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2. Proverbs: From Ears to Feet

The Ambassador Group


  • January 1, 2015
    4:45 PM

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I will write you why in connection to the book of Proverbs I got to be defined Matthew by the amassing exploration three a matter of life and hundred half of you see all your ways be established do not turn to the right or to the left remove your foot from evil Proverbs four verse twenty six and twenty seven you King James version science has demonstrated that hearing impacts how we want and that even our balance is influenced by how will we hear so instruction or education that is what we hear is crucial to helping them Proverbs four verse seven reveals that wisdom is the principal thing yet no matter how good the instruction is the student must pay attention not without some irony in ancient Egyptian teacher noted that the era of the boy is on his back he listens when he is beaten in Egyptian art the student was often represented with two years on his back it's not enough just to know about right and wrong we need to know how to choose right and wrong training in wisdom consists in hearing proper instruction and in following and obeying what we have learned so that we don't end up walking in the wrong direction horror her share initiative counters for as you listen think of how we will answer these two questions one practical truth to you discover and how can you apply this street your own life as you seek to live in faithfulness to God products for here he children the instruction of a father and attention no understanding try give you good doctrine forsaking out my law was my father son conjuring only beloved in the sight of my mother he taught me also and said unto me heart retain my words keep my commandments and then get wisdom get understanding forget not neither decline from the words of my mouth forsake or not and she should preserve the love her and she shall keep the wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding exalt her and she shall promote the she shall bring each honor when now just embrace her she so gives the line had an ornament of grace a crown of glory shall she deliver to the here are my son and receive my sayings and the years of iLife shall be many I have taught in the way of wisdom I have let me in when thou goest so not be straightened and Lenovo nest now some of them take fast hold of instruction letter not go keep her for she is my life enter not into the path of the wicked and go not in the way of evil men avoid it has nonbiased turn from it and passed away for the sleep not accept they haven't done Mister Anderson is taken away unless they cause them to fall for the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence but the path of the chess is as the shining light and shine with more and more unto the perfect day the way of the wicked is as darkness they know not what they stumble my son attend to my words incline thine ear unto my sayings let them not depart from thine eyes keep them in the midst of buying heart for they are life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life put away for he will now reverse let's put far from the lines look right on and let thine eyelids look straight before the hundred half of my feet and that all my ways be established turn not to the right hand nor to the left remove my foot from evil the act of hearing marks the first step in education in Hebrew thought the seat of wisdom or of intelligence is located not in the brain but in the ears this implies that even before we seek to conceptualize or solve a problem we first need to hear it this means we need to listen when Solomon asked for wisdom he specifically asks for a hearing heart that's the literal translation of first Kings three verse nine the first act of wisdom that is to listen which suggests that wisdom comes from an external source in this case the parents we cannot discover wisdom by ourselves the self-made individual is an impossible concept in the domain of biblical wisdom wisdom is first of all something that we receive not something we shape with our own skills or that we on earth through our own brilliance and reasoning capacity and paying attention in the Hebrew to put one's heart implies involvement of the heart the search for wisdom then is not merely a cold objective enterprise the heart which is the core of the individual and in Hebrew thought the seat of emotions participates in the search for wisdom let's compare Matthew thirteen verse forty four and Jeremiah twenty nine verse thirteen what a link can you find between these verses and the search for wisdom as it is expressed in Proverbs four Matthew thirteen versus forty four tells us the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in the field the which when a man hath found key high-tech and rejoin outgoing and selling all that he hath and by that field and Jeremiah twenty nine thirteen cents and ye shall seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart emotions play a crucial role in our basic existence as humans and that cannot and should not be ignored in our relationship with God now for a few moments of interest action how you learn the proper place and value of emotions in regard to your spiritual life how have your emotions future right and wrong and what have you learned from these experiences will her her her just family once each financial lot in the way of weeks we still need great caution because it will meet obstacles along that way for example first Peter five verse eight instructs us to be sober be vigilant because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walking about seeking whom he may devour one of the greatest dangers we face in deals with our families and most precious sensitive and intimate domain of life let's listen to Proverbs five what dangers must be guarded against my son attend unto my wisdom and ballot I hear to my understanding that down greatest regard discretion and the platelets may keep knowledge for the list of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb and her mouth is smoother than oil but her and is bitter as wormwood sharp as a two-edged sword at her steps take hold on how Mister Gao shouldest ponder the path of life her ways are movable and thou canst not know them hear me now therefore only children and depart not from the words of my mouth remove the highway far from her income not deny the door of her house the svelte design honor and to others and I used to the cruel less to strangers he filled with my wealth and my labors in the house of the stranger and now mourn at last when my flesh and my body are consumed and say how have I hated instruction in my heart despised reproved and have not obeyed the voice of my teachers nor inclined mine ears to them that instructed me I was almost in all evil in the midst of the congregation and assembly drink waters out of thine own cistern and running waters out of thine own well that my fountains be dispersed abroad and rivers of water in the street mend them the only guy known and not strangers with the net I found to be blessed and rejoice with the wife of my youth B of the loving kind and pleasant roe letterpress satisfied yet all times and be thou ravished always with her love and why wilt thou my son be ravished with a strange woman and embrace the bosom of the stranger for the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord and keep hundred all his goings his own iniquities shall take the wicked himself and he so beholden with the cords of his sin he shall die without instruction and in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray the first danger begins with ourselves it lies in our own words we should watch our times to make sure that what we say does not convey an inappropriate or a mixed message out again harmony with our knowledge and should reflect our spiritual views danger comes from the other women or the other man although the text refers to the danger coming from a strange woman the language should be understood in a generic sense temptation could come from either a man or a woman who interferes in the family either could seduce a spouse into violating the marriage fell and who hasn't seen or experienced just how destructive basin in according to the text the best way to resist these temptations which often start with alluring words is to listen to the words of wisdom by heating and obeying and inspired instruction we are more likely to stay focused on the essentials and so be protected from adultery or whatever other temptations come our way of course not only should we keep ourselves from adultery we should also avoid going to the place where the temptress stays out of survivors ten we certainly should not approach her door Proverbs five first eight finally perhaps the best protection of all against the temptation to love another woman or man is there found in Proverbs five verse eighteen mu King James version just loved your own styles the wife or husband of your youth the author of Ecclesiastes resonated with his counsel when he wrote in Ecclesiastes nine verse nine this translation comes from the new international version enjoy life with your wife whom you love all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun be thankful for what you have and you won't be looking elsewhere here's a promised first Corinthians ten thirteen and hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man that God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that ye may be able to the what promise before you want definitive and practical steps might you need to take right now in order to protect yourself from the passions that might be bringing you for continuing to send someone once said Lord protect me from my friends I can take care of my enemies the book of Proverbs is concerned with the vulnerability of friendship it councils us on how to keep our friends and also if necessary how to protect ourselves from them the Hebrew word for friend also means neighbor the one who is close to us the one who is already a friend or who may become one biblical wisdom values human relationships and appeals for thoughtfulness and respect in these relationships what problem to solve and refer to them Proverbs six versus one to five and what is the solution what crucial spiritual principle do we find here as well Proverbs six versus one two five one my son if thou be surety for thy friend if thou hast stricken by hand with a stranger now ensnared with the words of my mouth that were taken with the words of my mouth do this now my son and deliver thyself when thou art come into the hand of my friend go humble myself and make sure they friend give not sleep tonight eyes nor slumber tonight islands delimit myself as a row from the hand of the hunter and as a bird from the hand of the Fowler while the Torah urges people to help the poor and to lend them without charging interest taxes twenty two verse twenty five wisdom warns us against inconsiderate financial backing for a friend who is in debt the duty of charity does not exclude the duty of justice Exodus twenty three two and three say thou shall not follow a multitude to do evil neither shalt thou speak any cause to decline after many to rest judgment neither shalt thou countenance or show partiality toward a poor man in his cause that we need to be generous when we can we would be wise to make sure that our charity will not turn into a fiasco as Proverbs twenty two verse twenty seven advises hands the wine 's counsel given to us in the proverb the first caution applies to our words how crucial that we evaluate the situation and make sure that we can afford to help a friend is so only then speak and promise indeed the warmth of our relationship or a moment of emotion may precipitate our commitment and we may regret it afterward no matter how well-intentioned you might have been it's crucial to think before you act and commit to something that you can't fulfill the point is that if we get into a bind we need to do what we can to fix it including humbling ourselves admitting a mistake and asking for Grace it can be challenging especially because we are often told that means helping financially the poor are less fortunate than we are particularly when people refer to Galatians six first two which says very he one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ actually the amplified Bible seems to indicate a spiritual need for help not financial when it says bear in your carry one another's burdens and troublesome moral faults and in this way fulfill and observe perfectly the law of Christ the Messiah and complete what is lacking in your obedience to it nevertheless how do we learn to balance our desire to build another's burdens with the words given to us in this proverb found in powdered six to move a in a check yourself after having warned us against the particular evils that scratch in three domains of life our family our social contacts and our work Proverbs gives as a portrayal of the wicked it is a satire full of irony and sharp psychological observation the two poems are found in Proverbs six verses twelve to fifteen and verses sixteen to nineteen in the first poem you will hear the word for word from word is an adjective and means willfully contrary not easily managed the first Proverbs six versus twelve through fifteen says in a naughty person a wicked man walking with a froward mouth he went it with his eyes he speaketh with his feet he teaches with his fingers from her nest is in his heart he devises mischief continually he so with discord therefore sell his calamity comes suddenly suddenly shall he be broken without remedy and the second column Proverbs six verses sixteen to nineteen eighty six hello I hate you a seminar and abomination unto him and how'd look in line time and hands that shed innocent blood and heart that devises wicked imaginations feet that be swift in running to mischief a false witness that speaketh lies and he that sows discord among brethren they are parallel and with the same poetic rhythm of seven cover corresponding motifs the persons inside is described as a link to what is thought in the heart at the same time it all becomes manifested in what is done on the outside listen for one important points made in these texts progress is six verses fourteen and eighteen says that witness is in his heart he devises mischief continually he so with discord and heart that devises wicked imaginations feet that be swift in running to mischief Matthew fifteen verse nineteen provides a second clue that will help you decide what that source point ends for out of the heart proceed evil thoughts murders adulteries fornication 's thefts false witness blasphemy Ellen G White on page three hundred and thirty four of her book entitled the agonist home wrote if you indulge in vain imaginations permitting your mind to dwell upon in your subjects you are in a degree as guilty before God as if your thoughts were carried into action listen for the warnings that are given in proverbs six verses twelve to nineteen eighty nine person a wicked man walk it with a froward mouth he went it with his eyes he speak it with his feet he teaches with his fingers from her nest is in his heart he I missed to continually he sows discord therefore so his calamity comes suddenly suddenly shoved me broken without remedy these six things doth the Lord hate gay seven are an abomination unto him a crowd look allowing time and hands that shed innocent blood and heart that devises wicked imaginations feet that be swift in running to mischief a false witness that speaketh lies and he that sows discord among brethren what warnings are given sudden calamity and unfixable brokenness will happen to the height with a person who walks with a forward now and who devises mischief continually and he sows discord wherever he goes the imagery is ironic the walking we could follows the lazy father into attitudes seem to be different and yet they carry the same lesson that both stay within themselves neither one is interested in the instruction coming from outside of themselves they both follow their own wisdom and inclinations the sluggers are sleeping and neither their years not feet function the wicked have only their feet and their mouths working not there in years the result is the same they will both go to destruction meanwhile evil has two effects if one is not only persons sinned against but sinners as well the liners will finally believe their own it is also noteworthy that the ultimate result in wickedness in discord and conflict which can affect society as well indeed the effects of sin rarely if ever remain confined to sinners others are impacted and usually only for the worse how have other people send affected you I will continue learn from this about how carefully you need to be serving your actions don't hurt others were rural to learn a her education now to our resources study time when we listen to machines and Alan G White our first reading is a chapter entitled moral standards pages three twenty six two three thirty nine in her book the ambulance home Satan seeks to prevent the marriage institution it was a studied effort in the antediluvian age to cover the marriage institution to weaken its obligations and love its sacredness for a no sure way could he face the image of God a man and open the door to misery and vice Satan will knows the material with which he has to deal in the human heart he knows what he has studied with fiendish intensity for thousands of years the points most easily assailed in every character and through successive generations he has wrought to overthrow the strongest men princesses and Israel by the same temptations that were so successful in bail PR all along the ages there are strewn wrecks of character and in stranded upon the rocks of sensual indulgence the client then brought the judgments of God upon Israel was out of licentiousness the forwardness of women to entrap souls did not and then they'll PR notwithstanding the punishment that followed the sinners in Israel the same crime was repeated many him those seeking to make Israel's overthrow complete the licentious practice of the Hebrews accomplished for them that which all the warfare and nations and the enchantments and they could not do they became separated from their God they are covering and protection were removed from them God turned to be their enemy so many of the princesses and people were guilty of licentiousness they became a national sin for God was rocked with the whole congregation in history to be repeated near the close of this Earth 's history insatiable work with all his powers in the same manner and with the same temptations wherewith he tented ancient Israel just before their entering the land of promise he will lay snares for those who claim to keep the commandments of God into our almost on the borders of the heavenly Canaan he will use his powers to their utmost in order to entrap souls and to take God 's professed people upon their weakest points those who have not brought the lower passions into subjection to the higher powers of there being those who have allowed their minds to flow in a channel of carnal indulgence of the baser passions Satan is determined to destroy with his temptations to pulling their souls with licentiousness is not aiming especially at the lower and less important marks but he makes use of his nearest through those whom he can and listened as his agents to a lower or attract men to take liberties which are condemned in the law of God and men in responsible positions teaching the claims of God 's law whose mouths are filled with arguments in vindication of his law against which Satan has made such a raid over such he sets his hellish powers and his agencies at work and overthrows them upon the weak points in their character him he sends on one point is guilty of all the obtaining complete mastery over the entire man mind soul body and conscience are involved in the ruling if you via messenger righteousness and has had great light but the Lord has used him as his special worker in the cause of truth then how great is the triumph of Satan how he exults how God is dishonored prevalence of immorality today a terrible picture of the condition of the world has been presented before me immorality abounds everywhere licentiousness is a special sense of this age never did vice lift its deformed head with such boldness as now the people seem to be benumbed and the lovers of virtue and truth goodness I'm nearly discouraged by its boldness strength and prevalence the iniquity which abounds is not merely confined to the unbeliever and the scoffer within this were the case but it is not many men and women who profess the religion of Christ are guilty even some who profess to be looking for his appearing are no more prepared for that event and Satan himself they are not cleansing themselves from all pollution they have so long serve their last edited natural for their thoughts to be impure and their imaginations corrupt it is as impossible to cause their minds to dwell upon pure and holy things as it would be to turn the course of Niagara and send its waters pouring up the falls every Christian will have to learn to restrain his passions and be controlled by principal unless he does this he is unworthy of the Christian name love sick sentimentalism prevails Mary men receive attention from married or women also appeared to be charmed and his reason and spiritual discernment and good common sense they do the very things that the word of God condemns the very things that the testimonies of the Spirit of God them warnings and recruits are before them in clear lines if they go over the same path that others have traveled before them is like an infatuation game at which they are playing Satan leads them onto railing themselves to imperil the cause of God to crucify the son of God afresh and put into an open shame ignorance pleasure loving and sinful habits corrupting soul body and spirit make a world full of moral leprosy a deadly moral malaria is destroying thousands and tens of thousands what shall be done to save our youth we can do little but God lives and reigns and he can do much God 's people to stand in contrast to the world the liturgy is taken in this age of corruption should be no criterion for Christ followers these fashionable exhibitions of familiarity should not exist among Christians fitting for immortality if the seriousness pollution adultery crime and murder are the order of the day among those who know not the truth and who refuse to be controlled by the principles of God 's word how important that the class processing to be followers of Christ closely allied to God and angels to show them a better and nobler way how important that by their chastity and virtue they stand in marked contrast to that class who are controlled by brute passions increasing perils and dangers in this degenerate age many will be found who are so I see that they choose a licentious life because it suits the natural and perverse inclination of the heart instead of facing the near of the law of God and bringing their hearts and characters out to God standard they allow Satan 's agents to erect his standard in their hearts corrupted men think it easier to misinterpret the Scriptures to sustain them in their iniquity and to heal that their corruption and sin and be pure in heart and life there are more men understand that many have imagined and they will multiply as we draw near the end of time when Satan 's bewitching power controls a person God is forgotten and man who is filled with corrupt purposes is extolled secret licentiousness is practiced by these defeat souls as a virtue this is a species of witchcraft there is always a bewitching power in heresies and in licentiousness the mind is so diluted that it cannot reason intelligently and an innovation is continually reading it from purity the spiritual eyesight becomes blurred and persons of hitherto untainted morals become confused under the delicious sophistry of those agents of Satan who profess to be messengers of light is the key lesion which gives these agents power should they come out boldly and make their advances openly they would be repulsed without a moments hesitation but they work first to gain sympathy and secure confidence in themselves as wholly self-sacrificing men of God as his special messengers they then begin their artful work of drawing away souls from the path of rectitude by attempting to make void the law of God the mind of a man or woman does not come down any moment from purity and holiness to depravity corruption and crime him from the human to the divine or to degrade those formed in the image of God to the griddle or to the Satanic by beholding we become changed though formed in the image of his meager man can so educate his mind that sin which he wants load will become pleasant to him as he ceases to watch and pray he ceases to guard the city down the heart and engages in sin and crime the mind is debased and it is impossible to elevated from corruption while it is being educated to enslave the moral and intellectual powers and bring them in subjection to grosser passions constant war against the carnal mind must be maintained and we must be aided by the refining influence of the grace of God which will attract the mind upward and habituated to meditate upon pure and holy things there is no safety for any man young or old unless he feels the necessity of seeking God for counsel at every step those only who maintain close communion with God will learn to place his estimate upon men to reverence the pure and good humble and the meek the heart must be garrisoned as was that of Joseph then temptations to depart from integrity will be met with decision how then can they do this great wickedness and sin against God the strongest temptation is no excuse for sin no matter how severe the pressure brought to bear upon you then is your own act the seat of the difficulty is the only need hard in fear of the dangers of this time shall not we as God 's commandment keeping people put away from among us all send all iniquity all perverseness shall not the women professing the truth keeps strict guard over themselves left the least encouragement be given to him inherently they may close many of the nation if they will observe at all times strict reserve and propriety of department I rightly distressed heart of the women in this age both married and unmarried to frequently do not maintain the reserve than is necessary they act like a pet they encourage the attentions of single and married men and those who are weak and moral power will be ensnared these things if allowed that in the moral senses and blind the mind so that crime does not appear sinful thoughts are awake and that would not have been if women had kept her place in all modesty and sobriety she may have had no unlawful purpose or motive herself that she has given encouragement to men who are tempted and to need all the help they can get from those associated with them by being circumspect reserved taking no liberties receiving no unwarrantable attentions of preserving a high moral tone and becoming dignity much evil might be avoided I have long been designing to speak to my sisters and tell them that for what the Lord has been pleased to show me from time to time there is a great false among them they are not careful to abstain from all appearance of evil they are not all circumspect in their department as becoming women professing godliness their words are not a select and well-chosen as those of women who have received the grace of God should be they are too familiar with their brethren they linger around them inclined toward them and seem to choose their society they are highly gratified with their attention from the light which the Lord has given me are sisters should pursue a very different course they should be more reserved manifest less boldness and encourage in themselves shamefacedly and sobriety him choose indolent into much jovial talk when each other 's society women professing godliness indulging much jesting joking and laughing this is unbecoming and grieve the Spirit of God these exhibitions revealing lack of true Christian refinement they do not strengthen the soul in God but bring great darkness they drive away the pure refined heavenly angels and bring those who engage in these runs down to a low level women are too often temperatures on one pretense or another they engage the attention of men married or unmarried and lead them on till they transgress the law of God till their usefulness is ruined and their souls are in jeopardy if women would only elevate their lives and become workers with Christ there would be less danger through their influence but with their present feelings of unconcern in regard to home responsibilities and in regard to the claims that God has upon them their influence is often strong in the wrong direction their powers are dwarfed and their work does not bear the divine impress there are so many for witnesses and bold forward women who have a faculty of insinuating themselves into notice putting themselves in the company of young men courting the attentions inviting quotations from married or unmarried men and unless your face is that Christ word firm is steel you will be drawn into Satan 's nest as Christ's ambassador I entreat you who prevents pleasantry to promptly resent any approached in purity and for sink the society of those who breathe impure suggestion below these e-filing fins with the most intense hatred for leave from those who would even in conversation let the mind run in such a channel for the abundance of the heart the mouth speaking he said not for one moment giving placed in pure covert suggestion for even this will same song as impure water defiles the channel through which it passes a woman who will allow an unchaste word or hint to the audit in her presence is not as God would have her one that will permit any undue familiarity or enter a suggestion does not preserve her godlike women had our sister should encourage true meekness they should not be forward talkative and bold but modest and unassuming slow to speak they may cherries courteous to be kind tender pitiful forgiving and humble would be becoming and well pleasing to God if they occupy this position they will not be burdened with undue attention from gentlemen in the church or out all would feel that there is a sacred circle of purity around these God-fearing women which shields them from any unwarrantable liberties with some women professing godliness there is a careless course freedom of manner which leads to wrong and evil but those godly women whose minds and hearts are occupied in meditating upon themes which strength and purity of life and which elevate the soul to commune with God will not be easily led astray from the path of rectitude and virtue such will be fortified against the sophistry of Satan they will be prepared to withstand his seductive arts I appeal to US followers of Christ making an exalted profession to cherish the precious priceless gem of modesty this will guard virtue you should control your thoughts this will not be an easy task you cannot accomplish it without clothes and even severe effort it got requires us of you it is a duty resting upon every a accountable being you are responsible to God for your thoughts you don't mean imagination permitting your mind to dwell upon him pure subjects you are in a degree as guilty before God as if your thoughts were carried into action all that prevents the action is a lack of opportunity day and night dreaming and also building are bad and exceedingly dangerous habits when once established it is next to impossible to break up such habits and direct the thoughts to pure holy hell of beating themes I campaigned when I see men praise flattered and headed God has revealed to me the fact that some who receive these attentions are unworthy to take his name upon their lips if they are exalted to heaven in the estimation of finite beings who read only from outward appearance my sisters never patch and flatter poor fallible caring men either young or old married or unmarried you know not their weaknesses and you know not but that these varying tensions and this profuse praise they prove they really I am alarmed at the shortsightedness the want of wisdom that many manifests in this respect men who are doing gods work and you have Christ inviting in their hearts will not lower the standard of morality but will ever seek to elevate it they will not find pleasure in the flattery of women aren't being petted by them let men both single and married say hands off I will never give the least occasion that my good to be evil spoken of my good name is capital of far more value to meeting gold or silver then he presented untarnished if men assail that name shall not be because I have given them occasion to do so but for the same reason that they spoke evil of Christ because they hated the purity and holiness of his character for it was a constant rebuke to them the slightest insinuations what resources we are inviting you to indulge in sin or to allow the least unwarrantable liberty with your persons should be resent as the worst insults to your dignified woman had a kiss upon your cheek and in proper time and place should lead you to read how the emissary of Satan and we discussed if it is from one in high places who is dealing in sacred things the session is up tenfold greater magnitude and should lead a God-fearing woman or you to recoil with horror not only from the sin he would have you commit but from the hypocrisy and villainy of one whom the people respect and honor as God 's servant if a minister of the gospel does not control his baser passions if he fails to follow the example of the apostle and so dishonors his profession and faith as to even name the indulgence of sin our sisters to profess godliness should not for the instant flatter themselves that sin or crime releases and sinfulness in the least because their minister dares to engage in it the fact that men who are in responsible places to show themselves to be familiar with sin should not lessen the guilt and enormity of the same in the minds of any sin should appear just as sinful just as abhorrent as it had been heretofore regarded in the minds of the peeler and elevated should of horror and shun the one who indulges in sin as it would flee from a second boosting was deadly if the sisters were elevated and possessed purity of heart any crop advances even from their minister would be repulsed with such positiveness as it never need a repetition how careful should a husband and father be to maintain his loyalty to his marriage vows how circumspection be his character left he showing crucified in young girls or even married women him with the high holy standard the Commandments of God those commandments Christ shows to be exceedingly broad reaching even the thoughts and intents and purposes of the heart here is where many are delinquent their heart imaginings are not of the pure holy character which God requires and however Heiner calling however talented they may be gone will mark iniquity against them and will count them as far more guilty and deserving of his wrath than those who have less talent less light less influence to married men I am instructed to say it is to your wives and mothers of your children that you respect and affection I do your intentions are to be given to them and your thoughts are to dwell upon plans for their happiness I have been shown to families with a husband and father has not preserved that reserved and dignified Godlike manhood which is befitting a follower of Christ yet failed to perform the kind of tender courteous details quite yet honestly for my angel to love and honor loving the snowman is certainly a later in life popular sentiment is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word is leaving the sermon audio interviews and more place I like to know will enhance your life is not as WW showing Satan Hotmail years I respect your hired help you to kindly considering the go no further let your departments besides that there will be no advances to familiarity from them all how many lines are made bitter by the breaking down of the walls which enclosed the primacy of every family in which account deleted to preserve its purity and sanctity a third person is taken him the life her private family matters are laid open before the special friend this is a device of Satan to strange the hearts of the husband-and-wife owned that this would cease what a world of trouble would be saved locked within your own hearts the knowledge of each other 's faults tell your troubles alone to God he can give you right counsel and sure consolation which will be pure having no bitterness and it when a woman relates her family troubles or complains of her husband to another man she violates her marriage vows she does honors her husband and breaks down the wall erected to preserve the sanctity of the marriage relation she throws wide open the door and invite Satan to enter with this insidious temptations this is just as Satan would have it if a woman comes to a Christian brother with a tale of her woes her disappointments and trials he should ever advise her if she must confide her travels to someone to select sisters for her confidants and then there will be no appearance of evil whereby the cause of God may suffer reproach I speak to our people if you draw close to Jesus and seek to adorn your profession by a well ordered life and gone the conversation if he will be kept from straying into forbidden paths if you will only watch continually watch and took prior if you will do everything as if you were in the immediate presence of God you will be saved from yielding to temptation and may hope to be kept pure spotless and undefiled to the laugh if you hold the beginning of your confidence firm unto the end it ways that be established in God and when Grace has begun glory will crown and the kingdom of our God the fruits of the spirit I love joy peace long-suffering see meekness temperance against such there is no long if Christ be within us we shall crucify the flesh with their affections and less our second reading is a chapter entitled in contact with others pages four eighty nine two four ninety one in the ministry of healing if we had a sense of the long-suffering of God toward us we shall not be found judging or accusing others when Christ was living on the earth how surprised his associates would have been if after becoming acquainted with him they had heard him speak one word of accusation of faultfinding Oregon patients let us never forget that those who love him I can represent him in character be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love in honor preferring one another not rendering evil for evil or railing for railing but contrariwise blessing knowing that ye are thereunto called that he should inherit a blessing Romans twelve verse ten the Lord Jesus demands are acknowledgments of the right of every man men's social rights and their rights as Christians are to be taken into consideration all are to be treated with refinement and delicacy of the sons and daughters of God Christianity will make a man a gentleman Christ was courteous even to his persecutors and history of followers will manifest the same spirit look at Paul when brought before rulers his speech before Agrippa is an illustration of true courtesy as well as persuasive eloquence the gospel does not encourage the formal politeness current with the world but the courtesy that springs from regional kindness of heart the most careful cultivation of the eighteen life is not sufficient to shut out all fruitfulness harsh judgment and unbecoming speech truly fine and will never be revealed so long himself is considered as the supreme object love must dwell in the heart a thoroughgoing Christian draws his motives of action from its deep heart love for his master up to the roots of his affection for Christ springs and unselfish interest in his brother and love imparts to its possessor grace propriety and comeliness of department it eliminates the countenance and subdues the voice it refines and elevates the whole being life is chiefly made up not of great sacrifices and wonderful achievements but of little things it is often this do the little things which seem so unworthy of notice a great good or evil is brought into our lives it is your failure to endure the tests that come to us in little things but the habits are molded the character misshaped and when the greater tests come they find us unready only by acting upon principle in the tests of daily life can we acquire power to stand firm and faithful in the most dangerous and most difficult conditions we are never alone when he reaches him or not we have a companion remember that where ever you are whatever you do God is there nothing that is said or done or thought can escape his attention to your every word or deed you have a witness the holy city hating God before you speak or act always think of this as a Christian you are a member of a royal family a child of the heavenly key say no word do no act that shall bring dishonor upon that worthy name by the which ye are called James to study carefully the divine human character and constantly inquired what would Jesus do were he in my place this should be the measurement of our duty do not place yourself needlessly in the society of those who by their arts which weakens your purpose to do right or bring a stain upon your conscience do nothing among strangers in the street on the cars in the home that would have the least appearance of evil do something everyday to improve and beautify and ennoble the life that Christ has purchased with his own blood always act from principle never from impulse temper the natural infant atrocity of your nature with meekness and gentleness indulge in no lightness or trifling but no low witnesses and escape your lips either Fox or not to be allowed to run riot they must be restrained brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ let them be placed upon holy things then through the grace of Christ they will be pure and true we need a constant sense of the ennobling power of pure thoughts the only security for any soul is right-thinking as a man thinks in his heart so is he Proverbs twenty three for seven the power of self-restraint strength in-flight exercise that was at first seems difficult by constant repetition grows easy until right thoughts and actions become habitual if we went out we may turn away from all that is cheap and inferior and rise to a high standard we may be respected by men and beloved of God our third reading is a chapter entitled other object lessons pages one seventeen to one twenty in her book education now the beasts and they shall the fowls of the air they shall tell me and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto the go to the and consider her ways behold the birds consider the ravens Job twelve verses seven and eight Proverbs six verse six Matthew six verse twenty six Mbit twelve twenty four we are not merely to tell the child about these creatures of God the animals themselves are to be his teachers the ants teach lessons of patient industry of perseverance instruments and obstacles of Providence for the future and the birds are teachers of the sweet lesson of trust our heavenly father provides for them but they must gather the food they must build their nests and rear their young every moment they are exposed to enemies that seek to destroy them it had surely they go about their work how full of joy either little songs how beautiful the psalmists description of God 's care for the creatures of the woods the high hills are a refuge for the wild goats and the rocks for the colonies Psalms one oh four verse eighteen he sends the spring to run among the hills where the birds have their habitation and sing among the branches Psalm one oh four verse twelve all the creatures of the woods and hills I part of his great household he opened his hand and satisfies the desire of every living thing Psalm one forty five per sixteen the Eagle of the Alps is sometimes beaten down by the Tempest into the narrow defiles of the mountains storm clouds shut in this mighty bird of the forest their dark masses separating her from the sunny heights where she has made her home her efforts to escape seemed fruitless she dashes to and fro beating the air with him we goes with her crying at length with a note of triumph she darts upward and piercing the clouds is once more in the sunlight with the darkness and tempest far beneath so we may be surrounded with difficulties discouragement and darkness both said calamity in justice settings in there now that we cannot dispel we battle with circumstances in vain there is one and but one way of escape the mists and fogs clean to the earth beyond the clouds God light is shining into the sunlight of his presence we may rise on the wings of faith many are the lessons that may thus be learned self-reliance from the tree that growing alone on plane or mountainside strikes down its roots deep into the earth and its rugged strength defines the Tempest the power of early influence from the gnarled shapeless chunk and has a sampling to which no earthly power can afterward restore its lost symmetry the secret of a holy life from the waterlily that on the bosom of some slimy pool surrounded by weeds and rubbish strikes down his channels tend to the pure sands beneath and drawing ends its life live substance fragrant blossoms to the light in spotless purity that while the children and youth gaining knowledge of fax from teachers and textbooks that learn to draw lessons and discern truth for themselves in a gardening question limits to what they learned from the care of their plans and they look on a beautiful landscape of them we got close the fields and woods with such lovely and varied hues while not all colored a somber brown when they gather the flowers league to think why he spends the beauty of these wonders for meeting him everywhere manifest nature of God spot from the wonderful adaptation of all things to our needs and happiness he alone who recognizes the nature his father 's handiwork when the richness and beauty of the Earth reads the father 's handwriting he alone learns from the things of nature and their deepest love and receive their highest ministry only he can fully appreciate the significance of hail and mail river and see who looks upon them as an expression of the thought of God a revelation of the creator many illustrations from nature are used by the Bible writers and as we observe the things of the natural world we shall be enabled under the guiding of the Holy Spirit more fully to understand the lessons of God 's word is that the nature becomes the key to the treasure house of the word children should be encouraged to search out in nature the objects that illustrate Bible teachings and to trace in the Bible the similitudes drawn from nature they should search out both in nature and in holy writ every object representing Christ and those also that he employed in illustrating trade that's many learned to see him intriguing and buying in really and rose in sun and star they may learn to hear his voice in the song of birds in the signing of the treaties in the rolling thunder and in the music of the sea and every object in nature will repeat to them is precious lessons to those who does acquaint themselves with Christ the Earth will never more be a lonely and desolate place it will be their father 's house filled with the presence of him who once dropped among men in summary here are two thoughts from the book education page one eighty nine the students of the Bible should be time to approach it in the spirit of the learner six pages not appropriate to sustain our opinions but in order to know what God said one of the chief causes of mental inefficiency and moral weakness is the lack of concentration with the immense tide of printed matter constantly pouring from the press old and young form the habit of reading hastily and superficially and the mind is the power of connected and vigorous font and lastly councils to parents teachers and students page one ninety the habitations of the ants build for themselves show skill and perseverance only one is going at a time can they handle that by diligence and perseverance they accomplish wonders Solomon points to the industry of the end as a reproach to those who waste hours in idleness on practices that corrupt soul and body be aunt prepares for future seasons but many gifted with reasoning powers failed to prepare for the future immortal life here are a couple of questions to think about and possibly discuss your friends or small Bible study group do you think about how you can help others even though it might cost you something how do you look at what this exploration taught in contrast to John fifteen verse thirteen which says greater love has no one than this until late on one's life for his friends let's listen again to Proverbs six verses sixteen to nineteen describe the seven abominations here's a question to keep in mind why you think that these seven abominations are considered so bad in God 's eyes these six things doth the Lord hate gay seven are an abomination unto him a power clock a lying time him a pension in line to have been delighted that we get imaginations feet that be swift in running to mischief a false witness that speaketh line and he that sows discord among brethren why do you think that they are considered so bad in God 's time let's pray Lord that considered when you like and don't like when my choices please help me to be sensitive to your instructions and I discovered in Jesus name I pray amen will ambassador group .org or by a is not as hot as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me send an audio and much more and he would like to know more about hothouse is like this was sent to him please visit www. .net verse .org


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