks that are local church I was extremely nervous about this site speak on nutrition mostly in when the Lord for that inferno man thought on so inadequate that my own mental health problems you know a thing he held me to see I needed it that's why he was having me do it for this particular farmers market customer she would come week after week she was battling cancer she would wear that's how I knew she was battling cancer she opened up to me very quickly that she liked our food because it had holes in it she knew it was not sprayed with chemicals if there was a bug bites in there so that was a person we never heard that one we were pretty please him down she she was always very happy she brought her eleven -year-old son with her new had severe autism she shared with me later that he was born normal and that it was a reaction he had negatively to a vaccination that changed his behavior and slowly progress to get worse and I'm thinking of all my goodness this is just so hard to see what this woman is going to beget she so had the every farmers markets is happy so I was thinking she would actually be a blessing if she would come get her testimony at the church during my mental health talks as an alert place in my heart plus honestly I'm trying to build a relationship with her because I want to share Jesus with her also so it's kind of a mutual thing happening there and so she accepted my invitation to come speak at my mental health talks and she gave her testimony and I wanted to share with you it was a huge blessing basically the concept that we know we are supposed to be following as well replacing the negativity the lies of the devil that we have a command with positive Scripture promises and she wrote to me an e-mail afterwards thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your talk in your community tonight you did an excellent job and your people are lovely at STA also they may have been going on there well my husband and I became interested in our health message probably two thousand and eight thanking and very quickly when we came to understand how message we were led to the root of health which is the food that went into our body and which also I think Coulter which is somewhere that we never thought we would find ourselves and and when eventually we started our own small farm in Washington state and we wanted it to be our mission film and so we named that healing could boost farm because you know we think that that's the basis of where our medicine comes from and undoubtedly our name would always unite farmers markets and when we met people the name of our farm would open an avenue for white combat and then we could share about how great our God is and you know this wonderful health message that we has in so late Michelle said there's so many different stories that we could share but just one in particular in Australia this morning is my husband was working on several projects and for whatever reason he was going into Lowe's a lot and he would frequent this one cashiers register and this lady you know they would chitchat and you know what you doing a practically working on it she came to find out that we were on the farm all and we as part of our ministry we would offer discounts to anyone that had like a long-term illness like diabetes or heart disease in the thick of things they got with a fifteen percent discount and so he was explaining this to her and she got very excited and she come to find out you know she had her own health issues but her husband was actually morbidly obese and a couple years prior the doctors had told him that he had less than five years to live and so anyway we ended up striking up a friendship with this couple and they were Jehovah's Witness and so you know of course they're very close to people trying to evangelize to them because they had a solid belief system but through the help message we were able to invite them over to our house share you can e-mail them and we send them what movie was it that we shut them I think it was wrong revolution I think I think that's the one that went into the movie he was in tears because and he said this is the first time anyone has ever told me there's any other way and it was the first time that he had ever seen hope in the way he was living in his disease that some of them are going on in his body and so you noticed the Lord and I have to say that I have to mention that everyone should grow comfrey on their farm because it is an awfully long we have witnessed so many people through Cumbria and charcoal those two simple things so I am not Italian fairly fresh and exciting story and add when myself and causing great about how can we make our farm is just worked two full-time people involved part-time and the farm with Margaret Claymore Damon and what we could do so we decided but let's have more pickups on the farm unless deliveries get deliveries take a long time dressed from the farm and were trying to maximize on growing and not just being out all the time but I thought how about effect my relationships with people that I enjoy meeting people and so we had our Columbia delivery come to the farm which is a fairly close delivery to us and I was really anticipating that they would all get together and carpool that we have now ten boxes going to Columbia from the farm so one person comes out for that and actually they got something that they thought they might have to make to soak as this as our farm spaces were filling up and be a close registration I got a text from him saying there were a few names on the phone from found from the farm found we mostly carry our cell phones that we have a landline for the farm and we had not those people we had not gotten back to and so he thought of why what if they were trying to get on registration we had a few problems with registration and we better get back to them in case they really needed to get on and when they needed our help so one of the people my husband contacted and that's saying she is very well and that she was concerned that she would not be able to do her part on a carpool and she couldn't come to the farm and she had cancer she was somebody had put then on the CSA for a while and I felt impressed that the good thing about our cell phones as we can content people while her working and we have to do that in order to make it so make it work with our time so I was out transplanting with Atlanta and he told me have you called this lady and I said I'll let me get right now and so I get I had to stop and sometimes it on your butts with me and and just communicated with her and she was totally amazed because I actually contacted the carpool lady and sending of this is the situation the lady at the we have one of her friends actually was in the Columbia NCSA before I said is not able to come because of her cancer could it be possible that she's not a part of the carpooling of just do it she said all of you will get for her sake and she said I wouldn't even be a part of the group that wouldn't take care of this woman she said she is my chiropractor and I did not know what was wrong and I'm so thankful to know and so because of this situation people I started getting close to the woman that was coordinating the carpooling and it happened having a sister who is very ill and I have a prayer ministries so not only did I stop and pray with the lady that needed to get on desperately she was so time is incredibly touching tell me I'm I'm down for the count when she answered the phone I said no you're not if you figure down by not putting out as you bet on rights and suddenly just prayed together and the Lord my daughter called at that moment after that phone call that I'm leaving my my son with you my grandson and he's coming up to help which he does normally so I haven't really connected that she was going to go to town but as I was working I felt impressed maybe he's coming out today at this time because she's leaving somewhere and I called her quickly and asked where you going into the Columbia and you know how you have an extra gift a box sometimes lets over people don't pick up all I said we'd like to take this to the lady that I just talked to and we couldn't go to Columbia and so anyway she said yes I need it right now is that intellectual the rabbis she headed out around ten minutes she was off but this lady was so blessed that she put it on Facebook and we had opened up registration for her and somebody else lived in the same time my husband that we close registration because somebody else Lipton when we opened it up for the special friend in Columbia and so on I said let's got to doing so we'll just see what happens then contacted that lady now because she's late starting and tagging by two boxes so I said to her you know I have an extra box I did add an extra lot like that image much of the farm and she was totally flabbergasted she is like all really and fishing she said I yeah I do and that she came out and we were visiting Dante met her and he said you know that it got Providence that year in our CSA and she said really cheers just came to her eyes used to ready to leave and I I said yes we opened up registration your friend and for that one and then she said that lady is my chiropractor annually for Facebook message that made me get on action item but what's incredible is that this woman we drew so close to each other that as as she was leaving with the box she started sharing that she didn't know how to reach out to her grandchildren she was worried about her daughter and grandchildren and I sure if I could pray for her at all what she wanted performing the first thing she said was for the woman that had cancer and the second she said for her family and an uncle that the cancer site shared with her about cancer natural natural treatments for cancer she was so interested but by praying together we bonded right there right on the farm and I tried to get her in touch with the CSA group you know how she did not have to come out next time and lo and behold we are in contact a little bit during the week that the next week for some reason she didn't understand her box with already gone to Columbia and she came to the farm I said oh my I think that your boxes in Columbia I am so sorry about that and and I was in the midst of a lot of things I was doing and so she hung on I said let me get in touch of the people the cardinal figure out where to pick it up she ended up staying long enough that there was even a downpour of rain it stopped she met Jackie and she asked me where I went to church and I was able to share with her and she met Jackie Mendoza the Columbia church but what happened was as wanted to grasp the car she shared about how she wanted to change a profession and wanted to get out of it because it was so stressful I could see she was in so much pain and so talked about health she was very interested in a health coach and so shared about where she could go to get the information she could not stop receiving this information and that night she called me that you'd be really interested in that ministry of healing and she said where do I get it and then she said I cannot operate on white right and is not even knowing yet you're right it is an agency of the author she's a finding I can get it on the download online as I'm downloading it right now is that you might love the left boards out there is but anyway God is amazing and was still in types and it's all God the details of life are amazingly does surprises a little style and share it is also for the reason that I find an for the evangelism that I like to do is amazing to me just wherever you are talking to people you getting a conversation with them and what you do and they're just like you live on a farm in Indiana come see us you know and they'll come out and it's amazing to me how people open up and just want to soak in what you're doing and that lifestyle and it's interesting to me to see people really you can see I don't know maybe it's because God created us to be in a car in output unit UC that in people that come to our farm and I really like to open up our farm anybody that wants to come over him I think very generous to share our produce with them the take-home but we also have I I I ride horses I have horses and I was impressed to have a lot of my horse friends come for a farm farm evening thing hayride stuff and they are out there we have a place called the fun zone on our farm and there is little better archery in badminton hitting golf balls out in some bare dirt and stuff like that and I was just sitting there I wasn't really participating that there was some mothers and kids and staff and the mothers were all talking with each other and just having a great time and they were all saying I wish every child could grow up in a place like this this is where they need to grow up one of the beautiful things about farming is that it gives you the opportunity to do the kind of ministry that Christ did he met people where they were and then he met their needs and so I think one thing that we have experienced is very easy to do friendship evangelism for myself for my husband and cease selling is very easy it's easy for me to talk about Christ and when I'm selling my prejudice but this season I really pray Lord help me to be more to do more to have literature to she really try to have more deep spiritual conversations since I really prayed for that and I set up idea farmers market in front of the whole foods store if any of you are familiar with whole foods I'm the only market vendor there on day and so I find they are in because it's not the consistency of the regular farmers market or even of CSA I always pray Lord give me an opportunity to touch somebody today and I keep people from Alaska people from who are just passing through Nashville I have the opportunity to just plant a seed which has been really exciting and I know that God uses does but I had one experience this year that sort of I think fits more into what we think of evangelism and I had that there was a man who came with his young son regularly to my market and very early on we started talking about spiritual things and I made a comment that she know your Christian yes I'm a Christian and our family and made a brochure or this year it was a marketing thing but the real thing with to help people understand the family and how God brought us to farming and really what we're about and that was a huge step in the right connections of people had him and gave him one of those the next time I saw him all he knows a lot more about it and he was asking me spiritual conversation asking me spiritual questions and he can hang around the table missing someone would come he would back off and I get deal with that customer he come right back no way you think about this and what he and and he was asking if I said something about not having a television how now I don't really how is uneasy and you don't let anything when you go on to say you know it our life is so full with things we just really don't have time in the street and just on and on lifestyle things what you need he asked me about my time growing you have had me using inkjet in raising all of these lifestyle things that are so typical to add Venice and well into the season he came and we had talked about the state of the dead you know he he asked me he said something to me about what happens when you die I said hopefully you know you're really asking tough questions here you can find allegedly and I said well I can play this we believe something different and probably you believe recently said then and my daughter Kiersten was with us that day we were able to you and I won't get into how the Lord of the largest lead us in our conversation with him home it was after that that he was again at the market and the Lord impressed we were having this conversation I thought Nancy this man should be a Seventh-day Adventist community learning and he's got his past and his vision and he had sent me well know me say before I said to him but the Lord impressed me say to him you should be some of the Adventist there's no way but I'm not so sure I mean I don't want to close the door I wanted you know that you came to me again and I just couldn't put it back in he even came Lord Sedgwick and I just wanted you think you should give them to anyone he said to the first person he told me he will be an IE weekend that he really doesn't he did not know anything about something so you see anything just want to know what you can believe it but it makes me want to go to Google and type in seven and at and we laugh beneath an computing I know about you can I be sure to put in official them and they had been in cell you know I told him then I said I have something for you and allowed Nell I can tell and then I went home and I and the Lord just really late on my heart to bring great controversy for him and so the next market I brought the great controversy and I told him when I first on the market I said I have some special for you and he is so curious though after he bought his multitude of good food I pulled out the great controversy and I said this is like that I think you you'd be very interested in because we had a lot of talks about end time events and he really believes that the end of the time at the end of earth history is near and cited the great controversy while this is a heavy book I think now that I know you can enjoy and so kudos he is our farm his family has visited our farm recently and you you plant a seed and then you give it time to terminate before you go back and try to say okay what do you think this winter I'm praying for him praying for his family and next spring will have lots of talk about so I just totally every experience in all you ladies have been sharing is just so resonating because I Farmer's wife some farmers and farmers families have all the time if you just have these amazing experiences where people that you would never meet otherwise unique and you're able to talk him share with you because you're growing food for them and they so appreciate the fact that you're growing food for them so I thought I would tell a little bit of a different story and that is I know there's a lot of young families here and we have been so blessed with seeing how farming can impact our children because as a farmer your children can work right alongside you and you know nowadays with child labor large lots and stepchildren are just practically not even allowed to work and so they can learn those skills that they need to learn but the sign benefited that is when your children are working alongside with you on your farm they just do all this little witnessing and stuff that you're not even aware of and so you know as they were growing up you know we would find some of the people who worked for us changing their lifestyles changing their habits and then it wasn't until years later that I found out we had had an alcoholic who no longer drunk guy who was a chain smoker who no longer was smoking and now today keep the Sabbath and all went back to our kids with the little track that stuff them and that he didn't talk to tell us they were doing that and he tell us that the time they were doing it wasn't until years later he was a you know Mrs. Janice it's because in any way tell me what had been happening and you know a little child shall lead them and by having having something where you can work together as a family and where your children can actually be working it also often when were homeschooling nowhere so at home and we have to think of opportunities for our kids to go witnessing verses that come along with you to the farmers market or whatever it might be all of a sudden they have opportunities to be witnessing right alongside of you and so it's just over the years it's been such a blessing to see little thing like arm could provide so many real opportunities to meet the needs of the people in your community right who worked with you on in the electricians or whoever it is that you know that plumbers or wherever they're coming to your farm to maybe help you with something dark or whatever he gets it's just it's just been such a blessing isn't any I'm sure many of you have stories that you can share and were going to give you an opportunity this afternoon so I had to get that in there so think and think about that when it comes to sharing this on later this afternoon now one open it up to some questions if any of you have specific questions about how to and let me ask the first question how do you want to good way I met a market or I'm selling my produce how do I approach that topic do I wait for them to ask me something or do I do I start the conversation I want to ask you ladies how do I initiate a conversation with them and to to do evangelism my first design moving the money I think everybody has to march in their own armor you know there's some people that could just as so be initiated is other people but that's not so comfortable that so many experiences where it is just constant experiences were people just get another things about you by observing by seeing how you carry yourself and how you're doing things than this they just come to you with questions and I and I don't know maybe they come your people more readily with questions because maybe maybe they feel more connected to us because because were connected with them because of food I can reference it because I'm not anything but a farmer but come it is I think you imagine your own armor but I can tell you that people will so readily be coming to you with so many questions that you might not have even bother being bolted them she you know our produce is the opening door and it is now I can't find you how many times people will come and say your staff is so beautiful that the open door and you say no credit to last we planted the seeds we did our part that is only God who gives us the harvest and we are very we are very quick to knowledge the fact that our produces trade over from seed to harvest and that she should go even beyond that we really pray for the people hurting a depth is completely agree with both of those comments and this would add to be genuinely inviting smiling and friendly and loving and nonjudgmental you have a lot of different walks of life that will come to your visit in summer hurt people scarred people seeking seeking health and vitality and you just love them and open up to them in the same way when they come up to you so I have one experience that have been recently a man dressed Tom why he and you tell in these kinds of companies use any of it is very quiet at first non- outgoing and so I just hang out and going you know and then he just immediately start talking about his health problems and I am happy that people feel like they can do that we have to not judge people by their looks and treat them all equally and just seek to show them love and provide healing food for them I just would know what they learn he says that you know giving glory to the Lord and I think that really our occupation you know it she mentioned gives people a connection to essence you know part of marketing when people market needs and producers that they put pictures of the little farm you know the barn on the packaging because it's a nostalgic feeling that people get and they automatically feel a connection with that and I think that that's a so special about agriculture and farming is because people do feel that connection with you already and when they mentioned something about the producer something and you give glory to God like that is automatically just an open door and it's one that they can either continue to keep up with our clothes and you know that happen sometimes interesting approachable like Jesus us and being freshen yourself and they oftentimes evidence that last-ditch effort to try to look at the freedom market after you finish in the mud and everything so we let the natural mind might not even take me out to vote for him anyway choosing life choosing life on behalf of and so I was in the middle and planting garlic is in the in the moonlight that is life-threatening Billy sees my gloves at least I don't even think I'm time I decided to get right back here but anyway when you may keep all and you yourself when my friend came in and she was saying on them I said your box is gone I think now would do anything to get yourself to be here and adding that it was meant that way that was so exciting and so I mean that is in the workout that I just asserted in a work out somehow this is this is meant to be and so I just gave her assurance and I've noticed that God just means I always come back and try to tell my husband the stories and how they happened that they are miraculous gesture conversation it just leads naturally and the way God would have it because you lead do you farmers markets anymore that we still have a lot of connection with people with a farm in White it seems like to me what I see is it is a commonality that just seems to open people to be vulnerable to tell their stories their wants and interesting that it comes natural okay anybody with a question raise your hand anybody with I was going to repeat the question we can yes her questions use for everybody that's streaming she's asking with the ladies whether repeat is there a need to put out literature unhealthy living at at their markets I'm sure there's a need I had the well I'm how but I think the real need is that we need to be health-conscious to them if it's a relationship that we are trying to build and through that relationship we are able to teach them about health and if they want to know them ask and then you can offer them additional but I think the relationship should always be the bridge and I think it's always good Brenda Walsh came to our church last Saturday and she makes little bookmarks so that she has something to always present on I'm of the opinion that I'm not out there pushing it in somebody's face but as long as you have something if somebody asks and you have something readily available I think we need we need to be able to offer that witness verbally we need to know what we're going to but if we don't have that information then at least have a track meet you give them know for your question read this you know this might help that way when not in their face but we prepared and I think that would be a good thing another question yes there somebody asked online how old were you children when you started the farm if they were older how were they able to adjust that's a good question for the older children to someone else concerns were very young mind to him will will start with the older but we would like some of you with younger children as well to share that if you don't mind about expenses and been interested in gardening and farming and being weren't called to tell our children our authority in Academy and so what really helped light always planted a garden that when we moved to the farm Caroline had just finished Academy and Paul was still an Academy him to wondering whether special and they were the first to present says that we had an apprentice program and these are just became a part of it when I first apprenticed and genus Kiersten and carry them call Caroline and by learning and being that part of that group they started to just love it because it's nice to get together and when you're it when you're young person when you have other young people to work with it's very empowering and so you start attention vision and then they did actually have a summer garden after they did their pension program and they called it born to grow and so they had an influence in the community they had little farmers market together at a very a little community this way nostalgic near us that has a very lots of people from all around the country come there and so I just say involved them right away and everything you're doing and give them responsibility and they'll probably love it even our children were young when we started farming I do have a thought or someone who consisting a lot of families transition to country living and it's a hard move into children are older so but I can say this even with our apprentices didn't all come to a eager to farm the thing that has I seem to have the biggest change is the book education and if you have older children read the book education and I would say this if they if you have to go forward carefully if your family is not on board and when we when my husband was called to farm I was not on board and see seat she would did the right thing and he waited he did Lauren you moving forward in this you will change hands hard and he did the Lord changed my heart and not where it needs to happen and I think it's the same with your children if your children are older in nineteen years and they and you feel called to make a country living move into the more happened more agrarian life really study the book education together and ask the Lord to lay it on their hearts and then it can be a successful transition we've seen it many times with people who have successfully done it but older children okay will take one more question and then alas first sixteen quick answers and that I thought I had come up first okay his was a comment stating that he gives out and see seed packets with information on it as a way to exchange and down have something ready to give out so the seed packets with something on it it was another hand I saw Mister easement is he shared that he's met people who come up to the to him and say they grew up in farm and they don't ever want to go back to basically bad experience and want nothing to do with it what's the difference between that person with a bad experience growing up in the farm and what we're hearing is that succinctly please think the really important thing is to make the farm part of your children's lives and make your children a part of the farm and make them feel like this farm is their farm to were not just all going out there entrenching away at work this is our farm were in it together and an big idea is unique to me is how young they are when they can start coming up with good ideas to actually help make things better and you know when you start to feel like I'm really important I'm a part I use in my my work are important I recommend is the bottom-line the biggest thing is hard work and we have to as families it isn't just that were forcing people tend to think a certain way that were praying and and having worship together at and learning these things together and yet it's wonderful I think our daughter put it succinctly and well when she said that for a lot of people whose children grow up on a farm they have another life they have a school like they have sports life to have a social life and the farming that differentiates them from that life which to them is more appealing than the hard work of the farm she's the new for us for our children the farm was their life it was the heart of everything it was the social it was the school it was everything and it provides all the needs and making my bedtime on the firemen enjoyable is very important and you can get in many different ways you can have relay races and you're taking tomatoes out of the field our you can have time when you go jump in the Creek are gone the deadline over the pond kids nowadays they are hurtling over the rows in the middle of it must be announced its money and it's storming so the children really do enjoy what they're doing because you're not continually not giving them great coming in getting the breaks there's there's hard work at the next fun together as a family enjoyment and so and the animals and all the intrigue of the birds coming in orphan animals so children that aren't on the farm usually are more board and so I would say it's a great life I don't know about people who have grown up hating the farm because making money my kids are so very young and I don't know what experiences they've had been in my new worth asking them you know what type of farm did you grow up on and you should come see our farm used to come spend some time and because people who come to our farm they generally elaborate they they love being there they love everything about it come back and so I would say you know reach out to them and ask them why and invite them see what you're doing a really quick over time but it really quick shameless plug free in a new issue of the Smiths magazine it will be coming out like sales plan next couple weeks you get the perspective of an individual in that magazine ad that is coming from a young person you know they are thought their mindset it's a good article so keep checking our website the other thing having for children ages five to thirteen in theory I can always begin theory because obviously they're not grown-up yet but traditional farming when you have traditional farming you're told that I'm doing this to bring food to put on the table you are going to grow up in you're going to do something better than me but in this environment in farming when I went to that seminar no in in my life changed this is what I want my children he goes into either walking in the field they are relating with God their understanding as end their plowing after looking at the tomatoes of different interaction with the beneficial bugs and the harmful bugs they understand the connection between that they understand the connection of the great controversy Dailey in everything that they're doing and so my goal my aim is to help my children to see that and see it as a lifestyle it's part of them it is a interacting with God and so it began in theory it's from mine my aim is to have my children connect with God so that they don't have the negative experience they're not leaving saying what my dad did that to put food on the table they are leaving saying you know this is my life in the farm I met God so I know that again is my theories my ambition I want to share one thing I noticed a man who we are and that I wanted to share back bringing it back to the evangelism evangelism aspect and as I read this as farmers think about what this is saying it's speaking to ministers but this is what we're called to do it's by Hugh Latimer who lives in fourteen eighty five to fifteen fifty five again it will be in a future issue of our magazine and you want a copy cause weren't you seem to be selling God 's field and the creature does the seller and it is said in the gospel he did so with the husbandman the plowman went forth to sow his seed so that the creature is compared to a plowman and it is said in another place no man that put it at hand to the plow and look at back is apt for the kingdom of God as the howling first sets forth his plow and then killed the man and great since Pharaoh and sometimes rigid ridges it up again and at another time harrows it and Claude if it and sometimes does it and hedges it and digs in weeds it and make the Queen so the creature has diverse offices to do he has a busywork to bring his flock to a right faith and then to confirm them in the same vein now passing them down with the law and with the threatenings of God for sin no raising them up again with the gospel and with the promises of God 's favor now reading them telling them their full and maybe never sinks in and clotting them by breaking their stony hearts and making them supple party and making them to have a heart of flesh and that is soft hearts and our doctrine to enter in there is your evangelism in church evangelism isn't just at the farmers market will better understand this poem than us farmers as new members come into the church hear your evangelism you know what it's like to take care of those tiny plants growing you know what it's like to carefully set them in the soil you know that they need water you know all that they need another nutrition is like this says we have to become in but there's things that we need to do we need to help them break bad habits we need to do different things so us farmers understanding this language is Goldstein into our hearts and evangelism for us is much more than the farmers market it's even in that with that person accessing nephew sitting in church and strength father in heaven as we pause we come to you with humble hearts we ask that what we take away from here this weekend is so much more deep than the practical things but a relationship with you that's what this is all about nothing else matters as if we don't build relationships with you we can grow the most beautiful delicious vegetables you can ever taste but it's all in vain help us use these talents Lord to build our farms to grow to take care of our families not only are they nourishment but also take care of the future lies that were building with young children and to take care of those around us not only at the market the stranger comes to to us to buy from us but also the neighbor and as soon as you thank you for all day well in the wisdom that you bring here and help us to continue to grow and develop a deeper yearning to do your will a interesting in this media was brought by audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive please 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