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7- How to Make it Work for You- Q&A



  • November 14, 2014
    2:45 PM
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so my son through this afternoon was kind of twofold number one just the kind of open it to you all to to ask all the questions that you have particularly that we haven't been able to get to and then it's a kind of close any unfortunately we don't have others here to the tell them this but I'd like the panel however many of us there are two just give a five-minute or less synopsis of what you think is most important for somebody who's getting in this to you now or to think about and that's a tall order but some welcome Brad yes did you hear that a L Morgan and this session by you sharing wisdom from your experience for somebody who's just starting out what advice would you give to somebody just getting into this and obviously Juergen have to just really pick and choose but what you think are some of the most important things to to consider if you're wanting to the farm for a living so that will be where we add but let's start by some questions from the audience here and then again if you can so that the questions can be recorded for audio verse my question has well this past summer I started large carton five thousand square feet I did myself it was really in way busy and I think that Cavanagh myself and I did it because I live the market but I couldn't figure out not having done it when do you pick your produce of your taken in the morning are in the afternoon how do you prepare your protist had a time to take to market good question we haven't talked about that at all just give one little intent and that is the most things it is especially leafy greens you want to pick in the school of the day you don't want to be out there when it's hot ideally one of the things are really endear me to the other offenders or farmers market after my were small farmers markets my my fellow offenders are not competitors their family and we have a perspective it are farmers markets that we really look out for the benefit of the market there's not any sense of competition we we really work together that's part of why word were successful as we are one of the things are really endeared each of them when I first arrived as I saw the lettuce that they were selling and one of the vendors whose come to be my best friend in area in his lettuce looks pretty shabby and he was really frustrated me was whining a little bit at first is because you just gone out at five o'clock that morning and kept Atlantis or was about ten or eleven a.m. that morning and wasn't looking like it was fit for sale and I single-digit condition is a condition that we mean by that and I said well you can do a couple of ways I have a large commercial cooler but I cut my lettuce the day before and let it refrigerate for at least twenty twelve to twenty four hours before and bring it to the market and if you don't have refrigeration to do the in ice water tube is important to condition your dreams before they go to market what that does is that it sets them into a false sense of dormancy you bring the temperature in the tissue itself down below forty two degrees and basically the physiological processes slow down or stop and the welding is presented that way and you can then take it out of that condition environment so the cooler of the icewater and the product will hold out much much longer even in the hot temperatures of late afternoon and in the summer so conditioning green since is is an important facet out of heaven protect and provide for two weeks we usually harvest the day before marketing our market starts at nine in the morning so we we harvest the day before condition what needs to be conditioned and get everything organized and then load the market with the other items are usually many ice water overnight if it is in depending on your quantity but that the concept here is to get the fuel heating output of the produce to chill the plant tissue below forty two degrees and keep in an environment where it's not dehydrated you know commercially when they grow lettuce is made of lettuce is treated with seven to ten chemicals even after it's harvested and some of that is to help prevent transpiration or are a few of your heart if you hear your harvesting romaine lettuce in the fields as the Salinas Valley for example assumes that lettuces cut a spray an anti- transfer agent on this on the stem of the letter 's tissue and then as he goes on through cold storage and further in processing their other anti- transfer agents in there to some citric acid compounds to help keep it hydrated even the Masters that you see in the grocery store that little watermaster does not just water there are agents in marriage you to help keep the tissue hydrated and if you want to be competitive it's important that you you present your your your produce so the women customers are accustomed to seeing him in the UN harvesting lettuce early in the morning and another question I have is that what about having you how you handle the safety issue when it comes to having dogs are at their animals around your farm we have a couple dogs are keeping that year in goes away you know when it comes to sanitation I think a quick shutter that will pass the microphone then we harvest our letters are usually in the morning or in the evening under an heat of the day of our article farmers market is it is not that large lonely harvesting maybe three or four dozen heads of others for market and will typically do that the evening before bearing in mind that from the time I cut the lettuce of the time he gets in the cooler it's only fifteen or twenty minutes in the end if you know if you have back passing without networks will force I'm glad you brought up food safety food safety is an issue that is upon us whether we want it or not and I don't want to do to discourage any of you about food safety issues that it is important that you are aware of them and one of the things that will really raise red flags is if you have a animal this is where gap training again can be helpful I mentioned that in one of the earlier sessions of the same as we used to keep wildlife out of our garden areas we used to keep own pets out of the garden areas to and my daughter loves birds she has guineas and ducks and geese that are just pads and we have to keep them out of the garden area to so it is it is a very you know very important especially if you review you your you are selling into institutional markets or to the farm to school program to have a potency balance is as good clean produce out with harvest or let us we rented we try lettuce is one of those things that does take a little skill in drawing we grow solvent nor high tolls where we live we have a the potential for heavy thunderstorms and splashed a lot of soil and into the lettuce and down that takes a lot of time to wash out so we use paper mulches we use hang mulches on her letters as are outdoors to keep it fairly claim that generally we just cut it rinse again and it goes into into the cooler everything I wanted to row quickly along those lines is the question may not copy is that when you're when you're packaging your produce we use food grade plastic bags are a lot of folks show up at the farmers market and throw their stuff and trash bags that is is is not a good practice because there's a lot of offgassing from some of those plastics and you know your customers some new customers may be aware that to your face you bring in producing opinion on a thirty gallon trash bags that may turn them off but there are lots of sources for foodgrade plastic bags and that's what we used to installer product I'm not sure if I did the mold for you what you doing with his fours marketing I'm just explaining what we do and what we write is some summer and on the size of forward doing but in overharvesting he did it no matter what order and with verse you today I worked back in the harm hundred ten and have sometimes we built shelters over our picking wagons we have our workers with umbrellas of on the on the conveyor line that I see help shape conveyor belt everything is well we get everything in to the field do something similar we try to kill everything down overnight before we pack so we goes in the cooler we don't have a sophisticated cooling system but we chose down and then we bring a backpack will pack are so we go into because we would go in the box if it goes in hiding in fact in a brick that he stayed in there and then course you know from the market as can be and these can estate retained in Boston in the fruit so that's that's that's waiting we found to do it own and we like her zucchini will back her zucchini and when it comes into this from the field we will we as a paper sheet on the bottom will spread our water for paper sheet on top and that can absorb humidity key from the hydrating and then we'll chill down and nimble she was the next day efforts to defer on a larger scale with done is of we have a neighbor that has high school and has a fantastic machine is ill you can put all your bins in a big field bands in the hydrochloric it washes all the heat out of the out of the fruit and then you stick in the cooler drop down to the ginger you want after that we found various things in our system we have to have different coolers at different temperatures because we have tomatoes like say fifty five or sixty we've got squash of my own cucumbers of my ticket sales of more like a forty five and then we got melons want to be in the thirty range and we can put melons with our other think of the ethylene it gives off you'll write our tomatoes and so we have to keep separate coolers products and income market because when time we had a worker shallow palate nouns and are watermelon criminal or war moments all in those in the real things can exist softens them and then you know the details like that you sometimes I'm right out of the young sixth sometimes in and in our and my education I go to the oldest schools and teach everything either you know so I count learn the hard way law ways you know about some stuff you know so come to things like this you maybe learn the more human I don't know everything that's on my methods I mean there's merely things we do over time that we learn how it just take the opportunity said if you're talking about pillars that can be quite pricey would we we handmade we we we made ours out of all salvaged that all assignments in the school lobby as well as did you guys have never heard of uncle Bob you should go online and look up cool but then you can build your own coolers relatively inexpensive comparatively easy purchase CEO of how cool you are already just googled a lot the but it's basically overrides the Scottish algorithm that you take the sensor for a a air-conditioner and you attach that sensor to the goal bought in it six of sensor and the defendant doesn't algorithm to check the machine into lowering the temperature to what you can get on a thirty two and so they don't advertise you have a range of air conditioners that you can purchase based on size of room and does something that is if you are young just getting into and you don't want to spend the money on the you know what can be quite expensive purchase it's a good option to the Clinton you we we found an old freezer freezer car of a train and we just put an air conditioner in MS that insulated walls and its young to get Ferguson in a willful window air conditioners via what I do for sparse bringing things out until temperature is the use tanks of water everything is harvested for granted tank of water that comes water packaging goes into the refrigeration unit similar the term is Hydra cooling you know your you using water to cool your produce and I think everybody is in agreement that that the key to fresh produce is taking off that field he quickly as possible okay let's let's take another questions on his we have a spot for greenhouse and there is about oil spill from an old bulldozer that was taken because there and you were wondering how to mix well set reusable I don't there's there's there's not a lot you can do quite honestly there there now I don't know Bob McGovern sits on him crazy but then I heard there's a gentleman in the Northwest he uses biologicals to degrade it I don't know the science behind it but I know that when when the cofounder of my so she was the guy porn Lindsay Lisle on the back side of his property this is what I just heard this just that this am that this meeting here yet but wanted what they did to remedy this lying when they did that all of this let's start the slide and he makes high the medicament and he am created a biological compound that literally stop the sliding twenty four hours based on this biology little critters in soil I don't know whether I planted that afterwards is still a major question whether it works or not I don't know that one plant in the event he is trying to compensate you might want to get in touch with her BC here anyways we're talking the other day and he uses on charcoal to actually extract on toxins out of the soil in a farming and binds them in a form that they just pulls a mountain binds them I've also heard about chocolate been doing some research on biochar is no one else's if anyone else is hurt about that but on the using things like this charcoal biochar it actually is in the oil industry when is a oil spill out in the sea of Port Harcourt bringing a intellectual absorbed in the no burn charcoal off and change the format of those chemicals so it's no longer harmful so something that you might want to research as far as applying charcoal especially if it's a small area that could be an easy way to take care of it yet not knowing how big your areas you might build a interest as a soak in that much money or replace some of that unit was just announcing it drip out of the oil pan of this rigor or was just yet so I help you maybe already in some way that when I think about Charlie is probably an excellent and ninety you might find some things he wrote to those looking him in a move on his we just wanted covers many questions as possible this do we have another question out there yes can you come forward please in fact if there are others if you can just come forward and say it'll save a little bit of time wondering how you can bring greenhouse like the parachuting them out to speak to that we have a number of movable greenhouses and that's always a fear when a movable greenhouses that it's in a move when you don't want to do we vaccinate and of course depending on where you are in the country of urine Oklahoma Juergen have to work a lot harder to anchor down but we have found it we learned this from Eliot Coleman just pounding in cheesesteaks by our bows so we've got thirty by forty eight foot movable houses and will put like three on each and attach them to the bows and three on the size and I've been in them in some pretty strong winds and I have not felt like they're going to go anywhere so you know that has worked well for us if you live in a really windy place but that Eliot Coleman told me he's had a seventy mile an hour winds and he only stakes his on the four corners and you know and and I talked another greenhouse manufacturing he said that this thing is not to let the wind in in underneath and then don't left it so if you close it is much you can when it's cannot be Wednesday that will help him you know when the T state ideas a really good idea were actually using that currently we stay cars around fourteen to sixteen G stakes and Mrs. twenty four by thirty six foot house so it's pretty small house but that's an seventy mile an hour winds that have blown away some now the sometimes though the sites you loose on it but as far as Houston we have the house hasn't blown away are shaken at all but I will point out that you might want something especially living in the home a little bit sturdier than Eliot Coleman 's design because we are just up there and yet how slowly on him during this last storm so but it would package he said there is some some part of the increases knows compromise but here's yes yes once compromised but a few more inches to make sure that some doesn't happen by telluride it moved his house after twenty thirty feet is lifted up and popped over itself one other thing I just say to this issue you know most of most two palaces at least commercial style that the metal hoop houses they the instructions will just tell you to pound the post into the ground to me and and I've seen and heard stories of you know when when you get a trout or something in the ground shrinks up those can just pull right out of the ground so we always do some of our keep out I mean yeah our ground posts in some man put a bolt or something through it said to grab and use you put those in some man we don't get them all that way but we'd rather be safe than sorry it's no fun taking the house of the trees in my skin the panel give to parents with younger kids six ten or so and the kids give resistance to want to run help mom and dad and their industry wanted factors there that you don't know about your faith you know when their Jan you can now just China say this is what we do this is what needs to be done and an pray that they're going to learn to like it and as I was sharing with some others you know if you can get it out of that sense of ownership that is so critical if they can only if it's various then they take it much more seriously so he'll let them grow one of the crops or whatever but doing the younger you start the better I believe you once they get to their teen years you're fighting and in you can't for some otherwise it it backfires so you look like you don't make it enjoyable for them at least what I'm trying to say is show them that you're enjoying it lead by example and try to to get them into the ownership and I briefly shared with others in today's society is tough to know when they have friends that even a church that there enticed with the iPods the fourth would other things that can be pulled her attention away so it's it's a tough struggle just to adjust the question is for my own mind are are these individuals on a homeschooler that going to a homeschool program would always homeschool blogger my daughter 's been helping me since she was three and when I say helping I don't mean just in a casual way he spends at least half a day with me everyday working on the farm and batterers who were present she just knows that that's what she's going to do with the key and enter will be those days one and all she's not quite kicking and screaming but would like to there are there are some keys and and one of them is is is what brother Geisinger mentioned and that is giving them a sense of ownership and working with them in a week we it it's this someone of the struggle for those of us that have been doing this for a long time said to take the time and be patient enough to to coach them as they work and to work alongside of them but those moments for the kids are the ones that really keep them added saying I do this all the time with Jordan but it I find that when I do work with her then she understands her role within the family better she recognizes that were doing does have a value we discussed that will make it obvious to her we try to use that the garden as an educational environment is much as possible frankly when she was about five years old I was always stolen heartland at the time I see more about what was going on on the farm and gynecology students to an new nose plant ID better than than most of the folks and men doing it for a long time but it's because she recognizes that that's just what we do and inculcating matters is is a bit of a challenge but the earlier the earlier the better okay we have time for a few more questions my question would be if you throw something for the farmers market obviously want to grow up people will buy you have a certain price per square foot pipe cutoffs things you don't raucously and I cannot compete with the soy farmer for your growing corn and so forth the things that are more Marshfield for you know I heard from a number of people in and seems to fit well for as that sounds you need to be making at least twenty thousand acre in the kind of farming review and so obviously not growing and dangerous things but if you figure now I'm I'm growing this many square feet and calculate what you would make per acre you need to make at least twenty thousand in order to make it worthwhile never that is gross now that's gross and obviously that I mean that's the minimum you want to go up from there but I think that's a rule of Islam and the second rule that I thought was very good was when it comes to harvesting if you're not making at least thirty dollars an hour in your harvesting then don't grow it so you know and that's easy to figure out I can pick this many pints of cherry tomatoes in our Wyoming in a make so that's a good rule for deciding what you're going to grow I just want to point out and saying that doesn't mean you're earning thirty dollars an hour that that's thirty dollars worth of product and that's to help cover the costs product to turn will we break that down essentially my numbers are pretty much the same as what you just heard we do it on a square foot basis in my priority for a crop is a dollar per square foot per crop cycle of five or six crop cycles that means five or six dollars per square foot on on it on a given area but things like eating on your mentioning spinach has been one of the crops that was your top five firm for market for our spinach is nevertheless because of the labor involved the time involved we can get that kind of return we can get a dollar a square foot per cycle when was finished now so so you know that's not one we grow smarter we grow it for ourselves the but not for market not sure if I have a complete square foot dynamic in my format you know I've see our range cannot run with run a grain large-scale you might make thousand dollars an acre of the maybe seventy five thousand dollars more intense platform crop and has been you whether mechanical harvesting or your handpicked ministers all ranges or you might not have losses you can always meet with you to make so you know I'll resulted in a group tonight is one year of Rome was a muscle thing so now you guys might be the measure of an assault is one that I was leaving feels and what rails there's in our market yell Mexico Monday bringing an stuff at a certain price and will there say hey you know the prices that so young at some point we get the point where what we do is equipment when the price is certain level in the markets out there we leave less beautiful rocks in the field is gorgeous something where we taken these internal market so we just work me more about them well I just want to interject here for the panel members that weren't here when we started bargaining close by giving you just a few minutes to give your final words of counsel anybody out there just trying to get into this so be thinking of that okay okay I am we try to go through for crops per square foot per are you trying for twenty six weeks of our season that's really intense we can make this year we are able to do three at most most most of our stuff was just two and at three sixty per square foot is working out to look out over a dollar per square foot I agree with the spinach but we also have our Jonathan 's lettuce harvester which I've seen work very effectively on spinach which changes the game which I'm actually ordering one I have one word so we'll see how that actually makes a difference I don't know but anyways with Michael greens as a salad makes it something which ones were echoing on local printing the name trades in a greenhouse or index it in the garden now can I just clarify a decent micro greens and salad man makes good low sizes salad mix as salad next I don't know everybody I don't like her dreams betrays a never grown micro greens in the field I don't I don't know that that would be difficult to harvest them I think so in the quantities usually are selling out their something for astronomical prices whatever reason the trades tend to be that the volume and started up the cleanliness of the is really what people are doing it you said I just want to mention something about dreams and this is related to the consummate food safety issues that were faced with both now and that are coming and so if you're a beginning grower I would recommend that you you can steer clear of that for a period of time and an part of the reason is that once you cut of education how they consider that part of a processing operation are also makes vacation much more susceptible bacterial infection and from a food safety perspective of that so that's an area this can get scrutiny almost immediately when the food safety modernization act is finally deployed among those visitor drawing fresh vegetables and I I I think that I would I went I would tend to focus especially if you're just starting out in some other area first I just wanted to clarify are you saying you need to cut greens or were you talking specifically my crew green microgram specifically because the surface area of cut versus the surface area product is so high without that's that's one that's that's go set up red flags I think we've got one more question here and then Morgan at China to wrap this up okay young recently we're hearing reports now of the effects that such things as all chem trails have one soil on heavy metals barium aluminum all if you can speak to what you may know about how this this kind of thing is affecting the soul and if there's anything we can do to counteract him I have read in a row don't guide to composting their book on that of higher organic matters in the soil actually can chelate heavy metals into appointments not taken up by the plant I don't know the exact study on not what it is in the composting book was mentioned that it I want to state this because it's a question I've asked frequently know that there are many for lack of a better description I don't like this one that says there are number of New Age people that that participate in inner market and customers of ours and they discussed the effects of Fukushima they just recently found out that signs radiation off the coast California now from Fukushima and the chem trails and everything else on I want us to be reminded that where not the final source of our own safety in our own destiny were asked to do the best that we can and it's my opinion that we do ultimately rely on the protection of the Lord for everything that we do and this is an area where the complexities the confusion the lack of science to know what to do and can really lead us on rabbit trails that will be destructive and in the long run and play right into the enemy 's hands so as we are doing our best to grow crops that are efficient and nutritious and according to God 's principles then we can pray for the safety we can confidently pray for the protection and safety that we need but if we start focusing on the other avenues that the maybes and that in and that could be used I think working on a fighter cells distracted and ultimately the enemies conquer because will be diluted from from the purpose of the Lord 's coincidence so in closing I want to just give each each of these farmers here in oh we had one more to see if it's a quick I just want to ask what are some works that are not really really hard to grow that but have the nice market for the many of you guys listening basil with what we mean by nice marketing that you go to the grocery store and you go fresh herbs section usually linked to ounce package and they're really expensive cannot help but scope and in distribution you're talking about you can make good money growing a lot of herbs in a lot of different from saying to me something as simple as saying but practically a farmers market you won't sell much sage so if you're talking about on a small scale basil two hours of it that we do real well with her parsley and cilantro to other relatively easy to grow and produce quite a bit for prayer investment and those are two words that are better or pretty popular to some the more aromatic herbs like the Sage Sharon and some of the oregano 's and even things like time I don't don't do as well in a humid climate this is a human claimant in this area they don't develop the volatile oils of the fragrance of the pungency than most customers are accustomed to comparing it to plants are grown in a drier climate so I we grow those things for ourselves but I don't know don't try to market things like rosemary and sage in and in time simply because we can't grow that the type of quality that the consumer is used to the parsley cilantro and basil especially due to real wellness burn okay so your counsel your words of wisdom for those who who are starting on this journey I'll just start with a couple things I had a third one but I didn't write it down you know then it slipped my mind so hopefully come back but number one the key for us is focusing on spring produce getting being the first to market with with your produce because everybody's tired of winter there dared craving fresh stuff and we can sell a lot of product in the spring and ideally you know we've the last few few years because where starting our tomatoes in the hoop house we've be the other people at our market by up to a month and so we we have a monopoly on the crop for the first month so spring is where the money is in my opinion not that you don't do those other things you diversify again I think that was my my other point was diversifying and I mentioned that before but diversifying not only in in the selection but also in the season you know you can have a really bad season weatherwise so that's the one thing of diversifying spring produce and then covered growing again I've mentioned this before but once you start growing in protected spaces it will spoil you because the quality is so much higher and so I think that's a good place to invest your money it's one of the few investments you can recoup in less than a year I'll let Bob Allen Bob Hirsch in a way I'd like to say that I know it's my firm conviction that all of us are called to be gardeners but that doesn't necessarily mean that all of us are called to be full-time farmers I think everyone of us needs to be engaged in agriculture in some way or form but if you're going to take this up as a vocation of be certain that your calling and election assure you need to have confidence that this is the direction of the Lord is is moving you because frankly it's hard work and you have to be able to love this work in order to sustain yourself through those periods when you're out there working broccoli is my wife is today with numb fingers and in July when the sweat is pouring and the humidity is high you you have to be able to find joy in that and the only way that that can happen is if this is your your your calling so give that some some serious consideration I think most of you that are in this room are probably here because you sensed that already and I may be preaching to the choir and saying that but understand that the benefits of market farming anomaly none of us are getting rich at this and the quality of the lifestyle that we have any opportunity for the joy of that hard work in those trials is is is why we do this and it takes an understanding of the joy in trials for us to to to really be fulfilled in doing over doing recognize also that this is the foundation for the house message and the health message is the right arm of the gospel keep that connection in your mind every step of the way and you will find that your cooperating with the Lord and he will cooperate with you the other thing I want to say is old maybe a little bit more of a philosophical discussion then then then tangible things for you make use of but don't allow yourselves to be too easily discouraged no just as when we undergo autism we know that the enemy is right there at our heels to to try to distract us discourage us and dissuade us as much as possible by the enemy is at your heels if you're willing and wanting to take this up as a vocation to the Lord in all the Lord ordained this from regaining the enemy knows that and he knows that that discouragement is an easy way to a cobbler says so don't let a failure and one portion of your garden discourage you from from from being faithful in doing your best and I will say that so I'm sure this could be echoed by everybody up here where ever the enemy has a victory in the garden when we do what we do have that failure of the Roma tomato cropper we do have a problem with with the sweet potatoes or something happens that that that can be discouraging to us the Lord always makes out in abundance in some area that defies our explanation to bypassing crops that have simply outperformed the that the that the physics the chemistry and the and the meteorology of of of why the sugar produced so much it's it's beyond explanation other than it's a simple blessing from the Lord to give us encouraged so keep those things in mind up apart from that you need to have a fearless attitude is as you approach this to be the certain in your convictions and if you are called to this end can be fearless and you should be just just sharing any wisdom that the Lord has shared with you for these people and I think in with Limbaugh talking about some things you know and in and then I think you might my grandfather in Montana homesteading on of any reader would like Judson that picture and there is a longtime cabin that there is I think the low cabin and in the end he built that over the years and I'm thinking okay so people here thinking that we're not a get rich informing I think it's possible but the wealth is in many ways but money can be a factor I'm enough it's possible that you whoever's here that once a farm in their thing on the skin started but I I wrote on the shoulders of my grandfather and my father and my mom and an now I'm I'm where I'm not that I'm not that big that big of a deal compared to some but say you have kids you start farming and your kids watch what you do in their kids what should you and your and build something that maybe were just starting that goes beyond what we do or what might reference to and so in administered something here with I have a church we got stumbled and fumbled and bumbled their culture things seem to me in our educational system something okay I look at that for years going so if you're thinking so it thing of Alan you're here he's he's got an anesthetic instead read the book of education and I predict whatever they like it was and he said and so there's your perfect their your edit as a person starting out something okay take the books and read them and you ask God to give you a vision of what your places and what you're doing and let him speak to you because that's not single here's always world of stars and interval things bouncing around the world and yet somehow gotten those are one of us he knows you individually what you're doing what you're up to and would scorn on your life and and you need to talk to the media talk about and then as that becomes first woman you have some talk to other people about what God do for you and it could be in agriculture whatever but I'm just thinking don't be shortsighted about where were going what were doing I'll see it all either Montesano camp part of that even though I'm sometimes though I got my bone marrow vision to let so I say speak to God read his books they speak you asking as then as a group just like Christ wants to unite us as brothers and sisters in the garden is maybe the place we need so the garden one who is it just you said you took your stuff back to your auto dealership he took some produce into the auto dealership and we all you we all can't relate whether whoever we are to our food we know and when I take steps of friends with regard is the place to connect to medical your Solana meeting at me to come one and all that but I think don't be shortsighted and maybe you're just the beginning of what were supposed to be doing you know we've is we stumbled for a few years will pass and you are not really click there is a close in spirit of prophecy it has to do with marriage and getting to know someone that you might interested in airing Sunday but just disclose I think applies to our culture it says make haste slowly it's really great thing you want to be excited about what you doing what to be excited about what you doing but you can overrun your headlights and a good thing and try like a insane little bit over the weekend start small start small start small start small of course the guards started you know you don't have to go back to small but when you're starting out start small it's a K to start small you don't have to have a tractor you don't have to have a know these even even a small checking start with your little Rototiller that your neighbor owns okay you know you have to only things but start small enjoy it enjoy the experience and go one step upon another because once you go so far to be clear of what you need to do next yeah I like Byron 's example I keep coming back to eat more dirt pills so many want to get started young gardener will give you vision of an end and pretty soon you be more intelligent eats more longer bills and be smarter next baby smarter attire is I give you my personal experience and that's all I can really give you notice it's hard because we make it hard perspective is a is a big deal I have interns to come and I all do the same thing on many interns it comes in my farms have never farmed and for some of them and his son were very athletic and their fit and unfit people and you really never know who's been a flourish in the garden is not an I have suspicions and him him wrong a lot if you need to watch people who love it do well at it though you may never expect that from them and so it can be as difficult as you want to be or can be as easy as you want to be involved said if you love don't the nine hundred degrees and the sun in all day make for a rough day but if you like what you're doing I used up a citizen is to be a professional skateboarder and you couldn't cut me off my skateboard irrespective of the temperature now it was just the time is just as much son it was still all day I sweat it was grueling but you catch my correlation here you didn't choose how you perceive these events and if you love it if you're called to it in your blessed understand the blessing is in the work until every intern I get the blessings in the work the second thing I tell my interns when they show up is about two thirds the way through this year you're going to think you're doing everything and nobody else is doing anything I promise you that's how you'll feel don't believe it everybody is working hard just as hard as you are and you take your focus off of what everybody else is not doing everything that you are doing and you focus on the blessing of what you get to do you'll have a much better day God put man in the garden it was his suggestion God planted the first garden he led by example this has been so turned upside down on its head it doesn't matter if you're doing this is in your backyard is a garden plot for you and your family erred for a little education tool for your children you will if you're doing twelve acres making hundreds of thousands of dollars growing high diversity small-scale organic farm your perspective honestly is going to make the difference of whether or not you're happy or not if you're laboring for success and the adoration of people which is easy to fall into the sound outside when I was in Seattle being a a successful farmer you are in Seattle I went to restaurants I got special treatment by a free everyone does this relate to tell everyone in the restaurant business agree or food you can treat it really is easy to fall into the things even in Kentucky were on that now arrived selling Kentucky it's easy to get lifted up in advance what you're operating under its false economy it's not real but if you're if your labor of love is to glorify God is the lift up God doesn't matter if anyone recognizes you as long as your heavenly father recognizes the truth will and this is in a maybe a little too philosophical but motives I think is really key and if you have the correct motive you persevere to the rest in an we came to a farm that I had come from the Westside come from places where we successfully group and I failed miserably our first year on on the farm we literally it was a disaster it was humbling and it was really humbling I mean I'll be vulnerable with you I wasn't him in tears with my wife I might how Reagan and do this like we have invested everything and all we have is the faith that God has called us to this and put one foot in front of the other and believe that if he's truly communist he will make a way of escape and this year we did better with the hopes that it's in the right direction next year we better naturally better know you're going to fail at certain things are done something benefit along the way and if that is what the success of those things that determining your ability to move forward there to fail success is putting your foot forward successes in the act of doing a neo- FF FF I guess that's the last thing on the US in on if you don't do it the authorities failed this for me since I cannot waxed esoteric thereto I do want to give you one practical pieces of our experience and that is that if you are just starting out realize that you may be composting more than your selling initially in part because customers potential customers are going to want to know that you're not just there this Tuesday that you get to be back next Tuesday with good quality product you in the Tuesday after that so they're going to study you for a while and this is true both for for large buyers and then just individual cut as farmers market the first three years that we were in West Virginia the first two years particularly we composted probably a third of what we grew and that was simply to demonstrate that we can do it we can do it week after week week after week we can have a good consistent product for you and when you buy it or not this is what we do so well with me you know it it just took time to build that trust in that relationship with people and that's part of what they're looking for in small-scale agriculture they want to know you they want to know a little bit about your character and it's important that you realize that you're not can have been a while and in and in some cases you made that we did not have immediate success right off the bat we had to persist for a now we have a demand for far more than than were willing to grow up but it does take time to to to go back the other of quick word I wanted to to express here is that you know we've been given this this special emphasis on the study of agriculture in the spirit of prophecy over hundred years ago and folks were way behind right now that what the world is doing the opportunities out there in the competition out there is is stiff and there are folks that know what they're doing it and under doing many of them are doing it for very good reasons to believe that the Lord in the Holy Spirit working through many of these people drawing them to his truths of through of the book of nature by using agriculture to do that but you know what we can't have the beatitude there were the only ones that have the health message or were the only ones that understand that agriculture and and health are important because that's just not the case I think this is back on again can you me okay I just want to thank each of the farmers on her panel you have pulled themselves away from the farm and come here for this weekend I hope that it's been a blessing to you I I it's been a blessing to me to hear from others I just wanted and went with one thought that some we try to always keep in mind on our farm when when we when I quit my previous job and was trying to seek the Lord on what I should do now it's kind of a scary thing to do when you have a young family that's depending on you and you don't have a source of income I spent a lot of time with the Lord and that's one thing this is a side note but every year I try to take a few days not successively but throughout the year where I just go out with the Lord and have a business meeting with him and that has really kept us going through the hard times you know it's his farm and he can tell me how to run it and helped to operate in so that's been a huge thing let's let's close with prayer and then I have one quick announcement my dear Emily father we thank you for the privilege of being here of rubbing shoulders with like-minded individuals people who realize the importance of the system you set up the importance of your plan and I just pray that you will be with each one of us where we are not only physically but also in our journey with you and that you will guide us and encourage yes and strengthen us for what lies ahead what may we be willing to step out on faith and trust that you will not let us go so we just thank you for this experience in Jesus name amen and so my last point came to me is that what the Lord spoke to me in one of those times when I was really just seeking him saying how my ghetto can I feed my family he spoke very clear to me and he said you don't have to worry about that you focus on service and I'll take care of that and so I just I I want to close with act as we talked about economics we talked about these things and we don't want to nor the road at the same time I believe if we are seeking first his kingdom by serving others these can provide for his media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hard numbers the more so than please visit www. audio tours outdoor


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