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Following Your Roots

David Obermiller


David Obermiller

Farm manager at Fresno Adventist Academy.



  • November 15, 2014
    11:00 AM


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our father in heaven we ask you this morning for one thing to go the words of Jesus that if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me Lord I personally submit myself to you I do not need people drawn to me you do not need them drawn to me and I will make no effort to do such this morning I will submit myself to you and ask that you would be lifted up and draw on to your self that is my prayer I ask it in the name of Jesus as the Scriptures and indicated so this morning and I would like you to turn with me this morning to John chapter five the gospel of John what I've been studying is not primarily agricultural why will present to you this morning is not primarily agricultural as you will quickly recognize that there's not much about agriculture in John chapter five there will be however certain lessons that we may gather or gleaned from the chapter and I will make three points this morning relevant to us as a group but it is not again primarily agricultural John chapter five oh three together the first five verses do not read out loud with me but read with the police after this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda having five porches in these that is in those porches led great more than phone complying holes whether waiting for the moving of the water for an angel went down supposedly at a certain season into the pool and troubled the water whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of what ever disease jihad and a certain man was there which had an infirmity thirty and eight years go back to that first verse there will summarize some of the things going on here after the events of chapter four Scripture tells us that there was a feast of the Jews most scholars most commentators are in agreement that this was likely the Passover feast of A.D. twenty nine that you'll most of you will recognize that this is the about two years prior to the death of Christ he being crucified on a Passover weekend two years prior to that weekend is the event were reading about that says that Jesus went to Jerusalem they are just outside on the north side of the Temple complex inside the city walls was a pool near the sheep market which in Hebrew is called Bethesda by understanding Hebrew here I know what the word Bethesda means and means indeed House of Mercy at this pool nicknamed Bethesda there were actually two pools history tells us in archaeology as well and these were no small pools is not a little circle in your backyard even if you have a little more money and you have a belowground pool of larger size it was not that either there were two very large pools larger than the Olympic size pool which measures a hundred and sixty five he links and they were nearly as wide as there were long and there were two of them were not talking a puddle around which a couple people were gathered there at these large pools the Scripture says were laying a great multitude of invalids the blind crippled the paralytic and lots of them story continues they were waiting for a superstitious belief that an angel would come down and trouble the water and whichever of the invalids was fortunate enough to get into the pool immediately after it was troubled he would have the blessed experience of being healed now a little bit of research on the history of these pools or in the construction of Jerusalem itself would tell us or inform us that are likely not what happened nineteen days at an heavily fortified the city of Jerusalem and that included an underground and nearly impervious to attack system of underground aquifers and waterways which would feed the city and nurse the city while nearly forever if they were attacked those of you that read anything about the destruction of Jerusalem know that it was a very very fortified city and the Romans in attaching the city understood clearly well they would never take that city from the outside alone and it was then he read the story was the internal dissension in Jerusalem that literally made the city unravel from the inside out it was worse to be in Jerusalem that day when the Romans were there and it was to be outside in the Roman hands that's not in the morning the point is that David has established a large network of underground waterways this likely being a pool fed by rainwater and spring water in what was likely to have happened is not an angel jumping down the pool because he needed a bath or because God was so stingy that he would only trouble it for one person but rather than on certain occasions spring water would bubble to the surface and superstition had turned natural causes into a divine supposedly resource that is called a religious sham by the way with interesting about the story though is that so many people had no other source of hope in this little troubling of the pool and these were no merely sick voice people if you can imagine on a Passover weekend and a superstition like this combined you would have had the very worst of the physical class in Jerusalem about pool and because it was a Passover you would have a collection of people all around the nation seeking to get into that pool because nationwide for these invalids it was their best chance and there apparently had been enough many tennis type stuff going on that people had believed in this superstition and I'm saying to you that there was no small crowd John chapter five twice repeats the idea that it was a great multitude of people in fact it was so dense that when Jesus did heal the man that she escaped like Houdini into the crowd because the crowd was so thick no and I want to make money what do this morning the first of three points that Jesus this morning but as the morning of this story John chapter five likes to be with our people in the Jean doesn't like to be merely where there are people with modest needs or the legally correct needs are socially acceptable needs she likes to be in the place where there are the worst she likes to be among those who are the most desperate he likes to be among those who are the most hopeless the most helpless the most lost in society she likes to be among those who are desperately and chronically hurting the very type of people that you and I also like to Sean because anybody who's been around as the experience of being around very uncomfortable emotional experience I remember being in the Lithuania in a woman's home at cancer she was very poor and in view of the cover and it was the first and only time that I've ever experienced this but if you ever smelled death on a living person the room rate of it it was distinct it was on unmistakable it was nothing I have ever smelled before and it was frankly very uncomfortable for me to be there to be in front of the living but she was dead don't know of any of you are like that or would admit to being like that but when we are around those who are frail we are reminded uncomfortably of our own frailty and frequently would prefer to these Warren Ellis was on Jesus the there was a man there verse five tells us that was in firm he was an invalid for thirty eight years and I'll read you from the desire of ages page two oh two of you will look up later the Savior saw that morning one of a case of supreme wretchedness this guy among all the bad was the worst and Jesus inside his heart you know what was wanting to go on here Jesus looked on that multitude of invalids and she wanted to heal every single person in that congregation but he was restrained and because there was a certain class of religious folk that were following him and so he and his unwillingness to unnecessarily provoke the Pharisees chose one and he chose the worst one a challenge to meeting you is to become comfortable as farmers with those you are you need not the ones that bring us money not the ones that sympathize with us theologically or philosophically or economically or vocationally not to sympathize merely with those people that we feel comfortable around to socialize and reach out the hand like Christ to those who are in need even the very worst of those people this man described as a loan and friendless his disease in a great degree the result of his own sins and those people for me to become frankly the most difficult to deal with because I will look at USA brother you did you know you didn't you knew what you were doing and you deserve full well what you got I just want to say maybe getting what you deserve what we need you to repentance alone and friendless for thirty eight years Batman that morning found a friend suffering as it's written there in the desire pages long years of misery verse six tells us that when Jesus saw him lying there Jesus than you and I should know leaned his precious face over that of the paralytic you know where all that girly the only question I have for myself and asking it for two solid weeks as do I know I'm not man you see the Pharisees were equally as sick perhaps actually more so when they thought they were whole and didn't need a physician and what separates them from him is the fact that they can walk what separates them from him a little further in the fact that guy knew she was bad and they thought they were whole is the temptation that is now seventeen years looking back on what I was I conclude that I'm no longer that person but I'm no longer desperate and I'm no longer critical mantra the Pharisees and their religious purity were more in need and that man laying flat on his back this morning there are people here at the pool of Bethesda there are people around you sitting at the pool of Bethesda deceives those of us who have got issues with the first solutions are look for ceiling to our issues and what things some people go for money I'll fix my problems some people go for the like-minded if I have social emotional support panel fix my emotional needs some of us go for careers some fresco for popularity some of us go for position in power some of his Gopher sports entertainment but I would guarantee nearly from a human perspective that everybody here has a pool of Bethesda that they are seeking desperately to find some healing from and it is as much a religious superstition is John chapter five and it will not heal you I would even go so far as to say that we could attempt to make farming that remedy but foci seen a lot of bad people a hundred miles in the Coke machine so remote and don't have access to the basic necessities of life but their centers or are I've seen homeschoolers I have seen farms years I have seen people from remote regions of life that are miraculously mysteriously rather just as bad as anybody it seems and we forget very easily that Santa started at guard the perfect man perfect woman and we forget very easily the sin was probably conceived in the heart of Satan as the pit from the tree of life hoping you would level little bit longer in the garden of God no salvation in farming there is no salvation in hard work good as it is I'm not belittling what he's saying there is no salvation and hardware there is no salvation in nature or being connected to nature salvation comes from the guy to see in nature the guidance in me as your pruning the tree and you say Lord Perrone the heart is no healing and not tool nobody's got a jump in and be made whole of whatever disease they have a behold when that man looks down face-to-face Jesus was where there was a need he chose to be there intentionally she may be on his way to church that morning intentionally detoured and chose that pool because he knew what he would find their and my challenge to you as farmers my challenge to myself that God offers me is to make the farm a place that reaches out not to those that will provide for the pocketbook not merely to those who want to add the ministry but to reach out to those that only the farm can reach out to because they need what you have to offer I like verse six when Jesus saw him why brass what I'm saying using the little bit depressing essentially I'm saying used to live your life a recognized perpetual invalid is not very encouraging in the wild take a life of embolism the word not sure what you know what I mean I will take a life of paralysis on a repetitive basis I get the look at the face of Jesus looking down on me I will take a wife of paralysis recognized wretchedness it on a regular basis she will speak the words the knee will you be made whole I'll take a life of recognize that I'm absolutely nothing and I'm an embarrassment to society like this man undeniably felt invited to have the experience that he had on a regular basis couple weeks ago my wife and I went down to San Diego restatement until we swim in the pool with my kids but had enough chlorine in it to kill every Michael bottle microorganism on my body it was horrible things will do for your kids we had two hours of fun is great little gets that much time with me like they want to you know no kid gets enough time with her dad so I skin felt all tight just felt funny yell went up to the hotel rooms go take a shower and pardon me for disclosing my personal hygiene habits but I virtually never wash my face is just something I don't do a lot of I think the people over wash to strip their body to single well the ones they exude in I've does not handle like ultra hygiene I think about every day don't put them go to extremes here but my skin felt so tired like this is really uncomfortable summer wash my face I reached for the soap my wife says no don't use that hotel soap use my facial so appears in your facials and some Neutrogena natural product so I wash my face and a day later I at least read the rest of us to bring out my four head and I think and this is sick I got up reach next weekend this is two weeks ago I freeze last week into and I just knew it I walked in the door the church last Sabbath free with the elders I'd been there before they know I don't normally have tattoos on my four head and a sad point what did you get into and I was reading this story and I was already mentally embarrassed I said next week and I got to go somewhere else as this are not familiar at your four is even asked me you're not picking on you but I felt a small portion of this guys embarrassment deep public and I was thinking about this story and how Jesus associated with those who would otherwise have been cylinders is the Lord we should teach me to reach out to those people which he did teach me to make our farm in Fresno at you need a place that reaches out to the community especially those in need that others don't want anything to do so Jesus looks down the guy sitting laying on his map the guy looks at the Jesus hears the voice will you be made whole that was a provocative question Jesus I will knew the answer not flying chips he asked that question on purpose to provoke in the guy 's heart a greater sense of need and I can picture and I advise you to use your imagination with me this morning I see the guy obviously not on the brink of the pool not on the banks of the pool but somewhat removed from the pool wearing flat on his back among the crowd Jesus leans over says will you be made whole in the man Alyssa said he looked down at the pool and he remembers how often he tried to get there how often the pool again troubled and became just a little short after that brief moment of hope there was an equally quick response not tried it before and I see the guy putting his head down in sorrow back on the stone floor and he looks up at Jesus sister I have no man when that water is troubled to put me into the pool with a gasp of sorrow he says but when I'm coming somebody comes in the form no this guy had absolutely no faith this guy had absolutely no faith not evidenced by the fact that Jesus did not ask him to exercise the view was so bad as he did not have the capacity to believe in many of us forgive me for saying it against many of us will turn faith into a virtue that merits our salvation was you could have faked it Jesus didn't give it to you and you couldn't exercise the faith defeated and let in the willingness to you and the guy hadn't not as though Jesus didn't like the clay storage single wash and from seeing you didn't say your faith has made you whole he didn't say if thou will believe all things are possible he didn't say any of that he said the man frankly bluntly rise up and walk divinity will the frail list of humanity the most broken and wretched man at that pool incapable of responding to divine grace was will buy Divinity the healing and that's exactly where mean you need to be looking any other place is futile looking for any other remedy is superstitious even religious foolery will be made his answer was no Jesus his answer was Sadie again I will take that moment of desperation many times in my life if I can look up at the voice of the face and the voice of Jesus and hear him say stand up and walk I will take that emotional baggage the realization the resident centered on a day-to-day basis to him I hear Jesus say stand up and walk him I had the experience of feeling life and parts of my body that I have not felt for many many years I will take that again if I have the opportunity to stand in that corral of likewise arrested people and have them ask me what happened to you and be able to tell the story I met Jesus I will take wretchedness and desperation as my recognized lot inhumanity to be able to have this guy 's continued experience in life Jesus 's ministry was to the people in need what are you in need question number two will you help those in need as farmers are ever several discussions this weekend about the seven year Sabbath and when a phrase this in the context of the story of John chapter five because exes chapter twenty three of you turn there with me smart phone or iPhone or paper bipolar iPod iPad whatever you have Exodus chapter twenty three tells us the purpose of the seventh year Sabbath and has farmers ending we often focus on the technical aspects of the benefits of the seventh year Sabbath rest for the land itself I wouldn't him I would propose to you that's not the primary reason for that sabbatical Exodus twenty three tells us verse eleven the seventh year thou shalt let it rest and why still that the war of thy people may eat and that what they leave the beast of the field shall you can like manner thou shall deal with the vineyard and when your all of your that the primary purpose not the own for the primary purpose of the Sabbath rest of the land was not what you can get out of it for your farm after letting it lie fallow that's selfish but what you could give to those who didn't have anything at all the remaining six years and you are farming your bounty that for just that little slice the time on that seventh year the port could walk throughout your land and see God face to face in nature like you got to do every day the previous six years Leviticus chapter nineteen says essentially the same thing talking about gleaning the corners of your fields Leviticus chapter nineteen verse nine and verse ten when you read the harvest of your land us on the holy read the corners of your field neither shall not gather the gleanings of my harvest and also not blame the vineyard you yourself are gleaned every grain in the vineyard also leave them for the poor and the stranger I am the Lord your God got stamps the command with the phrase you certainly any does that forty five times in the book of Leviticus command followed by identity of your servitude I am the Lord your God do this if somebody was on my farm is being honest with interesting year walking through my fields taken the stuff that I had a cell tomorrow I would come unglued in a very sanctified way of course but God strategically strategically commanded Israel light and Ron in this to consider the poor on annual basis and especially once every seven years so love all people farmers have an obligation to gear for those in need above the above the door just above the welfare ministries different churches above the public health department in every city and Yala etc. organization farmers have an obligation to minister to the people in need particularly the poor by the end of the biblical command of the Savior in historical sketches you read the following these commands were to impress people with the fact that it was God 's way which they were only permitted to possess for a time that he was the rightful owner she was the original proprietor and that he would have quote special consideration made for the poor and the unfortunate at the command of farmers historical sketches page one sixty five paragraph two you just read and on Leviticus nineteen annexes twenty three remote addresses story John chapter five verse eight Jesus tells the man was taken by better walk in immediately this faithless man was made whole by divine command he took up his bed just like he was commanded he walked oh boy and on the same day was to say send it was the sound so the Jews therefore said and to him that was cured I can't replicate their tone obviously discussed it is the Sabbath day excuse me him him awful for you to carry on that he responded in a way that any sane individual would respond if you were just healed and the guy healed you told you take up your bed you would do it and I would do as what he said to them I guide her yielding century my bad okay from German to very of course naturally wanted to know it says in verse twelve which man said to you take up your bed and walk they knew exactly who this was by the way they had been following Jesus for months they knew the identity of that mysterious and unidentified healer and were not looking for the purposes of their own education they were looking for the purpose of confirmation that was Satanic inspired but the guy didn't know because the multitude was in that place afterwards Jesus finds him in the temple and says of him behold your manhole sin no more lest a worse thing come and you and praise the Lord because even when stuff is your fault God doesn't care all heal you all the same I know you did I didn't ask you you didn't stand up and walk them as a resort not a person in this room hasn't gotten out of life exactly what they deserved and then God gave you exactly what you didn't deserve the man ignorant nonetheless didn't know what was going on he told you was you made them hold and want to read very carefully with me verse sixteen therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus and sought to kill him because he had done these things on the Sabbath day you will find no other reason given in Scripture is why Jesus was hated by the religious leaders more than that person right there that person is unequivocally unarguably clear and as a premise of advanced biblical interpretation all clear checks on any given subject are more important than any unclear text is a crystal clear tax Jesus had a different Sabbath keeping philosophy than the religious leaders and they hated him because of that they didn't care that he is healed the guy they didn't care that he was a teacher they didn't even care that he claimed to be the Messiah what they cared about predominantly interview read the four Gospels a look for this trend you'll notice that early and repetitively and consistently that they hated this man because their ideas of Sabbath observance were very different than his again I read U-verse sixteen therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus and sought to slay him because he had done these things on the Sabbath day verse seventeen is more staggering yet because Jesus original spots excuse me response was that my father works hitherto and I work and may listen very carefully only sought the more to kill him if you're sitting with me a lunch this afternoon and you asked me if I'd had enough and I was him I would like some more it implies that I already had one in which I wouldn't do it anyway to keep my voice you offer me desert and you say did you like that would you like some more it implies that I already had one Beijing is because he claimed to be done by more that implies they already had what a stunning baby Jesus more because of the way he kept the Sabbath and the fact that he claimed to be three rest verse religion therefore the Jews sought more children because he is not only broken the Sabbath but said also that God was his father making himself equal with God secondary issue to his Sabbath keeping practices when they point number to view this morning that is in Jesus 's life is a pattern to be followed his life itself as a pattern his ministry is a pattern 's character is our pattern everything about Jesus Christ is a pattern to me and you there is no other pattern for any other ministries there is no other pattern for character there is no other pattern for personality there is no other pattern for carrying and reaching out to other people in this pattern right here I can give a whole sermon on this bomb I clarify and brief fashion exactly what I'm referring to most specifically Jesus 's life as a pattern of precise parallel to those that live at the end of time was to follow this pattern you'll recognize it very distinctly from having read our prosthetic material the Bible particularly Revelation thirteen and fourteen Jesus had a conflict with religious leaders over the way she kept the Sabbath strike profit familiarity number one only difference between him and then an honest today is over and Jesus 's time it was the way the Sabbath should be jabbed in our current society the conflict will be over the day but pattern number one number two in the religious leaders strike up hatred because of the Sabbath keeping practices they lay aside their animosity with the religious liberals and form a relationship with those of a different ideological party they suddenly became tolerant of those who differed with them theologically they extended this one step further and allying themselves with the political class of Romans known as the home Rhodians strike prosthetic familiarity number two a religious political alliance that annihilated the wall of separation between church and state this sound familiar so far number three they forced politicians who were otherwise unwilling to put to death that man who they differed with regard to the Sabbath and keep the sound familiar for some a statement here I encourage you to read the Bible not because you don't but because the Bible its teachings are profoundly deep and rich and thorough in the Adventist doctrinal house is built solidly upon Scripture forget the whole other book I love old Bible but hear me out Jesus is life by itself is enough as I walk what happened at the end of her sister and I have no other book of the Bible than the four Gospels I would get through life beginning and it's down the pearly gates that are not spin on the pearly gates standing inside those pearly gates with just those four books I love all the rest of it but Jesus 's life is a perfect free fulfillment of Revelation chapter thirteen fourteen of point number two Jesus his wife is a pattern especially for those who live at the end so if they hated him so much why didn't they just kill him you understand I'm sorry it was a responsibility while not for me to discern what is going to why didn't they just don't right here in the front row Pharisees were afraid to make this perfectly clear they wanted to kill him in John five right on the spot but you understand what just happened Jesus just healed a man of incredible for thirty eight years and once that man the paralytic figured out who had healed him I guarantee you he told other people paralytic 's what had just happened just like he told the Pharisees because that's what people actually do it they have experiences like that and what the Pharisees had on their hands was nearly a right and they were prevented by the crowd drawn to the loving and compassionate friend of sinners I couldn't get near Jesus I asked you this morning what will Christians at the end of time do it in their ministry to the public doesn't garner the same level of preventative popularity in all we are about you serving ourselves when Christians become unpopular what would prevent other people from saying to Jerusalem as much as Jesus was the divine theologian as much as he was the perfect Sabbath keeper and the greatest preacher and the greatest teacher and all these other things but one thing that made the difference in his public ministry with the fact it was a public ministry and he loved people were broken or what year this is a D twenty nine do you understand what that means is if I thought about this I'd never thought about this before present hit my brain that Jesus 's love for the people preserve his ministry for a solid two years they would have chilled him on the spot and he would not have failed to fulfill the prophecies of Daniel Jesus did not use Houdini like trips did not vanish like David Copperfield it was his public ministry that saved his ministry as elegant as will the further end with this year the chapter nineteen chapter nineteen verse forty seven this now is some time of the day is are you kneel down but this is sometime close to the Passover of eighty thirty one whichever nineteen verse forty seven he taught daily in the temple but the chief priests and the scribes and chief of the people sought to destroy him is not new where you know that but they couldn't find what they might do for all the people were very attentive to hear what they does one chapter further go with me over chapters one this is somewhat yet closer to the Passover but is not yet the Passover chapter twenty verse nineteen says the chief reason describes the same hour right then right there on the spot sought to slay thoughts away hands on him and they feared the people when they do not Jesus is both a couple parables in the parable the vineyard and the Pharisees recognizing another parable of vineyard right landlord Mosel vineyard evil or danger the vineyard don't really take your vineyard and they recognize in that parable that Jesus was talking about the religious leaders and so they were furious at the concept this is not happen them and they wanted to kill him on the spot but they were afraid and did not most of us treat popularity and ability bad thing and indeed it is if that's what motivates you to live your life the way you live your life but if you live your life the right way and God grants you favor with the people and you become popular there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in fact it will probably be a good thing but Jeff twenty two save the extent to which this goes legitimately do twenty two is also parallel the Matthew Genet twenty six I met how you want to lose weight you want to interject a few verses from Matthew twenty six along the way with twenty two verse one says now the feast of unleavened bread drew near Matthew chapter twenty six says it was two days away so we are not Passover weekend eighty thirty one Jesus 's day is from hanging on the cross this is the end of his ministry the feast of unleavened bread for night two days from the Passover Jesus says verse arthritis is in Matthew Jesus says the disciples the Son of Man will be betrayed to be crucified while Jesus is talking to the disciples would twenty two verse two tells us that the chief priests and the scribes switch back to Matthew were as simple and in the house the palace of Caiaphas the high priest and they were conspiring together that at the evening two days before the crucifixion two days before the Passover rather they were conspiring and Caiaphas house palace what they might do with Jesus but first Julie Jeter twenty two says they feared the people do you realize what this verse is saying is that even when the time that Jesus is appointed time I come that the Pharisees efforts to crucify the Messiah to do no harm had been selling handicap by his public ministry 's favor with the people that even when it was time to kill and they were incapable of doing absolutely handcuffed because Jesus did good people that need I see the full extent of how potent this ministry was because I want to get the full extent of how Hancock the Pharisees were in capable of doing anything my reading verse three I believe the Bible puts persons together in specific order for specific instruction they feared the people verse two says then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot and you know what happened what this passage is suggesting to us in Jesus his public ministry 's ministry of good administrative law his ministry and compassion to the desperate the ratchet the broken a hopeless all the other adjectives you can throw at that class of people was so effective that even in the palace of the high priest they couldn't do anything with Christ because of his popularity until a certain insider decided to pull the rug and that also sounds a little bit prosthetic recognize that supports women point number three to you I been making an already the Jesus 's popularity among the people was so potent that it stalled for two years their efforts to shut him down what his Christians only take a doctrinal approach to evangelism what if Christians only take an intellectual cerebral approach to changing the theological opinions of other people rather than ministering to the earnings what if I put myself in a position were all people think of me is the guy who wanted to change the way I think what they think of me as the guy who only wanted to tell them when what they believe is wrong when they think of me as the guy who only told him when they did something wrong and I'm not insinuating I'm not hinting that anybody here is like that all although I know that if you're anything like me there's a high probability that your all and I said you're the beginning I preaching to myself for ten years I was a denominational employment I given Bible studies I knocked on doors sold books preached and preached and breached and preached in various different forms and I have been guilty of thinking that what I have to say is not as important skews me is more important than what I have to do and I have realized I am realizing that God is calling upon us to serve those in need and allow them the opportunity to ask why do you love me so much and you will have at that point all the opportunity to share you could possibly imagine Adventist farmers Christian farmers of all types have a potent opportunity to demonstrate the Christianity is a ministry of love to will need particularly to the poor particularly into the most wretched and got her face Moses says nest up brand with some shape then maybe I should be willing to take some messed up people on my farm with the intention of helping them or allowing God to help them perhaps I can find ways on my farm to demonstrate the Christians are people of such immense value in the local community could not possibly tolerate the idea of me not being around in spite of the fact that certain religious leaders differ with me theologically and with just as well be happy and I've been exterminated from the face of the planet they would resist such urges and say no thank you we would actually rather keep him because he's done a lot more than you ever after me recently in our church we had a guy come up drugs youth on I could tell you the people were uncomfortable with them he found another church where people help them find a job or he was given an opportunity to share his experience in ministry and reach out to people that were formerly just like you thankfully some of us had tried to do something for him and there is a bridge of connection yet between us and him but so often we drive people away when they make us uncomfortable and I will see you this morning as farmers is threefold his number ones do a public service to those people around you and show them the face of Jesus on their crippled wretch and depressed bodies not deserve a much more hearty amen my second geologist you is to realize that Jesus 's life is a pattern for those that live in the end and that you therefore have the opportunity of following the pattern and thirdly if you will do this in your communities you couldn't make it ridiculously difficult her people to counter your evangelistic efforts they say that again if we will follow the pattern ministry of Jesus we can make it ridiculously uncomfortable he unknowingly difficult for people who would oppose us and make it miraculously and gloriously wonderful for Jesus to understand what I'm saying you understand what the Holy Spirit been trying to share with me I'm not expecting anybody here to do this simply because I set it but I would ask of you to carefully intentionally contemplate the ministry and the opportunities it US individuals some of you probably are farmers you have individual opportunities to to strategically reach out to those in need and to copy and your life the pattern copy and when the time comes for the fulfillment of Revelation thirteen and Revelation fourteen there will be a crowd there will be a riot in the waiting waiting for those who would seek to do God 's people that doesn't change the outcome but it does make them after the outcome more difficult for those who would seek to hinder God 's cause I've been praying about this for several days this morning I like to close with an appeal what a clarify appeals this is a public appeal and asking individuals here to make a decision but it is not an appeal for every person and I want you to listen to me carefully someone here this morning is lying on their map by the will of the I don't know what you did it doesn't matter what you did Scott Muir your but you've been seeking for healing in your soul at a source that will never come through for you perhaps you don't know Jesus you perhaps you've not surrendered your heart to him you've been looking for the healing that only he can provide in places you won't get if you're already a Christian and you know you're a Christian this appeal is not for you I believe the spirit the things that Jesus is looking down on us this morning and asking the question will you be made whole and if you have an illness on talking physical maybe that you he won't say Lord will be made whole mask it comes down right appear perhaps God 's been speaking to you been searching for healing the wrong place you looking for me and friends you looking for me in your occupation won't find either this morning I'm looking down on you I'm asking you we'd be made whole if you're out there come four to appear Jesus wants to greet you with this phase he wants to greet you with his voice he wants to save you my son my daughter I love you appear to me that's you this morning from Stan Redeker right in front to make the decision or the need to be made whole I want to be made whole result there will come by here spirit speaking to you first-time decision to heal many out there like the bless you brother Peter Jesus listen folks Jesus love the desperate she loves the broken don't be embarrassed don't be shy join the crowd at the pool say Lord I'm desperate I need you I want you nowhere else to go appear to Jesus moment right here face-to-face with them look down on that gentle face he says the major whole nobody else can do it bless you sisters and brother minute address a long time been anadromous a short time major Christian leader not a Christian I don't know Jesus at the pool were the worst are Jesus at the pool where the needy are a plus the young man right here once you tell a story is a story of healing for you the story of compassion for you even go home and tell your friends I found something I've looked all over the place forth on it one man salvation and no other nobody else unless you know sister to sister 's here unless you sister anybody else Jesus is the heart Jesus doesn't care about the body and heart make me hold more people who else will mourn the back brother here him one of your Jesus touched me speak the word I'm faithless have it in me I demand the said Lord I believe help my unbelief I can't do it willingly come to be seeing them come because of the people out there you and Jesus was a whole multitude there that morning Jesus just one man private moment amazing Jesus escaped without there being seen anybody else human Jesus right now Lord help spring father in heaven broken empty tried all the things researched at all the places at Lord we didn't even go looking for you you showed up that morning of your own initiative you searched for us on the you know you exist we search for you seasoning you search for us when we didn't know you could see over we heard your name maybe we heard you existed she came and found and maybe you found us because we were bad maybe you found us because we were the worst Chu Kang sounds you came and sought for us more here this morning these people that recognize they looked in other places and so far haven't found this morning I ask you to find and touch them and speak to father for all of us as a whole your pattern as farmers related out as people you've laid out and we want to follow you want to be like you and love people like you administer like you and we ask Lord that you would come to all of us and make us capable because none of us of ourselves are like you father I I think you for the stories touched my heart for two weeks notice thank you to show for showing yourself to us in the Scriptures teaching us how much you want father may you today in the Sabbath because the story happen on the Sabbath day remind us that above all days today is the day were you asked that question will you be made whole Lord of Re: answer or will is yes I think this will bless your name blessing or glories your name was also in this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and visit www. .com universe .org


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