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Dunamis 2004 Worship Hour

Israel Ramos


Israel Ramos

Pastor in the Michigan Conference


  • May 1, 2004
    11:00 AM


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I decide that you okay this is my people there you go thank you so much we might call that beautiful musical selection and we really touched my heart almost I was almost moved to tears I identify what are some that that last song before but I never heard anything like like like it was on this morning and then I it's a little bit difficult to speak to you this morning because when you only give a person opportunity to speak one is hard to find with message you can present I five messages in mind that I want them to be the one hesitating a little bit to speak to your school I'm not sure which one to share with you you these are at these meetings it's easy for us to receive some sort of inspiration that were curious for some short amount of time but at the same time you realize that this will never happen again the same group of people that you see here today will never see them in this kind of setting altogether ever again as soon as with heavy burden on two on each of the planners of doing this the time to put this up this is better though that about now now that okay all right the bonus before we open God for a heavenly inviting you we invite you to be with us at this time after the power Holy Spirit Lord we ask that you would break down our hearts they would break our hearts in such a way that the Holy Spirit would be able to dwell with us and father we ask that you would be our teacher that you would be our instructor today and at the worst that we hear from your word will not be words that would be easily forgotten after twenty thirty minutes would be words that would so become a part of us that allies would be transformed to that of Christ be with us today as we learned what faith really is and why it's important to finish the race in Jesus name we pray amen I want to bring you greetings for so long as the church at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where represents about five different universities in the state of Michigan another eleven nation and worldwide as a matter fact you might not know that we're letting you borrow some of our friends some of our graduates from that one of them is Doctor BBQ I've I've I've been looking at some of the unit of flyers and and and the videos in the multimedia presentations that you guys have come to the conclusion that you have too much talent here Loma Linda we make it possible on some of our best then it's time for you to get some back so I wanted a little advertising though that you can't do people put it together please come to Michigan we have the medical literature also want to thank the island the team for the invitation I've been very very impressed five five but when you put together and I know I know that on guys really bless your efforts on you know we need a generation of young people will not only strikeforce you will also strive for professional excellence its fiber Christians to step up to the plate and show the world that just because we are gone he does not mean that we are done excellent very very happy to see that you guys are also striving for spiritual and professional excellence in all that you do in this chapter twelve is a difficult dispute on for this reason I've been asked to speak on a part of Hebrews chapter twelve I believe it's verse two was a difficult thing about this text is that if anything almost more than any other text it's hard to break this this has to divide these three versus four versus the poor they are so intimately connected with each other that in order to understand one part we must understand the entire text and so what I wanted to this morning rather than giving a sermon I want to have a week Bible study with you the problem with Simmons is that a lot of times of congregation expect this because of the thinking for them and so I want to ask I want to ask if I may you're an intelligent crowd I want to ask us to put our thinking on him to say a lot of things that you need to go back home and process over and I'm also getting a little homework assignment under talk about Hebrews chapter twelve phenomena focus a lot on this sex until your homework assignment is to be perhaps after eating lunch or throughout the week throughout the month personal reflection when you go back to your dorm your personal homework assignment is to be to see how my message actually connect to the text Hebrews seven twelve versus one to three is that they are not for everyone chapter twelve metaphorically contrasts lawyer or relates something in the Christian Barry Torres what obvious that aspect of our Christian experience that Paul is not getting onto a race does anyone know what is it in our Christian experience that Hebrew Sabbath law when Paul says that we ought among the raise he is metaphorically speaking writing an essay you'll is looking awesome since he driven and run what is the more little what is he likening unto this race that we are to run I figured living our lives anything else any other comments say that again after perfection some of those anything else getting ready for the end anything else becoming like Christ the life of faith I guess all of these are right answer there is no really long answer unless you you know whereas but not really would like to suggest to you I believe that Hebrews chapter twelve Paul is speaking when Paul is talking about running a race is talking about running the race of faith faith may I suggest to you that faith is the only way to attain perfection faith is the only way to being like Jesus faith is the only way to experience Christianity Esalen Paul is talking about fate I went thought when Paul is talking about running the race he is talking about running the race of faith let me ask you another question what is fate what is faith okay so most of it is the substance of things hoped for and the complete definition is the evidence of things not seen all a lot of high people a lot while reading chapter eleven verse one and we we make a something out there that week will be reached but practically speaking what is faith of Diwali raise I have yes okay trust in God believing that what God says he will do anything else yes believe without reservation anything else what estate in a lot of times it's if we test for granted with faith really is some people that they can adopt agile faith in that way is trusting in someone or something other thinking of a mental break is a certain conviction that we hold some will say I am of the Seventh-day Adventist faith and faith of the system of religion to which we assign ourselves to let members and we really don't have a practical understanding of what faith really is the nasty one more question before we begin our message who would you characterize as a person who had high the and why when you think of faith was the first person that comes to your mind and why why did this person have a lot of yes Daniel line how did he exhibit at the okay for the success Daniels a person with us I say that because time and time again whenever you experience something Gilbert GE steadfast any other people yes the line will locate no appreciative of the recommended twenty years and never made one eight any other people men and women of faith Abraham Abraham bought a statewide he just went even only to knows that have been anyone out Esther we finally have a lady wife Esther we only move in the last at the Astor I want to suggest you someone that I would consider as perhaps in human eyes one of the most faithful if not the most stable human that and walked on this earth we normally think about on Abraham and the father of three but I want to suggest to you that Enoch was humanly speaking in my opinion the following day the solidity exactly than anything like he was Chapter 11 is actually the definition of a faith-based and the first thing that we need to understand about the exact date is an experience that is an experience we talk about faith is the substance of things hoped for evidence of things not seen I want to believe that Paul most new and foresaw that we would be the loss of final vote what faith really is this text coming up with different definitions know you read lessons on faith depending upon the word of God is doing with the whereabouts of the matter what excellent Paul is doing here as he says look I know you're not really can be able to fully understand the definition of what faith really is so let me give you some examples and select plot begins to do with he talks about the experiences of faithful men and women at the movies experienced this report he points a spiritual lesson that you and I can learn and so does this with no one he says no one reached for a hundred and twenty years that would be raised by faith nor move with the and he prepared and what he's talking about the experience of no he also talked about the experience and by faith Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice than kissing and then he began to talk about Enoch looked immediately put me in your Bible Hebrews Chapter 11 verse five and remembering every other situation he describes the experience of a person and he uses that experience the point of spiritual lesson Enoch is not an exception he says by faith Enoch was translated that he did not see death and was not found because God had translated him for before his revelation he had this testimony that he leaves the newbies a prior hell the Bible does not quite a lot although there is not a lot of written stuff about enough there's a lot that is said in this verse you see what Paul is talking about here is talking about the experience of faith anomaly we stop with verse five plea continues on a verse six and he said but without faith it is impossible to please him was he that cometh to God must believe that he is an idiot the rewarder of them that diligently seek him this is also describing if I may suggest this is also describing the experience of meeting up busy and in Hebrews Chapter 11 he says that he not what please God is about right and anniversary season but without faith it is impossible to what the please God in other words Enoch pleased God because why because enough faith faith is what pleases God without faith it is impossible to please God therefore it is only a war in a state that pleases God Enoch possessed a certain amount of faith that leaves not so much that he that God will you not out of the serpent now he says this is what faith is that this is what they produce is without faith it is impossible to please God for he that cometh to him must believe that he has one and that he is also the rewarder of them that diligently seek all in all and I believe in talking about the experience of Enoch Enoch believed that God was and Enoch believed that God was the rewarder of them who diligently sought and this kind of thing was the fate deck translated enough on this earth to the heavenly Earth in which he will live forever and ever now everyone knows of the data block a scientist to know that he is with this godly will suffer persecution when Jesus was on his upper persecution because of his faith in God you that the lucky and and call in to supper now it is not is a representation of those fools who will never experience that because of their faithfulness to God Enoch humanly speaking perspective also this time the experience godliness to its highest level in the zoo and find failure in August Enoch is the representation of those will be translated without seeing that those who will be translated without seeing that represent a group of people who want it gone me if people never live on this through the grace of Jesus Christ is not up to this time is the person along with the light hit the book definitely experienced agile I want to suggest to you that Enoch up to this time is the closest person I can think of the closest person that is not like the godliness if this is the Angie's of experienced the same kind of persecution I want to suggest to you that Enoch was probably the second person to experience the most persecution under wine because the state whistles found that translate into heaven and what we haven't done that yet so enough is you are not the people made fun of his clothing people might want on because even in some weird place and he separated himself people and what motivated Enoch to continue to experience that will say is not new that will my family makes fun of me for the way I eat sleep dress behavior God will reward I know now I live in a situation as well identify tonight with a paralyzed left of my life I know that God is I know that although I have to sacrifice my education I have to sacrifice something in my life I know that he is the reward of them who diligently seek is not experienced the fate that motivated to not focus on the things of this are but the focus on God that was and that he is the reward of them who diligently seek him and before I forget fake biblical faith requires two things before the receptor them with his finances it equally requires first of all to know that God is to know that he is the reward of them who diligently seek him first of all you must believe that God is as secondly you must believe that he is the reward of them diligently seeking faith requires first of all ability and second of all biblical faith using my mom and I got here this morning visiting gurgle my mom left me very very much I know that sort of my death but there's one problem with my mom and that is the reason why Catholic mama is yellow my mom has the characters you love me I know she loves me unconditionally as a matter that is why California tell the story you know will choreograph an earthquake I remember one hour in elementary school I wake up and my mom was on top of me find with any permanently in the middle of night and I never even felt and I know my mom last night my mom 's character in closer look at me but I think because it is strong the person comes along like that you speak you can also beat my mom my mom does not get them out I know you know those bullies at school everyone went through those experiences with bullies bullies of our then how the rescue you from any seconds anything that you had to get the Goldman school of the problem with police is that they don't have a character and eleven one thing they might protect another great open again against God the reason why we can exercise faith in God because God has the ability he is and he is also the reward in other words he loves you enough to protect you and to know what is best for you this my friends is the most important aspect of faith because when you go flying circumstances that is when you it's easier for us to doubt that God either exists and is able or that he loves us but the Bible says that he that cometh to God must believe in order that the that he is that he exists that he is able at any of the rewarder of them who diligently seek him now with that said I want to suggest you that in order for us to finish the race in Northwest experience of doing this power of God in order for us to finish the race we must have biblical faith we must have difficulty and local faith is the faith of Jesus and not in Jesus alone will a lot about faith in Jesus Romans chapter three verse twenty two says even the righteousness of God which is by faith on Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe where there is no difference the latest as it seems that knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by the faith of Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ Galatians three twenty two says the Scripture included all of the Scripture included all understand that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that believe Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve says he is the patient of the same Friday that the commands of God and the fate of Jesus on Philippians three nine says any found not in him having mine own righteousness which is a lot for that which is through the fate of Jesus Christ as Olympic Bible talks about the just shall live by faith the Bible 's meaning of the just shall live by the faith of Jesus if you want to finish the race and if you want to run the race of Hebrews Chapter 11 he was touted while you can simply one that raised by faith you must learn that they damaged by the fate of Jesus there is a difference in other words the same exact faith that Jesus knew what he was on this is the same fate that you and I need to finish the race it is impossible it is impossible to finish the race without not state but without the faith of Jesus Christ what is faith what is fate let's look at them it would merely look at this passage three times already I can we look at this passage reprinted the beginning of these meetings and this is actually the topic that I want to share with you Genesis chapter three and a him and what did the definition with a brilliant now in the top one hundred ten at the static to the Bible talks about thought it will be creating to the second one says God created the heavens and your exhibit decided to me that is if my microphone is established to also continues on talking by the story of creation and of the Genesis chapter two is actively creating and Genesis chapter three we find something differently by man the first thing that man creates makes good movies but he makes address of a leave and puts it on suppers and that creation is an attempt to cover up our own unrighteousness now we're looking at has decided to the last verse Genesis have focused twenty five says and they were both naked the man and his wife and they were not ashamed then Genesis three begins now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made any sense of a woman yeah God said he shall not eat of every tree of the garden one senses that we made of the food of the trees of the garden what are the fruit which is one of the fruit of the fee which is in the midst of the garden God has said he shall not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest he die members for and the serpent said unto the woman ye shall not surely die now God when God created man and woman when God-fearing men and women made them in his image isn't that right in it and in his image as the Bible says that the tree was to produce food after its own kind of the animals would produce at what to produce animals after their own time Dustin Nauman he created man at my own car now add in any many of many although they have the freedom although they have the freedom to do whatever they want to do that freedom was a surrender to Jesus Christ how do we know this man lived exactly according to what God wanted man can exactly according to what God wanted him to do that right you name the animals and names that God will convene named them in a bit freezing in the Apple Apple and that is the same name that God would have given their atom has amended his mind to the full of Jesus Christ there was only one mind and existed in the garden of Eden and I was the mind of God man at the rendered the control of his mind to Jesus Christ but in Genesis chapter two there is a new mind that introduce a mind that is contrary to the mind of Christ until now man has a decision to make when I continue following surrendering my mind for quite a while will I surrender my mind to sink an enemy thirtysomething friends online this control by one of two powers God or Satan don't believe this solution is that I can control my own my note on the online as before by one of two powers and that is the power of God and the power of Satan to powers you choose which power walking for your mind when your mind will be controlled at them it is my conflict by God in Genesis chapter three of my aunt when you might is introduced and this is what the serpent says he shall not surely die for God to know that in the day that you eat thereof then your eyes shall be open and he shall be as gods knowing good and evil first of all the separate approaches the one now that you will not die but all it says that in a day this is an inverse life for God doth know that in the day that he ever been your eyes shall be open and location Eve your eyes are closed easier eyes are closed the first reason why he now was because she had a desire to be open-minded eat out of and he had a desire to be open-minded first let me tell you something don't believe any of this foolishness that people are feeding us today that we need to be open-minded Christians and open-minded if the Bible talks about what the reason why when this method because someone had the desire to be open-minded is not a desire to be open-minded the other thing that same astounding easier this recent conversation he says what God does know that in the data i.e. thereof your eyes shall be opened in other words sanest thing to eat Eve God if you partake of this food not only will your mind be open but the reason why your mind is closed now is simply because God deliberately has made itself in other words same here is making a direct judgment and accusation upon the character of God and that is that God unthought of love one with novel and withhold from his people something that is good at the same estate that unit is a method not only are you not only are you close minded but the reason why you close minded is because God has because God wants you to be you said your eyes will be open and you shall be as gods knowing good from evil the other the other the other accusation nothing is making here is he saying that he has the ability with Ann herself to be dark what does God do how could he be God the understanding of good and evil friends that is something that we buy into today don't you hear a lot of people say that for me this is bad for me this is good a suggests I mean the same suggest that you and Genesis chapter three that sheet of her own self understand what is good and what is evil that is something that only God can according to Genesis chapter she says you will be asked God what is God and he knows that from you I find funny stop at this point to say that God 's plan for men was never to know good and evil knowing good and evil does not make you more intelligent and does not make you more well-rounded God 's design for men if a woman was stunning no good only an air he is being tempted to believe that she is no good and evil and so Lacey saying that she is a mistake that you that he has the ability to be God now the natural result of that is found in verse six and when the woman saw that the tree was good to ask a question many ask a question in and of itself was it wrong for leave to each of them who yes or no was there something I need there was no point in the fruit there was no you know what you he wasn't eating poison on his face a pretty good one whether Longhorn heaved up I think about yes or no how many you say yes how many things not want to know why was the wrong for each of the particular because God told her not to that's correct you see a author this time was functioning her mind was informed by God and so he was functioning under Edmonds in reality she was able to see things through the eyes of heaven but at this point when he was deceived in which he bought into activist philosophy of Satan she saw that the group was good for food the key word there is there some keywords for the moment when they can a time when he believed it and after soon as he accepted Satan 's philosophy it was only natural that he would then see that the group was good for food the second thing is saw this he even did not sin rebellious please send because she was the seat is actually so I believe that the room was good for food and there was nothing man and that was good for food apples or whatever what better was it was good for food but the problem with this situation is that even is no longer functioning under heaven 's reality she is now functioning under the reality and the ugly reality does not know how to evaluate minor wrong because it evaluates based on site based on which you can see what you can hear we keep in touch with his physical and he is now functioning on the physical reality when he says there's nothing poisonous with this route one what would I want my help and because of that this food is good for food as a result once he thought it was good for food it is only natural that you would partake of that when you saw saw that the fruit was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes physical and that it was a tree to be desired physical and it was it was a naughty to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit thereof and it even gave also to her husband the bottom line is this evening at this point was functioning under Satan 's reality which is a reality that function on the physical level of reality that is contrary to the reality of all of this moment to say that heaven is reality is a reality of faith Evans reality is a reality of faith you see there was nothing physically long with the fruit of God is spoken against I said don't touch it don't delete it because they are deleted in addition as a result of that as a result of the fall of Adam and the UNI function now under a physical reality it is natural for your night to look at things from the physical realities perspective and is only through the eyes of faith that you and I come into the heavenly reality looking at things the way God sees Germany now in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter eleven I is an eleven explains people who understood heaven reality and therefore able to exercise the book will focus on today's Moses look with me eleven verse twenty four Hebrews Chapter 11 verse twenty four says by faith Moses when he was come for years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter why now my mom is here in California I left home when I was sixteen want to Academy on the room and I've never been back home to live only been back to visit and so I have to go to different places where I've needed mother I needed a new mother I can send you mother needed a mother substitute I know when I like to know when I will take you I wanted in Arkansas Washington County one of those attending the world I want the lust filled in the principle that Mrs. Clark she became my mother she would let me come throughout clearing breaks she she would feed me some food whenever I was doing that in my academics you would call me up and make sure that I stay on track she was a mother she was a mother to you I think the figure would be leveled for Mrs. Clark is not she was a mother Beryl but felt unable to Moses on enough barrels daughter saved Moses is life she brought Moses O'Keefe energy put clothes on his back if anyone were to deserve the name of being called Moses is modern it would be well I don't thought it if anyone deserved the title of modern Moses of mother talking about the site is real money it would be very old daughter she closed the defendant failed from the physical reality was even booed when it would be ruled for me to say Mrs. Clark no I refuse to be associated with you in that way if you wrote when Moses did not care about because he understood that and being called a federal daughter human being called the any new than being called down he was out he was assigning himself closer and theological system that was not biblical acceptable to God and because of that even though it will unacceptably unacceptable and societies I know this saw through the eyes of faith and he refused to be called the son of federal thought but it doesn't stop there it is a stop date he continues on it says Jeff eleven refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter was twenty five choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God and to enjoy this than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season now no one in their white men for how Nolan and environmental health would choose to suffer affliction if you get fifty million units just remember if we find choosing models is an electronic choice to suffer affliction oriented was not religion when you and I suffer affliction we don't real software because we choose to it is not it is not acceptable by society if you're not in a right state of mind if you choose this over for supper which when Moses had a choice and Charles to suffer affliction with the people of God now all the people of God Berry David of people were you know I said no one in which is usually what they do you would choose to suffer affliction with someone who would help you during that during that which is about as I like I'm running a decision went to suffer affliction I want to the Philippines and on a missionary trip and also in affliction because I was out of the sleeping in a comfortable bed knows a lot of cockroaches where we were staying on and how we have to walk everywhere so I chose to suffer affliction when I made sure that the personal suffering affliction with will be a friend who would encourage me when I was down would be a friendly help me out when I was having a difficult time you choose if you if you are crazy enough to stop her uplifting your Minnesota affliction with people well when my oldest photos Melissa chose to suffer affliction with the group of people who will make his affliction more difficult Moses tells the software affliction with a group of people instead of helping him when make his work harder well this software affliction with the people of God rather than enjoying the pleasures of sin or season verse twenty six if another mind-boggling kingdom Moses did is spinning the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt will visit its themes in other words Moses lays a higher value and friends I'm not talking about how much talking about Moses Moses living the faith life molded in a clinical front instead of the grace of God and suffering for them know what is actually this is an experience and molded genuinely went through each of will be higher value on the meet will be the right then upon the ridges and each agent of the many reaches riches yes Moses through the eyes of faith understood and in reality and he knew that an reproach of Christ will bring rewards are greater than phrases in Egypt why because Melissa understood that God was and that he was the rewarder of them delicately sought mold is understood that he saw things through the eyes of faith and therefore molded the speed and the presence of Jesus Christ higher than the pleasures and treasures that were in Egypt why did he do this Moses birthplace of this feeding the reproach of Christ greater riches than the fate of Egypt for respect unto the recompense of reward with this talk about Hebrews chapter by faith with such each of you for the riches he forsook the pharaohs daughter dreary not fearing the rapid licking not caring about will happen with his life for he endured as seeing him who is what invisible you frequently live realities the visible and the invisible reality the visible reality looks at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and see the group the invisible reality see if a tree which will test your character and your loyalty to Jesus Christ the invisible reality will see the way to the needs of the millions of dollars that I know we really received the highest visit for more reality will look at the photokina life being a uneducated person on my thing on nothing that education is is bad enough we all benefited but the truth is that the invisible reality seasonably postacute of Christ greater riches greater riches than the phrases that he how can we experience this through understanding and believing in the invisible reality if you put them at a restaurant that we do not happen because we don't see the invisible things when we look at people right now you see you look around you see people dressed in nice suits that's a nice preface you don't understand this part must understand that there is a battle going on in their mind and that at any moment that will make a choice for against Jesus Christ we all see that it's invisible by faith Moses understood this and was able to put up with the people of God because he knew that their salvation was at the life they've known most of those rigid because he knew that you want me to riches in heaven by state Enoch is able to endure tribulation was able to undo or ridicule available and to work with Jesus Christ into our recovery saw the invisible heaven was in his mind he lived and walked as if you already live no one in heaven and because of that because he lived in an invisible reality Jesus Christ by state will assist in the same thing Melissa did not care about society Melissa not on how you look in front of other people Moses did not care about what other people thought about it he heard about what Jesus Christ thought about and because of that because of that invisible fate because he saw him let him who is and was invisible well this was a little Bible says to into in the way that we ought to run the weight of the October is a waste that we choir into her that many different congresses on the meter require speed marathon however requires endurance let's look not Hebrew seven twelve wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses that is laying aside every weight and the sin which does so easily beset us and let us run with patients the race that is set before us that were patients means and works here the patient was the endurance of the saints in the same patient in a statement Venables is that when he ran the race in the same patients nothing adorns that is not as he waited for his reward from heaven it is the same patients the same endurance that Joseph had unto death that even if the line on his deathbed he said no the Lord will surely that is coming up my bones I am not a resident I'm not a citizen of each is an endurance that carried able to the point of debt and it is in endurance of patients that Jesus Christ that across boyfriends the only way the only way you and I can into the invisible reality is found here in Hebrews chapter twelve minutes long with patients the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith first of all we must run the race the way through the race of the you will require patience and endurance that into a common theme but by looking onto Jesus the author and finisher what you see it was just a minute is not an inverse work because that is happening here Paul is beginning to share examples anything that I don't have enough time when you start writing a letter or something you thought my apartment and you get tired are you please review gets higher as let the enemy instead of backwards you're typing out word for word what you said that hinges on the young bullets you know and if similar to what is happening here with all the same I don't have enough time to tell you about Gideon are enough to tell you but on the other minimum enough that I just will have enough time many you love Jesus who is the author and finisher of our IDC these men and women the reason why friends ask yourself the question why in the world all bearing Eagles forty versus talking about able people have Enoch had Joseph Abraham Behar and then the most logical thing for me to do it on the phone systematically sharing with you something the most logical thing to do in verse twelve would have been a Catholic and therefore think that we are compassed about with the greater cloud of witnesses let us lay aside that though the sin about the event that so easily beset us and if one patient to make it there before lifting off in a cloud of witnesses please have no looking at Jesus why Jesus and not the witnesses because the witnesses witnesses have the faith of Jesus didn't have their own fate which was by the law they were found in the face in the righteousness which is by faith by the faith of Jesus Christ as the tallest find a fellow skiers listen if you want to on the way you ran with patient met the divas that Halley not it if you want if you want among the race might be able to look at Jesus and how he did if you want to run the race like Moses did the home of the molded luggage either that listed nothing of the Jesus why he is the author and finisher of our you see you are not the author and finisher of your faith because if you are united to make what Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith and that is why we don't need a big meet in the faith of Jesus Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him into patience into Willard across despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God on finishing up now verse three for consider him that into words such contradiction of sinners again into second that endured such contradictions against sinners against himself lest ye be wearied and faint in what in your minds you see the race the race is a race that is grand in our minds when you're running a marathon and I hate about but my fiancée Judy he's urging the runner she's a witch she loves to run at a significantly doing it she loves to run marathons I hate at one time putting together a run a mile thousand six great little disputed what he and we went exercising a starter money on the treadmill and I look at it to you not tell him it's not that we would mile I feisty that they know hi hello him because I was thinking I develop quarter-mile there is already at pulling this one more I was concentrating on that focusing on my I was looking for that lots of that time and I did estimate I get it than if you can do tomorrow among my will that's going to start focusing on the pain on my legs I thought of focusing in on my side and I stopped at the stop Judy Judy finished a mile when outside I lay down on the ground I was about the similar into the hands I commend my spirit and I want to let the story should constitute about that we got in an argument no single run or no experience minor money the marathon will focus on the pain in his legs because he will be every an faint null marathon runner will focus on the pain in his side because he will vote they are thrive if you want to undo what you want to finish the race you must


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